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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2021 2:00am-2:31am AST

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seen united kingdom salad citizens, britons true colors pop 2 on al jazeera. ah, the army cheese behinds. dan's military takeover promises a democratic transition and says he will not be part of any future administration. ah, no, i'm fully back to boy. you're watching al jazeera life from doha, also ahead iraq's prime minister chairs and emergency security meeting hours after surviving a john attack at his residence inside baghdad. screen sell a show of support for ethiopian government. hundreds of thousands rally as revel
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hoops threatened to march on the capital, addis ababa and nicaraguans vote for their next president and election that the international community describes as a shop. ah, thank you for joining as the army general, who led a military takeover in sudan last month says he will not be part of the government . after a transitional period, speaking exclusively to al jazeera abdel fat al were hand fed is committed to a smooth democratic transition. once elections are held in 2023, the military took power in october after dissolving the civilian arm of the government, nor allowed them. oh, it is our pledge, a pledge we made to ourselves, the sudanese people and the international community that we are committed to completing the democratic transition, holding elections on time, and committed to not stopping any political activity as long as it is peaceful and
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within the bounds of the constitutional declaration and the past that have not been suspended. we also ask the international community to look at the issue critically and through the reality and wait to see what we do. we are committed to handing over power to civilian government. a government of national competency and we pledged to preserve the transition from any interference that can hinder it. for han also denied that the army was responsible for the deaths of protesters have been demonstrating against the takeover on sunday. security forces, fire tear gas at a group of teachers who were protesting in the capitol caught him. demonstrators had set up barricades on the 1st of 2 days of civil disobedience. several people were arrested during the city. they so sedar spoke to general behind and has more from caught him to day when i met their, the army general up at the were hand. he said that a people are free,
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have right to peacefully put us in the cities. and there were several protest going on, industries did at did the teacher's union said that at least 80 people to they have been arrested by the security forces. there has been been any casualties reported. however, the pressure at through the streets is really ramping up, and people are putting the barricades and below get a barricade. 2 adair to block the main roads in the city, which is something that the military definitely does. want to see it because it wants to get back to the normal as soon as possible. however, the civil disobedience obedience is still there and protest or going on. so he also to, they have talked about the political crud, ongoing political crisis in the country as well. seen that the talks are on the way with their political parties and the figures, including the also prime minister after law hum duke to a reach to
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a consensus on forming any government. and he said that he hopes to reach to a deal within the next 24 hours despite several obstacles and to they also the prime minister, the also prime minister of the law. hum, duke has met the representatives of the different political a parties. and he said that he will accept whatever they decide to do. so, as i said, the army general up the la i will hand has said that he hopes to reach a deal within 24 hours. despite the obstacles. when we spoke to theodore refuse the director of the africa program of the european council on foreign relations. and he has more on the mediation talks. i think there's some, some positive elements there. but we need to bear in mind that what's decisive for the other side in this conflict, for the protest movement on the street,
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is the reinstatement of prime minister conduct as the civilian leader of the government. that's going to be a key to determining it. we're talking now about civilian leadership, but until that's very clearly defined. who that will be persona 5 by. it's a little bit open to interpretation. what is actually been agreed? i think that the, the conflict between the 2 or the way this has evolved, has led the protest movement to create new demands to go a step further than where we were with the status quo. i have the those well that within the protest movement, some sense of sobriety is setting in and there, there may be a growing consensus about the return to the status quo as being not a bad place to restart from never use the rights leaders have condemned. what they're calling an assassination attempt on the prime minister as
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a heinous and cowardly attack. armed drones targeted must half hour cut him. he is resident in the highest secured green zone in the early hours of sunday. mahmoud abdougla had rec for some back. that heightened security needed about daddy green soon. it comes after the prime minister residence in the fortified area came under attack. the government says 30 army drones were flown over the compound of most of us call the me when hit the building. 2 others were shut down. exactly, you were sharpie marker to all of those who were worried. my residence was targeted in a cowardly attack. thanks to god and his grace. all of those working with me and i are doing well, these cowardly rockets and these cowardly drones do not help in building nations, nor can they be part of any future. the government said it's investigating the incident. the u. s. a state department has offered to help in iran,
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the secretary of the supreme national security council called it a terrorist attack he blamed for an intervention for what he described as new sedition. the attack came 2 days of the demonstrations against the results of parliamentary elections in october left. at least one person dead and many injured . pro. iranian parties lost about 2 thirds of their seats in the vote. the vacuum, the electorate commission of rigging the results and demand the recount. many of their supporters are members of the popular mobilization forces, the parties military wings. they have since occupied, eddie as near the heavy fortified. green's orn. that's home to international diplomatic machines and government offices. pro iranian groups are among the demonstrators here, but these protest her as deny. they carried out the attack and say,
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it may have been orchestrated by a 3rd party to ferment violence between them and security forces. through iranian onward, groups have been accused of carrying out similar drone attacks over the past 2 years, against u. s. military bases and facilities in the green zone. some protest her said the drone or tag talk did them, and the government and no nurse opinion. so about better, oh yeah, there are even people behind her who want to create chaos and divert the public's attention away from the main cause, demanding justice for those who were killed on friday and stir animosity between the government and a popular mobilization force with the some of these protesters are skeptical, they say the attack was fake and that he was l, cause the me of pretending to be a victim there, vowing to continue their demonstration. mahmoud abdulla had al jazeera but that hundreds of thousands of people have been demonstrating across ethiopia in support of government forces, battling,
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advancing rebels. the largest demonstration was held in the capital, addis ababa that he gripe people's liberation front, has captured strategic towns along the road to the capitol. mom at adel reports, bianca ga, ga. noticeable was moscow's queer tensile thousands of protesters for their support . will they've been going? oh, organized by the citizen ministration. it's also meant to lend support to the armed forces in their war against the to grow rebels on their allies. famous singer teddy cook and you see was invited to sing in praise of if you're pissed military and took the opportunity to call for peace. and i'm the arch i was in the battle ground when i was told the battle was against my brother. i turned back, i thought that let the young people not be sent instead, let's send our elders. negotiation is better with guns. we bring no solution. it's enough. they see up in government, us call the fight against the ticket rebels on existence. shall war. prime minister
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abbey to want the nobel peace prize 2 years ago has vowed to bury his enemies. a be also declared on the short state of emergency that allows an armed citizen of military edge to because corrupted. the military has also asked veterans to re enlist thousands of civilians of sins during the war. despite the state of emergency declared by the government. these come on the streets of a suburb of traffic on the city's main, broads. remain busy. as a residents go about their daily business. well, there's an unusually heavy police presence with officers conducting a random security on identity checks. i don't feel any difference. a state of emergency was declared commodity prices have not changed much shook ovula after entering the state of emergency, my business is not change much and i can see my customers coming to buy things every day, just as before. i'm not too worried about what will happen in the future, but i hope that our country will have peace soon one. but not every one is
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confident. the u. s. embassy in the suburb but ordered the departure of its money essential diplomats on saturday. a day of the advising all us citizens to leave if she appear as soon as possible. and several other embassies, including those of so de rubia, canada, sweden and no, we have now done the same mohammed other well just either i to suburb a few appear that hand gave me crystal c, c, t gray people's liberation, france representative. he says, sundays pro government, ronnie's don't reflect the will of the people. what you see in the streets are not, sir, entirely was a weight loss. 0 was a weight of the demonstrators. but i think most of the demonstrators from very few dooley or come out willingly buck majority of them have been for city. get out. and busby them's a demonstration. so it is a force it there. ministration force and by the local administration. and look in
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the misty shoes of the government. a large repletion of ethiopia with the political on internet. i have been put under siege for over 45 months. and this guy that the government had been denounced supporters. the government has been using starvation as a weapon, a broker of medication, and electricity and basic services has been used as a weapon. this is international crime. actually, this is and i guess international or no and no. so the government is, brings us, as a matter of fact, the glide is like, you know, the people of ethiopia and gentlemen and to write but not is writing because we know this is a force or death, a false death situation, of ones on our end as outlined with the grounds and as us are assigned to a break the blockades that they are facing. what i would call upon everybody is we need to stop this disaster of the children and other forces that are
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desperately put into defending themselves from atrocities and from destruction. but we seem so what do you want to do is want to remove this government, want to have an all inclusive political process where no party will be excluded. we'll have several discussions, saudi arnold on how to address our problems. and we want to include everybody in the process and form at once, you know, loving still ahead on al jazeera, libya moves one step closer to holding elections as its electro commission proposed to open registration for candidates. bass, adapt, or star farm is in the us bush for a move towards the plant based died as climate change threatens the food supply. ah,
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the stormy weather off the east coast, the u. s. has left some flooding on the ground, but the storm anything is probably closing up noise. it's quite interesting. interested in strong winds, but to say they're going to be more of a nuisance that a fisherman and everybody else. it's increasingly sunny, looking picture, not as cold as it could be, considering we've had quite a blast and through the far northern new england toronto's up to 13 for example. so this half of the u. s. and a half of, of a calendar is looking recently fine as a line of credit. just tracy middle out picks up in snow shells in the rockies and offshore in the pacific. some to give some greater interest to think once more significant weather. there was a water spout foster of vancouver island is rare to have such things as tory to watch in place at the moment. and it's silly a stormy system. now that's going to bring rain to low lying areas slope. the
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cascades in the rockies in the u. s, and the rain stretches down almost as far as los angeles. the big picture, this is for the whole of the u. s. encounter on wednesday. march is the potential for storms through the plane states where the cold wreckage you snow, but only in the canadian prairies, south of that, looking recently ok and still warm in houston, 25. ah, ah, 25 years ago, a new era television used in the middle east begin a 2 part documentary series must be the 25th anniversary of al jazeera, telling the story of the channels and now it became a recognized global brand. ah, this story of al jazeera but unique
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lou ah, you're watching al jazeera alive from doha. top stories is sour sedans, military leader says he will not be part of any future government. after the transitional period, general abdel fattah were hon. has told al jazeera that he's committed to transferring power to civilian leadership. once elections are held in 2023. iraq's leaders have condemned what they're calling an assassination attempt on the prime minister as a heinous and cowardly attack. on drones targeted mustafah academies, residence in the highly secured green zone in the early hours of sunday. and hundreds of thousands of people have rallied across ethiopia in support of
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government forces. battling a rebel advanced degree and rebels have captured strategic towns along the highway to a capitol and threatened to move on paddy. sama county. carroll gardens are voting in elections that have been widely described as illegitimate present. daniel ortega is running for a 4th term which is expected to win. his accused of cracking down on the opposition in the lead up to the poll, at least 40 opposition figures including 7 candidates challenging ortega have been jailed or banned from running. and international observers have been prevented from overseeing the votes. oh, and demonstrations against president ortega have been held in neighboring costa rica with thousands of nicaraguan exxon's fled in recent years. the protesters describe the pole as an electoral circus, and demanding the release of political prisoners. as bringing our latin america editor lucio newman, whose live in costa rica for as you're in costa rica, lucy,
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because foreign journalists are not being allowed in nicaragua. so we've had opponents of ortega urging nicaraguans to stay at home and not go to the polls to day. is that call being heated? what are you hearing about? turn out the, the hose will be closing very shortly. and from what we've been hearing from people we forces we have inside of nicaragua, there has been a very, very low turn out throughout the day, particularly in what are usually the most, the most busy holding stations. very early in the morning, soldiers and police and send denise, the party affiliates and supervise has went out to vote very early. but after that they were very, very few people outdoors. most of the streets were empty. so it does seem that the call for one to void caught this foliage. they are because what they say is a vote, but not an election because they have really no one to elect. they have no choice. they said he'd be good mind that the most competitive candidates, all of them,
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were either in prison sent him to exiles or borrowed from running all together. so this is the catholic church had also added its voice to that for people to stay at home. and it doesn't seem to have worked to nevertheless, that should not really have much of an impact on the outcome that is expected to do actually wouldn't afford consecutive term again. and there's, nobody could do much to change that, especially the people who are here in costa rica who have been protesting all day long. yeah. as you say, no surprises expected. with the result. we don't take a tightening his grip on power, but i wonder how will the rest of the reach and react? lucio once he declared victory. many countries have condemned the arrest of opposition figures in nicaragua. but will they push much further? that's really the big question that nobody can answer that yet. we do know that the
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united states has promised to increase sanctions against. 7 the ortega government, that we don't know exactly what they will be. remember that if they are very, very stringent economic thanks, they tend to punish ordinary people as well. and nicaragua is the 2nd poorest country in all of the americas after haiti. so it does need some sort of aid. we also haven't heard much from other central american governments except for costa rica, which has opened its doors to the exiles its former president at least get so nice . for example, tweeted this morning that this mo, quote, consolidates the coordination of the or take that dictatorship. the european union has also spoken out very strongly against what is happening there. apart from doing that, speaking out against it and condemning it though, we don't know if further more meaningful steps will be taken. thank you for that lucy in human life for us there in costa rica capital san jose west africa
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regional block has imposed sanctions on molly's transitional leaders for delaying election set for february. the restrictions include travel bands and a freeze on their assets. echo. i says it will consider other measures in december if there is no progress made. the authority, highly deplored the lack of progress made the new preparation for the election. including the absence of a detailed time table of activities for the conduct of election on the agree. it's due authority, tenants did need to a deed to the transition turntable in respect of the election scheduled for 27 february 2022 fairly honest president has visited dozens of people injured in an oil tanker explosion on friday. nearly a 100 people were killed when the oil tanker collided with a trunk at a busy intersection near the capital free town witnesses
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a crowd of people tried to collect the leaking fuel before it ignited. the government has declared the explosion, a national disaster i in the coming hours registration's will open for candidates in libya's presidential and parliamentary elections. december, the vote will be the 1st time libby and have directly elected a president since the overthrow of more mach adolphe election is part of a you and batch plan, which saw the bible east and west administrations combined by political tensions. continue with the transitional governments, rejection of a decision by the presidential council to suspend the foreign minister. and maybe a corresponding malik trina has this update. this is where we start to see the divisions happen. you know, the, the election, the presidential candidates will be starting to send in their applications starting tomorrow. who's going to run for president? we're likely to see 15 percent is the western strong man, former minister of interior, prime minister on how many do they have. and now we're hearing that he intends to
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run for elections on eastern libya. it's likely that police have to, will run for elections. and also i give a follow is a speaker of the eastern base parliament. and really this is where we're going to start to see divisions. i mean, it was a very long and difficult process for the united nation support mission to come up with this piece plan to try to bring in all the all the sides in order. and they brought in this unity government, which is leading the country into elections. now, we're going to see the, the vision start to arise again, who can run what kind of powers of the president have are the legislative branches in libya have yet to agree on a framework, a constitutional framework. so what kind of president, what kind of powers of the president have, what kind of authority does you have? those are questions that are made to be answered. and we're going to have to wait and see what kind of implications this is going to have on the elections scheduled to take place in just 6 week. israel army has designated 6 palestinian rise schools
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as an authorized organizations included on the list or palestinian and geo about how can i damira as well as a research center, is there like he says, the groups are funnelling money to a group called the popular front for the liberation of palestine last month, israel government deemed the $6.00 groups as terrorist organizations. harry foster has moved from west jerusalem. they were designating these 6 and joe's as linked to funnelling money to the p, f l. p which israel and a number of western countries defined as a terrorist organization. now there was some pushback internationally against this . those also criticism internally within israel, about the sort of p r. effect of doing this without a full and transparent account of exactly how they were basing these accusations. there was also a leak of a dusty a that was given to europe in nations trying to encourage them not to fund these groups earlier in the year. that was obtained by the intercept and by the 97 to
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magazine in israel, which showed that a lot of the information being presented came from to accountants linked to an entirely separate organization. so accusations of the intelligence being presented really wasn't that firm. now for all of the sound and fury around that, the actual practical implications be on potentially influencing donors. they weren't great, but now that the israeli military has also adopted this language adopted this decision that enables it to enforce this anti terror law. as far as these records are concerned in the occupied westbank where the 6 organisations operate, these really military saying that they be presented with copious very reliable intelligence that they are operating as wings of the p. s l. p. and as such, the staff and are subject to arrest potential prosecution potential jailing of up to 25 years. gas is only power plant is under threat to shut down because of severe
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fuel shortages. the energy authority says it will be forced to suspend operations if it doesn't get more fuel immediately. the supply of diesel stopped on tuesday and it's unclear why that happened. nearly 2000000 people in garza will face a 70 percent drop in the electricity supply. if the plant goes offline. now, children under the age of 5 or a said to receive polio, vaccinations in afghanistan for the 1st time in 3 years. that's after the taliban administration launched a 4 day knock. elation drive before returning to power. it accused you and medical worth as of being spies and bought them from carrying out door to door campaigns. more than 3000000 children will now receive the vaccine. trees have been uprooted and roads are under water in the southern indian state of tamil nadu. this comes after the heaviest on poor of rain since 2015. that's when flooding killed more than 200 people in force. many from their homes. meteorologists are expecting more
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rain on tuesday. as the global climate summit continues in scotland, the effect of food supplies having on the planet is coming under scrutiny. the you and estimates 800000000 people worldwide, regularly suffer from shortages and hunger. rob reynolds has visited at ranch in san joaquin valley, california for how are things go stuff. mike wood is the 3rd generation farmer in california's san joaquin valley. he grows 200 hector's of omen trees. but recently he's been thinking of selling the ranch. yeah. the confederation of sale has been right in the front of the gray matter for quite some time. actually, this dolly is a cornucopia of agricultural plenty rich soil in a benign climate produced a vast bounty of meat, milk, vegetables, fruits,
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and nuts. but global warming is changing the valley. 2021 was the 2nd try us here on record. while some years are wetter than others, repeated drought strains, the capacity of an elaborate system of canals and reservoirs that bring water from far away. it's getting hotter to the valley, he had a record $45.00 degrees celsius in september land where fruits or vegetables might be grown would be left idle. it's not unusual to see sites like this entire orchards ripped up and ground into mulch. these effects aren't unique to california, china, russia, nigeria, brazil, all over the world have their own localized impacts. but the one thing in common is the global warming is causing those impacts and humans are causing global warming. scientists say some of the world's most important breadbasket regions are
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also the most at risk of failure due to climate shocks, persistent drought and extreme temperatures here in california and other farming regions around the world raise an important question about the future of our species. how can an ever warming planet feed a human population that is expected to grow from 7900000000 today to nearly 10000000000 by mid century? simply expanding farm land won't do. the more forests are cut down the worse global warming gets. science is say, we must adapt or starve. our ability to be able to feed the planet is going to require some wholesale changes both and how we produce food. and how we share food across the planet is going to require that we probably change our diet and move more towards a plant based science. this is the emitter, mike wood is optimistic,
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that technology will provide a solution. when i talk about the technology, i'm talking about the ability to produce 50 percent to a 100 percent more than we did on the same acre 4 years ago. hope for the future in a time of climate uncertainty. rob reynolds al jazeera in the san joaquin valley, california. ah, logan. i am fully batty boy with the headlines on al jazeera. so don's military leader says he will not be part of any future government after the transitional period. general abdel fat ardmore hon has told al jazeera that is committed to transferring power to civilian leadership. once elections are held in 2023. iraq's leaders have condemned what they're calling an assassination attempt on the prime minister as a heinous and cowardly attack on.


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