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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2021 4:00am-4:30am AST

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profit, anticipate the consequences. the media was complicit in, perpetuating this myth. i'm going to tell you that i think that many people die because of the listening pace, deconstruct the media on altus era. ah, i am fully battery boy in dough. how with the look at our main stories on al jazeera sedans, military leader says he will not be part of any future government. after the transitional period, general abdel fat albert han told al jazeera he's committed to transferring power to civilian leadership. once elections are held in 2023, last month the military took power, dissolved the civilian arm of the government and declared a state of emergency. it is our pledge a pledge we made to ourselves, the sudanese people and the international community that we are committed to
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completing the democratic transition, holding elections on time and committed to not stopping any political activity as long as it is peaceful and within the bounds of the constitutional declaration and the pos that have not been suspended. we also ask the international community to look at the issue critically and through the reality and wait to see what we do. we are committed to handing over power to civilian government, a government of national competency, and we pledged to preserve the transition from any interference that can hinder it . and old counting is underway in nicaragua elections. the pole has been denounced, says a sham by the u. s. prison daniel ortega is running for a 4th term launch the unopposed, at least 40 opposition figures including 7 presidential candidates, have been jailed or banned from taking part. demonstrations against ortega have been held in neighboring costa rica with thousands of nicaragua. exxon's have fled in recent years. the protesters describe the elections as ash circus. they're
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demanding the release of political prisoners latin america edison. lucille newman has more from costa rica, the balsam closed in nicaragua, amid a very low voter turnout and an apparent response to calls in my, the opposition and, and the nicaraguan catholic church for citizens to stay at home and pull. not legitimize a fraudulent election president daniel, or treat a did make a speech after he and his wife rosario rodeo. was also the vice president, cast their ballots. he called the election free and democratic as always, to quote him and he had the united states and accusing him of terrorism and of financing and attempting to ha, against his government. and however, he did not offer any concrete evidence of these charges. as you know, the and all of the main 3 candidates or his competition, we're unable to take part in the selection. several of these candidates are,
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would be candidates, are imprisoned, arrests have been barred from running or have gone into exile here in neighbor, in costa rica, whether also thousands of other exiles they demonstrated throughout the day rolling on the international community. does them up to the labor and try to ensure that there be meaningful consequences to president daniel ortega's actions? hundreds of thousands of people have rallied across ethiopia in support of government forces. battling a rebel advance. the to grey and rebels have captured strategic towns along the highway to the capital and are threatened to on our this harbor bow. west africa regional block has imposed sanctions on molly's transitional leaders for delaying election set for february. the restrictions include travel bands and a freeze on their assets. echo r says it will consider other measures in december if there is no progress in the coming hours. registration will open for candidates in libya's presidential and parliamentary elections. december's vote will be the 1st time libyans have directly
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elected a president sincere with her of more. mark adolphe, the election is part of a you and batch plan, which saw the rival east and west administrations combine. iraq's leaders have condemned what they're calling an assassination attempt on the prime minister as a heinous and cowardly attack on drones. targeted mustang foul cut him his residence in the highly secured green zone of baghdad in the early hours of sunday . and fairly owns president, has visited dozens of people injured in an oil tanker explosion on friday, nearly a 100 people were killed when the tanka collided with a trunk at a busy intersection near the capital free town. the government has declared a national disaster and those are the headlines on al jazeera. i'll be back with more news after the story of al jazeera, a unique path. stay with us. oh,
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ah. 25 years ago. a new era in television news in the middle east began o a news channel was launched. reporting real news rather than state propaganda. ah wish providing a platform for a wide range of voices and opinions. telling all sides of a story? no fields. no censorship. no taboo
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bolts journalists a voice for the voiceless to day the name al jazeera is recognized throughout the world. this is its story. by a quarter of a century ago, in 1996, the t v station was launched from cutter in the middle east. al jazeera in english, the island was quite unlike any of its neighboring channels. even before the
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arrival of al jazeera tv news in our countries was largely state controlled and uncritical of those in power. as a result, many view as distrusted their media. they saw it is nothing more than the mouthpiece survey governments. the new channel set out to do things differently. to ask tough questions to see all sides of a story. to hear voices from the arab street. and to hold power to account for the article of love and cathedral menez am allah! mark on on, looked and ian been a pena, i'll be up, i'll bottom and dolah. felicia, what cool way of course the dea huddle, hamish middle, had leo, what time will be shackle manny? yeah, near con al cathedral chicken. the how the alignment couldn't i don't think in the shut up. not if you felt a little busted degree. be what couldn't now work and then on the fully unforeseen or has that what had the heavy hit the girl is and i got was still margaret. well
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i'm not that it alena again at the dana, bob shook will i can, couldn't up, will damen, dylan the little had the knowledge, alan hoa. i'll in the hangman the appeal and that and we're old saw the copier. but then the government of counter funded al jazeera vowing to guarantee the channels. editorial independence, such separation between state and media was unheard of in the middle east. is sharon moscato vista. nothing of that that could all be glad is awful, she se. oh, yes, we have jimmy. there she, yes, i am. his mother texted woman and i never made a mythology lawton analogy. i shall, ability. i nearly measured anna when miss home get it will be the she to her even here are bob a there, a sure i lady your heard them linelle of burn, lace and phillip this me it will. and what would i, as i share my food, an off with alley stuff mindful then if he came to rela,
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about in the emerging al jazeera channel saw that the audience was hungry for independent, reliable news in arabic, to feed that hunger. they had several months of testing where initial teething problems were ironed out. in that time, the t met constantly to agree what exactly al jazeera stood for them. they determined their editorial approach, how they would gather news, and how they would react if governments place barriers in their way over. the new channel also needed a slogan, something that would encompass its values and identity. translated from arabic, the chosen tagline literally meant the opinion. and the other opinion had placed anna walker's in the shower. she added napoleon beat al rocky, who shout all her back to her kern. i'm missing rattler. many yell,
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shaving her leg. i didn't. i thought she badly. she are right. you are right. you are hot fowl coughed. all right. and leave me a, a back grow little will dear bab, your men i live about. little theaters will write you why you law what to will catch and you who are no. right? you wanna write ya suburban. she, i love what i, mr. mary, louder be willing share. he did our b, b, don't let it for us here or not from the national talk about our study. so what did the us well at, and her mom and i got the bas milan, albia, and destiny, the animal you muscular in nancy fetterhoff, my aunt passed up if i thought the 4. 0 boy love. if i to let the bus out. and jerry and against the he's got a kind of 2000 and another year. 50. and how the shape or temple a smile,
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a digital must learn a little, cut them by the enemy on a sub enemy yet. but i, after 5 months of rehearsals, the go live date was approaching. ah, the countdown began with november 1st 1996. the 1st global news channel from the arab world was launched by 4. looks like you really do want
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ah, on the national apple bar. but the album through our i see it's half a config level. the other caldwell i can the is i thought that it will therefore a fresh dilute shirts to the da 0, a colder i lumpy graham, her viola on. i shot him. if better yet them connected just the earth. if you got out of can atlanta, daddy. he yet, what immense, he hate of the water go. well, gabriela, when, via and associates, and jesse are having a habit and act as we, how to santa vickery her. oh, my last in the initial been, oh, i read that. i can send me a minute, a gallery, or can pacific, or a william mattie bob can the stuck violin. lisa hattie lynn willie that are an a care of the delicacy of the launch of al jazeera
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was a huge technical and editorial challenge. however, none of those involved in the 1996 unveiling had any certainty about the reaction of views. there were fears that people would struggle to adapt to the new format. audiences were accustomed to the lead story being about whatever the ruler of their particular country did on that day. but on al jazeera, the news priority was quite different. news was presented on its merits. the status quo was sent for a shakeup. timber hotley and that he, all 3 of his diarrhea was sofie lilies soften, labilly infant 0 fitter know lost power washer to highlight and haggard. thanielle men e o and copper only on his soft ink. and all that had been that he gave them a dora. he either will, farmhouses, family, for, couldn't get out of the mob. all the hell is exhilarating, what all the other killer. brianna lee then very heavy layla fee for video. another
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key difference in algiers format was the presence of both anchors in the studio and journalists on the ground when the driver one is done at the news of the day, could now be reported from the studio to hadn't. while local correspondence brought balanced analysis to the story, as though with under meg is either the um hub or mobile, that artwork filled this very over on the gear. mackenzie chima will the phenomenon of seal hot blood, testable them, consumer will fill out a lot of, unquote lives after lot of a lot of if you, her for to cool with left him a 100 lou national tele mercedes, i'll get um and then be, come on at the, if you got there to talk on the moon, i should have been moved as early number one format new to the arab world. was discussion shows, featuring gets with wide ranging views. so good luck on, but a damage. i thought a model i said many topics what previously considered controversial or taboo were
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open for discussion and debate. marcia audiences welcome to the exchange of ideas and you. yeah. and they tuned in worthless in their $1000000.00, kellum. oh ha ha ha to sham landman for answer. oh, wait a minute. i know we've been on island how and shall there have been comfort? i'm at enemy. j taylor said madeira and miss williams give out white glove the day if it could have had that button image. mario can be anywhere nadine about an image, a formula, or sarah hel at health at hand. the lawn had the norman had bought amish. galilee had the lithium worried that knocked it off at the very 1st episode of the talk show called the opposite direction realty focused on the gulf cooperation council need. you will. and what i mean, i literally sound a sab hot, the love shot i so deliberate, but fossil philosophy, ali, into west napoleon, a doha hosted. and i'm no, i don't see it on the ha, i from it's space in don't ha, contact the new channel focused on events unfolding near and far.
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ah, in algeria the country was emerging from a decade of civil war with in egypt and sudan. it was a new wind political change. tourists visiting egyptian heritage sites in luxor came under attack. we don't have the bomb explosions struck the u. s. embassies in kenya and tanzania. i'll kaba claimed responsibility . america responded by attacking a pharmaceutical plant in sudan saying it had links without chi that the sudanese government vigorously denied. the claim also reported at the time was the aftermath of the oslo accords agreements between israel and the palestine liberation
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organization. al jazeera reporting of the arab israeli conflict broke new ground airing, not just palestinian opinion, but also israeli views with what does it bother with home to look, any modern technology enabled al jazeera camera crews to be present at key events throughout the middle east. from southern lebanon to iraq, where weston imposed sanctions were linked to increased malnutrition. among children. al jesse retained prominence during the so called operation desert fox, the joint u. s. and u. k. bombing campaign against iraq. alger 0 was the only news network to have reporters on the ground, sad to late, and either a lot of this exclusive covering from the at the center of an intensive 5 day ariel
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bombing campaign, introduced al to 0 to a wider audience. ah, i remember comments when i worked for some of the other leading global networks. there were times when, you know, my line managers would say, hey, switch on al jazeera arabic, see what they're saying. looks like they've got into a place where we haven't been able to get into. i remember a comment that my line manager made during the conflict in iraq and he said, you know, i'll put it in slightly more polite terms that he was like, you know, al jazeera, they just whipped car behinds. they just whipped are behind on this story. algebra presence on the ground at the very heart of major stories, gave it many scoops over rival networks. i just gotta assess, it will erupt, fi fi
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a little while. ok. a dolly her. the alley by the that she said yeah. 0. be elaine. a 3rd fan of a saw where i live about one of the still up from said a young feller to gyla he up financially than the teacher forward that to be looked and happy about that. why shot of them, allan ha, al jazeera scored many successes in those early days, but its growth was anything but plain sailing. some governments in the middle east and north africa viewed the new channel with alarm al jazeera, provided a platform for the opinions of the man and woman on the street. their voices were unfilled, it prompting a harsh response from some governments in the region. so that shockley. oh me. when will buy a possibility of salisa, fiona morrison and leon malone from accountable? claudia, a fun. mcarthur bishop can learn and was sterile manner with it a him and then a man, a suffered omen to hold the dumb aiyona. so my election may then general accept of
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all of them with us as men as o'malladge feed to sue then pilla home and from the decor twilio. but on a shadow was sierra damon was there for obama. after the now i don't fi had this. i missed any, missed out the go to see i see this on it has, you know, you're not about the machine. another al jazeera bureau to full file of local authorities was in jordan altos. he was office in a man was closed after a contributor to a 1998 program voiced criticism of king hussein of jordan. but a year later, the channel was back in the capitol. 6 this time to report on the king's funeral than bella anna, later, that same year al jazeera office in algeria was also closed down. a abdel aziz beautifully kill one, a landslide victory in the country's presidential vote. and in a post election interview,
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he objected to al jazeera line of questioning her though of a hidden, he shot her it, but in alpha, to submit this out to the impact them on a shot at denny hotel, it live live at an amec. bella hood at the right or how are a mom or a sharon s l u. as in, in at the many our boss of had the yellow rob glazes beautifully part about faster will act the had the feel. shawanda romania were her ugly mood of new club shocked like me to get them and that that, that he wanted the lamb. yeah. le cut little weasel and i ran is not will. i'm headed more matter. the ballet head, the hill cabella, now we're in the much the bill. yeah, 0 fish as it will if coffee by the has ill hobbling as one door closed. another opened in may 1999 al jazeera set up an office in cobble with a taliban was now in control. other networks steered well clear of afghanistan. and ernest, see sir elton. i shall see her till you are not mo would dare for water after.
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like the pico for your current annoyance here. understand your and if you lose her whom of poly bern. there were a sort of behalf ment, lindman virginia to allow them kind of sailors doing that sort of be powerful polymer. a high the heal month, the call her the ability of are i'm that amine bought would say in for jewelry, omen, my national algebra read in the clinic and my actual delicate him for job. oh, good. i lou jazeera with unfair. it'll be a wellness waterleaf of judy them abbey. in the occupied palestinian territories, the al jazeera journalists were on the front line from 2000 to 2005 al jazeera closely covered the 2nd intifada, all palestinian uprising. israel accused the channel of fanning the flames of
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public outrage. al jazeera responded that its role was like that of any media organization to report, not support one side or another. ah, not that up the public for this to leah father that up san jose gonna alack on with the with did not have a civil thought that his idea that it took a little in or out on the edge medial amended with locals to have in the middle, the city of zillah diploma. it had to have had the it in domestic maxima, william as ilda, alcaraz. both sides to the arab israeli conflict, criticized al jazeera is reporting its office in ramallah in the occupied westbank was shut down by the palestinian authority for 5 days following a report about alleged corruption. generally cub court armand must have
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a reason for the sunni arrived. yasser arafat was that it could be so bobby sula, denazi's promo, lee, it silman can, and one of them out at the mercy of the new millennium, marked several major events, both in the middle east and in the world at lunch. in may, 2000 al jazeera was the 1st to report at the collapse of the s l. egg and militia, known as the south lebanon army is followed. the withdrawal of his ready forces from lebanon al jazeera was the 1st media to enter the s l. a. controlled detention center in alk liam palestinians were outraged by the visit of his railey politician ariel sharon, to the alex and mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem. now the one that can be and how about imagine when i come back on, you have to sell them a fight after much. will abby that manic as it is yet atlanta?
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me see new york. but one days from that period will be for ever invented on a generation to witness the attacks of september, the 11th of 2001 day early october. how many of the attacks resonated long after the terrible events of that september morning, global geo politics pivoted from that date? the west looked to the east both for answers and is a military target for its response. $3000.00 civilians died on the ground and in the 4 hijacked aircraft, the world held its breath awaiting america's response. had a had that sir. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha, ha ha mia? a dounia, the a, a suburb motor adida. what about an agenda tacoma? thought his bush and a deck settlement were asia al jazeera reporting of the events
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after $911.00 or a key part, the channels history. the attacks have been orchestrated by the archive leader osama bin ladin who became the world's leading fugitive. within weeks of the attacks. kinder left a taped video message at the doorstep of al jazeera cobble. often the 19 hijackers responsible for the 911 attacks in the united states all came from the middle east. as a result, the political, military and media spotlight fell on this region. the us president george w bush, place the blame for the attacks on al qaeda. at 1st, they denied responsibility for the last 9 days. some journalists from other media networks faced themselves in the just the renew certain teams again and ed john, any breaking news. and though if he, cnn can in the wasa market of his own, etc. harlem,
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who saw sophie lumper shuttle off up with him and then to el palin. how to hold the shot in the fields s e l at them. lemme 0 best fit cabella mom and landon will am the best fit videos to the, the, the been lead an aerosol my b day. it'll head about it for understand will fax been lab in charlotte, mac? the home adjust similarly. hey, the only the far and the muscle in. couldn't you to get mug? when can to trail, how many america bond or they could have mileage 0 last year. could be what it is either here. how about my best on the bis about so that he enough his story was in afghanistan,
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where been logged in was believed to be in hiding algae 0 with the in the foreign tv broadcaster in campbell, at the sound of military operations. on the 7th, october 2001 as with operation desert fox, 3 years earlier, al jazeera, his presence on the ground, gave it a head start over it's competitive. bad than was the believe with a little so kind of a little le, the stand of methodical, fair, but the other butterball a little before. so what if movie doesn't look a little bit like it off a lot of them. above a wilderness fell illegal monona. currently, the i need to know until had to fully was he limb to will for them, but if you 0 going to long, but as it have no one predicted in 2001 that the us operation in afghanistan. but last a further 20 years. know that one of the early bombing targets would be the al jazeera bureau in the capital reporting was entering at dangerous new face.
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the corona virus has been indiscriminate in selecting this victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain are disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins. the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail it. citizens, britons, true colors, part one on al jazeera in the vietnam war. the u. s. army used to highly talk to code the fight with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was the most destructive instance with chemical warfare. a decade later, the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge, spraying something they didn't even see the kids foot 2 women are still fighting
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for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange on out there on lou lou again, i'm fully battle in doha with the headlines on al jazeera sedans, military leaders, hes. he will not be part of any future government after the transitional period. general abdel fat albert hand told al jazeera that he's committed to transferring power to civilian leadership. once elections are held in 2023 last month, the military took power dissolves the civilian arm of.


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