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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2021 5:00am-5:30am AST

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what's working and what's not, lot of people weren't really talking about this. it wasn't at the top of the agenda . if america can handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts. we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera, ah, the army chief behind st. john's military takeover promises a democratic transition and says he will not be part of any future administration. ah, for the battery boy, you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also a head vote counting begins in nicaragua for an election. the international can use . he describes as a sham a show of support for if your peers government hundreds of thousands. ronnie, as rival groups threatened to march on the capital i discovered and determined to
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stay above the water were in miami for a look at how the city stepping up efforts to withstand a rising senior. ah, the army general who led a military takeover in sudan last month says he will not be part of the government after a transitional period. speaking exclusively to al jazeera and our fertile, we're hon said he's committed to a smooth democratic transition. once elections are held in 2023. the military took power in october. after dissolving the civilian arm of the government, neurological it is our pledge, a pledge we made to ourselves, the sudanese people and the international community that we are committed to completing the democratic transition, holding elections on time, and committed to not stopping any political activity as long as it is peaceful and
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within the bounds of the constitutional declaration and the past that have not been suspended, we also ask the international community to look at the issue critically and through the reality and wait to see what we do. we are committed to handing over power to civilian government, a government of national competency, and we pledged to preserve the transition from any interference that can hinder it . forehand also denied that the army was responsible for the death of protesters have been demonstrating against the takeover on sunday. security forces fire tear gas at a group of teachers who were protesting in the capitol. cartoon. demonstrators had set up barricades on the 1st of 2 days of civil disobedience. several people were arrested during the city. al jazeera wrestle said i spoke to general bore han, and has more from cartoon. is today when i met the army general opposite that were hannah said that a people are free,
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have right to peacefully protest in the cities. and there were several protest going on. industries did at did the teacher's union said that at least 80 people to they have been arrested by the security forces. there has been been, any casualties reported. however, the pressure at through the streets is really ramping up, and people are putting the barricades and below get a barricade. 2 adair to block the main roads in the city, which is something that the military definitely does. want to see it because it wants to get back to the normal as soon as possible. however, the civil disobedience obedience is still there and protest or going on. so he also to, they have talked about the political crud, ongoing political crisis in the country as well. seen that the talks are on the way with their political parties and the figures, including the also prime minister after law hum duke to a reach to
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a consensus on forming any government. and he said that he hopes to reach to a deal within the next 24 hours despite several obstacles and to they also the prime minister, the also prime minister of the law. hum, duke has met the representatives of the different political a parties. and he said that he will accept whatever they decide to do. so as i said, the army, general abdulla alpha, a dead al has said that he hopes to reach a bill within 24 hours despite the obstacles. earlier we spoke to theodore murphy, who is the director of the africa program at the european council on foreign relations. he says the mediation talks are focusing on who will lead a new civilian government. i think there's some, some positive elements there, but we need to bear in mind that what's decisive for the other side in this
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conflict, for the protest movement on the street is the reinstatement of prime minister and uk as the civilian leader of the government. that's going to be a key to determining it. we're talking now about civilian leadership. but until that's very clearly defined. who that will be person a 5 by. it's a little bit open to interpretation. what is actually been agreed. i think that the, the conflict between the 2 or the way this has evolved, has led the protest movement to create new demands to go a step further than where we were with the status quo. i have the those well that within the protest movement, some sense of sobriety is setting in and there, there may be a growing consensus about the return to the status quo as being not a bad place to restart from. in other world news fold counting is underway. in nicaragua, where president daniel ortega is expected to win
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a 4th consecutive term. the vote has been denounced as a shot by the west. while ortega has accused washington of trying to influence the outcome. ortega jail 7 challenges and some 40 opposition leaders ahead of the election. nicaraguans in exile across the border in costa rica have been protesting in the capital san jose, a latin america. i tend to see a newman is following the story from costa rica, the fulsome closed in nicaragua, amid a very low voter turnout and an apparent response to my, the opposition and, and the nicaraguan catholic church for citizens to stay at home and will not legitimize a fraudulent election president daniel taylor did make a speech after he and his wife rosario rodeo, was also the vice president, cast their ballots. he called the election free and democratic as always, to quote him and he had the united states in accusing him of terrorism and of financing against his government. and then however,
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he did not offer any concrete evidence of these charges, as you know, the and all of the main 3 candidates or his competition. we're unable to take part in the selection of these candidates a would be candidate or imprisoned arrest had been barred from running or have gone into exile here in neighbor, in costa rica, where there are also thousands of other exiles. they demonstrated throughout the day falling on the international community doesn't have up to the labor and try to ensure that there be meaningful consequences to president danielle ortega's actions tis yeah, no brainer is a central america analyst at the international crisis group. he says one major concern about the elections is that they're happening in a police state. but also on the other side, you have this opposition movements which are incomplete disarray and over the past few years of not managed to nurture. what was the spirit of the age
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2018 mass protest movements, and not prioritizing demands of social and political change that these movements brought forward, which is also somehow these illusions and received a lot of nicaraguans. so it will, but this election would not be a test only for take it to see how many people will actually show up to vote for him. but also for the, for the opposition movements to the show if they still have a way over the population. the countries social political tries, this is actually how sustainable and it does lead to prompted a strong economic recession over the bus. he is just badly recovering dca. mostly thanks to global trend in the economy and a lot of resources being funneled as well as 5 more years of government. actually
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results from basically one sided volt will unlikely result. first of all, the lack of legitimacy that has continually and internationally. it will definitely change the way for our investment and oddly get a hold of international loans. so the combination of these sort of continuous or deepen isolation to nationally and repression certainly will definitely 1st of all . busy pronged more and more new car wants to leave the country and not only to costa rica, which wasn't a traditional mission country, but increasing and the also to do us. hundreds of thousands of people have demonstrated across ethiopia in support of government forces barling advancing rebels. the largest demonstration was held in the capitol at his habit, the to gray people's liberation in front has captured strategic towns along the road to the capitol. mom at adel reports ga, ga, ga, ga. you notice above us must go square tensile thousands of protesters through the
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support will if you've been going. oh, organized by the cities administration. it's also meant to lend support to the armed forces in their war against the ticket rebels on their allies. famous singer teddy cook and you see was invited to sing, impress, or with your piss military and took the opportunity to call for peace. and i'm dog, which i was in the battle ground when i was told the battle was against my brother . i turned back, i thought i'd let the young people not be sent instead, let's send our elders. negotiation is better with guns. we bring no solution. it's enough. these european government us call the fight against the to go rebels on existence, shall war prime minister abbey to want the nobel peace prize 2 years ago has vowed to bury his enemies. a be also declared on the short state of emergency that allows an armed citizen of military edge to because corrupted the military as also as
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veterans to re enlist thousands of civilians of sins during the war. despite the state of emergency declared by the government, these come on the streets of what is saba traffic on the city's main broads remain busy. as the residents go about that they live business, but there's an unusually heavy police presence with officers conducting a random security entered into detox. i don't feel any difference in the state of emergency was declared commodity prices not change much shook ovula. after entering the state of emergency, my business has not changed much, and i can see my customers coming to buy things every day, just as before. i'm not too worried about what will happen in the future, but i hope that our country will have peace soon. one, but not every one is confident, the u. s. embassy and that the suburb ordered the departure of it's not essential. diplomats on saturday a day after advising all us citizens to leave if she appears as soon as possible. and several other embassies including goes off. so de rubia, canada, sweden,
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and no, we have now done the same mohammed under, well, just either i disobey few appear is still a head on al jazeera, libya moves a step closer to holding elections, as is the electoral commission, a best open registration for candidates and we're at the technology vending cut our way, the wells, writers innovators, showcase their talent for a chance to win a quarter of a $1000000.00. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies. the winter sponsored my cattle airways. first snow, the season has fallen in beijing and this is mastercard. this brought it is a system that left what 5 to 10 centimeters typically throughout this area. it's not particularly unusual, which is
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a good site to see. the temperatures had dipped below normal, but they will recover the whole system. pushing rain east was the korean peninsula . then the answer q she. coker weston hon. shoes, snow at the head, only. you'll notice it is subsidiary, duleigh baton but beijing 3 will recover. now that cold air has spread all way down through china, hong kong, seen a drop by about 6 degrees out about should be now. so low humidity and generally sunny fine weather but a little bit cold with his average in that's true for beijing, but you'll notice it is slowly creeping up. dropping south of that and you follow with that cold air has gone to in the junction with what sitting here already means rain for viet nam may be cambodia as well. lots so much and result. and then for the sas, a massive if they were willing to the rainy season, nathan said iraq in particular and java has been flooding is result, given. you can't actually see the borders here because of all the blue. you can imagine the wet season really is showing wetness at the moment and with a ne monsoon. once again, towel modern sir lancaster,
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that is places where the flood risk is enhanced for the weather sponsored by catera always. ah, it's the was. 2 most populous democracy, diverse dynamic, and undergoing meaning to see context, india dixon in depth. look at the people and politics of india. exploring how to convert. 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me feel that those are for context india analysis either lou ah,
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welcome back. our top stories on al jazeera, this, our sedans military leader says he will not be part of any future government. after the transitional period, general abdel fatah were harnessed, sold al jazeera. he's committed to transferring power to civilian leadership. once elections are held in 2023. vote counting is underway in nicaragua, where present daniel take is expected to win a 4th consecutive term. the pole has been denounced as a sham after clocked on on the opposition nicaraguans in exile across the border in costa rica have been protesting against ortega and hundreds of thousands of people . of ronnie, the mosquito fia, in support of government forces bombing a rebel advance. the t gray and rebels have captured strategic towns along the highway to the capital and have threatened to move on as abeline. now iraq leaders have condemned what they're calling an assassination attempt on the prime minister as a heinous and cowardly attack. armed drones targeted was staff our academies,
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residents in the highly secured green zone in baghdad. in the early hours of sunday, mahmoud abdullah had reports heightened security neared above dirty green. soon it comes after the prime minister. his residence in the fortified area came under attack. the government says free armor, drones were flown over the compound of most of us, carla, me when hit the building. 2 others were shut down. exactly. you assured me pull him up to all of those who were worried. my residence was targeted in a cowardly attack. thanks to god and his grace, all of those working with me and i are doing well, these cowardly rockets and these cowardly drones do not help in building nations, nor can they be part of any future. the government had, it's investigating the incident. the u. s. the state department has offered to help
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in iran, the secretary of the supreme national security council called it a terrorist attack he blamed for an intervention for what he described as new sedition. the attack came 2 days of the demonstrations against the results of parliamentary elections in october left. at least one person dead and many injured pro. iranian parties lost about 2 thirds of their seats in the vote. the vacuum, the electoral commission of rigging the results and demand the recount. many of their supporters are members of the pupils. mobilization forces the parties military wings. they have since occupied areas near the heavy fortified. green's orn that's home to international diplomatic missions and government offices. pro iranian groups are among the demonstrators here, but these protestors deny they carried out the attack and say it may have been orchestrated by a 3rd party to ferment violence between them and security forces. through iranian
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armored groups have been accused of carrying out similar drone attacks over the past 2 years, against u. s. military bases and facilities in the green zone. some protest her said the drone attack targeted them and the government in no nasa 3 and so above better. oh yeah, there are evil people behind it. you want to create chaos and divert the public's attention away from the main cause. commanding justice for those who were killed on friday and stir animosity between the government and a popular mobilization force with the some of these protesters are skeptical. they say the attack was fake and that he was l calls the me of pretending to be a victim. there, vowing to continue their demonstration, ma'am would abdougla had al jazeera, but they don al kennedy is emily stanley's. he explains why the pro iranian political globes have lost support. it is very clear that the protesters or the
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attackers behind this are the followers of the same political parties and paramilitary groups that are associated with the alliance, which is the parliamentary coalition known for its affiliation with yvonne's interest within the piano and the iraqi politics. in general, we witnessed on the last early elections that took place on october 10th alliance, 117 parliamentary seats, in contrast to their 48 seats, which was one and 2018 parliamentary elections. this is a huge loss to the parliamentary and the ones. it also represents a major sent back to their political and social influence, which they believe was an acid that they enjoyed from the rocks victory against isis, and 2017, which they of course, were a part of however, and toby 2019 and $1.00 the total of movements kicked off around the rocks were holding for reforms,
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the magic change and to corruption and an end to securing them and regional intervention. again, with a particular focus on iran, it was clear that the an active, the researchers were facing political violence from the very same armed groups that claimed to liberate iraq from ices. these boots are the ones are getting the focus thing and attacking by mr. calling his government and denouncing the integrity of the elections, which they for years praise and promoted for in the coming hours. registration will open for candidates in libby as presidential and parliamentary elections. december's vote will be the 1st time libyans have directly elected a president. since the overthrow of mo, mocker duffy election is part of a you in back plan which saw the rival east and west administrations combined by political tensions. continue with the transitional government rejection of a decision by the presidential council to suspend before and minister libya
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correspondent malik trina has this update. this is where we start to see the divisions happen. or you know, these election, the presidential candidates will be starting to send in their applications starting tomorrow. who's gonna run for president? are we're likely to see fatty bershard is the western strong man, former minister of interior prime minister abdul hamid baber. now we're hearing that he intends to run for elections on eastern libya. it's likely that for the for after will run for elections. and also i get a solar is a speaker of the eastern base parliament. and really this is where we're going to start to see these divisions. i mean, it was a very long and difficult process for the united nation support mission to come up with this piece plan to try to bring in all the all besides in order. and they brought in the studio government, which is leading the country into elections now. or we're going to see these divisions start to rise again, who can run what kind of powers of the president half of the legislative branches
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in libya have yet to agree on a framework, a constitutional framework. so what kind of president, what kind of powers of the president have a, what kind of authority does he have all the questions that i remain to be on answered. and we're going to have to wait to see what kind of implications this is going to have on the election schedule to play take place. and just 6 week west africa regional block has impulse sanctions on molly's transitional leaders for delaying election set for february. the restrictions include travel banks and an asset freeze, which will also target the leaders family members. aguilar says or consider other measures in december if there is no progress. they will. dorothy highly deplored the lack of progress made in the preparation for the election, including the absence of a detailed time table of activities for the conduct of election on the agree. did you authority late in it's denise to a d, to the transition turned to
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a ball in the district of the leg some scheduled for 27 february 2022 fairly owns president. has visited dozens of people injured in an oil tanker explosion on friday. nearly a 100 people were killed when the tanka collided with a truck at a busy intersection near the capital free town. the government has declared a national disaster. israel's army has designated 6 palestinian wise groups as an authorized organizations included on the list or palestinian n g o r hock. and i'd amir, as well as a research center. israel accuses the groups of funnelling money to a group called the popular front for the liberation of palestine. last month, israel's government deemed, the 6th group says terrace. organizations have fostered as more from west jerusalem . they were designating these 6 engineers as linked to funnelling money to the p, f l, p, which israel and the number of western countries defined as
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a terrorist organization. now, there was some pushback internationally against this. there's also criticism internally within israel about the sort of p r effect of doing this without a full and transparent account of exactly how they were basing these accusations. there was also a leak of a dusky a that was given to europe in nations trying to encourage them not to fund these groups earlier in the year that was obtained by the intercept and by the 97 to magazine in israel, which showed that a lot of the information being presented came from to accountants linked to an entirely separate organization. so accusations that the intelligence being presented really wasn't that firm now for all of the sound and fury around that the actual practical implications beyond potentially influencing donors. they weren't great, but now that the israeli military has also adopted this language adopted this decision that enables it to enforce this anti terror law. as far as these records are
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concerned in the occupied westbank where the 6 organisations operate, that is really that she's saying that they be presented with copious very reliable intelligence that they are operating as wings of the p. s l p. and as such, the staff and are subject to arrest potential prosecution potential jailing of up to 25 years. starting on monday, the u. s. will open a sport or is to fully vaccinated foreigners for the 1st time in 20 months, non essential travel to the u. s had largely been banned as part of public 19 restrictions. it's waters were close to travelers from much of the world including europe, the u. k. china, india, and brazil. restrictions have also been in place at the mexican and canadian borders. travelers will also require a negative covey 19 tess. climate change is accelerating, rising sea levels threatening lives and livelihood. some cities have been forced to
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start addressing the issue as anti gallagher reports. miami cert to become the most vulnerable coastal city in the world. according to the economic organization, resources for the future, and it's not hard to see why. the city faces a constant barrage of storm surges, coastal flooding and rising sea levels that if not addressed, threaten its future. if we get a coastal surge from a storm or even a high tide, they can flood this area. the challenges that miami's chief resilience officer works on every day. dozens of projects have already been completed, but the challenge is a huge revolution. in the way we occupy this land and how we deal with the water making room for water that you know, we didn't think was going to be up on the land. i think we'll be here. i just don't think we'll look the same. that's a hard pill to swallow, in a city that's expanding and known as the gateway to the americas. but they're all
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plumbers of hope. for decades, miami is being considered v city at the forefront of tackling rising sea levels. and there's no question it is vulnerable. but many people point to this building the present museum of miami as a picture of what the future might look like. sitting over 3 meters higher than current storm surge requirements, the museum incorporates the latest in porous materials, water management techniques and drainage. okay, well this is fun. let's do more of it. despite the cost of construction of well over a $100000000.00. it's an example of what can be done. we knew exactly where this building was going to be. we wanted to make sure it was here forever. and it starts right there, what are the needs of an art museum, but what are the needs when you are on the water in miami, florida, like many coastal cities, miami city planners, a finally taking action. some architects envisioning a very different relationship with the rising seas. designs like this may be revolutionary,
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but experts say the alternative is unthinkable. we have an opportunity hopefully to innovate and to think of ways that we can live with water and, and still not have to pack and go right because you know, displacing 6000000 people. you know, in an urban area is no easy to us. the challenges in the costs involved the monumental, the sea levels continue to rise. the city could soon run out of options. and the gallagher are 0. miami, florida, inventors for more than 40 countries. i and cut off for a week long form on technology. supercomputers, cloud technology and robots are among innovations on display, victoria gates and beaver for some door. acme del mar. 3 has come from garza to cat, are looking for investment. he's invented a robotic glove that is designed to help palestinian people whose hands are paralyzed through injuries sustained during conflicts with israel. i hope we can come out with this as a bro to talk. i hope if there is any company or any it on to can support this
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project, then we can make our multiples of this sort of what to come. the glove under provided to the mission to him for his find specially in gaza. and then we have a little special with, but a lot. i'm an ambition class after the ugly war, having their competitors for more than 40 countries taking part in the 1st ever challenge and innovation forum. incatel judges will evaluate the best ideas over the next 2 days. and would cash prizes for those placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd is up to $250000.00 of prize money to be $1.00. once the one is from here, have been chosen, the participants will be divided into teams. they'll then compete to design, build and test an idea from scratch over a 48 hour period. one of the organizes is an inventor himself. he knows 1st hand how difficult it is to get investment for new innovations. normally a for,
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as an inventor, it's very hard to start up your company. so what we are doing here we bring the inventors and we call a lot of research and starts up companies to meet them. and we hope it will be sort of a new business for them. it's hope this will become an annual event. the winners will be announced in a weeks time, victoria gate, and be al jazeera doha. ah . hello again. i'm fully betty bought into how with the headlines on al jazeera. so don's military leader says he will not be part of any future government after the transitional period. generally.


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