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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2021 1:30pm-2:00pm AST

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is too restless as it should be. it being autumn. so that's really windy weather is probably the thing to focus on the immediate future and this low in the western meadows thing that's in place winding itself up and causing some pretty nasty weather. in fact, there's a strong wind blowing across into the northern termination coast and then wrapped around the low itself. is that normally gail from a knocker? so 2 aspects to look at really the strong winds with the rain to hit north coast, algeria, and this wind of which there is a red warning at the moment. lasting through monday and into tuesday. the range, the south of that is still falling in boston, has a government in exactly the place where it costs flooding only a couple of days ago. now that does tend to improve, the wind will eventually ease for this low. if anything gets worse, lose back to the by the arts towards the east coast despite not be there on wednesday as well. it is not a place to be at the moment. in the northern part of europe, it's watson seesaw already the cold. as in the east with snow goes to the baltic states, and it's all quiet for a while. this is monday, then you're drawing up
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a subtly wind, more mass, in fact, getting quite mild despite the rain going through scotland and england. and ireland, i was snow on the northern tip once again through norway and sweden and then finland, just like autumn. ah, frank assessments is like change making behavior. no, it's not going to change their behavior. they're going to continue to do what they do and in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera, november on al jazeera by years after the history, he feel between parkway, both in the colombian government, out of the re examined white tensions and violence of rising once again. emmy award winning, who lives investigates the untold stories across the us. millions in calgary don built in parliamentary elections under a new constitution and more than a year. the law. oh, take it to political crisis in mercy it personal. sure,
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documentary africa direct showcases african stories from african filmmakers, china monks, 100 days until it host the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic include for a boycott, impact this boating event november on out jazeera? ah ah hello again, the top story is on the al jazeera news. our so don's military leader says he will not be part of his future government. general opted for thought but handled al jazeera. he is committed to transferring power to civilian leadership. once elections are held in 2023,
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a rebel group is reportedly taking control the villages of north key view in the troubled east of democratic republic of congo. hundreds of people are crossing the border into uganda to avoid potential violence. president, she jumping in hundreds of top officials of china's communist party or attending a major leadership meeting in beijing. and the talks will lay the groundwork for the 2022 congress. wish she you will seek a 3rd term will get more on the story with steve sang, who is the director of the china institute? it's so as university of london, he is joining us from there via skype. thanks for your time. so steve, saying this meeting is described as the most important of the pan at parties annual events. what will you be looking out for? well, what i'll be looking out for. ready is block, they have given us to believe that it should happened and it is the passing over a new where solutions on the history of the communist party in the last 100 years.
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passing of such a resolution is important because in the history of the communist party, there were only 2 previous occasions when they pop resolution was passed. once was in 1945 when mounted don't consolidate his position as the lead. the whole china. and the 2nd was in 1981 when don shopping, effective ne, true, a close to the major, don't iraq, and stopped at his iraq whole reform and opening. the 3rd one is the meetings will be in locations what she jumping to start a new era. all she, jim pain. yeah, that's a thing in the meeting is expected to lay the groundwork for the 2022 congress. and that of course is where she will be seeking another 5 year term. how unprecedented is done? well, it is untreated, unprecedented in they posed mouth era because the big change that don't shopping
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introduced was for each leader to stay for 2 terms of 5 years. and therefore, altogether 10 years and move on to the next generation of leadership. she jumping will have served his 10th year by the end of next year. he should be handed over to the next generation. he clearly does not intend to do that. so when he break that rule, even start a new process, a new practice, and there will be nothing to stop him from staying on us leave the for as long as he was. so to what extent then is this meeting being held right now in beijing expected to really shape the domestic politics and society going forward for potentially decades to come? well, it is not so much about shipping policy at this meeting as about consolidating
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and sit consolidating to positions of teaching ping and signaling to the country and to the rest of the world that she's being is here to stay and walk, he said. and what he orders will be that direction of travel for china in the coming decade or 2 or even longer. how do you think western powers are looking at this meeting? are they concerned about what type of power china is going to become in the future under she jumping? i think we are now all concerned about what is happening in china. not so much about 8 domestic signs of china, but above the assertiveness or china. and what china raunch, when china can assume it is so as the most powerful country in the world on current trajectory, china is happening in that direction. but less not we'll get that in history.
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lenient projections, almost never come. true. china still faces enormous amount of challenges and she can ping in his own approach, may bring those programs ahead sooner then perhaps later, steve sang, thank you so much for speaking to us from london. you're welcome. hundreds of thousands of people have demonstrated across ethiopia and supportive government forces were a battling advancing rebels. the largest demonstration was held in the capital id sapa, the t gray people's liberation front is captured strategic towns along the route to the capital. mohammed's o reports regard you noticeable bust moscow square tensile, thousands of protesters show the support of a few been government ah, organized by the suitors administration. it's also meant to lend support to the armed forces in their war against the to grey rebels. allies famous to sing
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a teddy call, then you see was invited to sing in praise of if you're pissed military and took the opportunity to quote for peace. and i'm thought i was in the battle ground when i was told the battle was against my brother. i turned back, i thought i'd let the young people not be sent instead, let's send our eldest negotiation is better with guns. we bring no solution. it's enough. these european government us call the fight against the ticket. a rebels on existence shall wool prime minister abbey to one of the nobel peace prize 2 years ago has vowed to body his enemies a be also declared, a nationwide state of emergency that allows an armed citizen of military edge to be conscripted. the military has also asked veterans to re enlist thousands of civilians have since joined the wall. despite the state of emergency declared by the government, these come on the streets of a suburb of traffic on the cities, main roads remain busy as a residents go about them,
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they live business. other than unusually heavy police presence with officers conducting a random security on identity checks, i don't feel any difference. a state of emergency was declared commodity prices have not changed much shook ovula after entering the state of emergency, my business has not changed much. and i can see my customers coming to buy things every day, just as before. i'm not too worried about what will happen in the future, but i hope that our country will have peace soon one, but not every one is confident. the u. s. embassy in the suburb ordered the departure of its non essential diplomats on saturday, a day of the advising all us citizens to leave a few p as soon as possible. and several other embassies, including those of so de rubia, canada, sweden and no, we have now done the same ma'am. at other well just either i disobey few appear. israel says 6 palestinian rights group say recently designated as co terrace groups
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can no longer operate in the occupied west bank. the civil society organizations were allowed to work in the territory despite the is really government decision last month. israel accuses the groups of funnelling money to a group called the popular front for the liberation of palestine. early results from nicaragua, selection suggest president daniel ortega has won a 4th consecutive term with 75 percent of the vote. he disqualified or jailed rivals before the vote in a wide ranging crackdown. us president joe biden criticize the election as a pantomime that was neither free nor fair. neighbouring costa rica says it won't recognize the vote or latin america editor unless you knew me and reports from there because she wasn't allowed into nicaragua. the grogan soldiers, police and sandinista party supporters came out bright and early to vote. but in most of the country, the streets and the usually bustling polling stations were empty. this was in
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response to a call to boycott, an election in which all the competitive opposition candidates were imprisoned, or disqualified from running. foreign journalists were barred from entering the country to cover the voting president, daniel ortega and his wife of sonya moody, you, the vice president, nevertheless, hailed the election as fair, free and democratic ortega then described opponents and their alleged foreign backers. as terrorists. soon, the mon, you see our demons, demons who do not want peace, who do not want tranquility for our country. they upped for violence, for war, for slander, for campaigns, for what, so that nicaragua is once again plunged into violent confrontations. allah, lydia lopez is one of the many who did not vote. still in mourning for her 21 year old son died than whom she says was murdered by ortega, security forces during an anti government protest. why we lost the time where we go
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. now there's been no justice because you know how we are with your take a maria regime for them. these victims don't exist there be no murders or political prisoners. ah, what public protests have been outlawed in nicaragua in neighboring cluster. we got thousands of nic robin refugees, march to denounce. they insisted, was a farce. what daniel ortega has organized is a political circus. that's why we are dressed as clowns to mock his circus. we continue crying out for justice, for all those he has killed since taking power. at least the other 8 government critics were reportedly arrested in nicaragua before the polls opened. many of the exiles they were forced to leave their country here into costa rica as exile. so that they wouldn't end up like these people who are among the more than 300, the garage was killed by police paramilitary groups during the 2018 uprising now.
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many nicaraguans are asking the international community to step up to the plane. the us government is expected to announce stronger sanctions against the government shortly while the use has its considering what action to take to put further pressure on the government. as for the election results, with all the competitive opposition candidates behind bars, the poles was never about who would get the most vote. but rather that this is would take us in power. to see a newman al jazeera sank, we'll say, to rica more than 15000000 people crossed into the united states through its land border with mexico and 2019. but i came to a stop in march 2021. non essential travel was banned because the co, with 19 pandemic. now after nearly 2 years, businesses at border towns are hoping for a chance to recover john home and reports from towana and mexico.
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a monday sunday. see that the biggest lamp voter crossing in the western hemisphere went back to something like normal. the pandemic restrictions of u. s. a. placed on its southern border with mexico were finally used for international trade that were me much met because mighty board of factories, the macula thought us had already been allowed to cross the goods in the us for the past year. but it's the so called non essential travelers can locals and tourists. we've now been cleared to visit, as long as they are fully vaccinated. in is, is one of many and tiquana. he's been counting down the days. the 1st thing that i'm going to do is cross credit with my kids and they will continue to do to take that back commission for them in make the call. we don't have that opportunity there. many people in your family as well. the old friends that have been waiting for the so but you need to cross the border whatever reason as well,
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seeking. got busy. yes, of course. all of my friends want to go shopping and many people who have family. they want to see them again and have the life we had before. it's really exciting. a california is border businesses will be so like to see them again to without limits. can customers hundreds closed down during the pandemic. but in tiquana, it's been quite the opposite. restaurants have benefited from americans, heading across the dine in the country were restrictions and not strict people. i think word fire of eating home and they start coming over here to the one because they're free to see it over here. what now? so you and the restaurant twos are hoping the us visitors will keep coming and that locals won't abandon them. now they're free to head to the state. there will be
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a 50 percent increase in traffic heading across the border. tiquana authorities believe the many waiting on the streets or intent for the chance to cross won't be able to join that rush is the camp of asylum, please. because you want to get into the united states to be easing of the pandemic restriction. i'm going to make any difference for them. and it's a reminder, the cove it isn't. the only issue is that there's also migration and it will continue to be so even when the pandemic is long gone, these people are stuck at the only crossing points, the u. s. and p one which remains closed while the rest of the border gets moving again, john, home and algebra. one a female chinese astronaut has made history, is the country's 1st woman to complete a space. walk, wind up paying and her male colleagues dies. the dang spent more than 6 hours outside china's new cheng gong space station. they installed equipment and they
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carried out tests. it's part of a 6 month mission to get the station fully crude and operational by december. next year, wang is china 2nd women in space after lou yang carried out a mission in 2012. still ahead on the al jazeera news hour, the sport sous will look at the challenges awaiting barcelona new head coach. ah.
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ah whole ah ah, all the effect global warming is having on our food supply is coming under scrutiny at the club 26, summit b one estimates,
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800000000 people worldwide regularly suffer from shortages and hunger. reynolds visited a ranch in san joaquin valley in california. so how are things going tough? mike wood is the 3rd generation farmer in california's san joaquin valley. he grows 200 hector's of omen trees. but recently he's been thinking of selling the ranch. yeah. the confederation of sale has been right in the front of the gray matter for quite some time. actually, this dolly is a cornucopia of agricultural plenty rich soil in a benign climate produced a vast bounty of meat, milk, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. but global warming is changing the valley. 2021 was the 2nd try us here on record. while some years are wetter than others, repeated drought strains, the capacity of an elaborate system of canals and reservoirs that bring water from
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far away. it's getting hotter to the valley, he had a record 45 degrees celsius in september, land where fruits, her vegetables might be grown, would be left idle. it's not unusual to see sites like this entire orchards ripped up and ground into mulch. these effects aren't unique to california, china, russia, nigeria, brazil, all over the world have their own localized impacts. but the one thing in common is the global warming is causing those impacts and humans are causing global warming. scientists say some of the world's most important breadbasket regions are also the most at risk of failure due to climate shocks, persistent drought and extreme temperatures here in california and other farming regions around the world raise an important question about the future of our
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species. how can an ever warming planet feed a human population that is expected to grow from 7900000000 to day, to nearly 10000000000 by mid century? simply expanding farm land won't do. the more forests are cut down the worse global warming gets. scientists say we must adapt or starve our ability to be able to feed the planet is going to require some wholesale changes, both in how we produce food and how we share food across the planet is going to require that we probably change our diet and move more towards a plant based science. this is the emitter, mike wood is optimistic, one that technology will provide a solution. when i talk about the technology, i'm talking about the ability to produce 50 percent to a 100 percent more than we did on the same acre 40 years ago. hope for the future
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in a time of climate uncertainty. rob reynolds al jazeera in the san joaquin valley, california. let's get an update on the sports news firm during thanks so much. thousands of fans are expected at the new camp later on monday with barson is set to officially present child me as their new head coach on the bar to legend with hire and following the dismissal of ronald cumin. it's a big step for the 41 year old. he's only managerial experience is with cattery club side outside with whom he want to lead title. he takes charge of barcelona with the team. pretty bad shape. barza has slumped tonight in the league and are on a run of 4 straight lea games without a win. javi will also take over a depleted squad with 11 1st team players out injured. and how likely have a difficult time recruiting new talent given barson financial situation. they have more than $1500000000.00 of debt. we've been speaking to barcelona based football
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right. a rick sharma and he is making sure barth our next season's champions league the top priority. patience is the key word. it really is because is picking up a seamless down in the dumps. it's almost as low as possible for public best to go and always on the pitch where the team are putting in dive bomb. and there's, we saw last weekend, there were 3 left off, some of the bigger ledger 3, which just shows you the, the physical degradation of this blog. and the mental relations job is lack of experience is probably the one factor that makes him an unknown quantity. the other question mark is whether javi style and java style is, is very similar to the style of whether the style will fit legal in its modern era. and whether he can adapt that because with stuff we've been doing with outside has been been very exciting variance. but i think that you know, the legal is
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a different proposition. if both when they qualify for the champions league, it would be an unmitigated disaster both for the squad because a lot of those players like frankie deal, for example, the junior to arrive faucet with plenty of other options to choose from desk guns by me. and if you chose bossa that to be outside of that competition would be a grand humiliation for the club. it would be, it would be shocking and was still for the finances because gave me the champions league as a golden ticket. that money is absolutely essential about glena to start rebuilding school to start, you know, being able to compete. hollins in the trunk window again. and the premier league west ham defeated liverpool to move up to the 3rd in the standings. just 3 points behind meters. chelsea that's pretty hic from trying to alexander arnold level matters after the hammers had taken an early lead. west ham restore their advantage than the 67th minutes when probably from now or for them. different or kurt and
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zoom. i needed to make it 31 as liverpool slip to their 1st defeat in any competition for 7 months. final 432, to watch him. liverpool boss hearing cough wasn't happy with the v. a r influence on the game. so it's just don't do anything, just the people to be i saying, and they have the problem with the clear, obvious mistake because whoever has them there and to be hides behind that phrase. and then we have 2 people hiding. and in the end, we have the wrong decision and the, and the a, the brooklyn that speak to toronto, raptors for their fist when in a row. kevin duran, 1031 points in his 1st game in toronto. he's carrying his left achilles tenant, playing for golden state, and game 5 of the 2900 funnel, who were still without the vaccinated. kyrie irving, the rafters, 116-2100 3. it's been quite a week for no bad job of age in paris as the accolades keep flowing day after clenching the urine. road. number one for a record 7th tiny serbian claim,
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a records 37th masters, 1000 title job, which came back from a down against daniel madame venturing his loss in the us open final back in september. it was the 1st desire in paris for 31 years to feature the top 2 in the ranking. special when with my both, both my kids for the 1st time watched the entire matching, the final water match. i mean, it was incredible. fight i all the way to the last shot, but, you know, i knew that he takes, it takes the best effort to win against the neo who is in tremendous form. you know, he beat me quite comfortably in finals of new york. so, you know, i, i learned my lesson and i analyze that match and, and try to do things better on the court today. especially the 2nd and 3rd, just almost flawless status from my side. so i'm very, very pleased with and for me will one max for shopping is extended as championship
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lead to 19 points with victory at the mexico city grand prix. red bill driver started 3rd on the grid, but managed to find the lead by the opening corner at same time bolster voucher we boat has was clipped by daniel ricardo, ruining both our races for shop and was unchallenged out in france. lose hamilton finished 2nd. holding off the other red bowl man, sergio perez, that became the 1st next attend to claim a podium spot. and his home grown pre coming here to mexico is amazing, but it will be void out through eddie, you know, all the time to friends here. that'd be an incredible dental. so it's really, really nice to be it just shows how fast they call rise. when so joes that close to jaime and able to pull that policy. he did a great job, so i knew that line of credit here and just kept going. yeah, i really enjoy the right so. okay, and that is all you want and i'm back to you darney. thank you so much for that update. and thanks for watching the news, our on al jazeera matheson in just
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a moment. you'll have much more off the days news coming out. right. thanks for watching. bye bye for now. ah. ah, life is never scripted. never full told. it's never no. no matter what happens, never stop open you read between the lines. listen, always listen, never stop asking, never stop question a wanting to know. discover the unknown. here
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the human story being punctual. be courageous. fine b untold story. celebrate excellence. keep alive the pioneering spirit. never stop. we haven't for 25 years, we've never stopped on our journey. never stops when our commitment to you al jazeera, 25 years, a unique path. carry back a pacific island nation, rapidly the victim to rising sea levels. and the president skilfully commanding the stage of climate change. diplomacy, who do we appeal to for our people's right to survive and the challenge of climate change? but can he security to that? he seemed to be stateless people. what he's going to happen to us is going to be the fate of ferris winful, witness,
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and financing. shawanda is pursuing prosperity and influence on the globe and stage one at one aisd investigates what this means for one of its closest neighbors. taiwan. on al jazeera ah, jimmy sedans, army chief promise is a democratic transition. and an exclusive interview with al jazeera general bowen says he won't be part of the future governments. ah, i'm about this, and this is, are you alive from doe have also coming up? hundreds of people flee from democratic re.


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