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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm AST

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the the me, ah, this is al jazeera, i'm getting navigator with a check on your world headlines. the army general who let a military takeover and to don last months as he will not be part of a future government after the transitional period. speaking exclusively to al jazeera, the pedestrian han says he's committed to a smooth democratic transition. once elections are held in 2023. compiler longer accept mother. i seated on numerous occasions as things go as planned. i will continue to function until the reins of power handed over to an elected government . i simply wish to serve my people truly and faithfully. after that,
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i will have no political role. i have no hopes to run any election race. i hope i would be able to deliver on this promise and work together a sudanese until the state of fee is a handed over to an elected government. i think we've exhausted nearly 3 years wasting much time and if it, if they were directed to productivity, our situation would have definitely been different by now. 3 years of blocking roads creeping protests and political fallacies would fail to deliver on the promise change of the desired transition. we failed to fulfill the people's wishes or dreams for justice and the un is warning. the number of people on the edge of famine has risen to 45000000 around the world. about half of those are at risk or, and gone to stun, which is facing its worst food crisis since records began. the head of the world food program told daughter 0, the situation will only get worse. the you are already here and stories of, of a women mothers sell in one child to feed the other children and hopes that that
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child can be taken care of by another family in it hasn't gotten as bad as this gone yet yet. and the next 6 months, we're going to be heretic unless see international community truly unfreezes those assets so they can pay the teachers. because now students really aren't in school. it's not a girl boy thing or some money fe. a rebel group is reporter to be taking control of villagers and north kiva. that's in the eastern democratic republic of congo. the m $23.00 group is set to be less than 10 kilometers away from boon i gonna on the border with uganda. hundreds of people are crossing over to avoid the violence . malcolm webb has this update from nairobi. they were defeated squarely by the con. you leave kimberly's army. 8 years ago in the m 23 fighters at that time, most of them were fled into uganda and remained that some of the commanders were in
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the neighboring wonder. and both were wanda and you got there were accused of backing that group by you and investigated the local populations in the areas very much sort of the rwandan in cash and into eastern congo. they were wondering, you've got to do a denied being involved in this group. we don't know exactly why it's re service again now input, if you haven't communicated anything, hasn't said what demands or what it dames are. but compared to 8 years ago, the situation is very different into far as the kong leads. army is not nearly as strong as it was at that moment when it had some sanction support from un peacekeepers in the foreign support. and also this comes at a time where eastern congo is relatively insecure to other groups. the adf, another one called cadet cottages to the north of this area, have been attacking a lot of towns and villages and ambushing vehicles on the road. in recent years,
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the areas generally less stable where we don't know how strong in 23 is at this moment with the has any foreign support as it was widely believed to have before 6 palestinian rights groups recently designated as quote, terrorist organizations by israel say at least 5 activists had their phone tact, they say the spyware tool pegasus was used on their phones for more than a year. the rights groups are demanding and international investigation into the hacking presidency. jumping and hundreds of top officials of china's communist party are attending a major leadership meeting in beijing. the talk so lay the groundwork for the 2022 congress where she will seek a 3rd term. hundreds of top party officials, including state leaders, ministers, and military chiefs are all taking part. those are the latest headlines on al jazeera coming up next is witness. thanks for watching. bye bye. ah
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ah. give us this in the center of the work. because good bessie's, the only country that is in the 4 corners are it's in the north, in the south of ministry and it's in the east and the west of the international gateway where the country has that distinction. so it's right there. bang in the middle of the pacific ocean. ah, so far away so isolated. we thought we were so isolated that we would be immune
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from the tribulations of this world. but no, spite of our isolation o p, we are subjected a global phenomenon with oh, oh oh i
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a little money and then we'll that about it. oh yes. looking for my own experience and then my own mind i, i keep asking myself what is to become of my grandchildren? where will they be? what out of this, what us that's coming in with somebody of find a solution for them to ensure that they will be safe. we must no longer stand on the satellite because this is coming and it is going to destroy our lives. i want to truly emphasize that climate change is not
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a political dish. it's not an entirely economic it's an issue of survival maybe to day for countries like why, but in the future for the planet as a whole. mr. president, this i have, i lied to are numerous locations in the past. the issue of climate change remains the most pressing, single, most pressing challenge for us in cubes. i have just come back from the attic. it's petition to the north pole. and i am still overwhelmed to day with what i witnessed with my lomax for those of us on the front line. it really does not matter what is a greek to win paris because we will continue to go on to what we would like to be able to revisit if we could do it. and we would like to be able to ask of go to the global community and we reverse climate change. but the reality is that it will not
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happen. so the next step is, it's the global community willing to come forward. it's discounts or willing to, to make a contribution to what's that getting some real action on the ground so that we can give some sense of conflict, some sense of security to output. who do we appeal tool and tend to for our people try to survive and the challenge of climate change? and so let me post that question again because i don't believe there is any authority who can answer that question for us to be. and we need that authority. what is the future for us or more, i'm pleased to walk into our 2 years, the president of the republic, a cure boss. i notice off the average a high elevation balance is a little more than 6 feet. i and rising sea levels have already taken a village on one of your islands. how threatened is curie boss? our source of water is from to want to linds any marginal rise. we're mean that
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that what was available, i'm agriculture. land is no longer available or what was fresh, what source of fresh water will not be a source of fresh water. so it would affect the livelihood of people before it actually renders. it is totally inevitable, inevitable. how do you see the future a, do you see the possibility of all the people from care about one day having to leave we, we have to be realistic it's, it's very high. it's not easy to try and imagine what is coming, because nobody wants to admit that may be in the future. all of the land that we, which is a homeland will no longer be there. but the reality given the that the silence that's coming forward, the projections that be the scientist are giving us a rise and see a level of between point 6 to one meter within the century. or so. what me they certainly were most of our families.
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wait with when slavery was the norman did this 18th century, it was not regarded as being immoral. likewise, i fade worse,
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accepted. i need to national community for a long time. so climate change, what in my view was exactly the same thing. right? why did the with not from the private before? why did we not do anything about it? when we knew with old of the science and information coming for that it was wrong with to tell you the truth, i am very concerned i think you would receive and thank you for your support and pray for us to climate change is to greatest moral channels we haven't written to the chem ah. ready ready ah. ready ready ready ah, i'm a when
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are you running into a get a hold of a man or to run a i'm going, i did i. when people were right, i sent them to canada and we have been asked them, put a gun advocate id number on it. all right, kind of want to put on a daily scan, all kind of data got out when i'm gonna do it and that the data, adam. yeah,
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yeah we, i mean, i wouldn't on the back of that i'm on with
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a with us in the solomon islands have already been badly damaged. and now new zealand north islands is expected to be hit by sunday and monday with ah, the little
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yeah. yeah yeah. yeah, when i'm gonna know what a wonderful with a i'm getting, i'm not, i'm not in it. it it was that was why what i, what i'm about, what i do. serious dawkins stay with what leading the country to present our side as last legitimacy. he needs to step out, as he retains control through over a decade of war. we examine the global power games of president basha, alyssa, we believe sod, simply caring out iranian warders. what keeps you awake at night when the reason
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that could effect any human assad master of chaos. coming soon on all jazeera, ah, tens of thousands of children were born into old lives under the eisler regime in iraq and syria. now many are in camps either orphans, all with a widowed mothers, rejected by their own communities, shaking your length of people are going to welcome them after that. of course, mom and you documentary his, that chilling and traumatic stories for the children throw stones at me. iraq's last generation on al jazeera news. welcome to a world of confidence, $76.00. without you business class, which way your privacy is paramount and your experience comes. sit back, relax in your own private space,
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and let us take care of everything. catera always the air line you can rely on lou, this is al jazeera, i'm danny navigator. with a check on your world headlines. the army general who let a military take over and to don last months as he will not be part of a future government. after the transitional period. speaking exclusively to al jazeera, i've been fatah ha, but han says he's committed to a smooth democratic transition. once elections are held in 2023, the un is warning. the number of people on the edge of famine has risen to 45000000 around the world's. about half of those at risk are in afghanistan, which is facing its worst shrewd crisis since records began.


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