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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm AST

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ah, with news this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm emily anglin. this has been news our live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, is rally spyware. blacklisted by the us, is reportedly found on the phones of 6 palestinian activists. sedans. army chief promises a democratic transition in an exclusive interview with al jazeera,
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general abdel, utter. albert han says he won't be part of the future governments. the u. s. re opens it's land borders with canada and mexico for non essential travelers. after nearly 20 months. we are looking at 5 medium children, one step away from starving to do, and to die. a warning from agencies as afghanistan struggles with its worst food crisis. on in sports, an old face. she's in a new era, barcelona club. legend chavez has been officially introduced as boss's head coach. ah, hello and welcome to the program, controversial spyware developed by the israeli surveillance company. and i saw a group has for the 1st time being detected on the find a 6 palestinian activists,
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3 the hacked palestinians work for civil society groups, which is rather recently designated terrorist organizations. human rights groups are demanding an international investigation. let's get more on this story with harry force that live for us in rama la. hello, there. harry, give us a context as to why these activists has been hacked and the timing of their organisation being designated terrorist groups will. yes, it's a timing that the organizations are pointing to here. they say that the, the 1st of the, the activists who discovered something wrong with his phone and passed that phone through the organization to an exterior advocacy group in dublin to investigate that took place on the 16th of october. it was just 3 days later that israel designated these groups as tara organizations accusing them of among other things, funnelling money to the public front to liberation of palestine, which is designated by israel in western countries as
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a terror groups. so that not explicitly accusing israel of being behind this use of the spyware on these phones. but the investigation did find that 6, such i phones did have traces of the spyware on them. and this is what one of those targeted people, how he described the, the feeling of being targeted in this way. at a news conference a little earlier. as targeted organizations, we express concerns of a link between the surveillance and these really occupations recent as a nation of palestinian and g o. s. terrorist organizations because of the timing of the declaration with the revelation of the spying. and so that is the key thing as far as that concerned. sorry that that is one of the other members of that use conference describing the issue of the the timing. the other issue is the fact that these technologies are supposed to, under the licenses given to this company by israeli ministry of defense,
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they're not supposed to be used on is ready phones or palestinian phones that are supposed to be used in israel and palestine. they have, of course, caught it all sorts of controversy in recent years. and so in terms of the use of this pegasus spyware, by all sorts of different, often authoritarian regimes, targeting journalists and activists and politicians. but explicitly, it's not supposed to be used by israel or targeting israeli or palestinian phone numbers so far as so has itself said that it can't give any details as to how it's clients use it software or accounts for that as far as the israeli government response we haven't had a response from the government itself, only from the army. they say that they don't use pegasus spyware. the organizations themselves, the palestinian n g o say they will continue to operate as normal, despite the heightened risks. harry, thank you for that update. harry force at live for us the now let's bring in adam
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shapiro. he's the head of communications at the front line. defend is. that's the human rights organization that lead the investigation into these hacking. okay, adam, thanks for joining us. how did you guys work out that the spyware was on the phones in the 1st place? so my colleague who is a digital security expert and who has worked in the past to help identify were pegasus has been deployed on phones. a 0 correspondence that who use the phone call from one of the palestinian staffers of his ations who was concerned about their, their, about his phone. we tested it for a number of different things such as pegasus. but ultimately, what we found was the same processes are on the form logs that have been identified by amnesty international and citizen. as being those that are part of the pegasus spyware. as confirmed from other investigations that have been done, including the one, the females. can you explain why the israeli technology company cast so much about
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what's on these activist funds? well, let's be clear it, the is really company and a so group does not actually conduct the spine. they provide the spyware to its clients, which are governments. and so it is a government that is the one responsible here for conducting this by the question then is which government you've heard the delilah from israeli side. however, we are ultimately faced with 2 scenarios. ready one where the israeli government, in one of its agencies did deployed us and used it again counter to or what it has been said all along that they can't be used against this very phones or another client. another government. ready somehow managed to infiltrate israel's telecommunication systems that were spying on palestinian phones, but those with israeli phone numbers without the, is really of his knowledge. we appreciate you clarifying that at m. and so what's
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the impact on these activists individually given this enormous breach of privacy and particularly given that these activists are already facing such limited rights anyway, this is another step of confirming that the type of total control that the occupation has over all palestinian lives. these palestinian human rights defenders who work for these organizations. these 6 in particular have a big target on the backs of the work that they do to support the palestinians committee defending their rights. providing services to childrens for women's for prisoners is all a grave risk at this point, and it's really incumbent on the instruction community to not just speak out, but to take actions will ensure that these activists, these defenders, these organizations remain viable, open and able to provide critical services to the palestinian. ready population adam, there now calls for an international investigation. how would that work?
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who would it come? who would carry it out? and what would likely happen with the findings in the the recalls for an internal investigation and perhaps a un can get involved in a point, an investigator, it would be good for folks who have digital security expertise. however. busy we know from numerous other international investigations, israel has stymied in the past. we have no doubt that is always good to greatness, to prevent an investigation. in this case, i think instead, what we need to see is the kind of action that the united states government. so last week, where placed in a so group, on the sanctions list by the commerce department, we need to see some of our action by european countries by the you. and i think overall, we need a global compact for outline this kind of spyware against all services, but in particular human rights defenders. ready and journalists who are clearly targeted. ringback by government, thank you for your in science, adam shapiro,
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the head of communications at frontline defenders. appreciate your time moving on now and the army general who lead a military takeover in sudan last month says he will not be part of the future government after that transitional period. speaking exclusively to al jazeera ab delta, albert han says he's committed to a smooth democratic transition. once elections are held in 2023, the military took power last month, dissolving the civilian arm of the government and declaring a state of emergency, a record of remodel. i seated on numerous occasions if things go as planned, i will continue to function until the reins of power handed over to an elected government. i simply wished to serve my people truly and faithfully. after that, i will have no political role. i have no hopes to run any election race. i hope i would be able to deliver on this promise and work together a sudanese until the state of fee is a handed over to an elected government. we exhausted nearly 3 years,
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wasting much time and effort. if they were directed to productivity, our situation would have definitely been different by now. 3 years of blocking roads creeping protests and political fallacies would fail to deliver on the promise change or the desired transition. we failed to fulfill the people's wishes or dreams for justice and i was out there as wrestle santa who interviewed albert han has this update from cartoon when i asked him about the elections of 2023. why not now, but wait. in 2 years more he said that we do not have enough funds and we need a consensus or it is not the right time to go that with that decision. so here, as i said, there are 2 prominent factors that are going to be determined and what, how the future of susanna is going to be, particularly mister will hands on carrier. so the street and the international community without after law,
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me to the also prime minister after the 100 seems very difficult for mr albert hand to get the support from the fleet or to is them down and to get the, the, to restore the international relations. and get the support of the international community, because a so far the u and the u. s. c and european union have been quite firm on the, on the on demand asking mr. han to immediate return back to the civilian government . had by mister after le hum dog and julia, we spoke on the phone with some a hear al mubarek. from the sudanese professionals association. she says military can not be trusted to facilitate a smooth transition to a civilian lead government. well, if he says he will not be part of the future government, he might well step out of the picture right now. what's keeping him from stepping out of the picture. we've heard such promises from previous dictators with such promises in different contexts around the world. for us,
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these promises are dieted. we were asking for a complete civilian government. this is what we were asking for, a democratic transition since december 2018 since he stepped in the fixture in april, 2019 there has been a market started that has been human to that there has been complete address throughout with the military in the picture, so what type of added value is he added to the picture, but in fact, he's complicating the scene even what the president of the army in the political life insur done throughout the independence has been complicating the picture, the president of the army right now in the rush is complicating the picture. this is not the 1st time. that's who is a sense that we could. so there's a 3rd the not the could i get another attempt to. they're trying to take over the, the entire power into the military time. they are not to be thrusted anymore. what we are looking for now is, is this is now hi science. this for partnership is over. it has collapsed totally.
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and it's time for us now to move on to a full civilian the latest on a dfi now, and the african union is holding an emergency meeting as a t o p as e, long conflict against to brian rebels intensifies hundreds of thousands of people rallied on sunday in several ethiopian cities in support of government forces, baffling a rebel advance, and p. p l. f has captured strategic towns along the road to the capitol and threatened to move on. ideas about mohammed doe is in the capital and joins us live now. where things out on the ground in light of this emergency meeting moment. alyssa, we are hearing of increased fighting in eddie is about 350 kilometers, at the very least away from the capital, addis ababa. if you up in defense of forces will supported by irregular combat on
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such as them hot militia, some thousands of civilians full picked up arms in response for coal by prime minister b that they ought to defend their country. a better king to stop the rebels from coming any nearer to the capital it so far, government officials are saying that lines are held and the t p l a fight us on their end are saying that they were forced to head towards this up by another attempt to brick a siege on that to guy and we've jim added a siege. they say that's been cut it out by european defense forces. something that us render the people of to guy without and now sued and most basic supplies. and they say that they will continue doing that until that siege is broken. the african union pieces that the council is missing, as we speak. they are talking about this tuition in ethiopia. and of course, the african union is
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a key here because it is considered an organization that is at the front lines and also having its base here. many of the international community filled out . it is best suited to help and this conflict, diplomatic me, what are you hearing about the progress on and diplomatic front moment? well, not much at the moment. unfortunately, they have been parallel attempts to try and bring the 1st is in the conflict to the table as so that they negotiate. some of these, their attempts were being led by the united states government, through its special envoy to the horn of africa, jeffrey feltman. he was here last week, he held meetings with government officials and at the end of is 2 of a few of the direct feltman said that he's a road map for peace at was rejected by the government as we speak. alicia going
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about son, your former president of nigeria, who is the african union. media in this conflict is in michaela the capital of the to great region meeting. cindy officials of that to great defense forces as they call themselves these days. and the piece of security council meeting that's being held right now was expected to be addressed by alyssa gonna passenger. but his them sort of extended his chip there. and it will be very kim to see. it will be very interesting to see what he ends up getting in terms of a note to talk from the tid via fighters on the thank you very much for that update mohammed life ross in addis ababa any more head on his knees our including and will tell you why people in mexico are excited to be back in queues, like these vote counting in nicaragua. president ortega is expected to win
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a paul. the u. s. is calling a pantomime for a race and in sport and pivotal day in the race to win the formula. one world championship, all those details and more coming up in sport ah, the u. s. has reopened his borders to all vaccinated travelers for the 1st time in 20 months. they can enter with a negative coven 19 test land borders between mexico and canada. have also re opened. john holman, is standing by for us on the us mexico board up. but 1st, let's go to new jersey where gabrielle elizondo is live for us in york airport. hello there. and gabriel, firstly, i, you witnessing some emotional scenes. i'm imagining as saying that if i don't know, love actually or something like that with tourists returning.
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yeah, that's right. we are at newark liberty international airport. it's one of the major international intreat points to the united states, particularly here in new york city. it's a major metropolitan airport just outside of new york city of wight, from a broad lands year. we've seen to been here about an hour or so every, every couple times in an hour, a flight, a land, you'll see a flood of people leaving greeting being greeted by loved ones and then it'll slow down for a bit like it is right now. and then it's got to wait for the next flight to come in and see you is here, but certainly there have been some emotional reunion despite people. as you mentioned this, the u. s. is now open again, and nowhere is going to affect anywhere else in this country. then new york city, a city that just before the democrats received about 13000000 foreign tourists every year. that's just in new york city. the vast majority of them over
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half from europe and the u. k. with 1300000 tourists on average come to new york city after that it's china. but beyond that, what we're expecting is that new york city was decimated by the pandemic. whether it be restaurants, hotels tours spending, but now the city and all the workers and people who live here excited for in tours can come back into the us again, particularly here in new york city where they're, they're the travel agencies and various travel companies are saying they're seeing bookings increasing because of the anticipation of more people coming back, of course, to come back into the u. s. now as a foreign tourists, you can have to show proof of vaccination of vaccination that's been authorized by the w h o and also a negative cobit test as well. could you have some positive news? thank you very much. gabriel. let's cross to the us mexico border now where john
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home and is live for us in tijuana. hello there, john. this is really important step for communities and businesses, either side of the board on telephone yeah, definitely is we're actually what is the busiest line border crossing point in the western hemisphere right in front seat. and you can probably see a bit behind. we got the checkpoints there, where people go into the united states. you can see the keys of cars. typical buddha said, hey, you can even see that those times where people are selling to people, they're going cross. i did all the ladies behind me, the selling that, but those are you expecting big sales today? and they were actually saying, well, no, not really. and that's because even live at 210436, back to the 50 percent increase in traffic. people that haven't seen their relatives, friends just what is going for their christmas shopping across the board. this is a very cross bullet live stock here that they expected this 50 percent increase is
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russia. people go across, hasn't materialized as yet? the cues are fairly standard here, given that this is the busiest crossing point, as i mentioned in the western hemisphere. but there are people in think water and all across the border that are excited about this really big as you'll see in our pool. mm. a monday, sunny see through the biggest land border crossing in the western hemisphere went back to something like normal. the pandemic restrictions that the u. s. a placed on its southern border with mexico were finally east for international trade that weren't me much met cruise mighty bordeaux factories. the macula thought us had already been allowed to cross the goods in the u. s. for the past year. but it's the so called non essential travelers. mit can locals and tourists who have now been cleared to visit as long as they're fully vaccinated. in is, is one of many antique one we've been counting down the days. the 1st thing them i'm gonna do is crush credit with my kids and they,
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they opportunity to paint a vaccination for them in mexico. we don't have that opportunity as many people in your family as well. the old friends that have been waiting for this opportunity to cross the border for whatever reason, as well. seeking glad, cathy. yes, of course. all of my friends want to go shopping and many people who have family. they want to see them again and have the life we had before. it's really exciting in california's board of businesses who be excited, see them again to without limits. can customers hundreds closed down during the pandemic. but in tiquana, it's been quite the opposite. restaurants have benefited from america, heading across the dine in the country where restrictions are not strict people. i think we're tired of eating home and they start coming over here to the one because they're free to see over here what the now so you and the
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restaurant twos are hoping the us visitors will keep coming and that locals wont abandon them now that free to head to the state, there will be a 50 percent increase in traffic heading across the border. tiquana authorities believe the many waiting on the streets or intent for the chance to cross won't be able to join. that rush is the camp of asylum seekers who want to get into the united states for the easing of the pandemic restriction on going to make any difference for them. and it's a reminder that cove, it isn't the only issue at this border. there's also migration and it will continue to be so even when the pandemic is long gone, these people are stuck at the only crossing point to the u. s. in tiquana, which remains closed while the rest, the border gets moving again. one thing that's actually interesting
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keeping on the theme of those asylum sake is migrants that are heading to the united states. under the pandemic, the u. s. government 1st under president trump, but it's been kept on the joe biden has enforced a public help board of cool titan, 42, which basically means that anyone getting on us soil, they don't have to offer them asylum or anything like that because they're in the middle of the pandemic, and that hasn't been repealed. it's been hugely controversial actually. and a lot of people are saying, well, if this is going on, then you should also be allowing people to be able to claim asylum. so we have to see what happens to the migrants asylum, people coming, people coming from latin american beyond, and heading to points of entry like this one across the u. s. border to us to be taken in by that country and had young capers posted at john home in line for us at us mexico border start counting is underway in nicaragua was elections. president daniel ot guy is expected to win
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a 4th term. the united states has called the election a pantomime. most of the opposition has been banned from running, and some members even arrested. a latin american editor loose in humans live for us in costa rica with the latest. hello there, lucia. what's been the reaction to these early results given it's been such a widely criticized election. well 1st of all, the event is, 1st of all, the government has already put out what it says are the initial results, which will probably be the final result says, saying that president daniel ortega won by nearly 75 percent of the votes. no surprise there. but the, what is interesting is what the opposition coalition that has that monitored the elections from inside nicaragua says it says that between 79 and 84 percent of nicaraguans abstained in that election. and that is pretty consistent with what
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we've been hearing from gallup polls. that, that indicate that president ortega's popularity is below 19 percent. now the reaction, the international reaction has been swift and hardship. world leaders are saying this was not a matter of who would win the about whether daniel or take that has won the election, but rather were there he has stolen and grabbed the election. the united, the european union has just put out a statement saying that it does not recognize the legitimacy of elections which were not competitive and that it will consider what moves to take next beyond sanctions against individuals in nicaragua, the united states government was among the 1st just to call the selection of sham and to also say that it would come would take measures. it did not expensive high which but all that were at the disposal of the u. s. government and its allies to put pressure on the ortega government to restore, quote, democracy in that country. chili has also said it will not recognize the legitimacy
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of the election. and we also have, and this perhaps, and this is much closer to home here in costa rica. the government was the 1st one to say does not recognize the legitimacy of the government with the of these elections. which means that that is tantamount did not recognizing president daniel ortega as a legitimate government and this is the country that is next door to nicaragua, which is also home to the largest numbers of nicaragua, refugees in just a short while ago. amnesty international also put out a statement saying that it predicts that there will be a new wave, a new cycle of terrible human rights violations in nicaragua. so there you have it . that is that the reaction has been fairly predictable. this was an election that even before it took place, it was pretty obvious what would happen and who would when president ortega has been recognized. however, by president, you could ask my buddha in venezuela and also the cuban government,
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and more likely, or very likely also the government of president putin in russia. thank you for that update. we appreciate your hard work that lucy and human life for us in costa rica, still head on al jazeera, former us president, barack obama warns of dangerous lack of urgency in climate tools. we'll have the latest from the summit in glasgow hall and says bowers is trying to sparkle, confrontation by allowing migrants to walk towards the border and in sport, liverpool shores in their efforts to set a new club record those days out with andy schools. ah, well, the rainy season has star cindy around the gulf, and i recorded that. could be 2 or 3 days of rain in the fall of
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a few showers on tuesday about the 1st of those particularly ran the emirates and possibly amount maybe been not very likely, and cutter or bahrain, but it's more of a breeze picked up here. you notice so and to set you on degrees as a maximum by days, bit cooler is normal. now if you follow that line of shows up through iran, on the top end of it is a bit of wind to not much but some snow falling on the hills, maybe of afghanistan. beyond that, it's fairly find bagged as to that 28 and it's still quite warm on the live in time coast as well. well, there is a change coming. watch what happens in the caspian still cold air coming out of western asia. this is really a winter front to get it's been going down going up. it's not really progressing. that's got a strong wind across the caspian, the lowest those likely on the caucasus mountains. and then you'll find snow falling for the cyrus in as by john iran. and there be some thunderstorms, probably of rain may be of hail on the coast, north of iran, and possibly in terran itself. west that all things are quiet as you've already seen in africa and tropical africa. does not that much in the way of showers,
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to be honest in kenny, just a few nor u. d. r congress, but the republic of congo and angola it does look wet. ah, in the country with an abundance of results. red, byron walk, indonesia whose turns forming we moved pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let's be part when denise, his growth and progress, invest indonesia now well in to a world of comfort and certainly sex without you business class, which way you will prevail.


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