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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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in oscar and tropical africa, does not that much in the way of showers, fearless in kenny, just a few nor u. d. r congress, but in the republic of congo angola, it does look wet. ah, the end of the country with an abundance of results for the trade bar and walk indonesia, his friends for me, we moved full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let me park when denise is growth and progress, invest in indonesia now. well, in to a world of comfort and certainly sex without you business class, which way your privacy is paramount and your experience
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comes on. sit back, relax in your own private space and let us take care of everything. catera weighs the airlines you can rely on oh the hell are you watching out? just 0. i'm emily angry. reminder about top stories is our 6 palestinian rights groups recently designated as terrorist organizations by israel say at least 3 of their activists have had their phones hacked. they say the spyware to pegasus from an israeli firm. it was used on them for more than
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a year. to dance military later says he will not be part of a future government. general abdel hon told al jazeera he's committed to transferring power to civilian leadership. once elections are held in 2023 and the u. s. has reopened it forwarded to all vaccinated travelers for the 1st time in 20 months, visitors from 33 countries had been banned. when pandemic restrictions began, non essential travelers can now enter with a negative cause in the un agencies or palestinian refugees says it's close to collapse after its food lodge is jonah the u. k. cut funding, unripe is trying to raise $800000000.00 at a donor conference in brussels. this month kata has pledged $18000000.00 less then in recent years, the trump administration froze. i'm the president joe botton restored $235000000.00
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in april. early this week is round designated 6 palestinian rights organizations is terrorist groups. as we heard in the headlines, including some that received european funding, 6000000 palestinian refugees in garza west bank east jerusalem, syria, lebanon and jordan, face losing essential services like food and education. plenty happening and joining me now on says, is believe less rainy. he is commissioner general at the united nations where relief and works agency for palestinian refugees in a near a st. it is there is plenty happening in palestine. philip, tell us what your agency does and why it is so important. good evening, emily. yes. always providing education to more than half a 1000000 girls and boys in the region is providing primary health care to nearly 2000000 people will always also providing a social safety net to the poorest among the poor among muslin of
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a petition to but it's in rockford, is in the region, so basically what is investing in human development of this, on the privilege or community in the region. and also for this human development. providing also some source of stability as you say in a very, very what a region. so why has such an important organization last funding? so you know that the funding of the organization in fact has not to increase for nearly 10 years, where they have been moved to build crisis in the region. and the needs have significantly increased. and so it's a pedestal refugees and turning to one on one, which is the only on, on the lifeline. and on the one being we can, because as a financial crisis, is unable to meet the expectation and hence you have one more distress despair and also anger. we can see that in some come in more and the frustration is boiling
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right now. the situation is because there is a total mismatch between the expected delivery and demanded been given to the agency and the resource being made available over the next 2 years. what we did was number of efficiency measure, which after that became austerity mr. and started to back to on the quality of the services today, we kind of go further without really impacting the services to the refugees and hence the raising of the alarm bell. so you've got a very important meeting tomorrow morning. you're here in the gulf. what are you hoping to achieve and what support are you getting from gulf nation? i think the 2 men message, the 1st one is have the organization not to collapse and we are really on the edge of collapsing. and we have entered a danger zone. so it is most important that we could keep our school up in our
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health center often sufficient to meet them of upon the mc. so 1st a phone, a support between now and the end of the year. that also we have to revise the way the funding is organized around at one war. and when i'm seeking to promote more unity or commitment from to go to countries at also the member states in general, in order to have a better visibility on where we are going. if you don't get this funding, what impact will it have on palestinians? i think it's a return on what is irrepressible. no one ever requested to be a refugee after 70 year sarah for jesus because of an own result conflict, the minimum we owe to that, but it's in refugees. is to continue to invest in the human development in the absence of durable a piece in the region are good luck with that meeting tomorrow morning. thank you. thank you for your time to leave, but less a rainy the commissioner general for the united nations relief and works agency for
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palestinian refugees in the mary. thank you for your time. the u. s. news warning, the number of people on the edge of famine has risen to 45000000 around the world. the jump is largely down to food security in afghanistan. more than half the population that's about 22000000 people don't know where their next meal is coming from. shall a balance report from cobble where agencies say without immediate medical intervention, millions of children may starve to death. cody sunjay is one of the busiest food markets in western cobble. the produce comes fresh from farms outside the city prices. a cheap 3 years resort has been here with his wheel bearer. he's a corrupt you want men who for a small fee transport shot his groceries. yet for the last few months his wheelbarrow has been mostly empty. his shop is can't afford his services. gotta
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love on the so 1st thing lessons. there is no business. he tells us men, we just roam around. he approaches women. hopefully they may need help. but i can't remember if i le auntie, do you need a wheelbarrow? he asks, but they walk away or ignore him. said i generally, if i said i say he's 5 hours into his work day and isn't only 20 since he used to earn about $3.00 a day enough to pay his rent and feed his family frustrated. he hits home, he spends his day surrounded by food, but even more frequently returns to his family empty handed. afghanistan's economy is collapsing, under the last government 75 percent of public expenditure came from foreign grants . us and un sanctions meant better, evaporated upon the tele bonds. takeover taliban officials say they need sanctions lifted an aid agencies to return to tackle the problem with the little money to go
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round banks limit with rules and lawyers can't pay the stuff and result in his family a paying the price to day they had green teeth breakfast lunch is dull and bread, they will rush and the left over for dinner. massena file as well. i'm so glad our little got about luck to hold the line. those guy mr. i used to bring a lot of food to the house before the taliban, but now there is no work and it is pushing me to even more of a christian and that i'm due to pay 22 dollars for rent. but i still owe for last month, and a children's health is getting recruit day by day. they are not alone. 95 percent of people in afghanistan and not consuming enough food and more than half about 22000000 people are malnourished. some so severely they may not make it through the winter. this is what rizal is trying to avoid. al jazeera has visited multiple hospitals in recent months. the ward swelling with more children being treated for
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malnutrition. agency say it's the worse food crisis in afghanistan since records began. they say children are already starving to death. we are looking at 5000000 children who are one step away from starving to death. to that city, us. 5000000 children are going hungry. they do not have food. yes, evolving on bread. and the day that really the i'm getting is not is not enough to sustain them for years. all it doesn't know what to do. he says the pressure is immense. the days are getting shorter and he wonders if he and his wheelbarrow bring home just enough for his young family to last. the winter. charlotte bellow, soldiers, era cooper and david bailey is the executive director of the u. n. world food program. early i, he told us the situation in afghanistan is going to become even more di are in the coming months looking at
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a country of $40000000.00 people. whereby now you have 23000000 marching towards starvation it out of that almost 9 me and or it famines door knocking away. and as i talked with mothers and fathers who've lost their jobs, have no more money, they're showing everything they have. and now the winter months are coming, they don't have heating fuel, they're running out of food. there's not just years of conflict, but also you've had drought economics, deterioration along with coven compounding all of that. and now you got the international community because the taliban is taken over freezing all international resources and that's billions of dollars. that normally would be going to teachers and health care workers in that trickles down, trickles down to the, to men and women who may be cleaning holes throughout the streets. and, and i talked to, doesn't as dozens of the men and women who just heartbroken, they don't know what they're going to do. i mean, you are already hearing stories of, of women mother's cell and one child to feed the other children and hopes that that
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child can be taken care of by another family in it hasn't gotten as bad as this gone yet yet. and the next 6 months are going to be heretic, unless the international community truly unfreezes those assets. so they can pay the teachers. because now students really aren't in school. it's not a girl boy thing or some money fay. and so we're going to need and this is just what's remarkable for us to reach to $23000000.00 people at 50 percent rations now is going to cost $230000000.00 a month to ladies from glasgow now. and time is running out. that's a message from for me. you as president bronco bama speaking at the top 26 senate obama price, the progress made since 20 fifteens paris climate deal at want. it's not enough collectively and individually we are still falling short. we have not done nearly enough to address this crisis. we are going to have to do
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more and whether that happens or not to a large degree is gonna depend on you. not just those of you in this room. but anybody who's watching or reading a transcript of what i say here today, it's close to guy's guy now, where angie simmons joins us lives. hello there, andrew. how was a band i received then? well, pretty well. of course he is speaking in a private capacity. he has nothing to do with the negotiations here, but he, he is a key figure in terms of a climate control, because he did sign on behalf of the united states, the paris a give agreement in 2016. of course sir. donald trump had other ideas with that agreement and pulled out of it when he became president. but now under joe biden,
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the u. s. is back and as a bama was saying, it's back and it's strong and it's taking a leadership role along with others. now this address, as i say, it does have no bearing on the proceedings here, but it has certainly encouraged a lot of young people because he did single out this issue of youth leadership. and how old are people if they're not engaging? if they're in denial over over climate climate control of, of, of, of, of global warming, then they should get out and make way for the youth. because that, that generation was the one that was as threatened with what he called a catastrophe. so he spelt it out in and not in optimistic terms at all. he did refer to progress being made, butts, the lack of initiative. the lack of, of ambition, by many countries are failing to make the mission targets of 6 years ago in paris.
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so he called for a more action effectively, strange to hero, an ex u. s. president, calling on youth to go on and actually protest. but he thought of us what he was saying and try and convince people who were not necessarily dead against that climate change. but also those who were indifferent, we appreciate that update. thank you very much. andrew simmons line for us in glasgow. poland has accused values of trying to spark a major confrontation and says, is mobilizing additional troops at the board? this is after footage on social media showed hundreds of migrants walking towards the perimeter, the polish border. god says several people attempt to force their way through bombs . why they're the you said president lucas shank is administration is encouraging people to cross in retaliation against sanctions. imposed dominant cane has the light it from the german, poland, florida. the significance of this particular story right now is 2 fold because it
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representing the 2 border issues with which the e u has to wrestle. the 1st one is in a borders within member states. the 2nd one out of borders between member states and non e u countries where i am right now. hank foot and older on the other side of the bridge, here is the polish town of sloop. it's the odor river forms the natural frontier. and as you can see, traffic coming and going across the border as it please if there is a very discrete police presence here, and they've told us that they stop only people whose behavior is such that warrants them being stopped for control to be performed. generally speaking here, this is example of an inner porter which is wide open, which the e you wants to keep that way, but that's totally different juxtaposed that as it were with the outside board or the one between poland and the yellow us, the one between the baltic states and, and countries such as yellow russell,
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those are the ones where the e. u. wow. certainly in the shape of poland has tried to close as much of that border as possible, or at least put a fence there. certainly lithuanians have done that with a b l, a russian border. so that's a significant fear. the e you wants to keep these borders within its member state wide open, but some of its borders, particularly with b r a. so i want to keep that very much more firmly under control the us visual invoice in the balkans. gabriel escobar has been holding talks in bosnia and herzegovina with members of the tripartite presidency. this comes off, the bosnian serb later announced plans to establish a separate army within the country that violates the 1995 at dayton peace agreement, which had ended the conflict jamal i shy owl is in salary ivr with move the u. s. envoy to the region, gabriel escobar met separately with each of the 3 members of the bosnian presidency
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. after those meetings, they all came out with at least one unified statements, which was an instance that there would be no armed conflict. there would be no war whilst the crow, as both members of the presidency insisted that the rule of law, the constitution i. e v. data agreements which are both about the end of the $990.00 s war. and essentially it sets out how was good enough should be governed, that they insisted that this should be respected and everything would be working within the framework. miller, i've done the serve, representative in the presidency. i had this to say one or some premier on on, i'm not sure what i've noticed is that he considers our objections to be our frustration. yes, of course, we are frustrated, deeply, frustrated by the lives that have been often told to us at the state is governed by the rule of law. the constitutional court, as i said, is a inquisitorial court that made decisions outside the constitution. and this cannot
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be tolerated. so while nodding also insisted that there would be no arms conflict. he did, however, say that he was going to push ahead with withdrawing republic a serv, scott, part of bosnia herzegovina, withdrawing it from states, institution thing, quote unquote, it would take care of itself. now this seems to be contradictory through the messages of no conflict, because the only reason why people were talking about the possibility of war was because of the structure withdrawn from states restrictions and form essentially as on militia, an on group that would be unconstitutional. outside of states organizations. so the crisis while that seems to have maybe settled slightly due to the verbal assurances given by the us and voice as well as politicians within the country. if the other continues to push ahead and actually physically withdraw from those major states institutions, particularly the courts, particularly the security services,
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then that means some sort of a conflict could very well remain on the horizons. if m l chinese astronaut has made history as the countries the 1st woman to complete a space for one. yup, ping and her mouth colleague giant g gung spent more than 6 hours outside at china's new t. n gong space station time stowed equipment and carried on tests is part of a 6 month mission to get the station fully crude and operational by december. next year. one is china's 2nd woman in space after leo young carried out a mission in 2012 still ahead on al jazeera in sport, a landmark moment for crickets in pakistan. and he's here with those stories a more in just a moment, with
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with with full. ah,
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the me, it's time after he's andy, thank you so much. emily will also own as a new head coach chevy. and on this, as described the club as the biggest in world football and says he's on a rescue mission to save that same reputation. the boss of playing legend has now been officially introduced following the dismissal of ronald cayman. big step for the 41 year old, his only managerial experience so far as with the capital club fat. he takes charge of fossil line with the team in unusually bad shape. boss on 9 in the spanish league there on a run, a full li games without a when he will also take over a role. the depleted school. there are 11 1st team plays out injured. i don't have
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a difficult time recruiting any new talents. given bosses dire financial situation, the club more than $1500000000.00 in debt. but i am really thankful to the club to all the fun. just amazing. it wasn't put, you know, i can say one thing. we are the best clubbing, the walls, and we're going to work the most that we're going to war. what are going to try in when many titles? oh, the talking to pass line a baseball writer rick, show me. he says, making sure boss are, are in next season's champions. league is it's hot priority. patience is the key word. it really is because is picking up a seamless down in the dumps. it's almost as low as possible for public best to go
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and always on the pitch where the team is putting in dia, performance. as we saw last weekend. there were 3 left, off plumbing and stuff. and they threw 3 to show you the, the physical degradation of the squad, and the men will take relation. shabby black of experience is probably the one factor that makes him an unknown quantity. the other question mark is whether javi style javi style is very similar to the style of whether the file will fit while you go in and it's modern iran and whether he can adapt the stuff he's been doing with outside. it's been been very exciting variance in, but i think that, you know, the leader is a different proposition, a fossil and they qualify for the champions league or be an unmitigated disaster both for the squad because a lot of those players like frankie d. o, for example, the junior day arrived foss with plenty of other options to choose from desk to guns by munich, but he chose buffer to be outside of that competition would be a grand humiliation for the club. it would be, it would be shocking and was still,
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but the finances because gave me the champions league as a golden ticket. that money is absolutely essential. boss glenna just thought rebuilding school to start, you know, being able to compete talent from the trunk to linda. again, eddie has been named as the manager of english primarily seen. you, cathy, united, he succeeds steve bruce. he was fired last month. how is the 1st big signing to be made by the clubs, new owners, a saudi arabian back to consort him, bought the team back in october. the former, born with manager, he faces a big challenge as well. new capitol of 2nd boston in the table. on sunday west, i'm defeated the liverpool to move up to 3rd in the league. this free kick from trent alexander arnold level things up at the west and taken an early lead west restored their advantage in the 67 minute when public financial schools and defend
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cosima was to net later on to make it 3. 1, liverpool slipping to their 1st faith in any competition for 7 months. final school, 32 to west time limit for boss, you know, happy with the influence they had had on the game. so it's just don't do anything, just the people to be i saying, and they have the problem with an obvious mistake because whoever has them there and to be hides behind depth race and then we have 2 people hiding. and in the end, we have the wrong decision. they'll start crickets a will to pakistan for the 1st time in nearly 24 years that will take place in march and april of next year. it will include 3 test matches, $31.00 dancer, nationals and c 20. the news comes just 3 months after using it in england, abandoned the planets to tell the country due to security concerns australia last putting pakistan in 1998 and then be a broken net speed. the turn around is for the 5th. when in a row heaven, duran had 31 points in his 1st game of thrones sessions carrying his left to
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contend. and that was all playing the golden state in game 5 or the 2900 final. and it will still without the unvaccinated curry of beating the wrappers $11613.00 and informed one max to stop and has extended his temperature lead to 19 points with victory at the mexico city, chrome pre. the red pool driver had started 1st on the grid, but he took the lead on the opening konover and at the same time, posted a voluntary both as was clipped by danny ricardo, ruining both of their races stuff. and while he was unchallenged out in front, louis hamilton finished 2nd holding off the other red bull man, sergio perez. he became the 1st mexican c playing a podium spot on his home, grown pre coming here to make sure it's amazing that even before that they're ready . all the time to find here. they've been incredible. they look really, really nice beer. okay, more for me in a couple of hours,
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but that is how your sport is looking for now, am i thank you very much, andy. all right, and that's all from us here for this news and the don't go anywhere. i'll be back in a few moments with more of the day's news. in the meantime, you can head to our website al jazeera dot com. ah. mm hm. with
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in the vietnam war, the u. s. army used to heidi talks a car beside with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was the most destructive instance with chemical warfare. a decade later, the same happened in the us state of oregon, the celica flying over the ridge brang something they didn't even see the kid's
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foot 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange on out there on the stage a sense, and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think from international politics, to the global pandemic, and everything in between. upfront with me, markham on hill on al jazeera, ah, is riley spyware, blacklisted by the us is reportedly found on the fines of 6 palestinian activists. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera live from dough house coming up. sedans, army chief promises a democratic transition in an exclusive.


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