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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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ah, ah ah ah ah, is riley spyware, blacklisted by the us is reportedly found on the phones of 6 palestinian activists . ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up. we are looking at 5000000 children who are once took away from starving to do
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a dire warning from agencies as afghanistan struggles with one of its worst crude crises. the u. s. re opens for visitors from across the world after nearly 20 months of cobra. 19 restrictions on non essential travel and poland says belarus is trying to spark a confrontation by allowing migrants to walk towards the border. ah, controversial spyware, developed by these rally surveillance company in a so group has for the 1st time being detected on the phones of 6 palestinian activists. 3 of the hacked palestinians work for civil society groups, which israel recently designated terrorist organizations. human rights groups are demanding an international investigation. as targeted
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organizations, we express concerns of a link between the surveillance and these really occupations, recent estimation of palestinian and g o. s. terrorist organization. because of the timing of the declaration with the revelation of the spying. hurry force, it has been following the news briefing in ramallah for weeks they've been rejecting these accusations that they have been acting as some kind of a front or funnelling money or another way supporting the terry designated group the popular front of the ration of palestine designated that way, by israel and western countries, but they say that this is not the case. and despite that, and despite international pushback against this moved by israel, israel is continued on that path. and on sunday, these really military also designated these groups in the same way, may meaning that they could enact various measures in the occupied westbank arrests, confiscation of money shutting down offices and the like. now what they're saying
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is that at around the same time as they discovered that they were being monitored and hacked in this way, or at least some of them that was when this designation was out of the blue made against them. so they're questioning the link in the timing of all this, and they're also pointing out the huge that of privacy concerns around it. the pegasus software, or spyware, invades a phone in an under texted way, can download, all sorts of apps can give chapter and verse on exactly how that phone is being used, and indeed operate the camera and microphone of that phone. so one of the 3 people who allow themselves to be named was talking about the, the news conference earlier and saying this was a huge invasion of the personal privacy and security of his family, his friends, and the people who deals with on a day to day basis the army general who let a military takeover incident last month says he will not be part of the future government after the transitional period. speaking exclusively to al jazeera abdel
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flutter, albert han says he's committed to a smooth democratic transition. once elections are held in 2023, the military took power last month dissolving the civilian um, of the government arresting civilian ladies and declaring a state of emergency. the african union is holding an emergency meeting, as ethiopia is in year long conflict against to grind rebels intensifies hundreds of thousands of people rallied on sunday in several ethiopian cities in supportive government forces battling a rebel advance. the tpl if has captured strategic towns along the road to the capital and threatened to move on, addis ababa? mohammed a jo has moon we are hearing of increased fighting in. eddie is about 350 kilometers. at the very least, away from the capital? addis ababa, if you're in defense of forces, will supported by irregular competence such as them hot on militia. some thousands
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of civilian school picked up arms in response to a whole by prime minister b that they all to defend the country. but it came to stop the rebels from coming any nearer to the capital. so far, government officials are saying their lines of the house and the typical of fighters on their end are saying that they were forced to head towards a dis up by another attempt to break a siege on the, to guy legion at a siege. they say that's been cut it out by is european defense forces, something that us render the people to guy without enough food and most basic supplies. and they say that they will continue doing that until that siege is broken. the african union pieces that the council is meeting as we speak. they are talking about the situation in ethiopia. and of course, the african union is the key here because it is considered an organization
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that is at the front lines and also having its base here many of the international committed to feel that it is best suited to help. and this conflict diplomatically the u. n. is warning the number of people on the edge of famine has risen to 45000000 around the world. the jump is larger, down to food security in afghanistan. more than half the population that's about 22000000 people don't know where the next meal is coming from. shallow balance reports from cobble where agencies say without immediate medical intervention, millions of children may starve to death. cody sunday is one of the busiest food markets in western cobble. the produce comes fresh from farms outside the city prices a cheap the 3 years resume has been here with his wheel bearer. he's a karate wall men who for a small fee transport shot his groceries. yet for the last few months,
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his wheelbarrow has been mostly empty. he says shelters can't afford his services. gotta love and his 1st lesson, there is no business. he tells us men, we just roam around. he approaches women. hopefully they may need help. but i can't remember if auntie do you need a wheelbarrow? he asks, but they walk away or ignore him. i generally thought i said, i say he is 5 hours into his work day and isn't only 20 since he used to earn about $3.00 a day enough to pay his rent and feed his family. frustrated, he hits home, he spends his day surrounded by food, but even more frequently returns to his family empty handed. as can a stones economy is collapsing, under the last government 75 percent of public expenditure came from foreign grants . us and un sanctions made better. vap rated upon the telephone's takeover. taliban officials say they need sanctions lifted an aid agencies to return to tackle the
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problem with little money to go round banks limit with rules. employers can't pay the stuff and result in his family. a paying the price to day they had green teeth breakfast, lunch is darlin bridge. they will rush in the leftovers for dinner. must on c no fall as well, and circle of our loan. so got about love to hold that one has gone. mr. i used to bring a lot of food to the house before the taliban, but now there is no work and it is pushing me to even more of a christian and that i'm due to pay 22 dollars for rent. but i still owe for last month, and a children's health is getting recruit day by day. they are not lorn 95 percent of people in afghanistan and not consuming enough food. and more than half about 22000000 people are malnourished, some so severely they may not make it through the winter. this is what realist trying to avoid. al jazeera has visited multiple hospitals in recent months. the
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ward swelling with more children being treated for malnutrition. agency say it's the worse food crisis in afghanistan, since records began. they say children are already starving to death. we are looking at 5000000 children who are one step away from starving to death. to that city, us. 5000000 children are going hungry. they do not have food. yes, evolving on bread and the day that really the i'm getting is not is not enough to sustain them for years. all it doesn't know what to do. he says the pressure is a means the days are getting shorter and he wondered if he and his wheelbarrow bring home just enough for his young family to last. the winter. charlotte bella soldiers, era cooper, and david beasley is the executive director of the u. n. world food program, earlier, he told us the situation in afghanistan is going to become even more dire. in the
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coming months. we're looking at a country of 40000000 people, whereby now you have 23000000 marching towards starvation. and out of that, almost 9000000 or it famines door knocking away. and as i talked with mothers and fathers who have lost the jobs have no more money, they're selling everything they have. and now the winter months are coming. they don't have heating fuel, they're running out of food. it's not just years of conflict, but also you've had drought economics, deterioration along with coven compounding all of that. and now you get the international community because the taliban is taken over freezing all international resources. and that's billions of dollars that normally would be going to teachers and health care workers in that trickles down, trickles down to the, to many women who may be cleaning holes throughout the streets. and, and i talked to, doesn't as dozens of the van and women who just heartbroken, they don't know what they're going to do. i mean, you are already hearing stories of, of women,
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mothers selling one child to feed the other children in hopes that, that child can be taken care of by another family in it hasn't gotten as bad as this go into yet yet. and the next 6 months are going to be heretic unless c international community truly unfreezes those assets. so they can pay the teachers . because now students really aren't in school. it's not a girl boy thing as a money fe. and so we're going to need and this is just what's remarkable for us to reach to $23000000.00 people at 50 percent rations now is going to cost $230000000.00 a month. still head on al jazeera, former us president brock, obama warns of a dangerous lack of urgency in climate. so we'll have the lights from the summoning glass guy and cementing his ladyship. chinese president, change in ping that looks to secure his authority as a team meeting. it's underway in beijing. ah,
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well, the rainy season has star cindy around the golf, and i recorded that. probably 2 or 3 days of rain in the fall of the few showers on tuesday might be the 1st of those, particularly rand emberts. and possibly a man may be, but not very likely in qatar or bahrain. but there's more of a breeze picked up here. you notice so and to set you on degrees as a maximum by days coolant is normal. now if you follow that line of chows up through iran, the top end of it is a bit of wind to not much but some snow falling on the hills. maybe of afghanistan, beyond that, it's fairly fine. baghdad that 28 and still quite warm on 11 time coast as well. well, there is a change coming. watch what happens in the caspian still cold air coming out of western asia. this is really a winter front to get it's been going down going up. it's not really progressing. that's got a strong wind across the caspian,
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a lot of those likely on the caucasus mountains. and then you'll find snow falling for the sire seen as by john iran. and there be some thunderstorms, probably of rain may be of hail on the coast, north of iran, and possibly in to run itself west. that all things are quiet as you've already seen. in africa and tropical africa does not that much in the way show us be honest in kenny, just a few nor u. d r congress, but in the republic of congo and angola, it does look wet. ah, the end of the country with an abundance of results, trade and walk indonesia, his friends for me, we moved full to grow and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs investment. let's be part linda. this is growth and progress. invest in indonesia.
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now, lou, the me. hello you. what challenges there? i am emily angry reminder of and tough stories to sound. 6 palestinian rice words recently designated as terrorist organizations by israel say at least 3 of their activists have had their phone had claimed by way to pegasus was used on them for more than a year to them. military later says he will not be part of a future governments. general abdel, hon towed out 0. he's committed to transferring how it just to 1000000000
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leadership once election to help in 2020 train. i mean, you, in the morning, the number of people on the age of famine has risen to 45000000 around the world, about half of those at risk afghan. it's done way which is facing the worst food crisis since report began. the u. s. has reopened his borders to all vaccinated travelers for the 1st time in 20 months. they can enter with a negative coven. 19 test lab borders between mexico and canada have also reopened as close live now to gabriel. alexander. busy who is at new oak airport in new jersey. hello, gabriel. thanks for joining us. this is certainly a much needed boost the tourism industry. it really is, but this ultimately is a story about people and loved ones were uniting. and we're starting to see that now here at newark liberty airport, just a few minutes ago,
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a plane from the netherlands arrived here. and one of the 1st people off the plane was a man from the netherlands, got off and met his girlfriend. but he hasn't seen for many months, for the 1st time, they hugged a kiss. they were embracing for quite a long time. and it was one of many scenes that were starting to see here as this is the 1st day. now that foreigners, for most countries can come to the united states without any sort of restrictions other than needing to be fully. ready vaccinated and also have a negative cobra test. this is huge for the tourism industry throughout the united states. foreign tours bring in over $200000000000.00 a year to the economy of the united states. much of that, more than half actually comes here to new york city, the most popular tourist destination, where on average, every year, 13000000 foreign tourists come to new york city that was before the pandemic now, as of the last year and a half, almost 2 years it's been virtually 0 because of the restrictions due to the cobra.
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1900 pandemic, that all now changes with respect to see a lot of tours from europe. the united kingdom sends the most people to new york city as tourists per year, over $1200000.00 on average, but france, germany, brazil, is as well. china sends over a 1000000 tours to new york city every year as well. so all of these countries now tours are able to come back here for non essential reasons. the tourism industry, which has been devastated in new york, is thrilled about this news and they've seen increased number of bookings for tourism things. broadway shows anything. you can imagine new york city, so clearly this is a very big day for the city and the united states as well as many people as we've been starting to see here. newark airport, reuniting with loved ones, after being separated for so long. it really is a wonderful story. thank you for that update. gabriel alexander there in new jersey
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. thank you. and more than 50000000 people crossed into the united states through its land border with mexico in 2019 that came to a stop in march last year. now, after nearly 2 years, businesses hoping for a chance to recover john home and reports from tijuana in mexico. the monday sunday, see that the biggest land border crossing in the western hemisphere went back to something like normal. the pandemic restrictions of us a place on its southern border with mexico were finally aged for international trade that weren't me much met because mighty board of factories. the macula daughters had already been allowed to cross their goods in the us for the past year . but it's the so called non essential travelers can locals and tourists have now been clear to visit, as long as they're fully vaccinated. in is,
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is one of many and one who's been counting down the days. the 1st thing i'm going to do is cross credit with my kids and they pretended to, to take the back commission for them. it makes the call. we don't have that opportunity. then many people in your family as well. the old friends that have been waiting for the opportunity to cross the border. whatever reason, as well, seeking glad. yes, of course. all of my friends want to go shopping and many people who have family. they want to see them again and have the life we had before. it's really exciting. a california board of businesses will be excited to see them again to without limits. can customers hundreds close down during the pandemic. but in tiquana, it's been quite the opposite. restaurants have benefited from americans heading across the dine in the country where restrictions are not strict people. i think we're tired of eating home and they start coming over here to the
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one because they're free to see over here what the now so you and the restaurant twos are hoping the us visitors will keep coming and the locals won't abandon them. now they're free to head to the state. there will be a 50 percent increase in traffic heading across the border. tiquana authorities believe the many waiting on the streets or intent for the chance to cross won't be able to join. that rush is the camp of asylum seekers who want to get into the united states to be easing of the time demick restriction. i'm going to make any difference for them. and it's a reminder, the cove it isn't. the only issue is that there's also migration and it will continue to be so even when the pandemic is long gone, these people are stuck at the only crossing point. the us in p wanna which remains closed while the rest of the border gets moving again, john,
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home and algebra. one preliminary results show and nika, reg, due in president, daniel ortega is on track to win a 4th consecutive term in office. the united states has called the election a pantomime. most of the opposition has been bought from running and some members arrested. a latin america editor, lucy newman, is monitoring the results from neighboring costa rica. the government has already put out what it says are the initial results, which will probably be the final result. was saying that president, daniel ortega won by nearly 75 percent of the votes, no surprise there. but the, what is interesting is what the opposition coalition that has that monitored the elections from inside nicaragua says it says that between 79 and 84 percent of nicaraguans abstained in that election. and that is pretty consistent with what we've been hearing from gallup polls. that,
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that indicate that president ortega's popularity is below 19 percent. now, the reaction, the international reaction has been swift and harsh. world leader is the same. this was not a matter of who would win about whether daniel ortega has won the election, but rather were there he has stolen and grabbed the election. the united, the european union has just put out a statement saying that it does not recognize the legitimacy of elections which were not competitive and that it will consider what moves to take next beyond sanctions against individuals in nicaragua, the united states government was among the 1st just to called the selection of sham and to also say that it would come would take measures. it did not express supply which but all that were at the disposal of the u. s. government and its allies to put pressure on the ortega government to restore, quote, democracy in that country. time is running out. that's the message from for you as
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president barack obama, who was speaking at the cop 26 summit in glasgow at bama price. the progress made seems to 2015 at paris climate deal, but wound it's not enough collectively and individually. we are still falling short. we have not done nearly enough to address this crisis. we are going to have to do more. and whether that happens or not to a large degree is gonna depend on you, not just those of you in this room, but anybody who's watching or reading a transcript of what i say here today. and angie simmons is at the summit in glasgow and says a bomb, his speech was well received. he is speaking in the private capacity. he has nothing to do with negotiations here. but he is a key figure in terms of
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a climate control, because he did sign on behalf of the united states, the paris agreement in 2016. of course, donald trump had other ideas without agreement and pulled out of it when he became president. but now, under joe biden, the u. s. is back and as a bomber was saying, it's back and it's strong and it's taking a leadership role along with others. now this address, as i say, does have no bearing on the proceedings here, but it has certainly encouraged a lot of young people because he did single out this issue of youth leadership. and how old are people if they're not engaging? if they are in denial over over climate climate control of global warming, then they should get out and make way for the youth. because that, that generation was the one that was, is threatened with what he called a catastrophe. so he spelt it out in not in optimistic terms at all. he did
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refer to progress being made, but the lack of initiative. the lack of, of ambition by many countries are a failing to make the mission targets of 6 years ago. poland has accused bella rows of trying to spot a major confrontation and says it's mobilizing additional troops at the board. and this is after 40 john social media showed hundreds of my friends walking towards the perimeter. the polish border guard says several people attempt to force their way through bands. why they're the you says president lucas shank is administration is encouraging people to cross in retaliation against sanctions. it imposed dominic cane as the latest from the german pollen border. the significance of this particular story right now is to fold because representing the 2 border issues with which the e u has to wrestle. the 1st one is in borders within member states. the 2nd one
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outside the borders between member states and non e u countries where i am right now, hang foot and order on the other side of the bridge. here is the polish town of sloop. it's the odor river forms the natural frontier. and as you can see, traffic coming and going across the border as it pleases, there is a very discrete police presence here. and they've told us that they stop only people whose behavior is such that warrant them being stopped for control to be performed. but generally speaking, here, this is example of an inner porter which is wide open, which the e. u wants to keep that way, but that's totally different juxtaposed that as it were with the outside board or the one between poland and yellow ross. the one between the baltic states and, and countries such as yellow russell, those are the ones where the e. u. wow. certainly in the shape of poland has tried to close as much of that border as possible or at least put
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a fence that certainly lithuanians have done that with a b l, a russian border. so that's a significant fear. the e you wants to keep these borders within its member state wide open, but some of its borders, particularly with piano. so i want to keep that very much more firmly under control . china's willing communist party is holding an important leadership meeting in beijing. it talks will lay the groundwork for the 2022 congress where president shaking ping will sink a 3rd term. katrina, you reports from aging. about 400 of china's most powerful officials are meeting this week in beijing. the secret of gathering known as the plenum is the most important in the country's political calendar, and lay the groundwork for the coming year. but this week's event is especially significant. a historical resolution is due to be unveiled. this will determine the direction of chinese politics, both philosophical and practical for years to come. this integration between
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philosophy, history, and politics. i think that makes it unique. and this i think, is really focusing global attention on this new paradigm. this new way of governing that could lead to real breakthroughs for humanity. only 3 official historical resolutions have been announced since the chinese communist party was founded. in 1945 party found a mounted. don't use the 1st to claim his position as china's absolute leader. as well as point out the missteps of early communist revolutionaries in 1981 resolution announced under dunk helping criticize the problems of the cultural revolution and justified economic and industrial reforms. this year, the party will mock the achievements of the past 100 years. it will focus on strengthening the communist party as the only political force in china and consolidating she's position as the ultimate peoples leader issue,
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she's position in the part it is now unchallenged. this is thanks to the constant purchase. during the past 9 years, anti corruption complains an increasing purchase of civil society popular opinion and the internet. in 2018 beijing scrapped presidential term limits, allowing she to rule for life. earlier this year, as the communist party celebrated a century in rule, he declared the achievement of a moderately prosperous society. state media counter to success in following through on promises to make china wealthy and powerful presidency is expected to use this year's planning to elevate himself above previous liter. it's likely that his version of recent history will be accepted as the official history of the party and he will further strengthen his power. but the critic se, there's great danger. generally the hall, we have seen
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a resurgence of author retirees and one that combines the soviet etiology, nazi germany and even previous japanese and italian models along with china's own tradition with that's what this means, that in face of criticism from all over the world, it is very difficult for it to react flexibility to react with a real openness. and then they seclusion, i believe it is the greatest a threat to the chinese communist system. now the 40 gathering will also include discussions on who will place other top leaders, including the premier starting next year. katrina, you all to 0 aging? ah, hello, you're watching al jazeera and the top stories is our 6 palestinian rights groups recently designated as terrorist organizations by israel say at least 3 of their activists have had their phone tag.


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