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tv   [untitled]    November 9, 2021 1:00am-1:31am AST

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just to wealth didn't become much bigger than if you could see by the train tracks the fires, climbing up the hill just behind us on the ground. this is what the business of fighting fires looks like. holding back, the inevitability of mother nature's fury is dangerous. and exhausting work, we're trying to give whatever with the hope is the fire will stop when it runs out of fuel. but for the moment, the fuel is everything in sight. ah, united nations warns the year long conflict in northern ethiopia could easily descend into all out civil war. ah, martin taylor, this is our 0 live from london. also coming up afghanistan's hunger crisis,
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when more than half of the population is malnourished. agency say millions of children could starve to death. desperation at the border between valerie and poland as hundreds of migrants try to breach the res, white fence and calls for an investigation after palestinian rights groups claim. the phones of activists were targeted with his ready spyware. ah and are they noted? nations is warned a year long conflict to nita gray region of the seo pier has reached disastrous proportions and risks descending into all out civil war. the commands were made by the u ends, political and peace. ready building affairs, chief rosemary decarlo year long conflict in the t gray region of ethiopia has reached disastrous proportions. the fighting places the future of the country and its people. as well as the stability of the wider horn of africa region in grave
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uncertainty. in a country over 110000000 people over 90 different ethnic groups and 80 languages. no one can predict what continued fighting and insecurity will bring. but let me be clear. what a certain is that the risk of ethiopia descending into a widening civil war is only to real african union, special envoy or 7 of a sandra also addressed the security council. after attempts at mediation between the federal forces and rebel t cry, and aroma fighters. all the, those images, obama, i'm in the north, agree individually, that the difference between them are political or political solution for all dialogue. if therefore, constitutes
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a window of opportunity that we can collectively pop empty with all of the appeal find lost in solution. the ongoing crisis scanner to mike hannah, the installation, so the you and looking at it at the so once again, she got a severe warning yes indeed, i heard there the of very strong warning from the you and representative the senior political chief pharaohs, me, decala, and making very clear that not only is it a threat of a looming civil war, but the window in terms of mediating it, mediating, it is closing very quickly. we heard similar words from the african union. i representative who made also clear that there is perhaps a window for opportunity at present, but this is closing quickly now on a sage on av asenjoe has been in the region mediating between the different parties
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. he's been to t gray. he's been asked speaking to the government. ah, he's been accompanied at times by the un. it's own representative a who has been involved in a mediation efforts there. martin griffith. so the security council is hearing all this information that is receiving. but in the last few minutes is just being addressed by the ethiopian ambassador to the un who made clear one very, a clear point on the part of the ethiopian government. this is not about 2 parties involved. it is an elected government, as he puts it as competing against a rebel movement to which is battling through atrocity. so any idea as far as ethiopian government, it would appear of some kind of mediated solution between equal potties is just not on the table. and this is something that some on the security council had been working towards so many major problems ahead for the security council in terms of
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getting a unified position on this crisis in terms of action and what the un here to council might do if there isn't an agreement what, what are the options? well, the security council has already released a statement calling for an end to the conflict and calling very importantly for humanitarian access to be guaranteed. you can't see it moving much, far, that at the present time, there's no talk within the security council of any form of sanction against any of the parties involved. russia in particular, i supports ethiopia in its position that it is the elected government. and as such, it is not a question of mediating between equal parties in a conflict. it is a mediating between a government and forces that are attempting to unseat that government. so that is the issue that the security council is facing. but while it continues to wrangle behind closed doors over this, cuz the president of the security council insist that there's absolutely no
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division on the matter. but while it's talking about this behind closed doors, what every body is agreed on is 2 things. one is that there must be an immediate opening up to humanitarian access to all parts of the country. and secondly, that a resolution of this crisis must be led by african entities such as the african union and ethiopia as african a neighbors. this is something that all are in total agreement that hey, you've got an african problem which requires an african solution. and that is why you've got the african union's high representative addressing the security council . and while the you and in recent days, has expressed the fullest support for the african union and its efforts, i cannot and you, and thank you very much indeed. ah,
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you ends as acute hunger has spiked around the world with a number of people facing famine rising by 3000000 over the past year. the well food program says 45000000 people across 43 countries are being forced towards the brink of starvation because of conflict, climate change, and coven. 19 some 12 point. 4000000 people in syria. don't know where their next meal will come from. that's more than at any time during the decade long conflict. and i've also been increases in hunger in ethiopia, haiti, somalia, angola, kenya, and burundi. but this is spike is largely due to surging food insecurity in afghanistan. the w if p is increasing support for almost 23000000 people will in half the population charlotte bellis reports from cobble where ad agency, se without immediate medical intervention, millions of children may starve to death. ah cody, sunday is one of the busiest food markets and western cobble. the produce comes fresh from farms outside. the city prices are cheap. for 3 years,
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re zohler has been here with his wheelbarrow. he's a karate one men who for a small fee transport shop is groceries. yet for the last few months, his wheelbarrow has been mostly empty. he says, shoppers can't afford his services. girls will is dorothy was in. there is no business. he tells his man, we just roam around. he approaches woman. hopefully they may need help, but i sent it over to follow auntie. do you need a wheelbarrow? he asks, but they walk away or ignore him that i sent her away if i like that i think he is 5 hours into his work day and his earned only 20 seams. he used to earn about $3.00 a day enough to pay his rent and feed his family. frustrated, he hits home, he spends his day surrounded by food day. the more frequently returns to his family empty handed. afghanistan's economy is collapsing under the last government 75
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percent of public expenditure came from foreign grants. us and un sanctions meant that evaporated upon the tele barnes takeover taliban officials say they need sanctions lifted an aid agencies to return to tackle the problem. with the little money to go round banks limit withdrawals, employers can't pay their staff and resolve in his family a paying the price to day they had green tea for breakfast. lunch is darlin bread. they will rush in the lift obits for dinner. massena thought i won't ship all of our alone from carbone left the hotel among those guns that i used to bring lot of food to the house before the taliban. but now there is no work that and it is pushing me into even more of a crisis and that i'm due to pay $22.00 for rent. but i still owe for last month. and a children's health is getting recruit day by day. they are not alone, 95, for seem to faithful and afghanistan and not consuming enough food,
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and more than half about 22000000 people a malnourished some so severely. they may not make it through the winter. this is what rizal is trying to avoid. al jazeera has visited multiple hospitals in recent months. the ward swelling with more children being treated for malnutrition. agency say it's the worst food crisis in afghanistan since records began. they say children are already starving to death. we are looking at 5000000 children who are one step away from starving to death. so that serious 5000000 children are going hungry. they do not have food. yes, arriving on bread. and the day that really the i'm getting is not is not enough to sustain them. kristela doesn't know what to do. he says the pressure is a means the days are getting shorter and he wonders if he and his wheelbarrow bring home just enough for his young family to last. the winter. charlotte bella soldiers,
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era couple. david beasley is the executive director for the u. n. world food program, he says afghanistan is in a deep monitoring crisis and called on the international community to unfreeze assets urgently. you are already hearing stories of, of a women mother's cell in one child, the fee, the other children at home said that child can be taken care of by another family. and it hasn't gotten as bad as this gone. and yet yet, and the next 6 months, we're going to be heretic unless see international community truly unfreezes those assets so they can pay the teachers. because now students really aren't in school. it's not a girl boy thing as a money fe. poland is closing part of its border crossing with bell roof soft. a large groups of migrants trying to force their way through. thousands crowded. the border region on monday, attempting to bring down the barbed wire fence. security forces. you tear gas to
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push the migrants back on your leg. a report her trapped between the woods and a highway in bella. ruth, these people have been walking towards the polish border, anxious to enter the european union. on the other side. polish security forces in riot gear, part of the 12000 that had been stationed there, guarding the front here, preventing hundreds of refugees and migrants from breaching the border. but it is a dead log that risks igniting into another migration crisis. on the doorstep of the you for months, thousands have been entering the block through bella. ruth, at 1st via lithuania and latvia, now mainly through poland. the e. u has accused bella ricin leader alexander, look a shanker of orchestrating wave upon wave of undocumented migrants and asylum seekers. in retaliation they say,
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for sanctions it imposed on his government over its violent crackdowns on the opposition court in the middle of his brinkman ship. those attempting to escape the harsh conditions, they find themselves in it, no shelter being to steer towards poland by bela risky and state border officials. some had taken a chance after hearing that beller was him travel agents was selling these invitations to the you only to find themselves surviving for weeks in the forest that border, poland, and belarus. did you give us the cutoff they they provide everything then. but when you say when, when you said to them, okay, i want to go to men sick. i want to go, oh, i want to go back to my country so dangerous. they said, no, you're good to go on bill at all. they put the gun to our dollar head. when we were, when, when we said we need to go to man, so far, opponents,
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nationalist government has refused help from the use frontier agency, despite reports by polish border guards of hostile behavior and threats from better received forces. for those stuck in this no man's land, there is no guarantee how long they will have to face the elements. with little access to food and water, human pawns between 2 hostile neighbors. soniega jago al jazeera still come this half hour, early results give nicaraguan president daniel ortega, a 4th term in a direction. the u. s. is called a pantomime. and coming back to america, the us open to supporters to vaccinated travelers. ah. hello there the way we continue so much of
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a strainer. we've got scattered showers and thunderstorms that could lead to flooding across a number of states. we've already seen flash flooding in victoria from melbourne for example, and it is gonna remain rather unsettled in that southeast corner. it dries up for perf after a wet tuesday. so by wednesday the sunshine will be coming back through that. where, where the shimmying over to southern parts of australia more central areas will see the rain intensify. and we are seeing thunderstorms for darwin through to the weekend. we're seeing the rains pick up across much of queensland and new south wales. it's going to be wet for sydney, but it dries up from sunday, but it will remain rather unsettled and wet for adelaide and melbourne. well into next week. now i do hope across the tasman sea to new zealand. it's very settled in the south island. thanks to high pressure that's hanging on. the rain continues up in the north of the north island, but it is going to get wetter for southern areas, but christ church will see the temperature pick up lots of funny dye, dry conditions, and sunshine coming through here. now was we move across to southeast asia?
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this was the scene in jakarta, people were being rescued that's to flooding, we've got flood warnings out. and the rain is set to continue. ah, the stories that need to be told find a way of getting a window into another life. these are my babies. my students where i go, where i see them. it's just like we are in secondary, from personal endeavors in epic struggle to colossal sacrifices in individual johnny witnessed joe cases in firing documentary the change the world on al jazeera. ah
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ah, or one of the top stories, how now to 0? united nations has warned that a year long conflict in the to cry region of ethiopia has reached disastrous proportions. the comments were made by the u. s. political and peace building affairs chief rosemary decarlo, who added that it wrist descending into civil war. economic and humanitarian crises in afghanistan, a deepening the world food program has turn its weight behind calls for the international community to unfreeze state assets. one half the population doesn't know where it's next meal is coming from. opponent is accused, been a race of trying to spot a major confrontation says it's mobilizing additional troops that buddha hundreds of migrants have moved into the region. some trying, attempted, attempting to fight the force their way through the barbed wire. 6 palestinian
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rights groups recently designated terrorist organizations by israel say at least 3 of their activists have had their phones hacked. they say is really spyware. pegasus was used on their phone for more than a year or 40 reports from ramallah and the occupied with bank of the week spent rejecting israeli accusations of links to a designated terror organization. 6 palestinian rights groups went public with accusations of their own and investigation found that 6 iphones, at least 3 of them, belonging to staff from the palestinian and jose had been infected with pegasus spyware. either it's a strong feeling to have your privacy violated. even the simplest of things my wife couldn't sleep for 3 days after finding a, being extremely worried about our privacy was violated as a family, the children, their pictures are conversations with family and friends. i guess this is sold to governments around the world by the israeli company,
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and so on the license from israel's ministry of defense. in recent years, there have been many reports of the spyware being used by authoritarian regimes to target journalists, activists, and politicians. last week, the u. s. blacklisted the company, pegasus is supposed to be blocked from use on israeli or palestinian phones on monday. and as i said, we cannot confirm or deny the identity of our government customers, as we stated in the past. and as a group does not operate the products itself, the company licenses approved government agencies to do so. last month, 3 days after the investigation into suspected phone hacking began. israel designated all 6 organizations as tara groups, accusing them among other things of funnelling money to the popular front for the liberation of palestine. there was significant pushback from international donors, but this sunday, the israeli army endorsed the move, giving itself the power to shut down offices, confiscate money, and make arrests. the groups are demanding international protection and an
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investigation into who's behind the spyware attack. that this technology was used in these cell phones, but we don't know who was implementing get and what for. and this is why we are calling for more investigation in the case. and in order to find who's responsible and to try to find him accountable for the relation, the story has emerged on the same day as the washington post published results of an investigation into an israeli facial recognition system known as blue wolf. it said to use a huge database of smartphone images, the palestinians taken by israeli soldiers to target people to detention. we saw it coming from israel on the alleged use of the pegasus spyware, on israeli, and palestinian phones. but so far, the only response has been from the military, which is denied using pegasus as for the palestinian groups, they say they will continue to operate as normal despite the heightened risk. hurry for that, i'll just hear a ramallah in the occupied west bank gunmen have seen several villages in north
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kiva in the eastern democratic republic of congo. an armed group known as the m 23 is reportedly behind the takeover. it took large sways of territory in the region in 20122013. before being chased out by congolese and un forces. hundreds of people are crossing over to you, gander to avoid violence. u. s. and european union have let cause to reject the outcome of nicaragua as election. president daniel ortega clenched a 4th time in office, winning about 76 percent of sundays vote. but most opposition figures were arrested . all barred from running and voter turnout was low, or latin america added to lucy newman reports from san jose in neighboring costa rica. only issue is not whether nic robin president daniel ortega one sunday's controversial election. but rather whether he seized it. ortega had imprisoned scores of critics, including 7 of the most competitive,
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would be candidates and barred, independent observers and journalists from entering the country. international condemnation was swift and harsh, nor saw not religion and leaders. this was not a free election. this should not surprise us because this was a chronicle of fraud and foretold williams. countries from chile to neighboring costa rica to the united states and the european union denounced the election as illegitimate and democratic. and a pantomime saying they would not recognize the results. but venezuela hubert and russia have rushed war. take this defense. look here, when you, my uncle was the girl. when the voting was over yesterday evening, the white house announced its refusal to recognize it and called on other countries to do the same. we considered unacceptable and firmly condemned such a policies through the biden administration, and the e. u is already considering going beyond current individual sanctions against vice president reciting. leo who was ortega's wife, or the chief of police,
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was accused of gross human rights violations in neighboring costa rica, television journalist, and see a pineda who was accused of terrorism and released from prison. following a brief amnesty continues to broadcast from exile. her news channel was rated and expropriated along with other independent media. she says, restoring democracy in nicaragua will be difficult, very good ammonia. now you can either have, nobody wants to die, nobody wants to rot in jail. in nicaragua, the ortega's have gone out of their way to spread fear and spy on people going house to house. but i have faith in god. i'm waiting for a miracle. the miracle of freedom finally got out. oh, well they wait for that miracle opponents of daniel ortega and his wife acknowledged that what they also need is to put aside their differences and join forces, something that has eluded them for years. amnesty international is predicting that there will be a new wave of repression against critics of the government following the selection
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. which should only fan the number of people who are fleeing from the country and looking for refuge elsewhere, like here in costa rica record numbers of nicaragua, already joining others, central americans in their quest to reach the united states. adding more pressure to an already unprecedented migration crisis in the region to see and human al jazeera sank was sick of still weaker us as reopened as bold as to old vaccinated travellers for the 1st time in 20 months. visitors from more than 30 countries, including the u. k. china and the e. u. had been banned since early 2020. when pandemic restrictions began. harry's under spend the day at an airport in new jersey, where many loved ones were finally reunited. many happy reunions here at newark liberty international airport. hugs kisses embraces white loved ones and family members and friends who haven't seen each other for many,
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many months. in some cases. more than a year. there was young, a young woman from vermont who is waiting here at the airport to see her french boyfriend she hasn't seen in 22 months waiting for that plane to land. as soon as she saw him, gave him a big hug. these are the kind of stories we've seen here at the airport throughout the day as the 1st flights are arriving here at the airport. for people that are tourists that want to come back to new york after being kept away for so long during the pandemic, or people that are here to see their loved ones as well. i'm really happy that we can be together. they're like it's been tough. i think a lot of a lot of people like, you know, having you know, stuff with it being one of the good things. i'm still shaking very excited here. i'm excited to go on many adventures. there's so much to do, to show you been here once before,
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but but it's not just about re unions. it's also about the economy. foreign tourists spend over $250000000000.00 a year in the u. s. that went down to almost 0 during the last 2 years or so. during the pandemic when foreign tourists were kept away for so long. here in new york city is likely to see the biggest impact about 13000000 foreign tourists visit new york the every year that went to 0 during the last 2 years. essentially during the pandemic, but now with tourists welcoming. welcome back. here in the new york city, it is going to be a big boost to the local economy as well. more than 15000000 people crossed into the united states. true it's land border with mexico in 2019 businesses at border towns are hoping the return of non essential travelers will help them recover from the pandemic. john holman reports from mit tiquana in mexico. mm. on monday,
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sunday, see through the biggest lamb border crossing in the western hemisphere went back to something like normal. the pandemic restrictions that the u. s. a placed on its southern border with mexico were finally east for international trade that weren't me much met cruise mighty bordeaux factories. the macula thought us had already been allowed to cross the good since the u. s. for the past year. but it's the so called non essential travelers. mit can locals and tourists. we've now been cleared to visit as long as they're fully vaccinated. in is, is one of many in tiquana who's been counting down the days. the 1st thing them i'm gonna do is crush credit with my kids and they the opportunity to, to pay the vaccination for them and make the call. we don't have that opportunity that many people in your family as well. the old friends that have been waiting for this opportunity to cross the border for whatever reason as well. seeking gladly.
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yes. of course, all of my friends want to go shopping and many people who have family. they want to see them again and have the life we had before. it's really exciting then it in california is board of businesses who be excited. see them again to without limits . can customers hundreds closed down during the pandemic. but in tiquana, it's been quite the opposite. restaurants have benefited americans heading across to dine in the country where restrictions are not strict people. i think we're tired of eating home and they start coming over here to the one because they're free to see over here what the now so you and the restaurant twos are hoping the us visitors will keep coming and that locals won't abandon them . now that free to head to the states, there will be a 50 percent increase in traffic heading across the border. tiquana authorities
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believe the many waiting on the streets or intent for their child to cross won't be able to join. that rush is the camp of asylum seekers who want to get into the united states to be easing of the pandemic restriction, i'm going to make any difference for them. and it's a reminder, the cove it isn't. the only issue is that there's also migration and it will continue to be so even when the pandemic is long gone, these people are stuck at the only crossing point. the us in p wanna which remains closed while the rest of the border gets moving again. john holman, out, is it a p f one? italian judge has convicted 70 people in the country's biggest mafia trial in decades. the case involves the in the wrong group, which is based in calabria. it's considered by prosecutors to be the most powerful matthew organization in the country. the fast track trial held over the weekend in
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bo 91 people. defendant's face charges including attempted murder and extortion. some were given jail sentences of up to 20 years. a chinese astronaut has made his fears. the country's 1st woman to complete a space, walk one year ping and her male college, rosie gang spent woman 6 hours outside china's new town gong space station, installed equipment and carried out tests wang as china's 2nd woman in space. after you young, carried out a mission in 2012 ah top stories on our 0 year long conflict in ethiopia as t cry region has reached disastrous proportions. the un security council has heard humans political and peace bill. the affairs chief rosemary decarlo said the risk of ethiopia descending into
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a widening civil war is only to real. hundreds of thousands of people rallied on sunday and several ethiopian cities in support of government forces. battling a rebel advance. the t p l. f was captured, strategic towns.


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