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to possess more than $1500.00 of them, i found them the law mon, to regional and their prophecy. cuz the vision is under pressure to save them after the resumption of lugging and the return of ah the risk, the feel be a descending into a widening civil war is only to real. the un security council, he has a dire assessment about, ethiopia, is conflict, and a warning. there's only a short window of opportunity to act. ah, hello, welcome on pete. adobe. you're watching al jazeera alive from dough are also coming up. poland blocks more refugees and microns, trying to cross from bella roofs, accusing its neighbor of orchestrating a crisis at the border. the u. s. in europe lead international condemnation of
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nicaragua was long time. leda daniel ortega describing his re election as a fox. ah, and running out of money jordan's orchestra struggles to play on ah, the conflict in ethiopia as to cry region is at risk of becoming a nation wide civil war. that's the wanting to date from the un security council which has met as rebels threatened to march on the capital at the sapa. government forces have been battling them for a year. the african unions envoy is meeting local leaders to push for de escalation . as my cannon, i reports from the united nations. the message to the security council is clear, the time is short, the window to secure a mediated settlement. the conflict is closing in a country over
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a 110000000 people over 90 different ethnic groups and 80 languages. no one can predict what continued fighting and insecurity will bring. but let me be clear. what is certain is that the risk of ethiopia descending into a widening civil war is only to real. the council was addressed remotely by the african representative leading mediation efforts. all these me? yeah, and i did not agree individually. train them political, political solution through dialogue. therefore, constitutes a window of opportunity. but the high representative warm that this window of opportunity is small. the piano and better made his country's position clear. we
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remind everyone concerned that there are no 2 parties here. there is a government representing the role of the 2 people and representing these who instead, and there is a group advancing. it's a criminal close through atrocities. it's a stance that has the support of some members of the council, especially russia, which has privately insisted that an elected government should not be asked to negotiate because forces attempting to unseat it. the security council president has insisted there's no division on the issue. and it does appear that all agree on to point that there's a vital need for humanitarian assistance and that it's the african union that should take the lead in mediation efforts. the majority view perhaps reflected in the statement to the council by the u. k. for emergency which said, addressing the humanitarian and human impact of the conflict should be the
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immediate focus. it continued its pass time for all parties to put the p. o. p. and people. first, mckenna, jazeera, united nations, poland has closed part of its border with bella. ruth, as a crisis, escalade civil refugees and migrants, poland, and the accused bella roost of encouraging the migration flow in retaliation because of sanctions. migrants themselves say they're trapped in an increasingly desperate situation. sonya k. g, or has more the are trapped between the woods and highway in batteries. these people have been walking towards the polish border, anxious to enter the european union. criminal charge on the other side. polish security forces in riot gear, part of the 12000 that have been nation, that guarding the front here preventing hundreds of refugees and migrants from
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reaching the border. but it is a deadlock that risks igniting into another migration crisis on the doorstep of the you. for month, thousands have been entering the block through bella ruth, at 1st via lease when you and last year. now mainly through poland, the e. u. has accused bell ever seen leader alexander, look a shanker of orchestrating wave upon wave of undocumented migrants and asylum seekers. in retaliation they say, for sanctions imposed on his government of its violent crackdowns on the opposition court in the middle of his brinkman ship. those attempting to escape the harsh conditions they find themselves in with no shelter to poland by bela lucy and state border officials. some had taken the chance of the hearing that bella was to travel agents was selling these invitations to the you only to find themselves surviving for weeks in the forest. the board of poland and belarus develop the cuts
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or they they provide everything then. but when you say when, when you said to them, ok, i want to go to tech. i want to go, i want to go back to my country. so then they said, no, you go to go on, they put the gun to our head. when we were, when, when we said we need to go to minutes, if so far, opponents, nationalist government has refused help from the use frontier agency, despite reports by polish border guards of hostile behavior and threats from better received forces. and for those stuck in this no man's land, there is no guarantee how long they will have to face the elements with little access to food and water. human porn between 2 hostile neighbors. soniega jago al jazeera thousands of refugees and migrants traveling north through mexico, hoping to reach the us border. they make up a caravan of people,
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mainly from south and central america. they say they've been constantly pursued, and harris by mexican police and security forces. the group which ones numbered around $4000.00 is now to endorse to around $1300.00. the u. s. in europe her encouraging the world to unite and condemn nicaragua was election, which they say was a fast, long time president daniel taker was declared the winner with 76 percent of the votes. most opposition challenges have been arrested or barred from running our latin america. edison, the see and human reports now from san jose in neighboring costa rica. the issue is not whether nick, robert president, daniel ortega, one sundays, controversial election. rather whether he sees it like take a had imprisoned. scores of critics, including 7 of the most competitive would be candidates and barred, independent observers and journalists from entering the country. international condemnation was swift and harsh no soon as election, and this was not
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a free election. they should not surprise us because this was a chronicle of fraud and photo countries from chile to neighboring costa rica to the united states. and the european union denounced the election as illegitimate and democratic and a pantomime saying they would not recognize the results. but venezuela, hubert and russia have rushed war. take this defense. look when you, my uncle was the bill when the voting was over yesterday evening. the white house announced its refusal to recognize it and called on other countries to do the same . we considered unacceptable and firmly condemned such a policies through the biden administration, and the e. u is already considering going beyond current individual sanctions against vice president reciting. leo, who was ortega's wife, or the chief of police was accused of gross human rights violations. ah, in neighboring costa rica, television journalist, c, a. p, nether,
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who was accused of terrorism and released from prison. following a brief amnesty continues to broadcast from exile. her news channel was rated and expropriated along with other independent media. she says, restoring democracy in nicaragua will be difficult. now you get a more, you know, you could either have, nobody wants to die, nobody wants to rot in jail. in nicaragua, the ortega's have gone out of their way to spread fear and spy on people going house to house. but i have faith in god. i'm waiting for a miracle. the miracle of freedom finally got out. but while they wait for that miracle, opponents of daniel ortega and his wife acknowledged that would they also need is to put aside their differences and join forces, something that has eluded them. for years, amnesty international is predicting that there will be a new wave of repression against critics of the government following the selection . which should only fan the number of people who are fleeing from the country and looking for refuge elsewhere. like here in costa rica, record numbers of nicaragua,
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all ready joining others central americans in their quest to reach the united states. adding more pressure to an already unprecedented migration crisis in the region. you see in human al jazeera sample sickle still weaker. serious military says israel has carried out as strikes, targeting central and western provinces, wounding to soldiers, state tv showed explosions that says arthur, in defense system shooting down is really missiles, serious at the warplanes 5 missiles while flying over lebanon, that you paid based monitoring groups. as rates near a military airport in homes providence, a fire to school in the jazz 2nd biggest city has killed at least 26 children aged between 3 and 8. it happened in marauding close to southern border with nigeria. 3 classrooms were made of straw and would they were destroyed. many schools in rural nisha use those materials, making them, of course,
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dangerous pirates. mourners are paid tribute to 18 people who died in a collapse gold mine in these year. they gathered at the site and done isa. township of the 7 more miners were injured on sunday when a well gave way trapping people at the bottom, the garron lemon mines were only recently discovered. thousands have been seeking work there and official say there have been difficulties controlling the site is i don't reuver you are going to review how to reorganize this operation and create the conditions for people to work with, dignity, and also to work legally. we are going to look at all of these and show maximum security police engineers. he fired tear gas across who gathered to protest against the reopening of a landfill site in the southern town of rent. it was shut earlier this year when locals complained about the spread of disease and an environmental disaster. the closure led to garbage piling up in the streets when workers were ordered to start taking the waste back to the landfill site. residents tried to block them,
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leading to clashes and seen as a 1st test for the government appointed by president case said, who seized executive power in july. still to come here on this program for you going on. indefinite strike unions in bolivia, protest against unusual. they say could be just a slight descent and goals for an investigation of to palestinian rights groups, say, activists phones what hacked using is really spyware. ah, hello, that is more wet weather to come for southern and southeastern areas of europe over the next few days. we've had torrential rain cause flooding in parts of the balkans and in italy. this was the scene in venice as saying mock square was flooded. now it's dried up here. but the heavy rain is going to pick up towards the end of the
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weekend. it is going to get wetter across central and western parts of the mediterranean in the days to come. but for the north of this, it does look a lot finer and dryer up for wound coming through for berlin. and for london, the temperatures here, above average for britain and island, it is gonna remain mixed, but rather miles from much of the week for the western windy weather, we have to head up to scandinavia. we've got a wintry mix blowing across my way into sweden and onwards to the baltic states and western parts of russia. it cooled down across much of eastern europe, but it is going to remain dry lots of fine conditions. but it really gets wet and windy around the mediterranean. we take a closer look with more heavy rain on schedule for sicily, for sardinia and corsica, as well as some of those valley eric islands. we've got wind warnings out here. and as we go into when say it's going to get very wet, indeed for the east coast of spain, with buffalo, nesting some storms and showers, the temperature at 18 degrees. ah,
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from the al jazeera london broke up into 2 people in full oh conversation. we were 1st generation of black versus people and we had to really find our way with no hope and no indication. well, there's a much more the place we do better to get away with these regional boundaries, films, i rec, thank you. in to tell me, singer songwriter again you think about racism making certainly have if make he often visible. judy v. unscripted coming soon on out to farrah. ah ah,
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welcome back. it's approaching course, past the hour. you're watching ultra 0 live from doha. your top stories, the un security council says the conflicts in ethiopia to gray region is at risk of becoming a nation wide civil. the african unions. envoys meeting local leaders to push for a de escalation, poland closed part of his border crossing to bella rou, self. to large groups of migrants tried to force their way through poland and the e. you accused bella roost of encouraging the migration flow in retaliation for sanctions. the u. s. and the e u. a leading calls to reject the outcome of nicaragua was election president. daniel ortega warner on 76 percent of the vote on sunday. most opposition triggers were arrested or bored from running. the u. s. is fully reopened to many international travelers. 20 months after the pandemic shot them out. visitors from more than 30 countries had been banned since early last year to come in now they need proof of vaccination and the negative. cobit 19 test results. land borders with mexico and canada of also properly reopened. john holeman is at the crossing,
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near towana. on the us mexican border as we were in the sunny seat row, which is the busiest border crossing point in the americas. and you can see the cars sort of rolling down here going towards the united states. so united states checkpoints, united states officials here, and the people that live in this city, tiquana, they've got a really cross border lifestyle. they've got call to the if you're a resident in t one or you can go 25 miles into the united states. so a lot of people do that for their shopping, where they want to go to restaurants when they want to go to cinema and krishi when they want to see family. and they want to see friends who are the over the other side of the united states. so it's a really big deal for them. the people that women speaking to that they've been able to get back into that. of course, there's another population in cities like pick one or met scope board with the united states, not so floating migrant population. many of them wanting to seek asylum in the
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united states that want to get into that country where they feel that they're going to have a better future. we spend time with some of those people as well. some of them are in a tank cap that just by the side of the buddha, and obviously this is going to be a different situation for them. the fact that this border, the restrictions are easing permits, can locals to get back across and for visitors does not gonna change the situation for them. that do remains as firmly closed as it was done before. so there's a different situation for the different population to denmark who's re imposing coping 19 restrictions as it grapples with arising infection rates. it includes bringing back a health pass to and to bars, restaurants and other public spaces on monday. then mark reported more than 2000 cases for 5th day, 85 percent of the eligible population has been vaccinated. the lydia's transports on retail unions have started an indefinite strike. they oppose a law against what the government calls illicit prophets and terrorist financing.
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critics say it's as a government tactic to seize private property and crackdown on descent. is theresa boat? oh, they say they're on the streets to fight government attempts to centralize power and crack down on descent. thousands of people turned out on monday across valley via protesters are concerned about a law. the government wants to pass to fight, elicit profits and terrorism wasn't. it wasn't me. lucky for mosier says, the law will hurt people like her near a forest and we want a low to be a not that are articles that harmless that could make us lose all our belongings. they should fight for our country for our well being. we are here for our children, x, we say the low violates rights to due process and could be used to persecute political opponents. the nation is deeply divided since abel morales was forced out of office in 2019 after i disputed election that forced him to leave the country.
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oh lisa, so from what alice mast party won the elections last year with a landslide vote during his state of the union speech on monday. he said he has the responsibility of helping will even move forward. and that's why he's hoping to pass a series of laws that will help the country recover from the pandemic. when the people voted last year, it was set clear that they did not want unconstitutional governments and gave us legitimacy to govern. it told us they want political, economic, and social stability to advance. they trusted the economic reconstruction of our country, of the health system after the pandemic, the right to education, and showed us the way of peace through justice. but not everyone agrees in the low land city of santa cruz, the strong hold for the conservative opposition. protesters block roads and set tires on fire. the government says the opposition is using the law as an excuse to
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generate instability in the country. the strike while widespread does not have the support of a major labor union close to the government. but on monday, thousands showed their concern on the streets. they believe the last to fight what the government calls elicit. profits could lead to an attack on private property. and that's why they vow to remain on the streets until the government gives into their demands. did some antecedent us investigators if see $6000000.00 in ransom where payments and charge to alleged hackers? one of them are ukranian is in custody. while the search goes on for the other, a russian, it's alleged, the men are tied to the russia back hacker group are evil. it said to be behind attacks, costing u. s. companies, millions of dollars to date are evil. ransomware has been deployed and approximately $175000.00 computers worldwide,
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with at least $200000000.00 paid and ransom. as a result of the casea attack, businesses that relied on casias services across the united states and around the world were impacted. verifications have revealed that phones of 6 palestinian rights activists have been hacked by israel. a report says military grade spyware. it's called pegasus was used on their devices for more than a year. a campaigners were recently declared as terrorist organizations by the israeli defense minister, hurry force. it reports now from ramallah in the occupied westbank. after week spent rejecting is really accusations of links to a designated terror organisation. 6 palestinian rights groups went public with accusations of their own and investigation found that 6 iphones, at least 3 of them belonging to staff from the palestinian, and jose had been infected with pegasus spyware. into heck, i think it's a strong feeling to have your privacy violated. even the simplest of things my wife
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couldn't sleep for 3 days after finding a, being extremely worried about our privacy was violated as a family, the children, their pictures are conversations with family and friends. i guess this is so to governments around the world by the israeli company, and so on the license from israel's ministry of defense in recent years, there have been many reports of the spyware being used by or for a terry re james to target journalists, activists, and politicians last week, the u. s. blacklisted the company pegasus is supposed to be blocked from use on israeli, or palestinian phones on monday. and as i said, we cannot confirm or deny the identity of our government customers, as we stated in the past. and as a group does not operate the products itself, the company licenses approved government agencies to do so. last month, 3 days after the investigation into suspected phone hacking began. israel designated all 6 organizations as tara groups, accusing them among other things of funnelling money to the popular front for the
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liberation of palestine. there was significant pushback from international donors, but this sunday, the israeli army endorsed the move, giving itself the power to shut down offices, confiscate money, and make arrests. the groups are demanding international protection and an investigation into who's behind the spyware attack. that this technology was used in these cell phones, but we don't know who was implementing get and what for. and this is why we are calling for more investigation in the case. and in order to find who's responsible and to try to find him accountable for the relation, the story has emerged on the same day as the washington post published results of an investigation into an israeli facial recognition system known as blue wolf. it said to use a huge database of smartphone images. the palestinians taken by is ready soldiers to target people to detention. we thought comment from israel on the alleged use of the pegasus spyware, on israeli and palestinian phones. but so far,
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the only response has been from the military, which is denied using pegasus as for the palestinian groups. they say they will continue to operate as normal, despite the heightened risk. hurry for that, i'll just hear a ramallah in the occupied westbank. it's only us president obama has declared time is running out to save the planets. he was speaking of the cop 26 climate summit in glasgow. the 2nd and final week is focusing on helping vulnerable conference to adapt to obama praise progress made since the 2015 paris deal. but he did warn, it's not enough collectively and individually we are still falling short. we have not done nearly enough to address this crisis. we are going to have to do more and whether that happens or not to a large degree is going to depend on you. not just those of you in this
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room. but anybody who is watching or reading a transcript of what i say here today in denise is building a floating solar power plant. once up and running, it's expected to supply electricity to $50000.00 homes. his jessica washington in thailand's, yvonne ran a tiny province. the seed and torn dam has been part of this landscape since the 1970s ill to function as both hydropower and irrigation facility for decades. these waters have also provided fishermen here with their livelihoods. now it takes on a new role as the site of ages newest floating solar power project. this is the starting point that we can go to deploy into 30 year. after you see the starting point, at least the 1st was shake for the clean the renewable energy, the hybrid hydro solar projects began commercial operations in october and consists
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of more than $140000.00 solar panels. thailand is still highly dependent on fossil fuels, something it has in common with neighboring countries, but demand for renewable energy is growing. and experts say floating sola is an ideal fit for many countries in se, asia, most of the benefit is that you require a little, you know, land to put on. so there is no land or is it oxidation fee and the area with high population density. good grid access and high energy demand. you know, the floating system will be a choice, se asia is now home to several floating solar projects and more are in the early stages of development. this is the toronto reservoir in west java. we're in denisia supposed to floating solar power plant is being developed. the early stages of construction are underway and it should be operational by late next year. it will
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be the 1st of many here in indonesia, the $100.00. this video shows what the final project will look like. a reservoir goal is to show indonesia is capable of building floating solar panels, the biggest in se, asia. there are also cost saving benefits, finance at up, slightly more expensive than ground mounted solar panels. but because the temperature is low in the risk of war, the output will be higher. many southeast asian countries have announced their aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 or shortly after floating solar technology may be an important part of realizing those goals. jessica washington al jazeera bundle . now jordan established one of the arab world 1st national orchestra's back in the 1980s. its play to play with renowned artist including the italian tena, andrea bocelli. but it's now struggling to survive this. and tasha good m reports now from up the call it and on and off love affair
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with the very last pipe d. my dean is jordan's only professional tuba player and a member of the national music conservatory orchestra were due to lack of funding. she's only been able to perform with an orchestra 3 times in the last 2 years. it's like taking from a doctor the ability to do surgeries or see patients. it's just, it's what i do with music and what i do, who i am. so i don't do that, it's just, it makes me frustrated. the orchestra has never had a stable source of funding in its 33 year history from 2006 to 2011. the city of man was a benefactor until it ran out of money that in 2014, a wealthy businessman supported the orchestra for 3 years until he could no longer afford it. the conductor says it costs about half a $1000000.00
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a year to keep the orchestra playing regularly. me mohammed city is the conductor and the director of the national music conservatory. 400 students school offers beginners classes to college degrees and was a pathway for musicians to join the orchestra. but he says now it's become more of a gig for higher plane only sporadically. and it'll remain that way until the government provides funding in the arab world, some governments financially support national orchestra to have an orchestra. it's always a losing project because you have the cost at their high cost. and what you have benefit for it is you have culture and this is the face of the country. the minister of culture says, the government hires the orchestra to play a special events. it doesn't intend to turn the musicians into public employee's
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mission, couldn't mikka as if you could love alabama. we are hoping that the orchestra gets proper funding, but not like now only playing for special occasions. every musician dreams of playing solo. if there is no orchestra, how will this dream come true? with few opportunities available, it's a dream. many musicians are now pursuing abroad. natasha going l 0 a man jordan. ah, it's exactly $730.00 g m t. you're watching al jazeera, i'm pete adobe, your top stories. the un security council says the conflict in ethiopia is to grier region risks becoming a nation wide civil war. the african union envoys, me.


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