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tv   [untitled]    November 9, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm AST

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is the country that's learning how to be a democracy, but it's not there. one person, one vote on al jazeera. we know what's happening in our region. we know have them get to places that others cannot. affairs. i said, i'm going the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. ah, i'm halima, he did in doha. what the headlines on al jazeera, the un security council says the conflicts in ethiopia as t roy region, risks becoming a nation wide civil war. the african envoy, african unions, envoy, is meeting local leaders on tuesday to push for de escalation. the conflict has worsened and rebels are threatening to march on the capital after supper. a court
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incident has ordered that internet services be restored within 2 weeks after most were blocked. the national consumer protection council, sued telecommunications companies over the shopped down the directors off those companies face of rest. if the court's decision isn't implemented, hebert morgan has more from cartoon the why the verdict from the general court saying that the internet should be restored immediately. the answer is no people who get their internet from their sim cards and from best cell phones still do not have access to internet. let's not forget that the shut down was for people who access internet only by a sim cards and by a cell phone. those who used to rely on internet via satellite and fiber cables were still able to get it, although many complained that it was weaker than usual. and that it took them some time to upload their, their footage and sometimes to it was much slower to be able to access their email . so there was a certain degree of slowing down of the internet via fiber and via satellite. but they, those who relied only on sim cards,
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say that this was impossible and that it was impossible to access, even if they use the band to try to access the internet. now this is not the 1st time, but there's an internet shut down with a political crisis in sedan back in 2019, just on the day of the what became known as the how to massacre were hundreds more than $100.00 pro democracy processes were killed in front of the army headquarters of the internet was shut down for nearly $37.00 days and it took a court order for it to be restored. but then during that time, the political situation was much different when the internet was restored. there was negotiations between the political parties and the army which was heading the country during that time right now, there is no political, there is no solution to the current political crisis. so it's not clear if this is very big by the general court will be implemented or not. the 26 climate thompson glasgow are focusing on the disproportionate effect climate change has on vulnerable people. that includes women who are more likely to live in poverty and
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less able to move freely rule for common markets and payments to disadvantage countries are also due to be discussed. countries have so far pledge to say forests and can't be found. emissions. police in poland have shared a video showing a group of migrants camped on the border with bella ru. so the nice collins closed entry points as a crisis escalates over refugees and migrants. bella roost is accused of encouraging the migrants to try and cross the border in retaliation against sanctions. a fire at a school in the shares 2nd largest city has killed at least 26 children aged between 3 and 8. it happened in merante near the southern border with nigeria. 3 cautions made of wood and straw, which destroys. and mourners are paid tribute to 18 miners killed when a gold mine collapsed in the chair. they gathered at the sites in the dan isa township. at least 7 people were also injured on sunday, when
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a well gave way trap and people at the bottom, the garret lyman minds were only recently discovered the land rover. are going to review how to reorganize this operation and create the conditions for people to work with, dignity, and also to work legally. we are going to look it all over these and ensure maximum security as satellite images appear to show china has built mockups of u. s. navy aircraft carriers and a destroyer in its north western deserts. there believe to be part of a new target practice as tensions rise between washington and paging. over taiwan and the south china sea. china's government hasn't compensated by it's the satellite images. serious military says israel has carried out air strikes, targeting central and western provinces, wounding 2 soldiers. st. tv showed exposure since it's sent are serene defense systems. shutting down is really miss missiles and that sorts of 8 states they with
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us here on al jazeera. ah ah, i see that you have agreed to commend you ash if you have placed it delta dental. no. gov a day. how they do that? no, for a sickly aunt. is marcia at to see at with it back to fort hood. give me a call that 5 ah,
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a yeah. sure v don't i get it met? no c, o ne, a helicopters lying over the ridge, spraying something. and they didn't even see the kids. the kids were all fishing or just playing by the river. and the kids were all choking and gas when that night they were all really sick with diarrhea. they were having trouble breathing. we went down to the river that next day and that's when we found dead ducklings and dead crayfish, dead trout. we called the forest service and they said, oh no, it's perfectly safe. that was a mixture of $240.00 and $2.00 for 5
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t agent orange that was banned in vietnam. and nobody realised that the same chemicals were being used here in a still going on. mm. agent orange was a tremendously destructive omen of a tremendously destructive war in its own unique way agent orange was the most destructive instance of chemical warfare in modern history. when i was still 5 years old or something, i read everything. it was still during the war and i read something about all the
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birds been killed by oil spills from ships being blown out. that's what i worried about during the war was all those birds come and mike didn't help me and i started reading letters. i'm not sure who i sent them to or wanting some. what did take care of those birds, please? maybe that was the beginning of my activism. ha, ha ha. ah, we moved here and 74. the kids were just part of this landscape and they were down along the river. they knew everything that lived down there. my kids loved it, i mean they were part of it. there were beavers and otters in the river then too. of course all the fish and harrison i sprays and so they were part of that. they
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loved it was nothing to worry about. mm ah clear cutting is one of the most insane things you could ever do. it's like strip mining a living organism which a forest is they weren't required to replant. and most of those clear cuts developed into huge brush fields then all of a sudden they're faced with this law that says you can't clear pat unless you replant within 3 years. so then they had to clear all the brush on these old clear cuts. so they could replant them and just all coincided
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with the end of the use of agent orange in vietnam, lou michael newton from oregon state university was getting surplus barrels of agent orange that the air force couldn't use anymore and vietnam and was praising the use of these things and how they were going to transform forestry forever. and they started to spread blanket these huge, clear current with larger major orange and drift. some we could smell it and her within a few days our garden was dead. the kids were all sick again, and the dog got so sick he died.
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carol has been just a tireless champion for uncovering true, factual, scientifically based information and trying to get that for decision maker. oh, these people are just literally their woods in, and i'm a member senior thinking routes you somewhere you gotta, you gotta help these people. they are literally not. nobody's willing to help them . and i said, you've got to produce the experts. if you can produce the experts, i'll take your case on and we'll go, we'll go to battle over the whole suby, milan, flu, denver as your machine knows, evans sylvie,
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a do just say she thought that made a fire of the places they fall to live melody at the right of the stage of history. is that for the 1st meeting between president eisenhower? i'm senator kennedy's. as the like, when eisenhower passed over the national security apparatus to john kennedy, how scared we had to be that communism was on the march, and we had to stop it. wherever it was. kennedy loved the idea that american ingenuity, not just big, scary bombs, but different more surgical kinds of technologies could be used to defeat these insurgencies and agent orange or besides, in general,
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was part of that strategic view. the here at the chemical company in midland michigan. revolutionary chemical killers are being produced to help rid us of these costly pass. one of the newest and most versatile weapons and dollars, arsenal of chemical warfare is to for dial. we'd killer to 4. d is a growth regulator. type of we'd kill it. the action is illogical, appearing to upset the plants, growth processes and causing gradually, but certain death. the saigon government in 1961 was a vociferous proponents of the use of are besides in vietnam.
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the government was fighting a communist insurgency in the south. that was supplied by the north they felt that the insurgency was a major threat to their existence in it. and october 1961 things haven't really gotten started, yet. these are tell axis. it's a message from ambassador noting, but basically say present d n is begging people to spray crops. and there's so much doubt it confusion washington about whether to do this or not.
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ah operation ranch and had multiple components to a food denial component. but the most notorious was the use of agent orange to take away the forest cover. take away the insurgence capability to hide and conduct gorilla ambush operations. but once the overall war escalated, the deflation program just sort of followed rather mindlessly right behind it.
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spring, millions of gallons of highly concentrated herbicides indiscriminately over vast areas of forest. many times over is chemical warfare. it was highly destructive and it was massive. it was a weapon of mass destruction ah brain chance was c. dave, for the herbicide to fully program run by the air and i was sent over to vietnam and may of 1971 to do the final historical right up of the ranch and program.
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i had made friends with the young army lieutenant over there and he came to me one afternoon and said we have received orders from headquarter vistas. 1971. we are to dr. computer aeration, not downloaded and shipped to wash. john t said, he said, if you want any of that information for your report, you're going to have to come with me tonight and we'll go over to mac v headquarters rally. get you into my office and we'll print them out. and he turned on the machine and we printed out a stack like batch my report indicated that that there were some real problems developing from people exposed to asian orange i finished my report and it was immediately clashed fi secret. and
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a government kept it locked up or were 35 years and denied didn't even exist at the federal government, basically federalized all the chemical companies to do nothing but produce a generic and other chemicals for the war to vietnam. and they knew that the more they produce, the more money they would make. so they, in order to deliver as much as they could as quickly as they could. they've violated that existing industry standards for the production of herbicides by using a process that was much shorter at higher temperatures. that was responsible for the presence of the of jackson and the ultimate chemical substances that were created. and they knew that it posed risk to individuals. they knew that opposed to risk to the land. they knew that it was contained a poison. and they knew that that the effects to be devastated.
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while i was preparing my report, i came across to documents that indicated confirmed that we authorized production of the asian, ours, which is a mixture 24250524245 t with the higher concentration of dioxin, esther cabinet. it's contaminant in the 245 t compact. we knew dioxide is an extremely potent carcinogenic mutagenic, meaning it causes chromosomes to mutate to rather janet, affecting the fetus of a woman. very potent compound
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national bureau standards estimate and the half life for a dioxin molecule. 2000000000 years. that's why e p a regards it as equivalent to glue tony both in its toxicity and in its longevity, how long can persist. so it doesn't go away. it goes away politically. this is the 1st time that the scientists have ever created a molecule, this toxic and, and they, they know that even, you know, just one to 2 parts per trillion can cause birth defects, mutations, cancer, one ah,
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seeing a larger number of defects than we would've expected we saw a number of congenital hearts and i think it was 978. i delivered and, and, and safari child, that's a child that doesn't have basically the normal brain. in my lifetime of delivering babies, i would not expect ever to see one. and about a year later, we delivered a 2nd and then select child. those odds were just astronomical that a small practice like ours would have to allen's valley children. it made me realize that there was something going on ah, 25 years ago, a new era in television news in the middle east began. ah, the conclusion of
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a 2 pock documentary theories month and the 25th anniversary of alger, the with the sample. so the launch of al jazeera ingrid and the quote from a broadcaster into a multi platform global met with this story of al jazeera. a unique puff as is earthquake is cause a lot of disruption. i know the local network is down, but these guys know what it looks like in a setting up a network. once they're connected to our visa services, they'll be able to share the network and give people the vital phone and data connection. it looks like it's up and running. data is coming up to was him back down to where it is needed. good job guys, sodium and i could have done that fast. as hale sat space to deliver your vision in welcome to a world of confidence. so my sex without you business class,
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which way your privacy is paramount and your experience can sit back, relax in your own private space and let us take care of everything. catera weighs the airlines you can rely on ah, i'm how am i he, dean in doha, with the headlines on al jazeera for you and security council says the conflict in ethiopia as t gray region risks becoming a nation wide civil war. the african unions envoy is meeting local leaders on tuesday to push for di escalation. the conference has worsened and rebels are threatening to march on the capital, addis ababa. a court in sudan.


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