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to stage a set and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think from international politics, to the global pandemic, and everything in between. upfront with me, mark lamarr hill on out 0. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello there i'm, how am i hidden? and this is the use our live from doe harm coming up in the next 60 minutes. the risk of ethiopia descending into a widening civil war is only to real. the un security council here is a dire assessment about ethiopian conflict and a warning. there's only a small window of opportunity to act. a sudanese court orders internet services be
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brought back online. they've been blocked, largely since the military takeover. polish border guards blocks away for hundreds of refugees and migrants. his neighbor in belarus is accused of deliberately creating a crisis and the world bank says things are getting worse for people in garza, despite signs of hope for the overall palestinian economy. and in sports staff. kerry leads the golden state warriors to their 5th straight when curry's gordon. nb season high, 50 points warriors rally passed the atlanta hawks. ah . the conflict in ethiopia as t gray region is at risk of becoming a nation wide civil war. that's the morning from the un security council, which matters. rebels threatened to march on the capital, addis ababa government forces have been battling them for
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a year. the african unions envoy is meeting local leaders to push for a d escalation. as mike hanner reports from the united nations, the message to the security council is clear, the time is short, the window to secure a mediated settlement. the conflict is closing in a country over a 110000000 people over 90 different ethnic groups and 80 languages. no one can predict what continued fighting and insecurity will bring. but let me be clear. what is certain is that the risk of ethiopia descending into a widening civil war is only to real. the council was addressed remotely by the african representative leading mediation efforts. all these me. yeah, and i did not agree individually.
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train them are political, political solution, through dialogue for constitutes a window of opportunity. but the high representative warm that this window of opportunity is small. the ethiopian ambassador made his country's position clear. we remind everyone concerned that there are no 2 parties here. there is a government representing the role of the to pan people and represent these have been st. it. and there is a group advancing, if this criminal cause through atrocities. it's a stance that has the support of some members of the council, especially russia, which has privately insisted that an elected government should not be asked to negotiate tactic with forces attempting to unseat it. the security council president has insisted there's no division on the issue. and it does appear that all agree on 2 points, that there's
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a vital need for humanitarian assistance and that it's the african union that should take the lead in mediation efforts. the majority view perhaps reflected in the statement to the council by the u. k. through emergency which said the dressing, the humanitarian and human impact of the conflict should be the immediate focus. it continued. it's past time for all parties. to put the ethiopian people 1st. mike hannah al jazeera united nations, a court and sudan has ordered that internet services been restored. one and 2 weeks after most were blocked, the national consumer protection, cancel soon. telecommunications companies over the shut down there, they face arrest if the country's decision isn't implemented yet, which was imposed to prevent protests and a campaign of civil disobedience after the military takeover on october 25th. let's
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get one. i from heaven, morgan. she jones, his line, formed cartoon ebert, where are we with the countries internet? the sir? do we know when it will be switched back on? well, it's been our since the verdict. and despite the judge saying that the internet on sim cards and phone network, phone services should be restored immediately. it is still not back. so people who rely on their sim card to be able to access their internet are still not able to receive any kind of signal in terms of internet on their cell phones. now those who rely on the satellite and on fiber cables for internet were able to access it despite the internet shut down. one thing, the national consumers, that councils have that said was that it when they, when the sued the telecommunications companies, 3 telecommunication companies operating here in sudan. they said that the council, the transition military council was currently in charge lead by general. add them, had their uncle, hon. we're not responsible. it was not responsible for shutting down the internet.
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and that is why this through the telecommunications companies. and they say that if the director general of both 3 companies do not do not restore the internet immediately or by the end of the day, then they will sue them to be arrested tomorrow morning. now this is of course, all coming back coming after the military takeover on october 24th. when the internet on sim cards were blocked for users, people say they view that as a repression of their freedom of expression and media freedom as well. they said they have the right to access internet and to be able to post the latest developments. and then many of those active as many of the activists who have been mobilizing for civil disobedience and for mass protests have been relying on the internet as well. so many people here incidentally that this is the clamp down of their a, one of their basic rights, and the lawyers who sued the telecommunications company said this is one of the reasons why they put their head that they went ahead and sued the telecommunication companies saying that they are taking away the rights of the, of people here in so damn with the internet. of course, there's just one aspect of all of this just give us
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a sense of the wage of situation in see john, because despite a lot of negotiation back and forth, the military, so very much in charge, aren't they? yes. when the military took over on october 21st, one thing we heard from general abdel for hahn is that he will form a civilian cabinet of technocrats not affiliated to any political parties within the 1st week of him taking charge. it's been 2 weeks now and there's been mediation efforts between him and prime minister out below him dog and his cabinet and the ruling call or the former routing coalition. and despite the fact that there's been divisions between the coalition member the self, so there has been mediation efforts from the united nations, from the united states and from various other parties to try to bring the 2 sites together. one major difference between the 2 is the issue of how to move one forward, general abdel for the hun once the prime minister belonged to come back. but under the new circumstances, that is to say,
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he's going to form his new cabinet and not look back at the, at the period prior to october 24th. and that's one thing. prime minister at the lam duke has refused. he says he wants to go back to october 24th. he wants to those the things following demolition, military takeover release. but he also wants the return of his cabinet before he's even going to negotiate with the army. so right now there was a deadlock, and this is leading to political crisis. that right now doesn't seem to have any solution on the table. ok, thank you so much for bringing that up date that. so just there is hipaa. morgan reporting live from cartoon. thank you. the police in poland have shared or video showing refugees and migrants. camps on the border with belarus, saying they expect further attempts to breach the barrier. poland has caused entry points in an escalating crisis feller. mrs. accused of creating a situation on poland border in retaliation for e u sanctions. when the bell russian government deny this, the migrants themselves say that they are trapped in an increasingly desperate
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situation. dominic canes, following their story from berlin. dominic we have been hearing more from the e u commission to we know what they're saying and it looks like we've lost dominic came we will of course, come back to him as soon as we get more information. as soon as he sought out those technical difficulties, but we did speak to martha krinski earlier this morning. she's a human rights lawyer who's been in touch with people on the border. she says the situation has reached a dangerous point. the situation is getting on the wars the conditions in the forest begin, poland and, but i was very harsh. it's an environment where there is very little access to food to, to water, no extra food to warm shelter. so will be alarming about the situation for the last
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weeks and months. and now what we see at the border, it's kind of like a critical point where a lot of my ground approach deployed refundable or was desperate to not finding a way out of the situation. when they they pushed back from one country to another from pull, from pull on to but i rose and now they are. they are asking for a rescue from the situation. so what we see are people who are deprived of basic basic assistance they have no shelters, they're just few 10. so let's, let's remember that right now, the temperatures are dropping to even below 0 degrees celsius at night. which means that it's freezing. they had no food there and no water, very limited access to those supply because they're on the territory. bella is
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responsible for, for providing people as well as possible for not using them as the tools of the political play to exert the political pressure that you well, we've managed to re established connection seeds when it came and he is still in berlin for as dominic we have been hearing more about the situation from the commission, just talk us through their response to this, this growing crisis on the poland valerie border yeah, few guns in the system, but back now are broadcasting effectively from brussels. the view is pretty clear they believe, and it's been expressed by no less a person than the president of the european commission, or sort of funder lion that what's happening in on the course of the last few days to day on that border between beatrice and poland, is the instrumentalists zation of refugees. that is how the president of the
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european commission referred to it. in other words, refugees being used as an instrument of policy by belarus, in it's around as it were with the you. she also said that she wanted to see more targeted sanctions brought in against beatrice. you might recall that there are already you sanctions against specific individual's no less a person. the president lucas shanker himself an immense from the e u. following on from the disputed election that took place in which president lucas shanker was declared the winner despite the view from many observers, both within beatrice and without that he was not the winner. so what you have in brussels, but also not just from an e u perspective, but also from here in germany, at least you have many different people coming forward and expressing solidarity with the present polish government. the german interior minister of the can't take
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a government is in charge right now. jose hoffer has applauded the approach taken by the polish governments. certainly in regards to the fence that they are erecting along the border of the militarization of the border with beatrice. and he's said that the e u needs to start to do more to help the polish government with what it is doing. the interesting thing there, of course, is that, that shows you that perhaps the war of words that had built up in recent months between the polish government and the you will, that seems to be cooling somewhat. and instead, what you have is a more centralized approach or more endorsing approach, as it were from the you, with the member states with the government in warsaw regarding what it considers the government in minsk of alexander lucas shanker, is doing. and what, what would something like that clearly a war of words going on between various different parties here, but, but one of the people who caught in the middle of all of this,
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what happens to then well, the interesting thing here is that very many of the people who are currently in belarus or trying to get from the us. well when they are asked where they want to go, they say effectively that poland is effectively just a conduit that where they really want to go is further into the e. u. for many people, that preferred destination is germany. now, from the german side, we know that the numbers have been growing considerably over the course of this year that the start of the year, they were virtually none at all coming across those borders to get to germany. that's $26.00 in the 1st 456 months of the year. but since august, that rates is really ramped up. and in the course of the last 5 weeks, on average, every week for the last 5 weeks, more than a 1000 people have made their way to germany. when they get here, they try, they, they seek to claim asylum to find some way of staying here permanently. the
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question that's being asked here, but also across europe and in brussels is what to do with these people. and what is the right approach? remember that the back of many people's minds, not just in wall so, but also here in berlin is the memory of 2015 of the refugee crisis that presented itself 6 years ago. when far more people from many, from syria, others from iraq, some from afghanistan were making their way to europe and would find some sort of refuge here in germany. then the numbers were far in excess of what we have right now. there are some who are concerned by the pictures that we are seeing from that border with the other us on the polish side. well, they have in their minds what happened in 2015 here in germany, the people who actually get here, well, they are put into the process of asylum and then they seek to see if they can stay or not the question. the authorities here is how many will be allowed to stay. but
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right now, most people's thoughts politically speaking, with the polls and on the border with b. l. a. ross. ok? dominic cane. lie for berlin. dominic, thank you. lost marcella. heads this user including franz formerly seals in agreement to return artifacts that were loses from its former colony. berlin also was causing an alarming tango break in india, a country. so working to recover from a devastating wave of covert 1910 stars get ready for one of the sport, most glamorous tournaments over here. ah, tensions are running high in the chin is in the city of a goro birth to the death of a protest her in over nights protests. the public prosecutor's office says an investigation is underway. demonstrators say the protest was suffocated after
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police fire tear gas will be interior ministry denies this. residents are against the reopening of a landfill site that was caused earlier this year. the dispute was seen as a 1st test for the government pointed by president k said's who seized power in july. the world bank says things are dismal and getting worse for people in garza, in a report on the states of the palestinian economy. it says unemployment in the besieged strip stones at 45 percent and it's particularly concerned at the high dependency on social assistance unemployment in the occupied west bank is 17 percent, but the world bank warns the palestinian authority is challenging. financial situation has left it unable to borrow from domestic lenders where the world bank expects overall growth of 6 percent in the palestinian economy. this year. it says
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this will likely slow in 2022 will. joining us now is canton shanker, the world bank country director for the west bank and gaza. it's good to have you withers on the new user and just talk us through why growth is projected to slow thanks very much for having me on the yes, i just wanted to go back in 2020. that that was a negative growth of 11.5 percent. and that was mainly to forward. and the fiscal crisis this year, around the fi vaccination rates, there's been an uptick in the economy. so there has been certainly a rebound for up to 6 percent. what is going to happen is that the students are struggling with a huge deficit of $1400000000.00. and why?
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why indeed, why does this been grow? it's not sustainable with a huge deficit. so that's the reason we are projecting that is going to go come down to 3, but then unless the whole huge deficit is addressed. and like you pointed out, the palestinians do not have access to the international market. they do not have that currency and they do not have a monetary policy. so the instruments which they have a very limited. so hence, we would be would need support from donors, from the government of israel time. certainly the bank is doing is bit in terms of the why we're in this situation 9. i mean, if they don't see economic mismanagement or is the why either situation the way to garza volcano? is that where the problem lies? well yes, it's certainly a, like i said, they have very, very uh,
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few options in terms ofa. other countries have other instruments to be able to in, in terms of crisis to be able to whirl. but your be, do they do not have these are these options. so the only way they could kind of address the situation is that, ah, restrictions are left, did the unable to get more of the periods? revenues are there by doing a support. these are other things and of course are they also would be needs to ensure that wind the revenues going up, that they also rationalize their spending. so in terms of improving the situation there and who has control over this, i mean, this is history. listen, it, they're the ones you can basically take the actions to, to improve the financial prospects in gaza. certainly they can, and there are some movement in that direction. but at the same time, there's also actions which are the palestinian authority images,
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which is doing um and there was some extremely important reform recently between need to give them credit. i'm at the same time. we also need international donors. that's been a huge drop off in international donna assistance this year in particular. so i think that all the all parties needs to come together to be able to support he, palestinian, they can money. that's donated internationally, actually reach the people in gaza. that's an issue, isn't it? pete little countries can pledge funds to go into garza, but those funds can't necessarily get in there. well the thing is we are, we are implementing projects in non gotta our social assistance scheme in terms of gas for work. gaster gas themes do work. it is properly monitor and it's being implemented as we speak. okay. can that shanker or from the world bank? it's great to get your thoughts. are your perspective on this? we do appreciate it. thank you,
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brother france and been in have signed off on documents to return 26 artifacts in metro micro met vinnie's president at least hello in paris on tuesday . the pieces constitutes some of africa's most significant art works and were looted, spike french, colonial troops in the 19th century. let's get more. no from the sasha butler. she joins us now from paris, said the sanction the presidents of benign and france held the ceremony to official eyes this hand over of those artifacts walkie. tell us about this. close. quite an emotional scene at the at lee said, the french president, a manual macro, and the presence of been in a patrice tallow holding a ceremony to formalize the return of these 26 artifacts to benny mackerel said that this was a breakthrough moment and historic moments as these artifacts would embark on
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a journey home, the presence of benita said this was not just about the restoration of these art works to been in this was about benning. at regaining some of his so he praised it, manual macro for breaking the to boo over restitution of art works. now these 26 art works comprise of various objects. we're talking about statues, palace stores, as even a throne. they are known as the album, a treasures, and they were looted by french colonial forces in 1892 from west africa though then brought to paris, where they've been at various museums ever since for over a century. most recently, they were displayed assa museum in central paris for people to see them before they returned to benign. so as the french prisoner my, my process, they're already wrapped up there in crates. they're at the airport. they are ready to go. they will leave at the same time as the presence of been in,
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and they will make their way back home. and this ends of a long process which started several years ago. but the present have been, he did say that although he was extremely grateful, of course, to france for returning these artifacts. he said he can't be satisfied until all of been ins. ahl's works have been restored and he did or to the french president to do as much as he can to return other artifacts to benign that are being held. or he used the word actually detained in france. so it, regarding these 26 that are being returned node to burning. why now, why is france surrendering these? no? when a 2017 or a mac, or made his 1st trip or to africa as french presidents. and at the time he made a speech in which he promised to return a works that had been looted by french colonial forces to african nav romero. macro
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. this is all part of what he says is an important step for france is about france facing its colonial parts, is also about building a new relationship with africa. he says an a because he's particularly concerned that many people in africa, particularly the young generation, perceive frauds to, through the prism of a france being a former colonial power rather than a more constructive ally. so this is also about trying to rebuild or build a better relationship with africa. and also there has been a lot of pressure from african nations for european former colonial powers to return art works that were pillaged, plundered, looted during colonial times. after, in fact, it is, it is thought that nearly 90 percent of africa's cultural heritage is actually held in museums across europe and a macros initiative. if you like. us only sparked a lot of debate in other european countries about returning out works to africa,
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not all museums, happy about, of course, because they know that they museums might be to police. it of the things that many people come to see, but it has bought a lot of debate on a lot of thought and a process in many of these countries of sending out works back to africa. artworks that was stolen more than a century ago. ok. natasha, but they're bringing up to date from paris. thank you. natasha. parts of india are seeing a significant spike in den gay infections. most are in 8 states. hospitals are being asked to retire wrecked cove with 19 beds to taken patience with the mosquito borne to seize 4 of the metal reports for new delhi. this was supposed to be a festive time for the caution families. they're sending out invitations for their oldest son's wedding next month. but the sudden passing of his aunt combination davy days after she contracted dingey means celebrations will be muted, suddenly glared again daniel, guarded by after she went on the ventilator. the doctor warned us that for danger
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patients, laker there was only a 5 percent of my wounded. even after the fever subsides, there is a risk of organ failure. her treatment took a financial tool on our family. india has reported more than $120000.00 cases of danger this year. while pen jobs case load has reached an all time high. several other states have reported more cases over the last few weeks compared to the same time last year. in new delhi hospitals like this one are converting other wards to cope with the influx of patients. the city recorded 1100 cases last week, at par with the total case count in october. at least 10 people have died, their danger kick. the current situation of dingey is very bad in delhi. we are getting many cases of favor, almost 250 to 300 cases of fever, and out of that to 70, to 80 percent and danger cases. exports blame the extended monsoon this year and
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improve testing for the recent optic in cases change in rainfall. pattern, coupled with rapid organization could increase dang his season in india and make it more deadly. another issue is that the o system go, we'll use the state health systems and, or what all the him, you know, system is getting stronger in terms of testing. while some civic bodies have carried out fogging and fumigation to arrest the spread of dingey. the central government has dispatched public health experts to several states to improve testing and manage response. the local re, 19 caseload in the country has made it easier for the underfunded health care system to address the dang he outbreak. even as an organ, say to vote for this is c, a sergeant cases of physical virus excellency. cases of both diseases, wilson declining in a couple of weeks as temperatures continued to dip ahead of winter park me little al jazeera,
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who deli was. marcella had on this use are including powering the future. indonesia starts work on southeast, asia's biggest fulton solar font. the challenge is facing volunteers, vaccinating children against polio and afghanistan. and his sports, we'll look at whether all field drama back home is impacting england's pursuits of another while title ah, the corona virus has been indiscriminate in selecting its victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain, a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins. the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail, it citizens,
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britain's true colors. part 2 on al jazeera in the country with an abundance of results. red lauren was indonesia, whose ferns forming we moved full to grow and frock. we balanced for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part when denise is broke and program invest indonesia now ah .


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