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tv   [untitled]    November 9, 2021 6:30pm-7:00pm AST

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ah, welcome back and watching al jazeera reminder of our top story is this, our e is accusing bell roofs of destabilizing the block by encouraging migrants of refugees to cross it. and to pull that brushes president is back in the leader, a fellow ruth sand is expressing concern about the build up of polish troops on the border. the african union, special envoy, is in ethiopia to mediation end to the conflict between the government and rebels from the northern region. he's hopeful that a deal can be reached by the end of the week. a court and sudan has ordered the restoration of internet services more than 2 weeks after most were blocked. they were shut down to prevent protest, santa campaign of civil disobedience after a military takeover in october. we're back now to our top story, to growing tension between bell roofs and poland. marta gorgine scott is
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a human rights lawyer who's been in touch with people on the border. she says the situation has reached a dangerous point. the situation is getting on the wars the conditions in the forest begin, poland and, but i was very harsh at an environment where there is very little access to food to, to water, no extra food, warm shelter. so will be alarming about the situation for the last weeks and months . and now what we see at the border. it's kind of like a critical point where a lot of my grounds approach to boise from the but i was to not finding a way out of the situation when they they pushed back from one country to another from pull from pull on to. but i was, and now they are, they are asking for a rescue from the situation. so what we see are people who are deprived of basic basic assistance they have no shelters,
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they're just few 10. so let's, let's remember that right now, the temperature to pull up are dropping to even below 0 degrees celsius at night. which means that it's freezing. they had no food and no water, very limited access to those supply because they're on the front there. it's already been responsible for, for providing people as well as 1st of all, for not using them as the tools of the political play to exert the political pressure on the you the world bank. first things are dismal and getting worse for people in garza and a report on the state of the palestinian economy. it says unemployment in the besieged strip stands at 45 percent. is particularly concerned about the high dependency on social assistance unemployment and the occupied where the bank is 17 percent. but the world bank wants the palestinian authority is challenging.
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financial situation has left it unable to borrow from domestic lenders. well, bank expects overall growth of 6 percent and the palestinian economy this year, but says this will likely slow in 2020 to can then shankar is the world bank country director for the west bank and gaza. he explains why the officials in gauze and west bank need to reduce the budget deficit this year around with the fi vaccination rates. there's been an uptick in the economy. so there has been certainly a rebound for up to 6 percent. what is going to happen is that the, the still are struggling with a huge deficit off $1400000000.00. and while, while the wind has been grow, it's not sustainable with the huge deficit. so that's the reason we are projecting that is going to come down to 3. but then unless the whole huge deficit is
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addressed, the palestinians do not have access to the international market. they do not have that currency and they do not have a monetary policy. so the instruments we have are very limited, so hence we would be would need support from doing that from the government of israel. and certainly the bank is doing is bit and there's also actions with the palestinian authority, which is, which is doing and they have bought some extremely important reforms recently, which we need to give them credit at the same time. we also need international donors. that's been a huge drop off in international donna assistance this year in particular. so i think that all 3, all parties need to come together to be able to support the palestinian people. the,
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the cop 26 climate talks in glasgow are focusing on the disproportionate effect. climate change has on vulnerable people. discussions about rules for carbon markets and payments to disadvantaged countries are also due to take place. poor nations are ramping up pressure on wealthier states to compensate them for losses and damage caused by climate change. in just over a week of talks, countries a pledge to save forests and can't meet the emissions that disagreed on what's needed to cap a global temperature, rise to 1.5 degrees. right, andrew simon, designed for us now in glasgow. andrew yes, another day and more intense negotiations taking place in this building and they're getting longer, more involved and more tense. it has to be said, that's what we're hearing from all sources. there's so much to pay for here as
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a lot of things to do. and not a lot of time to do them in with me right now is one of the representatives of a small, the smallest states iceland, the environment minister. good monday. good bronson. thank you very much for joining al jazeera. welcome. thank you. and tell me this. how is it going, how does it look? ah, i would say i'm more positive towards a path to result on i was a week ago. and i base that on the fact that there have been some improvements when it comes to the anti cease. and when it comes to contributions of country and trying to reduce that greenhouse gas emissions. and also that we, we hear now that and we might be likely to close the financing gap to the developing countries, the 100000000 promise that was made here. i can back in the days that could be a big development if that's taking place. if that takes place as that is a big step forward because it's a trust issue, it's a, it's you,
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the sort of gets the developing countries more to believe in the process. and believe that the developing is or that of, of the developed countries are in the game truly and, and wanting to an extra guess. i'll just quickly explain the end dcs you to which you referred are nationally determined contributions. not at the moment. there are 5 years that countries look after the, assess how much they contribute. i was a virginia lessening emissions, but most people want that to come down to one year which is a big issue. but can i just ask you one really important question that is, since you were were present for the, for the pair agreements, a 2015 in iceland, a places in the arctic circle. how have you seen the development since then in terms of in terms of temperature, again i'm and the melting over all of the ice. now we have been seeing more impacts of climate change in recent years, both when it comes to
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a retreating gracious when it comes to even even a droughts in, in some instances. and i'm avalanches and slights in the winter time because of a lower temperature, higher temperature, and lower freezing points and stuff like that will be worry most about in iceland this the ocean, the awesome. i said vacation for example, sometimes put it this way that, that they saw a silent killer. we can't really see it, but really important and for, for the all since and, and live in the or since and for a country like iceland, that is dependent upon the resources of the austin. this is really important. yes. you, you, you make a good point. there, but kyle book to you, are you sound a little optimistic, but there are so many shocks in the water view of the give lou, that the expression of the former president of the united states of america bomber referred only on monday at 2 the disappointing action of russia and china and not
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being here and saying that that was crucial as they were there were they were, it was dangerous. it was dangerous, dangerously lacking their response. what do you say to that? and what do you say to, to that, coupled with the, that the pressure that the lobby groups for the fossil fuel nations are putting on the whole affair? yeah, well, 1st of all, obama also president obama also said that that has been made progress since 2015. and i agree with them because a lot of businesses, a lot of countries have stacked up their game. there are countries that still need to do better. there are countries that are responsible for lots of misuse and you mentioned china and russia. we could say australian dollars as well. and i'm really hoping that they will like we all need to do stuff after the game when it, when it comes to time issues. good one, duck, good branson. thank you very much for joining us. some important points, the level of optimism, which is really refreshing to a lot of people right now,
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but still a long way to go. andrew senningson glasgow, thank you. from san building have signed off on documents to return 26 artifacts and manual my call met president police telephone in paris. on tuesday, the pieces some of africa's most significant works were looted by french colonial troops in the 19th century. 21 now from paris is natasha butler. autotask said natasha. tell us more about this. this meeting between the 2 presidents below something of a coin. emotional meeting really between the french president emanuel my crawl and the president of benin. patsy's tallow at the ally say a bit earlier, they are held to ceremony to formalize the return of these 26 artifacts. 2, bennington mackerel said that this was a breakthrough historic moment that these art works would be he said, finally,
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making their way back home. the presence of benning, a said that emanuel macro had finally broken it to bu, when it comes to art restitution. he also said that for beneath this isn't just about artworks coming home. this was about are the people in benning actually getting back part of their soul? he said, so very emotive words indeed from the 2 leaders now we're talking about here are 26 artifacts, including things like a statues. palace doors are thrown, known as the above may treasures they were looted by french colonial forces. enter 1892. they were brought to france and for over a 100 years they've been here in paris, in museums, most recently in a museum in the center of the city where people have been able to see them before they leave for benign macros said that these artifacts have been now a packaged out there at the airport, ready to leave a with the president or from benny. but patrice tallow said that although he was
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very pleased of course of francis returning these works to ben in. he said there is still much to be done. he said he couldn't be satisfied until all of been ins. artworks had been returned, not any from france, but from across europe. or i thank you for that. natasha butler for us in paris, former georgia president mc hale soccer. shirley has been transferred to a prison hospital. he's been on a hunger strike for more than a month while in jail. soft gosh, for the support his have rallied, took off his release. he was the rest of last month when he returned from exile. i've been convicted in censure of abuse of power protest as of cold for i mean he is prime minister to resign the year after he signed an unpopular si fi with a bunch of thousands joined, a rally in the capital. you're gone to mock the anniversary. the agreement ended fighting and the dispute is going to cut back region, but it's a random control of large areas of land and also by the co pushing young has since
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one and election satellite images appear to show china has built more cops. all the u. s. navy aircraft, carrier and destroyer, and it's north western desert. i believe to be part of new target practices. tensions rise between washington and beijing. of a taiwan and the south china c. tawny government hasn't commented about the satellite images. south korea is facing a di shortage of uria that's threatening to halt transport, businesses and industries. diesel vehicles. they're especially transport trucks cannot run without the chemical compound. but it's biggest supplier, china is curbing exports. that could have a huge impact on south korea's economy. prank up there explains this vehicle is running short of urea and silkwood millions of diesel cars, buses, trucks, and emergency vehicles across south korea. the fuel additive is imported from china,
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but it's putting on the brakes. ramayo me so the situation is really bad. i drove about 70 kilometers to a petrol station to just get some urea for my truck. and there were long queues and vehicles my turn didn't come. so i just left entry 100 drivers, a panic buying, and the reports of hoarding fuel stations are running out of stock with isn't loderman 8 or 9 truck drivers out of 10. don't come any more than leave ross 80 to 90 percent of our big customers. they always ask why we haven't secured enough urea, so we feel very sorry for them. uria water solution is used to cut toxic emissions of nitrogen oxide from diesel vehicles. in 2015, in an effort to cub rising air pollution, the south korean government made it mandatory for all diesel powered cars, buses, and free trucks to use the chemical china is a country's biggest supplier. but since october it's phase to cold shortage. that's
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created. it's worth power crisis in years, and b ging has now tight in exports. in south korea, the precedent is calling for com to him while soupy turtle the government is doing our best to solve euriah import issues promptly and find alternative sources. so there was no need for excessive concerned or military aircraft as being for just really to get supplies. g as a u t. as a little we firstly arrange to import urea from australia. and the currently talks of government levels. regarding this defense ministry is also preparing support for rapid transportation. many fear the shortest good for millions of cargo trucks off the roads, causing major disruption, informing businesses, industrial ad factories, the overall production of any kind of material here, korea is threatened to be, to be halted. so this is a supply chain crisis for home here inside korea, but also for export and korea is of such and the import them exporting country in
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the global scale. so this could also mean global impact. a shift for the biggest economy has so far managed to affect much of the economic damage from the crone of ours pandemic to strong exports. but many here are worried if the urea shortest continues that recovery could get a lot tougher. priyanka looked up all the 0. a former prime minister in democratic republic of congo has gone on trial for embezzling public funds, august and must have a pony or is accused of ordering payments of more than $110000000.00. to fix his creditors. he's always challenging the courts right to try him. saying he has parliamentary immunity has been lifted by the senate for another case. funerals have been held for victims of the fuel tank explosion in sierra leone. at least 115 people were killed. 3 days of national morning have been declared. a mass ceremony
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was held for those who died. more than 90 people remain in hospitals. the un says west africa has become a major transit hub for drug trafficking. the amount of cocaine seized in the region grew tenfold between 20152019 liberia is one of the countries affected. his drugs make their way from latin america to the european markets. it was hawk reports from monroe via this when feared warlord during lay barriers, decade long civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic he's my pops says this man. i would kill for him in these ghettos in the capital monrovia, the children who once fought for him have now grown into gang members and drug addicts. oh, they call him general, but naked because he fought without clothes alongside children hooked on drugs. he provided before going into battle, bly says he and his army of child soldiers ate the hearts of children. they'd
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capture. i'm looking for g to only promise me that i you were given foreign pitcher greg bullet ish for what purpose? asked this man. the enemy is a dock in the most brilliant children. that's why you seated about one worry. the mission is going to be struggle. little if no rescue these guys all the enemy, he refers to our drug lords in monrovia were told to leave and that gangs are after us. the un says liberia is among several west african countries used as transit hubs for cocaine and heroin coming from latin american asian countries to european markets. the next day we meet bly at his home in his backyard, our barracks for the teenagers. he's picked off the streets. they say nigerian gang members are distributing drugs in the ghettos hooking children on heroin or pharmaceuticals. like the pain killer tramadol, i want to become
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a lawmaker because no one will talk for us. in the house of representatives. we are vulnerable under streets smoke in drugs. i want to become a law mikka to protect my friends. bly has admitted to the country's truth and reconciliation commission that he is responsible for the killings of more than $20000.00 people during the civil war. now he says he's these children's protector, the work that the former warlord joshua boy, he has done with 3 children, has attracted her hub lic sympathy, and as protected him in effect from public prosecution. despite the recommendations made by the truth. and reconciliation commission on blind says, protecting children as a way for him to repent for his past crimes. i think what i did was wrong and there was no excuse for it. and me and us who did this should be for. if i'm with him for justice, i want to be give him back for this former warlord, liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's
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a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes. and for his country, statements that few here are in a position to challenge. nicholas hawk al jazeera monrovia for astronauts have returned to earth after spending $200.00 days on board, the international space station. their space ex cap shot slash down off the usa of florida of knife. during that mission they worked on the exterior of the taste testing. the 1st truly pep is grown in space down. that's very cool. so head on al jazeera is called the denver nuggets over here in this n b a game. and he said with that story, ah a,
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a with the moon
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a full ts and a thank you so much. kim will england's p 20 cricket captain says the racism scandal and golfing the country's domestic game isn't something his team hiding away from morgan side and getting ready to face new zealand in the well cup. semi finals, england looking to win this competition for a 2nd time and follow a trunk from the one day will cup in 2019 of course beat new zealand in that memorable final 2 years ago, the semi taking place in the dabby. on wednesday, the build up to the game completely overshadowed by accusations of institutional racism and yorkshire county cricket club report found that full plan as interfered with the victim of racial harassment and bullying. but the club initially said it wouldn't be discipline in any one. house interests, even apology from yorkshire,
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and several senior figures have resigned from the club. when matters are nature ever wrong when it comes to discrimination we we told her that situation in our lot divers library. so we try and share our stories as much as we can. we were all products of can be pretty sums age rather, crease can't get his stansell rolls. well, we've been talking to the daddy merrick cricket correspondent, dean wilson. he says, the handling if this racism cases sheet damaging to the english games, reputation. any enemies problem at the moment? that's for sure. when you've got a team out here trying to compete for the 2nd woke up in a row. but all the stories, all the coverage about the game,
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front page back page and broadcasting ability and it's all been about this issue of racism, yorkshire and, and it's been a real issue that goes deeper than just one club. i think the game is really looking at itself in terms of the and you know, the call for evidence now to try and get a real picture where the game is, regards to this issue. but it's been very difficult weekend and certainly a bad image for the game of the moment. there's no doubt that the story has been the subject of a lot of conversations within the england camp. and there are a number of players to play for your friends and colleagues involved in the story. so they certainly have impacted the guy that here. but you know, as i say, their own dress room, their own environment is a very healthy, diverse and inclusive one. and i think, i think there is
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a feeling that i wish that that could be replicated throughout the game of a clubs and the dressing rooms. steph curry has put in a history making performance lead the golden state warriors to a 5th straight when we carry almost single handedly taking them on the atlanta hope . 127. 113, he scored an n b a and high 50 points. that included $93.00 points is san assists, and 7 ravens in doing so the $33.00 oh became the oldest player and, and be a history to have a 50 points and tennessee in a single area. they start to go a shot. so the ford id versus locked in green turnovers, everybody get involved. and then you know, like an explosion like that. so much energy, you know, around a team in this arena, take your own course. so as a finite, i pretty lively night over in denver,
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nuggets summit overheating after this little altercation. then visit nickel yoke, it ejected from the game after slamming his shoulder and sent money play or not keith morris. the market is going on, sir, when $113.00. so nice i think it was a dirty play. oh and then i just needed to protect myself i'm. i felt bad and i'm not supposed to react that way. first of all, to not get thrown out of the game or so i do, i can i help my team in the game, which is the most important thing just absolutely uncalled for and it would have looked a lot different. it, this whole thing could have been a whole lot uglier, if marquee was actually facing joke, it's, you know, the fact that he had his back turned, and he made a play like that in a blind siding. and those are just
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a very dangerous play. and some of the world's top tennis players are getting ready to finish the year in style, the season ending, debit ca finally kick off on wednesday in guadalajara. the tournament involves the world's topic available. place 6 of the 8 participants this time at a competing in the event for the 1st time arena sa blanket is the top seed after well, number one, as the party decided not to travel to mexico. oh, my god. yeah, this is something special and i don't know i was going to qualify for a final on my pocket. it's really important for me and i'm really happy. i mean, you know, it's a different event. it's my 1st time playing w, they fine. know, i'm very excited. it's great. i mean, we're having a great mexico. everything. it's very well organized and i can always start. okay, that is how you sported. so looking for now. thanks bye. and if that is the news all to go away though, on the back and just a moment with plenty more of the days news see in
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a few minutes but i found ah mm. with to years of over grace, the damage caused to the precious gross lance. of chile is being reversed with one of the world's biggest, other conservation projects. they're pretty emblematic of the pedagogy and if they're plentiful and they're calm like this one is then you know that the system is coming back and that they feel no strand. and that's why you know, i, for re wilding patagonia on al jazeera from the al jazeera london broke up,
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then passed to people in thoughtful conversation. we were 1st generation of black british people and we have to really find our way with no hope and no limitation. the world is a much smaller place. we do better to get away with these regional boundaries, films. i reckon you're in to tell me thing is home right in you think about right. the biggest weapon they have if making off invisible judea v unscripted coming soon on out to the era it's the was. 2 both populous democracy, diverse dynamic, and undergoing moment to seen context india dixon in depth. look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the coven 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me fair to so as a for context, india and alex is eda. we understand the differences and
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similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what you see when using current poles that matter to you, ah, poland warns of escalation after blocking hundreds of migrants of refugees from crossing the border from belgium. ah, i'm can bell this is al jazeera alive from dull ha, also coming up. the risk of ethiopia descending into a widening civil war is only 2 real b u and security council has a dire assessment about ethiopia as complex and a warning. there's only a small window of opportunity.


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