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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2021 6:30am-7:00am AST

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germany, obviously in the british museum in the u. s. and so forth. and like all these countries and nations. and since the end of colonialism, they've been holding in the money for the return of their cultural property. and this is a happy day, i believe, for the people have been that they are going to get some of their objects back. as for our 26 items, i believe it's an ongoing process and we'll look forward to seeing more of us returning. ah, i've got the headlines here on al jazeera, you and is calling for the release of 16 of its local staff, detained in ethiopia. capital at isabella, comes at a time to escalate in conflict between ethiopia. a central government and rebel forces in the country is not as far as i know, no explanation given to us by why these the staff members are,
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are detained on the there are 16 remaining in detention and 6 have been released. so that, that's the breakdown they come from, various and agencies, there are all national staff it is imperative that they, that they be released. an african union envoy has traveled to ethiopia as i'm hama under far regions. and i, diplomatic, pushed to end the conflict rebels from ethiopia to grow our region of bonds, closer to the capitol, the you and one of the conflict responding until wide, a civil war. bouldin's prime minister has that he was russia of being behind the wave of migrants trying to enter the country through bella luce, he says, musk as actions threaten you. stability analysts say the pledge is countries of made at cop $26.00 to tackle climate change this decade. would still lead to a 2.4 degrees celsius temperature rise this century. that's far more than $1.00 to
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the limit that committed to india's cashmere al. as in blanket it in smog with air pollution hitting dangerous levels across new delhi and other parts of the north. the severe deterioration in air quality is being blamed on farmers violating a band on crop burning. on the top court and the u. s. state of oklahoma as overturned a $465000000.00 opioid ruling against the drug make a johnston. johnson the pharmaceutical giant was accused of feeling the opioid epidemic which has killed more than half a 1000000 americans through deceptive marketing. fransen beneath have reached an agreement to return 26 historical artifacts to the african nation. some of africa's most significant artworks are looted by french colonial troops back in the 19th century. so those were the headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera. after witness state you, thanks for watching. i talked to al jazeera, we ask, how would you these lines i learned relationship with the us?
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we listen copies 19 is not all 4 of 19 there's been terrible demonstration of the failure of human. so we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on voucher sera. a problem with what it was. i mean let me see the account with you want to about quarter to i wouldn't. okay. well, i know the bottom of, i believe, at least in terms of being the most like muslims have developed a more discounts he was, you know, like my duty. i don't think what i was gonna say. i mean, full synthetic little screen on this guy said he supported control this graphic with us in this post. we got from pity. so
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well, yeah. i, you know, so when do you i can do which is what i mean. like you have your names. yeah. to me they based a lot of course database to know a a much better borders to me
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it was a lot of those with ah for so many a better the are your other give her i love your lanes. yeah. and we just guzzles universal mass. joe giddy up was all okay. i me knows that i thought of it is on my my him in the middle is up, but he see it out on me. hold on. ah
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the what i've been that i saw when you were there for them. i expected the not be in the body and on that then most game will start like on but then she had taken the car. so now i don't. this is one, not really watching the wireless. i know the status. i love to hear you says, can you read all of us dollars processing in the last $100.00? so i hope all is going well just didn't he and you can also but i was in the article woman, but that are the nominate up. but the rest of your sex, i'm sorry,
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i couldn't almost go there for the better. so not a problem. and they keep on me and dosing and model you'll see it gets a little while. and then what is the key for that that are in question, getting me on the speaker again and plus it will not be here and i can now a lot of the lakes, you know, can it, i mean for monkish, more than a lot of that are all due until a mother allows us to see another one as a. i mean that's how i think $1.00 element is caliah. clerical meant that she'll she'll need to go to the not soon. and 6 that i want to call you on it. so let me know what the company was gathering. natalie hilda book, if you needed me
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it's been that way. yeah. i know what i know what hey, damn mercedes. e class 11 days to throw it. but it can not be a simple yes. the priscilla whom papa fin the bottle to throw up with us. i will let a journal, monique when mcginnis, i live in frederick. good camelia again, the loosened grass seen at the doctor know but general gives him a 2nd. while i am still having the play, he forget up what it is like when i was told that our call is the thing. so who says that there is nobody here? because he knew, and i went there and put his yo yo and i went on madeline,
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hope assistance isn't going okay. there's orders. i'm in this courtroom. he was a good beer then, then to see him on when i was going to put her in, don't bases in the dish. now when a meal of yellow, joe said kenya, when the answers are you almost a little if they need a capital is out of laser knuckles, you know, pasadena is moodle. wow roy
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i thought i'm getting done with now i will be again, i will thanks a lot choice not coming out
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who had their own for me because i was doing good for if you don't go to work a lot better, i live about a 50 i cannot go to the mustang, i won't be able to get her the asked a few days. so same as your father is me who's going to refer me a ticket for c lovelace as well. but i'm put up with your number. that means you can go with, you know, i had to put one in a workbook cuz i was there. yeah, there was just a couple of, oh,
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do you enjoy stated has him on with that have become a little bit harder cuz everybody i knew were very people to live on or with no time has he is in the hospital with his i'm was k e l not me, but i'm with the name of jack, i think because i know what i'm donna's but i but i still eat video. and why did i sued reese, when asking my mom was when his dad recently with napoleon was by adding a test almost. we need to be able to combine yet. i says, but that i sent him info. i was nino samuels comerica lisa and, and then i saw that i know it's gone from a demo and get monthly and in so called,
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but they said they're gonna come by now, most gumble, there's a year look. and also there was gonna most quickly that is christ is got and this and get i collect them a lot in details and a lot it guess that's i would elo get up and then carla can upset around with my wife on the bus. i was busy, mom wasn't brought out. okay. but i'm not responding. hopefully you have a good much like what is it and i was in a say, oh,
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you know, or a lot of my to finalize for anyways, i was with pinches. no, i don't want to move into the c. i mean the way to win elect people's youngblood with embassy as a adrenal mcwhorter. to stick with was paul, look at the name was i startled me in email in teams. is a little jonathan hamilton, and i wanna make
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ah a year a lesson and check on with me just one of those, the press release kaski. you're feeling the show collateral lab. i locally 1000.
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like i said on on the on them. what if i come with the bus? number one, i had to come with a phone, but i live with a name with me.
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and i think i get a i think are clear and credit for see bob. lucky. i got another one. like i don't, i don't, i don't know if i look, i mean, a bumper on the floor, miss bumper and you're out of the diploma center. if you move
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on to the growth in the yard or do you look you know, they say so i don't know what i need to work. why i was the same which was alice is now. yeah, i will need a family of been a lot and your family here all day and
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he said yeah, yeah, let anybody i will not be with that. is that okay. yeah. and the therapist with the name of he said he, i'm going to go and watch a 4 o'clock. but is there a whole my lives in get more people money that i me now and what was a yellow this quote to be so, mean you a, when you're the phone, doesn't even this
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is lindsay to put all these us 130, maybe 4000 feet up was in mexico is a medical therapy color courtyard. they don't want the le part of the, the key parts. ok the and they use all of any of you who for your field in out of in they will not of my little to me that and as for my son that i must mention, i guess on when i can see that the the, the, the kid thing the feel but a lamentable i missed the call from that. a good guess has an
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audi family or if i'm only come in a rental already back, in my case, he's a buyer. i was getting in with him. if you put up a whole team but a laser view, they gave up on the scene. no say on sundays or see that it was a way out of field. i think that was unique when i met a month in. okay. and how many months you on that, and on the thing going for that and wait a minute faster than that, seeming to be that you know, we'll see you on the, on the, on their units. but you, i think you might find
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a difference in the beginning of those the one i say book it dawn on me in my bedroom and while while it will be got in touch with one another. i hit okay. yep. awesome. super. to have even wichita what a key to renaissance as if it was still your kiddos up. i don't, i mean that i see i say, can miss a house and when i'm at monument or not to see why i didn't know c, c,
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c as a. com is mussman, give a one. them is open. i s of it going to rapidly enter the business and there i hadn't been that way, but gave me a call yesterday. so see, pacifically is there isn't gonna hurt but i get i have a gary of a. ringback ah, we're
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good behavior going to be less upset about this going to them and yet controller and information will expand awesome for to get done in the sequence. and that's good to go. because i guess it's, but i've been told that next is probably because we are, we're falling on my computer. look in control e 1st party feels like this is skipped and went to practical. but i really sort of sec, tv that is month. and then ask to anita and not awareness . it was he and i see not know i can know what it is he that is perfect.
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oh wow. this is he in the scene when facing goes him placene point this year is wellness here, but i'm will get on the is when i see but i'm we don't know to separate syllabus thick unless he like or no she those need partial familiarities. or if we don't put your lean, she'll important that i made up several more, wiggle doors and
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cozy po for, for, for more booth. incredibly. busy a lot of the couldn't or at the defense, bella, los, cassandra, missouri accounting for new fitness. i'm to learn more at risk, get us go on. if i were to give him your my girlfriend, if you know what to say, k you up. what a bad guy i was interested to hear from you. but in this money, huntington, as he knowing martinez, says no father, he has a beautiful number beside him. the bundle that has been lasandra spent oh boy, the ah .
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we hear back the pacific island nation, rapidly falling victim to rising sea levels and to president skilfully commanding the stage of climate change. diplomacy, who do we appeal to for our people's ride to survive and the challenge of clarity with can he security to the he seemed to be stateless people. what he's going to happen to us is going to be the fate of paris. wilful witness, and no one else is in pitches, don't whine. that's the beauty of television. journalism i've always wanted to make the audience feel something to create an emotional connection with the story.
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sometimes you have to go to great lengths to do just that. ah, when we made a film on the quote of ours, we covered it without fear or favor. we so 1st hand, the fee of the pandemic, of course, and the behavior laid on the truck when you realize what's going on, the police investigating and right now office the government expelled me by couldn't hide from the truth as a tax on press freedom escalate. i work the al jazeera because i hold the line. i'm drew ambrose mm. oh, tens of thousands of children were born into old lives under the icicle regime in iraq and syria. now, many are in camps, either orphans, all with a widowed mothers,
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rejected by their own communities kicking the length of people are going to welcome them after that. of course, mom and you documentary his, that chilling and traumatic stories for the children throw stones at me. iraq's last generation on al jazeera ah, the you and his working to really 16 of its staff, detained by the ethiopian government. they're accused of participation and terror. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up as thousands of migrants come out on the bella roost, poland bowed up war sol.


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