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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2021 11:00am-11:31am AST

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ah, being a journalist is about listening to people and understanding where they're coming from, following a story, no matter how long it takes, or where it leads. i'm christian flu. ah, ah. the un works for the release of 16 ethiopian staff who have been detained by the government in addis ababa ah, well combined peter w a. watching out his ear alive from the ha. also coming up, having accused bella roofs of creating a refugee and migrant crisis on its border, poland also points the finger at russia. the draft deal from the cop $26.00 climate
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summit urges countries to step up their goals. analysts believe we are on track to miss the $1.00 degree target plus are going to clar reporting from your me islands in northern scotland, where the power of the sea is driving the green revolution. ah, the united nations is pushing for the release of ethiopian staff have been detained by the government in ada sapa, un, and humanitarian. saucy say they were arrested during government rates targeting to g. ryan's advances made by tick ryan rebels have been fighting against the government for more than a year. prompt the declaration of a nation wide state of emergency last week. as far as i know, no explanation given to us by why these are the staff members are or detained. ah vi,
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there are 16 remaining in detention and 6 have been released so that that's 3rd the, the breakdown they come from. various are you and agencies, they're all national staff. it is imperative that they, that they be released. meanwhile, the diplomatic pushes, gathering pace to prevent ethiopian conflict escalating into a full blown civil war. the african union envoy, alicia gon obasanjo, traveled to the am horror and afar regions trying to mediate and the a you is discussing humanitarian access into to cry, where there is a severe shortage of food and fuel. the u. n says nearly 400000 people are living in famine like conditions al jazeera muhammad at o joins us from addis ababa. this our mo, there are frantic diplomatic efforts to try and bring the 2 sides to a state of dialogue. are those efforts producing any fruit?
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while they seemed to me, they seemed to be if the word of all the signal assign job, former president of nigeria, who is the african union, special envoy to the home of uppercase anything to go by. he says there is a very small window of opportunity to try and bring the 2 sides to them. it was shifting table, but he says window is closing very fast. and he says he will have a plan by the end of the week for negotiations between the 2 parties. he met his statement of the meeting. that is the of him government led by prime minister, be much i'm also trouble to michaela. to mit the high command of the t p l f flights is he also visited them hot on alpha regions where the fighting hospitals over in the past few weeks and where most of the fighting
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has been taking place. of course the, the issue of that tug that has been given to the, to get a flight us, which is the government has put them in the list. naming them a tentative tokenize that somebody has been an obstacle to the 2 sites. negotiating up until now. the government does not say what it's ready to drop that time, but 5 minutes to be off. tweeting late on tuesday said his government was ready to work with the friends of if you appear to try and overcome what he called the temper of the challenges. if you're going through, and as far as we know what's happening on the front lines, i mean, how far away are they from the capital? it's hard to tell, given that journalists are not being allowed to the phone lines, but the from what we are hearing from folsom in both the on the on, on the hot our region. the fire thing is up list about 30350 kilometers away. from
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the capital, if you can defense forces supported by irregular comb baton from them. hot militias offered a malicious, i'm also thousands of people will 2nd up in response to a call from prime minister be optimal. what hold on if that is what white thing is to pick up what i'm sure that was stop. they are saying so far the lines have held for the past week or so. but again, that the rebels say that they have been a force too much to it's obvious in order to break the siege on the ticket. i region a see about the cost on told humanitarian suffering with more than 400000 people living in farm in like condition base. i shut that off basically, almost everything, all the basic commodities in great shortage. and one of the reasons why that is now all these frantic diplomatic efforts coming from not only the african union,
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but the united states as well as the european union, is to ensure that a humanitarian corridor is up and so that much needed food and fuel get to the people who are the most integral region. mama, thanks so much my that or their reporting life was from addis ababa. amnesty international says, is documented 16 cases of women being raped by to grant rebel fighters during their recent advances in the ethiopian conflict. the organization says that happened during the group's takeover of a town in m. r. in august. part of a statement from the amnesty secretary general reads the testimonies we heard from survivors described despicable acts by t p l. a fighters that amount to war crimes and potentially crimes against humanity . they defy morality or any iota of humanity. bolan's prime minister has turned his focus to russia, accusing president vladimir putin of masterminding, a migrant and refugee crisis of poland. border with bella roost. mateusz muranski
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had previously blamed bella bruce for orchestrating the crisis, but not without the support of moscow. a long time ally of the bell or russian, nita rory, challenge reports. you're already in the middle of every humanitarian crisis. there are always human faces. and these are the children, women and men stuck in a deadly stand off on the poland. bella roost border. thousands and now in makeshift camps along the razor, wire humanitarian group say they are lacking food and medicine. social media footage from recent days shows several 100 refugees and migrants, escorted by masked bell russian security. heading towards poland. the large numbers of escalated a crisis. there's been boiling for many weeks. this family says it's kurdish. the grandmother isn't well, they're lucky enough to have found their way into poland after 2 weeks in the forest. but what's next for them isn't clear. according to the repartee charity
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watching them be escorted away by bodyguards. we can never be certain what happens to the people that lead the that we offer help in the for us because the polish authorities are breaking the law and a convention they offend, sent them back to believe even though they apply for international protection here for months thousands of feet entering the e u vibe salaries. at 1st through lithuania and latvia. now mainly 3 poland. the e. u accuses bell russian leader alexander luther shanker. of orchestrating ways of migrants and refugees in retaliation of the sanctions imposed on his governments for violent crackdowns. on the opposition with the he accuses poland of military intimidate, brought the subordinate pro to grant only a part of them from nation. so, fighting migrants with tanks today, well, excuse me, why we both have a military background. we understand that being in
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a war with these poor people on the polish bella, russian border and moving in tank columns with, it's obvious that it has some sort of drill a hole, intimidation, africa, that of course we face it without anxiety. what kind of sparkling it's important to us for you. on monday, poland said it had withstood attempts by migrants to force their way across the border. prime minister mateusz. moreover, etzky has been visiting troops. nations versions of them. summations of them was a who would think to 3 months ago that we would be dealing with actions that are characterized by the use of human shields. lucas shankar regime uses civilians, weapons in a hybrid war. what we can see today, a new methods, and you are a bastion against the nova madonica, germany is urging e u. member states to do more so far. there's been little coordinated action from you, though that might be change a president called on member states to approve extended sanctions against the bella
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russian or thought it is. and she also announced the exploration of measures against that country. airlines that are active in human trafficking. several people along the board, i have already died from exposure. there could be many more to come, rory, talents out a 0. now the former george and president mikhail sucker really is expected to appear in courts on more charge is linked with time in office. he's been on hunger strike for more than a month whilst in jail. supporters of rallies to call for his release shockers really was arrested in october when he returned to georgia. the 1st time in 8 years . he's been convicted in absentia of abuse of power charges. he says were made up robin 1st. a walker is at the rally. one of the rallies into blue sea forest are more proto by his supporters. robin was the atmosphere like it's pretty tense actually be generally of the situation in georgia at the moment.
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it's really having deteriorated. those kind of the relationship between the government and opposition was bad since, because that because we didn't come back, you know, given oxygen to the opposition. but at the same time, it's really create a sense that something's got to give. the reason i'm standing here at the moment is that i'm outside security services ministry building, and you can see the traffic by me and be behind a row of police officers and behind them. vocal protests is not huge numbers, but we've seen earlier, arrests taking place. in fact, i think it over to my right now we can't move the camera. unfortunately. somebody else is just being taken into detention. and they have come out today because they're very angry at the way they say the government's been handling. mister stuck, i believe he's now he's 41st day of the strike and that means every day the risk
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grows for that being serious complications with his health. and on monday night, he was moved from a prison outside of tbilisi and savvy town to a maximum security prison. here in sibley for guild dani, which has a medical facility and that's where the suckers meeting was taken. but he's supposed to say he's at great risk back because inside that prison inmates who have a nice guy and you have a grudge against mr. ashby, and they say because he was the president during his tenure who wrote down the criminal network, then they were recording from his arrival that prison where you could hear the abuse raining down on him from prisoners who knew exactly who the prison that was that was joining them that all kinds of threats to his life. so this is saying he needs to be sent to a private clinic to it, to be put into a hospital where he can be treated safely. briefly robin,
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you get the sense there that he can or cannot receive a fair trial of good cheese. that depends on who you see today he's expected or was expected to attend to trial hearing for acute excessive use of hearing back in 2007. which opposition at the time, protest is what to be any beated. but he may not even make an appearance because the government is already been saying that, well, you know, we can't guarantee safety if we take him to court. but that appears to suggest really what i'm most concerned about is that they want to stop him of public just because mister 2nd, what he says, there's nothing more than to actually receive a fetch a trial which he can actually make an appearance if he's been convicted already but that was while he was in exile abroad,
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suddenly they say that is the way mr. sec has really a full the president can receive a fair trial here in georgia. robin. thank you. robert and christy walker. they were 40 my 1st from tbilisi. so to come here on out to 0, donald trump lose is a legal battle to keep some of his records away from the investigation. and january's capitol hill, ryans, and without more government coded 19 support, a number of jobs. listen. the philippines looks set to keep on rising. ah, ah, look forward to burritos, guys. with sponsored by capital airways. hello there. there's more stormy weather on the way for southern areas of europe. thanks to storm blast that spring wet and windy conditions, disruptive and possibly dangerous conditions to the western and central parts of
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the mediterranean, isn't really wet and windy weather on the way facility for sardinia, for corsica, and eastern areas of spain as well as about the eric islands and north africa, now it is a slow moving area of low pressure. we could see rain turtles of up to 200 millimeters foreign places. and that of course brings a risk of flooding. we've got gales in force as well. so rough seas and waves that could reach up to 6 meters. now it is going to linger here for at least the next 2 days. but further to the west of this, it is looking lot fine. if a much a, b, i, beerin peninsula, lots of sunshine coming through for western parts of spain and portugal, and to the east. it is looking lot dry here. once that wintery mix pushes the way from the black sea across central areas, that is fine and dry. a more settled as well. we're seeing some warmth come in to the balkans temperatures. on the rise. here in scandinavia though, it continues to be rather wet and windy a lot of that snow affecting western parts of norway. but for britain, an island, it'll be turning wet up towards
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a weekend. that's your update for the weather sponsored by casara ways in the country with an abundance of resource rate and want to miss you firms for me, we move to grow and fraud. we balance real economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest paul going to lose his growth and progress and, and now, ah, ah,
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816 gmc, you're watching al jazeera and peter darby, your headlining stories. the united nations is pushing for the release of ethiopian staff, detained by the government in addis ababa. the conflict between the central government and northern to cry rebels has escalated across recent weeks. colin's prime minister has turned his focus on russia for what he says is an orchestrated attack using refugees and migrants mateusz. moreover, yeskis had previously blamed bella ruth for worsting crisis on the border and the former george and president he fell sack naturally is expected to appear in court on more charges linked to his titan office has been on hunger strike for more than a month, whilst in jail, his supporters rallied to call for his release ensued on some schools and universities have suspended their studies in solidarity with strike action against last month's military takeover. sedans, protest movement has been pushing supporters to maintain demonstrations and civil
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disobedience campaigns. it's rejected internationally backed initiatives to return to a power sharing arrangement with the military resort solder is life for us in cartoon . russell, what's the latest on the political talks there to form a government while there are the talks between the army and did the political parties still on going on? but so far, all of the attempts to form a new government. how failed and that there, but that pardon me, chief al will han once there. oh says prime minister of the law ham. look to be back as the head of the new government, however, of the law ham look has several conditions and among them, the chief among them is the release of all of the political prisoners. and also going back to back before the 25th of october, which is something that mr. edwards hand or pauses. but on the other hand, the international community, particularly the u assay and european union n,
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as an international institution that you an are insisting on hum duke to be their prime minister again and, and, and govern the country. and yesterday, the troll car has a de the troika, which is consist of the a u r. c, norway and u. k. deborah, deborah representatives met mr albert han and asked him for an immediate return to civilian government and leaves of the political prisoners. and also they emphasize on the partnership or the military and civilians. so at the source to say that hum duke has met the representative of the political parties and told them that he will accept the decision. and he will follow the desire of the people in the cities and mister albert hand, the armies chief also says that he is very much keen to her to see hum duke as the prime minister. however, it must be a new technocrat government that doesn't reflect that they're the same a case of the previous ousted go to my so it is quite difficult for now. but what
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they know that there have been some other people also been called to her tomb as plan b for for mr. will hand in case if 100 doesn't accept to be the prime minister, is going to appoint another civilian as head of the government. however key she's here, whether without ham, look, be the prime minister in the country and one will be able to control the threes and getting to know support or not. that's the question remains. tell us more about the military leaders decision to form this new committee to recover some fun, some, some amounts of money. well peter, during the a, her the all state her traditional government. they have established at this madeline committee that this madeline committee was in charge of dismantling the state, the institutions from the members of the old regimes at bishop era. jim. so they were removing the people all the james people,
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figures from the business associations from this security, the army, the police forces, did the academia and the and yours and so one. so, and that this man lean or comedy had the authorization off investigation. and also at rest in people and have they have done, they conducted a purge, and they were of that freezing the assess of menu of the people. so this created a resentment. now the that the decision and by and will hand to live to, to establish a need committee is being seen as a revenge being taken against the ousted or that the outset, the government. because these new committee is going to go after the members of their previous dismantling. but so it's a kind of new dismantling committee. a going after the mandate, members of the previous dismantling committee, which has been seen as
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a revenge against ad would hands or political enemies or political opponents in the, in the country. and there are fears that it will create new purse and, and, and good lead to more areas in the country. russell, thank you very much, wrestle sata there live for us. in cartoon the u. k. has released a draft cop 2016 which urges countries to step up the climate goals by the end of next year. leaders are being asked to revisit and strengthen the 2030 targets on tuesday. analyst warned emissions pledges made boss made so far will lead to a global average temperature rise of $2.00 degrees celsius the century. the targets is $1.00 degrees before us president donald trump has lost a legal battle to block the release of documents to the congressional committee. investigating january's capital hill riots, the house committee wants to see them to determine how much from or his in a circle may have been involved in the attack. from lawyers argue,
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but telephone records, visitor logs, and other white house documents were protected by executive privilege, but the judge disagreed. in her ruling, tenure should can set the former president, quote, position that he may override the express will of the executive branch appears to be premised on the notion that his executive power quotes exists in perpetuity. but presidents are not kings, she said, and plaintive is not president. bill schneider is a political analyst and public policy professor at george mason university. explain to us, elliot more about what this ruling actually means. it was easy, very explicit ruling by the judge. and she pointed out, and this was the key sentence. presidents are not kings, and the plaintiff in this case, donald trump, is not the president. he was trying to executive privilege retroactively over over documents that pertain to his own presidency. joe biden is dis, said that he would not exert executive privilege over those. he's the president and
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what the judge said is we have a unitary executive. only one person con, at the time can be president. and as president biden, who has refused to exert executive privilege over these documents, why is he trying to hide this information? because the suspicion is that he was very much involved in an attempt to subvert the constitution. and to overturn the electoral process in the united states, namely to namely congress his role in confirming the electoral vote. that's a very serious and grave affair. what president biden has said is that this is an issue of grave public importance equivalent. the judge said to watergate can 911 to iran, contra, and therefore it's great public importance means that that's more important than executive privilege, especially retros retroactive executive privilege for a former president and the report says human rights abuses including killings and torture by me and mas military could amount to war crimes. since february's coo,
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hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced and 3000000 are in need of aid . a group fortify rights says so just of you civilians as human shields, engines forced labor. the philippines response to the global pandemic has taken a great a toll on its economy than expected growth. almost half between the 2nd and 3rd quarters of this year, jamila elling doggone has more from manila player from yellow money mot. boonie is taking a call from a prospective employer and a shipping company like that. different when you say, when interview 11 funny. and it also that been another couple of come to meet us today. i can go to the company, which is i applied for, and it's been very rude and 9 months. matt says he sent his resume to at least 20 companies each week, but he hasn't found any work. the story of not boonie is a story that is repeated
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a 1000 times over. people here tell us, there are more and more job applicants here. desperate to find a job overseas, they tell us their situation has been worse and by the corona, virus. pandemic hormone permission, bookkeeper, blanca, floor and darwin, evangelist. to work for agencies that recruit seafarers and they keep a waiting list. they say with so few jobs around, it's getting longer. the philippines imposed one of the world's longest loc downs when the pandemic broke out. but it led to one of the country, his worst economic recessions. in decades, unemployment is now at 8.9 percent. it's highest so far this year. thousands of small and medium businesses have also shut down. and communities dependent on tourism are facing the greatest difficulties. and much more diligently, bullshit gas, no, there will be an issue of restrictions. and with that,
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we hope that means an upstart on our economy. again, we understand the people are not going to agree to be locked down again. so with this reopening, we hope it will be a better christmas for everyone. but some analysts say it's not that simple with what the more money in purchasing, barring, or harmonies, without more support for max one we sent the price. yes. i think it'll be a long snow nick already, at least until the end of next year. there will be early, perhaps, even don't plenty, plenty, many filipinos see, they've always faced hardship. but the pandemic, coupled with the lack of government assistance, is making it worse. jamal allan doug and al jazeera manila. now as the world looks for solutions to the climate crisis, scotlands orkney islands are at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution.
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as new clark reports the islands have a heritage of innovation dating back thousands of years. the story of invention on these remote islands is coming full circle. cultural and architectural innovation flourished hair way back in neolithic times, even before the pyramids were built. 5000 years on orkney is again at the vanguard of the future. we all know i didn't fit on the range in castro through the north sea and the north atlantic, where the tides career back and forth between the islands and the u. k. mainland and in the title raises, does power power that can drive all walls. this is the orbital o to the world's most powerful title turbine. roaches spin in the ebb and flow generating enough electricity for 2000 homes. it's just one of many prototypes being tested by the european marine energy center. here on orkney research suggest title power could provide up to 10 percent of the u. k. electricity with the same
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guaranteed output as gas or co title. and she's really interesting because it entirely predictable is driven by the position of the moon and the position of the earth and the sun. so we know where the tides are going to be when the trucks can be running a 1000 years from today. some of the machines are on the sea bed, some of the machines associate on the surface, but altogether they actually provide a huge energy. so since available the island is him, have already capitalized on another force of nature. community owned commercial scale, wind turbines, they help generate more electricity than is required on the islands. the surplus being sold on to the u. k. mainland. this also a huge offshore wind project planned and green. hydrogen is already being produced to par marine and rode transport. i spoke to dr. sandy cur harriet, what university he told me the arcadian green revolution has turned the island economy around. we get students to come here from around the world under kittens
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that come back to learn about renewable energy in this community. and a number of them, steve and jacob, jose were say at the local air renewable energy companies not really reverse in the bream drain that we see around the rest of the u. k. while there's still a long way to go, these islands are well on the road to carbon neutrality, wind and tide, a driving a size make change, giving the rest of the world a glimpse of things to come. nick clark al jazeera, the oconee islands, scotland ah . 30 g top stories so far today. the united nations is pushing for the release of its ethiopian staff, detained by the government in addis ababa. the conflict between the central government and northern to brian rebels has escalated in recent weeks. ma madeau has more now from addis ababa from forces in both the on the on. i'm a hot,
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our region. the fly think is up list about 30350 kilometers away.


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