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how will that one done it, in course for a boycott, impact this boating event november on out jo, sierra frank assessments is okay. likely to change biking behavior, it'll, it's not going to change their behavior. they are going to continue to do what they do. and in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on out jesse era, ah, china and the u. s. the time it's 2 largest emitters announce a joint plan to tackle climate change. ah, i'm darn jordan. this is out 0, live from dela, also coming up the u. s. president pins his hopes on an infrastructure bill to count a rising inflation. hopeless situation on the bell roofs poem bought
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a thousands of migrants to remain stronger than desperate freezing conditions. and out the years of investigations and law suits there. the settlement in the case of michigan city who's water was poisoned by lead ah china and the u. s. so they should a joint declaration that the cop $26.00 summit in glasgow promising to work together more closely to bring about reelection on climate change at separate news conferences. therein boy said they would corporate to accelerate emissions reductions and meet the temperature goals of the power. se, agreement under simmons. as more from glasgow, it came out of the blue since the chinese special envoy to cop $26.00 announced his country was going to work with the united states on climate action. ah sharmen are well are fog, will you go through all the choices here? i'd like to announce any holden's message. china and united states have jointly
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released at china us joined glasgow declaration une housing climate action in 2020 a line. shortly after that came john kerry confirming what amounts to some sort of partnership the united states and china have no shortage of differences. but on climate and climate cooperation is the only way to get this job done. this is not a discretionary thing, frankly. this is science, it's math and physics that dictate the road that we have to travel. china and the u . s. aren't only the 2 biggest economies on earth. they're also responsible for the biggest emissions of carbon dioxide and methane gases. and that's why such a joint effort may have added value details about exactly what effective will have
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. i'll limited at the stage. but regardless of that, it's given a lift to proceedings here at a difficult time. earlier baron's johnson had headed back to glasgow on an electric train, not the private jet. he used to fly to london last week. his mission to try bridging the gaps on the final agreement. the world is heard leaders from every country consonant stand here and acknowledge the need for action and the world will find absolutely incomprehensible. if we fail to deliver that, and the backlash from people will be immense and it will be long lasting. and frankly, we will deserve their criticism, and their opprobrium fossil fuel states may not like it, but the draft working text has devised a ratcheting up effect on cutting emissions. countries would review progress with foreign ministers meeting next year and with heads of state gathering in 2023. no
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one needs reminding of what's at stake. although this new time lapse study of 6 weeks shows how quickly iglesia in iceland can melt cop 26 to go see ations are getting more intense, not helped. by latest research showing temperatures could rise by 2.4 degrees celsius. not near enough to the 1.5 celsius cap to be anything other than dangerous amounts, even if all the promises for emission cuts and other measures come to fruition. countries like the gambia in west africa, which is one of few states managing to comply with demands from the paris agreement in 2015. we are leading ganga is need, will be negotiation on adaptation. what software we're talking about long term financing. we're talking about loss and damage. we're talking about order sticking issues that are not forthcoming from deep negotiations. so this is a concern for our developing countries. elizabeth hello qualities for that matter.
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this is highly unlikely to be the last version of a draft agreement with rules of consensus in which every one of nearly 200 cop members have to agree. it's feared a final action plan is more likely to be watered down rather than toughened up. andrew simmons, al jazeera glasgow, or lauren gifford is on the university of arizona. she says there's growing skepticism about turning those pledges into reelection the china us agreement to, to enhance climate action is more of that theater. and the devil's always in the details . and these negotiations and here in glasgow where we are all day, what people are really looking at is the nuances of the agreement and how people are talking about increasing flows of finance, dealing with climate adaptation and supporting and financing climate adaptation. compensating small island states where things like the loss of damage that they are
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experiencing because the climate change and things like that. what comes out of the un process, the you and triple c process is non binding agreements and they have frankly never been met. right? so, you know, a lot of it was what we say exists and discourse. it exists then for station and in it drives policy. but we keep continually ramping up. ambition, if they say, and that's what the us china agreement was going to do. and, but that doesn't mean that people actually act on that intended ambition. yes, president jo biden's on a national tour showcasing his infrastructure plan. he says is the fix to the countries soaring inflation, biden's that knowledge that consumer prices are far too high up. the new data revealed, they've written by 6.2 percent in the past year. that's the biggest spike in 30 years. rob rental supports from the port of long beach near los angeles. at least $100.00 giant cargo ships are floating in limbo off the southern california coast
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carrying billions of dollars worth of goods they can't unload. it's the most visible sign of today's global supply chain crisis. we have never seen the volume of containers were seen today. we are busier than ever. we are at full capacity. but the warehouses are also 40, subscribed the ports of the l. a and long beach are the low are just in the us handling about 40 percent to one half of all imports, mostly from china. but due to coven era online spending sprees by american consumers staffing shortages and sheer lack of storage capacity compared to the volume of shipping, the ports are jammed even after ramping up to 247 operation. demik had the effect of impacting every 2nd supply chain. all at the same time, on top of that, the pandemic triggered heightened demand for goods overseas from us consumers. us
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consumers are buying goods at a historic base. u. s. president joe biden has allocated government funding and is urging more coastal ports warehouses, trucking companies, and other links in the supply chain to work 247 to solve the problem. today i'm here to talk about one of the most pressing economic concerns of the american people. and it's real. and that is getting prices down. number one, number 2, making sure our stores are fully stocked. and number 3, getting a lot of people back to work while tracking and tackling these 2 above challenges. i mention today's economic report showing unemployment continue to fall, but consumer prices remain too high. the winter holiday gift giving season is fast approaching. so what's on board? all of these ships stuck out in the harbor waiting to unload. well,
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there's close computers, furniture, electronics, and of great importance to parents and grandparents everywhere. toys, isaac larry and sells toys. lots and lots of very popular toys. kids can't get enough of it, can get his m ga, entertainment company includes god, i haven't items like l, well, surprise brands and many others. so this is not enough for prize. didn't live in, in a kitty cat camper. we have research, he's going to be hug authorities. here are the stories here. over 70 percent of the demand is sitting on boats and contain containers, the china factory. they will make it for christmas and i'm talking bud did supply chain logistic nightmare. the snarled supply chain is slowing down global economic growth and boosting inflation. now, it might mean
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a lot of disappointed kids. i love children more than enough goes my advice to consumer truly watching these. please go. i shop early. experts predict the crunch will persist well into next year. rob reynolds al jazeera, long beach, california. bella, roosters accusing the european union of provoking a refugee and migrant stand off on its border with poland as an excuse to impose new sanctions. that's left about 2000 people stuck in freezing and dangerous conditions at the eastern edge of europe as big as they're not asking for much. in fact, these children just want water journalists are banned from this area. but the person filming these scenes on the border between bellows and poland, says they are babies as young as 2 months old. here some families have not eaten for several days. at night, temperatures drop well below 0. at least 2000 people,
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many of them from the middle east are stuck in makeshift camps along the razor. wire. social media footage from recent days shows refugee and migrants escorted by must by the roost insecurity towards the border. sometimes shots are fired. 7 and people have often been beaten as in these pictures are shown by polish forces momma all day. momma though the u says bela root has been encouraging migrants and refugees to enter poland and lithuania in retaliation for sanctions imposed over human rights violations. you ambassadors have now agreed. this justifies a new round of sanctions. i better ruth, and the block wants action to stop more desperate people arriving on its borders. important, which brings very well to the origin, trend threes into the transit to increase what all the current sequences of the policy is also important to explain to the allies what are the concrete effects of the decisions in the system. and in fact,
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in the launch of the hybrid attach against you. but michelle, by she let, the united nations human rights chief has issued a statement effectively condemning all sides in the stand of saying, hundreds of men and women and children must not be forced to spend another night in freezing weather without adequate shelter. food, water and medical care, under international law, no one should ever be prevented from seeking asylum or other forms of international human rights protection. for its part, russia, a traditional backer, a better route is accusing brussels of being hypocritical. should or could you speak ukrainian blues on the situation is indeed very tense and there's a tendency to escalate tensions that causes concern. it's apparent that a humanitarian catastrophe is looming against the background of europeans reluctance to demonstrate commitment to their european values. in a phone call, german chancellor, angular market has appeared directly to russian president vladimir putin to exert his influence on the regime in minsk. as governments take the blame game,
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the humanitarian situation guest dire by the day on the border out there in the darkness beyond the police road block are up to 2000 people, including women and children, with little shelter, food, or water spending the night in freezing temperatures, aside bake al jazeera poland, more than 70 drivers working for the well food program had been detained by the ethiopian authorities, un an humanitarian source to say they were arrested during government raids, targeting ethnic to grinds a day earlier. 16, you and workers were detained in the capitol. the rebels integral i have in the past, we claim to have captured towns on the main highway to addis ababa will the head of the ethiopian human rights commission says he's deeply concerned about the mass arrest of ethnic to grimes. since a state of emergency has been declared denito pierre, the they to have any more ice commission has been monitoring and following up saturday st. off not just 16,
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but actually hundreds of people. and there appears to be a tanica are elements to the satirists, which what he says, sir, in a sense that are largely ethnic the grandson, been had targeted to for how search and arrests and are we have been following up the case so far? hundreds of people, i do understand that's a set of images. he gives the power to our police to a suspect, to our race, to people on the ground. so for the reasonable suspicion, but we are concerned about our at least scoffed their state of emergency. and it's a direct thieves to being gar applied for in the wrong way, which is why we have already expressed a concern, and we continue to monitor her that of a self. several people will read, run her study in his leap, you appear state minister for foreign affairs speaking throughout the 0. he denied
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allegations of arbitrary detention. i don't think and believe it is this through the ethnic profiling, but people might be that i don't think that i children, i don't have that information. and if that happens, the government doesn't allow me to click on the, on the date of emergency, this issue that people should be treated well. and there must be adequate reason that happened in any person. so somebody got it, this might happen. but they want to be better, my systematic one, if it happens that it also be a criminal act than anybody that does would actually be held accountable. but they want to be systematic, and there is no systematic harvest just because of your profile. and if the police might have found out some suspect, then they will be bound to paint and then also do do investigation. if any individual does not have adequate evidence to judge again, if you must be released but are planting, some people will not get that. my truck, systematic, but because in complex situation, you know,
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how many people are being attacked and how many adults are being done. and then you know, a number of actors. so you must have been much careful individual and that that thing should be done in the hop on the lee and then police must do their job. but we would also look into that the process, if there is any, every validity, then that must be addressed to come here and just the or including back in court. why? the former george and president because soccer silly faces further charges linked to his time and office. and the former french president, france, all alone, takes a stand. the trial of 20 stuff makes a link to the 2015 period for more than that. i . i look forward to brutus guys with the sponsored by counsel airways. hello, we've got rain and snow in the forecast to parts of the middle east chief, the northern part of the middle east spilling outside for the east side of turkey,
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around the caucasus, just pushing towards southern end of the caspian sea in northern parts of iran. can expect to see some snow, certainly over the higher ground. and if anything that will become a little more widespread as we go on into friday dipping a little further south as well. some heavy rain to western areas of iran was the temperate, isn't curated. around 29 degrees celsius, high sierra dough. her 3031 over the next couple of days at wet weather. not too far away, but i think it should stay dry for doha. as we go on through friday and on into sas day, although the will be a little more cloud around that dry weather, stretched out across southern parts of the arabian peninsula into the horn of africa, showers lurking once again just around the the opium highlands. wet weather will be further west, of course, we'll see more heavy downpours across northern parts of the democratic republic of congo through congo. gabon, cameroon showers. there to into good part of angola. no showers run their way
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further. south was zambia seeing some showers as we go through thursday. what shall for some very heavy rain. it is in bob we over the next couple of days along with eastern cape. oh, the weather sponsored by cataract ways. in the vietnam war, the u. s. army used to heidi toxic had the side with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was the most destructive instance of chemical warfare. a decade later, the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge, spraying something they didn't even see the caird foot 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange. on al jazeera lou.
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ah, welcome back to promote about top stories here, this ala china and the u. s. a promise to work together more closely to combat climate change in spite of their differences, both pledge to speed up emissions reductions to meet the goals but paris agreement . yes, president joe biden says his infrastructure plan is the fixed of the country. soaring inflation. new data is revealed. prices have risen by 6.2 percent in the past year is the biggest spike in 30 years. and bella roo says the key you is provoking the refugee and migrant standoff as an excuse to impose new sanctions about 2000 people, a stock and freezing conditions on the board up with powder. now you have judge has approved a $626000000.00 settlement for those harmed by the lead water crisis. in flint, michigan pursuit was brought forward by tens of thousands of residents. most of the money will be coming from the state of michigan, which was accused of overlooking issues leading to the water crisis. well,
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to save money, flint change its water supply back in 2014 people immediately complained about the smell and the taste. it lay to emerge. the water was contaminated with lead and had not been properly treated. state officials insisted the water was safe, rejecting find as by doctors, groups, michigan, the civil rights commission later said systemic racism lay at the core of the cities water problems. flint is mostly black and its residents are mostly democrats, but govern at the time was a white republican law suits over the contaminated war to have dragged on for years . wednesdays agreement is designed to settle most of them, but almost a 3rd of the total that's around $200000000.00. could be claimed as attorney's fees . with melissa mays, the flint resident, and founder of the water you fighting for campaign. she says, a settlement isn't nearly enough. even if you take a lawyer sees out of it, there's a $100000.00 people in the city of flint. so if you divide that 600000000 from the
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date down by that it's not very much. and then you look at what the costs have been the fact that it's been 7 and a half years about dealing with, you know, contaminated water medical fees in our home alone. our kitchen and one of our bathrooms are good because the water 8 through some of the plumbing in the ceiling and wall, and behind our appliances. and it had to be gutted down to the studs so that you know, tens of thousands of dollars that we have to pay back and loan we had to take out to be able to have a usable house. if we were a middle class or wealthy white community, this wouldn't have happened. and if it did, it would have been fixed quickly. we've seen other cities like an arbor, which is the upper, you know, upper class white college town. they replaced all of their lead pipe before one pipe was removed in flint, and they didn't even have a water crate. we are still doing the federal government in the e p a because they ignored our cries for help when the state and city ignored us. and then we also have the private earned the private engineering firm,
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the only and land and work we found out through these hearings. and these, you know, going back and forth to court for the past several years. they had their hands on a lot more with the decision making and the downplaying than was what's expected. and, you know, i mean that's where we're hoping that this part of the partial settlement is aimed 80 percent at kids under the age of 18. we're hoping that adults will become a bit of properly with the next heart and hopefully the other defendants smart enough to settle. now the american teenager who shot 3 people killing 2 during racial justice protest last year has broken down while testifying at his own murder trial. col. rittenhouse says he shot the 3 men in self defense. prosecutors argue rittenhouse carried an assault style weapon to the protest, accusing him of instigating confrontations is lawyers are demanding a mis trial of what they say are out of balance questions. united nations security council is calling for an immediate end to fighting in me and mark the rest statement from all 15 members comes amid an escalation of violence and reports by
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military buildup of heavy weapons and troops in the western state of chin and on wednesday. but just as rally against the military in me and mars, biggest city young gone since february school, hundreds of thousands have been displaced and 3000000 i would need a dozens of protest has been arrested in georgia as the trial of former president michel soccer. she really continues, he's been on hunger strike since his arrest last month. prison authorities say he won't be allowed to attend his trial. a decision that's angered soccer, she believes supporters robin forced to walk a report from a capital tbilisi. police arrest dozens of suckers, really supporters protesting against the former president's treatment while in jail . o tensions have been escalating since the return of the former president to georgia, his arrest and subsequent 7 week hug stroke. now the government is trying to cast
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doubt on how serious that hunger strike is publishing this cctv footage. his supporters say doctors prescribed him essential supplements. oh yeah. or physician leaders expressed outrage at the government's tactics saying the videos release is a breach of his privacy. they are also furious that he was transferred to the medical unit of a maximum security prison on monday. not the private clinic, many had been calling for is the case demonstrating how deep the varnish museum has gone to cross all the red lines of basic rule of law decency. and how deeply trying to plunge our country through hateful revenge violence. russia put in russia style politics, the former presidents on trials the use of excessive force during anti government protests under his leadership in 2007. but suckers really did not appear in court.
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prosecutors in the defense instead arguing over why the penitentiary service refused to deliver him, allegedly, due to a security threat. because i can really support his r i, that he's being denied a chance to finally defends himself in person, in courses. and that into a growing says, the frustration among the opposition that he's being denied his rights the way how . busy a government treats him is absolutely office. it's in human in what kind of country do they arrest? president's president should come and go. the government says sucka city will be given no special treatment. toiletries and i got another lovely ro, mrs. every one knows that this whole show that he staged serves the sole purpose of somehow moving him to a private clinic. we have commented on this and i can do it again now because of the nish sir cash really arrived in georgia for the sole purpose of carrying out
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a revolution. the us state department has called for me called suckers, really, to be treated with dignity and respect. oh, with the outrage over his detention comes a growing gris of confrontation, robin 1st year, walker algae 0. tiffany c. a former french president. false alarm has been re living the night of the 2015 paris attacks while testifying at the trial of the 20 suspects. he was at the national stadium when the 1st attack had detonated his vest . gunman later opened fire and several other parts of the capitol, including the battered land concert hall. a 130 people were killed, was the country's worst atrocity since world war 2. natasha butler has more from the french capital. well 1st, all alone said he wanted to testify to clarify his role is the president at the time of those attacks on the night, but also some of his decisions off. so he said that he have what he said might help
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shed some light on those events for survivors and families of the fiction that have been many question since the attack as to whether or not more could have been done to prevent the alarm. that was all this repeatedly in the court. he said that it was very clear to the french coach and said that there were many rights from high school again, from people that were trying to pull against crowded areas. things like shopping centers, perfect. all on said look, it is impossible to put security in police in every crowded area outside every shop outside. every concert hall was full of stadium. but he said that everything had been done to try and was right. they also said that some of the attackers were on the radar, the intelligence services, some were even under surveillance, but nobody imagined that they would carry out the sort of violence that they did to northern india. now where thousands of diego tees are celebrating
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a festival on the bang. so the amena river considered the holy by hindus, but pollution levels record high with the rivers covered with a hazardous phone. as a result of discharge, some industries and factories, probably baton. that's more now from the publish for on the bank, the young revolt, which on site looks like it's covered in salt bubble for the white substance you see floating on the river. it's actually cool that it's caused by the kinds of how an industrial ways that flows into the river every day. now this is a perennial problem, but games attention during this time of feel. and that's because the young is considered sacred by many who have come here for that and was for the tip. and today, neither the side of this whole not 12 has discourage these devotees from taking a dip in this water. yet i'm not got big hug. they've got a good morning, miss williams up. it's disgusting to see the river floating like this yamuna
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supposed to read us of our sins. i'm not blaming any government, but they should pay heat. this. we were symbolized our faith and culture a book by lately the festival happens every year. the government should have taken care of it. we couldn't celebrate last year because of the pandemic. since cases are down. everyone has come out to celebrate. now on that side of the ridge is the city of new delhi, and the young not is the main source of water for the cities. do 100000000 residents, benny 2 percent of the router actually flows through the city, but it is one of the most polluted in the entire world. the government has spent billions of dollars over the last few decades to fill it up with the nova is as dirty as ever. in fact, it's come under immense bio for the fees that you can see the high. and today, the deli government deployed boards to actually clean out of the full, but these moves have done later to actually saw the ongoing problem, which is
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a huge ecological economic and health hazard. now a new team of astronauts is on its way to the international space station. 210. ignition high lift off for crew members are on board the space ex rocket 3 from nasa and one from the european space agency. the journey is expected to take 22 hours. they'll spend 6 months working on board, the orbiting the board. ah, type of picture of the headlines they are now to sierra china and the u. s. a promise to work together more closely to combat climate change in spite of their differences, both pledged to speed up emissions reductions to meet the goals of the paras agreement with you as climate and by john kerry says corporation is key to getting the job done.


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