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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2021 10:30am-11:00am AST

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signed on november, the 11th 1918, ending the fighting in world war. one op is a significant because those flowers grew on the western front battlefields after the war. the conflict cost around $60000.00 australian lives. ah, exactly how fast the out. these are your top story so far. china and the u. s. a promise to work together to combat climate change despite their differences on other issues, both pledging to speed up emissions cuts to meet the goals of the 2015 paris agreements. katrina, you has more this is really important for beijing because it's helping to demonstrate that it, it is serious about tackling climate change and that's after i guess weeks of skepticism and disappointment. firstly, president, she didn't thing is not attending cop 26. he did not even give a video speech, he just submitted a written statement and also before cop 26,
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china did not submit any new targets or deliverables. so it basically just elaborated on it's ready, given goals of achieving carbon peaking by 2030 in pakistan. so, hosting senior diplomats from the us, china, russia, and afghan austin to discuss the ongoing situation since the taliban take over the africa and interim foreign minister. i mean, con, we're talking arrived in islam about on weapons de bella. ruth says the european union is provoking a refugee and migrant stand off as an excuse to impose new sanctions. about 2000 people are stuck in prison conditions on the border with poland. in an interview with al jazeera, a member of ethiopian government has denied allegations of mass arrests and ethnic profiling therapy, and reports of police rounding up high profile to grinds from a bank. c e o to priests. i think 70 dr. was working for the wilson program, have also been taken into custody a day early, a 16 un workers with tain't in the capital. boeing has reached the settlement with
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the families of victims of the 2019. you figure pin airlines crash. it doesn't involve compensation, but does allow them to pursue individual claims in the us courts. 157 people were killed when the boeing 737 max crash shortly after take off from addis ababa. boeing has accepted responsibility and admitted its software was to blame. us judge has approved a $626000000.00 settlement for those harmed by the lead water crisis and flint in michigan. the suit was brought forward by tens of thousands of residents. most of the money will come from the state of michigan itself up next inside story. we're back in 30 minutes with 30 minutes of ounces or a will use will see that the he theo here,
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slides closer to civil war amid warnings of an even greater humanitarian crisis. can diplomats diffuse the situation? what would the failure of international diplomacy mean? this is inside story. ah hello and welcome to the show. i'm sammy's a damn. now if the opiate has more than 90 ethnic groups than it's feared, the conflict in the northern region of t gray is stirring divisions for you. any warning the nation is descending into an all out civil war. and the facts could riffle throughout the horn of africa. to grind rebels threatened to advance on the capital, addis ababa prime minister abbey athlete has called only 3 options to take up arms and defend their neighborhoods. diplomatic efforts are underway to try and end the
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fighting us and african envoys of held meetings with the prime minister and to gray and leaders, both jeffrey feltman and all his sagen obasanjo se. there's a small window of opportunity to deescalate tensions or easily dose in december. i'm in the north, a glee individually. the difference between them are political, are the political solution through dialogue is therefore, constitutes a window of opportunity. it gives out ever what arch machine a window of opportunity we have is very little and that the town is short. for any indifferent,
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tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in ethiopia, in support of prime minister abbey and the armed forces. the rallies were held off to the government, declare the state of emergency. abby says he wants to protect civilians from the rebels. the t p life and its allies have made major gains on the ground in recent days. regional fighters have taken control of cities along the main road leading to the capital and the u. n. as accused all sides in the conflict of committing atrocities. at least 16 un local employees and 72 drivers for the world. food program were detained and added sabbath on tuesday. the un, as called for the immediate release, the detentions came after the top, un humanitarian relief official completed a visit with you. ok, including take raise capital mckelly. the un says the fighting is disrupting the flow of aid into the region and the humanitarian situation is worsening. more than
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400000 people and take ry are estimated to be living and famine like conditions. we'll get to our guests shortly. but 1st, how about our reports from addis ababa? they are from sick, diplomatic are going to try and bring the 2 sites. and if you're feeling complex negotiated settlement, there's a sense of identity within the international community about the pricing needs to stop and identity. so because it has every possibility of turning into a civil war, if the fighting continues as it has been, it's been intensifying and recent weeks. lucia abbas on your former president of nigeria. always also the african unions, special envoy to the horn of africa is leading forth by the african union to bring that to side to negotiate. the settlement of your husband is picking on say that is a window of opportunity which is closing very fast. and you will have a plum for dialogue between the governments on
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a flight test. before the end of the week, he has been to mikaela the capital of the mid, the leadership of the t p. and he has also visit up the armada on the upper region where the conflict us build over to this. and we've not complex intensified, of course, the united states is also going on with a parallel initiative to try and bring about dialogue between the 2 sites in the company. different feltman, the us special envoy. so the whole property got can box all this up on tuesday, just days of the living for labor, and he's also meeting our government officials and also opposition leaders. now all these going on what is really putting the whole dialogue thing up risk is not hard. the government are given to the people apply to the government, the onset of this war last the that's a great flight. so it's
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a list of organizations that have been on the podium and to talk happening between the government and the to go flight. that's what the government is ready to lift. that tug is still unknown, but probably going to be late on tuesday. truth that, that the c o p and government was ready to walk with its friends to make sure that if you get through what you call the temper or the challenges it's been facing. bahamas i do for i was just, i just thought i just have a base. yup. yeah. ah. well let's bring in our guest into the shower. we have joining us from addis ababa. samuel get cho, he's a journalist in nairobi, william deveson, he's the senior, jo pierre analyst in the international crisis group. and in lagos, emmanuel quincy. i'm the director of research at the cofi and international peacekeeping training center. welcome to all,
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if i could start with quincy then. so 1st of all, is this still time quays? the for the u. s. the, the a you to broke that sees fire when i think every, every dish and now that's settled to both both patches who's to broker some initio agreement that will bring the tax use around that table is very useful. ready but even more kindly, the role of the, of the african union. i know, and i do recognize that it's an a barrier i corner to narrow can hardly his hope to be. well i just, i guess the people look at the o p and it needs to be very tight rule to bring the apaches together. i know efforts have been rejected and they also species
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around the president's initiative. but i think the african union must, by all means why i'm trying to bring the multiplicity of warring factions together. because in the long run, can they still do it this time, or has that window closed? well, there isn't much time the, the, the opposing forces are released down the clamps and that is very little time for seeking to come into this thing that we have them on the side. that rhetoric from this shows in christine desperation. and i think there will be a lot of hardcore forces with being and or me out
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process would want chris an entry into add this out said right. it would be best. right. so i'm outside, ronnie. time is running out before we go into the situation on the ground, let me bring william into the chat and ask this question william. right now there's quite a number of diplomatic efforts going on. how aligned all the interests of international powers in ethiopia right now. i don't think that's a major part of the problem head, whether it's, if you enjoy us, i'm boy president kenyatta and the canyon government and then also received the cheese. martin griffith as well. i think that will push it broadly in the same direction here. they want to see the humanitarian situation addressed. need to come through a see foreign negotiations. the problem is any external actor really you're getting any traction with the job in protecting it to the, the kid gray leadership. now,
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things that are in a commanding military position that for adopting and increasingly hard line positions, even suggesting that there's no real room for negotiation with prime minister beyond that now. and of course, you know, prime minister beyond any government have been resistance. the idea of negotiations from the outset, they said that that leadership is no commit to treason essentially, and launched an insurrection in may. they classify them as a terrorist organization. and as we've seen the increasing military victor, victor, is that a put that take right leadership and polish mood, or we've seen from this up by doubling down cause for without mobilization and estates of emergency at the moment, no sign of a recourse negotiation. but that really does threatened to be particularly stabilizing, and partly because the war could come to the top of that could have knock on incredibly serious effects. but it's a great and it's been,
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it's not these forms of increasing state repression and perhaps more violence therefore, and international crisis group. we think more than ever there was a need for the federal government to take action to really facilitate a to take wry rather than ciocca. we've just seen the rest of 70 well through program contractors in some mera key point on that age were we also need to do the federal government unblocked services. people are running out of cash and to grow, run out of cash because there is no banking services, no telecommunications, no electricity. if the federal government takes these measures that might convince to pick right leadership to stop the advance. otherwise they looked depressed on 1st by trying to take control of the booty car door and choking out its alba. then if they do not get the confessions they want and things continue to go that way. minutes early, they will press on towards that is how with alliance would be remote liberation on
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me. and again that threatened to create a huge amount for the stabilisation and i just oliver and potentially be on. all right, so it does look like momentum is against piece effort. so now let's get the perspective from addis ababa and samuel, as william noted that the rebels feel like things are on their side. what is the perspective from inside of a? do people have any genuine hope that may be peace and a sci fi can be achieved, or are they resigned to some kind of stand off military stand off and isabella, now, over all ethiopians are really endorsing the idea of peace. if your parents are peace loving people, it's a, it's a founding nation that founded african union. and i, i believe ethiopians overall do support the idea of peace. but they also want, if you appear to be recognized as an independent nation, that can decide on its own with an advice from its friendly nations. ok. but
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overall i d'silva has been really since the beginning of last week been concerned and worried about what's about to happen. the local government said, you know, they told her residence to register their arms and also defend their neighborhoods . that's very vague and that scarce a lot of us. but overall, i think us, we've seen, you know, it's, again, this conflict is a wage issue among ethiopians. you either like it or hate it and you can only see the kind of a conversation that's been happening that us toxic us a gets on social media. but if your beer is an important nation, it has a population of more than 110000000 people. it said diplomatic capital of africa. and i mean, i don't see, i don't think anyone would want anything but piece for this country. and the
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african n envoy has said there is a small window of opportunity i think that should be pursued and peace needs to come to this region. and what happens in ethiopia will affect other neighboring nations as well. crazy what strings do international powers have left? now to pull on the different parties that war, we've already seen. the u. n has been pleading for access humanitarian access, the u. s. is removed, it's favored trading status for ethiopia. still the parties seem like they want to go at it. this is a family war, believes i see the issue, so identity issues, the issues of how i gave the issues of mr to invoke it. so i think well, from the perspective of both sides dry, when i say 3, is that and i think the,
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the temporary fault basic got it. you, in, in this conflict is that where problems to ramp up or down to get more people. ready to sign up to the war itself. i apologize. obviously we're having a bit of difficulty with the connection that requires you. let's continue with our other guess so. and i guess when i got to ask the question of, what would it take at this point to convince the opposition not to go for the capital because it does feel like they are very confident and eager to have a go at addis ababa? well, as i suggested earlier, i think given the military situation, as we understand it does seem like something needs to be put on the, you know, something concrete needs to put on the table to, to stall, continued pressure. i think that pressure initially would come. i mean this current
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efforts by the 2 great commanders to try and take control of the. ready booty trade route, therefore, but economic pressure on, on others. i think, you know, unless there are those sorts of measures rudy's trying to sort of take a to pick where there's hundreds of thousands of people in the family condition with, you know, kind of a threshold. what all those measures that the international community could take right now to convince the opposition new or not fall from this out of a who feel they have meant him on the side to pull back? that's. that's what i'm talking about. there isn't, there isn't any leverage the nothing if it exists the leverage, if it exists, needs to be applied on the federal government to encourage them to take action to relieve the state to want to take right. leadership considered to be a speech of the region which is threatening to kill hundreds of thousands of people in the region. now less that sort of action is taken, then it is likely that it's
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a great leadership. well, press on an amount of that i'm describing. the alternative is that the federal government and its allies tries to win the war, but in the last few months, they seem to have been losing the war. so the issue is that there isn't really that much pressure being applied by the international community. they don't have that much pressure. also, if you look at the statement coming out of, for example, the united nations security council the other day. now all these suggestions, urging for the 2 grade leadership to return back to, to gray and stop fighting. but the take right leadership is fighting in its own mind according to its own, just occasion to try and overcome this age to try and reclaim territory that they lost to am horror region at the outset of the war and to remove what they see is existential security threats to take right now it's understandable that people want them to stop fighting, but they made the decision to go on the offensive in july after removing the
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federal military frantic. right. and the era trained military in june. and that is the reality of that situation. we haven't, it will not let me see this count. the question though, if, according to that scenario, if the siege is lifted by the central government forces on t grey and there are on the less pressure would that encourage, would that really encourage the t p less than its allies to pull back? if they're on the less pressure than they're in a stronger position, would that encourage them to go further and say, well, why not finish the job? and i think it would be, it would make, create a very strong case for the international community. just as that placing pressure on the federal leadership, to make those sorts of meaningful confessions to try and save under the thousands of lives and take, right. i think they would also be in a very strong position to put pressure on the take right leadership to stop that advance stop trying to achieve regime change,
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which could be incredibly the stabilizing in terms of the war coming to it. it could also catalyze your further state repression and violence against the grand civilians. i think at this stage you know it, it certainly is the sorts of course of action that should be achieved. and i also acknowledge away your question is coming from. we have seen a particularly bullish positioning from the to great leadership, talking about no negotiations with abby ahmed and his allies. but i think, you know, given how critical how dangerous situation is, what needs to be done is the place that pressure on the fed to leadership, to take some to make those concessions in terms that you might, it's erin and restoring this. right. and then put the pressure on the take right leadership to show some restraint. ok, interesting point. let's take it to samuel. then if we could, samuel, do you think the central government, once that sort of negotiated resolution or cease fire at least, does it want the sort of pre conditions, perhaps even power sharing arrangement that might have to prevail if they lift
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their siege of to cry. and they give some space to the t p l f. i do not think so. the children side has already said that he peer left as a terrorist organization to her us, you know, they've declared them as such. and the teacher left her said the top and side is creating some form of genocide. i don't see them sitting down in negotiating. but you know, the african indian has been for the most part in the continent, has been irrelevant in the past. but you know, the window of opportunity that this president, the president of the former president of nigeria, the african in an invoice, said, is really a historic moment, not just for ethiopia, but also for the african union to really get in and make a difference. you know, at the beginning of his appointment, the t p a left was against his appointment because they said he is so much in line
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with ethiopian side. but he went to, to great, spoke to the leadership of a t p, a left he came to our, the suburb i'd spoke to the prime minister. he went to, i'm her region a far region where much of the conflict has been happening in the recent weeks. you know, us, you know, that to great conflict is no more within the region. it's also and i'm high enough far. and when you have that kind of personality that's willing to be engaged and vice versa, from the main actors, i think there's a window of opportunity that shouldn't be missed. i don't think, i think all actors recognize the fact too many people are diag neath yoga. millions of people are being dispos. let me jump any samuel, if that window watches hardening about this kind of listening to won't really idea that are sexual if i could, if i shouldn't, as defy, could jump in samuel, if you can hear me. if that window opportunity hinges according to the analysis by william at least strong pressure being brought on these hope in government to lift the siege to try and improve conditions in the to gray region. that window is based
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really on what the central government decides to do. and if, as you said, you don't think the central government wants to go down that road. is there really a window that's open here? well, there is an opening, it's been seen by the african in an invoice. but let me just address the united states for a moment. it's a great day should. ethiopia and the united states have had a strong relationship for many, many years. it, but the reality is when they call on a con clocking of a think ray and a restoration of service to try and achieve the piece it keeps talking about. do you think that a should be facilitated? not sure. okay, to gray at banking services should resume electricity, telecommunications, to try and stop the tick ray leadership pushing forward at this hour. it's a really simple question. all right, let's give samuel a chance to once that then go ahead. okay, thank you william lynn. okay,
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let me just, there's an assumption from the united states whenever they're sanction, and such countries like if your peer, when they cancel a trade agreement that really benefits the poorest among us. mostly young women. it doesn't pressure the children government to come to a table and negotiate the united states has to play a role in ethiopia. i understand. i get that. i mean, the u. s. is a powerful nation. it's a full head. my own father question the education, and i want to know when he was a young my have but of the reality rather than william, it is really regarding whether you think this central authorities should be willing to ease the situation in te gray. would that help of course, of course, but there's also an argument from the european side that the t p l f is playing a role. just look at the report that came out from the amnesty international to the
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accusing tpl of troops of sexual exploitation. so this kind of accusation us reflected by the united nations and the human rights commission phase. all actors are involved, they all have to play the role. so i can of piece. so the idea to focus on one side and play one side only is just a minute left seconds to each gas very quickly. first william in 30 seconds, what would a bigger civil war in ethiopia mean for the rest of the region? 30 seconds william. well, i mean, i think the answer is obviously the vital country and the horn of africa, we already see a raging civil war. forget, you know, the last of tax breaks, the exports is to us. we already have a devastated country, a devastated economy. we have no idea how many thousands of people have died or could die, particularly as a result of this speech, we see allocations of rape and other charges against the 2. great. and brian,
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we've also seen those against the. so if this continues, then of course it could be in the honda ok and let me give a quick, 30 seconds on the same question to samuel, what will it mean for the rest of the region for somalia, for a trailer and, and so on. it means more refugees will be heading to neighboring countries. there will be famine. there will be a breakup of relationship from, you know, countries that can really have benefits in over the benefits. the relationship between ethiopia has only seen us helping ethiopia all the time. but the benefits has to be 2 way forward, and there has to be a way to understand the side of ethiopia at the side of the t p. a left and really bring this to partners to peaceful negotiation. will be a bit beneficial not only to ethiopia to neighboring nations, but to the european nations that will be soon getting much of the migrations that will be heading their way. all right, let's thank our guests for joining us on this show. william samuel and of course
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crazy. earlier on. thank you to for watching, you can see the show again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com for further discussion head over to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash a j in science story and also join the conversation on twitter handle. there is a j inside story. from me, sam is a dad and the whole thing here for now. goodbye. ah, life is never scripted. never foretold. it's never known, no matter what happiness never sto open, you read between the lines. listen, always, listen, never stop asking,
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a black. we are literally to the point the people are gonna start seeing each other . when the water fell on al jazeera, ah cooperation is the only way to get this job done. an unexpected climate deal between the u. s. and china draws a cautious welcome from activists. katrina you in bating whittemore on how oppressing global prices has brought together to rivals in brad unity. ah. hello. welcome on pete. adobe. you're watching al jazeera life from doha. also coming up were on the border between poland and bella roofs where rep.


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