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blustery showers rattling through here in between is not too bad. it is law, she dryly more you missed and fog to slow to clear, but it will. grassy brighten up here quite nicely. similar conditions as we go on for saturday, for eastern parts of europe and noticed that wet weather now sliding down across the low countries into germany, into france. seeing that make his way across italy into the balkan slightly dry there for sardine and corsica frayed the valley. eric will still see more blustery showers over the next couple of days, which will lap on to the shore of northern parts of algeria. northern areas of tunisia as we go for friday and saturday. meanwhile, the showers continue right across west africa. ah. a water crisis in america's west is intensifying the historic dividend obliterated ecosystems to create agriculture at the expense of our tribes. that's where your brand since time get the strong pay good away from the one fault lines. investigate
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how climate change is pushing an oregon town to breaking point. we will fight because it's in a blood. we are literally to the point that people are going to start seeing each other when the war to stop on al jazeera, setting, the discussions, what is greenwashing is when an oil company talked green, but 30 unflinching journalism. are you committed to building a vibrant deal graphical, godsa, sharing personal stories with a global audience? our ministers had no idea what happening on the shop floor, but i could see the body bags explore and abundance of world class programming climate change. just another principal issue of survival on l. j 0 lou
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ah, welcome back. look at name stories now. protests of erupt. incidence capital hard to move to the army chief announced the formation of the new world and counsel just weeks after seizing control in a military. general abdel photography han has re appointed himself as its leader. and aris threatened to cast off gas supplies to europe. his sanctions are imposed by the you of, or an escalating migrant crisis. thousands of refugees remain trapped on and boarded between batteries in poland and freezing conditions, trying across into the, your media. and the ones actually jealous told delegates that he to pick up the pace and make agreements with just one day left of the when's climate summarizing glasgow target harris as efforts to keep up with me to one and a half degrees above pre industrial levels are in life support now the former
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south african president, f. w to clerk has died new as the country's last leader of the apartheid era and shared the 1993 nobel peace prize with nelson mandela for their work on reconciliation in south africa. he was 85 for me to mila. looks back on his life. this was the moment when south africa's last white leader signal the end of a park tate. i wish to put it plainly that the government does take on a firm decision to release mister mandela unconditionally. i'm serious. in a speech to parliament, frederick william to clerk, or if w, as he was known, stunned the world, he freed nelson mandela and promised equal rights that would lead to south africa's 1st fully democratic elections. ah, if we did not take the initiatives we to, i have no doubt in my mind that we would have reached a point that the majority of all the people in south africa would have taken hands
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with the total international community. and would have united beyond one common goal on that is to overthrow the regime. we avoided that this was the montela was the nelson mandela. a free man within days anti apartheid lead announcement ela, woot free after 27 years in prison. for god. we pray for god, god, i think a deeper conservative africana f w was never known as a reformer, but had come to relies in his own words that to cling to power for the white population group means facing a revolution. ah, we must find a way in this country as blacks, and as whites to live together in this ha revolution almost him anyway. the black townships erupted in violence. our hard line african estate and bloody
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revenge. lengthy negotiations resulted in a non racial constitution and mostly peaceful elections in 1009 to 4. o millions of black people voted for the 1st time endorsing the african national congress and nelson mandela's president. as the man who co wrote, the end of a party, de clack shared the nobel peace prize with montela, he later cheered the global leadership fund promoting good governance world wide. to many within the ranks of his african people. if w was a traitor to the end, his true will remember a leader who knew that white supremacy had run its course of following his death recorded statement was released and which after be to clerk, apologize for the actions of the apartheid government. i without
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qualification apologize for the pain and the ha and the dignity and the damage that i thought like that has been to black brown and indians in south africa. i do so not only in my capacity as the former leader of the national park, but also as an individual and for me and then it brings us more from janice bag. it's the last time that anybody has heard from the former president. he'd been quite silent in recent years, but also quoted some controversy about 2 years ago when he spoke about apartheid. not wanting to acknowledge it as a crime against humanity, but in a video that's since been released by the foundation. he also talks about how he said, in the early eighty's, he's called what company if you have what he calls the conversion that he had
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changed that apartheid was wrong and morally unjustifiable. and that is the closest he's ever come to saying, just how bad apart it was, perhaps prior to that, not wanting to fully admit to the atrocities that were done during that period. a 1000000 south africa said he would say that he maybe was never held accountable for what happened during a party. it's during his presidency. for instance, when the way for talking masters, a took place in 1992 with dozens of people were killed in clashes between the african national congress and the cause of freedom, party, and inquiry into that later didn't rule out the fact that the state's police and the army had contributed. what orchestrated some of those clashes, and then many victims of things that happened during apartheid, the violence, the disappearances that took place, then families and survivors of that. who wouldn't really take much consolation from
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what the former president has said in that final message, germany could introduce new corona virus restrictions to combat a record search in infections. elf authorities say the country recorded more than 50000 new cases in the past 24 hours. car finance minister in the likely next chancellor, olaf schultz called a meeting to discuss new cubs to help overwhelmed hospitals. several of the worst it states already brought any restrictions on unvaccinated people. the outbreaks being blamed on germany's relatively low vaccination rate. or the dutch prime minister's health and emergency meeting and my to bring back lockdown measures. there is a country deals with its own spike in infections as well, or than 16300 people tested positive in the last 24 hours a record. since the pandemic began. public health experts are recommending measures including shutting down theaters and cinemas. it could be western europe 1st, partial locked down since the summer,
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and announcement on the new policies is expected on friday. and multilateral military exercises are underway in the red sea featuring naval forces from israel, united arab emirates, bahrain and the united states. the military drills are the 1st of their kind since the 2 gulf nations normalize relations with israel last year. the exercises are set to continue for the next 5 days from west jerusalem harry force. it explains the timing of these naval exercises. what it means for the region? well, this is being called in is really media, an unprecedented military exercise involving israel, the united arab emirates, bahrain, and the united states navy all in the red sea, a 5 day exercise involving at sea training, of among other things, boarding and searching vessels at sea. israel has been involved in new exercises alongside the u e in the past, but this is the 1st time that there's been
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a public exercise, also involving bahrain. and it's certainly being pushed to a large extent and publicized it's part of a piece. israel has been re designated by the u. s. military recently as part of its centcom area alongside other arab states in the region away from the u. com designation, the european designation that preceded it. so that's one factor behind all this as well as that there is of course, the normalization deals that israel is struck with our states over the last year or so. and there is pretty extensive military signaling that's been going on in recent weeks in the direction of iran just a few days ago. there was a b one bama us nuclear k, who bama that was flying throughout the region. it was at various stages accompanied by jets, from saudi arabia, from egypt, from bahrain, and from israel before that a major air force exercise in israel involving european nations united states india
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. but also an observer coming from the united arab emirates. and there were pictures of jordanian f sixteens involved in that exercise as well. so pretty strong signals being sent towards iran at a time when we are expecting the iranian u. p talks to resume before the end of this month. we go to the news in our 4th day of protest are taking place in the town of auger up against the reopening of a controversial landfill site. had been blocking the roads outside of the town protest the saying a man was killed on tuesday when police fight tig into the crown. an allegation denied by the interior ministry landfill site was closed 2 months ago as a health hasn't but has been reopened as rubbish began to accumulate in the nearby city of facts or russia has brushed aside french concerns about the use of mercenaries. and molly, as it increases his influence following the qu, molly's fun ministers in moscow for talks of his russian count, following reports that could engage a rushing private military contract to fight armed groups in this saw hel,
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front has thousands of troops in the region, but relations have been deteriorating since the military to our earlier nicholas act has more from to show this is a really important meeting for molly and as the foreign minister of money explained, i believe job, the situation is deteriorating so badly. they need the help of a good friend here, referring to russian help. and now there has been a help coming ahead of this meeting that's happening in moscow. russians have delivered helicopters filled with ammunition, this a gift from moscow. and then there's been an announcement made by the russian ambassador in molly, that $2000000.00 in military help will be given to, to the, to the government and bomber over. now, that's not a significant amount for russians, but it is a big deal for molly. so for the, for the, the people in charge of molly right now, the military into,
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in charge. they need help from wherever it can come from. and right now, they're looking at russia for help. this really is the french, of course, because we, it's particularly this, this, this the go, she ation, that's happening between the malia and government and the private military russian contract or the wagner group that's been active in the past in ukraine and then in syria and successfully in the central african republic, and there is a sense almost of dish or from from the cold war that in places where france was the primary partner to, for, to its former colonies. will there be replaced by the russians? that has been the case in the central african republic, and the french are feeling better. their influence on molly is slipping away to the hands of russia. brazil's president has passed the 1st hurdling congress to spend an extra 16 and a half $1000000000.00 on welfare in the next year. this will help
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a growing number of people who find themselves in poverty. people who are going hungry, gross out that a leader who's on course to lose his job just under a year before the next presidential election. jour both scenarios languishing at 21 percent in a poll that was released on wednesday. it's the country's former to term leader louisa. nasty lula da silva looked set to take victory, settled at commanding, 48 percent of likely votes. even if it is just a political ploy. exar spending on welfare would be worth a huge amount of money to pay a huge amount to people who are struggling to make ends meet right now. monica yanna, kiev reports from rio de janeiro medusa vasa has been watching the streets of re diginero for the past 3 decades. she works for the n g o citizenship action, distributing food for the needy to sally way is not the place where one would expect to find hunger for. but since 2014,
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the number of hungry in brazil has doubled from 9000000 to 19000000 people. that's the equivalent of the entire population of chile or romania. i mean by the user tells us that behind every door she finds a desperate family scene. jenny said she lost her job during the pandemic. in november, the government suspended the emergency aid. she doesn't know how she'll feeding her 4 children. and the 5th one, she's expecting the family receives a $65.00 monthly check from the government, social program, bulls of amelia. i should try to look up, but it's worth nothing for inflation to serious. more than 10 percent over and food prices have tripled. many brazilians living in poor neighborhoods like this one now depends solely on donations to put food on the table. but families like cardenas
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facing additional problem, they don't even have the means to cook it. one 3rd of we're getting there receives from the government social program, pays through the gas. none of her neighbors can afford using your regular oven. they've resorted to bricks and alcohol to cook their meals for jackie foul. but the worst days are the ones towards the end of the month. when you have nothing to cook and you must tell your children to go to bed early on an empty stomach, because sleep will make the hunger go away. results present jade bull sonata has promised to new social program, brazil aide, substituting the old one. but there's no money to finance it up on this. congress approves the constitutional amendment permitting the government to pass the spending cap over critic sable. so nato is using hunger as the weapon to get hold
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of money during in the electoral year. what's happening is that both on others using hunger as a tool to expand, expands his money. so he can me a better campaign in the next year. so he is extinguishing boss a formula. that is a problem that is proven worldwide. that is one of the best programs of money transfer for the poor. and he's creating a new program with no rules. we don't know how the problem is going to work. there's no money for it. there's no rules defined or how it's gonna work exactly. well, the politicians, vicar, millions of brazilian families have no food on the table. monica immacule, i'll just hera your diginero. fresh president has used the annual remembrance day ceremony to lead tribute to the man who was the last surviving french 2nd. while war resistance fighter, about jama, was one of the soldiers who fought against the nazi occupation of france. he died
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last month at the age of a $101.00. while in australia, the sydney on browse was illuminated with poppies with images of poppies. for remembrance day the event marx, the armistice, signed on november 11th, 1918, ending fighting in the 1st world or a conflict costs around $60000.00 australian lives island sec industry is on the up and up and so is its environmental impacts. pow hungry data centers are demanding ever more electricity. leading to warnings of blackouts need barker reports now from dublin on the outskirts of the irish capital tech john microsoft laying the foundations of a vast new data center. a short walk away from where google has one of its colossal hops. they're so big they can use as much electricity as a small city,
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and eat around 500000 liters of water a day to cool their systems. we need them to support the internet and store content for years. the irish governments welcome the tech giant with open arms and tempting low tax rate. but there were deepening concerns that within a few years, a 3rd of islands, electricity will be used to power a rapidly growing network of centers. some expert say the figure could be even higher, would worries about the nation's energy security. i think that the worry is if it's a very cold winter for example, and there's a big demand on the grid for, for heating and so on. and yeah, there could be, there could be blackouts, islands racing to produce 70 percent of its electricity from renewables, mainly wind by 2030. but in the short term, data centers will rely on fossil fuels, mostly natural gas, to keep running opposition. m. p. 's want to freeze on all new centers until that
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impacts fully known. certainly, we can't do without email and we can't do without a mobile phones. i'm not saying to us, i'm not a lot ice. and i notice in all these things, but we have too many of them already, and we've planned for too many more the irish capital is europe's largest data handling hob, a quarter of the continents data come through here, where there is of course, a cost and environmental cost for everything that we do on line. the internet accounts are roughly 4 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. last the same as the entire world's air traffic. a figure that's expected to double within 5 years. none of the time john's, we approached agree to be interviewed, but several including google and i. b m confirmed that committing to easing strain of a national grid in the short term next generation center such as this one of the construction will also generate their own electricity. using an onsite gas powered energy plant,
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this site near dublin's being built to house surface from chinese social media giants, tick tock, the global growth, the data is enormous. it has to be processed securely and in large data centers like these am and therefore they are essentially infrastructure. we, you know, the world needs to be able to process the stated they are needed. the issue is, how do you do it in the least damaging and mo, sustainable way possible. there are future plans to power census using wind and other sustainable means with any surplus energy adding to the national grid, but with an average of 3 internet connected devices for every human on the planet. a call just say the transition needs to have happened yesterday. leave palka al jazeera dublin time now for a sport with andy endow. thank you so much. mine will. australia will play new zealand in sunday's t 20 cricket world cup final australia beating packs down by 5 wickets in the semi . i can batting 1st in do by going to 176, the full in
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a 20 over the wellness in 2000 and knowing will stray never the see 20 will champions their reply so badly in our infringe. the output ball, it's sending point coming in the penalty over the way dropped by finale weighed, went on to hit the next 3 balls the country over the line, and then over in about in devon comb. with miss that final, he managed to break a bone in his own hand. after punching his burnt was following his dismissal in the semifinal against england, he had conway little. so i missed the 2 test series in india, which is like 9 now z refill the player at the center of a racism scandal in english domestic cricket says he's been heard by comments made by the countries test counts in jo route for fee has accused yorkshire of being
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institutionally racist and rates as life that counts. he throughout his career or report, found referred, had been a victim of racial harassment and bullying for the club, said they wouldn't discipline any one. roots is in australia preparing for the ashes series. he says he can't remember witnessing any racism at yorkshire, not from i know i can recall. no, no i can. but the thing is, what we'll say is it is clear that the things have happened at the club. and we have to make sure that we, you know, where we are adequate to, you know, we look to find ways of making sure that this never happens again in school and, and as i said earlier beyond that, as well within society. while in response to that reflect how this to say on social media disappointed is not even the feeling incredibly hurts, but uncomfortable. truth are all to accept. it seems i want to english for goals. high profile names is now a premier league manager. stephen, gerald has taken charge of aston villa. the 41 year old is leaving scottish club
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ranges where he won the lead title last season. the former liverpool and england camps and as a big job fill of the club, just outside the relegation design. the current manager has gerald has what it takes to succeed. stevens always had fantastic leadership qualities. i was probably a more senior player. i'd been 30 when he 1st came into the england squad and around 02000. he was always a talent. and, but he always had great dr. we, we know the number of games that he's led for club and country where he made a difference in really important moments. so he's had a favorite, a start to his managerial career. he leaves one massive football club to join another. now we've been talking to football, right to gavin hamilton about gerald's 1st managerial job in english football. it's a gamble of sort for both students,
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and i'm correct. he's done extremely with scotland within the confines of scottish, although the pressure ranges is enormous and he's coach that very well. but this is a huge step off to him. personally, after our team can be described as a sleeping john at a very big club. they have to set up the to put money into the club. they have a good school and they're under. so there's an opportunity to joe to make his mom, the long been associated with a move to his former club at some stuff in his coaching career. but this is a challenge to him to prove himself in the primary seamless, not by renovation of their above actions, but they're not reach recommends hop 6 and they have the potential, huge detention look much better than that. now iran left it later stan coast,
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replace it next to the world cup in capsule. they were trailing one new again, lebanon, and the latest asian qualifying school, twice in suffrage. going to grab it, see when, when the results and shows around stay top of group a south korea are in the groups of an automatic qualifications. saudi arabia and australia of 1st and 2nd in group be very much in sydney, finished in a goal, a stroll. saudi at 3 points. clear of australia learn a great book that sits all in in and you know, you, if you've got something that's in your hands when you're an integrate position rather than having to rely on other results. so the most important thing now is we go play china and get 3 points and have a great christmas of japan. and just to point behind australia, they kept to the pressure with a one, no wind over viet nam,
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the 2 teams you finished. 3rd in the agent, qualifying groups and guns were play off that could lead or woke up sports. and martha gp legend valentina ross, he's getting ready for his final lap, rossi's 25 year growing. pre korea will come to an end. the upcoming rice in valencia, spain its howling is a knowing time will champion on 2 wheels assess from next year. he will be switching to col racing. he still like to announce what championship he'll be competing in on with what saying the most positive think is that the in mike have yet, is that a lot a lot a lot of people are less thought to follow. what did you be a for, for follow michaela yet from from the beginning. and then this brought to become a, become bigger to become the more families in italy, but they're all around the water. okay. that is a sport is looking for. now let's get back to marry him inland family. thank you very much, andy. with that sir. that's it for the nissan. probably back in m a much more the
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days news, including of course, all the latest bicycle developments unfolding in. see don tonight. see you shortly . ah ah the corona virus has been indiscriminate in selecting its victims. it's devastating
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effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain, a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins. the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail, it citizens. britain's true colors, part 2 on al jazeera november will fever, gary ins votes in a 3rd parliamentary elections. this year, public outcry, the widespread corruption brought down former prime minister boy k bar itself. but finding a replacement has proved problematic. will it be 3rd time lucky in the ball, gary, an election, special coverage on al jazeera, weavers, drying out greasing. land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife migration have been blocked by human settlements. to deal with all this canyon needs more money for conservation and with the koran of ours condemning,
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keeping many visitors awake revenue from tourism isn't enough. here at the outset national park, an annual ceremony has been launched the hall pressure than individuals pay $5000.00 to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. ah. their protest and sedans, capital. as the leader of the military unveils and new ruling council and appoints himself as its leader. oh no, i'm sorry. i'm an advisor in london. you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. was in the middle of an escalating war of words, migrants face another cold night on the border between bella ruth and poland. i
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