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military leader has appointed a new rule in council and he's put himself in charge as we've been reporting a missile starter is running us once again resume. what's been the reaction to this well, just yesterday, and we're after the announcement of the near sovereignty, canceled by gentle up with at that were hand. people started to protest in 5 different districts in a city of a hot tomb day, barricaded the roads and burned the tires. however, they were not on a large scale so far. the protest, how being very support ervic and a descent lies and exports says that it is because i did that. their position in the company has been quite a fragmented, and the in fighting the eternal disagreements. how we can be a position in regards of the that that negotiation with the army and also organizing mass rallies, however, that leading umbrella organizations off deal positions such as
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a resistance committee and the forceful freedom and change are planning a large demonstration afford. tomorrow they're calling it as one men 1000000 march and they are planning to gather one medium people, industries to show the resistance to the mediterranean rule. and organizer says that they are committed to the peaceful protest and non violent civil disobedience . however, in the country, the has been biting of confrontations and better concerns that to morrow's protest cool turn into a white one. if the security forces interfere or i thank you so much, right? so sorry, are reporting from archon here with the news our and still had our arts and politics set for a collision course at hong kong. ambitious new modern art museum and sport. the battle for the formula one championship intensifies as the drivers get ready to race in brazil. that's coming up a little later with sarah. ah,
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how i we got more heavy showers across central and western parts of the mediterranean. we see more big samples into sicily, 86 millimeters of frayne. he reports of a sink hole along with the flooding. more heavy, damp horses. we go on through the next couple of days and in fact, into next week across. so central and western parts of the mediterranean, all tied up with this area of low pressure which will remain in place for some time yet low pressure further north as well. bring some blustery showers longest bells of right across. so the british charles sat and the island of on that will make its way over towards the scandinavia and norway saying that rain, which turned to snow, rain or snow, to spilling out of the baltic states and pushing over tools at eastern side of europe. moscow around for celsius. not too bad as a central part. so on the cool side. yes,
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i some frost and some folk to watch out for. but lottie dry not dry weather, stretching its way down into a good part of spain and portugal. but as how we come to sat stay, there will be more showers. some wet weather, just pushing into central air is could see some snow over the high ground at that stay. so wet weather that we have across western parts of the med bringing showers into north and algeria seats of very heavy showers recently into lagos. that wet weather is now making its way further west was with heavy showers. liberia. ah ah, tens of thousands of children were born into, oh, live under the i so regime in iraq and syria. now, many are in camps either orphans, all with that. we don't mothers, rejected by their own communities kicking the length of people are going to welcome them after that. of course not. and you documentary his, that chilling and traumatic stories for the children throw stones at me. iraq's
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last generation on al jazeera in the country with an abundance of results for the road. far and walk indonesia, whose firms forming we moved full to growth and fraud. we balance for rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs invest . let's pre pop into these, his growth and progress. invent. even if you're now lou . ah ah, hello again. the top stores on the al jazeera news, our jeez on my grants,
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have describing beaten on raw, that the bell russian border with poland before being order to cross over. about 122000 people are living in dire freezing conditions as governments trade accusations and threats about the crisis. meanwhile, bella versus national airline says it will no longer allow citizens of iraq, syria, and yemen to board. it's flights from turkey. there have been accusations that belarus has been flying in, migrants from the world's trouble spots to enable them to enter the e u. so don's military leader has appointed a new ruling counsel and put himself in charge 2 weeks after he power. 14 member body excludes main opposition thinkers, and it has been condemned by the united nations war now on our top story to stand off at the border between poland and bella. ruth, for the thousands of refugees and migrants who have been stranded in harsh conditions, being separated from families back home,
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has made things even more difficult. in ron con, reports from baghdad on iraq, he's been caught up in this crisis. the lead as well family from no neuron went to bed room with the hope of finding a better life. instead they found tragedy. his diabetic son, galen, died on the journey after not being able to get insulin, while the smallest daughter him on got separated from her 5 year old son in the woods between bell reese and poland. she's now in a polish hospital while her child is in bel roofs. and her husband is trapped on the border. at this who ammonia, i thought i could send them to gemini for the treatment they needed. we had, they could go via bella ruth, to gemini, but instead sure they are stuck in bella. luce, rather it's a common toil 11 members of do all the hodges extended family are stuck on the polish belushi border. he says they went to europe to improve the lives of the children, that there are no opportunities for the youth in iraq. all there is
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a close, life is hard, university graduates can find jobs. they are forced to do this for all kids are trying to reach europe. it's melanie's journey. they fly to buy the roost and will long distances and often rely on people smugglers to get them to the polish border . the by the russian authorities have not done much to stop them. near as hussein has a child, a kidney failure in desperate need of treatment. she says she and her husband had to sell everything loan to get their son to poland and study tad. evelyn rushdin, we took a plane from baghdad and stayed 2 nights in belarus. and smugglers took us to the border and they said cars would take us through the forest. they lied, we had to walk. but the polish authorities on them back to rock and would die so hard for a mother to think that her son is going to die. many rockies rain stuck at the border, camped among the trees and groups. the forested area is an unforgiving place. temperature's plunge below freezing at night. some have died on the journey. but for many iraqis and others hoping to cross into western europe. it's not clear yet
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what future lay face. iran con our desert. dr. witness testimony has ended in the trial of an american teenager accused of murder during anti racism protest. last year col. rittenhouse says he was defending himself when he shot and killed 2 men, an injured a 3rd in can no show wisconsin. he is an assault weapon and is not a local resident, prosecutor say his of agility. rittenhouse faces life in prison. if convicted closing arguments are set for monday. after week of set back, donald trump's had a small legal victory at his battle not to release white house documents. the records are being sought by a congressional committee, which is investigating january's riots by the former president, supporters on capitol hill. in recent days, the judge ruled the documents be released as soon as friday, but an appeals court has walked that for now. and returning to the cop $26.00
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summit. and there's been much discussion about how countries need to reduce the impact of food production on the planet, and still ro, enough to feed a 1000000000 people. one country future proofing its food supply is iceland. charlie angela went and had a look at techniques that could be adopted globally. we're inside europe's largest indoor banana plantation. it's 20 degrees inside that could be minus 10 outside. the plant here more for research than consumption that show what can be achieved even in the harshest conditions using iceland plentiful supply of geothermal, heat, and green energy. we are self sufficient with kil compass. we produce all the cucumber that we conceal clear into martha. we are about maybe 55, possibly up to 60 percent in the next couple of years. little air with salad. we're producing about half of all the salad that is consumed every year in lead, bel,
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pepito parker and fair, and culinary hopes we produce about 20 to 30 percent of all that iceland. climate may seem like a disadvantage when it comes to agriculture. in this country has 2 huge advantages, an endless supply of pure water and renewable energy. as a result, innovation is sprouting in the industry. as farmers and scientists work out how to best use resources and minimize waste and free time, the desire to reduce the carbon footprint of tomato imports has grown into a profitable business. here the elements a tightly controlled by computer and there's no need for pesticides this far nor others and looking even further into the future. this protein rich micro the uses just one percent of the water and one percent of the land needed to grow soil p protein. this closed loop system is called negative and highly efficient gobbling
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carbon dioxide emitted from the geothermal plant next door. it's an environment that could be replicated on a local level to produce protein year round prov. you harvest maybe once, twice, maybe 3 times a year, 3 times a year. yeah. and then you have the receipt. we harvey's about 20 percent of the entire way every day. the next day it's required. this small island is punching way above its weight in terms of agricultural innovation. even china sent a delegation to learn more about how to grow crops and controlled environments. radical ideas like this are going to be key to shaking up the global food system. a system currently vulnerable to climate change, pests, and disease. a system that can no longer run entirely on traditional farming methods. charlie angela out there re quote iceland. the dutch prime minister has
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been holding an emergency meeting and may bring back, walked down measures to deal with a rise in covered 19 infections. more than 16300 people have tested positive and 24 hours. that's a new record. public health experts recommend measures including shutting down theaters on cinemas. it could be western, europe's 1st partial locked down since the summer. a space x rocket carrying for astronauts will docked at the international space station. first through the hatch is going to be nasa astronaut kayla, bearing some hugs there. they were welcomed by the current occupants had been living in orbit since april. among the newcomers is the 600 person to reach space and 60 years the astronauts will spend 6 months during maintenance and experiments like growing plants in orbit without soil. liberia has the highest school dropout rate in the world with 73 percent of girls. unlikely to finish school, a football academy in the capital is trying to reverse that trend using football to
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keep young girls in the classroom. nicholas had reports from monrovia. the number 17 in the yellow jersey is 15 year old jessica, quite. 3 centre forward for the monrovia academy, 1900 girls football team is star in the making in a sport dominated by boys in 21900 crunchy, led the team made up of girls from liberia support slums to the international you usa cup. again, all on the beach, the better equipped and top ranking team to the world of winning the championship cup a moment to victory for the county to counter and coach the crew maneuver. after playing professional football in the gulf in asia, he returned to his war torn country to build schools. little did he expect that in the process, they would make football champion football, discipline, it fish the role to kill better men,
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teach the role to education. now today we have 4. bob president says a lot of message to to view and the young kids use. the beer is president george. we're was named the best player in the world. in 1995. the striker played for top european clubs after growing up in the same slums of quite she, she hopes to outperform him and is already a role model to others. so all my female glories shantell, who want to call what you want to do in the, you know, go on doing things now, you know, with boy a few job for the best number 23 central defender blessing. brown says if it weren't for the academy, he would not be in school, but married and working in the slums after she altered out in liberia civil war. her family wasn't covered by really hard for my family because he was there warner to we everything. both my mom really sick mom for was they
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didn't get me a dream. well, at the last number yes. my barrett has the highest school dropout rates in the world. this affects the girls more than boys with 73 percent of them. unlikely to finish school. the cat me uses football as a tool to reverse this trend on the pitch boys and girls screen and play in mix team. all of the teenagers in this academy you want to become professional footballers, but if you will make a living playing football, the aim of this program is for them to pick up skills from the game such as creativity initiative so that they can become team players in the society that has been divided by the past of a war. while i've been building academy directors to re explain to life off the pitch is as important than on the page. it brings a lot of people together. if you think about liberia diversity, people from different ethnic groups like the kids will always tell me when and when
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we are on the fields, we'll feel like we are one people. and we are powerful. we have a voice, and that's where we can display where we are. $3500.00 apply every year and just 20 are selected for enrollment. back in monrovia slums. the girls are faced by men taunting them. instead, taking pride in what a team can do. when united nicholas hawk al jazeera monrovia, stella had only i'll just renew his hour, it will have action for the world cup qualifiers, including a frustrating game for christiane. rinaldo, not stories coming up in sports. and i'm, i'm with
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with with full compelling journalism. we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continue to talk about the explosion. inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about living under
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fascism was light. how much money did you make for your role in deliverance? i made fab al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. lou ah ah. hello again time for the sportsman's her, sarah. thank you terrain oh brazil. the latest country to secure their place at the world, coughing cats on next year, and the 1st from the south american zone. they won the latest qualify against columbia, one nell name aust, setup lucas packets are for the winner in sao paolo. they've won 11 of their 12 qualifying matches and qualify with 6 games to spare. brazil
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a 5 time will champions and they'll now have a chance to make it 6 in qatar center. so yeah, i'm always dreaming. human beings are moved by dreams. something that i learned from my father was to dream big or have big goals and to play a world cup is one of them. but it's not just this goal to win the world copies. also one of them to achieve the huge dream of winning the 6th woke up for brazil. brazil during 3 other teams have already qualified. the hosts, katara as well as denmark and germany. the germany team enjoyed a very big win. and the latest qualified despite missing 5 plays because of a coven 19 case. now they beat leash 10 stein, 9 nil with lee roy's son. i and thomas miller. both scoring to each can see flick is the 1st germany coast to win his 1st 6 games while in charge. and it was a frustrating eye for christiane. a rinaldo in portugal, they had a man sent off and were held to a gold straw by the republic of islands. in dublin it means portugal still need to
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point at home to serbia and their final match on sunday in order to win their group and qualify for the world cup automatically. now molly have never played at a wildcard, but they've made it into the final rounds of qualify in the african zone. they was 3 know when is away throughout the secure top spot in the group. they've won 3 straight qualifies for the 1st time in 18 years, and they're also yet to concede a goal molly will now go through to the playoffs in march to fight for one of the 5 was called places on offer. now there's a huge, much coming up later in the north, central american and caribbeans in the top 2 teams in the table, mexico and the usa play each other in cincinnati. and this was an ex can seem taking a look around the stadium on thursday. as for the us say, well they're just 3 points behind with 8 games left to play. they'll be lots the focus on us, teenager ricardo pep paid. he's
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a jewel national. born in texas to mexican parents. he represented mexico youth level, but has now decided to play for the us. there was a talk that i have with my dad, you know how my family in general and, you know, i was this, bring everything to the table to them. i was talking about, you know, why it would be like, walking our, playing a game versus mexico. i feel like we talked about how special would be and how motivating that would be for me just to be able to, you know, be able to call up to the national team, be able to play in that game. so you know that make me work harder as a player, just stay humble and always working hard australian cricket case. justin says that poor builds up the t 20 will cobb has helped give them more depth on reaching the final of the tournaments in the semi they were off again focused on who mind. so one of has on ali hadn't dropped matthew raid in the closing stages. weight then hit 36, fixes in a row to win the game to the o z 5 straight to 20 series before the world comp bottle straight. it will now face new zealand in the final on sunday. the board up watching the old black suddenly
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and i think the y new zealand cricket have gone about that business for the last 2 years has plaintiff standing there really good bunch of walks. we're going to have to be at a bishop. we have been through this tournament, but you see ellen, this great respect between both times is friendships between both times through the why the glass play. there are p o mil, differently legs around the world. so yeah, we're really looking forward to this contest. new zealand bass and evan conway is miss. that's fine. oh, he managed to break a bone in his hand off to punching his own bats over his dismissal in the semifinal against england. conway will also mistake to test series in india, which starts later this month. the chief executive of yorkshire, cricket club has resigned over the racism scandal. this rocks, england crickets mark author has stepped down off to report. found that the for me . ok. player 0 fake was a victim of racial harassment and bullying. yorkshire has lost several sponsors and
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been suspended from hosting international cricket matches. the author is the 2nd resignation in a week off the chairman raja hudson left his role to last friday. now some of the world's top global brands sponsoring next year's bathing winter olympics have been accused of mostly remaining silent on human rights abuses in china. human rights watch says it's reached out to several companies including broadcast rise holder m b c, nearly 6 months ago. but it's yet to hear back from most of them. international olympic committee says it's only focus is sports and not on the policies of the host country. and that's this by holding and observe a seat of the united nations. and china is accused of genocide against millions of mison regus, amongst other allegations. human rights watch has encouraged, as it said, basically the time for quiet diplomacy is over. and that it's time for the top sponsors to urge the international olympic committee to adopt human rights. it's
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time for them to disclose their own supply chains in china, particularly any products that have the 5 rings of the olympics. and it's also time for the, for the sponsors to speak out about the worsening climate for human rights and press freedom and how this is going to negatively affect the games that they are literally paying for. beijing olympic organizes have confined to foreign leisure. lisa tested positive the coven 19 ahead. of the lease rolled. com, which is also acting as a test events. neither showed symptoms and both are allowed to train. bomb by hats when moss and even mules and 9 for me to one head to brazil this week with championship need a max 1st stop in aiming for his 3rd when in a row off the vic trees and texas and mexico. the red bull driver is 19 points ahead of louis hamilton and closing in on his 1st ever drive his championship. hamilton only has 4 races left to turn things around any fees to claim
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a records. 8th world title law firm here they, they were incredibly strong. so anticipated can, they'll be very ought to be this weekend, but when it was way, hopefully, you know, and for reasons a lot of things can happen. and you know, we are looking good but you know, if things can change very quickly, i already said it off to the res, so mexico, i mean, i've heard a big a lead already in the chairmanship and that disappeared into race weekends. so we have to again, try to do the best we can here. and again, off to this weekend, we'll try again. let's say as force now more for me later. okay, thank you so much. we'll see you later on, sarah. well, before we go, let's tell you about this because a multi 1000000000 dollar museum of modern art has opened that stores in hong kong . and it's all part of an ambitious project to transform the city into a global hub for culture. but it does follow a controversial security law, which critics say will make not difficult run mcbride reports. it's called m plus,
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and it's designed to rival some of the best museums in london, paris. so new york, it's been years in the making, but it's opening now comes after the imposition of hong kong, controversial national security law. that even modern art it seems, cannot escape. we will uphold and encourage freedom of artistic expression and creativity. on the other hand, our dedicated curatorial team were ensure that all the exhibitions were comply with the laws, the national security law was introduced to stop months of street protests and riots. but critics argue it is stifled free speech, and that includes artistic expression already that have been restrictions placed on the local movie industry, as well as in publishing and newspapers in it. not a bit unusual to even mentioned national security and the opening of an old museum
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in order to lay the foundation that the opening of m plus does not mean we artistic expression is about the law. it is not the works of an impressive range of international and chinese bod notices are on display, including by prominent dissident artist i way way. but other work by him considered to controversial, will not be displayed. why you half a mid zane, which cannot or in paper oh, to give fats its own integrity ah, about our freedom of speech and data re so question. as the museum opens to the public for the 1st time, the sometimes baffling world of mod not will not only prompt the question is a taught, but in hong kong case. is it legal? rub, mcbride, al jazeera. thanks for watching the news. our analogy 0 peter,
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darby is with you in just a moment for the long news. for bye, for now. ah, and frank assessment, what's the point of the un if multilateralism isn't part of indiana, we need somewhere. we're sovereign states can exchange views. informed opinions is focused likely to change biking behavior. it's not gonna change their behavior, they're going to continue to do what they do when it's going to be more in trade
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and less in terms of trying to match this more games mentality. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera, tens of thousands of children born into old lives under the ice will regime in iraq and syria. now many are in camps, either orphans all with a widow to mothers, rejected by their own communities, chicken you're saying. so people are going to welcome them after that. of course, mom and you documentary his, that chilling and traumatic stories for the children throw stones at me. iraq's last generation on al jazeera, compelling journalism. we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continued to arrive at the scene of the explosion inspired program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about living under fascism was light. how much money did you make for your rural and deliverance?
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unlike that? al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running aah! activist call on poland. hollow, ange yos, access to refugees, micro stuck at the border. i made freezing weather. ah. hello, and welcome on pete. adobe. you're watching out 0 live from though are also coming up. so don stopped general appoints a new governing body putting himself in charge 2 weeks after he seized power. we remain on a catastrophic temperature rise trek.


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