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and it's looking a little bit difficult now just one of briefly please because will because for time, what is your impression than about the that the, the actual going back in a year's time up for. ready renegotiation, do you think that this can be achieved? you think? how important is this, please? that's absolutely essential. we've already achieved a lot of progress since the last meeting in madrid. so we're at a lot better with a much better place now than we were there. but we need to revisit what the different countries will do and we need to revisit it soon because we need to act well before 2030. the science tells us if we are to keep temperature increases below 1.5. thank you very much. indeed, seo analysis, sir, and thank you. back to you, the negotiations. very, very tough indeed. i'm sure you'll be keeping us posted on them for now. thanks so much andrew. let's continue this though. now with bernard smith, he joins us from mouse in the amazon rain forest and what's being discussed, particularly about deforestation in glasgow has
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a direct impact burnett does in our, on the situation where you are i'm sorry, sammy, can you say that again? i mean, i missed the car, mr. car. yeah, no problem. we were just talking about what's going on in glasgow with andrew. there are some talk about deforestation, which of course and the thing talked about that in glasgow impacts. what's happening where you are right. well yeah, i'm behind me is the rio negro, this is our, this is the biggest passenger ferry terminal in the amazon, it's an mouse and people get on here and goods and they take the ferries down the re, a negro where it joins further downstream. amazon visiting the some of the 56 or more than 60 cities, there are and 5000 communities that there are living here. and this is a living and working air in the challenge for brazil is how do you and
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deforestation? brazil is committed to ending deforestation over the next 5 or 7 years or so committed to end in deforestation. wow. in an area where some 6000000 or more people live and that is a challenge. it's face it faces. one of brazil's main criticisms all the cop meetings, not just this one, but previous ones. a criticism did leveled by many developing countries, is that they promised billions of dollars in help to developing countries to help them combat climate change. but in the last 10 years or so, this money hasn't been coming forward. brazil says it needs about $10000000000.00 a year to help combat deforestation, and as referred from call 26 this year. again, the argument is about money, how much the rich countries are going to give the poor countries to help combat climate change. i will leave you there. thanks so much. bernard smith plenty more ahead on the news hour,
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including calls for more access to the border with better route by polish. and geo volunteers who are up to 2000 refugees, migrants are trapped in dire and freezing conditions. another high profile appointment in sudan just weeks after the military seas power. and england can book their place at the world cup details coming up with german sports. ah, now the u. s. says is increasingly concerned by the border crisis between poland and bella. luce western nations are accusing bella luce of encouraging migrants to cross into poland. but a roof is backed by russia and has been staging, joint military drills all the while. thousands of people are stranded in freezing conditions. i said bag is on poland side of the border with bella. luce joins us
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now live from there. so i said, coding to the reports we've been hearing. these people are being pushed back when they try to when to poland, but they can't exactly. just go back to minsk either. so what's happening to them? well, they are stuck essentially on the bedroom's side of the board, at least what we've been told from the people that we've spoken to that managed to make it across is that they were bussed to that border or by bill origin, soldiers, or who dressed in civilian clothes cut that bought offense and pushed them across and then some of them are managed to get through a pass the polish forces herb, some of them, some of them were pushed back now or pollen says there's thousands at that border and possibly over $10000.00 still in bella roost, the poland is also deployed extra troops to the area that set up a state of emergency
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a seclusion zone that doesn't allow. they don't allow german mr. aid workers through. we've been stop several times along this road. today, we are very close to the border by soldiers. they stand there at their check point through their binoculars, looking straight into vehicles, stop the vehicles, and ask for documents, and there's around $15000.00 or polish forces. now here now this morning, there was a press conference by activists who were imploring their government, the polish government to allow age workers to they said that we are not professionals, and we need to be able to get aged to those people, those vulnerable people, men, women, and children in this freezing temperatures to get to them because they have very little shelter, food, or water at this point in time. changing situation, thanks so much. i said back. now the powerful head of a sudanese paramilitary unit has been made the deputy head of the new sovereign council, a ham at hand. and the gallow retains the position he held in the recently dissolved
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council sedans, military ousted the civilian government, 2 weeks ago and established a new ruling body. go live to him, morgan in khartoum. so how is the news of these appointments going down while seen protests on friday afternoon against the new upon the appointments and the swearing in all the new members of the sovereignty council as well as the 5 previous or rather the 4 previous military members. because general, i didn't put, the hon was sworn in on thursday evening. now the fact that the military members of the sovereignty of the new sovereignty council are the same members from the previous one is not surprised. the military was the one who states the peak over omitting the force of freedom and chase coalition. that the coalition that signed the power sharing agreement with the military in august 2019 following months of anti government protest against former president. so i'm going to be here now the fact that there is no member from the force of freedom and change comes at, nor as no surprise, but the fact that members of the armed group,
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the student needs revolutionary front have not been point in, is regarded as a surprise because their names were on the list that was announced on the evening. so 3 members of the sovereignty of the new sovereignty council have not been foreign name. the head of the city means revolutionary friends says that they are against the military takeover and they have urged people to continue to fight and resist against the peak. over this all comes as the united nations and the u. s. calls the development worrying. they say that any, this is hindering the return that a democratic transition and have called on for the release of a prime minister, abdullah him who still under house arrest and the release of the political prisoners, they're called for more protest into them. people say that they do not want to see the military and any governing role or in politics at all. and they want the military to take to only to only securing the country and the roles as any military around the world. but the military has been continuing to make move then this is
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something that many international bodies say is going to make the return to a democrats transition very hard have. it was also a hearing about plans for protest. how is that shaping up in the castle? while yes, they are called for more protests against this, not just the appointment, but against the military took over, generally speaking. now people have been trying to mobilize their view flyers to view the graffiti. and this all comes with an infinite shut down still ongoing. now the courts, the high court here incident has ordered the restoration of internet after that was shut down on october 25th the day of the takeover. however, the telecommunication ministry says that the military has ordered not to restore the internet because of the state of emergency that was imposed. so people say that the military is basically putting its hands and everything to do with state affairs, and they're continuing to mobilize. we've seen on thursday afternoon. so the
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evening while the announcement of the sovereignty council was made, we've seen people mobilizing, calling for people to condemn the new sovereignty council. but they're also mobilizing for more mass process. and this has become a way to show the resistance. we've seen barricades being sets up on many of the main streets around the capital city. on demand, we've seen people burning tires, show their resistance and we see people call for more for, for, for more protests, but specifically on the, on november 13th on saturday. thing that's when they want to come out and march to show the military that many people, not just in the capital hard to him, but around the country are rejecting that take over. and once i return to the democratic process that was underweight before the take over on october 25th, i will leave it. i thank so much more than now. it's yoletta my, there's a sudanese activists joins us from washington, dc with ivy with us. so how do you read the appointment of general the gala now as the deputy head of the sovereign counsel?
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and even hearing you say that is, is, is depressing and heartbreaking for me and for millions of sydney's people on the ground in sudan and around the world. we unequivocally reject this idea that hum, done the gallow. how may i have done the gallo could ever be anything more than the john to lead militia leader that he was out and are for, under the sheer regimes we unequivocally rejected on, accepted, it will continue to mobilize. we're continuing to fight to get the attention of individuals, lake secretary of state antony blanket and the president of the united states, the united states house of representatives, and anyone else who cares about freedom, peace and justice in democracy. we're trying to get their attention to do whatever they can to make sure that they're not recognizing the government that they're doing their very best to restore. and hum duke where he belongs, as the prime minister. in addition to that, sending the sheer to the i c c and quite frankly,
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designating the rapid support forces who handle the gala is the leader of as a terrorist organization. we unequivocally reject it, sir. how do you think the street is going to react? i mean, we haven't seen that critical turning point yet since october, the 25th, when the announcement was made them shows that the civilian activists and movements can really bring the country to a halt in order to force the hand or the military. have we yeah, i appreciate your question. i mean, october 25th. we were heartbroken. i was sitting here in my living room here october 24th late into the evening and i got a cousin from. i got a call excuse me from a cousin of mine who told me that they were in imminent danger, that they were fearful. they didn't know what was happening. and so we've seen a black out for 19 days, i believe today is the 19th day of the country has been completely disconnected
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from the world, hadn't spoken to my family or my friends, but this is what i'll say. i know we're short on time. this is what i'll say. the sydney's people are resilient, it was in 2018 around this time of the year that we saw the initial protests in opera where people were unfortunately shot and killed peaceful protesters. our people went out on the streets. the people of to dance intentions are pure. they want to see freedom, they want to see peace, they want to see justice. they want to see a democratically elected government in control of sudan. and so while they're disconnected right now from the world while behind is manipulate manipulative, lee saying to the international community that there's a state of emergency that we need to keep them in the dark. i know my people are gathering together. i know my people on the ground are getting together and they are doing their very best to protest right now. and so what i think is going to happen is we're going to see people go out into the streets to morrow. on november, 13th were fear po for them were scared,
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but we're going to continue to draw the attention. tried to draw the attention of the international community. we need condemnations. we need to see alba here, go to the international criminal court. i know that the people are going to continue to push for freedom, peace and justice because they believe in democracy. they do not want to be ruled by dictators. and they certainly don't wanna be ruled by individuals who called for the june 3rd massacre. had the blood on their hands from dar for, i would even argue the war in yemen committee has been accused of using child soldiers in yemen. and we really would like an investigation into who is finding a hm, etc. and behind. ah, we do believe that they have golf allies in saudi arabia, in the united arab emirates. and we would like to see an investigation. we would like more attention to this in the international community where the combination of the trill unwavering support for the sudanese people and for the horn of africa in general. all right, thank you for coming and sharing your thoughts on that. thank you,
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and i just want to thank al jazeera for your coverage. i want to thank you for telling the truth. he the more again in mohamad bow for your reporting through the revolution. we want to tell you thank you and telling the truth about what's happening in sudan, but that is our journalistic duty, and we look forward to getting to do it. thanks as get more now on the comp 26 conference. excellent. so warning the world is way off track and containing global warming, even with the pledges made in glasgow. joining us now from geneva is jer can champ iron. the secretary general of the international federation of red cross in red crescent society is good to have you with us. so 1st of all, does it look like there is any way for the world to actually meet that 1.5 degrees celsius target goal or is that now gina, should the world just kiss that good bye and start preparing for? i think there's talk about 2.7 degrees in global one. i think we should not drop
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but that and be some to keep the templates at at 1.5 degree because that would be disastrous of the, of the world. that would be disastrous of the people clearly, but it doesn't look like anybody's actually on track. could there pledges to, to get us there? does it, it doesn't look like in glasgow, and that's the point i was going to make that the be the on the commitment we have seen so hot in rascal and not going to get us there. that looks very likely, unfortunately, but, but at the same time, we cannot give up on that because giving up on that means give me govern giving up on humanity. when do you think things are heading when it comes to the issue of giving enough money to developing countries to to actually come out and abide by and transitional plan to move away from fossil fuels. that seems to also be a challenge in glasgow right now. doesn't it that this has been challenging, i think of course not only from glasgow but also from completely as cops. i think
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the commitment that had been made to support the developing countries or haven't materialize or not one leave the possum fuel, but also on the adapter. since i did, you know, a lot of countries that is after the climate chance had already happened. but you know, they're pissing multiple disasters and they are not getting the type of support big need to at that. and what, importantly from the countries like in the canadians of the pacific, the small island developing assessed their horny short on the loss and damage that they haven't been supported either. and i think if we add to address this global crisis, that global solidarity is absolutely need it. and the countries who had the capacity to support busy, smaller countries, there must support because the consequences of that would be borne by everybody as we saw this year. now in here in europe, in germany, the floods in germany or the netherlands are in belgium. what i had it's asked of, is it my cell or the most part, and tonight is cesar australia. so the climate change is now not only impacting the
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developing countries, it's also impacting every one. it is impacting, developed countries. so that's what we have been calling upon that needs of countries to be more generous because this is also good part day. you mentioned a couple of a few crisis that you've been involved with and i'm wondering how is climate change impacting your ability as an agency to deal with catastrophes now? is it becoming more challenging because of climate change? absolutely. and the number of the, the, the climate elected disasters, increasing frequencies are increasing. the unpredictability of the, of the primary elected disasters is making it even worse for the planning. ah, put examples of a couple of weeks ago. i've been a pal. india was hit by floss and lance light. this did not happen in the past. so basically, while we are up was dealing with the cube 19 crises that demand unorganized like us
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to also respond to crime it to the left did later disaster see is increasing. you know, significantly, so while we are dealing with multiple crisis, the climate is making it even worse a so it's the b b, b the what our ability to prepare her prevent unless fun is coming under. she will distress and this is also linked to the funding. of course the getting funding had increased number of disasters is not going to sustainable. so if we are serious about base, we needed to start investing on mitigation, unwrapped ation, and of hair paid to lawson damage. it's absolutely good. all right, good to have your thoughts on that. thanks so much. thank you. now the netherlands is heading towards a partial lockdown in an effort to ease a record rising cove. 19 infections. more than 16000 people have tested positive in 24 hours. that despite having 85 percent of the adult population,
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fully vaccinated bars and restaurants will close early for the next 3 weeks. as part of the latest measures. anyone attempting to have strong libby as upcoming elections could face un sanctions. that said to be the warning from a conference taking place in paris, egyptian president up the fact that his cc is among those attending, it's hope, the you and back elections in december, we'll put an end to a decade of violence. there are fears the countries rival factions might reject the outcome. still ahead of al jazeera installed the battle for the formula one championship intensifies as the drivers get ready to race in brazil, that's coming up with jama. ah.
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is done with that in america is a region of wonder, a joy tragedy and yes of violet. but it doesn't matter where you are. you have to be able to relate to the human condition covered with no co 3 is the light and it's my job to shed light on how and why lou
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ah. all right, sports fans. let's catch up on the game with jemma now. thank you. sammy, sergio. clara has responded to room as he might have to retire because of a heart condition. the argentina and boss lane is tri care that on twitter that he's following medical advice on test results over the next 3 months. and he's keeping positive of where it was taken off the pitch after suffering, a chest pains during a boss elaina game. last month, the club said he'll be receiving treatment for what's reported to be an irregular heartbeat. he'll miss argentina's wild, qualify against your guy later on. them missing him go down, which was regarding acquire, wrote yes, we talked and we've sent each other messages besides him being a prior, he's a boy that we appreciate
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a lot. we are sad because he's going through something that no one deserves. we hope he recovers and can be playing as soon as possible. we send him all of our suppose south american rivals, brazil have secured their place at the wild cut in cat on next year that the 1st to do so from their continental group. they won their latest qualify against columbia, one male name of setup. lucas mckesson for the winner in south poly. they've won 11 of that 12 qualifying matches, and the 5 time champions confirmed best part of the tournament with 6 games to spare. england can join brazil at the finals in cats if they beat albany and if other results go that way they lead poland and group i. and even if they get to when they need the pose to drill, lose to. and dora england can also see, and i talked to finish if they avoid defeats. but gar southgate is missing a central place through injury and illness, although he says that happened disrupted their preparations. it's never straightforward. and we've just got home without i think anybody here would have
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felt anything unusual in the way we've prepared. been really happy with the level of training and the attitude of the players. and we're looking forward to the game and he's match coming up later in the north, central american caribbean zane, at the top 2 teams in the table, mexico on the usa of play java in cincinnati. and this was the mexican team taking a look around the stadium on thursday. as for the usa, they're just 3 points behind with 8 games left to play. but we also focus on u. s. teenager ricardo pappy, who's a jewel national, born in texas. it's a mexican parents, he represented mexico youth level, but i decided to play for the u. s. there was a talk that i have with my dad, my family in general and i was just bring everything to the table to them. i was talking about, you know, why it would be like, walking out, playing a game versus mexico. i felt like we talked about how special would be and how motivating that would be for me just to be able to, you know,
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be able to called up to the national team, be able to play that game. so you know that make me work harder as a player, just stay humble and always working hard. us live pick go, metal gymnast, cynita lee says she was pappas, bright and a racist drive by attack in los angeles last week. and then into the 18 year old is that a car drove past her and her friends while shouting racial slurs at them for being asian. the incident comes amid arise of hate crime against asian americans. in a pro us cross pianists, a correct call to me experienced racism while training and a california park. some of the world's top global brands of sponsoring next year is a beijing winter olympics. have been accused of remaining silent on human rights abuses in china. human rights watch, it says it reached out to several companies, including a broadcast rights hota, nbc, nearly 6 months ago. but as yet to head back from most of them, the international olympic committee says it's only focus is sports and not on the policies of the host country. not despite holding on observe
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a seat at the united nations. china denies accusations of genocide against millions of muslim weakens. amongst other allegations. human rights watch has encouraged, as it said, basically the time for quiet diplomacy is over and that it's time for the top sponsors to urge the international olympic committee to adopt human rights. it's time for them to disclose their own supply chains in china, particularly any products that have the 5 rings of the olympics. and it's also time for the, for the sponsors to speak out about the worse than in climate for human rights and press freedom and how this is going to negatively affect the games that they are literally paying for. beijing olympic organizers have confirmed to foreign lose athletes have tested positive for coven 19 ahead of the lose world cup, which is also acting as a test events. neither showed symptoms and both were allowed to train, but they had to wear mosques and e mails. a line kind of 19 continues to disrupt
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the england rugby team with another positive case in the camp. but coach eddie james says they just treat as normal nowadays. and his guns is the 2nd player this week to test positive and he's now isolating for 10 days. reading him out of saturdays a test much against australia. england captain own fire was full to pull out of last week's game against toma. but he was, his result was later found to be a false positive every day as an adventure and marana or of iraq. i'm sure at the moment if it keeps coming out and we just accept to get on with it. i just think there's a lot more out there. you hear of a lot more people with it now than i heard during the height of the pandemic, a number of people being affected by that. so we're, we're keeping very strict regulations about what we do and we're pleased with this from the applies. first practice is underway in brazil with formula one
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championship lead at max estoppel mr. the stop and i say aiming for his 3rd when in a right on sunday, after victory's in texas and mexico, the red bull driver is 19 points ahead of louis hamilton and closing in on his 1st drive as championship hamilton. and he has a 4 races left to turn things around if he's to claim a record 8 wowed title last time here they, they were incredibly strong. so anticipate it can be very hard to beat this weekend . but when it was way, hopefully, you know, for reasons a lot of things can happen. and, you know, we are looking good, but you know, things can change very quickly. i already set it off to the race and mexico. i mean, i've had a big lead already in the chairmanship and that disappeared into very so we can so we have to again, try to do the best we can here. and then again after this weekend, we'll try again out. so yes for, for now, i'll have more for you later somebody. i think some ice channel that saved from me
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. so this news, al, i'm back in a moment with another food shows i do stay with us here on out here. ah. mm hm. and a guest with
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a land of the free america has never been a real democracy. the black people with no rich and new episode of democracy maybe excludes divisions and struggles in america's electoral system. a fight foreign against equal representation. and the democratic process is the country that's learning how to be a democracy, but it's not there. one person, one vote on al jazeera, the latest news as it breaks. so can families say that this is the only way they have to make a living? but it's having a huge impact on the environment with detailed coverage, regional and intellectual act has been urging gilbert on to reverse his school and
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was so the transitional government that he dissolved from the around the world, 8 groups a ledge. greek also overseas have often tried to prevent potential asylum seekers from entering greek territory ah, in the land mom deal cancer in the us agree to have casa, represent washington's diplomatic fast enough. on the stand. cutter will establish us intersection within its embassy in afghanistan to provide certain customer services and monitor the conditions security us diplomatic facilities. ah, sammy's a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up, the clock ticks down for world leaders.


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