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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2021 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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by reporting borders, there are 49 media practitioners who are currently under bar the u. s. as in sanctions against me, and most matri leaders and their powerful network of businesses and companies. fence to sentencing comes just days after former use diplomat. bill richardson met general mean on lying, who led the coo, active, a se fenster has been used as a bargaining chip to force washington to soften its dance. before the family. all they want is for him to come home. bianca looked up. i'll 0. ah. and i thank you through some of the headlines here now just here are now the us white house has confirmed the highly anticipated meeting between president joe biden and china vida, she jing ping virtual conference will take place on monday to spoke on the phone in september ivan has recently criticized china over human rights abuses and failing
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to show up at recent international conferences. now the 200 nations are considering a draft agreement on the final day of the you and find that some it's in glasgow. the core aim is to keep the parents agreement alive to cap global warming at 1.5 degrees celsius. and simmons is in glasgow with more. when you look at all the list of, of, of, of countries involve some haven't even adjusted their emissions. and the latest, the latest declarations, some of made big gestures, some of made small gestures. what is evidently wanted from the re listen to the un secretary general way his world at people what to do, what the state should do really that he's laid it on the line. he's hoping that the could be some final jester, but it doesn't look like that. a point is this. if they don't go for this within the year, that they may lose control of keeping 1.5 celsius alive for you. i says it's increasing me concerned why the border crisis between poland and bella. bruce
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western nations are accusing belarus of encouraging migrants to cross into poland. belarus is backed by russia and has been staging joint military drills. the u. s. secretary of state is announced, carter will represent the diplomatic interests of the us in afghanistan counter will assume the role of protecting power for us does not recognize the taliban government. the powerful head of a sudanese paramilitary unit is being made the deputy head of the new sovereign council. i'm at ham. dan du gallow retains the position he held in the recently dissolved council sedans, military ousted the civilian government, last month, and established a new ruling body. ethiopia, government is outlined conditions of possible talks with rebels from the northern t gray region. prime minister abbey am and says the t p l f must withdraw from the em. hara. and the far regions bordering to gripe before talks can begin. as he had lies, these continues here now da,
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0 after inside story. ah, south africa last apartheid president has died of the age of 85 f. w declares was both raised and criticized for his role in ending white minority rule. so what legacy does he leave behind? this is inside story. ah
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hello, welcome to the program. i'm hashem, abala. the death of south africa's last white president has drawn mixed reactions. f, w to clack was jointly awarded the 1993 nobel peace prize with nelson mandela for dismantling the system of racial segregation known as up as hide. some praise him for ending white minority rule, while others called him a traitor. south africa continues to be affected by the legacy of apartheid. and it remains one of the most divided and unequal countries in the world. we're bringing our gas in a moment. first for me, the miller looks back of the life of i w to clack. this was the moment when south africa's last white lead a signal to the end of the party. i wish to put it plainly that the government i stake on a firm decision to release mister mandela unconditionally. i'm serious,
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i'm sure, in a speech to parliament, frederick valenda clark o f. w. as he was known and was stunned the world, he freed nelson mandela and promised equal rights that would lead to south africa the 1st fully democratic elections. ah, if we did not take the initiatives we took, i have no doubt in my mind that we would have reached a point that the majority of all the people in south africa would have taken hands with the total international community. and would have united behind one common goal on that is to overthrow the regime. we avoided that this was the montela was the nelson mandela, a free man within days, antea party leader nelson mandela, walked 3 after 27 years in prison. for god, we pray for god, god, i think a deeper conservative africana f w was never known as
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a reformer that had come to realize in his own words that to cling to power for the white population group means facing the revolution. ah, we must find a way in this country. as blacks and as whites do live together, if this oh, revolution almost came anyway. the black townships erupted and violence ha, madeline african has threatened bloody revenge. lengthy negotiations resulted in a non racial constitution and mostly peaceful elections. a 9 to 9 to 4 o minions of black people voted for the 1st time endorsing the african national congress and nelson mandela's president. as the man who co wrote the end of a party, the clack shared the nobel peace prize with mandela he later chair to the global
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leadership fund, promoting good governance world wide to many within the ranks of his african people . if w was a traitor to the end, history will remember a leader who knew that white supremacy had run its course. f. w. the clerk recorded a messrs. just before his death. he apologized to those who felt he hadn't accepted responsibility for the damage goals by racial segregation. let me to day in this last message, to repeat, i with al qualification, apologize for the pain and the ha and the dignity and the damage of our product as dung. to black, brown and indians in south africa, president said rama poses, as the clerk helped put south african,
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the path to democracy who was illegal or ha potty that was largely discredited in relation to the role that the national party played in and forcing a party. but he had the courage to step away from the path that his party, that the lad had embarked upon. ah, let's bring in august. all of them are joining us from johannesburg. tim b, suffolk, who day is a senior research fellow at africa's, yet dialogues. kim halla is a political analyst and author of no white lies. black politics and white. paula and mozilla laquatta president of congress. oh, the people and a member of south african parliament would welcome to you all to missa. why is
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it that people in south africa continued to be divided about the legacy of the clack? whoa, former present to click has been a device of figure for the fact that he was the leader of the national park to which was enough to canna terminated political party. it was inevitable that he, at his death he will caught a divided opinion and dare him being the last update president. again, it became very obvious that at his death he was lately, almost likely to court or controversy. but importantly, is bad. the majority of south africans lived through very difficult times during a party, and it was part and parcel of unfortunate or yes, he did. later on, initiate political discussions with the african national congress led by
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a nelson mandela which actually granted to invade state as will being at a counselor. but the majority of the people in south africa, i still remember him as one of the architects and perpetrators of all of those crimes against humanity in a position which later in his life, refused to accept. and hence the controversy and that surrounded him just before his death, kim, frail and sick. he made that statement at the end of his life, saying that i apologize to those who fell there. i didn't come about still in the most, in the strongest possible terms to denounce what happened in the past. but the general sentiment remains the same. the clack missed an opportunity to denounce appetite. yes, thank you. i think it's w, i'm very district how the media is covering the days of this because he was sidney
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. no, sir. he was a murderer. that's all of a party regime that shattered the lives of 1000000 next africans. and he had multiple that unity to apologize. and he never took accountability, so the son of one of the victims that he killed when he's taken a shame, that's a great pity that die off if i having to account for the great people of the country and i would not accept he's apology. in fact, in law, i mean he subscribed to be to the wants of pregnancy because apology speech, he actually opinion and closer to the agency and critically in the governments about to run the country. i mean the arrogance of
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a man in like any day. and i agree with the same 2 minutes of the need to see african consciousness. not every day. we should be morning and should be when the families of africans were made. and that the mentioned not barry on south african soil put off but not the african seats. and that doesn't seem to me that she bought the black family still do not know today remains of the children big brother the father and mother had been very result in w, mozilla. the fact that south africans remained divided by this legacy one who some people say that this is someone, oh, oh the so the transition to democracy other say no, this was, this was someone who was instrumental in the continuation of the segregationist
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system of apartheid. what does it tell about south africa? does he say anything about the fact that the wounds of the past still remain there in your country? i think is very important there. when we look at the life of a single individual who obviously was repaired to were in position towards the end of his life to see what should he have prioritized in the closing years of our lives. live prisons were a mom concerned about how to get out of the trip that accommodated least one of us. many people had already lost their lives along the road. we travelled. but there was also huge misc that if we didn't to manage
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the transition out of our date, we could also contribute it to the deaths of millions of black white colored indian sections of the population. so that tries, we had to make was to manage the transition, cited that we save as many lives as was possible and save in opportunity that could make it possible for us to reconstruct requests to ag. so if again, society and enable us to join the community of nations in a manner that youth for ever it be a declaration rather than, okay, a disaster, 4 of us, 10 bison, inactive we. okay, see your point 10 percent good. this, this, the, this,
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this argument that at least that transition saved us from a descent into anaki and a civil war. should it be seen as that credit for some more like f w to clack? not entirely, but suffice to say that he was much more braver than many of his predecessors who took a much more difficult decision whether it was coin to do or because of agency or not. but it did take that decision, but the contribution towards the realization of freedom in south africa, i don't think, can be attributed to f. w. if debra to clack, or a north africana leaders, it was as a result of the continued pressure from the liberation movement, such as the in c benefit of congress and others who pushed the african government
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to eventually concede that it was inevitable for them to begin to embraced a new police culture church. it managed somehow to take a difficult position or pursuing a constructive democratic negotiations with the black leaders. kim mikhail gorbachev was the chairman of the communist party leader of the soviet union. but he is mostly remembered by introducing perestroika and glass knows that paved the way to the end of the a similar to the cold war. now it comes to declare, do you think that if he had come out and said i am so i'm sorry, but apartheid was a crime against humanity that would have made a massive change on the perceptions of the people that have about him. yes, but you know,
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apologies are not enough. and what's other pickens in this country and it's leaders have apologize and main breaker issues and believe it today is not a nation or not. i think it's the fact that for the majority of americans, they, they remain lantus in the land has never been with coaches, devastated with all of us in the world. so what's a good explanation like it should have done as well as what is to structure he's trying to call the economy to return certain land to transforming economic and put it in the hands of people. but that has not happened. so an apology alone, not sufficient. it would be a geniune,
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reparations for the most grievous that it becomes on the back of interest. and i do not to say something, you know, we like the street and it's very dangerous. he wants to be a product regime. head legitimacy, internal, it was international creation. it was a group of racial movements as a to b as a force. so even on monday, the secret is actually about the fact that it made these reforms. so they offer connor could be included in the new to it. and that is the truth that we should be rocking folks, mozilla. what does his passing mean for the theatre of south africa? is it likely to further raise the debate about how to move forward and turn the
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chapter of the years of apartheid? 1000000 of ours, who embraced who embraced the resolution of our country here, believed that even gave us an opportunity to preserve available resources and yours and bout, to educate and train large sessions or for the population of our country. so that we could use them and use their capacities to reconstruct our society and rebuild it on the foundations of what we inherited from daddy or them for no one can deny that there we inherited the country with significant infrastructure
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on which we could have built and advised much, much quicker than most of the african countries and there, and in this way, we would have, would have salvaged huge numbers of the people of our country. and we would have made quite since what seemed to be a bit worse situation. we would have moved it was march. first, i could see where you were were, what were which direction you are going under the expense? let me go to tim bitter, the general frustration in south african, our gas backdrop of the recent municipal elections, particularly against the, the frustration against the i and see does it, does it give us any indication about the tough time times i had for a country like south africa. well, it does give indication of tough times ahead,
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but it also presents a, another impression which is that the south african democracy is much lori. people now do see alternatives in terms of their political choices. and it was the most rated during this time around that to most people, although most decided to stay away from from elections. but it is a monitoring democracy. the fact that the ac is losing a majority in terms of control and governing certain when as a pallet is that it himself is a positive i guess in from african standpoint that when i have this peaceful transitioning into a new political outlook or by the majority of the people in sort of trigger, but i wanna, i want to comment on that the point that was made about after the declared king and him being the,
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the person who are shot in democracy would have to give him that credit. that he actually assisted mandela's at the same given, although you might, that he disliked the men would took a very un, although you might have those who would argue on the other hand that there was some shortfalls to the proved progression to was a democracy. and that the reconciliation was not completed and that the new lot had to be done to try to take the country into a new direction. kim, now we have the passing of de klerk. you have the major setback that the agency suffered and you have the african south africa who would say, what i would hope was to see a vibrant democracy thou could translate into positive outcome for the south africans what we're seeing instead as a pervasive a culture of corruption among the elite, particularly within the agency, living many people to grapple about how to move forward. yeah,
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i mean that is a problem, but it shouldn't be painted black. actually look at the corruption that wants business and what government before 99 people, it was grand corruption. even the x men in this country is probably the greatest corrections in the country that i think the amc has not the plan. and i think the problem is to do with the fact with the national consciousness, because the national consciousness is that we must be reconciled nations and we accommodate what's interesting is that people what they watch with a new national consciousness, which is a she does not have but perhaps she was conscious that they had to be economy. that child could be dignity of the laptops. we're going to be
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stuck in the most eco society in the world. so the time from now is to face the inconvenient to no real transformation the market in the ship's dynamics. but for the majority of people, the constitution has not helped charlotte landreth and deep poverty, mozilla. if you look at the outcome of the latest municipal elections, you will see that a and c was not the only one to suffer set back. the democratic allies itself failed to gain momentum. what is quite interesting is that the f, e, f, f, the economic freedom fighters, or the action as a, a gaining momentum, which could give you an indication of a south africa is moving towards what could be turning also the chapter v a and c itself. oh, look there, the unfortunate thing is the idea,
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the new circumstances that if i listen in our country don't favor any particular party. it's actually heating and all of us that we we should have. well, we should have rallied together then take full advantage of the opportunity of them using resources to the benefit of all of us. we still did try to have sessions that won't give this for themselves session that went out for themselves. and this continued division. also over against society, on that basis, or what happened in the 1st is moto advantage. why is to i rented is if we can pull or so together and say look, now is an opportunity to for equality. let's give everybody in the same and equal
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opportunity. speaking about it then equality and i me go to tim, visit him. besides you said that this is a, an indication that the country is maturing. that democracy is maturing in south africa. but do you think that south africa is ready for the concept of a government of a coalition government? well, at the national level, i'm no cut so at that of the ready. but at the municipal level they've already started negotiation. not only this election, but in a bit of a selection, so they are ready for that. but for me, what's encouraging is the willingness of the bigger parties to accept defeat intercept that they have to enter into negotiations with one of parties. but i like to disagree with you, i should, when you said that the action essay and e f, f i showing that they're moving much more strongly the other much is i don't think so. even if it has not been given a clear mandate by anyone to run
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a municipality compensated but it should say, because then you give to the blog and have managed by no number of, of votes but no quotes or whether the f f is growing. and that is a flavor it to us a phase who remains a very strong party. but for me to pull a reservation within the blue cross space in south africa is quite encouraging. and a lot of people are kind of disgruntled by what's going on. but i think for an african country to have such a vibrant democracy in a buyer and competition of political power is quite encouraging. ladies and gentlemen, really appreciate your time. unfortunately, we're running out of time. but i promise you next time will we be able to have another to so to talk about our south africa and his future in business for could it can heller and mozilla gyla patrick lakers. i really appreciate your insight and thank you for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com for further discussion. go to our facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash a jane sites where you can also join the conversation on twitter. i'll 100 is at
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a jane size laurie from the hash, him alabama and the entire team here in doha. my for now ah a guess
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with if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in a sense the race is the story of america what's working and what's not a lot of people were only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda if america can handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts. we need to go back to school. the bottom line on i was just there, i'm counting the cost. climate change is reshaping this a health, food insecurity. cruise and the pandemic leading to a rise in violence of terrorism, the drought ravage central valley and california that provides vast amounts of food for the us. but for how much longer? counting the cost on al jazeera, there is no channel that cover is world use like we do. the scale of this camp is
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like nothing you've ever seen access to health care. but we want to know how these things affect people. we revisit please state even when there are no international headline houses, there are really invest in that and that's a privilege. as a journalist, lou, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i am sammy's a dan. this is the news out live from dell ha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. the clock ticking to save the planet. world lead is racing against time to reach a climate deal at the closing of the comp $26.00 summit.


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