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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2021 6:00am-6:31am AST

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affected by the red tide is small, but news of the algae bloom has affected seafood traders in the area ah into overtime, late night talks continue for this year's cop 26 climate summit as countries trying to reach a deal to battle global warming. ah . hello, there i'm is, darcy haynes is out there at live from doha. also coming up, covered 19 and regional tensions take center stage. as asia pacific leaders means the white house conforms a highly anticipated virtual meeting between president joe biden and china's leader shooting thing. steve balance charged with contempt of congress. the former chief
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strategist, president donald trump, is refusing to testify as part of the investigation and to the storming of the u. s . capital ah, now the u. n. climate summit and glasgow has gone into overtime as delegates. they're trying to reach an agreement on a draft plan to protect the planet from catastrophic global warming representatives from nearly 200 countries and negotiating. the core aim is to cap at global warming at $1.00 degrees. now for this to happen, the wild needs to cut emissions by 45 percent by the year 2030, and then achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. this is our collected moment in history. this is our chance to forge a cleaner, healthier,
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more prost as well. and this is all time to deliver on the high ambition set by our leaders. at the start of this summit, we must rise to the occasion. well, analysts say the current pledges are not enough on the earth is currently on track for $2.00 degrees of warming. there has been some progress there. china and the u. s. the world's top greenhouse gas emissions say they increased co operation deals to end to deforestation, cut methane, and to phase out fossil fuels have also been made. but financing the transition remains a key sticking point. we will continue to champion $1.00, which is aren't. we'll listen to north star. sotheby's, sotheby's must end. we must double adaptation finance from current level. often damage is to central, to settle for workshop. we must strengthen action on law for them. and we need an
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article 6 resolution that results in real reduction, 0 sum offsetting era mustang. with minimum, we need to walk away here bare minimum. the challenge now is for those of us who are progressive to hold for long me to hold to loans, own children or grandchildren. this is critical while our environment at it, and that clock is following those negotiations for us in glasgow. behind the scenes a lots of negotiations ongoing. we heard from the called president alex sha mother and he's told us recently that said there are intensive consultations going on right now. and only through the night with the various negotiating blocks to try and find some common ground on the next iteration of the tax. and we're expecting that that's a 3rd one. we'll get that tomorrow at 8 o'clock in the morning. and after that
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they'll be a meeting of all the countries involved. they'll talk about every bit. they'll argue about it for a bit, then they'll go back to their respective negotiating blocks. and then in the afternoon alex hamas hes, there will be a mass plenary where all the countries will come together. and he says at that point, he's hoping to get some sort of resolution of glasgow packed, if you like it, it will be a miracle. if that does happen. i suspected leone a bit longer, possibly into like, possibly into sunday at. it's a very complex set of negotiations. you can have a lot of situations where negotiating teams will be calling that capitals on particular negotiating issues, especially when it comes to issues like coal and so forth. phasing out coal big part of it, it's made it into the text is been watered down since the 1st draft, and we'll see if it survives the night to night into the 3rd draft to morrow emissions. another big factor this move to get countries to provide new commitments for next year. and then there's that big issue possibly the deal breaker of climate
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finance. not just the $100000000000.00 a year that was promised way back in 2009. and now will be delayed until 2023. but also that issue that we were hearing just a little while ago about loss and damage. whereby money is given to developing countries who are facing the worst effects of climate change. and for them, for the g $77.00, group of developing nations, that is a red line. if the rich countries don'ts out, the anti provide money that they need, then this whole deal is off. what one of the country is refusing to commit to stronger short term targets is australia. the federal government that doesn't support the phasing out of coal. critics have labeled australia climate prior neglecting its pacific island neighbors like that wants to have the most to lose the archipelago is one of the most at risk countries in the world with rising sea levels already encroaching on its land mass as representatives are calling for more investment from wealthier nations to protect vulnerable islands on the front lines of climate change of warners. let's feature sarah clark. she is in brisbin in
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australia force as they are, as we've been saying, australia described as a climate prior facing so much criticism. so what's the reaction actually been to this latest draft cut plan over there? will study was very slow to commit to the 1st round of targets where they talk about the 0 net emissions by 2050 little and the short term targets by 2030. so by the end of the decade, has been pushing back on that. and the suggestion was that a study has been leading the charge this week in glasgow to try and walk down that agreement which looks at the shorter the tougher target for the short term. as well as the phasing out on the dependence on coal astrology, of course is the 2nd largest exporter of coal world. so one of the highest i'm, it is in the prime minister has a said scott morrison has it even before he went to glasgow. the district, it's no strolling policy to commit to mandates like this. now
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a struggle has pledged $500000000.00 in new climate funds for its asian pacific neighbors and certainly be welcomed by some of those countries including fiji. the fiji and prime minister met with scott morrison in glasgow and he said this is certainly a start. now unfortunately, due to covert only for the pacific nations were able to be represented by the leaders in blood go, but they have so much to lose. so it was a small group, but a large boy stuff. scientists have said that the sea level rise in the pacific islands could be $2.00 to $3.00 times the global average. and some of those low lying coral holes simply won't survive and some of the islands will be uninhabitable by 2030. now we spoke to some villages in, i'm very watson and they discussed about what life is like, living with the extreme, whether they're experiencing on a daily basis. just we just build and then it is destroyed and we build again. if the whole world could see what we are going through and find a solution to help us overcome these natural disasters whenever
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a natural disaster comes, instead of us just rebuilding and rebuilding, we need solutions to be found for us at a community over a level. now i pick countries that a statement overnights are released some details of they pushed back on the dependence of apec nations or the dependence on fossil fuels. and they, they came to try to phase out an increase in subsidies for fossil fuel. so that certainly sets the stage for climate change to be a key issue. those i pick meetings in the future. sarah clark there with all the latest for us from australia. thanks so much there. and the mean time leaders of the asia pacific region have pledged increased corporation to help lead the recovery from the cove at 19 pandemic. the apex summit was hosted virtually by new zealand and came in increasing regional tension, particularly between the united states and china. when her reports, ah, they were the traditional welcomes and ceremonies as new zealand hosted. this is
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asia pacific economic cooperation meetings. but for the 2nd consecutive year, the cove at 19 pandemic meant those meetings were held virtually. the culmination was the leaders summit, which resulted in a joint declaration full of positivity around co operation on the environment economy and the pandemic. so where they may have been potentially in the past, an opportunity are or at an area where you may have st forms of protectionism or nationalism. in the response, you saw the opposite, a real commitment from a peak economy to overcome those issues. in normal times, it's the sideline meetings, away from the spotlight with a big decisions and deals are made in the virtual world. it's difficult to get a sense of any tension, but it was brought to the surface during a speech by china's president. she jin ping to a c e o summit. the day before the lead is met, shall be thought, knocking total move ahead. i'm very jack. practices are of discrimination and
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exclusion of others. yes, you attempt to draw do article lines or forms more circles on geopolitical crowns. are bound to fail, you should pacific region and being cannot and should not rely please enter the confrontation and division of the cold war era. his comments appeared to be in response to the united states, increasing military cooperation with regional allies, including india, japan and australia, and came after years of trade. tensions between the 2 countries. on monday, president, she will meet virtually with his u. s counterpart, joe biden. there are also issues around the trade packed known is the comprehensive and progressive agreement for trends. pacific partnership, all 11 members are also apec members. and now china wants to join. but so does taiwan, which beijing regards as a break away province, that it will one day retake. there was, of course, no mention of that at this a pick summit, not publicly anyway, but despite the virtual nature of the meeting,
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there was still an opportunity for the tradition of the leaders posing in an item of clothing of the host choice wayne, hey al jazeera toner, new zealand. well as well as mentioned there and not anticipated that's will summit between the chinese and us. presidents will happen on monday. the 1st major opportunities improve relations. tensions have risen over taiwan and americans, board of pro democracy protests and hong kong. alan fischer has one out from the white house some it still happened unless there is an outcome agreed in advance, and that's we're expecting to see joe biden would love to meet jesus paying in person. but that's not happening at the chinese president simply not leaving the country and hasn't done it since march last year. so this will all be done virtually. it will be done here at the white house. on monday they will talk about a number of things that they have in common. first of all, getting on top of the corporate crisis. there's the global supply chain as well. 3 there is also the climate change,
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and when we're that joe biden was pretty critical of the chinese for not showing up in glasgow essentially seeing that if you want to be a world leader, you have to show up to lead ad. there will be other things that they will touch on, including nuclear weapons. they will talk about it, china's military operations in an around taiwan. i remember it's just a week ago that the americans have said that they are obliged you're bitin, said that they are obliged to defend taiwan and would do so. and of course, there's been quite a leap forward in chinese military technology with them testing a supersonic aircraft that can go into space or something that might milly who is the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. here in the united states said the change in china's wealth and also its military operations is the greatest geopolitical shift in more than 20 years. so yes, they've got a lot to cover. will they be able to do it one day? probably not. but if they can show some sort of cooperation on things like exports and visa controls, then they will regard this as
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a success. and it's really about getting the relationship back on track. because the relationship between the chinese and the united states has been it's still me for a number of months. well now format donald trump aid steve bannon has been formerly charged with content of congress. he was subpoenaed, but it is refusing to testify in front of the committee, investigating the attack on the capital on january 6th and trying to determine the origins of the plan by trump. support is to stop the certification of president biden's 2020 election. when kristin salumi has a detail, well, there are 2 contempt of congress charges one for failing to testify before the house committee and another failing to produce documents requested by the committee, steve band. and the long time advisor to the former president was subpoenaed and asked to appear by the committee that is investigating the january 6 capital breach . they say that they had reason to believe that he had information regarding the
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events that took place that day. they point 2 statements, he made the day before the january 6 attack on the capital in a podcast in which he said that extreme events were going to happen and quote, all hell is going to break loose on the following day. so the house wanted to hear what steve been and had to say when he didn't show up. they voted him in contempt of courts that finding was turned over to the courts in the united states, a u. s. attorney presented it to a so called grand jury, who found that there was reason to move forward with criminal charges against the president's former adviser. and if he's found guilty of these charges, he could face up to a year in prison on each one, as well as a significant fine still ahead. here on al jazeera agencies demand urgent access
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along the better route. poland border as thousands of migrants remain stuck p at another night and freezing cold conditions. i'm talking about with the, with the pinnacle hello, there were st. severe storms moving across deep south of the u. s, sir, just around texas, oklahoma easing over towards the eastern seaboard all associated with this weather system which links back into this area of low pressure here. no stores will clear away from the eastern seaboard dry weather coming in behind. just notice how the ice abbas line up in a northerly direction. so we're gonna see cold air digging in spilling out of
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canada, coming in across the lakes, temperature's falling way quite rapidly. and notice there been a snow coming in as well. cross the canadian prairies down across the mountain stays pushing across into the northern states. northern plains of the us, little dusting of snow, certainly around the lakes as well. some lake effect snow coming in here over the next couple of days. and those 2 gathering eastern seaboard rise up, it brightens up, but temperatures fall away. 11 celsius the top temperature in new york temperature dipping a little i'm pleased to say or not really enough for a lake pulling back to around 28 celsius. the elevator fire is remaining in place here. meanwhile, washington state seeing more heavy rain and we'll see snow pushing across sir b. c. a once again. heavy rain still affecting west decided caribbean. we have got some where to where the continuing here all the way into central america. for the most part, the eastern islas, a fine and sunny ah, the shorter is pursuing prosperity and influence on the global stage. when
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i went east investigates what remains for one of its closest neighbors, i was on out of the road, november will fif all gary anne's vote in a 3rd parliamentary election. this year, public outcry over widespread corruption brought down former prime minister boy cowboy herself. but finding a replacement is proved, problematic, will it be 3rd time lucky in the bold, gary, an election, special coverage ontology, sarah, ah, ah, ah, holiday watching al jazeera, that's remind you about top stories here. the salad and the un climate summit and glasgow has gone into over time. delegates are trying to reach an agreement on
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a revised draft plan aimed at protecting the planners. asian pacific gators that promised to increase cooperation in the fight against the coven 19 pandemic. they are attending the actual apex summit. it's taking place with a backdrop of increasing tension between the us and china. former donald trump aids div bannon has been formerly charged with 2 criminal acts for disobeying a congressional order. he was subpoenaed, but then refused to testify in front of the committee, investigating the attack on the u. s. capital on january 6th. now the european commission says it will not be intimidated by threats from bella, russian president, alexander lucas shanker. after he said he could cut off russian gas applies to europe. this all comes as thousands of refugees remain stuck at batteries as border with poland cause and a political stand off that's showing no sign of ending. as a dag reports, the scenes were filmed by russia's sputnik agency,
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apparently showing belushi and forces handing out food. it's not clear how many of the thousands of people kept out with have got anything. here as a woman, lies ill on the ground, people show a bellowed lucien god. what asked men hale as she needs. some families have been given the basics, diapers, medicine, and drinking water. but as the main response on either side continues to be a military one, these people are stuck in a political game. they can't control it. we're, we're one of poland, most famous actresses, has joined activists to call on the government to allow people to help me ago she came across 3 people that had made it through the boarding to poland, but they've been targeting for women. her husband and her dear friend were bitten, really frightened, they were scurry, they asked about her on the road. some people i talked to them, stolen them money or more buyers. everything is he was bitten by i. some of my
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poll thing are on the move his head. so he was taken to the hospital. and exclusions own means that there's no way of knowing what exactly polish forces are doomed to keep people out of their country. on the country roads near the border, soldiers, guns in hand have set up checkpoints. vehicles are being stopped searched and some people's documents are being checked. but even with this massive presence along the border, poland knows that some people will manage to get through. soldiers here have told us that if we've the media were able to see what they're doing, than they wouldn't be able to do their jobs. but desperate people still remain stuck in the forest between 2 groups of soldiers as had beg, i'll da 0, poland. international pressure is growing on su dawn's military leader to reinstate the civilian lead transitional government. on friday, the commander have sedans, powerful rapids. the board forces was named deputy head of the new military run
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ruling council, and being led by both alba, one who has repeatedly promised a hand over power to civilian authorities. more than $100.00 government officials and political leaders have been detained since the crew last month. well, if you abuse, government has outlined conditions for possible talks with rebels from the northern t grove region. she armed wing of the t, glad people's liberation front or t p l f is pushing towards the saba prime minister. the med says the group must withdraw from the heart and a far region bordering t, right before talks, can begin. thousands have been killed and over 2000000 people more displaced since the conflict started last november. well, in the meantime, the u. s. is now designating 6 targets associated with the retrain government and the ruling policy that in response to the conflict in ethiopia, the us secretary of state has called for the immediate withdrawal of our trained forces from ethiopia. as anybody can says, credible accounts implicate them of committing serious human rights abuses. he says
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their presence on the ground is undermining the government and out of saba, and any hopes of an end to the fighting. lebanon's government is failing its people . that's the verdict of the un envoy on extreme poverty who is currently visiting the country. olivia to shoot us, says lebanon is in danger of becoming a failed state. zenato reports from beverage. the un human rights council sent an envoy to lebanon to look at how the government here has been addressing one of the world's worst economic crises. oliver, the shorter spoke to those affected officials, as well as the donor community, which he said is running out of patience. with the government for failing to reform the system and it's not just the international community who lost trust in them. when i told many people about my mission, when i spoke to families who are destitute in bush homage in the pony in bob big, they often answered murphy. dolly,
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there is no state the have nots confidence in the ability of the state to provide a response. so for me, this is the, do you and envoy explained in detail how hears of long standing inequalities, the lack of social protection systems, and an economic model that benefited the rich contributed to the collapse. for example, the connections between politicians and the private sector reached the highest levels of political power in lebanon. 18 out of 20 banks had major shareholders linked to political elites. lebanon is also one of the most unequal countries in the world where some 10 percent of the population holds nearly 70 percent of the wealth. while 40 percent of public revenue comes from taxes that affect the poor. the authorities robin blame for decades of mismanagement and corruption have failed to stop the economic collapse. it took 13 months of political bickering before they agreed on
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a new cabinet in september. but it hasn't been able to convene in the past months because of a new political crisis. there should tear blame government an action for what he called a manufactured crisis that ruined lives and condemned the majority of the population into poverty. the population is facing unprecedented challenges, impoverishment is widespread. i saw scenes in lebanon that i had not imagined i would ever see in the middle income country. the un envoy then described lebanon as a failed state, at least not yet. he did say it is headed in that direction where the government failing its population, that doesn't believe it will work and the public's interest, then there should be a route once 5 months until francis presidential election. but there's already some unexpected twists in the race, riser and torture pundit eric small is expected to announce his candidacy and run
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on an anti immigration platform that could eclipse far item or in the marine. the pen natasha about the reports from border. eric seymour says, france is being ruined by immigration, islam, and political correctness, and his message is seducing far right and conservative voters, although he is yet to declare candidacy for the french presidency. the more is already soaring. an opinion polls a political outsider, with a conviction for inciting racial hatred, that some co, france is donald trump, c r. keep he kia, get a new business, come, would eat, earthy from he is a guy who does business. that's not me. i write books and articles, so my life is different to his, but like birth johnson, he understood i era and that the main problems that we face in the west or immigration and d industrialization. the more is of algerian jewish heritage. he had a slot on a channel called sea news that helped fuel his popularity, and he's a regular on tv shows where his opinions often cause controversy might not have
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printed okay, are garage rules. the media frenzy around him is partly because he is a public figure who crosses the line as no one else has in france's public sphere since the end of the war. come in on that boat. ah, since september, the moore has been traveling the country to promote his latest book on a tour that become a defacto campaign in bordeaux. more than a 1000 people came to see him. for us, the more embodies hope for france. we have seen france deteriorating for a few years, but some more gives us hope for a country love horses. although nicholas france is in rapid decline because of mass immigration. and he's the only person who can stop it as a morrison. how to say he's a man to say cross, the 100 se could destroy it. near by dozens of protest is gathered. but again, i hope it might have hossa beach. it's catastrophic. france has always been
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multicultural, and i'm proud of it. i grew up here in the front of zamora paints is not a reality. it is a life filled with hate and the more has upset some election protection. the final round between far right policy leader marine the pen and prisons a my new mark role, how he would fare if he does run would depend on for you to clear. for now though, is the more ready disrupting the race, the cache butler al jazeera border went to the pandemic now, and people in germany, all being at the limit their contact with others, and also avoid large events as a 4th wave of code 19 infections. tapes hold there, more than 50000 people tested positive for the virus on thursday. that's a record high. public health officials want governments to can to the banning big events and closing venues and the west effects areas. outgoing chancellor, anglo muffled plans to discuss the situation with state leaders next week. in the
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meantime, news of a possible lockdown in the netherlands has sparked a protest and the capital demonstrates is that clashed with police, who as you can see, find was a cannon into the crowd from saturday balls, restaurants and seats. markets will be closing, alley and sporting events will be held behind closed doors. the measures will continue for 3 weeks as the country posts a record number of covered 1900 infection. on a multi $1000000000.00 museum of modern arts has opened its stores in hong kong. it's part of an ambitious project to transform the city into a global hub for culture. but it also follows the imposition of controversial laws, which critics say make that edition a distant goal. robert bryan report, it's cold and plus and it's designed to rival some of the best museums in london, paris. so new york, it's been years in the making, but it's opening now comes after the imposition of hong kong, controversial national security law. that even modern art it seems,
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cannot escape. we will uphold and encourage freedom of artistic expression and creativity. on the other hand, our dedicated curatorial team were ensure that all the exhibitions will comply with the laws the national security law was introduced to stop months of st. protests and riots. but critics argue it is stifled free speech, and that includes artistic expression already that have been restrictions placed on the local movie industry, as well as in publishing and newspapers. it did not have been unusual to even mention national security in the opening of an old museum in order to lay the foundation that the opening of m plus does not mean we artistic expression is about the law. it is not the works of an impressive range of international and chinese bod. notices are on display,
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including by prominent dissident artist i way way. but other work by him considered to controversial, will not be displayed. why you half of middle name, which cannot, or in paper, oh to defense, its own integrity. ah, about our freedom of speech and data, or is so christian as the museum opens to the public for the 1st time. the sometimes baffling world of mod not will not only prompt the question is a taught, but in hong kong case, is it legal? rub mcbride al jazeera. oh hello there. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. the you and climate summit and glasgow has gone into overtime as delegates. they're trying to reach an agreement on a draft plan to protect.


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