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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2021 9:00am-9:30am AST

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insurance to save the world's most precious resource. in the next episode of ath right, we look at what is being done december once. twice on al jazeera. ah hello there. i'm just as he attained her with the headlines for you here on out as aaron, the you and climate summit and glasgow has gone into overtime as delegates tried to reach an agreement on a draft plan to protect the planet from catastrophic global warming representatives from nearly 200 countries are negotiating. the core aim is to cap global warming at $1.00 degrees. now for this to happen, the wild needs to cut emissions by 45 percent by the year 2030, and then achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. this is our collective moment in history. this is our chance
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to forge a cleaner, healthier, more prosperous world. and this is our time to deliver on the high ambition set by our leaders. at the start of the summit, we must rise to the occasion. nick clark is following those talks for us from glasgow behind the scenes a lots of negotiations on going we heard from the called president alex sha mother and he's told us recently that said there are intensive consultations going on right now. and only through the nights with the various negotiating blocks to try and find some common ground on the next iteration of the text. and we're expecting that, that's the 3rd one. we'll get that tomorrow at 8 o'clock in the morning. and after that, they'll be a meeting of all the countries involved. they'll talk about every bit, they'll argue about it for a bit, then they'll go back to the respective negotiating blocks. and then in the
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afternoon, alex alma says there will be a mass plenary where all the countries will come together. and he says at that point, he's hoping to get some sort of resolution of glasgow. pat, if you like it, it will be a miracle. if that does happen. i suspected leone a bit longer, possibly in tonight, possibly into sunday at it's a very complex set of negotiations. you can have a lot of situations where negotiating teams will be calling that capitals on particular negotiating issues, especially when it comes to issues like coal and so forth. phasing out coal big part of it, it's made it into the text is been watered down since the 1st draft and we'll see if it survives the night to night into the 3rd draft to morrow emissions. another big fact to this move to get countries to provide new commitments for next year. and then there's that big issue possibly the deal breaker of climate finance. not just the $100000000000.00 a year that was promised way back in 2009 and now will be delayed until 2023. but
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also that issue that we were hearing to say the while ago about loss and damage, whereby money is given to developing countries who are facing the worst effects of climate change. and for them, for the g $77.00, group of developing nations that is a red line. if the rich countries don'ts out, the anti provide the money that they need, then this whole deal is off. now asia pacifically, it is a promise to increase cooperation and they fight against the curve in 1900 pandemic . they've been attending the virtual apex summit. it's taking place with the backdrop of increasing tension between the us and china. former donald trump aid steve bannon has been formally charged with contempt of congress. he was subpoenaed by the committee. we're investigating the attack on the capital on january 6th, but is refusing to testify the european commission as it won't be intimidated by threats from better route to cut off russian gas and growing all given to migrants . thousands of people remain stuck at the countries border with poland that
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european officials have been involved in efforts to stop the flow. ethiopia government has outlined conditions a possible talks with to brian rebels. prime minister, i'll be all said, says they must withdraw from the horror and to far region. before talks can begin. american pop star britney spears, as thanked her fan, saying it's the best day ever to be released from a conservative shit that lasted almost 14 years. fans wasting outside the court, the kid and cried as the decision was confirmed. they've been instrumental in drawing attention to spears as far as control of her life with the free brittany campaign. the thing has been the past 5 months of fighting the conservative ship, which prevented her from making any personal decision. well, those are the headlines. i'll have an update for you here after witness. the women of standing rock do stay with us on al jazeera. the news
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as we're driving down the road just now i said, oh my god, we're coming to the police that change my life. for years. people have fought this struggle, fought for land and water. and i was at a point where i felt like nobody cared. and now it was like somebody shook me awake again. as said, it's okay to stand up. that's okay. to want a better life in our law court,
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the way many were tony means water is life. and every living being an animal and plant on this earth needs water to flourish. ah remove that part down and then start taping the other one. i was good, that's good. i mean this one's all in. so the idea to have this encampment in a lot of ways, it is protecting our way of life because it is not only asserting our right to be here and live here and having clean drinking water. because when you rip away all
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the layers of, of everything that's going on right here, what it all comes down to is wanting clean drinking water for our children. so we just wanted to get a little bit of an idea of how many people are going to be staying. like we got 4 families, one family to each year. each family for 5 kids and you are going to be here through the winter. i mean, what we're doing here is also living our sovereignty because this is treaty land that we were guaranteed by the united states government in 18. 51. it's laquata treaty land. so in a way it's, it's like coming home i just got here. so we been here since like the so we have like 3 more to set up and then we're gonna be done. anyway, i just got here. okay,
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we'll be back with that new. yeah, that's, that's good. yeah, i lived in the river bed all my life. i drink the water from the missouri and we had our own garden, so our own food and it was a beautiful life. i lived there before the army corps removed me and i went back and i lived there to day. so we're stay, we did anybody. so up, down here from denver, or i used to say to my mom, why did you have to name me washed a, we an english, it looks like waste when and people make fun of it and they, they butcher every day. and she would say, that's your grandmother's name. her name was washed ale we shockley. and that is to be a good given woman. so don't ever be ashamed. dear name. we were saying that putting
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up a t p seems so easy compared to a year. the planes and helicopters made as flying on for like non stop. i think they thought we were doing something illegal, but the yellow helicopter is though one hired by to quote access ah. when we 1st learned that that code axis was gonna come. when we started the secret stone cap, start praying for this proposed pipeline that is supposed to be pointed her long room. and i invite you to go down to the encampments at standing to see the strength of the beauty,
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the perseverance. every day we have 1012 other nations coming in to stand in solidarity with us. and we're showing the world who we are in a non violent manner. a nation isn't to feed it and tell the heart too small of the women who are on the ground all the day. we have grandmothers and mothers that are prepared to be here on the land for the long run. we're not going away with . and then we got the notice for 48 hours, notice dakota axis, and stark destruction. ah,
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you see i f e, each of you to come stand. that secret. some kind of battle has just begun. law justice will prevail for our people. if the laws are obeyed and followed, we will hold on to our treaty territory at all costs. and where peaceful, prayerful people. but it, it's come to a point now where enough is enough. ah, someone went through pulling out that they were bulldozing. overstate site with
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there's are still going there. yeah. i'm with good women and children. were you telling the dogs to buy a even with going on around this elder walking next to me as i was crying, she said walk in care. that's when i knew that you know what we were doing was the sacred thing. ah, yes, this
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a personal to me. my dad's buried up there. i buried my cousin died of cancer 2 weeks ago after. and we can't let dakota axis call to them on what happens if they do. what are you going to do it we'll pray in front of the vocals with they will shoot us a lot of people think that the dakota access pipeline is just about native people standing up for their environment. but that's not true. they're 18000000 people that rely on the missouri river for their water, who are down stream from us. this isn't just to native issue. this is for everybody . this pipeline breaks world records. it's a $178.00 pieces. and what they do is they put it together many yank it all through
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underneath for a mile and a half. there's bound to be some structural integrity issues. if you ask a lot of engineers, they'll admit to that. numerous leaks can occur. but the problem is these tiny links, not only are they perfectly legal, they're not detectable which will be taken up by our plants. and they'll pollute our water and we won't know it until our water intake gets clogged ah own. oh, you know, the original pipeline was to go through north dakota, but it was going through white people's land. so they redirected it, put it through the indian. the proposed route was going to pass 13 miles north of
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bismark. but the north dakota public utilities commission denied that permit, because if there would have been a catastrophic failure, it's proximity to the water supplies would be effected. standing rock is downstream, sending the message that our people, our community are expendable a on september 3rd, the democracy now team came to north dakota to the resistance camps, videotaped the dog with blood dripping from his mouth and his nose. biting. protesters are protectors, these images went viral. 14000000 people almost immediately saw these images
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around the world. we will continue to cover what happens behind the bars. more than a 140 people have been arrested. so with what i was most struck by was that the 1st people to take on the bulldozers to say go back, stop, desecrate secret sites were women, why women are central in the stroke? good. there are acts award may have been committed against our people. the state of north dakota, they have denied the desecration. they have denied going to our aboriginal territory and our sacred objects. the water in sacred water is the 1st gift of life. and as women,
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we have a right to prepare that water. the water of mother earth because all i start is water continue and continue in prayer, and there will be no black snake going across the record. ovula my mother was in the american indian movement. we were always active in, in issues. we're always expected to act a certain way and going up. we would joke about like, why do we have to be the ultimate indian? and it's just how we were raised, even in my community, they're like, oh, your mom's phyllis, younger people know, but i'm proud of that. you know, i co founded the women of all red nations. and we had to rise to the occasion of
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sterilization, the highest rates were here in this region. and it was an indian woman doctor from oklahoma who became an m d, and practiced in the indian house service, who exposed that we went throughout the united states and foreign partnerships with the women in all the cities and universities. and so congress passed to that to prohibit sterilization of native people. we also stepped up because of the adoption of indian children. so the indian child welfare act passed in 1978. these 2 very critical acts came from la court to country. ah, my mom and my little sister always say that i don't all these billions of people on the earth. like we get to be from sitting bulls,
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people like we get to be from rain in the fees. we get to be with the law court that is crazy horse and we get to like carry on that legacy of fighting for a way of life. with the banner for 6 hours a year
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shaking so bad. but all you can do is pray, ah, ah no need to my room that is no less than lethal army, an issue which are gone down north is on your with and then to see the buffalo coming over the hill. it was like i was in
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a dream. i me up to the native american protesters blocking highway 18 o 61. north dakota governor john dell regional had mobilized the states national guard to end the protest. me kenneth hello, are state highways in our county, highways to be taken over by agitators from other areas of the country though people on earth ever enjoyed a freedom like we indians enjoyed before the white man came to this country. everything was free. we were free and so were the animals and the birds and the rivers. then columbus and his gang hit this country by accident. or sorry that they did. our instructions didn't tell us what to do about the white man. we welcomed
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him when he came here. we fed him, we took care of him. we believed god had sent him here to help us. god gave the white man powers we never saw before. material powers, he was supposed to share these powers to make life better for all of us. he didn't . now our great chieftains are gone, our buffalo are gone, our weapons are bows and arrows. our tomahawks are in the museums. they sell our arrow heads and even our bones for souvenir. maybe if we didn't remember how it once was, it wouldn't be so hard for us. we could just become like every one else. can you live in your hair? how old are you? you're fly. everything was taken from us in. that's the biggest part of why our
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people are on math and using drugs. i worked under the math grant and we see what math and using drugs was doing, not only here but everywhere. and so we put everything into fighting in raising awareness because this'll cause us to be extinct. tell me about her mother. how did she get involved in math and she got with a guy, and he was the one started her using math. and it just now, i mean she's just lost to it. so this is a hard situation because they're going to take my grand daughter. i don't have no right baby wakes up every night with night tears and she's looking for her. grandma good tie, lynch. i'm the only one that she knows then protexture. oh, when in stanny rock they've got every advocate from all over the world there. you
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know what i'm doing here is 4 children that are just as sacred and sat water. so i stay here and i fight this battle with little song ha, i've been compiling, standing on history for about 25 years compiling the t ology. and one of the things that i learned is if we are allowed to know our history, our culture, our language, our way a life, my spirituality, we can be balanced people again. and then we can choose to follow this way or not. it's our choice because we're our whole people. right now our people walk around with damage of herself, of being taken from their family. because you're indian. you don't belong here.
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huh. and i have a home through the agencies of the government. they are being rapidly brought from their state of comparative, savage ran barbarism for one of civilization. here on the one hand, we have the navajo, as we find him and his dad at home today, i have a group and i have a whole children on the western nav a whole albuquerque and im school on the high school institute. how many people know that, you know, i think the mouth rate on family, we won that right. 1985 to raise our own family. 1985 a. we got word that you can see them. dakota axis is try to move in with their intention. we don't know,
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and that's why we're cautious between the rubber bullets the bean bag guns. a pepper sprayed the dog, dragging people out of ceremony. if we don't know what they're doing and we're not prepared, somebody's gonna get hurt ah with
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hm . i recognise that that plays a prayer and that's where you're standing. mm . ah, they really tried to paint us as these violent out of state people when the
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movement began with women from standing iraq. and how they can vilify our people for standing up. it's as though they're seeing how dare you counting the call to climate change is reshaping this a health, food insecurity. cruise and the pandemic leading to a rise in violence, terrorism, the drug rubbish, central valley and california provides vast amounts of food for the us. but for how much longer counting the cost on al jazeera with
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al jazeera world, his into the murky world of state sponsored spyware. and the discovery by al jazeera journalists that 0 click technology attacks that smartphones. cisco can be, is this the new frontier espionage think about the sophistication of exports to breaking the phones. this is as good as it gets this high and you're on al jazeera .
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ah hello there. i'm associate a in the hall with this update for you on our 0. the you and time it summit and glasgow have gone into over time as delegates trying to reach an agreement on a draft plan to protect the planet from catastrophic global warming representatives from nearly 200 countries in negotiating. the core aim is to cap a global warming at $1.00 degrees. this is our collect.


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