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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm AST

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oh, women of standing rock on al jazeera. ah ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm emily anglin. this is the muse allen live from doha coming up and that makes 60 minutes. a new draft deal is published at the called 26 summit. nations are urged to invest more and dropped subsidies on fossil fuels. sedans, army is on high alert while a new round of protests against the military takeover as the ticket underway in the capital. a serious man has died in the bowers, poland border,
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while thousands of asylum seekers remained stranded in freezing cold conditions. class. i'm to talk about a friend presidential candidate yet, but he's a worthy so do you think all the way to supporters and scoring and opinion polls. and i'm sorry, high to the sports news is a race to reach the castle walls cut continues the usa of one a crucial game against rivals mexico to go top of the qualifying table in their region. action coming up this our mm hm. hello and welcome to the program. we start at the u. n. climate summit in glands guard which is just to issued a new draft agreement in the past hour that aims to reduce global warming and protect our planet. the new proposal urge is rich countries to double their
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financial commitments on climate action by 2025. it's also requesting governments upgrade their climate pledges the next 2 years, comp summit in egypt, and plans to phase out so called inefficient fossil fuel subsidies remain in the draft. something environmental groups were concerned might be taken out for more on the slips, bring in andrew simmons who is live for us in glasgow. hello there, andrew. what was the stand point for you? and this revived climate agreement. will have hit the right notes there. those contentious issues, primarily the one about fossil fuels and or the subsidies given and the or that clause still remains there. and it also remains with coal as well. coal, a unabated coal power to be phased out. that is another one. but that has a, a clause to attach it. that's a new coal factories cooked under plants can be and can be built if they have
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a necessary protective measures made against emissions. at now moving on from there . a very strong point is the delegations from all countries returning within a year to resubmit resubmit, an upgrade beef up at their forecasts for emissions and missions control over a run until till the end of the decade. so that is, that is really important because that, that actually does take us into an area where by there is some movement towards attacking that, the issue of the 1.5 degrees celsius of protective area. so we have that and we also have moves with the or the area of, of finance in which it will be reviewed or it is a very thorny issue. there's a lot of divisiveness of over finance, but they've been no significant updates are on government plans,
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but in 2022 they will actually a try to, to come to a bigger decision to go beyond the 100 $1000000000.00 a year. there was supposed to be getting for the poor countries on finance, poor countries wanting to actually adapt as well. an adaptation fund, separate to that apparently will be double de la. there isn't any exact figures yet . let me bring in our guest, please. and now of bennet, valesa perez, sererra. thank you for joining us. your in the world world lies some international, the deputy lead on climate. tell me this. are you impressed with this fact that both they've not altered and changed the main areas of development? i thought there was a constructive spirit yesterday in the, in the plenary and i thought that leaders were determined to improve the areas that remained are contentious and that will mean to be food. so i would say this 5 p
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areas for me. i'd to up then that must stick. ah, but 3 of them that need to still an improvement on. so the 1st one is, i think we've seen the resolution of parties that they have to meet a gap. and that we need a resolution to get to $1.00 degree and so that, that is ah, and, and agreed collective recognition. right? and, and also the rejecting off mechanism that you just mentioned that countries must resubmit their nationally turning contributions or climate pledges to 2030 by the end of 2022. that must remain in the, in the final text. the 3rd area is article 6 are the rules for the voluntary with carbon markets. some of the loop holes are important. loopholes have been closed, as well as a 5 percent levy towards going to adaptation that's that's, that's our, an important our advance. however, that some b credits coming from there,
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from the clean development mechanism would be allowed and they shouldn't be allowed . and so i think that that, that the article 6 could still be improved. and i did part on subsidies, is he story comes that we have subsidies included asked in the, in the text. however, the language is a language that deep 20 has used for over advocate. so it's, it's is just it, if, if they're, they want to show that they're listening to the people on the street, they must recognize that within, within the taxi, not talk about subsidies without a deadline. they cannot come out inefficient subsidies. all subsidies to fossil fuels are inefficient if we em to achieve the 1.5 degree. and then of course the last they don't finance. there are some movements on the finance front. however, for most developed in the, at, it must vulnerable countries. that's not enough. and we saw some board movements by scotland for example, pledging finance to lawson damage. so there's a facility and in, in the tax. but that facility is called the tech,
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a technical facility. and i, and for vulnerable countries you, it's very important that the facilities have finances and if not, that has been so divisive that issue and the 100000000 a year that are supposed to be getting the core nations that is recognized as being awful. but the still no real goal in terms of what they're going to get in the way of money. exactly. and, and i think they, they don't solve that. i think some of the con, you know, some of the contentious issues might, might still be there. having said that, what we've seen along the all of the days. busy of the club is that actually the world is waking up the people's on the people on the streets a that it needed all over the world. i haven't seen more more coverage for, for climate. and so countries know what they need to do any, they don't start reflecting at thing to concrete, short term policies. the credibility aspect will continue to be questioned. thank you very much indeed for your thoughts. i have an asthma. so there you have it,
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and that will be a meeting quite soon. the aids start taking museums. it's described in the plenary which will be informal people will come together, the delegates will come together and then go back into negotiations. this is not over yet. this is a draft text still a new version of it. whether it's the final one isn't certain yet that could be a split, all of a sudden, which means the whole thing goes back into the middle that can't be ruled out apparently. and furthermore, there is also a real sense of not just a sense of history, but a real tension about this because the have been the so called blockers. they're not named publicly, they're known to be some force in states and others who have pushed against anything to do with fossil fuel, anything to do at with, with trying to reduce emissions even pushing the fact that the paras agreement insists that that the, the emissions targets are actually put in every 5 years,
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but every year, so that is a big achievement if it goes through. but will it go to the wire? will it go through? perhaps there is a risky, risky maneuver being taken here in that they, they, they be saying they're blocking it the but the cards are being called. they're going to be there with the public image on them. and they're to make a decision. will they keep blocking it when every one knows who they are? and if they do block it, they will be responsible for the consequences that could be the sort of dramatic situation. the summit could end with potentially, well keep us updated as to how that progresses later on today and tomorrow and siemens life rest at glasgow. thank you. one of the countries which has been refusing to commit to stronger short term targets is astronomy at the federal government. there does not support the phasing out of comb. critics have called estrella at climate pariah neglecting its pacific island neighbors like ban iwatsu who have
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a lot to lose. the island group is one of the most at risk countries in the world with rising sea levels already encroaching on its land mass. its representatives are calling for more investment from wealthy nations to protect vulnerable islands . sarah clark has more from brisbin, was really was very slow to commit to the 1st round of targets where they took met the 0 net emissions by 2050 a little on the short term targets by 2030. so by the end of the decade, tries been pushing back on that. and the suggestion was to astronomy, has been leading the charge this week in glasgow to try and walk down that agreement, which looks at the shorter, tougher targets in the short term, as well as the phasing out on the dependence on coal astrology, of course is the 2nd largest exporter of coal worlds, so one of the highest amid has in the prime minister has said scott morrison has said, even before he went to glasgow, that destroyed no stallion policy to commit to mandates like this. now a strategy has pledged $500000000.00 in new climate funds for its asian pacific
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neighbors. and that certainly be welcomed by some of those countries including fiji . the fiji and prime minister met with scott morrison in glasgow. and he said this is certainly a start. now, unfortunately, due to covert only for the specific nations were able to be represented by the leaders in glasgow, but they have so much to lose. so it was a small group, but a large voice that scientists have said that the sea level rise in the pacific islands could be $2.00 to $3.00 times the global average. and some of those low lying coral at holes are simply won't survive. and some of the islands will be uninhabitable by 2050. now we spoke to some villages in the invented watson, and they discussed about what life is like, living with the extreme, whether they're experiencing on a daily basis. we just build and then it is destroyed. and we build again, if the whole world could see what we are going through and find a solution to help us overcome these natural disasters. whenever a natural disaster comes, instead of us just rebuilding and rebuilding,
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we need solutions to be found for us at a community over a level. h year borne, the loses up to 38000 tons of soil because of land degradation and deforestation. the united nation says a growing population is driving the loss of the forest. it's laura to climate change linked disasters like to rancho rains slides, landslides and prolonged dry seasons. katherine soy explains brune. these landscape is majestic, with nearly $3000.00 hills home to communities organized around each hill. but these beautiful terrain is threatened by years of over use soil erosion, deforestation, as well as the effects of climate change. torrential rains floods, landslides and droughts have become frequent. i want to go at thomas near bender tells us how he's village was washed away by a landslide. last year. we will not will you or his wife and 5 children, while among the 28 people who are killed acoustic motor fardy,
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there water found us in the house and it was only the food up to the bed level. that's when i told my family we flee to us for police. some of those who died in that landslide, including thomas near bend, his wife and children are buried here. others are still missing by despite the obvious threats posed by the degradation of land. many of those who talk to he has say they cannot stop cutting down of trees for charcoal, because a livelihood depends on it. but days in alternative, many kilometers from the village, a local organization is making briquettes from coffee and dr asks and other domestic waste to be used in place of filed and chuckle. those who ran this project say they want to go national, to prevent an environmental crisis in a country that is losing thousands of actors of forest cover every year. we don't only thin, we also tell them why they need to use our products to reduce deforestation and all
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that comes with it. so they receive, it broke, positively, when they are, they will 1st sensitize will be know why they use these. so they know they are contributing to the development of the country. the united nation says land in north and burgundy is severely read it before station in the south, alarming the west along the forest at region. that can hardly sustain a good cultural production. the central part of the country is seeing the disappearance of its wetlands. environmentalists are worried, cities secure 3rd him up if we are seeing food insecurity caused by destruction of farms, acidity to excited ocean. all these causing loss of our glucose, your production, especially in radius. back of the factory. they say they're playing their part in keeping the environment safe. and if they can see even a few 1000 trees from being cut down every year. that's a good start. clattering soil, jazeera broody ah,
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to the rest of the day's news now, and let's head to sedan where opposition groups are calling for nationwide. protest on saturday, against the military takeover. the army has been on alert since friday. most bridges are closed and road blocks have been set up around the capital consume, protest is are against the creation of a new military run ruling council. the body is being led by general abdel father albert han and the commander of the powerful, rapid support forces. it excludes any representatives from the civilian forces of freedom and change coalition, which had been sharing power with the military since $29.00 chain. let's bring in he been morgan now who's live for us in cod, sir. hello there, heber, what kind of turn out are you expecting at today's protests? while we're already seeing people picking out the, the 32 boys, their anger,
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they've been planning this protest 2 days, protest 4 days. now despite the fact that there is an internet to head down and that telecommunications are quite patchy and making calls is not easy since the military take over. on october 25th, people said that they want to show the army that they're not happy with the take over and they're not going to accept that. we've seen processes over the past few days, including today set up barricades on many residential neighborhoods on many main street and the capital hard to me despite the fact that there was heavy security presence around the capital. and that the central business district, india in the center of sue, has been blocked for people including people who are walking. they say that they don't want any cars. they don't want anybody around that area, especially because it's near the vicinity of the presidential palace and near the army headquarters. so they are concerned that would turn out they will be violent already. at least 13 processes have been killed since october 25th. there has been a list of hospitals already named for people to go. so should there be injuries and
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they've been called for people to try to take as much caution as possible because they are concerned that they will be violent and they will be violent. now the u. s . and the and norway as well as the u. k, and football and have put out the statement calling on the army and the security forces to restrain themselves against using forth against, against the processes. so it's very much a show for, by the processes to show the military that they don't want to take over. and the world is watching and processes they, they will be watching the army reaction, especially after the formation of the sovereignty counsel, which they say they are again. he but thank you for that update and keep in touch throughout the day as the protest develop. heber morgan live for us in caught, soon protests being held in the democratic republic of congo against the appointment of the new electoral commission head. it's being led by the catholic and protestant churches who have concerns about the independence of the decision.
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last month, 1010 data protests calling for and you to election body about half of the congolese population is catholic. unfortunately, we will try and catch our cars one at mail from web shortly, but at the moment he is just unavailable. ringback and in the eastern part of congo, dozens of people remain missing. 2 days after a boat capsized in south keep, the local resident said 15 bodies were recovered. while 60 people were rescued. at least 34 more feed, said the head of a village where several of the victims came from said the government must build ports to regulate navigation and prevent more accidents. if you government has outlined its conditions a possible talks with rebels from the northern to gripe region beyond wing of the 2 great people's liberation front or t p i live is pushing towards addis ababa prime minister says the rebel group must
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withdraw from the em. hara and to 5 regions bordering to grime before talks can begin. thousands have been killed and more than 2000000 more displayed since the conflicts started last november. libyan ladies have reaffirmed their commitment to free and critical elections in december. they issued the statement at the end of an international conference hosted by france. it included germany easily and the u. s. delegates pushed for election transparency and a threatening sanctions against anybody obstructing the landmark vote. there are fees, rival factions might reject the outcome. a young syrian man's body has been found in poland near bowers. his boredom, polish police have not been able to determine his cause of death. thousands of refugees and migrants a stack on the border. they caught in the middle of the political stand off,
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which shows no sign of ending i said bag reports from the bellows. poland border. these scenes were filmed by russia's sputnik agency, apparently showing belushi in forces, handing out food. it's not clear how many of the thousands of people camped out would have got anything. here as a woman lies ill on the ground, people show a bellowed lucien. god. what asked man hale is she needs. some families have been given the basics, diapers, medicine, and drinking water. but as the main response on either side continues to be a military one, these people are stuck in a political game. they can't control. we're, we're one of poland, most famous actresses, has joined activists to call on the government to allow people to help me ago she came across 3 people that had made it through the boarding to poland, but they'd been targeting for women, her husband and her dear friend were bitten, really frightened, they were scurry, they asked about her on the road. some people i talked to them, stolen them money,
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or more buyers everything. a he was bitten by. i some natal thing on the move his head. so he was taken to the hospital, an exclusion zone means that there's no way of knowing what exactly polish forces are doing to keep people out of the country. on the country roads near the border, soldiers, guns in hand, have set up checkpoints. vehicles are being stopped searched and some people's documents are being checked. but even with this massive presence along the border, poland knows that some people will manage to get through. soldiers here have told us that if we the media were able to see what they're doing, then they wouldn't be able to do their jobs. but desperate people still remain stuck in the forest between 2 groups of soldiers. i said, beg, i'll de 0, poland to france now where the presidential election is 5 months away,
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but the race is already seen. some unexpected twists. ryder and talk show putin to eric is more, is expected to announce his candidacy. he said to run on an anti immigration platform that could eclipse far right. lita marine at la pen. natasha butler reports from bo. eric seymour says france is being ruined by immigration, islam, and political correctness. and his message is seducing far right and conservative voters. although he is yet to declare his candidacy for the french presidency, the more is already soaring. an opinion polls a political outsider, with a conviction for inciting racial hatred that some co, france is donald trump. c r. keep keep kia. yeah. could you business come with it earthy? bum, he is a guy who does business. that's not me. i write books and articles. so my life is different to his it, but like bars, johnson, he understood i era and that the main problems that we face in the west are immigration and d industrialization. the more is of algerian,
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jewish heritage. he had a slot on a channel called c news that helped fuel his popularity, and he's a regular on tv shows where his opinions often caused controversy. but not the plan is altogether shows. the media frenzy around him is partly because he is a public figure who crosses the line as no one else has in france's public sphere since the end of the war come in on that bus. ah, since september, the moore has been traveling the country to promote his latest book on a tour that's become a defacto campaign in bordeaux, more than a 1000 people came to see him. for us, the more embodies hope for france. we have seen france deteriorating for a few years, but some more gives us hope for a country love horses. although nicholas france is in rapid decline because of mass immigration. and he's the only person who can stop it as a morrison. how to say he's a man to say crohn. oh no, say good,
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destroyed no by dozens of protest is gathered. better get out of it might have horse up each, it's catastrophic. france has always been multicultural, and i'm proud of it. i grew up here in the france at zamora paints is not a reality. it is a life filled with hate and the more has upset some election protection. the final rounds between far right policy leader marine the pen and prisons. emanuel michael, how he would fare if he does run, would depend on tooth cliff. and now those is more ready? disrupting the race. latasha butler, i'll just 0 border lebanon's government is selling its people. that's the verdict of the un invoice on extreme poverty and with visiting the country, olivia de shelter says 11 on is in danger of becoming a failed stain. st. honda reports from bay were the un human rights
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council sent an envoy to lebanon to look at how the government here has been addressing one of the world's worst economic crises. oliver, this shall tear spoke to those affected officials as well as the donor community, which he said is running out of patience with the government for failing to reform the system. and it's not just the international community who lost trust in them. when i told many people about my mission, when i spoke to families who are destitute in bush moods in people lee in bol bake, they often answered macedonia. there is no state. they have not confidence in the ability of the state to provide a response. to me, when you want to avoid explained in detail how, here's of long standing inequalities, the lack of social protection systems and an economic model that benefited the rich contributed to the collapse. for example,
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the connections between politicians and the private sector reached the highest levels of political power in lebanon. 18 out of 20 banks had major shareholders linked to political elites. lebanon is also one of the most unequal countries in the world where some 10 percent of the population holds nearly 70 percent of the wealth. while 40 percent of public revenue comes from taxes that affect the poor. the authorities robin blame for decades of mismanagement and corruption have failed to stop the economic collapse. it took 13 months of political bickering before they agreed on a new cabinet in september. but it hasn't been able to convene in the past months because of a new political crisis. there should tear blame government in action for what he called a manufactured crisis that ruined lives and condemned the majority of the population into poverty. the population is facing unprecedented challenges, impoverishment is widespread. i saw scenes in lebanon that i had not
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imagined i would ever see in a middle income country. do you and envoy didn't describe lebanon as a failed state, at least not yet. he did say it is headed in that direction with a government failing its population. that doesn't believe it will work and the public's interest center there al shahita, beirut, still a hand on al jazeera, kind of 19 and regional tensions take center stage at an agent to civic a regional summers. and in sports, staff carry breaks the re, quote, for the most 3 point is in, in the i history that so coming up with sarah ah hello, we've got more heavy rain,
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more showers across western parts of the mediterranean. here is what remains a stall blasted swirling away. i'm hopeful over the next couple of days that it will gradually ease and the wide spread showers won't be quite as extensive. we have got to rathermore wet weather just making its way down at the central parts of europe over the next day or so. larry of arrange is pushing down across the yellow countries through saturday showers. they're coming to central and southern part of jelly, not just some snow coming in. i with the ab says that wet weather, making its way into central parts of the mediterranean, around the h. u. attic notting up walls, balkans, still a little legacy of shouts. they're just around the valley, eric's notice they're not quite as wise, but as you go on 3 sunday, so things slowly starting to improve. they are still there. having said that, nevertheless, where to where the wall may have across. so sardinia, corsica, pushing back into that western side of italy, wanted to shout possible to into greece, showers lapping onto the shores of northern algeria. plenty of showers, just around southern areas of nigeria,
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pushing across ivory coast easing either towards liberia. we will see some wet weather, grassy, making its way over towards sierra leone over the next couple of days. and i shall rodge across the gulf a guinea set to continue this weekend. ah, ah, life is never script. it never foretold. it's never known. no matter what happiness never still open you read between the lines. listen, always listen, never stop asking, never stop questioning. wanting to mo, discover the unknown. here the human story. b and punctual. be courageous. fine
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b. m told story. celebrate excellence. keep alive the pioneering spirit. never stop. we haven't for 25 years, we've never stopped on our journey. never stops when our commitment to you al jazeera 25. he is a unique path. lou . ah, hello, are you watching out 0? i'm emily anguish. that reminder of our top stories, this, our delegates of the you and climate conference in glasgow have reached a new draft agreement. it calls on rich nations to double their financial commitments by 2025.


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