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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2021 9:00am-9:31am AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, knowledge is here with me. oh, hello there, i'm this tells you, hey, and dough at the top stories here on al jazeera. now governance have reached a deal which attempts to limit the effects of climate change at the top $26.00 summit and glasgow. the deal follows 2 weeks of negotiations, but many countries say it doesn't go far enough. one of the major sticking points is cole, which is the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions. india pushed for a last minute change to soften the language from phasing it out to phasing it down . this brought anger from small island states. this commitment on hall had been
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a bright spot in this package. it was one of the things we were hoping to carry out of here and back home with pride. and it hurts deeply to see that bright spot dim. we accept this change with the greatest reluctance we do so only and i really wanna stress only because there are critical elements of this package that people in my country need as a lifeline for their future. all the un secretary general acknowledge the disappointment spurred says the outcome is still an important starting point. the outcome of cop $26.00 is a compromise. it's reflect the interests, the contradictions and the status political lilian world. today, it is an important step, but it's not enough. we must accelerate climate section to keep alive the goal of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees. it's time to go into emergency
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modes. we must have fossil fuel subsidies phase out call, but the price on carbon protect as well, little communities from the impacts of climate change. now moving on an algebra bureau chief and to dawn has been arrested and was on the elk about she was taken into custody after his home was rated by security forces overnight. no reason has been given for his detention had come to mid rising. tensions ensued on his also a day after at least 5 people were killed during mass rallies against last month, military takeover. sidney's doctor say they were killed by security forces, but the police deny using live ammunition demonstrators. angry after the head of the army, general fath alba formed a new ruling sovereign council. they want a civilian government, honest and soda general per hung over through the revolution. he overturned the civilian side. yesterday, all over the international news. they said they weren't confront peaceful
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protesters. no protesters attacked them. little people were marching the streets and they hits us with tear gas. you know, one through rock got it. no one asked them for anything. i'm not my guess what i need is an illegitimate counsel, and this was a unilateral decision that was taken with the hon alone and as the public were not happy with him, it was a decision by one person who picked a transitional counsel without consulting the freedom and change coalition or whatever the political factions are so or it could always government has more violence, has started in a prison, where $68.00 inmates were killed and an hours long gun battle on saturday. relatives have been waiting outside the facility in grey kill to hear if their loved ones survived the violence, the government claims arrival drug trafficking gangs. the shooting started before dawn blasted round 8 hours. it comes was 2 months after $119.00 and mates were killed in a similar incident at the same jail. police have used tig asked to break up protests in democratic rob republic of 100 thousands. there marched against the
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appointment of the new electoral commissioner, which church leaders and rights group say was illegal. the demonstrators believed that president felix just acadias, tightening his grip on power. hackers have compromised an f. b i server and sent at least a 100000 fate messages. and the emails warned of a possible cyber attack and appeared to come from a legitimate f. b. i address and still not known how the messages were sent out using the bureaus i t infrastructure or polls. as you can see there in this live shot are open for bog areas. 3rd parliamentary election this year. the 2 previous attempts failed to produce a government versus angry at widespread corruption and the use poorest member states put an end to almost a decade of political dominance by former center. right, premier boy who boris of all next,
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it's iraq's last generation. ah ah with mm. hm. elias yes, i'll be out by off
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a lot effect of world. oh the that as well. bram is with no one mr. guy. leah, me no die. she. grandma had the gama i though. no, i don't like i said, look, wish either in most of the iraq, 3 years after the end of the war against missile and the liberation of the town. these children are everywhere. my sons and daughters of iso members or for my child soldiers. these are the people, the armed group has left in its wake, the most vulnerable miss. yeah, me out. well, well, i shall tomorrow shall i live in amana and wash my dry money. that i sort of way on a massive shania just a little holler. my cell phone 8,
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what is to become at this generation who have grown up under iso? how will they be able to reconstruct their lives in this war scarred country? will iraqi society even give them a awe? from 2014 to 20. 17. i saw held a territory as large as the united kingdom straddling iraq and syria, and administered the lives of several 1000000 people ah. most of the 2nd largest city and iraq was one of the 2 capitals of the armed group. this is where the restoration of the so called caliphate was declared to day, tens of thousands of their children survived in the impoverished suburbs of the cities. the security forces refused to give them new identity documents. and
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without those legally, they do not exist. they have no access to medical care or food aid. and most importantly, to schooling. yasser was born at the same time as the so called caliphate under iso. his father was a high ranking official in the mosul administration coast. oh, oh. oh i hear a saturday that hey to hey, i know you had len. a guy shall walk a di shipler a black but i had forgotten glank at last. then makalya i'd let and go look at blood sugar. neil
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left i needle. you look brown, glove by me. now, dev kush kent. i knew i goof, which which i love. but i shall find luc crying because i natty cover. i live me fairly likely j i let me in from for you very high jack. casual. net and they'd see glue level a guy, ashley, linda and she thought go ahead fight. and if for nick nick haflin
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ah ah ah, and i shall wash 90 my and b. i a for 3 years now. yes, her husband growing up in a vacuum together with 10 or so brothers and cousins, the women band together for fear of reprisals. and like his mother try to clear their names with the help of lawyers. i really need a shit about
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a week. the sony mom and the sony. marty. neither she married does. so how does she go? just look good. now unlocked to one. what about what by yamaha, let consumer know. anyhow, a t v. i but good to hi, good amune. i got a policy. i mean, wanting a, i know a lima. i ha, do at the club. go. oh, do it on jamar. williamson, hannah is now a law and but her missing marvel in the m l. b. i did to some went to syrian adieva. enzo did missing my body and his old you said if i live in new,
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within my study, bethany the certified uber and not fall in with him, not until friday, but i know why they said ramos made the high at home oh ladder there is she almost but roman was, oh, did that issue with betty? i'm in the anyone opposite on helping mama or mean madam jonah, my shout reconstruction and mosul has come to a full stop. the old town was ravaged by the fighting in 20179 months of urban warfare and unspeakable violence. still alive in everyone's mind. no one is ready to forget. a 100 units is the rest of the district. his role is to provide a link between the state and the population. he is the one who decides which families have the right to resettle last name. and i'm
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a thing on monday. i am indeed jim ethan. he of jonah a. i need to pollute in the home or the last class he of jonah villaru. i'm here to, for the for village. to me. is that dr. ha, dash i did you do hockey games and local them, charlotte. audible. if you had you had a bed with a dash one, so a little malcolm for the little putnam county, i know how to register or how that mccann i look with them on my dash is in for a mentor meliss. welcome to one of your mac. i'm back at him as you'll save us, but i bought a, a low level coffee, a saw telephone to play on a digital tele should i tell me that shaky de la, huddled alec shaking deluxe of a higher friend. that is what partner can solve that. the settlement of the lea
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a step will it, would she a kidney element in mashhad and natalie which would a little done looks hello. she can relate. huh. i'm how many a couple of them look, book bullish out kind of you. well, i was a what was just a mother. i did it on my got
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one look i do you know it was a good a lot lot. well yeah, my jana, my daughter mother, i didn't know i got them, jenny, megan timothy with alex. and i still think that if you want, you can definitely make either a piece of you guys a 100 multiple, a question oracle, i'm waiting for you. all of them a lot, we're not sure but you, but i mean, i'm gonna, you want to follow up on them a little
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a little of you want to follow up with a little bit more. could you for a little bit only a little one other little just a little bit has one whole shuffled end of this chunk of anna marshall is knowledge will marginally current when county has been us has feasible the since the retaking of the city security forces have been relentlessly hunting down these little helpers, the so called cubs of the caliphate. guards, suicide attack volunteers. members of the intelligence services of which isis made wide use indoctrination started with theoretical training for which the youngest children are now paying
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a high price list. in the mind, much money and i don't believe that we're going to another not about a but it's not, i'm not gonna like the whole and i and i'm more i have all my as good any the one i learned a little about where the parents are and natalia through my last not i sent a whole lot or nothing to get him. there was a, i know when there was a couple of minutes, you're gonna have a job which have a lot of well i don't see the question
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of how we are on my bottle a minute visual whole mind official. wonderful. that said someone bought a home westlaw as our automated mama nissan. i'm and i tell foreign government that china did a bet itemize derrick was arrested more than a year after the liberation of the city. he was immediately taken to prison where he remained for 19 months of glover, there hasn't been done. oh, i hear you as they are all come out of the modem here from iowa. that was in the park. i'm so thought about a month out on i didn't disorder, i'm just miss jolene is rolling over to be honest with
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her. i know made a huge gentleman check with my son at the sanmar says menorah belong my year. my mother, they would have been no major navy is your header iowa and below her mail the whole if i did go using the follow model but a lot but as for sat you off lose for what if you are in the prison where tyra was held is located in the north of mosul, somewhere in tell cath, ah, we were allowed to enter without cameras in what is supposed to be a re education center for young child soldiers. ah, then exceptionally,
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we were able to capture these exclusive images from surveillance cameras. we can see 6 cells and each one there are close to $200.00 adolescence a quarter of them have not even been sentenced. they have all grown up between these walls. some of them from the age of 12 noon they are allowed out into the courtyard for a few hours a week. no bed, no chair,
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and no education. a blatant breach of human and child rights and of iraqi law, which forbids the imprisonment of miners unless accompanied by rehabilitation measures. ah lou will have said that the last 5 years and will be valid. i them be not data. it was like, you know, by me and walk on when you fell and ally with to have him. when we did on monday, i only my bill every day. still a lot less hoffman with, with him in live listed. you know, you don't look like, don't live by them. we saw, look, i did my offer you, if you don't the manuel for my i that the heat of sort of this year we would love
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a lot of them and either in the hospital for the room was 15, i heard him say they said they're sure but you one more buff doris, who i learned you one by had the interest to my each other, but any message had did or so. and if she had had this when she wanted to have it for her this year. so i am almost done again with only the guy that we are not getting the technical with your house you buy will have that either its only do or not, or what we can with them. can you just look when you accept home? i find it actual actually i thought the
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other is w i was she just lo fi get is it, i just had to wait in and i do, we said janette says he doesn't allowed according to judge, right. these files reveal that i saw recruited up to 4000 minus the job my that's down like that. i will call them i don't want to have to daddy of horrible how to get him. i would like to have them. and while i took out the whole or into mode it only or within my show, i have to come in and i'm at home, but they can be home for the recall on it 1st. i mean, they took out a couple of, i had a home set and to me, home, the higher, the higher the lean will, the higher with someone and then to my mom and you know, it had that mac. honestly. i know me and me and i'm like,
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that's what i show on that. hello in the job was done by le, between him. so my do it, he will, it had an autopay and know a doing that, that he had one and a half ago when you, when we had my what william, you had to buy down a few weeks after our visit. we learned that a new rehabilitation center for minors was finally going to see the light of day. conversely, all the young people who have reached adulthood and tell cath had been transferred to an adult prison where the conditions of detention are equally heretic in it's difficult not to imagine the worst for these young men crushed by their imprisonment. all the more because they have already experienced the failings of the iraqi justice system. in revenge, botched inquiries filing errors torture. some young people who have nonetheless
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served their sentence cannot even return home. ah, several 100 adolescents were captured by the kurdish forces when i was convicted, they have since been freed, but they fear afresh rest if they return to the mosul region. so they languish in this camp between the 2 territory in which vestige combat acquired. tell us the flam messaging didn't cover, you know, what's going on. my think that the plasma man, the korea i, ah, won a shot. but though i felt kind of in action home of plan
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action or what does that shoot us at home? not in my heart if it's not sure how schumann, most my kidney me off the month of they owe me on the on me as well the last on him . so i think and another and the my civilly and that i have one on my listen that mine was double in that i have 5, a son or i have been in the the data in the consumer level to chalabi comes in to me, but somebody was there honestly thought me on a show for slamming someone should see it and if you don't get it with any of us and i don't, i mean the man might get out of town for some why shot at the men who almost going on and what i could get,
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i said that kind of mechanical viable and i'm sure that the mac none of them let me recruit the training of the so called cubs of the caliphate was centrally controlled from rocca, the official capital a vice today in ruins to create the new man who the organization dreamed of isis relied on young people everywhere. mm.
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in coverage territory with military training camps per child soldiers. several kilometers from the town. the memory of them still haunts the inhabitants of mary ella not joined the syrian democratic forces. i saw killed his uncle, his brother, and 2 of his cousins ah,
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with, [000:00:00;00] with a new mother, nature's gift of cultural landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance arising were investments are waiting to flourish with even supplied by tradition noon where beautiful possibilities are offered.
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talk to al, just seeing how would you describe taliban relationship with the us? we listen copies. one kid is not told for 19 has been terrible demonstration of the failure of human, sorry, that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that match on al jazeera ah, with hello there. i'm associate a in dough at the headlines here on out a 0. now, governance have reached a deal which attempts to limit the effects of climate change at the top $26.00 summit in glasgow. the deal follows 2 weeks of negotiations, but many countries say it doesn't go far enough. now one major sticking point is coal, which is the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions. india pushed for a last minute change to soften the language from phasing it out to phasing it down
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that road anger from small island states. this commitment on hole had been


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