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hughes, present guy side of the page and cool in july after you suspend it. ornamental granted in south the power to rule by decree. the son of libya, former mark adoptee, has registered as a candidate for the upcoming presidential election fee for this from credit fees. wanted by the national criminal court on occupations of we'll find and bella will receive, urging the e u not team posts for the sanctions over the migrant pipes. at the border with honan, the foreign minister i spoke with each top. diplomat and 50 steps are being taken to reduce the number of people crossing into pony. argentinians are heading to the polls this sunday for mid term elections that could see the ruling parent as potty lose this. senate majority the central f document are not present. hernando, our president, alberto fernandez, is facing biasing discontent over the economy. pricing is also battling an internal body. fuse traceable is live for us today in, but as far as there is a, tell us more about why these elections are crucial for the administration of our
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virtual fernandez. well right here, outside of polling station people have been coming in and out of here steadily. it's been with no major incident so far. people are happy to be able to come out and vote to express their views about mostly the current administration, as you just mentioned, was crucial. the selection is crucial for the government about this, mostly because of what's at stake. the administration, the ruling party could lose control over congress. it could lose a capacity to have its own room in the senate, something that is, that has never happened before in the history of the pebble nice party, which is the ruling coalition. so this is a major challenge that september the ruling party. last, in the, during the primary election, been most port parts across the country and they're trying to revert back. what's important is this past year and a have, have been difficult for me. charging times,
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there is a massive economic crisis. the pandemic, the countries currently negotiation and almost 50000000000 flooring debt with the international monetary fund when the ruling party last during the election to the primary elections. this part, a major crisis mostly between president vertical and he's vice president christine up or down to the christian or she kind of forced the resignation of his cabinet, sent a letter, saying that the president was not attending the needs of the art in time population . so we're going to have to wait and see what happened during different ministration, but certainly what happened today is crucial for the administration of one of our members. is there a chance to reset the government could turn around the results of the primary elections in september where the ruling party was defeated. well, that's a big question right now. since last thing the elections do in september, the government has launched a series of measures to reverts those results. living going around several parts of
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the province of one site. as for example, that were able to see how the government was distributing refrigerator's bicycle, also social band pass cash handouts, among other things, trying to not only assist the population but also in a way to pay attention to those needs that the population has now. origin, tina i said before, we've been a major crisis, inflation rate is close to 15 percent a president at about a firm. and they said that what he's doing is that he's responding to what people have been telling him that they cannot make and meet that they cannot cope with inflation. among other things, the opposition is saying that the government has been trying to buy votes. there is being several reports in front of the judiciary about how back to month have developed, especially with the administration trying for we covered some of those last votes that it has not, but we're going to have to wait and see what happens during this election. polls project that the ruling party won't be able to turn around that we saw lots of
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september. however, polls have been wrong in the past. so we saw it later today are going to tell us exactly whether the government has been able to to, in weight. apologies was lost theresa there towards the end of her answer. but she will, of course, be updating. i saw that election in argentina throughout the evening here on out sierra echo doors. guffman says at least 68 inmates have been killed in a prison drive that began on friday evening. alexander know chassis latest. 3 dozens of ecuadorian gathered outside this prison on saturday, waiting for any news of their family members. there was an overnight riot at the little royal penitentiary in the southern city of guayaquil that began on friday evening. information is difficult to come by. they desperately looked through an unofficial list of victims names that was posted outside the building. like all it
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all so it's a new i'm hoping that my son is one of the injuries, but we don't know anything because there's no official list from the authorities. only list that has been leaked, but we don't know anything. below that, nothing is known. what the prisoners are saying from inside is done. no police or military are controlling it, that they are letting them kill each other in cold blood, police or blaming rival gangs for the violence. is still st. just of anything i want at this point, that it, that it body up there. these events are due to a territory dispute by criminal gangs inside the prison. at the moment. there are certain pavilions that are without leaders because this may be surprising to all citizens, but the leaders were released after having served 60 percent of their sentences of m. e, at the same prison, earlier this year, more than a 100 inmates were killed in the worst incident of prison violence in recent years . acrid was prison system has come under the spotlight recently for over crowding. and poor sanitation and living conditions. officials say they are accommodating
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about $9000.00 more inmates than the prisons were designed for. the literal penitentiary was built for 5300 inmates, but it holds 8500. in september, president he or more law so declared a 2 month state of emergency in the prison system. he's also called on the highest court to allow the military to enter prisons to stop any violence. the court responded in a statement, ecuador, prison crisis will require more than temporary solutions. alexander lurch al jazeera some of the while speakers civil society and environmental groups have condemned the comp $26.00 agreement as an i to be trail. critics are angered by the water down statement to face down the use of hole rather than phasing it out. and i just
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made it a some a to a way off track to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees celsius. but nations have agreed to revise fans next year. of course, my delight at this progress is tinged with disappointment. those for whom climate change is already a matter of life and death. a who could only stand by as their islands are submerged their farm land turned to desert their homes battered by storms, they demanded a high level of ambition for the summit, while many of us were willing to go there. that wasn't true of everybody in. sadly, that's the nature of diplomacy. mom at our door is the director of power shift africa climate. nana g think tank based in nairobi. he says a deal agreed in glasgow is week and disappointing. this was supposed to be a crisis call, a lifeline for the millions of people living in the permanent you know, state of crisis were losing their lives were losing their homes were losing their
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lives. and as a result of the climate impacts that have been caused largely by the rich bulletin countries. and unfortunately ritual did not rise up to the challenge. or we got a deal that effectively sacrifices and you know, the vulnerable people of our world or the alt of the ritual selfishness the outcome i think largely reflects a course that was held in a rich walton and the outcome contains their priorities. i think we need to realize is that the developing world faces or development crisis and an energy crisis, and now a climate crisis. the only way out isn't a deal that only addresses the climate crisis. but one that addresses the intersecting crisis is of climate energy. and development at the same time. so for the 1st time we've got our composition that is called in for efforts to what's the fist down of call and fossil fuel subsidies. but just remember, at call is what power the prosperity of the rich world. it's currently powered in
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the development in the developing countries, but it's also the duchess of energy sources. and so what we need to recognize is that if we're going to be able to actually face out call, and we need to actually rapidly move to renewables. australia has the highest per capita coal emissions among t 20 countries. it was part of a group of nations pushing to ease the wording of the final agreement. sorry, concrete for some bracing. a study did not support phasing out coal to be part of this agreement, nor did it support the inclusion of stronger emission reduction targets in the final agreement. now, prime minister scott morrison, he's publicly said the straining policy is not to commit to such a mandate. but climate activists have accused australia of being the key troublemaker in the last week and negotiations at cop 26. they've accused australia of being the leading country a trying to water down this final agreement. now bit of background. australia is
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the 2nd largest exporter of coal. it's also while the highest r emitters per capita are in the world. now the federal government, it has actually done one thing, it's kim is an extra $500000000.00 out there. it's specific neighbors now scott morrison, he met with the fijian prime minister at southern pacific orleans have said this climate fund, the new climate money is certainly a start. but the scientist is suggesting that the pacific will see sea level rise as 3 times the global average. it's also said that some of these islands will be uninhabitable by 2030 on a small number. pacific on and latest were able to attend the glasgow climate summit simply due to the covered pandemic. but they message was loud and clear. they want the big polluters, the co producing nations, as well as those rich countries to boost their investments in the climate adaptation projects across the pacific islands. otherwise, on the current trajectory, where the rise of emissions of up to 16 percent by 2030 scientists say the pacific islands are in trouble on the palm, which has some of the heaviest rainfall in the world. while the long dry spell,
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sarah, causing a serious drinking water shortage. now farmers coming out with simple but effective ways to harness the brain. during the monsoon season, the bus driver has more from central power. nepal has always been one of the rainiest countries in the world, giving it lush, green, rolling foothills, the hallmark of the himalayas. it's certainly not the kind of place you might think is suffering a water security crisis. did he used to be low intensity? long? do this and then from now what is happening high into if you didn't do this and that will not go inside the brown. that is go full is a, i don't know if that means you have less the storage. ground water, it only rains for part of the year and the pulse terrain can turn baron quickly. but just outside cut monday, routinely ranked is one of the most polluted cities in the world, is a regeneration success story. this thriving forest wasn't here 2 decades ago. now,
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scientists use it to study how best to collect and keep the most basic element with ring collection systems like this one tank can hold enough water for a family of 5 for up to a month. and pawns, cut into the sides of steep hills, have the power to bring dry wells back to life. in rural villages, applying these designs is saving farms and lives. at 1st glance, it looks like any other hillside in this part of nepal. but what's happening here is local farming communities using simple methods to solve a complex environmental problem. earthquakes and manmade roads change the way rain moves downhill at the mouth of this underground. well putting them on, lama explains how changes to terrain stopped the flow of groundwater and left this life, giving natural spring totally dry in rural nepal. wells like this are the primary source of water for drinking and domestic use. building terrorist ponds to collect
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and carefully pipe the water to both crops and holmes has saved villagers from uprooting their entire lives. yeah, finding nagel way i'm live. there was no water here. we have to go very far, look for other voltage. salt is much of a, but we can't be devoted started to come here again. the water is collecting slowly and gradually reviving and letting scientists and farmers in the policy the world around them is changing faster than it has to. but roads can't be on built and there is no taking back the weather, altering greenhouse gases in the air. so all they can do now is their best to adapt to their altered ecosystem is in basra the l. jazeera. but when the bessie nepal, to marooned in our thousands of remains from mass graves are being ex sumed the truth and reconciliation commission. air is also taking testimony to document more
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than 3 decades of ethnic unrest. the panel was set up as part of a peace deal that saw the end of the civil war. a warning, some of you may find images in catherine's toys, report destiny. these other remains of bruin dns, who are killed during the countries ethnic was they have been exuberant truth and reconciliation commission from some of the 4000 mos greeves scattered across broody . the commission began its work with a master called mostly hutus by a tootsie government. between 19721973 more than 800000 professionals were killed by state forces that accused them of starting a rebellion with the shoot. the commissioners are also taking testimony from bruin dns. the want to reconstruct through those testimonies exactly how many tutsis hutus and others from different communities were killed in more than 3 decades. victims,
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or not allowed to body of the people. they were also refused to cry all too short an emotion, fuller wing, at the last off the beloved ones. today, really, the dorothy people are all seriously traumatized in the years that followed politicians played into ethnic tensions that already existed, turning civilians against each other. a civil war broke out in 1993. after their fascination of president mal cured and i more than $300000.00 people were killed in the 12 year conflict. the truth and reconciliation commission has not began documenting what happened in the ethnic violence that started in 1993 but perpetrators and victims. in this village where more than 60 people are killed have already started the reconciliation process. they say this is the best way to deal
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with their trauma. kurama juvenile kills the parents of these family. they are still neighbors. he was a family friend. no gear you call. i'd been living with a lot of fear since the siblings came back from tanza, near where they'd fled to every time at sea them. i'd have no peace in my heart. when they finally fully forgave me in 2017. my heart was the full isaac began hora was only 15 years old. it took him a long time to forgive. he says one room roof while in the church where he publicly said, sorry, we told him to take us to where the remains of our parents were dumped. we went to the mouse grave, where the priest done bless those who were buried there. this investigation is starring up emotions and opening up old wounds. but this family's injury get alice . it is a healing process. katherine saw alta 0 riga province burgundy. the new
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york times is reporting the u. s. military covered up air strikes in syria that killed dozens of civilians. the newspaper says it happened in 2019 near the town of boggles in darrow's old province during the fight again. sy, so the u. s. department of defense says it confirmed for civilian deaths. thousands of people have rallied in thailand to demand a new constitution and royal reform there opposing a court ruling that builds any call for reform as an attempt to overthrow all the monarchy, the ruling res, concerns that activist could face charges of treason. 3 prominent figures in the nearly 18 month long protest movement had made speeches about reforming the monarchy. in hong kong, dozens of pro democracy activists are set to appear in court this month charged with conspiracy to commit subversion. the arrest came after china introduce a sweeping national security law in response to protests in 2019 florence way looks
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at what impact it's having on politics in hong kong. the tisha ones, 1st foray into politics, was also her last. she was elected as a district counselor in hong kong in 2019, but resigned earlier this year. there already, no room and old space and insight within the institution that we could try for when the government controlling the rice at who can be elected or not. this is already a fairy. and just as frank said, we should not support the majority of the counsellors stepped down after the government introduced mandatory office of allegiance to the city, while some have been disqualified for violating a new political vetting system. the pro democracy camp took control of all but one of the cities, 18 district councils 2 years ago in what seen as the only fully democratic poles in the chinese territory. as of october, about only 60 remain in office,
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out of the 388 seats, they once held in june 2020 mainland china passed a new national security law for hong kong. that punishes among others what it considers subversion and collusion with foreign forces that effectively ended months of often violent pro democracy protests that had rocked hong kong for much of 2019 national security law. is the poll tell the people and also in the schools hardy will more stable even very important. you the so sorry you're more stable. you be of the offer. the whole society says the law came into force, nearly 50 civil organisations including one that organizes an annual vigil to commemorate the 1989. 10 am and square crackdown have been disbanded. the topic is
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taboo in mainland china and authorities in hong kong have been the last 2 years. events, citing pandemic restrictions, at least $84.00 people have been prosecuted under the national security law, including former legislative professors and ordinary hong kong citizens. human rights advocates say, hong kong, changing political scene is having an impact on society in general. the biggest concern is the assault on a critical thinking truth. um, you know, basically civil society self center. so civil society has been obliterated. ah, there's massive self censorship. um, it's now become a surveillance society. many have chosen to leave hong kong. nearly $90000.00 people left the city in the year since the national security law was imposed. that number is likely to grow. florence louis al jazeera still had on al jazeera, another epic drive from louis hamilton keeps him in the hunt for me to one title
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ah, a community decimated by cancer fights for the truth. who in this room has cancer, or knows the family that lives here that have cancer fault lines exposes houston's candidate cluster. these are the 110 properties that have grown contamination underneath they look data visible. pope a community, it just say we'll give to them bell. so we will see full lines on al jazeera, setting, the discussions, what is green washing is when an oil company talked green, but at 30 unflinching journalism, are you committed to building a vibrant democratic up got into sharing personal stories with a global audience. our ministers had no idea what happening on the shop floor,
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but i could see the body bags explore and abundance of world class programming. climate change is not a computer issue of survival on al jazeera. ah ah, and that was, was his jo calling. thank you very much. australia or the new t 20 cricket. well champions after beating you zealand by 8 wickets in the final in dubai. australia on the thompson chase to bow new zealand. captain kane williamson . lead by example. it in $85.00 or $48.00 balls is the black caps made a $172.00 to may 20 overs that left australia needing to chase down the highest total ever seen in the men's final. but they got thanks to some brilliant batting
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of their own. michel marsh top scored with 77, but it was glen maxwell, who hit the winning runs. they secured victory with 7 bowls to spare australia winning the tournament for the 1st time. louis hamilton is pulled off. what could be the drive of the season going from 10th grade to when the south hollow grown pre said he's driving, fought his way to the top off to taking a 5 place grid penalty for an engine change over. will title rival mac to stop in late on in the rice and finish the head of him on the podium hamilton, he makes all 3 books. it was a toby that weekend for hamilton, who was for a sprint race from lot of room breaking re wink hamilton. is now stuck and lead in the championship to 13 points for 3, late re through laughter. one of sports global superstar 17 rossi has completed his final race in motor gp bringing the cut down on an iconic cray, which is last quarter century german nash reports. after 432 races,
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115 wins and 9 world titles, one of the most charismatic figures in native sport is calling today. valentine a we'll see, wave to his friends for the last time. after finishing his final race in pain has become a familiar sight of the past 25 years. a sea of yellow in the grandstands. as the italians devoted supporters said good bye to their hero. the receive finished in valencia fall cry from his championship winning days. that is not just his success on the truck that has endeared him to 1000000 is just one of the most incredibly talented, no true schuman. he is a certain cosmetic energy and that comes across really well and camera. and i think that as much as if not more than he's count on a motorcycle is the reason that he and she is rossi when it 1st well time to the one to 5 class in 1997. when he began his now legendary post race celebrations,
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but he wasn't making everyone laugh the man known as the doctor had his fair share of fears, rivalries, which often culminated in some incredible battles on the track, either todd race and hard write them a whole lot. but for me was past the point, despite his triumph with honda, he famously chose to join a struggling yamaha team as he wanted to prove it was the rider who could make the difference. and he did just that winning the 2004 championship in his 1st season with the team. always looking for new challenges, roughly considered switching to formula one and tested with ferrari on several occasions. but he couldn't on his back on the sport he loved most. he is though universally admired in the f one. paddock. i think he's dr. the approach to everything he's done is incredible. the passion that he's is, has for so long as, as shown through and just such a legend. one of the greatest to do as for the next chapter, the 42 year old plans to give car racing and other guy as well as seeing his own
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team, which makes it new to g. p debut in 2020 to ross. he says his biggest achievement was making a t p popular it's label impact on the sport has cemented his legacy. is one of the greatest motorcycle races of all time. geminus al jazeera isn't the busy day of work. he qualifies, croatia become the latest team to reach the finals and cap on next year. they were up against russia and had to put up with the driving rain and a water pitching split. it all came down to this own goal from russia with 9 minutes left. one know when enough for crecia to finish top of the group by single point. later on sunday, christiana rinaldo in portugal can secure that will come place. they play serbia who are tied with them on 17 points inquiry pe, which will have a better goal difference. so a draw would be enough to see even sorry, to keep a schedule of these 2 teams. always play to when it's in the dna. we're not thinking about playing for
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a draw that would not fit in without way of playing with a draw would also be good enough for 2010. well, champion spain, they go into their final game against suite and one point clear of their opponents, but sweet and sweet and can beat spain back. they did big pain fights back in september and this time they have latin abraham, of which in the squad from you with us let and plays will not l plan won't change. if we need l. fans to support us on the difficult moments. this will not be a posse, at least not until the end of the game. and finally can bet, says, have returned to the bay root morrison. the race had been suspended for the last 2 years because a political protest in 2019. and then the current of virus pandemic, the route took competitive pos, the size of the bay report explosion, which kills at least 201900 people. $7000.00 runners from $59.00 countries took part under the slogan, united, we run for hype. so grateful for this opportunity to show solidarity like the people are buried and the people of lebanon more broadly running right here next to the port. very much inspired by the message that we're running together for hope.
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all right, that is all you spoke now have will for you later. jello. thank you very much for that. that's it for this news are on al jazeera. we'll have more news next mile and a new center with my new massey. thanks so much a a, a talk to i'll just see we are, how would you describe tiny bugs? relationship with the us? we listen copies. my kid is not told for coffee. 19 has been terrible demonstration
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of the failure of human stories that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera question. the narrative identify who is telling the story that motivates. and these are multinational corporations that are interested in profit, the listening pace, deconstruct the media on al jazeera pitches, joint. why? that's the beauty of television. journalism i've always wanted to make the audience feel something to create an emotional connection with the story. sometimes you have to go to great lengths to do just that. ah, when we made a on the right of ours, we covered it without 05. ah, we so 1st hand the fee, the pandemic, the cause, the behavior leads on the truck. when you realize what's going
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on, the police investigated and write it out with the government expelled me by credit, hard from the truth as a tax on press freedom escalate. i worked the al jazeera because i hold the line. i'm drew ambrose mm lou. thousands of tunisians protests near parliament against the president's power grab, which they consider a qu. ah, lo, i'm ram ozzy and london watching out there ells are coming up on the program. surprise in libya as mama get daffy sounds. a full islam announces he's running for
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president, next month's elections, australia or does.


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