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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2021 11:30pm-12:00am AST

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networking opportunities at the international exhibition brought to you by the african export import back at the premium partners. i 8 to you of 2020 want transforming africa. lou. hello, i'm marianna wise in london. equate look at the main stories now. police of clash with protest is internees, yours capital. as thousands of demonstrators marched against the president chi, psi aid security forces blocks off the area where protest is were demanding side, restore parliament and normal democratic rule. he seized nearly all powers in july and dismissed. the government in a move critics branded a qu, sites at his actions when needed after years of but his school squabbling and a stalled economy. the son of libya's former dictator, mama gadhafi is registered as a candidate for the countries upcoming presidential election. 49 year old say fall
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islam gadhafi has barely been seen in a decade. says he wants to restore unity to libya after a decade of conflict off following his father's downfall. he is wanted by the international criminal court for war crimes. day off to 6 people died in mass protest against it owns military take over the army, chief is chad. the 1st meeting of the new sovereign council, a body replaces the power sharing arrangement that was dissolved by general abdel photographer han late last month. it's been criticized by the u. n. for excluding the recently asked it civilian leadership. well, austria is ordering millions of unvaccinated people into locked down from monday as cove infections. their search to record highs about 65 percent of austrians are fully vaccinated. this is one of the lowest rates in western europe, wasn't 13000 infections reported on saturday. the chancellor alexander schellenberg, called the country's vaccination rate, shamefully low, up, morton,
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was needed berg. as of monday, every citizen, every person living in austria must be aware that they can be checked by the police at any time. we will also monitor the public's reasons for entering public spaces. opponents prime minister says ne time is take concrete steps to resolve the migrant crisis on his border with bellows, where thousands are stranded in the freezing cold. european union is due to impose more sanctions on batteries. on monday, earlier, the eas top diplomat spoke by phone to the better russian foreign minister, telling him that people should not be used as weapons. battery said it had only highlighted the futility of sanctions. western nations accused the country of encouraging migrants to travel through it to access the ear. witness continues, i'll see you later. ah
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ah, the stand off over the controversial dakota access pipeline keeps growing. yesterday president obama waited on the fight. right now. the army corps is examining whether there are ways to we whoop, this pipeline. so we're gonna let it play out for several more weeks and determine whether or not this can be resolved in a way that i think is properly 10 of the traditions with firstmerit.
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ah ha, i hear the boy. they see this one is coming straight from my eye. i turned around. i tried to run to get shot in the back of the lake. i fell to the ground and i am a mock up or help me gushing blood. oh gosh, oh oh yeah. 000-000-0000
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dear. oh oh oh, oh my god. oh, i had
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better believe it. believe it or do i know where i'm going? where's the trader? i didn't hear that they did send the federal department to try now that doesn't i would never gonna believe a new man. i didn't say they did. i thought i heard i got a whisper this morning about possibly some positive news. i don't have any validation or verification of that until i do. i'm not doing jumping jacks around my tv. ah. protestors are celebrating an unexpected victory in their fight to block an oil pipeline. in north dakota shears erupted in tears flowed as news spread throughout the camp. that pipeline construction would not continue under the missouri river
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through army corps of engineers, denied to permit could access my reactions. none yet. you've been through this before for you've been made promises. this is the scale and another one out for cautious. so people can celebrate, but i'll wait and see. and oh, guy got it. we figured read it out the only the where you did we deliver the long kick in the streaming app that you would have war. yes, you will have piece of that. even though the army corps
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denied the permit, i do not have full trust that dakota access will stuff. they have not followed any law code to this point. all that will happen now is the state and the government will fill out. and we will be at the mercy of the mercenaries. i know that president trump will be president here in january, and he says that he will give permission. and so for me, the battle is only just got i want to thank you. all of you who have help because i am overwhelmed. i tomorrow we're going to have a celebration and we looked at a celebrate the black. ah mm.
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so today we have done a very historic happening. we have made peace with the united states of america. and we will go forward as good americans and good doctor la costa and not put on behalf of our own country. we will go to the front lines of legislation. we will go to the front lines of litigation. and we will go to the front lines to make changes in the constitution if we have to. we will go forward in the front lines to the by the doctrine of discovery that says, we are not a race that we are wandering beef. and because we are not christian, we are not entitled to the land. the black snake has never stopped. and if they didn't stop desecrating our grave of our ancestors,
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they'll stop at nothing. mm i me to, gosh sheila, i for president trump a signing and executive order approving the keystone excel pipeline and the dakota access pipeline. let's listen. yes, this is with respect to the construction of the dakota access. hi black. so pink that has been a dispute and it's subject to a renegotiation of terms by us. we'll see if we can get the pipeline built
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look in the year when the dental helicopter, flying in target, permitted that pipeline to go through it. and it some devastating with what happened trumps administration and our spirits are all tired, but we don't have a choice lee, because if you're on article council, it's all done. let's we're, we all became friends. it was worth it's gonna go. i don't get why they just didn't have to do that. you know, and how is washington? we feeling row was turned in the saw happening. i work with 23 years ago. i worked
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for the senior oxy tribe and i testified at this out the quarter public utilities commission that the court access had not been consulting with the tribe. and at that time i was so resigned that nobody cared. and so for it to take on the life that it has, but with the army corps blessing and dis bulldozed everything, there is nothing left is just heartbreaking. ah, the army corps of engineers told congress tuesday, it will allow the nearly $4000000000.00 oil project to cross under a missouri river reservoir. in north dakota, the tribe is now promising a legal battle. the army court have issued their intent to approve of the permit and so on their notifying congress. so between now and the end of the
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day, tomorrow, we have to file some type of action in dapple has been fined. $15000.00 by the north dakota utilities commission, sol. what's $15.00 and for this? creating $26.00 grieves horrible to us, but nothing to them told us this has been 10 years that we have in this fight and struggle against keystone keys from excel. so it's been a long haul and never giving up and not stopping a
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ah, we had been meeting about, you know, what is our next step, what are we going to do? and so we decided to have another prayer camp and we were singing our ceremony songs or sundance songs and and as we were having ceremony, they called a code read for law enforcement, all officers to respond within a 100 mile radius. and they surrounded us. there were $76.00 of us that got arrested. they loaded up um 2 vans and had it to cas county jail. they write our names and they take a picture of us. then they put us in like big dog kennels. so then the men were on one side, the females were on another side and there is a tarp separating us. but some of the national guardsmen and police were going behind the men in front of the men and taking sophie's air like really laughing at
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posing with the men in the cages behind them. but as i was standing there, i looked at some of the men in the van. and um, they were yelling in austere, strong sister. ah, little in allah, things like that spring us. closer together on me and went off. you know, you get booked, you have to, um, you have to get naked and um, the jailer told me to. mm hm. give them my underwear and i i just been or acted like it not it was nothing
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because if you act like it something they're just gonna play games with even worn. they won a reaction for every fan, you're never going to break are spirit. you're never, if anything you're gonna involved in him empower us to even stand up more so for our children don't ever have to go through things like that. the. ready news . ready now you've experienced this whole different life with the camp in this movement that i'm always going to want to strive for that. now i'm always going to want that for my children. ah,
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so despite what anybody says, this was a movement of love. ah the protest just began ceremoniously setting fire to torture. there can arrange your burden rather than have it seized industrial. many the protesters bound to persist and keep standing rock in the spotlight. ah, ah me.
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oh, i oh, i have 79 messages. she gets her birthday here. they're saying you're getting out a birthday wish. yeah. a lot of people wish me happy birthday and i just made my way. thank them. we're going to monument or even arrive in one minute. way like look it up. you go on it turns with i know it's cool cuz i can relate to find out the guy i was oh, oh, okay. no,
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this is what america believes in like all these flags, illegal building big architecture for monica. all the presidents that kill native but i don't respect our grandparents all thought there was for them to fill it and we spent, i'll try to be positive here at the washington monument connie seeing the flakes on which is our luck with the national anthem. because there is flags all the way round, the washington monument, and i felt angry thinking of so our camp is all displaced yet. we came together today a
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a a, a, a, a a,
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the experiences that i went through along side hundreds or thousands of other people affected me so much that i have an obligation to honor the journey that we've been through. and the collective movement that happened to keep it moving forward. we're still going to pursue the legal avenues. we have 56 actions, pursue at all levels. mm. but we also going to the united nations and we're going to create footprints in the world court. if nothing else, i have to leave a footprint
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i helped to coordinate the conference in geneva. the 1st time that indian people had gone to the un since 1926. and so it's been an endeavor of generations and intergenerational work. madam chair, i have had the honor and privilege to be at the heart of the 2 largest american indian gatherings today. both holsted and standing rock, the homeland of sitting, both people to whom papa laquata and oh, shut the shock only we,
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the 1st nation representatives share the same intent as the original colonists, who left the government and homelands to form a new government because they could no longer support a nation that oppressed them, they had no voice and were slaves to the elite, which led them to take their family to escape the tyranny and live as free men so ordained by their crueler setting on the path to reclaim every thing and make them responsible and accountable whenever big wishes has been to divest from financial institutions. and when we went to norway, we met with d and b, and they announced that they were pulling a $250000000.00 credit line from dapple. i don't know if you guys seen it, but dapple already late. we're going to do a divestment tour. we're meeting with the beeps and paris and brussels and amsterdam than we're and the and that the united nations in geneva. our
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community does not support or want or never consented to the devote access pipeline. well, should not come at the expense of indigenous people. it should not home at the expense of marginalized communities. so tell us, what do you think of washed a re having been in europe doing the type of work used to do there? well, i'm glad she went and she went in my stead. i'm confident that she can well hold her own. she comes from a circle, a whole ciocca, and that's just the way we are. i asked that this with people stand with us. how have you seen washed a we changed since all of this began a year ago. i watched her go through some pains because she was the national voice . so i'm very proud of her. and i know all the efforts that she made on behalf of
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all of our people. and i would never ask for anything more than what she did. she i'm not sad, which i thought i would definitely be, but i'm not we took a stand for our water, like we lived here and stood her ground. so nobody can ever take that from us. no matter how the local media tries to portray us or tarnish, our names or painter says violent, lazy,
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bad. ready ready ready where just people from here that stood up and asked everybody to come and stand with us and they did me. oh i . ringback it's it jesse job, this whole real with somebody's got to do it. where do you go do that by live
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there. boy here. promoting clean. save sanitation for all. but with a 3rd of the world lacking basic facilities, can his unique style really help clean up the mess? the culture to pop culture is the fastest way those softer sanitation problem. mr. toilets, a witness documentary on al jazeera, a, [000:00:00;00]
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a, a bmw with right. it stopped raining in the deserts in the, in the middle of australia. in fact, most of the, actually with an area for the south in the bite, and is heading towards new zealand. but it's left, it's mark and in fact, it's still colder. here for more snow in the victoria victorian alps during monday, springs times been a fair amount of it actually might even be a little bit in tasmania. if i remind you to spring, it's warm in perth again that slowly cooling down 27 down to 24. in contrast is
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probably warming up in melbourne, sydney, and the capital of the continent. now to the north of that season, or whether now greets us an ice on shore breeze and obviously means more range of viet nam, quite a lot more rain. and from the eastern side of the zone, but north of that, it's fairly quiet little bit rains possible in the middle of china. that's not that unusual middle of southern china to say and the west of that where we have such a lot of reg recently in chennai. that's car dan. it could be wet and the, and demand, and it's more likely to be wet in caroline again. little bit wetland should be full this time of the year, but it is dry and settled and not yet wintry in pakistan. for example, iran there is wind to come in, but it will take his time. is a call to you should now be considering paul, ah,
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with the you, it is always of interest that people wrote the world. people pay attention to what we thought here. and i did, he was very good at bringing the news to the world from here. ah. ready this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm marianna demise the welcome to the news our live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. ah, thousands of tunisians protests near parliament against the president's power grab,


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