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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2021 10:00am-10:30am AST

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steer the progress will be in parallel, i'll disappearing the hopes on reform and to work towards a positive future for women and girls. ah, a new diplomatic pers to end the fighting in a few pure kenya's president isn't about while the u. s. sector states had to the region. ah, you're watching, i was, is there a life for my headquarters and hi, daddy and gauge are also ahead. argentina's president is punished in mid term elections. they conservative opposition when control of congress for the 1st time in nearly 40 years, a call for nato to resolve the migrant crisis on napoleon beller as border where thousands of people are suck and freezing temperatures. austria imposes
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a new lockdown to combat raising cobit cases, but it's only for those who aren't fully vaccinated. ah, hello, we begin in ethiopia, where kenya's president has been visiting to push for an end to the conflict between the government and rebel forces were can you all hell, talk to the prime minister? i b. s. madge. well, this comes as fighters in the northern region have been pushing further south this month. the african union envoy has been meeting both sides, that is calling for an immediate cease fire. meanwhile, the u. n. is saying, trying to fit staff are still being detained by us government. more than 70 driver is working for the world food program have also been taken into custody. they're accused of supporting the t p l f. 1000 have been killed or then 2000000 display
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since the conflict started a year ago. let's speak to if you can, journalist samuel gets helped you. who's joining us from about samuel, what can you tell us about the meeting between kenny and president and the if you open president, when the president of kenya arrived in the suburbs last night, he was welcomed by the prime minister. i'll be honored, which he tweeted later on saying this is a 2nd home. and he welcomed with open arms. well, he's not just coming to the 2nd home. he's coming on behalf of perhaps the u. s. secretary of state that said to visit the continent, including kenya and jr, and synagogue. and then kenya, the top of the agenda is going to be the conflict that's been happening and the relationship between the u. s. and it has nice offered over the year over the last year since the conflicts, the god. because those are the bad side. kids being the united states of siding
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with a t p. i left in which the government is accusing of being a terrorist organization. and this comes in addition to the un agencies being in suspect of supporting the tele, according to the children. so part of the drivers of the w a r n, and several elise doesn't un, employees are still within the detainment of the state. but again, this compliments that you got done president was looking at the trying to bridge the gap between the 2 side and come up with a solution of this conflict. so on an effect again, millions of people really suffered over the last year. and as far as what's happening on the grounds right now, how much further south have the t p last fighter is been able to push towards once again,
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this conflict is really difficult. we've been receiving information accounting for information that really contradicts the 2 sites that your bedside is saying. there are the last time they verify this information. that was the test in control chart . fighting was a to append horses supported by them haro courses. but again, that is saying they're coming to the starbucks. the government has said, the local government has been saying that if your parents should be armed, reached their arms and defend their neighborhoods again, is what they say is that the pair left that is said to really abuse them killed them in all kinds of accusation. but the cheap enough and they are in the coming there know, looking for any kind of negotiation at the moment. again, insult obligations from both sides goes back and forth. the job site has been saying they're not looking for any kind of negotiation. the african needed employee,
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the former president, nigeria. mr. son joe remains in these and talking to different access. but again, between the 2 sides, there doesn't seem to be any interest in negotiating again to fighting continues and it's now more than a year. we got all right, thank you so much, samuel katasha giving us that updates from addis ababa. now, argentina's governing corona's party has suffered a severe sat back in mid term elections. it lost its majority in congress for the 1st time in 40 years. the government has been losing popularity because of an economic crisis made worse by the crone of iris pandemic. theresa bo reports from one a series. the defeat did not come as a surprise, but still it was a major blow for president albert fernandez. and his ruling coalition party 6 major districts out of 8 voted against the government, resulting in their parents party using its majority in the senate. for the 1st time
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in almost 40 years, supporters gather to show their support for the president. they said the government needs to work harder to convince those who didn't vote for them. okay, i didn't know, but oh, once it's open it i, we need to call for consensus, but it's difficult because there are 2 extremes. the pandemic effect to the soul, all of government suffered. this doesn't mean that we need to correct mistakes. and i believe all of us are trying to make the world a better place. argentina has been struggling to recover from the pandemic. more than a 100000 people have lost their lives, but the impact on the economy that drove the vote against the ruling party. economic situation is the main concern for people in argentina place on this bill. 50 percent, or in reserve. i know when the government is negotiating a 40000000000 loan. a with the internet or if on the left and we saw the so that we
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will here are desperate for economics. civility. and it's disagreement over what to do with a debt that has divided president a letter to for a man this and his powerful vice president, christina hernandez' kirschner. while he has prioritize ongoing negotiations with the i m f and has tried to control the deficit, kirshner has pushed him to increase government spending in attend to control the damage and mitigate the impact on the economy for a man this and now is that here present a plan to congress in december to negotiate with the i m f. the plan has the support of his vice president. i can the younger brother, man to those who say that that problem with the i m f can be solved in 5 minutes. i can tell you that to negotiate is not to obey. i am sure that was a stir to measures. we cannot even good the public accounts in order for the election results strengthened the conservative opposition party of former press remedies who mockery, who left off is almost 2 years ago. what me of when our side is,
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what asked lydia leverett, that said the election is crucial to take power away from the ruling party. is he not go from that extremely thought? calabrese, i want to cite it. we had a historical election in the province of buenos aires, we beat them again. thanks to the people who want change. we know you are suffering with insecurity, with no jobs. thanks for your support, but also thank you to those who supported us across the country to get those 5 sentences to take absolute power away from christina kirschner. argentina is divided between 2 correlations. that cannot agree on how to move the country forward. uncertainty is having an impact on millions of people who are struggling to make ends meet and only say only consensus can help the country leave its ongoing economic troubles behind. but he said, well, i'll just see down when a site is. colin's prime minister is calling our nato to take concrete steps to resolve the migrant crisis on its border with beller roofs. that's where a thousands are seeking access and to the european union. the block has set to
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impose more restrictions on, beller, russian entities on monday, including airlines and travel agencies, transporting migrants as a vague reports from b. l. a. stock on the poland, belarus border. this is the image, the polish military, want everyone to see they're on a p r offensive and want to show they're protecting the countries borders. this footage, however, filmed by those stuck at the border, shows a different picture, border forces and making their presence felt. and letting people there know they will not get through people at the border say they can't sleep because poland tactic in the village is close to the border. the finishing sunday mass, the faithful. a divided about the situation should happen, like we have to help, but we have to protect or bother us as well. so they do not cross and do nothing bad to us. once they cross, we have to help their women and children,
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but not the men, because we don't know what they really are agile years. you chip on that. we have to protect our soldiers and we have to stand for poland. if we are polish, i mean the journey across is not without its risks. marolla matha, we flew from syria to belly. ruth, she's now in a polish hospital near the border now and by them. how are you, willoughby? they remained for a week in the woods. it had been a tough week from heavy rain to she is cold. oh, what? they are living in die conditions. at some point, my daughter's health deteriorated. she's been in, i see you for 3 weeks. and they're not necessarily other than mine. i call on the german authorities to allow us to re unite with our daughter. we hope the german authorities will consider the health condition of our daughter. the family is living here and we hope the authorities will lend us a helping hand and permit her entry from poland. the family doesn't know what will happen next. for their part to polish authorities are granting medical assistance
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to people that manage across the border and need it. but what's not here is what will happen to them afterwards. will they be able to stay here in poland? move on to other european countries, or will they be sent back to belarus? the uncertainty and hostile approach doesn't seem to deter those, trying to reach western europe. i said, beg, i'll just 0 poland. while the russian president vladimir putin says he is ready to help resolve the crisis, bella ruth, is an ally of russia. cr gills, who is a senior consulting fellow of the russia, and you raise your program at chatham. how says it's not clear what the governments of bella, luce and russia could be trying to achieve? neither of those 2 capitals have actually stated their demarc. they've not said what it is they actually want to achieve by triggering this process. now it could be that some of the most easy and obvious gains for both of them have already been negated because it might have assumed that it would be easy to split poland from the you and to divide the you over how to respond to this process. and show within
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poland, which already had the argument with brussels. that actually the was not coming to say, but to everybody is surprised that you have responded in the right way to this. it's showing unity. solidarity is backing. poland is not given. poland, a hard time for not allowing these refugees through and it's stepping up sanctions against those parts in the human trafficking pipeline to actually cut off the flow to the border altogether. so it looked as if the game was to try to discredit the you so far it failed, but of course, at least plenty of other options on the table for either president put in all president, look a shanker to follow through. still a heads on al jazeera trust at home cuban security forces around the house of an outspoken government critic to stop in protesting. but other say they won't be deterred. and new delhi smug has hit level so unhealthy millions of students and workers have been told to stay home ah,
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where the water's wall in the land, and that's true, both sides of europe. that's where the active weather has been. and the last couple of weeks has been the western measure, and it's still is where as the incoming winter is stuck up here in the north atlantic now are seen coming winter cars behind it is plenty of cold enough air to bring snow to iceland. and every now again, it brings the same to norway to the high ground. no one is doing the same on monday, maybe more. so on tuesday most it's rain. there was quite a wind, but it's a southwesterly, but it's not exactly cold in london, but it is fairly coating. for example, riga. however, these are temperatures are not far away from the average you supposed to get colder is tandy. and it's doing just that. now around the mediterranean. well, it's just still stormy. there's more rain likely anywhere in italy, possibly, viruses, coffee covenants,
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we're dramatic. and then further west is that to effect the bali arcs with a northerly gout, st. tom was right on the north coast of algeria. this may look familiar to you, but it seems to be rather long lived. i have to say, in fact has been so active, it may push a front down to melissa, how are you might find a few spots of rain right in the middle of the desert time, russet, and beyond. the seasonal rate in africa. further south is doing what it's supposed to not as funnel sit walters and be concentrating more around the gulf of guinea. ah, in the country with an abundance of results are and why indonesia is burnsville. we moved full to grow and fraud. we balance the green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let be part when denise is growth and progress. invest indonesia now
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ah, the me. hello, on the top stories on al jazeera, this, our kenny as president has been visiting. if you appear to push for an end to the conflict between the government and rebel forces, who are, can you talk to the prime minister of much? it comes as fighters in the northern region have pushed further south this month. argentine as president, alberta fernandez has suffered a severe set back in mid term elections. has really coalition has lost control of the senate for the 1st time in 40 years. on the ballot were half the members of the lower chamber and
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a 3rd of the senate colon prime minister is calling on nato to take concrete steps to resolve the migrant crisis. on his florida with bella, ruth, thousands of people are hoping to get into the you the bell, the russian government accused of encouraging them to cross in the eagerly and newly founded anti corruption party as leading in bulgarian parliamentary elections . according to exit polls that we continue, the change party is up against the center, right, girl grouping headed by former prime minister, a boy called bori solve joan, a whole reports from the capital, sophia book, areas, industrial hot plan, a mix of soviet here, architecture and polluting factories bernick has the dirtiest air in the european union and anti corruption activists say the vote here thinks to it's one among a number of towns where business leaders are accused of paying off the voters to
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protect a deeply entrenched system of official corruption and patronage. money is always missing and really visible for the people to see that the money are going somewhere, but not in the citizens. what we would like to see better future for the young one . we want to see that the government is taking care of all or barons. public protests against corruption last year brought an end to form a prime minister boy, a boy resolves decade in power. this is the man who's promised to make a difference of real pet. call one of to harvard, educated economists whose party continue the change look set according to preliminary results to lead anti corruption alliance. are you the fresh face of bulgarian politics, the big hope of brussels? the leaders in brussels who want to see the page turned on corruption here. i think the fresh faced football game voters because our whole election campaign started with 0 corruption, no less corruption, not decreased. corruption,
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0 corruption. if we are able today to be after today to be in position of power, we would love to create such a strong agency that corruption becomes the opposite brand for bo, get those lofty aims. removing the stench of corruption will be an enormous task, a system of oligarchy, patronage and power built up over many years, helping to ensure that bulgaria has remained the use poorest member vested interests like this won't like it, of course. but the 3rd election this year off was at least the hope is parties can finally work together of change jona whole al jazeera, sophia, thousands of opponents of tin is yes, president protested outside parliament on sunday president crisis. i had sacked the prime minister in july crating, the country's biggest political crisis since the 2011 revolution door said jabari
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reports chatting, shut down, chi said and freedom and the police state. protesters pulled down barriers blocking the road, leading to the parliament building in the capital tunis. these people are marching against the measures imposed by president chi said since he sacked the prime minister and suspend the parliament 4 months ago. some have made the trip from across the country and with one another. we did not come here to clash with others . all cause any one, any harm. we came all the way here to tell dot's in charge that we want a taste of freedom. we've tasted freedom before and we don't want to be deprived of it ever again. hundreds of police officers have blocked off the area where thousands of protesters were gathering on sunday to demand that said, restore the elected parliament and have democratic rule. some these protests
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were organized by calling itself citizens against the poo. you promised to continue their demonstrations and expand them to other cities. so she is really out night. i've only been for the way we have been under one man, ruled since july 25th. i'm individual who violated the law, violated the constitution, shut down the state, closed parliament with tanks, shut down, government and state institutions suspended the constitution and to day closed the street. a soil of the republic to day. the country is closed. when president site insists what he did in july was not a qu, but others called it a threat to the regions. few democracies. in september, he announced he would rule by decree while ignoring parts of the constitution. and last month he formed a government and appointed a new prime minister. president site has promised to uphold p was right, but there are fears of a return to the days of one man rule. doors to depart al jazeera. you foreign affairs ministers are due to meet in brussels to discuss developments into done
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comes a day after a general update for data. but hon chair the 1st meeting of the new sovereign council that he had appointed. it's been criticized by the un for excluding the recently the civilian leadership. 3 men, i've been arrested under terrorism laws and the u. k. after a man was killed in a car explosion. police say a taxi pulled up outside a women's hospital in the city of liverpool on sunday, and then exploded. the passenger was killed and the driver is in hospital. austrians protested in the capital vienna on sunday, against the new nationwide locked down. so anyone over 12 years old who hasn't time to go with 1900 job, can now only leave their home for essential shopping medical visits or to get vaccinated. there are concerns raising current of iris cases are putting to health system at risk of collapse. only around 65 percent of the population is vaccinated, which is below the average. the measures will last an initial 10 days hole. brendan
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has more from more on austria's cove in 1900 infection rate. austria's infection rate is 3 times that of its neighbor, germany and the government is extremely worried about the trajectory of the figures on saturday. 13000 new corona virus infections were reported. that's an old time high for this relatively small nation of just on the 9000000 people. i. one of the biggest concerns that the government has in vienna is the relatively low. busy vaccination rate, some 63.4 percent of the austrian population has been vaccinated that ranks them around 17th in the european league table. now, there is a fairly large vaccine skeptic population in austria. encouraged by the far right freedom party, which was the 3rd biggest party in parliament. but the chancellor, the relatively new chancellor. alex schellenberg has described that 63.4 percent figure. i've shamefully low. and when he came to try to devise restrictions to try
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to force people to get the vaccine. first of all, a week ago he band on vaccinated people from going to restaurants and law scale public events. now he's ordering them to stay at home unless there are specific circumstances such as going to go to work or to go to the doctors or to buy some groceries. because he said it was unfair that vaccinated people should have to be have their freedom's cattails simply because of the whim of that what he called the differing of the on vaccinated. now it's not just an austrian problem. europe itself, the wadi european countries are also worried. the netherlands is introducing new restrictions. they came in to force on saturday morning there also, there's also going to be a discussion in germany later this week about introducing new restrictions there and latvia has even brand any parliamentary lawmakers around peace, who are unvaccinated bound them from actually participating in debates of voting
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and the law in parliament, such as the consent in that country, another country where there is a low vaccination rate. so you can see that the alarm bells really all ringing all across europe on this unhealthy air in new delhi will keep millions of students on workers at home. this week. the city has ordered its employees to work from home. schools have been closed on construction, halted through wednesday, new delhi ranks amongst the most polluted cities in the world's burning crops on garbage. coal fired plants and a vehicle exhaust all contribute to the small problem. company. mitchell has the latest from new jelly. it's a really desperate situation and what you're seeing is desperate measures being passed to address it right now, i'm in the air quality in the city is dangerously terrible. the pollution levels are dangerously high and they have been up for more than a week. now, you know, and during this time you can usually see a lot of the buildings and landmarks behind me. but right now, if you're seeing
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a thick layer of small guessing a lot of hayes and that's because of the pollution levels. now the government has possum emergency measures schools which just came back for in person. classes will now be online in the city for the this coming week. schools in some of the neighboring cities and states will also be online for the next couple of days. construction, which is one of the big polluters in the city has been banned and government officials will be working from home. now the government is also set to submit a proposal for a possible to day lockdown, so you'll see covered 19 like measures being considered to address the pollution problem right now this is a huge step because. 8 daddy has not recovered from the economic impact of the lockdown that was imposed during the 2nd wave a few months ago. still it is one of the most new to cities in the world and remains over $365.00 days. it just becomes, was this time because of the weather,
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you know, low winds dipping temperatures. there's also a rise in instances of farm fires and stubble burning in neighboring states during this time of feel. cuban security forces are surrounded the home of a leading governments critic to prevent him from protesting. union garcia has called for pro democracy rallies on monday, act of a saying they're determined, the demonstrations will go ahead without him. daniel's primer reports the cuban authorities have prevented the country's most prominent opposition leader union garcia from leaving his home in havana for a solo protest. the operation came the day before march is planned across the country to demand greater freedoms and the release of political prisoners. a protest, the government is declared illegal. garcia said that every cubans should have the right to demonstrate peacefully,
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governor. i think that is my greatest aspiration that every cuban knows. they have power, a lot of power, that a single citizen can make a system. trumbull, the cuban government has organized a number of counter demonstrations and last week with hundreds of foreign diplomats to a meeting to accuse the united states had been behind the protest. washington's representatives in havana were not invited and this video ad on state television accuses una garcia of working with the u. s. authorities and anti cuban organizations claims he strongly denies. ah, the plan march is on monday, coincide with cuba, reopening its doors to foreign tourism close for 20 months because of the coven. 19 pandemic restaurants on the colors. marquez says the return of tourism will help the countries battery economy. he called the opposition demonstration, a distraction,
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a play. so although i'm sure it won't happen short shore shore from the moment they started planning it. it was a crazy idea. tens of thousands of cubans think otherwise. they belong to archipelago, amusement organized on social media. he grew out of protestant july, which took the authorities by surprise. you to this size and spontaneity. hundreds were arrested ah, growing dissent is being expressed in other ways to this video by musician world berto caucus. this is quote, no one can stop me acted than he has triana theseus, florida is, will be better prepared to repel monday's plan, marches or threats of violence will keep many away. although he said, even if the protest is suppressed, the opposition movement will keep growing. both anyways, thought of billy's for the 1st time in nearly all the provinces in the country. the
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people have come together to cry for freedom. that's historic. symbolically marks the beginning of the end. oprah, it's a prediction may prematurely, many times since fidel castro came to power in 1959. the difference this time is to protest as a staying in cuba to fight the change rather than leaving. and that's a challenge. the cuban authorities a struggling to deal with and shimla al jazeera bolivia as president has repealed a law that critic said was intended to crack down on descent. protest have been taking place for a number of days against so called enlisted prophets legislation, demonstrators, excuse president, luis, our case using is to allow the government to seize private property, transport and retails union had called for an indefinite strike last week. but as well, has attempted to break the guinness world record for the largest orchestra. ah,
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more than $12000.00 musicians from the national system of youth and children's orchestra performed a classical piece. for more than 5 minutes, russia held the current record with a performance of more than a 1000 musician. judges will verify then, as well as attempts within the next 10 days. i come again to headlines on al jazeera kenya's president has been visiting ethiopia to push for an end to the conflict between the government and rebel forces who are can you also have talks prime minister of mine? it comes as fighters in the northern region have pushed further south this.


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