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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2021 4:00pm-4:31pm AST

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with ease inspired by tradition. ah, we're beautiful. possibly we are offered. ah, this is al jazeera. oh hello, i'm emily anglin. this is the news i'm alive from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. the e u threatens top of sanctions against bela bruce, blaming it to the thousands of migrant stuck at the border with poland in freezing conditions. the un releases millions of dollars for the displaced in ethiopia to grind region as diplomatic efforts to end the fight and continued anger in austria as
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a nationwide locked down begins for those not vaccinated against coven 19th and giving a voice to the voice list. it's been 15 years since the launch of this channel al jazeera english. i'm sort of hired in sports is portugal miss south on an automatic place at the wells comp. they can feed it a late goal against serbia who go through instead, which means christiane or an elder on his team must now qualify through the player . ah, hello and welcome to the program a you foreign ministers, amazing and brussels as the block deals with the crisis on its eastern frontier, top of the agenda, other thousands of migrants massing at the poland bowers border. the hughes says he will issue sanctions against bell russian entities. today we are going to approve a new packet of sanctions again to resume people responsible for what's happening
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and big. and we're going to the large framework, you know, the to seek to implement all the sanctions to other people's own lives, travel agencies, and everybody involved on these illegal bullshit from language, you know, a borders bell, russian president, alexander lucas shank and meanwhile, says he's trying to persuade the thousands of migrants to head back to their home countries. he's threatened to retaliate if the a you imposes sanctions. meanwhile, nato has warned of a large, a russian military build up around ukraine. the alliances secretary general has warned moscow against escalating tension. we see an unusual concentration of forces, or military russian country fis, on that we have seen that russia has said demonstrated the will to use these forces against the neighbors, ukraine, georgia,
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and also the course they have demonstrated against amolla over many years. or therefore, we call on russia to be transparent on their military activities to to, to, to do so tensions on to prevent an escalation. okay, we'll get more on the russian troops. massing on the ukrainian border within tasha butler shortly. but 1st, let's go live to aside bag on the poland in belarus, border hello, there are sad. thanks for joining us. what are you seeing on the ground and those di, a conditions the migrants of facing yes, those conditions are dire. in fact, last night we are alerted to the fact that 2 men had made it across the border and were in the forest. so we made our way to that location. and when we got there, we found 2 syrian men activists had already wrapped them thermal blankets because the temperatures here are very, very low. there were di, hydrated,
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and frankly exhausted. i'm anxious speak to them, didn't speak english. i spoke to their in arabic, they were both from syria, from the city of homes, brothers, one aged 39, and the other one aged 41 that they were a considerable distance away from that border. and it just goes to show that no matter how many forces you have on that border, poland has around 15000 people who still managed to make it across. now currently them a community, they did development humanitarian situation. the you is saying that now that they have the issue or the flights to by the route and the control that want to address the command sharing a situation that we have been speaking to people that have made it across. and they keep telling us that they landed in belarus, they were bussed to the border and they were encouraged and sometimes forced, and some of them beaten to cross that border. her and the situation is that some people are stuck in that no man's land. and the temperatures are absolutely freezing. now we also receive him picture on social media and elsewhere,
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that there is a group, a large group of people at the, on the, by the right, by the roost, inside of the border, and been pushed towards the polish site or, oh, and some of them. now lighting fires probably to keep warm because it is cur, is very, very cold. but we do have men, women, and children, some children aged to some, even younger. we have pregnant women on that side of the border. desperate and all they want to do is cross over into poland and into the european union. but the polish, the polish authorities, very much a, talking about this as a war, the set up a seclusion zone. a securities on that journalists and unaided cars are not allowed into and that's because they also want to control the narrative because i can't go into that seclusion zone and re put up to the border and tell you exactly what the polish forces are due to keep those people out this is the image, the polish military, want everyone to see there on
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a p are offensive and want to show their protecting the countries borders. this footage, however, filmed by those stuck at the border, shows a different picture, border forces and making their presence felt, and letting people there know they will not get through. people at the border say they can't sleep because poland tactic in the village is close to the border. the finishing sunday mass, the faithful. a divided about the situation should happen, like we have to help, but we have to protect our borders as well. so they do not cross and do nothing bad to us. once they cross, we have to help the women and children, but not the men because we don't know what they really are. i don't hear you chip. and now we have to protect our soldiers and we have to stand for poland. if we are polish, i mean the journey across is not without its risks. morale, matha, we flew from syria to belly. ruth, she's now in a polish hospital near the border now and by them. how are you, willoughby?
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they remained for a week in the woods. it had been a tough week from heavy rain to she is cold. oh, they are living in dye conditions. at some point, my daughter's health deteriorated. she's been in. i see you for 3 weeks. oh, dear nathan, unnecessarily. other than one i call on the german authorities to allow us to re unite with our daughter. we hope the german authorities will consider the health condition of our daughter. the family is living here and we hope the authorities will lend us a helping hand and permit her entry from poland. the family doesn't know what will happen next. for their part polish authorities are granting medical assistance to people that manage across the border and need it. but what's not here is what will happen to them afterwards. will they be able to stay here in poland? move on to other european countries or will they be sent back to belarus? the uncertainty and hostile approach doesn't seem to deter those, trying to reach western europe. no
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e u foreign ministers are discussing another round of sanctions against against by the ruse. no bedroom has said that they will react if those centers are imposed against them. but right now also barriers of said that they're willing to discuss with you about this crisis. no russian president vladimir putin also said that his country has nothing to do with this. however, they are willing to help with the situation that the youth has said that they want to deal with the humanitarian situation. and iraq has command said that they're willing to repatriate $500.00 a saw of their citizens that are stuck in by there is if they want to return that, that's the issue. the you and other countries couldn't put pressure on airlines to stop flying to minutes. but actually convincing those people that have made the journey to trying make it into the you to go back to their own countries with the countries of origin. well, that's a different question. we appreciate that update. thank you very much. i sat back there life for us. okay, let's bring in natasha butler,
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who ease lie for us in paris. the more the build up of those russian troops on the ukrainian border. natasha. what more did nato secretary general say about rashness? so called aggressive actions. yes, yes sir. stoughton burger said that he was cooling on the kremlin to be fully transparent about moscow's intentions on the russian ukrainian board. and i yet still to bug said there was a very high concentration of russian troops along that border at western. some western intelligence officials say that we could be looking at as many as $90000.00, a russian forces on that board. onion stoughton book says, look, we know russia is capable of using force. they've done that. in the past, he gave the example of georgia. he gave the example of russia illegally annexing the crime. in 2014, something in stoughton book said that of course nato members would never recognize
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was i said the has been growing concerned amongst nato allies and western powers about russia's intentions. on those 4 on the border. on friday, french foreign ministry officials met the russian foreign, minnesota gala off in paris, a french foreign ministry officials making very clear to say again, a level thought ukraine's territorial integrity must be protected. and we heard a similar sentiments echoed to by a spokesperson for the british prime minister boris johnson's office. today. the ukrainian foreign minister was also at the, with the nato secretary general, a bit early at the to had met. and after that meeting, ukraine's foreign minister said that, as far as ukraine was concerned, the story of the migrants on the bed a russian, a polish board of the energy crisis, what he called russia's disinformation campaign. and now these troops only ukrainian russian border that seem to be growing in numbers. he said,
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as far as he was concerned, this was all part of a hybrid attack by russia own europe and his allies. and you for that update. natasha butler live for us. there, let's get some more nemesis on this story now and bring in samuel romani, he's a specialist on a russian foreign policy at the university of oxford. samuel, thanks for joining us on this news. our. how likely is it that the situation between ukraine and russia could escalate? could they, bay, and invasion? valinda marsh, april of this year there was a very high risk veneer escalation, be rushing you, crime, and this mobilization of forces, if you cranes numbers are to be believe its 100000 troops. eerily resembles that there are some people though, who are thinking that it may be more likely to have an invasion coming this time around them last time for several reasons. first of all, yon going coban 19 pandemic in these hangover of so she can amik discontent from the do mel actions as a potent more insecure internally. second,
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russia has been engaging and provocative actions against the last we're going to be on the bellows. margaret border, the western balkans and ukraine with relative impunity as western countries don't really form a coordinated response. and 3rd, the resurgence in oil prices good create a degree of like over competence. much like what drove russia towards invading georgia in 2008 is russia's military aggression high and now than in previous years, or we saying just to repaint. so of the situation, ukraine has been a semi frozen compet really since the middle of 2015 when the minsk agreements were signed. so they've been periodic movements of the line of control between ukraine and russia. escalations, where the russians blame the ukrainians for escalating it. and then try to move the borders, but there hasn't really been any game changing developments and done bass over the past 6 years. now, however, it appears as if the russians could be basically setting a trap. and was they blame ukraine for provoking or causing no harm?
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death, aggressions, and in a pushing for a fuller invasion. we should watch for that creation of a pretext. and after that says, studying was any boy, for a dangerous situation. russians, president has dismissed the fees as alarmist and in keys, nato of in flaming tensions in the region. what do you make of his comments? well, these hormones are wholly. busy predictable from the russian side. the russians is a exactly the same thing about the situation and the butler is pulling border. they were seeing that britain because of its willingness to apply forces and the brothers from bars actually causing that problem. i mean, obviously the move any movement from nato or statements results and burger, the movement of british forces. your ukraine, like 7, been saying would probably provoke even more reactions to that regard. to us and surprising that the russians of blame, ukrainian, trustworthy and bass are the last. but the actual catalyst for this appears to be ukraine's testing of truck is drones that are actor drones last month and rushes the steady path of escalation. ever since then. we appreciate your insides. thank
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you very much, samuel romani, a specialist on russian foreign policy at oxford university. thank you very much. the u. n. has released 40000000 dollars of emergency funds to civilians caught up in the 2 great crisis in ethiopia as well as the rest of the country's conflict. pete, north can use president has been visiting ethiopia to push for an end to the conflict between the government and rebel forces. who, who can yetta held talks with prime minister. be honored, he come, it comes rather as fighters from the northern to gray region have pushed further south this month. mohammed adult has more from addis ababa alicia, going to my son, joe, that you special envoy to the home of africa has expressed some hope that there could be talks between the parties. but he says that is a window that is quickly closing and that and it talks will not succeed unless
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there is a says fire and present who cannot is visit to add to sub. but is part of this international effort, which is growing by the day based on sun monday, international community that these conflict could turn into a civil war in a country of 100000000 people. and in that region, which is engulfed in crisis south saddam is already facing its own conflict. saddam has its own problems and instability. so molly is recovering from conflict, a lot of state to the rest of the world, but has its own problems. now, when you see up here, many people think about the possibility of this conflict, and if you're coming into a civil war and then the refugee crisis that results from it will be very difficult for countries that are labeling if you appear to cope with prison. kenyatta is set to mit, the u. s. state secretary under the blinking hole arrives in king of sometime today
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. it will be meeting him and wednesday to bring him about the discussion. he has hot with prime minister, be about all other kinds of parallel initiatives to try and bring this war about a mess. if you monetary and crisis tossed off and you as a journalist, he was sentenced to 11 years in prison in the, in my has been released, danny fence. it was the managing editor of frontier me in my online magazine. and a, this way he was sentenced on charges of terrorism and sedition. he was arrested in may while trying to leave me and my accused of encouraging descent against the military, cham town, plenty. morehead, on this news, our including the politics in the philippines becomes a family affair. the latest on president rodrigo to, to take decision on next year's election. plus pain is conservative. opposition. thanks voters after winning control of the senate for the 1st time in 40 years. and
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it will show you how louis hamilton won the brazilian brown brain by founding intense flames. ah, i said to the u. k. now where police are treating an explosion outside of women's hospital in liverpool as an act of terror for men of being questioned in regard to sunday's incident, please say a man carried an explosive device with him in a taxi. he was killed in the blast. the driver was able to escape the car before the device exploded. we believe we know the identity of the passenger, but we cannot confirm this. at this time. our inquiries have led us to 2 addresses . the 1st was sutcliffe street in the kensington area of liverpool and this location 3 men. a 2126 and 29, were arrested yesterday on the section 41 of the terrors much
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a short while ago. again, in the kinds of scenario for the month, a 20 was arrested on the section 41 of the terrorism that nadine baba has been following this story from london has the latest nadeem we've just heard from the counter terrorism police. what more did they have to say? well, emily, very shortly before 11 o'clock on sunday, a local taxi was rather picked up a passenger in the rutland avenue area of liverpool and was asked to go to liverpool women's hospital. that's what the police said at the press conference was around a 10 minute journey now, one minute before 11. and you can see this on the c t t, v footage, outside the house with all the taxi approaches, the drop off point there is an explosion. there is an exposure inside the car.
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you see daybreak flying, you've been to see the driver coming out of the taxi, moving away from it, and then a while later, the taxi bursting into flames. by the time the fire crews actually got to the scene, the call was completely in flames. now they said that when they got there, it was clear, the passenger was dead inside the vehicle. that's saying that they don't know what the motive for this incident was, but it is being treated as a terrorist incident to the investigation is being led by counter terrorism. police, as you just heard, there have been raids on properties in liverpool and now for people are under arrest in connection with what happened on sunday. they say that they have found significant items at one property. they also say they believe they know who the passenger was, but they're not saying any more than that at the moment. now, the,
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the device that they're talking about, they say that they assume it was an improvised explosive device which was built by the passenger. but should stress at the moment that these are assumptions according to the police. indeed it sounds like there are plenty moving parts to the story. what has been said about the actions of that taxi driver in preventing for the casualty? well, we should just say that he has been named does david perry, this taxi driver and he was taken to hospital to be treated but injuries that he received, but he's now being released. so he's ok. beyond that early on monday joanne davidson, the man of. busy liverpool said, but his heroic actions had avoided what could have been a much bigger disaster. and now we've heard from prime minister bar is johnson. who
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said that he acted with incredible presence of mind and bravery. we don't exactly know the sequence of events and we haven't heard from that taxi driver. the police are stressing that or vote not far away. there was a remembered date event at the cathedral and this incident happened just before 11. am when there was a minute silence, they're saying that they can't link the to right now. and they also haven't actually said anything more given us any more detail about either the driver or what he was asked to do. it'll be interesting to see how it unfolds. in the coming day and thank for the update nadeem bob of a live for us in london. australians have protested in the capital the enter on sunday, against a new nationwide locked down. anyone over the age of 12 years old, who hasn't had a coven? 19 jeff can now only leave their home for essential shopping medical visits or to get vaccinated. only around 65 percent of the population is vaccinated,
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which is below the average. these measures will last 10 days for more and if that's bringing dominant came, who's covering the story from berlin? hello. they've dominic is clearly quite a bit of anger as a result of these latest restrictions. well, it's worth making the points that the protests that took place yesterday sunday in vienna were not particularly widely attended. but there's no question that there are several 1000000 people in austria who fall into that category of people who have not had the vaccine yet. and know that the vaccine is available to them. it's those people who are going to find themselves often now do find themselves very much facing truncated se possibilities to go outside if they can't prove their status. which of course, under these new rules, they can't prove their status. that's what this is all about. this,
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this rule that requires people to either prove that they've recently recovered from the virus all that they've been vaccinated against the virus. that's the only way that people in austria legally can now go about their daily lives and do most things that most people would want to be doing. so we're talking about several 1000000 people here, but it is worth making the point also that that number also includes children and those under 12, well they're not school to be part of this category of people who can't go out. so we're talking about a smallish group of society, but clearly this represents a very clear as it were invasion on the rights of those people. that's until now they were able to come and go as they pleased. of course, following the sorts of mask wearing requirements and that sort of thing will now that's gone now they have to follow much more stringent rules and their rights from their perspective are being infringed. and dominic, from a broader perspective,
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there's been a surge and cases across europe. authorities must be concerned ahead of winter. yes, very much so we're fast progressing towards winter right now. the nights drawing in the cold weather coming in. effectively forcing people into public places indoors. the very problem which encourages the transmission of cove it. the interesting thing is that just across the austrian border in bavaria, you see similar very high incidences of cov id right now. in fact, right across germany, on its southern and eastern borders, you see in particular parts of the country, incidences of corona very high. indeed, almost the same as in austria. and the prime ministers of those states are calling out for help from the federal government. and in some places, notably in bavaria, notably in saxony and in berlin. you have stringent rules now in place,
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what they call in german, that's fi. again, legal that basically means you've got to prove that you are vaccinated or you've recovered from the virus or you can't go to public places already in the space of the last hour or so. we've heard from the bavarian prime minister saying that he expects very soon to have the same sort of rules as the austrians have just brought in in place in his state. why? because the incidence is so great right now, and that's what's really worrying people. and in the germans sense stuff from the wider perspective, there is no ruling government right now with the majority in parliament. it's a caretaker, government coalition negotiations taking place. and there seems to be a power vacuum, a government in office, but not in power, and no central decision making, taking place that may change soon. but for the moment, it's like a patchwork quilt, different rules applying in different places. and the one thing that's constant is the corona virus. incidence is just going up and up and up instantly is thank you
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for that update. a dominant cane live for us in berlin on the news our while as been 15 years since the launch of this channel outages, every english since 2006, our international teams have worked tirelessly to share stories from across the globe. let's take a look at what got us here with mohammed down. welcome. jim tino from the 15th 2006 day one of a new era and television news. the media network expanded its reach to the english speaking audio and the very 1st program live for me on the news headquarters. 24 hour english language news channel has now given a voice to the voice of the democratic republic of congo. word under zillah english . settled to pass that was already some i paid. no, it's just a channel of just, you know, our big was already a power for regional brand with an international outreach. the mission of our
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english was to build on that momentum which it did into yes. the new channel whose initial aim was 20000000 subscribers, was able to reach 18000000. it's exclusive coverage of the israeli war and gathered in 2008 made the stand out among giant world competitors with regional hubs in though how london, washington, dc and quite lumper, the vast network of correspondence and social media platforms. it was able to provide the most comprehensive news coverage from the middle east, africa, asia, europe, and the americas. the focus was on human stories. this meant take risks, reaching remote areas and challenging government censorship. i was just the champion, the coverage of what became known as the arab spring. we were really a platform for those who were the you for it crowds, if you like. whereas across the world, people who are demanding freedom people who are defending democracy before their
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struggle descended on conflicts. we faced many, many challenges over the years by while while covering conflicts and some of the most trouble region. while covering protest in egypt for our english journalists were jailed on false charges for nearly 2 years. the thing is we were doing our job as a professional journalist in egypt. and at some point, this did not make the government in egypt happy. you didn't want anybody to report anything. what, what do they see as a truth? so it was a shock. people came restless, just simply for 2 reasons. one, they don't want the truth to prevail for people. the 2nd thing they wanted to intimidate other 4 or join us in general in cairo, undaunted, the channel went ahead, gaining more popularity and winning awards. it managed to reverse the direction of the news flow, given a stronger voice to the global south. yeah. in 15 years of english,
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how solidified it's a global footprint and continues its commitment to viewers by bringing to light stories that are otherwise less comfort hammered via our dis. yellow angels travel is a managing director of al jazeera english. he told me the scope of the channels coverage distinguishes itself from other international networks. we are a channel that is not based in a traditional power center, so we're not from london. we're not from washington, one from parents, not berlin or we are. we are in a, in a, in a region of the world which isn't used to having international news channels based . and so by having, by being based here, and along with our editorial perspective, which is to provide all perspectives and alternative. so that makes it really important that i think out there english has such a wide range and scope and depth in its coverage. unlike many other or most other
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news organizations with been doing voice, the voiceless for every day, every hour, every day for the past 15 years coverage, we've done on the climate change and, and the cult some of the packages from the field. and earlier this year as well, about climate showing the effects of this climate emergency that we're going through on everyday people. and often it's the most poor and marginalized communities that are suffering are on the front line of the climate change. some of those stores that we've done among everything else, i think have been really powerful and telling the human story. it's really important that we continue with the technological revolution and wherever that is going. and where on the platforms to provide our audience is what they need. but at the same time, stick to the core editor values may change of pace. let's have to the weather with room. well springs a season of change and that change can.


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