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how's going contamination and me a little bit of visible public community. it's a safe. do you feel that i'm bell? with fault lines on al jazeera e u foreign ministers have agreed to impose more sanctions against bella rules, blaming it for the migrant crisis at the border with poland, where thousands are stuck in freezing conditions. ah, 1700 hours g m t a watching al jazeera and live from doha. i'm fully betty ball also coming up, donald trump, sal, i see van and surrenders to u. s. federal authorities in connection with investigation into the january 6 dorming of capitol hill. the u. k raises its terror threat level to severe after an
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explosion outside of hospital in liverpool, on sunday, and new daily's toxic small forces, millions of students and workers to stay at home. india's top port is suggesting a pollution lockdown. ah, european union, foreign ministers have agreed to impose more sanctions targeting bela rules as a migrant crisis worse since on its eastern frontier. thousands of people have been gathering at the border, trying to cross into poland. the e u accuses bella, roosters government of deliberately allowing them to travel to the frontier as revenge for sanctions imposed by the block for rights abuses they use as a new sanctions will be targeted. and i would be both on individuals and companies . the responsibility of what is happening is of bill a rose,
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100 percent. gonna start solving this problem by you stopping the flow of people to the la roche. and those who all ready and below rush must be given human italian assistance. and those who do not qualify to be considered a refugees must be return back to their country of origin. while the bell or russian president has denied the accusation and is threatening to retaliate, if the e impose is more sanctions. alexander lucas shanker says he's trying to persuade migraines to head back to their home countries. and lavish anchors biggest ally, russia has also denied any involvement for, as in put in says moscow is ready to help resolve the crisis. let's go live to argy there. as i said, bagels on the polish side of the border with bella, rose. i saw the european union piling, the pressure on bella ross when can we expect these new sanctions to come into effect? well,
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the understand that they have been, they have been discussed, has been there been finalize over the next few days. but what will be interesting to see is what will be the roots, his response be now the president there, alexander lucas shanker, has said that if they are more sanctions, he will retaliate even threatening to cut off a gas supply. now he's ally, a russian president vladimir putin has previously said that russia is not involved, but they were willing to have dialogue to help in this crisis. but he did say that it was up to buy the roof if they decided to cut off that gas supply. but it would be in violation of the agreement, the transit agreement that they have with the country now. alexander lucas. shank, a saying that they are encouraging or will help out people going back to their countries. but from the people that we've spoken to, the people that may be across into poland. they told us that they landed in by the roost, that they were bussed to the border and it was developed in military that was encouraging them and forcing them to cross into poland. and as far as the european union is
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concerned, this is by the roots is behind all these actions. this is a manufactured crisis and they've even called it a hybrid war. you've been at that border now for a few days. and i said, tell us about what he has seen and the sort of condition that these migraines have found themselves in. yes, of course we're not allowed right up to the polish side of the board. that's because poland has declared the state of emergency along the border and the seclusion zone. so we don't know exactly what the polish authorities are doing to keep people out. but when we have come across people that have made it through that seclusion zone are made into poland. they've described to us the very difficult conditions of freezing temperatures and of course they have to get through that dense forest. now last night we came across to men, syrian men from homes who had made it through her and they were in very bad
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condition. they were suffering from hypothermia. dehydration they told me that they've been out in the woods for 4 days now. the medics were cold and they were taken to a hospital and we believed that they will be treated and then the asylum cases will be assessed. now the cartoon situation at that border is very difficult. there are children there. there are women that pregnant women there and the temperatures at night dropped below 0. now there are several airlines that have said that there was not a flight to beller roost. and the rocky government has said that they have that 500 citizens in better route and they're willing to take them back. but whether or not those people, the at that border, poland says there's thousands and possibly over $10000.00 in bella, rooster as a whole. whether those people are willing to go back to their countries after making that desperate journey. it could because of many of those people really want to get into pollard and the european union aside. thank you very much for that. out here. as i said, make reporting a lie from the polish l ocean border. meanwhile,
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a build up of russian truce and equipment. near the ukrainian border has triggered concerns from natal, n e u. the u. s. says pentagon has called the build up unusual in size and scope. ukraine says around a $100000.00 russian troops in an area near its east and water. the sea, an unusual concentration of forces, omitted her it, russian country fis. and that we have seen that russia has demonstrated the will to use these forces against the neighbors, ukraine, georgia and also the course they have demonstrated against and moldova over many years. and therefore, we call on rational to be transparent on their military activities to, to deduce attentions and to prevent and the escalation allergies here is natasha butler has more now from paris. yes,
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stoughton berg said that he was cooling on the kremlin to be fully transparent about moscow's intentions on the russian ukrainian board. and i can still see that there was a very high concentration of russian troops long for the west. and some western intelligence officials say that we could be looking at as many as $90000.00 russian forces. all that border insulted but says, look, we know russia is capable of using force. they've done that in the past. he gave the example of george gave the example of russia illegally annexing the crime. in 2014 something installed in book said that of course nato members would never recognize the ukrainian foreign minister was also with the nato secretary general a bit early at the to had met. and after that meeting, your foreign minister said that, as far as ukraine was concerned, the story of the migrant from the russian polish border, the energy crisis,
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what he called russian disinformation campaign. and now these troops only ukrainian or russian border that seem to be growing in numbers, he said, as far as he was concerned, this was all part of a hybrid attack by russia on europe and allies in other world news. former us present donald trump's long time i see van and has surrendered to federal authorities than any facing charges for refusing to cooperate with the congressional investigation into the january 6 attack on the u. s. capital particle haine has moved from washington. the committee is investigating that and what led up to it really see steve badden as a critical central character. here we do know that the top trump advisors were meeting in a hotel the day before. we know that steve been in on his radio show. i told people that all hell was gonna break loose on january 6th than washington. so what did he know? that's what the committee wants to find out. so they issued to subpoenas, one for documents,
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and one for his testimony. he didn't show up to testify and he's refusing to turn over the documents, citing executive privilege, mostly roach per say. that's a pretty weak defense since you actually wasn't looking for the president at the time. and executive privilege tends to only apply to current presidents, not former president is still bannon is going to fight this. he said as he was entering the f. b, i headquarters i to his supporters. keep your eye on the ball. the goal is to bring down the biden administration, so he's going to go before a magistrate this afternoon. again, these are misdemeanor charges. he'll likely be read his rights told what the charges are and then sent along his way to wait for the court case to go forward. the thing about this is he could have just shown up and refused to testify. you couldn't, you can make him testify. he could plead the 5th it. yes, so he could plead the 5th, but he chose not to do that. really try and i think to score political points for the president. trump's sir supporters. the u. s. secretary of state has welcomed the release of american journalist daniel fenster,
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who was sentenced to 11 years in prison in man more than so as the managing editor of frontier, myanmar, an online magazine. he landed in cotton a few hours ago where he received medical treatment before returning to the u. s. he was arrested in may accused of encouraging descent against the military jer into i'm feeling all right physically, um it's just done the same huh. privations and things that come with any form of incarceration, you just go a little stir crazy. ah, the longer it drags on more were you are that is just never gonna. and so that was, that was the biggest concern to staying same 3 that this one finished by mister boyce johnson says, a taxi explosion outside a hospital in liverpool, which police have declared an act of terror, was the reminder of the need to remain vigilant for men are being questioned over sunday's attack, wanting that some images in nadine baba's report are disturbing. the drop of
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pointed liverpool women's hospital in northwest england. it's just before 11 a. m. there's an explosion then the driver can be seen getting out. and several people rushed to help him. he was injured but has now been released from hospital by the time fire, cruise arrived, the taxi was in flames, and the passenger was dead inside. the vehicle. liverpool met has called the driver's actions heroic saying they avoided in her words an absolutely awful disaster. i can't comment on the all the details will oh exactly what type of a incident it was, what type of crime it may have been a, but it does look as though the taxi driver in question did behave with incredible presence of mind. a bravery this has now been declared a terrorist incident counter terrorism, police have been involved in the investigation since sunday. i was after the incident, police arrested 3 men all in their twenty's. at the same property in liverpool. a 4th person's now been detained. police say they found significant items at one
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address. it is not clay. what motivation for this incident is? our enquiries indicate that an improvised explosive device has been manufactured on our assumption, so far as it was built by the passenger in the taxi. the reason why he then took it to the women's hospital is unknown, as is the reason for its sudden explosion. police say the passenger had asked to go to the hospital, but they're checking whether there's any link with remembered stay events nearby. nadine baba al jazeera, still ahead on al jazeera anger in austria. as a nationwide lockdown begins. those not vaccinated against covered 19 philippines. president trigger the tech is not ready to leave. politics just yet will tell you about the new position is looking to fill. ah
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bluffs of cold air its way through iran in the result. abaz's lindy's shouting q wait and a bit further south. maybe. jerry speaking, i think bahrain down towards the emeralds. it's going to be dry and optically wor, mother the house, max only about $29.00 degrees there. expanding that picture. this is the cold bloss it's coming through. it'll bring snow very readily to the higher ground. we ran to around starts off at about 16 degrees. obviously it's going to get colder. not silly tuesday, but by the time you get to wednesday, the picture further east on wednesday is going to be snow fairly obviously. but it tails off that in just a few showers for the sas in iran, terrans max 8 degrees by this time, that cold is come across the corks as well. it's actually fairly warm to the west that in turkey, the levant, we're talking about temperatures in the low twenties, but right someplace a bit warmer than average. but we get to thursday, attempt to recover a bit into round the shower,
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more or less disappeared in the skies of clear. not much is changed to the west of lat. a bigger picture then and further south equatorial africa isn't seeing very much in the way showers in tanzania or kenya. and the wind is not very strong. but as you know, west of the rift valley and down towards angola, it's pretty wet. ah, in the country with an abundance of resources to root all over and walk indonesia whose firms former we moved full to grow and frock with balance for rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy report to create quality jobs. invest. let people when the lease is growth and progress in indonesia now, ah
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ah ah, welcome back. our reminder, our top stories on al jazeera, e foreign ministers have agreed to impose more sanctions targeting bela bruce. b. u is accusing of the beller russian government of deliberately allowing thousands of migrants who traveled routes, eastern frontier, as revenge. her sanctions imposed by the block for rights abuses from us present. donald trump's long time ally steve bannon has surrendered to federal authorities. he's facing charges for refusing to cooperate with the congressional investigation into january 6 attack on capitol hill and police in the u. k. had a treating, an explosion outside of hospital in liverpool as an act of terror form in
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a being questioned over sunday's attack. police say man carried an explosive device with him in a taxi. he died in the blast. or india supreme court has called from the emergency meeting of the governments of the capital and neighboring states. as toxic small continues to blanket new delhi, the city is ordered its employees to work for home. and schools have been closed for a week. but experts say these efforts are not enough to solve the crisis avenue mitar reports in just capital is on red, alert. pollution in new delhi has reached alarming levels raising more health concerns for the population of 20000000. the government is taking drastic measures in an attempt to curb the impact its having on people. this week schools will revert to online classes. construction work has been banned, and government offices will go remote. the city is also considering a to they locked down. whether for augusta, georgia that exist waiting for cash as rings will not blow from november 14 to 17,
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and the smoke from burning stubble will keep coming to dell. he should, the situation could get worse than our new delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world. the air is toxic most of the year and causes more premature deaths than in any other big city in the world. the air quality has become especially bad the season as temperatures dip. the number of farm fires has risen in neighboring states in the past few weeks. new daddy's government has blamed those states for not doing enough to solve what is and, and will problem, but has come under fire from the supreme court for its own ineffective policies. emissions from the hickle's industries and garbage warning grooming high. and the government's ban on fire crackers around the hindu festival of devali was not pauline forced again, but under the limit of allusion the level or will how much daily is always hard to pollution problems. every year we see bands and firecrackers during devali, but people defy these about the air quality index in the most of the city is around
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$500.00 under marcella on up. or if it's a big problem, we have to wear a mask all the time. so we don't fall sick, we drive all day outside in this dust. our auto rituals don't have doors. the government needs to think about us. expert said, the government needs to focus on reducing and monitoring emissions from major pollutants, including industries, cause and construction sites through the l. we need to develop award village, distinct subbed estie, state live on a mission inventory or different sectors. like how much transportation is to. i'm contributing how much construction is contributing from the teacher and then after that, after we need to assign responsibility to people ra, walking on the ground on those sectors. the government in new delhi constructed this small tower earlier this year off to orders from the supreme court. but experts say measures like these are laws, the reactionary and ineffective,
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given the scale of the crisis. why shot on emergency policies like lock downs? me is the problem right now. systemic solutions will require regional cooperation and political will. poverty missile al jazeera, hugely u. s. f, as in joe biden, and his chinese county marching being well hold a virtual meeting at a time of escalating tensions between the 2 global powers. taiwan and the human rights issues in hong kong. at the heart of a deepening discord between washington and beijing and the p. m. to reduce the chances of a conflict. alan fishery for some washington. ah, the summit spiritual, the tension real u. s. president joe biden wanted to meet his chinese counterpart gigi, and ping in person, but the chinese leader rejecting all external invites the fight. the u. s. wants to push ahead flags the importance of a bilateral relationship which has hit still meet. i would argue that the western
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relationship is at one of its monster hearing his mom says, been in for quite some time. jane that says it's ready to work with us to get the relationship back on track. the 2 superpowers of she had interest. there's the fight against covert the problems with the global supply chain and global warming. joe biden has a 2 conversations with jean ping since he moved into the oval office. the 1st didn't happen until february, that delay seen by some as a deliberate snob for beijing. the 2nd conversation was in september, but joe biden was very critical of gee's decision not to go to the climate summit in glasgow, essentially saying that if you want to be considered a world leader, you have to actually shoe up to lead. there are tensions between the 2, most notably over the chinese crack don't on pu democracy protesters in hong kong. the treatment of mainly muslim wiggers in china and chinese military exercises near taiwan, which the u. s. has promised to defend one top
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u. s. official says china's economic growth is changing the global landscape. we're witnessing one of the largest ships in global geostrategic power that the world works. and it only happens once in a while. china does one conflict with united states or some new york is one china. and so i think that the idea of a summit is essentially an offer. it's an opportunity for the 2 sides to lower the temperatures and take stock workings on relationship. some, it's really happen without something to show for it. so there could be movement on trade. these are restrictions and perhaps even small moves on nuclear weapons. both sides want to move from confrontation to cooperation. but both sides need to agree . that is the next step. i'll and fisher, i'll g 0 at the white house. a nationwide lockdown has gone into effect in austria for people who have not been vaccinated against scave 19 protest to praise on sunday, against the restrictions anyone over the age of 12 who hasn't had
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a coffee 19 shot can only leave their home for a central shopping medical visits or to get vaccinated only around 65 percent of the population has been inoculated, which is below the european union average. does up morgan? there will be a look down for unvaccinated people in austria. this means restrictions on going out for everyone. over the age of 12, private living quarters may only be left in exceptional cases, vexes limited to vaccinated people, or people who have recovered from co 19 will apply in the retail sector, and unvaccinated people will no longer be allowed to his shops and all that over more than basic supplies, titles like clothing, shops, sports shops, or furniture shop, save yourself. a new anti corruption party appears to be leading in bulk areas, parliamentary elections, according to the countries central electoral commission that we continue. this change grouping is up against the center by party headed by former prime minister of waco boyce off. the lead has come as a surprise to many analysts. john hall is in sophia with more. well,
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it certainly good news, francy corruption, campaigners and supporters. remember, this election protest process rather that began back in april, came off the back of mass demonstrations last year against corruption. that spreads from the government to big business from the mafia to the judiciary. they spelt the end of 12 years in powerful forrest bobby self and his government 12 years marked by corruption. whatever the result he caught come back to power. he has no coalition partners. now. the previous 2 elections in april and july were inconclusive because of the failure to build coalitions. this one looks very different. that is because of the inclusion in the election of a brand new anti corruption party that has done extremely well. coalition talks will need to follow, but as its leader curio pet cough told me on sunday. those talks may be delicate, but he is determined in his goal to change the image of bulgaria. no longer
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a country characterized by corruption. instead, one that will have eliminated corruption altogether. the coalition talks will be tricky. they come from different sides of the political aisle. these various parties and groupings. the hope will be, of course, that they remain united a purpose to turn the clock back on the boris of years and turn the page on corruption in bulgaria, philippines president, rodrigo t, a will run for sen, next year's elections. that's according to state media. to take, the spokesman says he will join the vote but would not compete against his daughter who is running for vice president jamila linda, that has more from manila after weeks of speculation, philippine president through re good to 10 to has the way representative file this candidacy for sen, the move comes after he publicly rebuked his own daughter, davos city mayor, sat at the 30 for running as vice president and running meat of the son of the late
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dictator for didn't marcus for it in at mark as junior. the older deterred to says his daughter is far more popular than marcus, and that the marcus's can never be trusted, especially when it comes to politics. that's a surprise to many, because the marcus as have been allies of the detectives since 2016 for months now, the detectives have repeatedly said they were not interested in seeking hire office . that's changed in the past couple of days. so you can see how they treat eloquent politics. it's like a game and you know what shows all. so they're very strong sense of entitlement. you've seen how the substitution works. we've seen how personalities or people we do not know, filed county, the seas for president, vice president sen, only to withdraw, and then wanted to be placeholders and give way to personally these. well,
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this may seem a typical jostle for political power. it is critical for the churches administration to remain in control beyond 2020, to president the 3rd, to his spacing investigations before the criminal court for crimes against humanity in his so called war and drugs, which is left thousands of filipinos dead. he and his allies are also expected to face multiple cases. for alleged involvement in several corruptions, scandals, critic savvy administration may be preoccupied with its own political survival, but much more is at stake for the rest of the country next year. the next administration will inherit unprecedented challenges. the punches the reeling from the impact of the corona virus pandemic. there is an ever increasing national debt and growing military attentions in the south china sea. even for a can she with a long history of the people during elections? this is unprecedented. the 2022 elections will not just be
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a battle between opposing political parties, but a fight between powerful political dynasties, jamal alan dog and al jazeera manila has been 15 years since the launch of this channel al jazeera english. since 2006, our international teams have worked tirelessly to share stories from across the globe. let's take a look at what got us here with mom and val. welcome up to 12 g m t november 15th, 2006 day one of a new era and television news. the odyssey media network expanded its reach to the english speaking audience and the very 1st program live from although ha news headquarters here 24 hour english language news channel has now given a voice to the voiceless, the democratic republic of congo, where it is under 0 english settled on a path that was already some i paid through june. it's sister channel uh da, 0. arabic was already a powerful regional brand,
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honest with an international outreach. the mission of our design, englishness was to build on that momentum which it did in 2 years. the new channel whose initial aim was 20000000 subscribers, was able to reach 80000000. it's exclusive coverage of the israeli war on garza and 2008 made it stand out among giant world competitors with regional hubs in though how london, washington, dc, and quite a lumper, a vast network of correspondence and social media platforms can be it was able to provide the most comprehensive news coverage from the middle east, africa, asia, europe, and the american law in tara. the focus was on human stories. this meant take risks, reaching remote areas and challenging government censorship. i was just there, a champion, the coverage of what became known as the arab spring. we were really a platform for those who were the you for it crowd if you like. whereas across the
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world, people who are demanding freedom people who are defending democracy before their struggle descended into our conflicts. we faced many, many challenges over the years bite, while while covering conflicts and some of the most trouble region. while covering protest in egypt for our english journalists were jailed on false charges for nearly 2 years. the thing is we were doing our job as a professional journalist in egypt. and at some point, this did not make the government in egypt happy. you didn't want anybody to report anything. what, what do they see as a truth? so it was a shock. people came restless, just simply for 2 reasons. one, they don't want the truth to prevail for people. the 2nd thing they want to intimidate other for enjoy or enjoy with in general, in cairo, if undaunted, the channel went ahead, gaining more popularity and winning awards. it managed to reverse the direction of the news flow, giving
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a stronger voice to the global thought. in 15 years of english, how solidified it's a global footprint and continues its commitment to view as by bringing to light stories that are otherwise less covered. hum advice as dizzy, la. ah, la, again, i'm fully battery boy in doha. with the headlines on al jazeera eve, foreign ministers of agree to impose more sanctions against speller was targeting individuals and companies. it accuses of trafficking migrant to its order with holland, the e. u. accuses bella luce, of deliberately allowing their travel in revenge for sanctions imposed by the block for rights abuse.


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