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tv   [untitled]    November 16, 2021 12:00am-12:31am AST

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covering regional and intellectual acts as have been urging globalcom to reverse his school and was though the transitional government, which he dissolved from around the world. 8 groups alleged greek or thirties have often tried to prevent potential asylum seekers from entering greek territory. ah, ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm new parker. this is the al jazeera news. our lie from london coming up. european union agrees to step up sanctions against bella ruth, for driving the crisis has left thousands of my goods freezing on its eastern border. while nato warns moscow it stands by ukraine amid a large and unusual build up of russian forces on the ukrainian border. plus, this is going to be the misdemeanor from hell for merrick, garland,
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nancy pelosi and joe, by donald trump's ally, steve berlin, comes out fighting after appearing in court to face contempt charges over the capitol riots investigation. the u. k. raises its terror threat level law for a taxi explodes outside of liverpool hospital. i'm joanna roscoe, with the sports well qualifies a continually around europe. england looked to see a bad place at cats are 2022 for girls from captain harry kane is put them in complete control against marina. ah, the european union is stepping up its sanctions targeting bela roofs, which it accuses of instigating the worsening migrate crisis on the blocks eastern border. the new sanctions will target airlines and travel agencies involved in the illegal push of migrants. it's alleged travel agency from the middle east,
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a working with minced to offer migrants passage to the border weather now stranded in freezing forests. poland says they have been more than 5000 attempting crosses from ballard so far in november compared to just a 120 and all of 2020. as part of the movement of extra troops and resources to the border polish authorities have brought in water cannon. a vehicle was positioned at frontier post aimed directly at the bell rings the inside and the migrants. temperatures on the border are in the low single figures dropping to freezing overnight. today we're going to approve a new package of sam. choose a game to resume people responsible for what's happening in the car. and we are going to large framework, you know, the, to see, we've lament all the sanctions to other people. lines rather latencies, and everybody involved on these illegal bullshit migrants in our borders. meanwhile,
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belarus and president, alexander lucas shanker, says they are trying to persuade the migrants to return home, but with no success were not hm. good. or these people are very stub enough. no one wants to return, and understandably so. they have nowhere to come back to me. they have no place to live. i know there's nothing to feed their children rover. some a simply afraid for their lives as well as that bag is out. the poland ballerina border. there are thousands of people stuck at that border with her on billy rooster's side and some people are stuck in the no man's land in between. now what we've been hearing from people that we've spoken to is that sometimes when people do manage to make it across the polish authorities pushed them back. now we can't get to the border on this side of poland. that's because there's a security is owned as a exclusions on that the set up under an emergency go. and what happens is the
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agencies and jonas are not allied through. so we can't tell you exactly what the polish authorities are doing to keep people out to. now the question is, how long can this situation go? one, napoleon says there are thousands at the board on the bill erosion site and they are possibly over 10000 in by the roost. now, lucas shanker has said that he is willing to speak to the e u, but with this new round of sanctions, he's also threatened to retaliate. even threatened to cut off gas to got traveling through his country. now are the you has already sanctioned $266.00 individuals including lucas, shank and his son, and also 16 entities. and we have to see how broad these new sanctions. ah, but poland very much has used that language, that this is a, some sort of war that their security and independence and territorial integrity is under threat. but it seems like there is a push now or by the e. u a. now that they've dealt with the airlines flying into billers to sit down
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and at least try to salt the situation. as i said, the ob, thousands at the border were in poland. a funeral has been held for one young syrian who lost his life, trying to reach the european union, stepped vassal reports from the polish bell russian border. the slinging onto whole at the gates of europe, exhausted, cold and at the mercy of border guard. belushi stay tv shows thousands of asylum seekers and migrant strapped at the border. now moving even closer to poland and closer to attend, stand off with border troops. bell russian leader, alexander lucas shanker, says he's working to return migrants to their homes and will retaliate against more sanctions. on the other side of the border, the human toll of this crisis got a name and a phase in a small village of the minority muslim thought a community in poland. a funeral was held for 19 year old mother and her son,
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a syrian from the city of homes who drowned in a river after crossing the border. a friend who survived said bella russian troops pushed him into the water. his last rise held by a people who never knew him in the land, he wanted to cross through and then on to a better life model. her son got caught in the middle between the human tragedy and the geo. political power play stuck in between a country given him false hope about easy access to europe and the other. refusing to let him in a 19 year old, who probably never heard about the political standoff between bellows and muffle on one side. and the european union on the other for the battle with themselves were given refuge in poland some 600 years ago. the crisis at the border is painful to witness. the good looks good, but it's a human tragedy. i'm sitting here in the mosque in my warm coach. i can always have hot tea about them. i can't sleep at night when i think about it. it's to stop
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people from travelling to men's. e. u foreign ministers are suggesting to temporarily make men's airport a no fly zone. countries like iraq and turkey have already been battling people from flying to battle. and some airlines have stopped flying altogether. but this still hasn't stop people from trying to make the trip that is increasingly taking life. like those of delete and haul it to young kurdish men from iraq who die from illnesses trying to reach europe for their families. there will at least be a funeral that home a while the hydro farb ac model has some family members can only watch the ceremony on a phone. if a book smith does, she has little nice. there's a muslim cemetery here, so it's the right thing to do. hopefully the family will come one day looking for the grave and local people will show them the way not so all of our life caught short on
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a journey driven by hope and determination. a determination that won't stop others trying to complete the journey that archman good. not steadfastly al jazeera for any key at the polish border. ok, so let us show you where all of this is happening. all this year migrants have been crossing from bella rouge to europe, through latvia lift you ania, and poland. the you accuses, look a shanker of luring them there in retaliation for sanctions against his country. but in recent days, the situation has escalated dramatically on the poland berries border with huge numbers of migrants massing despite the freezing temperatures. the u. s. s. look a shank as activities aim to distract from russia's activities on its border with ukraine. as many as a 100000 russian troops are estimated to have a mass there sparking fears of a possible invasion, nato secretary general young sultan burke has called on russia to be transparent about its military activities. to prevent an escalation, he warned russia the alliance stands by ukraine, and he said,
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the build up along the border is dangerous, as it reduces the amount of wanting time if russia does decide to attack. in recent weeks, sir, we have seen large and unusual concentrations over russian forces so close to cranes, sir borders. and they, it further publication her or aggressive actions savoy, russia would be of caesar's concern. we call on russia to be transparent about its military activities. it is important to prevent escalation and reduce tensions. but we see now is a deteriorating situation where russia is demonstrating that it quick can quickly activate the already a mast troops and equipment. and that every option, including the military one, is on the table for russian leadership. we can now speak to russian defense and
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military analyst, pavel falcon. how, who's also a columns for navea gazette. he joins us from moscow. pavel really good to talk to you now as you heard in the introduction that the u. s. has imply that what's going on on the border between poland and beller roo says design simply to distract attention away from russia's own military. build up on the border with ukraine. would you make of that assessment? lambert's? i believe that's a big fire. there is a serious russian for standing for some years already on the on the border of ukraine. there's a crisis in between poland and bowers and beller roofs and the european union. but i believe a shanker has his own agenda there. moscow support sam and is now moscow public. he has his own agenda. he believes that way. and if you can also blackmail the european union in to try sanctions by threatening the
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use for refugees from the middle east. i'm puzzle talking specifically about the makeup of easton ukraine. that is parts that are already self declared autonomous regions loyal to russia. i'm talking about done yet. i'm talking about cons. can arguably, there are already russian forces in easton ukraine, pulling the strings, deciding what exactly goes on. what can the west actually do though? if russia decides just to stage a full scale invasion? well that is mean the fear in the west this this present situation that's more or less frozen for sense 15 and with which more west of the western has were to do deal with them with, with may are up into a major escalation. and that's very dangerous. that escalate further into the
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actual european war, something even worse. russian right now is not ready to invade. that's the good news and it's the wrong time of year. and the for forced us, there are not, don't have actually, the, all the ingredients a, there, hospitals have not been deployed or supply trains for deep invasion. but that's, that's happened maybe well months, not even weeks, but that's what happened. and that's seen as a major escalation of war, regional war. and europe was a very dangerous repercussions. and of course, looking back to what happened in 2014, when russia annex crimea, russia at the time, send, it said it was sending in peacekeepers before there was any peace to keep. many of the troops that arrived from russia when actually wearing russian insignia on their lapels, we imagined similar tactics potentially being used by russia should decide to be
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more assertive, shall we say in easton, ukraine? i was just in the done by sweating and before that and in the beginning the status of that campaign rush attended. it was not engaged then right now russia still says it's not engaged in that. but if there's a major escalation that will win. wow, well, masses of russian troops are talking about hundreds of thousands of russian air force russian navy. that's impossible to hide. it could be a big war coming up. again, i repeat, it's not happening right now. it's not in november. and december may be in the winter in january, february, maybe not, maybe postpone further to the spring or the summer regis. very present. i puzzled,
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talking about the sabre rattling meanwhile the u. s. state department says rushes tested an anti satellite missile against one of its own satellites in the test that's generate to the dangerous amount of space debris that's more exposed to met price that it generated more than 1500 pieces of debris that threatened astronauts only international space station earlier today, the russian federation recklessly conducted a destructive satellite test of a direct ascent, an anti satellite missile against one of its own satellites. the test has so far generated over $1500.00 pieces of tract trackable, orbital debris and hundreds of thousands of pieces of smaller orbital orbital debris that now threaten the interests of all nations. in addition, this tests will significantly increase the risk to astronauts in cost nuts on the international space station, as well as to other human space flight activities. you are a state department spokesperson dead ned price there and falling on from what mr.
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price said ben wallace, the you case, defense secretary also has a keys rusher of acting recklessly when it comes to its space. ambitions, puzzle, aid, in your opinion, do you assume now that space could well be the next fear of tension between russia and the west? well, there has been growth there and the russia right now is deploy comments about this latest which test. but moscow, it's official that we're deploying a new system pro blessed $500.00 or s $560.00, which will have the ability to shoot down satellite from will or so that could possibly be the russian miss out. of course, the good news is that this is low, or that means in a couple of years, all these that bridge will go down there. go your bird. so they'll clear up this lower bar where the space station flies it's there, cleared up by standard nature of the reasons why higher in flash or decades
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or more. this part of space is a so a buffalo, when it comes to rushes space ambitions, how pet is it to go it alone? or is it at least on the surface, prepared to continue working with nasa and other western agencies going forward? well, the space station with no there have been tension between moscow and washington on this. continue to operate should program a nasa wants to get in your muscles. not so sure about that brush was making money in your astronauts up to the space station for some years. now america has its own base craft to go there. so rash will not be any money or less interest. so rush right now, finding its own space station or channels and that's right now it's
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a space station. so the russian america are getting more and more of ours as the tensions between the 2 countries grow space opperation program is getting well less and less political support in both nations. ok, pavel fell. going to how thank you very much for sharing your insight on that. that's probably going to our defensive military analyst speaking to us from moscow . thank you. okay, coming up on this news hour from london, that top diplomats didn't get on too well. can a virtual meeting tween joe biden, and she, japan reset the troubled us china relationship. government supporters surround the house of an activists as the streets remain quiet ahead of expected protests in cuba. and despite taking a tumble, novak jock of its winds, his opening match at the season ending finals action from to rent on the way in
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sports. ah, donald trump's former political advisor, steve bannon, as appeared in court hours off to east after he surrendered to the fbi i in washington, dc. he's facing contempt charges for refusing to cooperate with a congressional investigation into the attack on the u. s. capital particle haine, reports from washington dc, swarmed by cameras stephen ben and turned himself into the f. b. i. the former advisor to donald trump, remained defiant. i want you guys to stay focused on messrs. reverend signal, not noise. this is all noise that say this is all about january sick, the storming of the capital in attempt to stop joe biden from becoming president on his radio show the day before ben and warned all hell was going to break loose the next day. so now the congressional committee investigating the insurrection wants
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to know what he knew and what he may have done in the lead. up to that day, he ignored their subpoenas for his testimony and his records claiming executive privilege which legal experts say is unlikely to stand up. the united states supreme court in 234 years as never sustained, an executive privilege. the guard to communications from someone who is a private citizen, not an officer. i even with regard to officials who serve in the white house, the committee is helping these charges will make other trump allies think twice before ignoring their request. as for bannon leaving court avow to fight, i'm never going to back down and they, they took on the wrong guy. the guy and rob court can't make band and testify. they can make him pay a price for not doing so. potentially sending him to prison for up to a year. particle haine al jazeera washington. if you saw him, the u. s. and chinese president was a jew to hold
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a virtual summit. it comes at the time of escalating tensions between the 2 global powers. the status of taiwan political freedoms in hong kong and human rights concerns over the we goes all of the heart of the deepening discord. as alan fisher now reports, ah, the summit spiritual, the tension real u. s. president joe biden wanted to meet his chinese counterpart judging, ping in passion, but the chinese leader rejecting all external invites the fact the u. s. wants to push ahead flags the importance of a bilateral relationship which has hit still meet. i would argue that the western relationship is at one of its monster carrying his mom has been in for quite some time. china says it's ready to work with us to get the relationship back on track. the 2 superpowers of shared interest. there's the fight against corporate, the problems with the global supply chain and global warming. joe biden has a 2 conversations with jean ping since he moved into the oval office. the 1st
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didn't happen until february, that delay seen by some as a deliberate snob for beijing. the 2nd conversation was in september, but joe biden was very critical of gee's decision not to go through the climate summit in glasgow, essentially saying that if you want to be considered a world leader, you have to actually show up to lead that are tensions between the 2, most notably over the chinese crack don't on pu democracy protesters in hong kong. the treatment of mainly muslim wiggers in china and chinese military exercises near taiwan, which the u. s. has promised to defend one top u. s. official says china's economic growth is changing the global landscape. we're witnessing one of the largest shifts in global geo strategic power. that the world is witness. and it only happens once in a while. china doesn't want conflict with united states just like new york, one, china. and so i think that the idea summit is essentially an offer. it's an
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opportunity for the 2 sides to lower the temperatures and take stock workings on relationship. some it's really happened without something to show for it. so there could be movement on trade, visa restrictions. and perhaps even small moves on nuclear weapons. both sides want to move from confrontation to cooperation. but both sides need to agree. that is the next step. i'll and fisher al jazeera at the white house, anti government protest, the jew to take place across cuba, despite the authorities that declaring them illegal. on sunday, government supporters surrounded the house of junia garcia, a playwright and opposition leader. he called for pro democracy rallies to take place on monday and had planned his own individual protest on sunday, but was prevented from leaving his house. rosa maria, i'm a year is the executive director of the foundation for pan american democracy. she joins us via skype from miami, thanks for joining us. ours. firstly,
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could you put these demonstrations these protests into context poor as what's driving them? of course, thank you for having me. and then the, the motivation behind a all that brought us that has been taking place in this year is very dear. and it will say it in their law and cry union, you lie, levin, i'm only for this, and it, this is the end of the dictatorship, is, is that did this, and i'm like, why did you run people? can dinner has been turned in your, in this year, in the, in a, in this city and, and the reason is, next year they gave her she is and that i've been in is possibility of the given people to do the bras thursday. we do realize they're on beans and everybody in cuba and everybody that even nation in and out i, i understand that to get out of the crisis,
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we have to end any data and how prepared are people to go out. i'm protest given that we've heard from human rights groups that are around half of those that have been arrested during protest still behind bars. is it quiet that you're hearing of the process or people actually out and about on the streets? well this, i mean are, i is almost at a meeting that we go level. i mean, they are a, they're not sending their kids to school because of their managing regression that they give on people is right now they have been gotten off the internet access. she'll then do 5 years old. i've been detained to where is there a reason is of course is so shall will sit any if it so shall lose money. if they do, i can better. michael still are fakes. now i know has been in jail and hell in isolation. seems you like 11 actually today was an estimated 18
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years old song was the gain when, when he attempted to leave his house, you know, they, they think a manifestation. so that we have seen a very, a very google regression. they increase in the violence against this, but at the same time they convinced meant coming from the people that a, some of the station can not be a stop. and that we are going to jump in the capital force is claimed that this is a d stabilization campaign lost by the united states. what you make of the claim form of on well, this has been always lying to the world. do i still it's big abandon machinery. my goal is for the, for the people that is, it wasn't us right now. you listen to what they get on people is,
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is it's challenging industry and have been, have been demanded in the old year. and that is frieda the end of the dictatorship and that has nothing to do with any other government in the world because they did real contradiction here is they, they, they may your contradiction that lies between and i know on i'm pacific, but relation demanding, reader and a fair life. i'm a bunch of media gary's that have been in power for 62 years right now and then they do and people that never elected. ok. thank you very much. rosa maria pye. me . mary mia? her from the foundation for, pun american democracy. thank you so much. now, 2 more sudanese protested of died in hospital after being shot during mass protests on saturday against military rule. it brings the total number of people killed to 7
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more than $200.00. others were wounded when security forces opened fire and protested and called to him. and on german demonstrates a say the military has tightened its grip on power appointing a new governing council. chad by the general who led the military takeover. the military says the civilian government will be formed in the coming days. sudanese authorities have taken out his ear as call to bureau chief to a jail despite prosecution ordering his release. l most out saw me. elca bashi was taken into custody overnight on saturday, after security forces rated his home, al jazeera has condemned in the strongest terms, the actions of sedans, military, the network is calling for alcohol. she's immediate release. the u. n. has released a $40000000.00 of emergency funds to help civilians caught up in the to grey crisis in ethiopia. and the rest of the country's conflict hit north. there's
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a day after kenya's president visited ethiopia to push for an end to the conflict between the government and rebel forces. fighters from the northern to cry region have pushed further south this month and is feared they will try to take the capital, addis ababa. meanwhile, the leader of to cray people's liberation front says his force is aimed to destroy the government, either by negotiation or force going until the 1st goal is to destroy the enemy. though the chances are slim, this is possible with negotiation. if the enemy comes forward peacefully, there is a way to do it peacefully. there is also a way to do it by force. we are using both, but the main pressure is with military power. the government does not accept peaceful ways. it relies on its power. we are working to talk like government that thinks they can win the war by throwing people into the fire. because a lot more still to come this, our austria imposes a look down on those who haven't been jabbed to lowercase infections and boost
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vaccination rates. philippine leader rodrigo to 30 n speculation. he plans to run for the vice presidency next year against his own daughter and in sport. find out why the netherlands football coach had to take training from a buggy as his son to pass that next world cup qualifying ah . with then most of your weather mount is quite caught is still stormy. in the western mediterranean, you can see the circulation of clouds, but wind has been held at bay further north that is trying to get in november as a month that is typified often by fall, which has been pretty wide spread through some parts of northern europe. callaway it's windy wet, scoffed in some parts of england and norway. that's not the case. now when it
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became on tuesday for these countries, and i think this them will make some progress. so will increase in the breathing. fog won't be such a problem. i'll try to get in to wednesday. temperatures are on the low side, but not are normally so not cold enough for snow yet except in the norwegian mountains. as you can see, i did say it was stormy in the western meadow and it is the more flash flooding around the still pretty nasty was in the barracks windy and wet wendy without went to the golden croatian coast. that's a standard winter, this town vehicle the boards, and ne means comes down down the coast. anything the hurricane force exceed the potential damage they used to it. luckily, there's a picture on wednesday still fair matter, right? just a bit further. east italy being one of the major focuses and falling off we might get some rare events of rated middle sahara and in western sahara. ah.


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