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tv   [untitled]    November 16, 2021 8:00am-8:30am AST

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ah, the stage of for, and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think from international politics to the global pandemic and everything in between. upfront with me, mark lamont, who on al jazeera, ah, hoping to men straying ties, the leaders of the us and china made virtually an acknowledged the need to improve cooperation on avoid conflicts. ah, i money inside. this is out there, live from dough also coming up. and ally effects president donald trump terms themself in to face contempt charges for refusing to cooperate with an investigation into the u. s. capitol hill briars. i'm never going to back down like
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late they took all the wrong guy this. not you. sanctions for believers that you and the u. s. plan to expand restrictions on minsk accusing it of encouraging migrants to legally cross into poland. and teddy's president, faces and impeachment hearing accused of using his political power to boost his own business interests. ah. the president of the u. s. in china have held a virtual summit to try and on out issues that continue to cause tensions between them. trade, taiwan sovereignty and human rights in hong kong, were expected to be at the heart of the discussion. was speaking ahead of the start of the virtual meeting present. gigi, ping and joe biden, both agreed. they needed to strengthen communication and coexist peacefully. we believe. busy and you and i have talked about this,
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all countries have to play by the same rules of the road. why the united states is always going to stand up for some values. and those are allies important. i think it's important we communicate honestly directly to one more about our priorities and our intentions. katrina hughes and beijing will be speaking to and just a moment. but 1st let's go to the white house where a corresponding company hall, curtis, kimberly. so the summit just completed what was the u. s. president hoping to convey to the chinese president yeah, we're waiting to hear from the white house. they are expecting to hold a call with reporters to give us a sense of what was discussed in this meeting. it did go on longer than we expected . we were told to be about 2 hours. # by my count, it's more about 3 and a half hours. so we do know that there was a lot to talk about and appears that they used every minute to cover some of the
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issues that seem to be and dividing the 2 presidents. what we know is that this was not expected to be a color rather of a face to face virtual visit. that would bring about any big deliverables. for example, they weren't expected to resolve their tray differences. they were expected to resolve some of the supply chain issues that had been plaguing. a the united states, but instead the u. s. president said that this was about establishing guard rails as he called it, in other words, making sure that those differences did not escalate to the point of confrontation. and that has been the concern for many years now. even a prior to joe biden, taking office with donald trump in the white house, and there was this escalation that included a trade war i and will, some of that has not been dialed back. there was a definite desire by the biden administration to change the temperature of the
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conversation. so that's what we know took place and we're watching very carefully to see what outcomes resulted from this very lengthy conversation. many, thanks for that. kimberly welcome, hawkins at the white house. let's now speak katrina you who's in beijing? katrina, what did she? what was gigi ping hoping to get from this meeting. i think she jan thing was very much hoping for some sort of improvement or normalization of the relationship between the u. s. and china, which has for years as kimberly luda to been very tense since the previous trump administration. we are getting some updates now from chinese state media that the meeting concluded about after 3 and just over 3 hours of discussion. one, a state media have just released the line that joe biden promised to. she's in thing not to support taiwan independence. our yet to verify that, but that's aligned as in put out by chinese state media. another line was that the
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2 sides conducted full, an in depth communication and exchanges on strategic overall and fundamental issues in, in discuss issues of common concern. also there's been a bit of a analysis because a president she jan thing apparently opened the discussion by calling terabyte in la puente oil, which in chinese means old friends. so there's also been a lot of footage from chinese state media to warmly greeting each other informally at the beginning of this meeting. and that has been perceived very positively here in china. and also that positive reception has been reflected in the major asian stock markets who are, which have all risen as a result of this meeting. so i think there is some sort of understanding or perception that at least that this has been one meeting that's resulted in some sort of positive result for the us china relationship. now there are some difficult sticking points we yet to hear anything on the south. china sea disagreements over
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hong kong, sion young human rights treatments, et cetera. but it does seem to be some positive movement there. i think beijing genuinely wanted to see some cooperation some when, when outcomes as president, she didn't ping said earlier when it comes to this talk. i think president, she would have hesitated all that refused. if he did not think that would be some concrete or at least some positive result from this, i think going forward as well. they're hoping at least from the genes point of view that there will be a sense of setting the, the relationship back on track. certainly president, she jim paying has sat down to these discussions from a very strong position here in china just last week in beijing we had a top level leaders meeting where she jumping, consolidated, his power. he's about to enter his 3rd term in office. he could rule china for the rest of his life. certainly, he seemed at ease, at least in those initial,
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of the initial footage that was released from state media. and we're waiting to hear of more information as to what was discussed. a certainly we're going to have more details from at least her a chinese state media or the foreign ministry here in beijing. we're waiting for actually many thanks for that. katrina you their 1st in beijing donald trump, former political advisor, steve bannon, has appeared in court hours all that he surrendered to the f b on washington d. c. and he's facing content challenges refusing to corporate with a congressional investigation into january attack on the u. s. capital particle hang reports swarmed by cameras. stephen ben and turned himself into the f. b. i. the former advisor to donald trump, remained defiant. i want you guys to stay focused on matters. remember, still not noise. this is all noise. this is all about january
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the storming of us capital in attempt to stop joe biden from becoming president on his radio show. the day before. bannon had this warning. all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. so now the congressional committee investigating the insurrection wants to know what he knew and what he may have done in the lead. up to that day, he ignored their subpoena for his testimony and his records claiming executive privilege which legal experts say is unlikely to stand up. the united states supreme court in 234 years is never sustained, an executive privilege. with regard to communications from someone who was a private citizen, not an officer, even with regard to officials who served in the white house. the committee is hoping these charges will make other trouble, i think, twice before ignoring their request. as forbidden, leaving court avow to fight, i'm never going to back down late. they took on the wrong guy this time and of
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course can't make bad and testify. they can make him pay a price for not doing so. potentially sending him to prison for up to a year. petty call. hain al jazeera washington. the e u is widening sanctions targeting bellow roost over the mountain crisis that the border with poland, the new sanctions, will target travel agencies and airlines keys working with minsk to offer people passage to the you. thousands all stranded at the polish bella, russian border and freezing temperatures, stepped fast and report the clinging onto hope at the gates of europe exhausted, cold and at the mercy of border guard pollution. stay tv shows thousands of asylum seekers and migrant strapped at the border. now moving even closer to poland and closer to attend, stand off with bought a troops bell russian leader, alexander lucas shanker,
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says he's working to return migrants to their homes and will retaliate against more sanctions. on the other side of the border, the human toll of this crisis got a name and a face in a small village of the minority muslim thought the community in poland. a funeral was held for 19 year old mother of her son, a syrian from the city of homes who drowned in the river after crossing the border . a friend who survived had bellow, russian troops pushed him into the water. his last rites held by a people who never knew him in the land, he wanted to cross through and then on to a better life off model, her son got caught in the middle between the human tragedy and the geo. political power play stuck in between a country given him false hope about easy access to europe and the other. refusing to let him in a 19 year old, who probably never heard about the political standoff between bella luce and moscow
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on one side. and the european union on the other, put that up with themselves, were given refuge and fallen from 600 years ago. the crisis at the border is painful to witness a good deal, but it's a human tragedy. i'm sitting here in the mosque and my warm coach. i can always have hot tea. what about them if i can't sleep at night? when i think about it, to stop people from travelling to men's. e. u foreign ministers are suggesting to temporarily make men's airport and no fly zone. countries like iraq and turkey have already been battling people's from flying to battle. and some airlines have stopped flying altogether. but this still hasn't stop people from trying to make the trip. that is increasingly taking life like dose of delete and haul it to young kurdish men from iraq who die from illnesses trying to reach europe for their families. they will at least be a funeral back home, was hired to model her son,
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family members can only watch the ceremony on a phone with samantha. she has little mice. there's a muslim cemetery here, so it's the right thing to do. hopefully the family will come one day looking for the grave and local people will show them the way home on life, cut short on a journey driven by hope and determination. a determination that won't stop others trying to complete the journey. that argument could not steadfast al jazeera or any key at the polish border. on the bellow, russian defense minister has told al jazeera, they are not engineering the situation. now from when the producers go, refugees arriving, billers, legal and see that there is a possibility to crossed europe. and of course, some people who seek to ernie legally have appeared and tried to take advantage of the situation. they accuse us of creating this crisis, even though it is not in our interest either economically, politically or militarily for i believe this crisis is manufactured and is leading
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the situation to escalate, especially from poland, which is seeking to achieve political and financial gains. we believe that by provoking the situation also aims to drag us and europe into a dangerous conflict. still had on ours and it's now up to jeremy. you asked to decide if cow wisant house was acting in self defense a provocation when he killed 2 people in price as last year. and we find out why keep an anti government protested, had cooled off, planned mass. ah was about to nasty again in northern iran, a blasted northerly wind and choosing once more cold as we start the day 60
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interior, we won't end the day at 16 so shout on the north mountains and as a by john and for a time i think we might get more rain showers in northern egypt, short match something before dying at our exam trip being most at risk. by the time we get to wednesday, that code is spread right through iran, the temperature at its best inter, an 80 degrees. this though is dying out is maybe more of his mouth cancer than tajikistan. and beyond than the sun follows his bit of a breeze induced down the gulf is rough, this cold air usually that that brings shouted at this time. i think it will. but not that many. may you see the winds meet this normally against the breeze. it comes for the golf homers. that will produce a pretty big shower, around suddenly, emirates, but abu dhabi west was, looks dry and possibly a dusty window. not very well muchly. surprisingly though, has about 28 degrees. he's the big picture for thursday. most place his fine dry and not particularly cold. incomplete opposition to the heat is currently showing
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itself in south africa. how bologna retouching record values. ah oh. oh, counting the corporate climate change is reshaping this a hill. food insecurity cools of the pandemic, a leading to will rise of violence. inter are the drug rubbish. central barley and california provides vosta marshall food for the us, but for how much longer countering would cost over alger, pharaoh lou? ah
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ah, welcome back you watching al jazeera belinda thought up stories this hour. the president of the u. s. and china have held a virtual summit to deal with issues that continues to cause tensions between them . include trade, tiven, sovereignty and human rights in hong kong. for me, u. s. president donald trump's long time allies, steve bowden, has surrendered to federal authorities. he's facing content charges for refusing to whole break with the congressional investigation into the january 6th attack on the cap. and the european union is stepping off at sanctions targeting batteries as the migrant crisis that was in recent days, thousands of migrants had gathered on the border, hold it closing arguments in the trial of man, most opposed leader on sounds to g or g to be heard in the coming hours, she was arrested off to being ousted in
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a military coup in february on san sushi is charged with inciting public unrest. if found guilty, she faces decades in prison. the coo sparked a mass uprising and a brutal crack down on descent. hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced and millions are in need of urgent food and medical supplies. and american journalists imprisoned in me on muffle most 6 months has been freed. militia course had sentenced him to 11 years in prison just days earlier than a fenced arrived in castle monday evening. natasha name spiked him just after you arrived. ah danny fencer cast a frail figure as he stepped off the plane that carried him out of me and mark and home to freedom. the 37 year old american journalist spoke to reporters briefly before stepping into an ambulance for a medical check. he had spent almost 6 months in prison filling all right,
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physically, um it's just a the same a privations and things that come with any form of incarceration. you just go a little stir crazy. the longer it drags on, the more were you are that it's just never gonna end. so that was, that was the biggest concern to staying sane through that you missed treated. i was, i was arrested and held in captivity for no reason. so i suppose so. but i physically am, i was healthy, i wasn't starved or beaten. fenster was arrested in may as he tried to return home to the united states to visit his family. he was the former editor of an independent online magazine in me and mark after the military coup in february. he was among dozens of journalists, arrested, fencer was facing the prospect of 11 years in prison after a military court sentenced him last week. the former
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u. s. energy secretary and un ambassador bill richardson helped broker his release was away. richardson has a history of freeing hostages and prisoners. i think what made the difference was my efforts to work with the government on mia mar, on humanitarian assistance on vaccines. and that made the difference. the military did not provide any details on why fenster was ultimately freed. the un says there are 47 journalists behind bars in me and mar. 20 of them are facing charges directly tied to their work. fenster says the focus should remain on their plight and he'll help fight for their release. natasha game, l. da, 0. doha. in the coming hours,
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chillies president will face an impeachment trial in the senate. sebastian, yet i was accused of using his political powers bolster his businesses acclaim. he denies a latin america and a salisia. newman reports from santiago, the stress and the tension is written all over to bassetti and pinion his face, and with good reason. never in chilean history has a precedent faced removal from office democratically. he is the 1st democratically elected president to be impeached by the chamber of deputies in yet i, one of chillies, wealthiest men, is accused of gravely compromising the owner of the country. and the principles of integrity and honesty, manners are trillions, voted for service damping yet because i thought he would be as efficient here in the presidential palace as he was in his multi $1000000000.00 enterprises. but in the end, his achilles heel was thinking that you could mix politics with business interests . it was revealed in the pandora papers. that pin yet has family trust had sold to
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$125000000.00 land holding in what is a bio diversity hotspot? allegedly, in exchange for ensuring the area would be available for mining. the transaction was carried out in the british virgin islands, a known tax haven. piano insists he knew nothing about it. famel combine, we are convinced that this acquisition has no foundation, in fact, or in law. we've concluded that the charges are based on false events and conjectures. imaquele glory, okay, that was a soon we all comforted thought on tuesday. the senate, acting as the jury will reject the charges spouse. indeed, it appears unlikely that 2 thirds of the senate will vote to ask the president 4 months before the end of his term. many chileans are more worried about stability than pinion as innocence than me now from a symbolic point of view, asking a president who can't pass on the presidential search to his successor is horrible
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. this country is very attached to symbols like the flag, the presidential sash and legality. tomorrow perhaps, but even pin. yet as once an ardent supporters have turned their backs on him. and in the end, people who have of him continued to have him those that voted against him. and those that voted for him, feel betrayed because renewed, i ended, ended up doing exactly what he campaigned against, whether for political or ethical reasons or both ship us damping yetta faces a harsh battle in the senate alone. an isolated who see a newman al jazeera, santiago. sidney's authorities have released algae there. as cartoon bureau chief from jail. elma saw me l cabanas. she was taken into custody overnight on saturday, all to security forces rated his home. al jazeera condemned the actions of sedans, military an influential council of elders from the libyan city of miss rhonda
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has called for a boycott of next month's election. he comes a day on to the son of the former leda. mamma gadhafi registered to run for president. in tripoli, people protested saying they won't take part in an election, which includes self. al islam gadhafi is wanted by the international criminal court for crimes against humanity relating to the 2011 uprising against his father's 40 year. rule sure is in the us will begin deliberations on cheese. say, in the trial of col. rittenhouse, who is a keys of meta off to killing 2 people at racial justice protests. he says he was acting in self defense, john henry reports from kenesha when the trial is taking place. the jury for kyle written out must now declare the teenager a defender or a provocative tour. it will be for you to determine whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty as to each of the offenses charged or submitted. there is no question of the main facts. 17 year old cow rittenhouse carried an assault rifle to
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a black lives matter, protest and killed. 2 men in injured. a 3rd 12 jurors will now decide if he was justified. this case is not a gay. it is my client's life. we don't play fast and loose with the facts pretending that mister rosen bomb was citizen, a number one, dad. he was a bad man. he was there. he was causing trouble. he was a writer and my client had to deal with him that night. alone in the trial, rittenhouse offered his own defense, breaking down during testimony escrow wrote in repeatedly insisting he was chased and had no choice. i did what i had to do to stop the person who was attacking me, but in closing arguments on monday, prosecutor thomas bing are says after rittenhouse kill joseph rosenbaum. with 4
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shots, the crowd was provoked entitling protesters to defend themselves. the crowd seized the defendant running with a gun. he's lying to them. he still has the gun. he's shot some one. this is provocation to them. this is someone who has committed a criminal act and is putting people in danger. danger followed soon after. he does nothing to demonstrate to the crowd that he isn't a threat to kill again. and it turns out he does. it turns out within a few seconds, he does kill again. i submit you ladies and gentlemen. but in this situation, the crowd has the right to try and stop an active shooter. they have a right to protect themselves that turn rittenhouse, his self defense argument against him. judging, drop to lesser chargers, a curfew violation charge and a charge of a minor being in possession of
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a dangerous weapon. but he also allowed prosecutors to add to lesser homicide charges one on the side of one of the attempted homicide. that of a tacit admission by the prosecution that they might not have made their case there . but it also gives them another chance to walk away with a conviction on something. now the young man, whose case has become a national rorschach test, is waiting on 12 jurors to decide on charges that could leave him spending his life in prison or going home free. john henderson al jazeera can know sher, wisconsin, the u. s. has imposed new sanctions against nicaragua and officials in response to the culture of actual presidential elections earlier this month than you will take a one a 4th consecutive turn in an election. many countries say was rings, may still position figures had been arrested, or bob from running. the biden ministration has slaps restrictions on 9 nicaraguans, including the energy minister on the finance vice minister. a day's march,
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as planned by atlas across cuba has failed to materialize. organizers said they were intimidated and too scared to leave their homes. some protest as which tamed and the government declared the rallies, an eagle, and no one ever puts it was a day of tension across cuba with reports of the security forces and pro government supporters prevented activists from leaving their home supply marches to call for greater freedom and the release of political prisoners only all go out to applaud for the freedom of cuba and in support of the political prisoners. but they won't even let me lay the property. oh, several people were detained on the eve of the plan march. as there was sporadic clashes between pro and anti government activists, your thought is on sunday also prevented the most prominent protest a uni garcia from leaving his home for a solo demonstration. got homeowners,
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you. my house is under siege. the entire building is surrounded by agents of the state, dressed in civilian clothes, passing off his residence, as they usually do. this does not surprise in cuba. they are causing all corners in groups at the bottom of my building by the stay. so he's a member of archie pierre, legal and movement with more than 30000 members, organized on social media. it grew out of spontaneous mass protest in july cooling for greater democracy. your thirties, arrested several 100 activists. ah president miguel diaz canal. thank supporters for defending cuba and said they just wanted to live in peace. we are seeking the improvement of our society defending emancipation, defending socialism, and condemning campaigns to subvert internal older the media campaign against cuba, against peace in cuba, and against the blockade. the president declared the plan mart is illegal, same the united states and anti cubic groups. florida,
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who behind the protest movement is a claim denied by the activists who say repression, the recourse, the government has left, that the government has the clear it black and white for the 1st time in many years . that in cuba, you can not accept size any a ride, even human rights if you are going to use it against the political model against us for cuba has decreed that it's model of socialism should remain forever. however, increasing numbers of younger cubans, a challenging that assertion and say that if they come march, they will find alternative ways of making their voices heard. and shimla al jazeera. meanwhile, outside of cuba, protesters have taken to the streets. in mexico's capital, people demonstrated outside the cuban embassy. there were pro and anti government values. the u. s. sector of states has a keys,
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russia behaving recklessly after it blew up one of its own old satellites. and they blank and made the comments after moscow's weapons test endangered. the lives of 7 astronauts on the international space station explosion created at least 1500 pieces of space junk that will now stay in orbit figures to come ah, this is al jazeera, these, the top stories. the presidents of the u. s. in china have held a virtual summit to deal with issues that continue to cause tensions between them. the white house says biden raised concerns about human rights, including the weaker muslims in shing jang province.


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