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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2021 9:30am-10:00am AST

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broadcasting thumbnails have been august and i was born a happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 50 year running. ah, peter, they'll be in the hard top stories from al jazeera police and poland to fire water, cannon and t. a gas that refugees and migrants trying to cross into the you from bella. ruth. thousands are stuck there in freezing conditions, polish, and bell. russian authorities blame each other for the crisis out to 0, spoke to some of the migrants. yes, i was there using pepper spray and water and tear gas against the children. is this the human rights of europe? 10 days we've been here without water temperatures or minus 5. and what can we do? where are the human rights organizations? we were a good country. they invaded iraq in 2003. we've lost everything. we've sold our
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cars and sold our houses. they've destroyed our country and now this is their human rights. janet martin, claremont and nevada. we haven't slept since yesterday. our feet are freezing and the only word we can hear is attention attention. we have kids. well, we have why. they don't want to allow us to then return back to our country. we haven't eaten for 5 days. only little food is available for women in case we need a safe place. we need to safe country. at least 3 people have been killed in a double suicide bombing in the you kind of capital cam parlor 3 attack has also died. the police say the bombings were carried up by members of a rebel group. the allied democratic forces which has ties to isolate chillies, president has survived and impeachment votes. the senate fell short of the 2 thirds majority required to sebastian pinero. at least one person in canada has been killed by a landslide falling major flooding to others and missing extreme weather on the
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west coast. as for the closure of almost every road to and from vancouver threats of a 2 week union strike in nigeria of triggered panic, bind of petrol, long queues of cars, blocking busy streets in the capital of buddha. the government says there is sufficient stock available. the us secretary states is calling only 3 o p to free 16 un staff, detained in the capital, addis ababa for more than a week. anthony blank and is due to meet the canyon president to discuss the conflict between e. c. o. p. s. government and forces in the northern region of to grow. the u. s. jury has finished his 1st day of deliberations in the murder trial of kyle written house. he's the teenager accused of shooting protests in wisconsin. last year. 2 people were killed during black lives matter. demonstration those are your headlines back now to witness adrian will keep the company from 7 g. i will see you very soon for the moment. bye bye. oh,
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i. i stand off over the controversial dakota access pipeline. keeps growing. yesterday president obama waiting on the fight. right now, the army corps is examining whether there are ways to reroute this pipeline. so we're going to let it play out for several more weeks and determine whether or not this can be resolved in a way that i think is properly the traditions of the 1st summer.
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ah ha. here to run the boy. they see this one is coming straight from my high eye. i turned around. i tried to run to get shot in the back late. i fell to the ground and a yellow mock. yup. all help me. cuz she's like oh gosh, she low. oh yeah. oh
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oh, mom zoe. oh oh oh. oh oh oh. oh dear. oh oh. oh my god. oh hi. had
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better believe it. believe it or do i know where i'm going? where's the trader? i didn't hear it. oh yeah. they just said the federal property just right now with never going to believe a news man. i didn't say they did. i thought i heard i got a whisper this morning about possibly some positive news. i don't have any validation or verification of that until i do. i'm not doing jumping jacks around my tv. ah. protesters are celebrating an unexpected victory in their fight to block an oil pipeline. and north dakota shears erupted in tears flowed as news spread throughout the camp. that pipeline construction would not continue under the missouri river.
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think i'm a corps of engineers denied to commit to could access my reaction. none yet. so you've been through this before for you've been made. tom says, does this feel like another one out for cautious. so people can celebrate, but i'll wait and see. and oh guy got it. we pick 3 did go out the only be the one that we did. we deliver the long kick in the streaming app that you would have. oh, you will have peace. yeah. even though the army corps
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denied the permit, i do not have full trust that dakota access school stuff. they have not followed any law code to this point. all that will happen now is the state and the government will pull out. and we will be at the mercy of the mercenaries. i know that our president trump will be president here in january, and he says that he will give permission. and so for me, the battle is only just got i want to thank you. all of you who have help because i am overwhelmed a tomorrow we're going to have a celebration and we look at a celebrate the black ah mm.
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so today we have done a very historic happening. we have made peace with the united states of america. and we will go forward as good americans and good doctor la costa and not put on behalf of our own country. we will go to the front lines of legislation. we will go to the front lines of litigation. and we will go to the front lines to make changes in the constitution if we have to. we will go forward in the front lines to the by the doctrine of discovery that says, we are not a race that we are wandering beast. and because we are not christian, we are not entitled to the land. the black snake has never stopped. and if they didn't stop desecrating our grave of our ancestors,
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they'll stop at nothing. mm . i d 2 gar sheila, i for president trump a signing and executive order approving the keystone excel pipeline and the dakota access pipeline. let's listen. yes, this is with respect to the construction of the dakota access. hi black. so pink that has been a dispute and it's subject to a renegotiation of terms by us. we'll see if we can get the pipeline bill
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look in the year when the dental helicopter, flying in target, permitted that pipeline to go through it. and if some devastating with what happened trumps administration and our spirits are all tired, but we don't have a choice a article can, you know it's all done. let's we're, we all became friends. it was worth it's gonna go. i don't get why they didn't have to do that, you know, and how is washington? we feeling ro was time you saw happening? i worked with 23 years ago. i
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worked for the senior oxy tribe and i testified at this out the quarter public utilities commission that dakota axis had not been consulting with the tribe. and at that time i was so resigned that nobody cared. and so for it to take on the life that it has, but with the army corps blessing and dis bulldozed everything, there is nothing left is just heartbreaking. ah, the army corps of engineers told congress tuesday, it will allow the nearly $4000000000.00 oil project across under a missouri river reservoir. in north dakota, the tribe is now promising a legal battle the army court hm. issue their intent to approve of the permit. and so on their notifying congress. so between now and the end of the
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day, tomorrow we have to file some type of action in a battle has been fined $15000.00 via the north dakota utilities commission, sol. what's $15.00 for dis creating $26.00 grieves horrible to us, but nothing to them. so this has been 10 years that we have in this fight and struggle against keystone keys from excel. so it's been a long haul and never giving up and not stopping a
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ah, we had been meeting about what is our next step, what you were going to do. and so we decided to have another prayer camp and we are, we're singing our ceremony songs or sundance songs and and as we were having ceremony, they called a code read for law enforcement, all officers to respond within a 100 mile radius. and they surrounded us, there were $76.00 of us that got arrested. they loaded up um 2 vans and had it to cas county jail. they write our names and they take a picture of us. then they put us in like big dog kennels. so then the men were on one side, the females were on another side and there is a tarp separating us. but some of the national guardsmen and police were going behind the men in front of the men and then taking sophie's air like really
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laughing at, pausing with the men in the cages behind them. but as i was standing there, i looked at some of the men in the van. and um, they were yelling in august, the strong sister ah little then allah. like that spring us, closer together on me and went off, you know, you get booked, you have to, um you have to get naked and um, the jailer told me to. mm hm. give them my underwear and i i just been or acted like it. not it was nothing
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because if you act like it something they're just gonna play games with even worn. they want to reaction for everything. you're never going to break are spirit. you're never if anything you're going to embolden and empower to even stand up more . so for our children don't ever have to go do things like that. the news . now you've experienced this whole different life with the camp in this movement that i'm always going to want to strive for that. now i'm always going to want that for my children. ah,
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so despite what anybody says, this was a movement of love. ah, the protest just began ceremoniously setting fire to parts of their camp for inter burning bread. didn't have it seized and destroy many of the protesters bound to persist. keep standing rock in the spotlight. ah ah me
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oh i oh, i have 79 messages. she gets her birthday here. they're saying you're getting on a birthday wish. yeah, a lot of people wish me happy birthday and i tried my way. thank them. we're going to mine are given, arrive in one minute way like okay, for example, you got it charged with i know it's cool because to relates up on top of it. i was oh, oh i
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this is what america believes in like all these flags, illegal buildings, big architecture for monica, all the presidents that kill native but i don't respect our grandparents all thought there was for them to go in respect to try to be positive here at the washington monument connie sing the flag song, which is our luck with the national anthem, because there is flags all the way round, the washington monument. and i felt angry thinking of, well, our camp is all displaced yet. we came together today a
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with a
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the experiences that i went through along side hundreds or thousands of other people affected me so much that i have an obligation to honor the journey that we've been through. and the collective movement that happened to keep it moving forward. we're still going to pursue the legal avenues. we have 56 actions, pursue at all levels. but we're also going to the united nations and we're going to create footprints in the world court. if nothing else, i have to leave a footprint. i
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helped to coordinate the conference in geneva, the 1st time that indian people had gone to the un since 1926. and so it's been an endeavor of generations, an intergenerational work. madam chair, i have had the honor and privilege to be at the heart of the 2 largest american indian gatherings today. both holsted and standing rock, the homeland of sitting bulls people to hook up a la quinta and o. chatty shock. only we,
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the 1st nation representatives share the same intent as the original colonists, who left the government and homelands to form a new government because they could no longer support a nation that oppressed them. they had no voice and were slaves to the elite, which led them to take their family to escape the tyranny and live as free men so ordained by their crueler setting on the path to reclaim every thing and make them responsible and accountable. whenever big wishes has been to divest from financial institutions and when we went to norway, we met with d and b, and they announced that they were pulling a $250000000.00 credit line from dapple. i don't know if you guys seen it, but dapple already late. we're going to do a divestment tour. we're meeting with the beeps and paris and brussels and amsterdam than we're and the and that the united nations in geneva. our
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community does not support or want or never consented to the default access pipeline. well, should not come at the expense of indigenous people. it should not home at the expense of marginalized communities. so tell us, what do you think of my favorite having been in europe doing the type of work used to do? well, i'm glad she went and she went in my stead. i'm confident that she can now hold her own. she comes from a circle. oh ciocca, and that's just the way we are. i asked that the swiss people stand with us. how have you seen washed a we change since all of this began a year ago. i watched her go through some pains because she was the national voice . so i'm very proud of her and i know all the efforts that she made on behalf of
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all of our people. and i would never ask for anything more than what she did. she i'm not sad, which i thought i would definitely be, but i'm not. we took a stand for our water, like we lived here and stood her ground. so nobody can ever take that from us. no matter how the local media tries to portray us or tarnish. our names or painter says violent, lazy. ready ready bad. ready ready ready
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where just people from here that stood up and asked everybody to come and stand with us and they did me. oh i . ringback it's it as he jobs this whole real ways with somebody's going to do it. where do you go to the final of the
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voice you promoting clean, safe sanitation for all. but with a 3rd of the world lacking basic facilities, can his unique style really help clean up the mess? the culture, the pop culture is the fastest way to solve the sanitation problem. mister toilets, a witness documentary on al jazeera. on november 21st, venezuelans had to post to choose the regional and municipal representatives after 4 years of election. boycott kent opposition parties effect change eigenvalues walks. and will this be a step towards progress for the writing number of those living in extreme poverty to venezuela elections on al jazeera hello, then let's look at the weather across the middle east and we've seen unsettled conditions sweep across iran. you can see that dense cloud cover bringing more
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sleet and snow to those central areas, but by the time we get into thursday, it is going to push off further east and we will see the temperature pick up in to run. now while it gets more settled here, it is going to turn rather unsettled across the levant. we've got some wet, a weather coming into play from northern areas of egypt for israel and the occupied palestinian territories. but for the south of this, there is still a lot of, whoops, to be found though the temperature in riyadh is slightly below average. it will pick up over the coming days. and we've got a shamar wind blowing down, kicking up dust across the gulf states. so lots of hazy sunshine here. now as we move across to north africa, it is so looking rather fine and why across those central areas. we got a lot of rain around coastal areas of algeria. we could see further flooding here, and we're getting some rare rain in the desert in places like martini and the western sahara. but further south it is looking not as wet as it has been recently for areas such as the democratic republic of congo. though those heavy rains are going to pick up, as well as the north of angola, and as we head down to the south,
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is a lot of weather on the way for south africa. ah, this is al jazeera, it's november the 15th day, one of the new era and television news. if you have known that, that was the scale of bloodshed would you have still going to go to miss all landed about a 100 meters away from us. we're on the front line, but it's on here the fall that is going on is very real. it is coming our way. i look just over here. god. by the police on purpose. ah, you with a vote for his ear is offices in gaza are housed in that building,
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and the cover has come down a little before in human history as the once per steam environment, the arctic in such peril. ah, stay at home, worsening air pollution forces. the government in india is capital to shut down schools and colleges indefinitely. and people in law appeal for urgent help as the pakistani city is to clear the most polluted city and the world. ah hello.


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