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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2021 11:00am-11:31am AST

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tools through over a decade of war, we examined the global power games of president bashar al assad. we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? many a reason that could effect any human eyesight master of chaos. on all jazeera blue people in law appeal for urgent help as the city in pakistan is declared the most polluted in the world, and washing and pollution forces the government in india's capital to shut down schools and colleges indefinitely. ah, hello, i'm adrian for the given. this is al jazeera alive from dough, also coming up. refugees and migrants on the poland. baler is port a brace for more uncertainty. a day after a violent crack down by polish police. we'll have a live update. at
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a push to end the fighting ethiopia to guide regions. u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin is in nairobi to lend support to regional diplomatic efforts. ah, a toxic small gazande developed parts of the indian subcontinent. and that's putting pressure on governments take emergency measures in pakistan, the city of law has been named the most polluted in the world by a swiss monitoring organization. and people there are appealing for urgent help to save them from the worsening air quality. been wont, schools and colleges are shut indefinitely in india's capital. a ban on construction is in place until next week that only some of new dell is coal based power plants are being allowed to operate. will speak to poverty matalin you deleon? just a moment, but 1st let's go live to al jazeera. come al hider, who's in pakistan, circ capital. so the hor, in pakistan,
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a c'mon has been declared the most polluted city in the world. why, what's causing the pollution well, that's an interesting question and an important one. given the fact that this is a city with a population of about 11000000 people. and because this is also a heavily industrialized city that did adding to the problem not to forget the climactic factor in regards as the temperature drop the water where birds get heavier because are dead and cold air come into contact. and i've got leads to that . take small gall fall get we feel with the sick days. i've also been talking to a contact who was traveling out of law hall just a little while ago. and he said that there is another problem. and that did the stubborn which is left from the rice paddies. this is the yearly phenomena after the right hallway are pharma into
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a fine job which is famous for rice growing. i start to burn their fears because they want to get rid of that stubble and dad of course create small problems because that is already a complicated issue of heavy air pollution from traffic, which constitutes about 40 percent of that pollution actor that the industrial of pollution and so on, but so far the government had not issued any advisory except to say that be butchered, stay at home. they showed a wide open space in how do you do that when you have to earn a living, go out. foods are open. so the government not doing much and one important thing is double issue has to be a dog or a dog. instead of lighting fired, mechanical means should be made, mandate 3. so as to reduce the add on factor, which is caused by heavy burning of stumble across the border and indian bun job and on top august on his side. is it a famous rice growing area?
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i could moment effects did on his his come either there in islamabad. let's go to new delhi. i'll de, serious up hunting the towel. is there the government so concerned about pollution levels in new delhi that it's told kids to stay at home. it's closed schools indefinitely. pumping yes, and we are outside once at school in the national capital. and as you can see, the gates are shot. and at this point, we don't know when they go to open. you know, these students in schools and colleges, had been studying online because of the pandemic. and now another emergency had put them back as a do online learning. no, they had just returned to school or in person classes. the government had shot schools for a week, but now authorities have extended that indefinitely. on top of that construction, which is one of the major pollutants in the city will only resume next week. it was supposed to resume earlier, but on the government has extended that. in fact,
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walkers and unions are not happy about this. they're actually going to court saying they need more compensation. there's also the issue off our power plan. so more than half of the power plants around delhi will be temporarily closed. there are other emergency measures as well, so trucks that are carrying essential services, essential goods will be allowed to come into delhi, but the others will not. or the thought these are also saying they will use measures like using anti small guns, dust, suppressants, and water, sprinkling suspending water on trees on streets to reduce the dost levels to settle the pollution as a situation spirals out of control. now, as of now, a workers and employees of the deli government, all working from home, but the central government, which is also in delhi because this is the nation's capital, says it will not have its employees work from home and has suggested the share vehicles and carpool to come to work. now,
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earlier the government of delhi had submitted a proposal to the supreme court on a potential to day lockdown. but that a, that the decision on that will come early next week from the many. thanks. sandra says probably the tomba life in new delhi of sun now to the poland, belarus border where thousands of refugees migrants have been trying to cross into europe out 0. as i said, big is live and hein? oscar on the polish side of the border. i said i could see just by looking at you that it's cold. thousands of refugees migrants though, have endured another freezing night in makeshift camps on that border. tell us me. yes, you're a is very cold. in fact, this morning has been the coldest. i've experienced her here so far. now we understand a group of those migrants. some of those were a slept overnight in a warehouse on the belly, russian side of the border. but today's very much the morning. good morning. after
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the day before, now polish authorities here had been saying that some of the officers were injured in yesterday's events when some of those people are throwing rocks and pieces of concrete. but polish authorities also say they threw stone grenades, or at the polish forces. here and they said that the only way they could have got their hands on those or if but obliteration sir, forces authorities gave it to them. but in return we saw polish forces use tear gas and water cannon and the media here in poland. some of them have been reporting on how they brave forces, or have been standing up will been attacked by what they call our hooligans. now we also understand that a flight from iraq will be arriving in belarus in mens tomorrow. we did hear that the iraqi authorities are saying that they're willing to repatriate their citizens if they're willing to go back. but the issue is many of those people at the border have sold all their belongings and all the and spent all the savings to get to
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bella room in the hope that the could make it into a potent and the e u sites. so it'd be very difficult to convince them to go back. but yes, the situation is desperate, and the temperatures are dropping. desperate people being pushed back with water, cannon and t, i guess stuck on the belly. lucy, inside of the border polish forces, stopping them from crossing into the you. it was only a matter of time these people faced with the lack of food, water, shelter, and sub 0 temperatures tried to push forward at the crossing at blue sky. at the front, a mainly young men. but many women and children are in the crowds behind. for those on the receiving end to her, it's an inhumane and hypocritical rejection by europe. middle of zero's report on the grand spoke with them. yes, i was married to charlotte while they're using pepper spray and water and tear gas against the children. is this the human rights of europe?
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10 days we've been here without water temperatures or mine is 5. and what can we do? where are the human rights organizations? we were a good country. they invaded iraq in 2003. we've lost everything. we've sold our cars and sold our houses. they've destroyed our country and now this is their human rights regina mont. him the live glom on in nevada. we haven't slept since yesterday. our feet are freezing and the only word we can hear is attention. attention. eagerly. we have kids, we have wives and you know, if they don't want to allow us through and return us back to our countries, we haven't eaten for 5 days. only little foods available for women and kids. we need a safe place. we need a safe country on it certainly is an uneven fight without an organiser. poland wants to show the world. it is defending europe's border against a better routine dictator using desperate people as a weapon. they say, alexander lucas shanta is taking revenge on the iep for sanctions imposed after his violent cracker on political opposition. at home for months,
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billy rose has been granting migrants visa z, promising them an easy route into the you and you probably america. just as all we have to say tom, but as i have told merkle, the problem is that we don't save those people. we would both lose zillow, both bellows and to an even bigger extent, the european union. we didn't let 3, the refugees to the e. u territory. that's why i proposed on solving the situation in general, we agreed with merkel. we won't talk about it specifically. she, after some time for a pause to discuss the proposal with the members of the european union or that's fine. what's the job? as the numbers at the border grow, so to does the desperation, they can't go back. home says they cannot enter. that means we're likely to see more people pushing forward and the polish forces using for tactics to keep them out. now we do understand that the belly russian president, alexander lucas shank, a set to have another phone call with that going
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a german chancellor angler merkel to try resolve the situation. but at least here in poland, opinion is divided. there are some that bought into the narrative that poland is dead defending its borders. but others here believe that pollen should be doing more to help those desperate people stuck on the border out there as, as had beg, reporting live from the poland. belarus border. armenia says that a cease fire with as a by shot is mostly holding, following a day of violence, which left several soldiers dead. both sides have released conflicting information on the number of casualties. armine, as defense, ministry says that russia helped to broker the truce. it asked moscow to help to defend its territory against as airy forces as a by john had accused armenia of provocation, armenia, and as a by john fought a 44 day war last year over the disputed territory of nagondo, cut back man mas ousted civilian leader, on san sushi and 15 of her political allies are facing charges of election fraud.
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sushi has been detained since the military stage, a coup in february. she already faces a host of other criminal charges. the military justified its takeover by accusing her party of cheating to win a landslide election victory. but independent observers have found no evidence of fraud. sedans, military says that it will release former prime minister abdullah hundreds in the next 48 hours. a member of the new sovereign council told al jazeera that ham dock will be among a number of detainees being freed. he's been under house arrest since the military take over 3 weeks ago. and ox planned release comes after the visits of the u. s. assistant secretary of state, molly fi to sudan. a weather update. max here on out a 0, then we'll show you the damage caused by a months worth of rain in just 24 hours that fell in parts of canada. i'm only thing that i'm 15 the columbian island of robbie damn thing where people are still
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living in 10th a year after a devastating hurricane. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies. the winter sponsored my cattle a ways. there are still plenty of thunderstorms in the western medicine circulation around area of low pressure, but not as severe as it was. there is more bite in this cold front is trying to introduce winter to northern europe, not quite winter, but it's getting there 1st. so the western met and it's drawing up in the valley oaks, the wind is developing the be a near gale force, wind out of the road, valleys is a seasonal wind spreading, the showers all the rain. so you know, jerry and cosen probably the south of spain and blowing quite a hooley eastwards out of measuring into the atlantic. the rain spreads in the formal showers through italy towards western side of greece, navy attic,
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that's strong wind on the creation coast we saw yesterday. that's easing. that hasn't gone completely and they might start warming of it again later on thursday. but it's a dry looking picture. i have to save all that time. unless you happen to be probably she, bro, to where. again, it's blowing strongly in the be showers through there. let's go further and see what winters doing. first of all, it's been foggy. this is southern poland, folks, but an extensive feature this november's in most for good part of northern europe escalate blood out the way the wind starts to strengthen the rain. those confined to a few showers for most places. bit more rain and snow for norway and then sweden. ah, the weather sponsored by katara, always a war in afghanistan. now, will non taliban figures make up a part of them with
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oil within the caliber? with inside story pack? a frank assessment, the div headline subscribe. now, however you listen to pardon oh ah, hello again, this is al jazeera, let's remind you of the may news this out. the pakistani city of la haws been named the most polluted city in the world. people urging the government that a step in and save them from the western equality and in new delhi in neighboring india schools and colleges up and shouted definitely to, to pollution, thousands of refugees and migrants on the poland by the roost border have spent
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another night sleeping and make shift camps on tuesday. polish police 5 was a cabin and tear gas at those trying to cross at armenia says that a cease fire with as a by sean is quote, mostly holding, following a day of violence which left several soldiers dead. armenians defense ministry says that russia helped to broke the truce. both sides, blame each other for provoking the latest fighting. the u. s. secretary of state is due to meet kenny as president to nairobi as part of a diplomatic push to bring peace to ethiopia. the year long conflict between ethiopian government and rebels from little them to grad region. as escalated in recent weeks, have been warnings that it may spiral into a full scale civil war. kenny has been pushing for negotiations and a ceasefire. let's go live than i, robi al jazeera, katherine soy can tell us more. catherine, how will the presence view a secretary of state in the region impact upon the situation in ethiopia?
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was a huge impact on the u. s. has released good relationships with kenya and a very good relationship with if you p as well. but this relationship with the fuel beer has been strange in the last year or so. the u. s. has threatened sanctions against a few pier, but then is holding off on that to allow for a chance for a dialogue. so there are the secretary of state are in his meeting with president looking at her. we expect the president to brief him on his recent visit to if you hear the president was there on sunday where he met prime minister, i'll be our med and are the government officials are to talk about a peaceful resolution a can yup. is playing a pivotal role. busy in intervention efforts, if seen of laurie of diplomatic efforts going on from the us, from the african union arms and 4 on envoy nigeria from our nigeria president laguna bassinger has met both sides of the conflict to gran leadership,
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as well as the government. and at least publicly brought side say that they have no appetite for an outright war, but we haven't seen beyond that any movement to a cease fire or even talks. so people are worried about that and they say that there needs to be more pressure on these 2 groups. they're both have been accused of human rights atrocities. in fact, the u. n. has released as a statement as saying that the grands in addis ababa and other areas are being lat, rounded out by security forces and detain. so there is a lot of concern in a feel peer right now. we expect to hear from my secretary blinking later today at a press conference where if you p as conflict is expected to be at the top of the agenda and, and he's going to answer a lot of questions about what's going on and about what i did pressure there can be to both sides a to commit to at least a ceasefire and then talks,
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i'll deserve catherine. so i live in, i robi katherine, mary france a town on the west coast of canada is wanting of a catastrophic disaster due to flooding. at least one person has been killed by a landslide, and 2 others are missing. extreme weather on the west coast. as for the closure of almost every road to and from the city of vancouver, show defense reports stranded for days. this air left was forced to wait for the extreme weather to subside before helicopters could even begin to rescue motorist trapped by the flood waters. this is just one of many similar scenes happening across british columbia. meteorologist warned of the approaching atmospheric river headed toward the west coast of canada late last week. none could have predicted just how much rain would fall or for how long record rains devastated. major highways, one by one they were all closed. the 1st to close due to a mudslide,
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was the busiest, the coca how highway with a major connection between the port of vancouver and the rest of canada. sustaining major damage and officials have yet to determine any timeline on reopening the case of a debris, it may be as simple as removing the debris and showing that the road the road is safe. it may be in other areas that you know, there needs to be additional work done. but the bottom line is if those technical assessments are being done and the ministry of transportation, highways are working as hard as they can to get roads open as quickly and safely as possible. evacuations and rescues remain the priority. also with the search and recovery of anyone reported missing deadly heat and wildfires in summer and just 5 months later. record rain and flooding all adding volume to prime minister just introduce those plea cop 26 about the impacts of the climate emergency in canada.
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canada is warming on average, twice as quickly as the rest of the world. and in our north. it's 3 times quicker. the science is clear, we must do more and faster with a storm. now past the repair and reopening timeline is the looming concern. jodie vance. al jazeera vancouver a year ago. the small island of providence here was devastated by the strongest hurricane. be ever hit columbia. it destroyed the islands infrastructure and killed several people president of on decay at the time promised that it would all be rebuilt within $100.00 days. but as our zeros on a central run, pnc reports now many residents are still living intense. normally robinson, a year later feels much like the 1st stay after house was destroyed by hurricane i yoda if area damaging for my fatty in our family, remain in
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a tent withholds. now letting the rain through memories of the devastation still hunter, looking as if he thought to settle nocka. if they have a harsh, i beg them to please help us. we need a house. we need to be living comfortably again. it has been very difficult. it is still very difficult, i am still then she had just begun this 84, afro caribbean families have this small columbian islander frustrated, still waiting for a house to rebuild their lives. a year ago, the category 5 hurricane destroyed 98 percent of the infrastructure presidency. van duka promised to rebuild. in a 100 days the reconstruction has been very slow. the remains of the old hospital of yet to be demolished. limited care is offered in temporary tenths in the smallest no smallest. i'd recommend the book, it's frustrating. health should be a priority. toyota. we should have a better separation for covered patience
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a. but here it is. everybody with everybody following complaints and under increasing pressure for the slow progress the government contractor has indeed increase the speed of reconstruction in the last couple of months promising now to deliver roughly half of the new homes for the 1st anniversary. blessed by one of the longest coral reefs in the world. providence as long resisted mass tourism large resorts in shopping malls defending its traditional race, south culture, but no tourism at all as deeply impacted economic hardships. fishermen and community leader edgar stevens says many believe the delay heights a dark or plan backyard is appro. lemme. he says the rebuilding gets prioritize estates by mainland and for investors. and authorities are trying to restart longer . post plans like the expansion of the airport. it's but i can sadala hand
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a port. okay. yeah, we fear that they are trying to tire people so they will start selling their land. or how do you explain that there is no hospital yet indian or that the houses their building are not made to last? the hurricane was a godsend for columbia's political elite. ah, the united nations development program plans to stream a concert and launch a crowdsourcing drive to raise funds and bring attention to the plight of its inhabitants. that many here are left wondering when they will return to a dignified home. and if they will be able to sustain their traditional way of life, allison and petty al jazeera island, the dancer chile, as president, has survived that impeachment vote to remove him from office months before he is due to step down. the senate trail short of a 2 thirds majority needed to asked sebastian pandora. he was accused of corruption following the league of the pandora papers which exposed the hidden wealth of some world leaders and business people. the documents linked to the other to the sale of
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a mining company through a family business to a close friend. the. the error denies the charges. our latin america editor, lucia newman, though, says that there's still a chance. the president will face a legal reckoning. president, save us young vignette, i had been accused of gravely compromising the dignity of the country and of impropriety. but unlike in the lower house, the president concerned with coalition had enough vote to block conviction, which required a 2 thirds majority, one by one chillies $43.00 senators argued in favor or against the charges that the president had used his political power for his personal economic benefit in this case of family trust, the deal involved the 125000000 dollar land sale for a mine and port project in what is an environmental hotspot? the deal involved guarantees that the area would not be declared a protected marine park. see, are y'all gonna pay funny here? not kick in a guess or no one can be so naive as to believe that he did not use his office to
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benefit himself. gary, my fear one thing was reasonable of it as another one was stupidity? no, i mean that the other is one of chillies, richest men, and has a history of ethically and legally questionable business dealings. said yet he denies any wrong doing and insists the impeachment was manipulated by the opposition for political gain just ahead of this sunday's national elections. the sensitive timing of this trial may have actually worked in pinion as favor. many believe that removing a president just days before a national election, or just 5 months before his due to step down, could be to the stabilizing, put on the streets of santiago, some didn't seem to care for chris pena hasn't been able to govern amid all the problems we've had that's caused a lot of anger so i for one wouldn't miss him. i mean, put a motion on the level either. i don't care what happens to panera. i don't like politicians. we all bunch of these in this country. i don't even know if i'll vote
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and sundays elections. spinoza is the 1st president in chilean history to have been impeached by congress. but while he may have survived this trial, that doesn't mean that congress may not decide to present different or similar charges against him once he left office. which means that sebastian benita may not be out of the woods yet. former professional cricketer as im, russia has told a u. k parliamentary inquiry that he was racially abused throughout his career in england, roughly played for yorkshire. that's considered england's most successful, crooked club. just a warning that his evidence contained the use of racist phrases that you may find offensive out 0 that in baba reports from london. he promised it was time for truly must it seem or feet arrive to give evidence to a parliamentary committee. it was masks on and gloves off as he recalled his time at yorkshire county cricket club. i dressed joined the dress room full of my heroes,
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michael von matthew, ha, god, part of the 2005, osh, his team. and it was just, i'm the most surreal moment for me. i entered the dresser pretty early on. and me and other people are from asian background. there was comments such as you lot say over there, near the toilets and, and if and washers and the word paki was used constantly. and that just seems to be an acceptance and institution. i'm from the leaders and no one, no one ever stumped out. back in september, a summary of an unpublished report by the club said refill had been bullied and racially harassed. but in one instance, labeled the use of a racial slur as banter for me, yorkshire chairman roach, a hot had resigned over the clubs response which you see no action against any staff or players. this been substantial amount of thoughtlessness and ignorance. a reluctance to apologize. a reluctance to the c as in the victim
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and reluctance to put into place the on the recommendations when pushed hot and said the club fell within the definition of institutional racism. he also suggested england and wales cricket border e. c. b could and should have investigated refix allegations. it's very clarity in a say could you could describe this is the wild west the way this is what we've had this morning. do you think the sea bass? yes i do. i think we are learning a lesson here about and what lesson are you learning mr. allison? well, i think we've got a long way to go to fulfill our, our ambition to my cricket. again for everyone. i seem to fix testimony here was protected by parliamentary privilege, meaning he could name no use without fear of legal reprisal. but he stressed that it was never about going off the individual for him, but he wants to help create to help your sport for everybody. a massive believer everything up for a reason. and like i said,
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hopefully 5 years time and we're going to see a big change. and i like to look back at the and i did something thus far bigger than any runs or go or any with kepsa go. but yeah, if article it refresher course, the real change is to get rid of all discrimination in crickets, including against black players and women. the committees do to issue its own recommendations. it's then up to the government to decide what action if any should be taken mentioned nadine baba al jazeera london balanced with some glue. it is good to be with us. hello, adrian said, i can hear it though. how the headlines on al jazeera law in pakistan has been named the most polluted city in the world. people are urging the government to save them from the worsting air quality and a new delhi in neighboring india. schools and colleges have been.


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