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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2021 1:00am-1:30am AST

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ah, the stays the same and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think from international politics, to the global pandemic and everything in between. upfront with me, mark lamont, who on out 0 ah, 15 people are killed and dozens injured as lie, fire and tear gas is turned on. protest is in see don. ah, lauren taylor, this is al jazeera alive from london, also coming up my grants and refugees are given temporary shelter in better ruse, but thousands more face. another freezing night at the border with poland. pollution from cause industry and agriculture triggers. health emergency across large parts of south asia. and for the 1st time in the u. s. drug overdoses claim
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$100000.00 lives in a single year. most linked to the synthetic opioid fentanyl. ah, i know what's been the deadliest day of anti military protests since you don't so far, doctor say at least 15 people was shot and killed by security forces. on wednesday, people yet again vented their anger against the military takeover in another mass rally. the army locked down several areas of the city and coast bridges in an effort to prevent people in the north of the capital cartoon from during those in the south mobile phone communications were also cut. ah, dozens of people have been injured by live fire and tear gas, according to the central committee of sudanese doctors. demonstrators marching
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across the capital cotton and several other cities and demanding a full handover to civilian rule. and when the leaders of october, his miniature takeover to be tried in court, i so said he has more than sidney's capital, the by one p. m. local time, people have started together industries. despite the security measures such as a block in day roads, the main roads and some of the bridge that are connecting the 2 sides of the knives to prevent people from gathering. but people managed to reach to the sit and there has been at least protest at a different districts in, in, in our heart to a, particularly the, the 6th grade at the bully district on dorman am. but her districts were the apis centers of the wireless. today, the protesters and i, a day i there was demanding the military to step back. they were chanting against a military barricade in the roads, burdening the tires and all so neither did there. they've been having
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confrontations with the security force. i could see that security forces comparing to the last week. they were much tougher and much more prepared to disperse people . they were fight and tear gas on the protesters and the even using the live ammunitions shooting in the air and following the protesters until the, till the did that the by streets as well. so the protesters ah, are of, were demanding an immediate reservation of a civilian government for these of the political prisoners. and also the asked the army to commit to the constitutional declaration that it signed in 2019 with the protesters. the yes, extra state has repeated calls for a ceasefire in ethiopia, and named lincoln said he is concerned the fighting could spill over to the horn of africa. fighting between ethiopian government and rebels from the northern tig origin has escalated in recent weeks. catherine sawyer reports. if the
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appeal was high on the agenda, as u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin visit, had neighboring kenya canyon pres, dental, who kinyata briefed blinkin on his recent trip to a few peer where he met with prime minister. i'll be ahmed and other officials. i strongly believe that there is an opportunity and more than an opportunity, an absolute necessity for all of the parties to, to stop, to talk, to pull back to get you monitoring assistance to flow and ultimately to be at a table together and negotiate through the various differences that, that have emerged over the pastor. over the past year, the united nations and ethiopia, human rights commission, say up to 1000 ethnic grins, have been detained by security forces. all sides in the conflict have been accused
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of committing atrocities against civilians. and the fighting has continued. despite a flurry, diplomatic activity, the african unions envoy, foreman, nigerian president, or less a good a boss angel, is talking to both prime minister abbey's administration. and that degree and leadership, which is listed as a terrorist organization by the government, the u. s. and other international partners, as well as regional leaders, are also involved in peace efforts. we must believe in the fortitude and the wisdom of the ethiopian people. because in the end, the solutions will come from them. what we must do as neighbors is to support is to counsel is to hold hands is to point in the right direction. both sides of the conflict continued to maintain a hotline position with set preconditions ahead of any negotiations with here, there will be beyond a diplomatic talk. we haven't really see at least public key any farm. ok,
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so on on what more can be done to put pressure on them to agree to a cease fire and possibly talks. catherine, soil de 0, no ruby the you an invoice. you have candy stone says the i sal affiliate in the country has expanded and seems to be present in all provinces. urine special representative, deborah lyons told the security council that the taliban response is worrying the warning fuller's the death of at least 10 people in 2 explosions in the capital. cobble expressions happened in a sheer neighbourhood in the west of the city. i saw claim responsibility for both blasts. they have been repeated attacks by an arm group affiliated with iso since the taliban takeover of the country. once limited to a few provinces and cabral, i, as i l k. p. now seems to be present in nearly all provinces and increasingly active. the number of attacks has increased significantly from
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last year to this year. in 2021. 60 sell side this year, 330 for a tax attributed to i. s k p or in fact claimed by i s k p. ah, andrews has set up shelters at a warehouse to help migrants facing freezing conditions. thousands of people remain stranded on the border with poland. guard say, many of them are increasingly aggressive in trying to breach the fence. poland accuses the bell. russian government have deliberately send new migrants to the frontier. i said, bang reports from the border region lining up to get some sustenance altura from these refugees and by the russian troops in the britsky area near the polish border. but the ruse has in recent days,
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stepped up attempts to show its treating people humanely. on tuesday night it provides a shelter for hundreds of men, women and children in this warehouse or does it have released the commentary on this video comes from brother, russian state media. many of them have now returned to the forest. these pictures from wednesday film by poland, interior ministry apparently show migrants leaving the makeshift camp as by the russian forces lucon, some a carrying logs. the only thing that kept them warm at night. overnight, there were fresh attempts to break through the razor wire and reach polished territory. i was earlier, polished, forces had used water cannon across the border at a group of migrants. polish border forces said they were attacked with stones polish police said to one officer was taken to hospital with the head injury and the polish side to what provision there is has come from volunteers. on tuesday, the human rights commissioner of the council of europe visited one migrant aid
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center near the border. it is absolutely unacceptable what bella rose is doing and how the people are manipulated. but at the same time, i think we need to step aside and, and think you know what is happening at the european border. why are these people left in limbo and what can be done in order to stop this extremely dangerous situation? meanwhile, polish forces of parked water cannon opposite a new makeshift cap at the border. with no sign, the picnic stand off or the misery 4000 stuck here ending soon. as i beg, i'll, missouri, poland municipal trapped along the border off from iraq. and despite the dangers, many younger rockies are still desperate to reach europe, no matter what the risk. as iran con reports from the northern city abil, something giving up everything they own to pay people smugglers. he says his
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daughter was his life. the poland by the roost border isn't the only route a desperate rockies are taking use of her bibs. daughter died as she tried to get from turkey to italy in a smuggler's boat in early november. but the vessel capsized, killing the pain is still roll liberally. oh look at the whole home on that was and i tried to prevent her from going, but it did not work. she wanted help for her daughter who suffered from ill health . so she decided to travel with her husband. she didn't make it, her husband and my granddaughter survived that. they are back here. my grand daughter is still sick. ibrahim is human rights lawyer. he says the blame lies local government for not providing opportunities for people. well, i said, it's a shame to see what you suffering on the borders of bella and poland, leaving their wealthy country because of corruption and injustice. our you will have to leave the country. they have no but 20 to our politicians. are the ones to blame enough? you don't have to go far enough bill to find young people desperate to leave. so
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hard the university graduate, yet the only work he can find is a low paying clerical job outside the local call time gender. wow. life is so hard to, i'm ready to leave the country and so everything they own and pay smugglers just to leave for another country. everything is corrupt here and they aren't sharing the wealth of the nation. iraq is beginning repack. jason flights from bella. ruth, on the 18th of november, but even if that route is closed, there are still plenty of people will find any way necessary to get out no matter what the cost, no matter what the success rate and no matter how dangerous it is. iran, con algae, 0 or bill the u. n's. nuclear watchdog says iran has boosted it stockpile of highly enriched uranium. ahead of the international atomic energy agency or a fire grossi is expected to visit terror on next week. as world past prepare to resume talks on the 2015 nuclear deal,
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but the agencies as inspectors have not been allowed to reinstall surveillance cameras. at a centrifuge workshop, it's a step seen as essential to reviving the agreement. rossi also says he is concerned by reports of inspectors being subjected to invasive physical searches. the u. s. congress has been urged to take stronger measures to protect taiwan. an inferential advisory body has released its annual report, detailing the threat of chinese aggression report, says congress should increase funding for taiwan to purchase defense equipment from the u. s. and boost surveillance. washington is increasingly concerned about china's military build up and is, and it's pushed to develop nuclear capable. miss howes and fisher has more from capitol hill. if you're asking for the headline, it is that this group believes that the chinese communist party and that the people's liberation army are now equipped and ready to invade, to tie one. but the do acknowledge that that would be
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a high risk strategy for the chinese at this stage. and that forms the basis of one of the recommendations more on that in a minute. but this report highly critical of the chinese, it says that china is engaged in a systematic effort to attack, oppress arrays and marginalized people whose opinions and social cultural educational values, religion and ethnicity. it sees as a threat. and it says that the united states should be aware of this. so what sort of recommendations did they put forward? well, 1st of all, they're saying that the should be greater preparedness for the military in taiwan, essentially acting as a detent against any possible action by the chinese anti one. they're saying that they should consider the trading relationship between the united states and china, particularly when it comes to investment and chinese companies. who is the main shareholder. who else is involved is the chinese communist party involved the talking as well about moving the reliance on china away from major supply chains,
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particularly those that could, could impact the united states and key and critical areas as well. still to come when i was in a state of emergency declared in british columbia after a once a century, whether event, tribute to the primary i or as jose and on to far as his government faces further criticism and political ethics. ah, hello, then let's start in australia and we've seen unsettled cold weather, affect the se, but there has been a change. things have started to warm up and we are seeing temperatures on the rise . it is going to get wet. however, as we head towards the weekend, thanks to a weather system that sweeping across the bite, it's bringing wet
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a weather from western australia across the south and onwards to victorian tasmania, as well as new south wales. so we are going to see an attempt to come down in places like melbourne as that wet weather comes into play adelaide as well, seeing the showers. let's have a look at the 3 day from melbourne and we will be dipping down to 17 degrees by saturday. with showers on the cards to sidney, it is a where we can well in to next week, we are expecting thunderstorms to roland. but across those central and northern areas of australia remains not find a lot. dwyer, high pressure in charge keeping things rather settled as we hop across the tasman sea to new zealand. it is looking a lot more settled across the north and the south island. but we have got wet and windy weather that's going to sweep in. the temperatures here will remain in the early twenties, ahead of that wet weather. and as we move to southeast asia, we've got seen the reins across much of indonesia and malaysia. the heaviest falls in java ah,
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a community decimated by cancer fights for the truth. who in this room has a cancer or know, is that someone that lives here that have cancer fault lines exposes houston's candidate cluster? these are the 110 properties that have grown contamination underneath they look data visible public community. it just say from do you feel that i'm bell with fault lines on al jazeera? ah ah,
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or no top stories here now g 0. purchased leaders, since you don't say at least 15 people have been shot dead by security forces. dozens of people were injured by live fire and tear gas during another mass demonstration against the military takeover. these 10 people have been killed in 2 explosions in the afghan capital campbell. meanwhile, the you, an invoice for afghanistan says the iso affiliate in the country has expanded. seems to be present in provinces. i've been calmer, seems at the parish parent border a day after water cannon was used on migrants. potent accuses batteries of deliberately sending 2000 migrants to the frontier. in india's capital authorities have passed a set of emergency measures to try to address worsening air quality schools, colleges and many businesses in new delhi and nearby areas have been forced to close having to meet our reports in new delhi emergency measures to protect people from this
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a pollution crisis. schools and colleges are closed indefinitely. classes will be taught online, polluting industries that construction have been ordered to shut down until next week. and nearly all vehicles are banned from entering the city. these people aren't pleased to gradually, the school should open because i want to play with my friends, have funded my classmates and also learn better. we don't need, he joke solutions to this kind of problems because those things will never solve authorities or sprinkling water to settle dust and using anti small guns. they're also encouraging people to work from home, one climate activist off the supreme court to force authorities to reduce pollution levels every morning. we get hefty affidavits containing long list of promises and assurances on ladies government. but nothing is changing. experts say the government needs to involve corporations and citizen groups to make its policies more effective. or we need our, you know, more concrete, my shows,
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which can actually go beyond just a policy directive from the government to the community and to other stakeholder groups policy. so statement of intent, but you know what we need is so direct action and marty stakeholder engagement is needed. the new steps are facing political and legal problems. construction unions are challenging the ban and pen jobs. government is asking for more funds to help stop farmers from burning the crop residue. the met department predicts the weather will remain dive for the next few days because a falling temperatures and slow winds, the supreme court will decide next week whether the city will go into locked down. much of that depends on whether the measures that have been taken have any effect puffy, metal al, jazeera, you jelly. the canadian air force has been deployed to british columbia to help deal with massive floods which have cut off the country's largest port and left thousands of people stranded. 2 days of heavy rain triggered mudslides blocking key
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roads and leaving one person dead and at least 2 others. missing. several towns have been completely isolated and the reports of food supplies running low. the military is expected to help clear key supply routes ahead of moraine expected in the coming days. a focus of concern now is sue must prairie. the low lying. rural area is about an hour's drive from vancouver and is east of abbotsford, and was formed by their draining of a lake early last century. abbotsford mare has pleaded with every one on the prairie about 2600 people to leave their home to set, leave immediately, and abandon the livestock arminius, as a cease fire with azerbaijan is mostly holding, following a day of violence, which left several soldiers dead. it's been the worst flare up since last year's war over the disputed territory of nagondo caraballo, which left more than 6000 people dead. roman forest. walker reports from tbilisi
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and neighboring ga. official footage from arminius defense ministry shows strikes on what he claims were as a by johnny armored vehicles in armenian sovereign territory. as a by john said armenia provoked the fighting and describes the border area as disputed. oh, mobile footage shed on social media appears to show as a by johnny soldiers beating and taunting their armenian captives. 2 mcgonagall and michael on tuesday, the head of arminius security council, cold for russian military intervention. but so far, the prime minister has stopped short of officially requesting moscow support. sir, man, i'm very marcin hotel to lydia talks about border. disputes are absurd and senseless . there is no boarded dispute. there is aggression against the sovereign territory of the republic of armenia. as it by john re took control of most of the goal,
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no carrabas, and surrounding territories in a war. last year with armenia, almost 7000 soldiers and civilians were killed. the latest fighting is close to karuba, but along the 2 countries border as it by johnny checkpoints now control roads leading into armenia, scenic, province, isolating armenian villages and restricting travel. the region lies between as a by john and it's autonomous, exclaim nakesha van a cease fire agreement signed last year, included a commitment by armenia to provide a road or rail link, connecting as if by john with nike chivon and turkey. as a by john refers to it as a corridor and by implication, something it would control but russia, which mediated last year ceasefire. and has peacekeeping troops on the grounds in
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the corner, kerber and armenia has played down that language. william conclude her issue here. we are getting close to concrete decisions, which are 1st and foremost based on the notion that countries will retain sovereignty over roads passing through their territory as the by john and armenia accused each other of starting this latest round of fighting. but what is clear is that sticking points over those agreements signed in that piece deal last year, need urgently to be resolved. robin for a steal walker. al jazeera tbilisi, the 1st time more than a 100000 people have died from a drug overdose in the u. s over 12 month period. the centers for disease control and prevention estimated 100306 people died in the 12 months to the end of april. that's $22000.00 more than for the same period the year before. for comparison,
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in the same time period, about 509000 people in the u. s. died from coven 19, and the death toll is almost twice the total number of u. s. deaths during the vietnam war. the overdoses are primarily down to opioids. the number of deaths increasing from about 56000 to more than 75000. they synthetic opioid fentanyl was involved in more than 60 percent of the overdose deaths. there were increased deaths in all but 4 states. the states for the highest increase were vermont. west virginia and kentucky talked to daniel chicone is a professor of addiction medicine at the university of california, san francisco. he explains what's behind the rise and deaths. we've had a 20 year, unprecedented climb in depth new drug overdoses. what's driving most recently is festival cove. it has had a huge impact, have 18 months, but even if we took cove it away, we would have been seen
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a year over year over year arrive in fentanyl related death. and now the latest claim is messing with fentanyl is just synthetic of the fence. we're talking about here is a list of the most cynical version. it's super potent. it's about a 100 times as potent as morphine by weight makes it 30 to 40 times as potent heroin. it's been infiltrated into the heroine supply as an adult trend. as a poisoning, if you will, in the eastern half the united states, and then the last couple years, it's pretty westward. and so, one of the reasons why we're seen overdose just climbing is spreading geographically at the same time, method study mean to come in as a, as a new pure, more potent version. and that spreading from the western half south, declared q and on shaman has been sentenced to 3 and a half years in jail. his road in the u. s. capital right?
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34 year old jacob chance he was among the trump supporters. he tried to stop congress from certifying results of the 2020 presidential election. it became one of the most recognizable figures from the january incident, richard wearing horns and a baskin head dress. charlsee was a prominent supporter of the baseless online q, unknown conspiracy. his sentence is among the longest given in connection to the right so false. donald trump's long time advisor, steve balin, has pleaded not guilty to obstructing a congressional probe into the riot. he's charged with defying a request to give evidence to a us house panel. bannon was charged last week by a federal grand jury. he is bound to fight it and says, the prosecution is a politically motivated attack against him. the you, k prime minister is under renewed pressure over political ethics as increasing criticism over the lucrative 2nd jobs held by some m p. 's from his conservative party and bars. johnson's handling of the issue is raising questions about his
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leadership and judgment for brandon reports, westminster. ah, mother, he taught horace johnson has shown an uncanny ability to swat away criticism and sail unscathed through political storms. but his seemingly teflon coating seems to be slipping in the face of an ongoing grout, the outside interests of some of his own and peas. wednesday session of prime minister's questions was a tempestuous affair. everybody else is apologize for him, but he won't apologize for himself. a coward, not a leader, was to speak with him. my party misbehaved. i kicked them out when somebody in his party misbehaves. he tries to get them off the hook. well, it wasn't willing to do is to work together on the basis of the independent report or by the 3 digit standards in public life, or to take things forwarded in the pm's attempt to turn the criticism back at the
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opposition felt foul of the speaker. i, i'm not going to be challenged you maybe the plan is still dra glendale times. i mean joy and that was just the start of it. after lunch, johnson was subjected to intense christening by members of parliament, powerful liaison committee, among them. chris bryant, the chairman of the very standards committee that johnston had tried to replace to it's 2 weeks since the prime minister himself ignited this firestorm by launching an attempt to change parliamentary rules to save this man. his friend and fellow conservative m p. owen patterson, patterson has earned more than a $100000.00 from his 2nd job. as a consultant for healthcare company, which had then one big government contracts. there is currently no limits on the 2nd jobs that an m p can take on no limit in terms of the amount of money they can and from those outside interest or the amount of time that they can spend on them. but there is an outright ban on paid advocacy despite the fact that the line
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becomes somewhat blood. when talking about defining what consultancy is. however, some campaign is believe the route of a 2nd jobs is distracting from a bigger issue. that is how many potential breaches of ministerial standards actually go on investigated. this is the really worrying part. and this goes to the heart of government. we actually need changes in legislation to address all of those areas. and that needs big, bold steps by government fall beyond what we're seeing in this current debate around m p. second jobs. johnson has been forced onto the defensive is conservative in piece or in terms, and his opinion poll ratings are slipping. the one thing that does have cross party consensus is a sense that johnson has brought all this upon himself. poor brennan, i'll jazeera westminster, has been called the ultimate revenge a self portrait by the mexican artist frida kahlo a sold for $34900000.00 at auction, beating a previous record set by her husband who embarked on an affair the year it was
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painted carlos diego eeoc as long fascinated art lovers for its depiction of their tumultuous relationship. diego rivera are shown as colors. 3rd, i am now the most expensive piece of work here ever created. i a latin american artist. very much indeed. ah. one of the top stories on our 0, medics and sudan sat these 15 people had been shot dead by security forces during another mass protest against last month's military takeover. dozens of people have been injured by live fire and tear gas, according to the central committee of sudanese doctors. thousands of demonstrators marching across the capitol cartoon, and several other cities are demanding a full handover to civilian rule. they want.


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