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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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is being used as a weapon and for those who managed to cross the border, say it's not because the has had improved back home. they say to continue to be targeted because of a and many of these are being reported and all they come seeking refuge conditions . here are um, id ah hello, i'm darn goldman. doha to the top stories here in al jazeera medic. since sedan, se 15 people have been shot dead by security forces during another protest against last month's miniature take over. dozens of people have been injured by life, fire and tig rifle. sa, to report him cartoon. now in a together here, around 1 pm, a local time, which is the usual practice for this brought us however,
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this brought us today is taking place on a working. they usually the brought us these on the, on the weekends. and the reason that they decided to no contract brought us all the working days is to mark this is the most affordable on me to move the country. so we're here, this is a security forces body interviewing people. a lot of people are shooting and it's to disperse them for you are such a state as reiterated calls for cease fire. if you appears conflict expressing concern, the war could spill over to the horn of africa. anthony blink and made the comments in kenya's capital. in the 1st leg of his africa tool, bella roosters set up shelters and migrants and refugees stranded on the border with polen thousands of people trying to reach the e. you have been living in makeshift camps. the canadian air force has been
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deployed to british columbia to help clear block roads after flooding in the province. canada's largest port has been cut off, and thousands of people are stranded and he's one person is dead and 2 others are missing. several towns have been completely isolated and there are reports of food supplies running low more rains expected in the coming days. a 100000 people have died from a drug overdose in the u. s. over a 12 month period. it's an increase of nearly 30 percent. and it's more than those killed by guns or car crashes. the centers for disease control says the overdoses are primarily down to opioids with fentanyl involved in more than half of the cases . 2 men convicted of assassinating american civil rights leader malcolm x are expected to have their names cleared. after more than half a century, both spent decades in prison. it comes after an investigation found the f, b i and police withheld key evidence that would likely have led to the acquittal. those are the headlines now it's back to out. is there a well statement?
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thanks so much, but enough? ah, with a
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whole o o o 2 is the social media consultant living in working in turkeys. largest city is stumble. he's married with a young daughter, and as a family they decided to look at ways of adopting unless consumers life influenced by what's called the simple living minimalist movement. the family decided to d class or their lives, and live with less, even before the global pandemic struck. ah 24 to drive you. here for them to develop, all of them took show any guidelines i show mom the none
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within the other films. hi lynette. aluminum dea number layer by should the which, which kitchen little cooler. the chocolate chip only stick lilly, misty adams on the video that alicia is stanley and they go to mac, wasn't misty, adams, older a shimmy. it can be a language and they keep it wasn't gonna come from them on the application. ah . but as, as yet it will be less, i guess i'll method it is i love that she was, i love it. be a good to the guys. i hope you know, yeah, to the other lou cbl, but i love it. i'm trying to learn russian id.
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hey, she pamela, you love the unit because i don't think you think i'm to change the law from them. can you hold on that? what was the head of the heated boom chimney? ah, ah, ah, someone could get hold of a book sa diet, say to wind up by sto mother and give a shimmy, get it in a box and the honey good of a beecham cache. good old look. just hearted, mahathy's shoe shall data. yes. here tom b, i have to boil them lined up on me. i mean, he's on that or you know them doing just busted to jeremy like bacardi have i mix
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the owner's agent. we should pull them. appears orlando, we ship our junk, shown the browser room, and me out of me out 3 jams i kind of, it's an old of t as orlando said, i totally chi loud. i'm still, i bother how she went to cock mac that i started as i could oh, to atkinson that tied to stick. it dance. i learned carlos and the extent that called them, they're shallow dandy sherry on that it. i saw burning and damage nurse. no bother . the clones activated his i tunnel, not direct him. are such a faint say? the simple living movement is now a global phenomenon. fuel by social media, documentaries, and blogs. the idea is that reducing household consumption should lead to less individual debt. by spending means less time earning. busy and so your quality of
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life should improve parkinson's yoke. sultan's miss were the real so they could sit in the sins, museum, russet teams with deal debbie. good news. sorry. like an amazon incense. are they like tons of clash going internally in? they can bullet as you hit for him as his are they bit higher to can because getting that is he the touchy derek? will you be? lemme say young high up thing with her. she helped mercer the other daughter target either higher thing gets fixing in the clear net. yes. you may are as nicholas. yeah. dear. good, good. michelle. or as the or just families journey progressed, they embraced both the practical and spiritual side of the new, minimalist. so there's an early snow, not on the little heard. i'm v. sadness, my kids in their market to talk to richardson and all the little i'm in just want
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to let out those the famous book on one side. this is cheryl and oxide in this make it naca that on long been busy all to personal, busy all to personal minute me may be a limited on the lawless allows. he also said to me, isn't that she could attach it to people to the media. i did a lot call id actually had decided to showing that she's link in the sit resolved in the media. it's hard to hear tardy. she the civil side to be a like a look and you did it things here. the packet mode of you out the gauge and handled stuff. i really didn't know that it is a calmly job and because i understand that she had the coldly john to watch and also done. but then i also attack it, which he still has feared which town maloney bush fiercely.
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ah said fy osa describes himself as a miss. the painter, a writer, and a flute player. he lives in turkey's anatolia mountains. present used to be an architect. that is now a shepherd lou talk sunroof. the boiling kept in kiss me. it is amber alert this num washed the canter. it is shimmy in sun, killing mushrooms skirted can a dense gertrude, him the additional ginger be from us in the adjudication. it's gotten was getting your the roach of a ship which of his son, but i come yet, does that matter? so long as i, she little black wishes that debbie's logo in general. so products must occur michigan, noticed she had him, his mid downward, the shows gave me, can't let the iep such as were the amman chamberlain. nobody of chum belong that in alton holl burlison's ruble and chalmers yo yonder sovereigns of jackson's ah,
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but none of them out there. mamma ma'am, with william thompson mcnelson out them. i'll call you and make you pay more attention and will be your kindness movie. sure. the quality, his few, she steamer me, stare, him, tongue them. he had your son ish, the yellow nash. i'm one with somebody, me, cindy bees were every year what i've been get my really she date there's a map woocommerce still lived here where i can make you mildred contributing years . the solemn was of the history of burslur, the getting them in a new make him burdening so as soon as the purchasing attorney kitchen kit dessie then there or told me the amount from the i mentioned the, our manager and the regular just reaching out to her associate cables and jack me, they were presented at the source room offensive to all out. yes, i will be partisan, admonished, ah,
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said outside the night at the home of the architect turned shepherd. the next morning they discussed minimalism and the pros and cons of modern city life. and it is hate. yes she is there, sir ken and jack, will they a jacket? yes. your business yoke, the heck is singular dishes, you must the pool on a clue. cubby, cule and at the back can she do? was i one of the managers jen, as will. oh toby no, dan. trunk you minute. little more. lucian, american. no. yeah. usually. archie, yourself or no, no, no, this it? yes, she and your son little wish debited. elaine did, did deborah sandra junior, make your yo yo mc dk mune a indian summer?
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yeah, usually cure are to their cousin unit in cassandra. yeah. we should, i know learning so. yeah. using the us, that word can had the high, the q in that community junior door drew inhibition, chop blaine. jacqueline bottles, mar, sack lynch, banassi yet not a soul. not a cook dunnigan, a 6 anti cabbage restarted madness, all legged electric. i settled between me, get you back. i was watching. did elastic his whims watched the cushion, the elastic. she's making of bouchee maci. how of them are they not? can have smokers. you could shift younger from scenarios mucous to get that lunch meals on. give me shit, i yaki image. if they are comfortable from crashing up the be chipped, i can give you if we keep an eye on merchant 9 little us, get you to be kim. now you are not going to skip picky. she is there pal, available and he has the up and the i knew i should old on which i'm going to get. you listed him him. kiss cable doll, shykeneetra gastric listed impala credential. you can turn in and get cool. your
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left can the in the top line into a bit more that he, she'd been lucca dish is she were the minimum daughter m i k cut. so i will not be rendered all that will be 0 or younger solution because she she steers, i'm a sort of that all lanky, she did, it can, did all the land was out and she's in my car. kadesh will order less of wagon and order. let me just now nathan, the catching noticed every stuff i don't know if it has been out to school or matilda up to one my kids to make them ada. i had it hutsel flung you do this at us and let it be said child to see that
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electric a be give the breath. little light ethel lecount niggers. a whoop. look you said to me at h a eulogy cabbage in b. dr. ad? gag. michelle mac. student whoa is sharla, doesn't that you saw that especially as well nick, i tried this and bbq the to a boutique that you applied a little to annie savage in dakota. how to do the b, nidia, hodgen litigators. toby ne d, miss nick and i literally deems his behavior. niggers outdated. embassy. okay. i knew she had out hot on blue to all. do you? she organ, you know, any booster issue in the cadets? how little dual mother wooster masochism was on the question for us. you didn't say it. it may be easier thursday because he doubled. i'm off to the beginning. thank you. my chelsea, me question, could you said it's in harrison harrison. he's gone. oh yeah.
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oh, i . 2 love to d closer in his family hood said apo joel turned his focus to food. he was also concerned about the use of cleaning materials and the hello to find out more. he made an appointment to meet thought ok. good in day a practitioner of alternative met. ah. 2 2 hike is kusha kendall. do nessa. a cushion? lay on the abuses. he made sure miss innocent in something between the cushions, my extended beyond little muscles howled. you was among the heck is a nickel dash cautious children. if i can think newsome st. oil and build them, get us. none of my coming to us from us was amanda. i am ashamed as thou colina
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issue thought good and de, runs the institute of natural health. in his stumble, he believes that the simple life philosophy and natural food are inextricably linked. brazil is childish dom, yes, an issue us and that a i up 1000 the so get us the high gach jarling to mitchell. we shall, so let the gym arkell mitchell wish them be ash i'm as i'm on the side i out the issue here. they or chill chung target that in so little the solar energy what valuation or customer use it it chill, shwale, optimist. beer shift a lot of issues with her to been in for a little while and they still could glee beach d g d, you'd have to have his own d, crash said when him would fall behind it. mobil. alexa, daniel sheranda,
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mars in santa equally would have been engaged in almost 5 additional dollars. mitchell tobac arsenault to push yogi chicky austin isn't tend to change the chiefs them in the master feature but good. and a family shopped locally for naturally produced foods from their local market. she taken demanded to shoot him a hear the attack it suddenly hitting initiate, harden egotism. did sharon shrink about mid any gang she lean, pulled the door don't go to butin. a motor car tarzan ingram everett young, bolder, kistin, dawn model. sure moment. but i'm sure you colson. stimuli will the height. you also issued a boat all normally been on the highway, all of our the additional air opening that get me in clinicals for finish. cash rocking on e r. i chicky,
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i'm with cilia from the care management to get me is puckett amish amar referrals or to them, she should be rude and columbia. according to my dear cut, come odyssey shlang, shootin that genetic dish. clearwater tongue should in that hut. darnell take the machine a packet, linen fit they needed and do not belong. it'll it hung, he was sandy to cool. cool. with dish petro kimmie are sol timmy's, each elliptical on europe. kimmy also led to the kissing at the kilometer mush lush, all modem, mission, margin, columbia parkway. we are in need of a out what community champ? one step, is it such creamy below the columbia missouri . miss march and not getting it. a miss hart boot took his auckland under 2 proud campbell new air trillion. took dialed una bond, the coach to the chimney, danny, but a leaky carpenter. hike of the marginal do look for it. then i wish was another child,
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you know, which was another thing with nauseous luggage. a miss it out, which would you all know rush, what would you are that we get as it is a competition? hopefully it was. i should cushion canyons that can, apart from the liquor stall in their system is corckalone on yolanda the actually a 20 color goose vehicle long. you won't tell her need you ask them to drop us before and put them in. but the rhythm is an 8 year old or not on so you can figure it out from a customer on, on line fall to who needs you know, oh, this is roger the probably the zone beginning of jelly because you did. yeah. you, me to do it all in my them with another. if the a book killer. co muck to music. my the melinda, either shaky, deborah jokes, or let me just of the district. we are the 3rd
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this is middle. welcome to his in wash the alt. i'm the community that talk to noon time it 0. my stu, autumn that every day. now this is jojo dance, hasha muttered good. every dim korean. tell much of that asian, the help of your bullshit patasha, mac. you know that each and wellness is italian than the up button. yes. hobble. not a dish margin on the yet can music. miser 1000000 it it should euclid i never. we run more than a little earlier with no longer that we juggle the seller on the color boy letters . stay stopped. i recite all this on our end chalk sandy, up to she mclaughlin. yeah. nick m following jack took them and on behalf was not woo, the hoses. should it be a, make your bike alegretky similar to inactive? should i initiated the will to music. madam and eddie optimization or that him pronounced for a cutaway usually don't. you know, they say xander began with yup,
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we did a nick bomb, which took their teacher to get in as i was thinking as alcohol mcdonner. and i have several new literacy j students near to is it is that i? yeah, i think nadia lives lucretia, i said because this bob was like a silly to make it to michigan boundary for satisfy the binder kicking us out loud and fluffy, blasted out on the continent. steering yeah, new side to hire too modern. me it all to mission in use on that attention. so in a mic that from certain mikaela, the evetts bitchy than truck ma thomas choker is lamba. eunice he, i know kish k. all known to be a shave. is sick there. mr. loved it. on the he truly need the us unless in the gym the check yuma stilson camden, it keeping shady down here for olivia gauzy chic color which mimic been watching
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their kiss inc. dba modernity, sion cook, or she had to la mural tunnel museum just here to sit noodle gentlemen, check me. yeah. to be in sun. gabrielle sch, tool. i am as a college master control. amos and good. all ma'am. she it kit. miss dooley sealer told him you suck color beach mutes aside the less mailed under becky did bit as kaleya catch me at at to hit the color she shot that image. i did. i did it. i took that modeled stokes, and it would love an hon. look, ah, with an experiment now a lifestyle. how successfully have your child family adapted to simple living with kids? minimize the brain in this kid is gonna be decorative math and is allowed to been so loyal by celia, basic biddable. now they say, oh yeah, them is not cooper band. the island in issue literature lability deleon's
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uneasiness etiquette. columbus and he liked men couldn't like their local long, reddish eating. the cut cook quoted, you a draft and then it was up to j. l y z m a level. and he spoke with us to get motors for gaining all man he, she, all malaria is likely to die. you did a moment to get her daughters a timmy read it as a category and if there is pick him yourself center to cooper lou, they say they she in order to get to us an equal loaners there. so to normal, this conduct that was it. they did imaging air each actually statement sort of so mcgathen. i took it, salish, did him as i ought to, missouri dialect, things. it does renew movers. it every day. did the arnold us, are they still dick forgione jaya to me? i never, they said which, which is tis nyja hodge esha even miss day bloom. livable lacey lawyer, charlotte, and coolness it on both ends. you manipulate a key, but i was
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a ham cousin there can him hijacker there locked him? is it hijack can moon can method of controlling be the old cut out? assume wilson and that city you knocked at the be didn't all do the hierarchy, shall i chose? i ought to, missouri dounia. the shop. there was addition to monsieur lease. thank you so much for that point cuz i'm at work cuz i work to satterfield together. but barely be sure your can. why. so the one additional dish medic bullet is fitted up to the end of march. took a dollar fully up much all morning. util. the each hoover it took me. took darnell patterson, utica, michelle. the guy lynn is up there that jo shamira, i'm in the visit us. she cabana took which the almost all the tissue there there inside it, shaking. there shouldn't be janey in a new role up to this. yeah. little to do those. i looked at the huddled shocked lava. it is to make the only guest i look at the 9 am to max. whichever
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chiefly did he did began museums, english al vitti and all a tunnel monday. la midday dalton, when you pull the i know he goes to mc hymnals here, balloonist and that, that the name orla dollars for shipping and orlando the santa couldn't be study up mitchell's shoes and the autumn food is under this. ah still on the be suitable, shall there was additional ship to set up at london at some future. hot delish man? yeah, i ne, i had to lose the keys on little he she did it up to marie she the him is there? yeah. little town miss cooler than and shinji that it sold will on my own little delays to the may, the old must get a can hardly get to me again the stone. i mean i. busy i the ojo families enthusiasm for
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seem living has continued since this program was made. saddam has not gone back to his former consumer's lifestyle, but says that making the necessary life changes in a huge city light is sand. bell is hard for a whole family. it sounds as though the quest for a simpler life might just make things more complicated and every one in east amble has had to simplify their lives in many ways during dakota 19 pandemic. that's another story. ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. busy ah
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ah hello there, let's look to north america on a winter. snow storm has me dominating the weather story here you can see the cloud cover as it sweeps from west to east. now is cause severe flooding in pots west in canada as well as the north west of the u. s. but as it's moved away, it has dried up here, though it remains raw the cold. and you can see the snow that's lingering. but that system has brought plenty of snow to the canadian prairies as bringing what a weather as well to the great lakes and ahead of it. it has been rather warm
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across that east coast. temperature is above average for new york and washington dc, but have a look what happens as it sweeps through as temperature dipping down for toronto as well. we look at the 3 day for washington dc. it's going to be well below the average and quite a dip from $20.00 to $8.00. by the time we get to saturday, it will remain cloudy. now as we look to the west coast, we've got more of a wintry mix pulling into washington, oregon, idaho, as well. as montana's lots of snow expected here, it's down in the southwest that things are looking a lot quieter and comma that heat south too except for florida. we've got some heavy rain coming in. it's expected to stay. or we can thanks to this blotch of rain. that's bringing heavy showers, the yucatan peninsula, all the way to the bahamas. that's the weather update. ah, serious dorcas days. with one man leading the country through us. present to alice
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out his loss legitimacy. he needs to step down. how has he retained control through over a decade of war? we examine the global power games of president bashar al assad. we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? many a reason that could effect any human eyesight master of chaos on al jazeera. ah, a crackdown in sudan leaves at least 15 dead after police fire lie brown's and tear gas, a protested ah, i'm darned, jordan, this is al jazeera ally from doha. also coming up the u. s. secretary of state ways in on the ongoing crisis in ethiopia. backing efforts to end the fighting. a large
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group of migrants and refugees are given temporary shelton beller roost, but many more face. another freezing night along the border with only.


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