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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2021 5:30am-6:00am AST

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o g t, there is emerging from the pandemic with his economy weaker on the growing pressure to find solutions both in the corridors of power and on the streets. showing their al jazeera when osiris ah, suffolk, out of the top stories here in al jazeera medics incidence at least 15 people have been shot dead by security forces during another protest against last month's military takeover. dozens of people have been injured by live fire and tear gas out as he was wrestled, sarah has worn out from a capital cotton. yeah. now, in the border district, capital cartoon, and people have started together here around 1 pm, a lot of times which is the usual practice for the brought us to remember. this brought us today is taking place on a working. they usually have brought us these on the, on the weekends and the brothers,
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this is the reason that they decided to now hold on to brought us all the working days is to mark this is the mental force only to mark the country. so for a while here, this is one of the district, but there are several other places. 7 are there. this is heather, feel hausten, this protest of security forces fighting interfere in people. there are a lot of people are shooting and it did these 1st, damn. the u. s. secretary of state has reiterated calls for a ceasefire in the conflict in ethiopia, expressing concern the war could spill over to the horn of africa. and to me, blink and made the comments and kenya's capital. during the 1st length of his, after the tour, bella rooster set up shelters for migrants and refugees stranded on the border with poland, beach, lady, thousands of people trying to reach the you have been living in makeshift camps. the united nations and voids afghanistan says the ice le filiette in the country has expanded and seems to be present in all provinces. deborah lyons told the
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security council the taliban is response is worrying the warning fall of the death of at least 10 people and 2 explosions in cobble ice cream responsibility for both blast. the world health organization says deaths from coven 19 have risen 5 percent in europe in the past week. the highest numbers being reported on russia, britain and germany. it's recall that it's high a single day increase in infections since the outbreak began to men convicted of assassinating american civil rights leader malcolm x are expected to have their names cleared. after more than half a century, both spent decades in prison comes off and investigation found the f, b i and police withheld key evidence that would likely have led to their acquittal . so those were the headlines. the news continues here now to sierra off the witness state your vents watch life enough. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter why you call home al
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jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that mattie al jazeera a, with the sources when we get your mom get. okay. so yeah, i mean, what is up, will you be going my? well, i will,
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i be done with a lot of them. and so one moment a so my begin going to, well, you know, but it won't or you go to him to go some of them better, but he hadn't meant them a check in with him. i think i did the learning with ah
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do cba beta you will. yeah, i knew the gondo single. i was also millenniums. who got the metal? emilio with seems again my yodi, allegheny, the more less luck crompley stay month and it is to lance. you're literally like even my watching as sure between i am a battles i know like well. 6 no, my board with the younger boys for better job. yeah. yeah. then that that then i will love. yeah. you've got the are you going to see them? what a lovely but as shown below police. yeah. i love it,
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but it's john miller go it. what's i with us? yes. oh ah. we may complement may, may be to get j again. see me a a clicker. is there any way that sonya is a birthday thing will cease and allison had gone pretty good. j compound him. yeah, it does all really say them up again. con plumber kit. nobody else is in the one piece of their sealants. you're causing me more ghetto telling me the soon i get there for another and republican salient once you are watching as will i and i didn't up and i get the don't see the rallies it to my new and i'm with it a more than normal. neither raising what i will man
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my, my battle full or go do they get it? they go let a big woman that they're gay. alef, anela mini my give my say a demo, a low on monday night as well. i don't in the say average emily a yoyo, but i yeah. you area and do your ability. i'm walking out winter at the at a you don't, emma? my a young. well, mabel in a suit you. oh boy young fella, but i get a big on me when i got you or you me? yeah. you're good. you're going to get the i'll go bookkeeper for you're going that either you joy to murmur a lower public or get revamp. they say which i don't do. you are see the dogs are with foot down from all the moment. oh, really got little league or you little i can leave or your i put all, sir, you the eunice it will say
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a year ago. legal, you know, say you're, when throws you can will for me what vehicle were you know, i'm them to see them. he saw my lamphere today almost when i mean of all of you see it unless your as will be a boy that we are the come home. it will do it on my lovely man. i can i get him? i went thus who would allow you, lynn? see you look damian. thank you. yearbook birthday log. no bus on. he said, you know we're not him and i know what gets you a month unless you either already kitten or william will mother. oh, a
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the in the log in with those thing. a woman and yet you don't need to be you don't get to me about that. but most of the people get me will come up, but i'm sure you don't need both databases, which i know you know to me about it on the yet i did ducky, but i do need to be with them and i can show you where you are. the month, but i'll give you a month which i don't know, but to get clarity. yes. bill at the all the way
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for lower double. yeah. me down a little bit from the order. i don't the release. i don't know that i one i begging your nino, them to let her go. but as you can get my son a and i'm the he a local not buying coffee table. so yes, she will cool about that when i and i said the kisses and seem of which is good. oh no, no no in control,
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i don't but i don't so wanted to pay you a while. we're trying to get a better deal better. but we're in the world g. c with the city. thanks so much
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for mercedes benz message. bit on the on the waiting we need to speak those input, the really big event feeling but they don't have any microphone. people to put the blame my guy looked at them out. the defense telling me not each of them is the one i'm going to cancel my info, not letting me say to complete them and him to gave me
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the me the you see sort of a victory over it with my money gone when i'm in. so laggy i someone else we might have been down pretty good jane and commands like paramount and buddha. i get that. im also we only gone but kinda exactly medium though on but well give us a lad b i. e. and don't be to get if i see game, which i law law, you me down with them in at the w on the letter, but as on selling bonds. our gotcha. you don't like you, but i see you as a miller will a pretty good gentlemen. i
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. 6 just figured that out there was some, you know, you know, get the when out eas, order, when her say, sorta, where do you could i get both of us are among the women. thank you. where they game bethaly really ready to go. that a good though gather all moment. of course there were lazy a warm may and i mean the you being that i am what to i only i know
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mother that in this whole you know, not letting me look by guam and gus e ambulance. i mean, they're getting their le let go other but he's on lowball. he is a when i re, i am 11 down on the left. or you wanna give me a while and um, gamble bought lagoon lingo. grim. no wonder. let him on book. what is a one in my, my la yamini myself. bowden. i'm in as a day in the yard missile seemed better. good enough. where's the book? but he is away from mo. let gone. eagle, murray said on dolly any way. good. am i what? fingers it was or whether you're my not bug brick. when at the m, from brazil,
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i in a legacy and it's been placed on was he in there garza florida and thought to talk leanne marine gould, gay 11 gonna janese you are. he's an k and let him know the donnie already got daugherty. he oh, see any that i'm clear when that i'm mediate, who wildly with i am which one of their thought level galvan beautifully or griffith, what he implore my bill or oh that in nino my what i saw valia what i get. i'm gonna go with his own mom which you know no labeling. oh and off by that one though. good. yeah. as you but he was, there was nice yet
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. okay, ma'am you are sad guanasha. yeah, we're so good. so it will reflect the value, lindsey, but are gone. are going quindrel with a me a little in our civic lead, but august the info give you and me begin with a with
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wow, i get i think you're willing little doing that on my moine, iowa. again. yelp in italy again, when we die, i bring it up. we think we're going to look oh, getting some movie to come back a yes. yes. and then greg, you'd want to look a little
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bit on some level. so mozambie yes. a bit. well, and you came up with a young i want to loan, you know, wanted to see what he sense. yep. what a are you seeing can yonder oh yeah i yeah. oh no. so don't come. but if you morning compressor's he is a load us. what, what if, what are you new? a leo bus. so miss simona in my sim will not be a
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minority. the kyoto midweek with equal good q you live in the look at been so ah . c c c c c a . c a with
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the name a single and then can you that and, but that i mean that to someone about this good. do we asking you to thing and will not go? you go yes, he does some, but i was in the one you so you in any yeah, this is the meaning that oh, i meant the legal. it's with them on the thing we'll get it. i don't want that, i want to know you think you'll get all about 9. okay. don't like it or now yeah, i had, i had a. c 7 out in obama, then let me give you one know them wants to go. i know you might be able to get out . i think i think it was the one who job is intended to them or you have
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a deal with them. you know a booking gain, a better a
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i got a got a question. make a motion to go over that with somebody. i guess i don't know what to do. a computer center was in florida. it's your name was a so will send me just so much that it was, you know, i so you did that. i can go and i will come for you then. thank you bye. you're a pretty me though. you know, when i fell in love fever, neither one of our but guess so as a look,
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you're welcome on a battle. now it will see a little bit of a reason there with c. so he's doesn't what he thought. i am a . ringback yeah, well i got to go to my media now real quick, but i don't get me a
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minute. medically, moss: it and i want you to are thinking over at the man. oh not when it what can you say good. we must sure we can across on, on come you know, what is so you know, really kind of the one with a little bit a little bit of a yes or no? no, no, say yellow again without only with no with people good. i love it. i'm with so i can
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not get what am i so i don't know what i get. i go you must read with just say good. then we'll get with what a kid a cielo simpson and familiar me. you can put a key when mumble, immune to fit the music if this stolen come in. so it be medical battle if they don't come in with that city, dodie and someone with that get literally keenan kin kinnon obama cutting the medical. so for supplement. yes. we that is a fundamental you the alley, a labeling white shop. ah
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ah, ah, it says he, joe, this whole real with somebody's got to do it. where do you go to that by let's go there voice here. promoting clean, save sanitation for all. but with a 3rd of the world lacking basic facilities, can his unique style really help clean up the mess? sunny culture to pop culture is the fastest way those soft, the sanitation problem. mister toilets, a witness documentary on al jazeera and african narrative. mm. from african perspective, a new series of short documentaries, by african filmmakers from across the continent. this program really can commit to
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handle the african direct. coming soon on al jazeera, pick. oh, the land of the free. if you are black or a criminal, you are so who was supposed to shut up and accept would america give shoes? a new episode of democracy may be exposed racial conflict, ethnic politics and inequality in the united states. they get upset if you say all large because they want to focus on what we had a dream on al jazeera. from the al jazeera london broke up fantastic to people in thoughtful conversation. we were 1st generation of black versus people and we had to really find our way with no hope and no limitation. the well does a much smaller place. we do better to get away with these regional boundaries,
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film direct, thank you. in to tell me things come right back in the think about, right. the thank you stephanie have is making off invisible. g b unscripted on out to thera ah, security forces ensued on use live bullets and tear gas of mass protests. at least 15 people have been killed. ah, malcolm on piece adobe. you're watching ultra 0 live from our headquarters here in dough are also coming up a large group of refugees and my.


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