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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2021 7:00am-7:31am AST

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and the fight to self determination residing at that time. thinking of the nato was the same as thinking of joanne's government by the people on al jazeera. ah. ready to. ready ah, security forces ensued on use life bullets and tear gas at mass protests. at least 15 people have been killed. ah, hello, welcome on piece adobe. you're watching l to 0 alive from do are also coming up. a large group of refugees and migrants, a given temporary shelter in bella, luce, but many more face. another freezing night, along the border with potent canada deploy its air force and troops to help with
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the rescue effort. south of devastating floods and landslides in the country's west and 2 men convicted of killing the u. s. civil rights icon malcolm x since be exonerated, optimal than half a century. ah . health workers incidence, at least 15 people had been gone down by the security forces during another mass protest against last month, military takeover. dozens have been injured by live fire and tear gas. that's according to the central committee of sydney's doctor's russell, said our reports now prompt cartoon. ah, the demonstrations easterel down continue less than a week after hundreds of thousands around the country to the seeds demanding the military of diverse is the core of the government. people came out on wednesday to lee 3 that seemed demand. ah, let, i log on with any i demand for civilian government and the military council to be
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taken to court. and those who killed people to be handed just as city been and those who are making our lives hard here must also be brought to justice. the protest were organized by bodies known as resistance committees and the forces of freedom and change coalition, which has been shading power with the military. again, protestors were met with weiss including tear gas and live ammunition by security forces to disperse them. several have been killed and many more injured. ah, the authorities also destroy the phone lines. the internet has been restricted since the military takeover and those restrictions became tougher during redness days, demonstrations. but all that didn't deter the crowds from gathering in capital and other cities. protesters behind me, they are barricade in the roads, are fighting added the ty, years burdening the tires and chanting,
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i guess it did that the military. they say they want an immediate restoration off a civilian government. and they say all so they want the release of the political prisoners and also on me to commit to death cause additional declaration . it's signed in 2019 with, with, with civilians general up with that that will hand who does all the 2 years transitional government has promised to appoint a government of technocrats to lead on to elections in 2023. do you as cut it to sudan after the military takeover and has urged a return to civilian government? sudan had been on the path toward a democracy. instability returning to their path is the best way for sit down to attain patient prosperity. become a leader on the continent and are to restore very strong support from the international community. the protest to see they will do all they can to force the military to hand power to
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a civilian government. and wednesdays demonstrations showed that their dispute with the military leadership is far from where from said that al jazeera cartoon un secretary of states is reiterated. cole's foresees fire in the conflict in ethiopia, expressing concern the war could spill over into the horn of africa. antony blinkin made the comments in the canyon capital during the 1st leg of a tour of africa. catherine sawyer reports now from nairobi. if feel p o was high on the agenda as u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin visit, had neighboring kenya canyon president hooking atta briefed blinking on his recent trip to a few peer where he met with the prime minister. i'll be amid and other officials. i strongly believe that there is an opportunity and more than an opportunity that absolute uncertainty for all of the parties to, to stop,
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to talk, to pull back, to get humanitarian assistance to flow. and ultimately to be at a table together and negotiate through the various differences that, that have emerged over the pastor over the past year. the united nations. and if you piece human rights commission, say up to 1000 ethnic to grands, have been detained by security forces. all sides in the conflict have been accused of committing atrocities against civilians. and the fighting has continued. despite a flurry, diplomatic activity, the african unions envoy, foreman, nigerian president, or less a good a boss angel, is talking to both prime minister abbey's administration. and that degree and leadership, which is listed as a terrorist organization by the government, the u. s. and other international partners, as well as regional leaders, are also involved in peace efforts. we must believe in the fortitude and the wisdom
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of the ethiopian people, because in the end, the solutions will come from them. what we must do as neighbors is to support is to counsel is to hold hands is to point in the right direction. both sides of the conflict continued to maintain a hard line position with set preconditions ahead of any negotiations. bettina will be beyond a diplomatic talk. we haven't really see at least public key any farm action on what more can be done to put pressure on them to agree to a cease fire and possibly talks. katherine saw alta 0 now ruby barrow says set up shelters to some of the migrants in refugees stuck on the border with poland, where thousands have been living and make shift camps. it comes a day after the polish police use tear gas and stun grenades to stop people trying to cross over. i said big is there lining up to get some sustenance
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under the rough him. these refugees and brother russian troops in the breski area near the polish border, bella ruth has in recent days, stepped up attempts to show its treating people humanely. on tuesday night, it provided shelter for hundreds of men, women and children in this warehouse to dodge pity, brawley's, uncle of the commentary on this video comes from brother, russian state media. many of them have now returned to the forest. these pictures from wednesday film by poland, interior ministry apparently shall migrants leaving a makeshift camp as by the russian forces lucon, some a carrying logs. the only thing that's kept them warm at night, overnight, there were fresh attempts to break through the razor wire and which polished territory. i was earlier. polish forces had used water cannon across the border at a group of migrants. polish border forces said they were attacked with stones polish police said to one officer was taken to hospital with a head injury and the polish side to what provision there is has come from
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volunteers. on tuesday, the human rights commissioner of the council of europe visited one migrant aid center near the border. it is absolutely unacceptable what belarus is doing and how the people are manipulated. that at the same time, i think we need to step aside and, and think you know, what is happening at the european border. why are these people left in limbo and what can be done in order to stop this extremely dangerous situation? meanwhile, polished forces of parked water cannon. opposite a new makeshift camp at the border with no sign, the political standoff or the misery. 4000 stuck here, ending soon. as i beg, i'll jazeera poland. jenna hall is in cuz need some on the polish side of the board with bella bruce. he has more now on the diplomatic efforts to resolve this crisis, there is a 2nd phone call this afternoon between the outgoing german chance langley merkel
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and alexander lucas. shank belushi leda that after recall that the pair had on monday, a german government statement saying that she urged him to allow greater access for un agencies in particular to the people stuck on his side of the board and to allow aid to flow in the belushi state news agency says the pair reached an understanding . we don't know quite what that means. interesting and controversial contacts these in any case, given that the, you and germany in particular. don't recognise lucas shanker as the beller and president after an election in 2020. but western nations continue to have been a sham at so much so that poland has said andre, due to the president here, that it will not abide by any arrangement reached on its behalf by germany. that it will consider to have been done over its head. in the meantime, alexander lucas, lucretia said he's not backing down. indeed, he's threatened to retaliate further if sanctions go ahead. sanctions that were
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agreed upon by e u. countries this week and indeed on wednesday we hear that an oil pipeline heading towards the e. u through beller. s better. it has been turned off apparently for shad your maintenance and all of that happening in the context of a wide, somewhat sinister looking geopolitical picture with russia tacitly supporting its out. i bellows in its endeavors here, and also at the same time applying pressure to another week flank of the european union, the eastern border of ukraine, potentially preparing to open up a 2nd front with massive military, massive military build up the philippine task. he's paging of sabotaging a resupply mission in the disputed south china sea. it says the incident happened on tuesday near the contested sprightly islands. let's go live now to manila and correspondent following the story. jamila adding doggone for us jamila, what does this say about relations? now between the 2 countries, well,
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it's hard to say because peter's since president to dig to tear, to was torn into office in 2016. there have been a lot of incidents like this one. and a lot of countless, basically protests that have been submitted to china by the philippine embassy by the philippine government, through the department before in affairs. but this particular incident is seen as an ex escalate story attack described by defense analysts. that's because these see the actions of, of china was very much aggressive. it happened 2 days ago at the philippine millet . she, 2 boats are actually on its way to a supply mission to the 2nd film a show that's where grounded ship is actually in place. the b r b share a magic where they're actually philippine marines expecting for this supply, although no one is hurt. basically, from the attack of, of china. what basically the department of foreign affairs is telling them is to essentially back off and that the philippines is free to do whatever it needs to do
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in the areas it controls in the south china sea. it's many years now. i guess jimmy listens, we've been talking on this channel about specifically about the sprightly islands is, is there reemergence as a bone of contention between beijing and manila? is that an indicator that relations are going south? it's hard to predict because at this point, you know, this particular incident 2 days ago is basically seen as possibly the next security flash point. the 2nd on my soul is a soul that is manned by marines. like i said in the grounded ship, there are worries that what happened to the scar bushel which was forcibly taken by china in 2012 may happen again. you know, the government has always assert that it's right that any area? well, within the exclusive economic zone,
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the $200.00 nautical economics of the philippines belong to the philippines as well as those that belong to other claimant countries. almost all of the south china is claimed by china through its 9 dash line narrative that has already been disputed. the philippine government filed a landmark case against china at the hague. the philippine government worn at the hague and actually declared this 9 dash claim as invalid. but that does not stop china from continuing its expansion in the south china sea jamila. thank you very much, jim. and i think they're talking to us from manila still to come on. this program, as he saw, is mostly holding after the worst violence since the end of the war over the disputed nicole know cut about and argentina's parents gather to show support for the government days after it suffered heavy losses in mid term elections. ah,
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ah, look forward to burritos guys. with sponsored by counsel, airways. hello there. we'll have a look at africa in a moment, but fast to the middle east and we've seen unsettled weather sweep across iran when it has cleared up. is that a few showers around southern areas edging into some of those gulf states, but for guitar it's expected to stay rather fine and dry as we go towards the weekend and the formula one takes place. the unsettled weather though, will pick up across the live, and we are expecting heavy rain to edge into places like more than egypt. israel be occupied palestinian territories, and by the time we get to friday, we'll for heavier in syria pots of lebanon. now we move over to north africa, we are expecting heavy rain to roll into coastal areas of our gee area and to nicea . but it is going to pick up some of the torrential downpours pushing into western areas of our area. by the time we get into friday pushing up into morocco as well.
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8 we could see some flooding from that heavy rain as we move down to central africa . it's looking why in the east west, in the west particular for the congo, those thunderstorms rolling across the western areas, the gulf of guinea, seeing quite a few heavy showers as well as we move to southern africa. it's south africa, that's a lot wetter and cooler. but there's, there's a lot of heat coming through for southern botswana. that's your update. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always healing the debates. 90 percent of the woods refugees have come from of common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on cities across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future rates. now, this is not our exclusively, please give a lot concrete responsibly feedback. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to do to get back, we must build all these papers. this stream on al jazeera
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lou. the me. welcome back. you're watching al jazeera, your top story so far this half hour medical stuff insur done. so 15 people have been shot dead by the security forces during another protest against last month's military takeover. dozens have been injured by life, fire, and tear gas. the secretary of states has reiterated cold for a ceasefire in conflict in ethiopia, expressing concerns the walk is below. over to the horn of africa, anthony lincoln made the comments from kenyan. come in, the 1st leg of a regional tool and says, sets up shelters for migrants. and refugees strands it on the border with poland.
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thousands of people trying to reach the youth have been living in make shift caps. a state of emergency is now in effect from the canadian province of british columbia. after heavy rainfall frigate flooding and mud slides, highways and bridges have also been cut off and at least one person has died. jodie vance is in vancouver. for almost a week, thousands of canadians have been stranded, forced to evacuate or left without a home to return to for steve booth. the record breaking rain in british columbia turned a typical weekend commute into what feels like an unending ordeal. we thought over night in our car and monday night and we were able to find a friend of a friend of a friend who lived in help and was taking people in and we. ready yesterday morning we went there and can just get a car was what was hard. prime minister justin trudeau has promised support.
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including to playing the military. i spoke with the premier i spoke with the number of mirrors last night to talk about how people are doing in this terrifically bad situation. we're also working with them on saving people on sending resources like the canadian, our forces to support people in this situation. but also will be there for the clean up and the rebuilding after the impacts of these extreme weather events. the british columbia premier then declared a provincial state of emergency already strain supply lines are at risk of greater disruption. therefore, as of noon today, the government a, b, c, is declaring a state of emergency. there's not a person that hasn't been affected or will not be affected by the events of this past weekend. these events are increasing and regularity because of the effects of human cause. climate change canadians on the west coast have become familiar with
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extreme weather events like the heat dome and the bomb cyclone. this one is being called an atmospheric river, which dumped a months worth of rain in 2 days. when i 1st started studying climate change 20 years ago, there was this idea that you had to go somewhere else that the canada was wealthy and would be fairly insulated from the effects of climate change. and i mean this summer has just taught us here in canada, but i think people around the world that you don't have to go anywhere. climate change is affecting everyone at home. it could end up being one of canada's most expensive disasters. mud slides have destroyed highways and bridges, cutting off access to the largest port in vancouver and flood waters are still rising in british columbia as agricultural historically is the washington state nook, sack river floods burst and then that triggers a chain of events leading into canada. but this time, this extreme rainstorms soaked the fraser valley even before the connected river systems could flood it. the u. s. light has
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b. c very much still on high alert. and this entire area, racing for more. jody vance. al jazeera vancouver. the you and envoy to afghanistan says, and i still affiliate there has expanded and seems to be present in old provinces to groups latest attacks, bombings in a she, a neighbourhood, and cobble killed at least 10 people. special representative, deborah lyons told the un security council there is evidence the taliban is responding to the violence with extrajudicial killings and attentions. the reality of the current situation threatens to heighten the risk of extremism. the continued deterioration of the formal economy will provide impetus to the informal economy, including alyssa drugs, arms flows, and human trafficking. the ongoing paralysis of the banking sector will push more of the financial system into on a countable and unregulated informal money exchanges,
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which can only help facilitate terrorism trafficking and for their drug smuggling. these pathologies will 1st effect afghanistan. these pathologies will 1st effect afghanistan by then, they will, in fact, the region, armenia says the russia mediated cease fire with azerbaijan, is quotes mostly holding, following a day of violence, has been the worst flare up since fighting over the disputed and gone accountable border region. last year, which left more than $6000.00 people dead. robin christie walker reports now from tbilisi in neighboring georgia. official footage from arminius defense ministry shows strikes on what it claims were, as it by johnny armored vehicles in armenian sovereign territory. as
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a by john said, armenia provoked the fighting and describes the border area as disputed. ah, mobile footage shade on social media appears to show as a by johnny soldiers beating and taunting their armenian captives. 2 on tuesday, the head of armenia security council called for russian military intervention. but so far the prime minister has stopped short of officially requesting moscow support . sir, man, i'm the jerry martine herself. janetta talks about border disputes are absurd and senseless. there is no boarded dispute. there is aggression against the sovereign territory of the republic of armenia. as a by john re took control of most of the go, no carrabas, and surrounding territories in a war. last year with armenia. almost 7000 soldiers and civilians were killed. the latest fighting is close to karuba, but along the 2 countries border as it by johnny checkpoints now control roads
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leading into armenia, scenic province, isolating armenian villages and restricting travel. the region lies between as a by john and its autonomous exclaim nakesha van a cease fire agreement signed last year, included a commitment by armenia to provide the road or rail link, connecting as a by john with nike chivon and turkey. as a by john refers to it as a corridor and by implication, something it would control but russia, which mediated last year ceasefire. and has peacekeeping troops on the grounds in the going to car back. and armenia has played down that language and look for him. can you reshowing, we are getting close to concrete decisions, which are 1st and foremost, based on the notion that countries will retain sovereignty over roads passing
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through their territory as it by john and armenia accused each other of starting this latest round of fighting. but what is clear is that sticking points over those agreements signed in that piece deal last year, need urgently to be resolved. robin 1st year walker al jazeera tbilisi, an internationally known syrian artists has been detained in turkey for having a ledge connections to a kurdish armed group. omar solomon was taken into custody after turkish officers searched his home in the south eastern province of son lou. he's accused of being linked to the kurdistan workers party, which anchor considers a terrorist organizations. the speaker libya has the representatives is standing next month presidential election, giller seller has led the eastern parliament since 2014. he joins high profile candidates, including the warlord halle for half, and the son of the country's late dictator. margaret offi. the 1st time more than
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100000 people have died from a drug overdose in the united states over a period of 12 months. that's an increase of nearly 30 percent. the cdc says the overdose is a primarily done to appeal it's with fentanyl involved in more than 60 percent of the cases. the us president joe biden says it is a quote, a tragic milestone in an academic that's touched. families and communities across the country over those who are a leading cause of death in the us, surpassing the number of people killed by guns or in car crashes. 2 men convicted of assassinating the american civil rights leader malcolm x are expected to have their names cleared optimal than half a century. the manhattan district attorney's office will on thursday move to throw out the convictions of mohammed as ease and the late julio islam both spent decades in prison. it comes out from investigation found the f, b i and the police with hell. key evidence that would likely have led to their acquittal malcolm x was shot during the speech in new york in 1900. 65. to morrow
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pain is co author of the dead. arising the life of malcolm x. she says their involvement has been in question for a long time. the doubts started with the 2 people who were convicted as these abilities as well as class law. they, when we look at the assassins malcolm x, we know that the, his team came out of newark and from a group out of newark and of newark mosque, but close as ease and clue. islam and abilities were both members of the harlem, us and people who were in malcolm's organization on the day when he was assassinated, they knew these guys, and so had they had showed up at the audubon, they would have known that these guys, when they would have allowed them into the room, so for them to have has their fingers on the trigger for the shot that killed malcolm. and they weren't in the room. simply what we were able to do is find out,
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explored the culture of what was going on in the nation of islam at the time. malcolm's assassination. and what we found out was how the hit came out of out of new work. supporters of argentina's governments rallied in the capital just days after mid term parliamentary elections. it was a show of strength after the government suffered heavy losses. daniel schweitzer reports now from buenos aires, 3 days after mid term elections. people from all over argentina, fill the streets around the government palace in one osiris, most the members of the main trade union groups, as well as social and neighborhood organizations. and various strands of the parent is movement which backs the government, is the anniversary of the day they found the former president want that on return to argentina from exile in 1972. offered honestly dharmas bar meeting done as activists. we need to return to the streets because we couldn't during the 2 years
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on pandemic to this is our day to reflect and remember our joy of being together on the streets. and it was in that we're putting everything into our activism because we want a national popular government that to represent us all we are marching together and we are marching forwards. sunday's mid term elections, the government lost control of the senate, was weakened in the lower house and fed poorly in several provinces with previously dominated a few. here we're talking about the electoral damage. this doesn't look much like the fate, whether he's still supposed or with 2 days until the next lecture, a show of strength on the frame. just the 1st, the struggling government needs more than 40 percent of argentines live in poverty . inflation is rampant and unemployment is rising. the country is also burdened with a huge debt to the international monetary fund. so we have these 2 processes going
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on at the same time. one very public is false celebration of victory, which is really buying time to process defeat. meanwhile, the right wing opposition voted out of power in 2019, now feels emboldened to make their come back in 2 years time. and we have this pending processing victory, which is, you know, how do we do things better next time? i think we'll talk about america president alberto finance. this remains confident managing the crowds to support his plans for the rest of his term in vietnam from on or mac, or a better future is coming. we're seeing on the horizon what we want to see an economy growing by 9 percent. one of the fastest growing in the world and this year will surely recover what it lost and the pandemic argentina is emerging from the pandemic with his economy weaker under growing pressure to find solutions both in
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the corridors of power and on the streets. showing their al jazeera one osiris ma news comment and analysis. one of you wanted on our websites, you know, the address, alto 0 dot com ah, on the nose of half past the hour, these are your top stories. medical staff ensued on say at least 15 people that been shot dead by the security forces during another protest against last month military takeover. dozens of people have been injured by life, fire, and tear gas. that's according to the central committee of sudanese doctor's wrestle, said our reports now from cotton. you're now in the border district, capital cartoons, and people have started together here around 1 pm, a local time, which is the usual practice for this broadcast.


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