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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2021 9:00am-9:31am AST

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they looked at it is about paul black community. it is safe yet they'll let him down. nobody. nobody will city time. full lines on al jazeera. there is no channel that covers world news like we do. we revisit places the state of missouri really invest in that, and that's a privilege. as a journalist, ah, logan peter, they'll be here in dough. how the top stories on al jazeera health workers ensued on say at least 15 people had been gone down by security forces during another mass protest against last month's military takeover. doesn't have been injured. russell said our reports now from khartoum. ah, the demonstrations eastern dan continued less than a week after hundreds of thousands around the country took the seats,
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demanding the military of diverse is take off the government. people came out on wednesday to be 3 that seemed demand ah little now go mom with any i demand for civilian government and the military council to be taken to court. and those who killed people to be handed just as city been and those who are making our lives hard here must also be brought to justice. the protest were organized by bodies known as resistance committees and the forces of freedom and change coalition, which has been shared in power with the military. again, protestors were met with widens, including tear gas and live ammunition by school to forces to disperse them. several have been killed and many more injured. oh, the authorities also destroy the phone lines. the internet has been restricted since the military takeover and those restrictions became tougher during redness these demonstrations. but all that didn't deter the crowds from gathering in
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capital and other cities. protesters behind me, they are barricaded, the roads are fighting, added the ty, years burdening the tires and chanting, i guess it did that the military. they say they want an immediate restoration off a civilian government. and they say all so they want the release of the political prisoners and also on me to commit to death cause additional declaration. it's signed in 2019 with, with, with civilians. general opt to fat that will hon. who does all the 2 years transitional government has promised to appoint a government of technocrats to lead onto elections in 2023? do you as caught a to through than after the military takeover and has urged and returned to civilian government? sudan had been on the path toward a democracy, instability, returning to that path is the best way for sit down to attain patient prosperity,
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become a leader on the continent, and are to restore very strong support from the international community. the protests of say, they will do all they can to force the military to hand power to a civilian government. and whether these demonstrations showed that their dispute with the military leadership is far from where from said that al jazeera cartoon. well, the us secretary of state antony, blinking, who you saw in russell's report, there has reiterated calls for a ceasefire and the conflict in ethiopia expressing concern the walk spillover across the board of africa. mister lincoln made the comments in the canyon capital nairobi during the 1st leg of a tour of african countries. the philippines have accused beijing of sabotaging a resupply mission in the disputed south. china sea is that the incident happened on tuesday and near the contested sprightly islands. the tiny coast guard is that were blocked the philippine ships and fire water can the crews were forced to abort . the mission. fellow roost is set up shelters for migrants and refugees stranded
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on the border with poland. thousands of people trying to reach the e. you have been living and make ship camps. the block accuses minsky, sending them deliberately, which fellows denies. the canadian air force has been deployed to british columbia to help clear blocked rows after flooding in the province. canada's largest port has been cut off and thousands of people are stranded. at least one person is dead to others are missing. several times have been completely isolated. hollywood actor eli baldwin is facing allegations. he ignored safety protocols that could have prevented a fatal shooting. last month, script supervisor may mean mitchell is suing alec baldwin and the producers of his films called rust. she says the actor cocked and fired a loaded gun, even though it wasn't required for the scene. they were filming bolden shot and killed cinematographer. how near hutchins and injured the director of the film, those are headlines. the news continues after iraq's last generation. i'll have
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another quick summary for you in a little under 30 minutes. i'll see you then. ah . with mm hm. elias yeah, i doubt brought it. well. oh that i know. well,
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bram is good no one mr. guy. leah ne, no. di she? grandma had the gamma high though. no, i don't like i said, look, wish i had in most of the iraq, 3 years after the end of the war against i sal and the liberation of the town. these children are everywhere, sons and daughters of iso members or for my child soldiers. these are the people, the armed group has left in its wake, the most vulnerable monsieur ne, out one of the i shout rochelle on. did you say, man, i'm going to wash my dry money that i showed if we are a massive shania chateau? well, hold on my cell phone 8. what is to become at this generation who have
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grown up under deisel? how will they be able to reconstruct their lives in this war scarred country? will iraqi society even give them a chance? from 2014 to 20. 17. i saw held a territory as large as the united kingdom straddling iraq and syria and administered the lives of several 1000000 people ah, mosul. the 2nd largest city and iraq was one of the 2 capitals of the armed group. this is where the restoration of the so called caliphate was declared to day, tens of thousands of their children survived in the impoverished suburbs of the cities. the security forces refused to give them new identity documents. and
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without those legally, they do not exist. they have no access to medical care or food aid. and most importantly, to schooling. yasser was born at the same time as the so called caliphate under iso. his father was a high ranking official in the mosul administration. oh, oh. oh. oh i 70 that had a heck. i know you had land then you guy shall walk a guy. shipler a play at bradley i shaken back at la dang. colea. i'd let him go much. i blood sugar. neil left. i knew you looked around by me now.
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oh gosh, i don't. i knew i'll go, which if i look what i shall fall it through. hang tight. i nearly done. i need to turn noon. why need for a while? right. lee chair i left neil in some for you ready? hi. jack actually had a and they'd see good. okay. guy, she telling guy and she like that. go ahead and if i need mcafee
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ah ah, what shall brush my teeth, my id is. yeah. ah for 3 years now. yes, her husband growing up in a vacuum together with 10 or so brothers and cousins. the women band together for fear of reprisals. and like his mother tried to clear their names with the help of lawyers, a
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basine mom, basine marty. it either she married us so we how does she go just now unlocked to one? what about or by yamaha la consumer know anyhow, i v i but good to 100. i'm. yeah, not a father. she either. i mean, wanting not him earlier. we, i know a lima, i how to do at the club. go. oh no mo, done jamar williamson here. now this now a lot are better missing model n v m l b o. united to something went to certain oliver and soldiers
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missing my buddy and his old, you said if i leave a name with in my study benny the certified uber and not fall in with him, not until friday, but i know why they said ramos made the high atom, ala did that, is she almost but roman was. oh, did that issue with very am in no yeah, any min up so can help with coma through mean. madam jonah, my shout reconstruction in mosul has come to a full stop. the old town was ravaged by the fighting in 20179 months of urban warfare and unspeakable violence. still alive in everyone's mind. no one is ready to forgive. ah, not being hon and you miss is the rest agenda district. his role is to provide a link between the state and the population. he is the one who decides which families
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have the right to resettle. let's say i am and i'm a thing on monday. i'm indeed jim ethan india, j a. b. i need to pollute into her mother's class of jonah villaru. i'm here to for them to follow me on that other way. dash i did. you do hock, is she in the gym? the locker room, charlotte audible. if you will have a bed with a dash one is so lou malcolm for a little bit. your son or helen mccann. i love with them on my dash is in for a mentor meliss. welcome to one of the a mac and by item as it will save us. but i bought a job, so i actually have to value a low level cost for you saw elephant that they are digital level or should i tell me that she could de la, huddled alec. she could deluxe, if a higher fed,
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that is what panic involved at the settlement that they like to stop? will it, would she a kid element in mashhad and natalie which we do a little dunn looks like the low she can relate. huh. i'm how many a couple of them look well well a shout kind of you well well i think i'm know the middle of the look go what was just a mother and i got
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one look i do you know it was a well yeah my jana, my daughter, mother, i didn't know i got them, jenny making timothy. and i still think that if you want, you can definitely make either a piece of you guys or a 100 multiple, a question oracle. i'm waiting for you. all of them a lot. we're not sure. but you, but i mean, i'm gonna, you want to follow up on them a little a little of no,
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you wouldn't wanna learn more. could you for a little bit only a little one other little just the little bell has one of the end of this. she has a van and merciless knowledge. will marshall the current. when connie has been us, has feasible ah, ah! since the retaking of the city security forces have been relentlessly hunting down these little helpers, the so called cubs of the caliphate. guards, suicide attacked, volunteers. members of the intelligence services of which isis made wide use indoctrination started with theoretical training for which the youngest children
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are now paying a high price list. when the my mother had to have it. and i don't, i don't know that i'm not about a but it's not i'm going on with the whole and i and i have all my as good any they wanted to show you. i man a little about this where the patch of the notice alley mitra, my last you know, not i will go on a job or not on to get him matter most hey, i know when you're gonna have a job which have a lot going on on my board, seattle officer. question of
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how we are my bottle a minute. visual whole mind official and i'm not on it somewhat bought a home westlaw us off mama, missouri mendota, but i got, i went to the china today, but i don't watch out. derek was arrested more than a year after the liberation of the city. he was immediately taken to prison where he remained for 19 months of whatever the import oh, i hear you as they are all come at another here from ohio, between the par. i'm so startled, bob, i'm sarah. i just want you to miss jordan is rolling over to have you always have
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with her. yeah. i know many he's you know, joe mccheck with the phone at sanmar says nora, but la maya. i'm barbara. they would have been of age and david is your header. i love us and believe her mail the whole, if i did go you some other follow model but a lot. but as for sat you, what are those for? what if you are in the prison where tara was held is located in the north of mosul. somewhere in tell cath we were allowed to enter without cameras in what is supposed to be a re education center for young child soldiers. then
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exceptionally, we were able to capture these exclusive images from surveillance cameras. we can see 6 cells and each one there are close to $200.00 adolescence a quarter of them have not even been sentenced. they have all grown up between these walls. some of them from the age of 12 noon . they are allowed out into the courtyard for a few hours a week. no bed, no chair,
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and no education. a blatant breach of human and child rights and of iraqi law, which forbids the imprisonment of miners unless accompanied by rehabilitation measures. ah lucian will have said that the last 5 years and will be valid to them. data it was, you know, by me and walk on when you fell in ally to have him when we did on monday. i don't remember they still a lot less. hoffman was with him and listed, you know, you don't forget only by them. we saw a little idea who will i will my all for you, if you don't the manuel for my i that the hate of sort of this year we would love
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a lot of them and either in the hospital for the room, i heard him say they sit there short, but you one more buff doris, who learned you when by had the interest to my ear up above, alumnis had did their so and if she had had this when she wanted to have it for the shift, so i'm almost done. well again i don't we don't leave, but we're not again. i think that if you go with your house, you buy to have that either it's only do or not or what it will go with them. if you don't just look when you accept home, i find the actual i suppose the in other than
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other than so much i wish you the lo fi get is part of what i didn't lose. and i do, we said janessa, if you doesn't, alive, according to judge raid these files reveal that i saw recruited up to 4000 minus the job my left hand like put the card on my door to daddy of potable, how to get him. i would like to have them i'm like, talk about the whole or to move it only or with him i shall have to come in. i'm at home, but they can be home for the vocal on it. i mean it's ok. couple of i had a home said n to me home the higher, higher at the lien with the higher wisdom on them to my mom. and you know, it had that mac on the filter and home and then i might have shown that hello in
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the job was done by le, between them i do it, he will, it had an autopay and know a doing that that he had one and a half ago, let me know what willing to buy down a few weeks after our visit. we learned that a new rehabilitation center for minors was finally going to see the light of day. conversely, all the young people who have reached adulthood and tell cath had been transferred to an adult prison where the conditions of detention are equally heretic in it's difficult not to imagine the worst for these young men crushed by their imprisonment. all the more because they have already experienced the failings of the iraqi justice system. revenge. last inquiries filing errors,
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torture. some young people who have none the less serve their sentence, cannot even return home. ah, several 100 adolescents were captured by the kurdish voices when i fulfilled convicted. they have since been freed, but they fear a fresh rest if they return to the mosul region. so they languish in this camp between the 2 territory in which vestiges satisfied. tell us the plan messaging what's going on and i think that the plasma man, the hurry account ah, ah, won a shot though offer kind of action almost right. and him hibler planning action or how does that shoot us at
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home? not in my heart if it's not sure how schumann, most my kidney me up the month of they owe me on the on the last the last on him. so i think and another and the my civilly and that i have one on my listen that, oh, most definitely not. i have 5 of them in the the data in the consumer level to chalabi comes in to me. but something was there on a site that i me on the show me some issues it is part of. and if it could be that any of us know, i don't, i mean the man and i get out of town for some why shot at the men who almost going
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on 3 of my good i said that can mcconnell viable name? should the mac, none of them let me recruit the training of the so called cubs of the caliphate was centrally controlled from rocca, the official capital of ice today in ruins. to create the new man who the organization dreamed of isis relied on young people everywhere. mm. in iceland covered its territory with military training
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camps for child soldiers, several kilometers from the town. the memory of them still haunts the inhabitants of mary ella not joined the syrian democratic forces. i so killed his uncle, his brother, and 2 of his cousins. ah ah, meet the minimum, a tough ish couple and then do decide to quit the run race hoping to live better with. let's just throw everything away out there will expose the simple living
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movement aimed at reducing personal consumption credit and plus, i hope to be happier. as a result of simple life on al jazeera is done with m mother nature's gift of cultural landscapes.
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a strong infrastructure governance arising where investments are waiting to flourish, with even supplied by tradition where beautiful possibilities are offered. with peter, they'll be in the hard top stories from al jazeera medical staff incidence, at least 15 people were shot dead by security forces on wednesday. join another protest against last month's military takeover. thousands of people were injured by life, fire, and tear gas. that's according to the central committee of sudanese doctors, russell set up reports now from cartoon you know, in the book.


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