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pi oh lines analogies 0. i care about how the us engaging with the rest of the world. i cover foreign policy, the national parity. this is a political im half here, the conflict or with how in a good story. we're really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise and to actually feel as if you were there. ah, hundreds of iraqi refugees had home after facing a violent cracked out on the bail roost poland border while trying to cross into the e. u. ah, hello, i'm adrian again. this is al jazeera alive from dough halls coming up. i might
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at least 15 people die in sudan after security forces, open fire on thousands, protesting against the military takeover. the philippines accuses chinese vessels of firing on its supply boats of the contested south china sea. and troops joined rescue efforts and pots of western canada, devastated by floods and landslides. ah, more than 400 iraqi migrants and refugees trapped to the poland, baylor was bought up a set to fly home. they've been taken to an airport in minsk at a set to fly out later on thursday. iraq's foreign ministry is trying to locate others in belarus who may also want to leave. but thousands of other refugees by grants are still living in makeshift camps. on the freezing conditions. bella russo set up some shelters, but there's still no sign of any resolution to it. stand off with poland. despite
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the dangers, many in the iraq are still willing to do whatever it takes to reach the e. u. iran. calm reports from a bill in northern iraq. he says his daughter was his life. the poland by the roost border isn't the only root desperate iraqis, a taking use of her bibs. daughter died as she tried to get from turkey to italy in a smugglers boat in early november. but the vessel capsized, killing the pain, is still roll liberally. oh look at their home to home and there was helen. i tried to prevent her from going, but it did not work. she wanted help for her daughter who suffered from ill health taken. so she decided to travel with her husband. she didn't make it. her husband and my grand daughter survived them and they were back here and my granddaughter is still sick. abraham is human rights lawyer. he says the blame lies with local government for not providing opportunities for people. well, i said, i thought it's a shame to see our youth suffering on the borders of bella rose and fallen,
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leaving their wealthy country. but because of corruption and injustice, our youth have to leave the country. they have no opportunities here. our politicians out there wants to blame enough. you don't have to go far enough bill to find young people desperate to leave. to hold the university graduate yet the only work he can find is a low paying clerical job outside the local called janet answers or what is what life is so hard here. i'm ready to leave the country and sell everything i own and pay smugglers just to leave for another country. everything is corrupt here and they aren't sharing the wealth of the nation home or not. iraq is beginning repatriation flights from belarus on the 18th of november, but even if that route is closed, there are still plenty of people who find any way necessary to get out no matter what the cost, no matter what the success rates and no matter how dangerous it is it wrong, con algae, 0 or bill? at least 15 people have died in sudan after security forces opened fire on protest
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us when a safe crackdown was the deadliest day since last month's military takeover. health workers say the dozens more were injured by live fire and tear gas as anger grows against the military's refusal to hand power back to civilians al jazeera russell soda reports. the demonstrations easterel down continue less than a week after hundreds of thousands around the country took the seats, demanding the military of diverse is take order of the government. people came out on wednesday to the 3 that seemed demand ah little now go on with any i demand for civilian government and the military council to be taken to court. and those who killed people to be handed justice city been and those who are making our lives hard here must also be brought to justice. the protest were organized by buddies known as resistance committees and the forces of freedom and change coalition, which has been shading power with the military. again, protested,
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were met with, widens including tear gas, and live ammunition by security forces to disperse them. several have been killed and many more injure oh, the toner, thes also destroy the phone lines. the internet has been restricted since the military takeover and those restrictions became tougher during redness these demonstrations. but old death didn't deter the crowds from gathering in capital and other cities. protesters behind me, they are barricade in the roads, are fighting added the ty, years burdening the tires and chanting. i guess it did that the military. they say they want an immediate restoration off a civilian government and they say all so they want the release of the political prisoners and also on me to commit to death additional declaration. it's signed in
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2019 with the, with, with civilians. general up at the head will hand who does all the 2 years transitional government has promised to appoint a government of technocrats to lead onto elections in 2023. the u. s. caught a to through than after the military takeover and has urged and returned to civilian government. sudan had been on the path toward a democracy. instability, returning to that path is the best way for sit down to attain patient prosperity become a leader on the continent. and to restore very strong support from the international community. the protest to see they will do all they can to force the military to hand power to a civilian government. and whether these demonstrations show that the dispute with the military leadership is far from over. at brazil, jones just now live from khartoum on to that violence on wet and se russell. what are we expecting to happen today? what's the situation there now?
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while her yesterday was did that this day and the highest that toll for a single day since the minutes or takeover on october 25th. so people started to gather around one p. m. local time, at 8 different locations in the cartoon. as soon after that you're seeing that the, the security forces started to, to, to fire tear gas, and also using the live ammunition on people. so people were barricaded the roads and a burden in the tires and chanting. a gas did little to the rule here, despite that the heavy security measures taken by the security forces, such as blocking the main roads and the breached went people from gathering they have managed to gather. and yesterday they, the epicenter of the whiteness of white and confrontations have been their booty at the street to assist street ab battery. and on demand that the central committee of doctors in sudan says that at least around at least 15 people have been killed. and
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more than a 100 people also endured. so to day there will be a funeral of those who have been killed and we have the report that the army started to block. some of the rows to per went people to reach there at the funeral . the where the funeral is going to be out to be held so far. the bid that resistance committees and the forces of freedom and change the main civilian coalition which had been in power shade and with military since 2019 says that they are going to step all pressured on the military to force it to have power. she had an agreement and they said that they are not going to stop protests until they see a civilian government in charge over. the military says that they are committed to a debt rose to democracy and that they will not hold on the hover. and they are you, sir? when it comes to hold a, an a, an election within 2 years. but so far,
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all they're forced to find a way out of this to dance crisis. how failed, and more and more was more and more people are being killed. the anger is growing and the time is running out or so said our reporting lives from cartoon. many thanks. indeed, the philippines is accused bay jing of sabotaging a re supply mission in the disputed south. china. see, it says the incident happened on tuesday near the contested sprightly islands. chinese coast guard is said to block the philippines ships and fire water cannon. the crews were on their way to provide supplies to a military base out 0 general alan dog and reports from another president of diego detective. i was sworn in to office in 2016 and there have been a lot of incidents like this one. and a lot of countless basically protests that have been submitted to china by the philippine embassy by the philippine government, through the department,
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the foreign affairs. but this particular incident is seen as an escalator, tory attack described by defense analysts. that's because these see the actions of over, of china was very much aggressive. it happened 2 days ago as the philippine millet . she 2 boats are actually on its way to a supply mission to the 2nd film. so that's where grounded ship is actually in place. the b r piece chair, a magic where they're actually philippine marines expecting for this supply, although no one is hurt basically from the attack of china. what basically the department of foreign affairs is telling them is that essentially back off and that the philippines is free to do whatever it needs to do in the areas it controls in the south china sea. taiwan is deployed $64.00 upgraded japs as it steps up. its defense capabilities in the face of continuing threats from china ah, the f. 16 v. as the most advanced version of the aircraft president, sighing when commission to meant to service. so they show the strength of time
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warms corporation with the u. s. defense industry. taiwan status has become a major point of tension in the us. china relationship. aging sees the other, does a breakaway province to be reunited with the mainland. that of the women's tennis association has questioned the authenticity of an e mail released by chinese state media, purportedly from tennis player peng. swipe it states that she's fine. i'm not missing of the allegations of sexual assault she made was not true and previously claimed on social media that former vice president john gully had coerced her into sex, opposed to since been deleted. the w t. a's chief steve simon says, the email has made him more concerned for the players welfare. a state of emergencies and effect in the canadian province of british columbia. after heavy rainfall triggered flooding of mud slides, highways and britches have been cut off
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a feast. one person has died, jody vance, reports from burn cuba. for almost a week, thousands of canadians have been stranded, forced to evacuate or left without a home to return to. for steve booth, the record raking rain in british columbia turned a typical weekend commute into what feels like an unending ordeal. we got overnight in our car and monday night and we were able to find a friend of a friend of a friend who lived in help and was taking people in and we. ready yesterday morning we went there and just got a car was what was hard prime minister justin trudeau has promised support including to playing the military. i spoke with the premier, i spoke with a number of mirrors last night to talk about how people are doing in this terrifically bad situation. we're also working with them on saving people on sending resources like the canadian,
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our forces to support people in the situation. but also will be there for the clean up and the rebuilding after the impacts of these extreme weather events. the british columbia premier then declared a provincial state of emergency already strain supply lines are at risk of greater disruption. therefore, as of noon today, the government a, b, c, is declaring a state of emergency. there's not a person that hasn't been affected or will not be affected by the events of this past weekend. these events are increasing and regularity because of the effects of human cause. climate change canadians on the west coast have become familiar with extreme weather events like the heat dome and the bombs cyclone. this one is being called an atmospheric river, which dumped a months worth of rain in 2 days. when i 1st started studying climate change 20 years ago, there was an idea that you had to go somewhere else. the canada was wealthy and would be fairly insulated from the effects of climate change. and i mean this
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summer had just taught us here in canada, but i think people around the world that you don't have to go anywhere. climate change is affecting everyone at home. it could end up being one of canada's most expensive disasters. mudslides have destroyed highways and bridges. cutting off access to the largest port in vancouver and flood waters are still rising in british columbia as agricultural center. historically, the washington state nook, sack river floods 1st, and then that triggers a chain of events leading in to canada. but this time, this extreme rainstorm, so the fraser valley, even before the connected river systems could flood it. the u. s. flood has b. c, very much, still on high alert, and this entire area, racing for more. jody vance. al jazeera, vancouver, a weather update. thanks to on how to syrup. then we'll have the latest on the scenes far between all media and as a by john. and whether it's likely to hold and supporters of ocean teens government govern days off to itself with heavy losses and midterm elections will tell you.
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oh mm. look forward to really, to scully's, the with the sponsored plan, cut on it weighs hello was so got plenty of showers in the mediterranean at the moment. some live the storm, still rumbling away around italy, pushing over towards greece and the balkan. sir, please to say a storm system is grassy, going to wind down over the next couple of days, so it shouldn't be too bad because the western side of the mediterranean. meanwhile, further north, we have got lots of ice, a bar showing up on the chart here. so thorough breeze coming through, but it is a warm one for the time being at least temperatures in glasgow and in london getting up to around 13 celsius. we'll see lottie dry here, we'll see a few showers coming into that western side of scott and the particular driving its way over to war. scandinavian sea are slow on the call side for the time being at 6
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celsius with some snow to the north of there. but as that, southwestern wesley wind vaccine, north lake is up to an 11 degrees as we go on through friday. but the snow does become more expansive to the north thereof for further south, much a central europe, fine, and try to want to shout into that eastern side a space. the ballier, it's a lot dry than they have been recently along with italy. and the bulk is a, be a few showers, though, just pushing over towards greece at this stage, just wanted to shout across the far north of algeria still got some wet weather around western sahara and more. tavia, that becomes a little more widespread pushing to algeria for friday. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always in the country with an abundance of results with great power and walk indonesia, his friends for me. we moved full to grow and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law,
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indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let it be part linda. this is growth and progress. invent even easier now. ah ah. hello again. this is al jazeera. let's remind you of the main news. this al oldom, 400 rocky migrants refugees that were trapped to the poland fatal roost border a set to fly home rocks. foreign ministry is trying to locate others in beta roost who males who want to leave medic since to don said that at least 15 people was shot dead by security forces on wednesday during another protest against aust months, military takeover. dozens of people were injured by live fire and tear gas. that's
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according to the central committee of suit meas, doctors at a state of emergency has an effect in the canadian province of british columbia. after a heavy rainfall triggered flooding, a mud slides, troops have been deployed to help clear, long roads. at least one person has died. on media says that the russia mediated cease fire with azerbaijan is mostly holding following up to have violence. earlier this week, it's been the worst flare up since fighting over the disputed nagondo cut a bark border region last year, which left more than $6000.00 people dead robin for estie, a walker reports now from tbilisi, and they bring georgia official footage from arminius, defense ministry, shows strikes on what it claims were, as it by johnny armored vehicles in armenian sovereign territory. as a by john said armenia provoked the fighting and describes the boy the area as disputed. ah,
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mobile footage shed on social media appears to show as a by johnny soldiers beating and taunting their armenian captives. 2 on tuesday, the head of armenia, security council, cold for russian military intervention. but so far the prime minister has stopped short of officially requesting moscow support. sir, man, i'm very marcin horse actually talks about border disputes are absurd and senseless . there is no boarded dispute. there is aggression against the sovereign territory of the republic of armenia. as a by john re took control of most of the go, no carrabas, and surrounding territories in a war. last year with armenia. almost 7000 soldiers and civilians were killed. the latest fighting is close to karuba, but along the 2 countries border as a by johnny checkpoints, now control roads leading into armenia, scenic province,
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isolating armenian villages and restricting travel. the region lies between as a by john and it's autonomous, exclaim nakesha van a cease fire agreement signed last year, included a commitment by armenia to provide a road or rail link, connecting as a by john with nike shavanne and turkey. as a by john refers to it as a corridor and by implication, something it would control but russia, which mediated last year cease fire. and has peacekeeping troops on the ground in the corner, caraballo and armenia has played down that language, which emma come cleared from her issue. here we are getting close to concrete decisions which are 1st and foremost based on the notion that countries will retain sovereignty over roads passing through their territory as the by john and armenia accused each other of starting this latest round of fighting. but what is clear is
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that sticking points over those agreements signed in that piece deal last year, need urgently to be resolved. robin for astir walker al jazeera tbilisi. the e r secretary of state has reiterated calls for a cease fire in ethiopia, saying that he's concerned the year long conflict could spread across the horn of africa. and he blinked, made the comments in kenya's capital during the 1st leg of his africa. tor i'll do as catherine sawyer reports, not from my robbie. if the appeal was high on the agenda as u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin visit, had neighboring kanga kang, in pressed, then to hooking atta breathed blinkin on his resent trip to se appear where he met with pamela. i'll be unmade, and other officials. i strongly believe that there is um, an opportunity and more than an opportunity than absolute necessity for all of the
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parties to, to stop, to talk, to pull back, to get you monitoring assistance to flow and ultimately to be at a table together and negotiate through the various differences that, that have emerged over the pastor. over the past year, the united nations and the few piece human rights commission say up to 1000 ethnic grands, have been detained by security forces. all sides in the conflict have been accused of committing atrocities against civilians. and the fighting has continued. despite a flurry, diplomatic activity, the african unions envoy for monet, jerry, and president, or less a good a bassinger, is talking to both prime minister abbey's administration and the degree and leadership which is listed as a terrorist organization by the government, the u. s. and other international partners, as well as regional leaders, are also involved in peace efforts. we must believe in the fortitude and the wisdom
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of the ethiopian people, because in the end, these solutions will come from them. what we must do as neighbors is to support is to counsel, is to hold hands is to point in the right direction. both sides of the conflict continued to maintain a hard line position with set preconditions ahead of any negotiations. the key in there will be beyond the diplomatic talk. we haven't really see at least public key any farm. ok, so on on what more can be done to put pressure on them to agree to a ceasefire and possibly talks. catherine sawyer, alta 0, nairobi the u. s. congress is being urged to take stronger measures to protect taiwan and influential advisory bodies release to travel report detailing the threat of chinese aggression. the report says that congress should increased funding for taiwan to purchase defense equipment from the u. s. and boost to
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valence. washington is increasing increasingly concerned about china's military expansion. supporters of argentina's government have rallied in the capital just days after midterm parliamentary elections. it was a show of strength after the government suffered heavy losses. daniel schwimmer reports from point us honors 3 days after mid term elections. people from all over argentina, fill the streets around the government palace in one osiris. most the members of the main trade union groups, as well as social and neighborhood organizations and various strands of the parent, this movement which backs the government is the end of personally of the day there found a former president, one that on returned to argentina from exile in 1972 of the dawn, i see thomas bomb really done as activists. we need to return to the streets because we couldn't during the 2 years on pandemic to this is our day to reflect and remember out joy of being together on the streets. and it was people that
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were putting everything into our activism because we won a national popular government that to represent us all we're marching together and we are marching forwards, sundays mid term elections. the government lost control of the senate was weakened in the lower house and fed poorly in several provinces were previously dominated. the few here we're talking about the electoral damage. this doesn't look much like the phase where that is not the poster with 2 years until the next election, which shows fred thomas freight is just the birth of the struggling government needs. more than 40 percent of argentines live in poverty, inflation is rampant, and unemployment is rising. the country is also burdened with a huge debt to the international monetary fund. so we, we have these 2 processes going on at the same time. one very public is false
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celebration of victory, which is really buying time to process defeat. meanwhile, the right wing opposition voted out of power in 2019. now phil's emboldened to make their come back in 2 years time. and we have this pending processing victory, which is, you know, how do we do things better. next time i will talk about america. president, alberto fernandez, remains confident, managing the crowds to support his plans for the rest of his term and bianca from an army corps. a better future is coming. we're seeing on the horizon what we want to see an economy growing by 9 percent. one of the fastest growing in the world and this year will surely recover what it lost and the pandemic argentina is emerging from the pandemic with his economy weaker under growing pressure to find solutions both in the corridors of power and on the streets. showing their al jazeera one
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osiris. several countries across europe are struggling with a new wave of cove at 19 numbers of infections and deaths arising, especially in russia, germany of the u. k. some government, sorry, imposing a patchwork of partial restrictions, particularly on the on vaccinated. and that's prompted protests as brianca group to reports. wow. alarm bells ringing across syrup. once again, it's at the epicenter of the cone. a virus pandemic. even before winter, fully takes hold. in germany's oldest christmas market in dressing. traitors wonder if the virus will once again steve the festive season and their profits. this will be momentous in one of the moments i think the problem is that the trade has feel a bit abandoned. we don't know what's going to happen. are we going to open up the rules going to be changed? and yes, on sleepless nights we think about the goods that are ordered. no one gives any
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information about what is going to happen, and when germany's fault, waive is raging, presenting an early emergency for the parties that form the next governing coalition. the to the outgoing chancellor, issue dest, are wanting to gain belting upon immediate current. panoramic situation in germany is dramatic. i can't say in any other way than at the 4th waivers. heading country with full force default with has tightened its grip on neighboring belgium. in response, the government is extending the use of face mass, and again, making more people work from home is fostering. the 1st observation is that the alarm signals are flashing red. we see that we have a very high number of infections in our country. we also see that the number of beds occupied in intensive care has doubled in a week. and we have crossed the red line with 500 beds occupied. in the czech republic, where deline infections are hidden, new records proposed come and restrictions on the unvaccinated have triggered protests by large, unmasked crowds in prague. did glance at her said that i am at this scar. the
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situation is truly dramatic. i am again asking every one to get vaccinated. really selfish. are these people who don't get vaccinated and end up in hospitals. i endangering healthcare for other citizens or a fear keely felt in many parts of europe where people are bracing for another winter of uncertainty. brianca look that i'll dizzier to man convicted of assassinating the american civil rights leader malcolm x are expected to have their names cleared. after more than half a century, the manhattan district attorney's office is said to throw out the convictions of bahamas disease and the late colonial islam. and investigation found that the f, b, i and police with held key evidence that would likely have led to their acquittal. malcolm x was shot while preparing to give a speech in new york. in 1965 american actor, alec baldwin is being sued for a 2nd time over an accidental shooting on a movie set. last month. baldwin fired,
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a gun that he thought wasn't loaded during a rehearsal. he shot and killed a cinematographer and injured the director. it says the actor cocked and fired the gun, even though it wasn't required for the scene. and its nationally known syrian artist has been detained in turkey for having alleged connections to a kurdish armed group. omar sullivan was taken into custody of the turkish officers searched his home in the southeastern province of some b. o father. he's accused of being linked to the kurdistan worker's party, or p k k. which anchor consider us to be a terrorist organization. ah, it's good to be with us. hello, adrian, that a good here in dough. how the headlines on al jazeera, more than 400, a rocky migrants refugees that were trapped at the poland, baylor, was border, a set to fly home. iraq's foreign ministry is trying to locate others in belarus
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who also want to leave of thousands of other refugees by grants. all that border are still living and make shift camps in freezing conditions.


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