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8 said to as each of these whole railways, the pilot, but somebody's got to do it. where do you go through that by let's go there, boise promoting clean, safe sanitation for all. but with a 3rd of the world lacking basic facilities, can his unique style really help clean up the mess? sunny culture to pop culture is the fastest way those soft sanitation problem. mister toilets, a witness documentary announces era lou . hundreds of iraqi microns and refugees stopped from crossing into the e. u at the beta was poland border and now flying back home. the thousands more still brave in cold temperatures as their future remains uncertain. the g 7 is cooling up by the roost and the crisis ah,
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hello, i'm adrian for again. this is al 0 alive from doha. also coming up i got to get an update from saddam where security forces abuse tear gas on protest has a day after they open fire open. we are shop meeting you. thanks and i see i feel my deep blue mate, germany's parliament debates, whether to impose new coven 19 restrictions as infection surge across europe, plus will have the latest on the disaster unfolding in western canada was severe flooding was forced the government to declare an emergency. ah, g southern nations, corum bella, rooster and the refugee and migrant crisis on the border with poland. thousands, a still living and makeshift camps in freezing conditions. bella rooster set up some shelters, but there's no sign of any resolution and it stand off with poland. e u leaders
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have accused bella ruth of trying to push migrants into the european union, but hundreds of iraqi migrants refugees, it was stopped at the border. a flying home. iraq's foreign ministry is trying to locate others in belarus who may also want to leave. let's go live now to our, cirrus mackwood up to whitehead, who's in iraq's capital of baghdad. to wear those refugees, migrants that will be returning backwards. what have people got left to come back to? well, this is the important question, adrian. because as you know that those migrants are refugees, they fled from poverty up, lack of job opportunities insecurity. and also if they're there or they don't know what is going to happen to them as you know. but the itinerary
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today, according to the foreign ministry, is that the flight that, that as taken off from baghdad to men is, can then it's going to switch is going to transfer are probably hundreds of iraqi refugees from minsk 1st to land in. our beal and the north of iraq, because the majority of them are from kurdistan, and then from a bill to baghdad, by the end of the day that have been diplomatic efforts, talks according to the iraqi for a messy between iraq and a bill arrows. and also a poland and also other european union countries. in it, he got to alleviating the, the suffering of iraqi refugees in regard to it is all being the conflict. as you know, that iraq is accusing is accusing both bela arrows and a poland of victimizing the migrants. they say that the migrants are victims of the conflict of politics between the european union and belarus and their migration and
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displaced minister, the iraqi minister of vibration displaced in her meeting with the ambassador of the european union. she stressed on the fact that at any forcibly petri asian is rejected. and she is calling on the european union to find immediate solution to this crisis because shes blaming the european union. partly for this crisis along with beller, bella, belarus. as you know, adrian, that in august, iraq return in about 700 iraqis refugees. there was talk on the border between billers and lithuanian. over the past months, they have been flights. also bringing iraqis stuck their voluntary repatriation. voluntary return of iraq is stuck there. as you know that there is, there is rising anger, there is rising fear among the people here. they say they haven't, we have no other choice as you know that some of them, probably most of the iraqi refugees are vulnerable including women, children, elderly. in fact, one diabetic iraqi refugee patient, he died on the border
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a few days ago as he was trying to cross the border to seek medical treatment. so today that iraqi refugees are expected to return back to had been and by that. but the question for now is whether or not these refugees are happy with this repatriation given the fact that they have fled. poverty insecurity, lack of jobs, lack of future, even in their own country. but now, because they're facing death trying to find life on the border between holland, i'm bill harris market very thanks. and it out a 0 mark would on for why had that life in baghdad. at least 15 people were killed in sudan on wedding stay after security forces. open fire on protest as the crackdown was the worst to her violence and military takeover. last month, health workers say the dozens were injured by live fire and tear gas. people have
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been angered by the military refusal to hand back power to civilians. let's go live now. to sedans, capital cartoon al jazeera sir russell solder is their force. we've been hearing that there's been a more tear gassing of protests as to day after witnesses. violence will, can you tell us well, there that there are that new clashes erupted in woody district and people, the protesters, auto medicaid, and the roars at while the security forces are, are fighting the tear gas to disperse that the professors and this professors are mainly gathering due to their violence that happened yesterday. they also a group of lawyers are now had into woodard this week just to report take the reports and to the church. the security forces from using excessive force against this protest as in what a district for now it's happening on
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a small scale. however, the fashion could escalate anytime dare. ralene to morning. there has been funerals off those who have been killed yesterday and, and to put the discredited forces where removing the barricades that have been at the sat by the protest. there's also they have, we opened the bridge and the main road, the life was seeming to be back to normal. however, this new collages are also escalating the tash and now so that the dead that their forces will freedom and change the may civilian coalition, which had be shade empowered with the military says that they are going to step off the pressure on mediately to force it to a power shade, an agreement, and the minute that it says that they're still up, that is committed to the rule to democracy and they are willing to hand power to civilians through an election. and also the international community all says, is pressure not on the military to immediately restored a civilian government. so for this pulls didn't produce any
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a result. and as more and more people are being killed, the anger is also grove in here. and the concern is that if the parties can not find the solution out of this baltic of dialogue, there's cooled cows, moon, white, and confrontations in the next. dave and resolutely, yesterday, the authorities restricted access to the internet to day the that the people in charge the executives in charge of telecom companies have been in court. what's that about? well, almost 2 weeks ago that, that, that the general court in sudan has released a verdict and saying that the, the internet blackouts shut out and she hasn't shut down in the company is in legal . and it asked the had that, that, that, that, that the managers of the directors of this city, telecom companies in students, immediately restored the internet. however, that hasn't been an step taken into that direction just a week later,
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a similar to where that was released. and today, the general court released for the turn time released the same statement and asking now ford did detention arrest of days. 3, at the director of genesis, this 3 telecom companies in the company. the internet shut down has been in place just after that after the mid to take over on that the october 25th. and it's like making the life extremely difficult here after 44 people. yesterday i did that, that the phone lines or so were completely cut off till midnight. and by the morning it's restored. however, the international don't is largely steal info lays. the question is that despite the court decision, who is going to arrest is telecom, the telecom derek of gentles. because in any way the army is in full control. and the director, the generals of this companies say that they are getting their orders from the army, from the military leaders. and they said that the company is going to do
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a state of emergency. so legally they are not obliged to restore the internet. out to cirrus, russell said a reporting lives that from contra wrestle manufactured it. several countries across europe are struggling with a new wave of cove at 19 amazon of infections and deaths arising, especially in russia, germany of the u. k. some governments are re imposing restrictions, particularly on people who haven't been vaccinated at us. priyanka go to reports. now that's led to protest. oh wow. alarm bells ringing across syrup. once again, it's at the epicenter of the croon, a virus pandemic. even before winter, fully takes hold. in germany's oldest christmas market in dressing. traitors wonder if the virus will once again steal the festive season and their profits. this will be momentous in one of the moments. i think the problem is that the traitors feel a bit abandoned. we don't know what's going to happen. are we going to open up the
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rules going to be changed? and yes, on sleepless nights we think about the goods that are ordered. no one gives any information about what is going to happen and when germany's fault wave is raging, presenting an early emergency for the parties that form the next governing coalition. it oh, the outgoing chancellor issued this star warning digging voting economy. the current pandemic situation in germany is dramatic. i can't say in any other way than at the 4th waivers hitting our country with full force. default wave has tightened its grip on neighboring belgium. in response, the government is extending the use of face mass. and again, making more people work from home is fostering. the 1st observation is that the alarm signals are flashing red. we see that we have a very high number of infections in our country. we also see that the number of beds occupied in intensive care has doubled in a week and that we have crossed the red line with 500 beds occupied. in the czech republic, where deline infections are hidden,
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new records proposed come and restrictions on the unvaccinated, half triggered protests by large, unmasked crowds in prague did glance at her said that i am at this scar. the situation is truly matic. i am again asking everyone to get vaccinated. this is really selfish. are these people who don't get vaccinated and end up in hospitals? i endangering healthcare for other citizens of a fear keely felt in many parts of europe, where people are bracing for another winter of uncertainty. proud to look that i'll dizzier germany's parliament is considering new restrictions to contain the coven 19 outbreak. daily case numbers of broken 65000 the highest. since the start of the pandemic, more than a 3rd of germans are still unvaccinated. yup. the free is, is a science medical journalist covering government policy on coven 19 across the e. u. he says the outbreak has taken an unexpected term for the worse most governments in a cluster,
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or they expected and their advisors as well to to the curb. the, the curves with with vaccinations. but they've been surprised by the extent to which the virus can still spread among the vaccinated in on top of the unvaccinated, that the governments are indeed very reluctant to do more than the minimal. but that's their dilemma now as well in the netherlands. and i think it's in most countries across this continent is there been late in re imposing a stricter general measures just like our parcel look down. and a lot of experts are still doubting whether this will be enough to get the reputation number under one. again to get the curve down. and they're discussing additional measures that we are discussing now. and department has been discussing deep to g. so people will only get into cinema or a bar, or
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a museum with a pass showing that you've been vaccinated or recovered and no longer tested. but critic stable that only works with a low transmission and the transmission is very high now. so one help us a lot on this short, a medium term only in a long term and trying to get more people affectionate it, but they will take like weeks before that helps. so to come here on, i'll just hear about how the latest on the sci fi between armenia and as a by john, and whether it's likely to hold and tension in contested waters. why the philippines is asking china to back off. ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with sponsored by capital airways. hello, the weather slash fine and dry across a good parts of china at the moment. high pressure in charge,
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keeping things settle. but the change is underway as we go on through the next couple of days as a large area, that tongue of high pressure keeping it essentially fine for a good part of a friday that dry weather stretching across the korean peninsula to much of japan. northern parts of han shoe and kyra. yeah, we'll see some wet weather coming through here. but the really wet weather that's going to start gathering cross western parts of china come to little more extensive little more wise. but as we go one through were sat day pushing all the way up towards the yellow sea. so head of that gen, refine and try for the time being for the korean peninsula. by this stage it should be fine, and tribe petty, a sunshine, across good part of virtue pan. now, not too much sunshine across southern parts of india at the moment we have got this developing tropical system just making its way towards will just to the southeast of china. and that's going to punch some very heavy rain in the course southern parts of india. as we go on through the next couple of days at the moment, we have read warnings in force for camel nodded. and a good part of under the dash,
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those warnings these off the touch as we go on through saturday. but the wet weather still in place here, where the 2 up the western gas, and still unusually wet all the way up into good a rat. oh, the weather sponsored by cataract ways, intervene the country with an abundance of results with great power and want indonesia, his friends for me, we moved full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let's be part when denise, his growth and progress in indonesia. now, ah
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ah, hello again, this is al 0. let's remind you of the mate nears this out. that been more confrontations between security forces and protest as insur don. at least 15 people were killed on wednesday after police open fire on demonstrators. this anger over the military's refusal to ham power back to civilians. europe is struggling with the wave of cove at 19. germany's parliament is considering new measures to cover the outbreak. france and the netherlands were among those who already imposed a restrictions. bolden, 400 iraqis, who were at the poland, the beta rous border of flying home. iraq's foreign ministry is trying to find alice in beta roost. cool, so want to leave out there as joe hollis live for us. and so colker on poland side of the border with baylor, bruce, a jonah, was salacious your hearing from the actual board. a fence not far from where you
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are now. it appears that over the course of the last 48 hours or so, the conditions for the people still trapped on the better side of the border have that's marginally improved. we've seen pictures of them at being given some form of aid supplied by the better original authorities on that side. they've been given little blue bags. we don't have watching those little blue bags, but something is in them and several 100 people spent another night in a converted warehouse as opposed to their other squalid tented camp, which would have afforded them some protection from the cold to module improvements for still pretty appalling as we speak, of course those people still there, the people who haven't boarded a plane out of here will be spending yet another long, long day looking at of the razor, wire polish board, a force and right police on the other side actually is determined to prevent them from moving forward into the european union and as that knowledge, you know,
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sinks in that there is no way forward. well that gives way to desperate measures. and on wednesday night we saw another attempt to breach the board offense, 80 kilometers. also south of here, according to the photos defense ministry, several 100 people with a d coiled operation, throwing stones to distract the polish border. police and then a little way further down the fence. another big group of them trying to bash the fence down allegedly accord with probably side, with the help of bellow, russian border force troops. that attempt, as far as we know, it goes, didn't succeed. the g 7 has called a better roof to end the crisis. what's the latest on the diplomacy to sort this route between bella, luce, poland, and of course the e. u. well, certainly high level attempts to sort it out, have been ongoing to phone calls this week between german chancellor angle merkel and alexander lucas shanker. the german side said only that they had talked about
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a supplies urging him to allow us agencies to reach these people. but the estonian foreign minister says that what was actually discussed and lay down at that meeting where alexander lucas and goes terms for bringing this crisis to an end. and what he appears to want, according to the estonian foreign minister, is to be recognised as the legitimate leader of his people and to have the sanctions that have been levied against him turned around. well, as far as we know, sanctions are still going ahead. a 5th round of sanctions being prepared against his administration and his interest companies in, in barrows and so on. and there is real, frankly, no way that the european union is going to, you turn on its view over the 2020 election that took place. that is why they considered to have been a sham, followed by a brutal crack down on the opposition. and as you say, the g 7 also united in condemnation. it all tends to leave alexander lucas shanker, looking somewhat high and dry in this game that he's playing here. a man who is
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still fighting for political recognition, fighting essentially for his own political survival and frankly, showing no sign of carrying one way or the other. what happens to these people porn's in his game? we've been seeing pictures of those iraqi refugees migrants boarding that set, that flight in minsk to head home. is that at least perhaps a 1st sign of an easing to this crisis. i think no matter how you look at it, it is a form of easing of this crisis that any of those people are being removed from the situation that they were in up to, for under, around 400 people would have departed by now in the last 40 minutes or so on that flame band for bill in iraq. what we don't know is the extent to which this represents uneasy. of course, will there be other flights? will they be more people who will volunteer to be taken away on repatriation flights? we simply don't know, i think you've got to bear in mind that
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a lot of the people who are here have come here for a very specific reason and with great determination. and that is to cross into the european union. they would have given up everything sold everything wherever they had been before in order to do that, what necessarily have anything to go back to. and the other thing we simply don't know is how much and how far, alexander lucas shanker, is willing to go to press his ames in this crisis. so in easing of sorts, but certainly not the game out. there was a whole reporting live that from poland inside of the border with baler is joining many things. emilia says the rushing mediated cease fire with as a by john is mostly holding following violence. earlier this week. it was the worst flare up since fighting of the disputed. know, going to come back border region last year. well, the 6000 people were killed in that conflict. to do as robin for us here. walker reports nation tbilisi and they bring georgia official footage from armenian defense ministry shows strikes on what it claims were as a,
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by johnny armored vehicles in armenian sovereign territory. as a by john said armenia provoked the fighting and describes the boy the area as disputed. ah, mobile footage shed on social media appears to show as a by johnny soldiers beating and taunting their armenian captives. 2 on tuesday, the head of armenia, security council, cold for russian military intervention. but so far the prime minister has stopped short of officially requesting moscow support. sir, man, i'm victory marcin hotel. canada talks about border disputes are absurd and senseless. there is no boarded dispute. there is aggression against the sovereign territory of the republic of armenia. as a by john re took control of most of the go, no carrabas, and surrounding territories in a war. last year with armenia. almost 7000 soldiers and civilians were killed.
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the latest fighting is close to karuba, but along the 2 countries border as a by johnny checkpoints, now control roads leading into armenia, scenic province, isolating armenian villages and restricting travel. the region lies between as a by john and it's autonomous, exclaim nakesha van a cease fire agreement signed last year, included a commitment by armenia to provide a road or rail link, connecting as a by john with nike shavanne and turkey. as a by john refers to it as a corridor and by implication, something it would control but russia, which mediated last year cease fire. and has peacekeeping troops on the ground in the corner, caraballo and armenia has played down that language were which emma come cleared
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from her issue. here we are getting close to concrete decisions which are 1st and foremost based on the notion that countries will retain sovereignty over roads passing through their territory as the by john and armenia accused each other of starting this latest round of fighting. but what is clear is that sticking points over those agreements signed in that piece deal last year, need urgently to be resolved. robin for astir walker, al jazeera tbilisi, a palestinian prisoner has died inside an israeli jail after allegations of deliberate medical negligence by israeli authorities. sammy, i'll a more was sentenced to 19 years in prison in 2000 the days his mother had only been able to visit him a few times since his arrest and the whitman in atlanta. i wished he was out of prison and got married. i wish i could give him years and years of my life so he could live longer. we were hoping to see him after death,
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but these were only hopes it was the will of god. i did not see him alive, but i still want to see him even if dead. the philippines government is accusing beijing of sabotaging a resupply mission in the disputed south. china seen. it says the incident happened on tuesday near the contest and sprightly islands. chinese coast guard is reported a block, the philippines vessels and fire water cannon vessels were carrying supplies to a military base. jar allen doggone has more from manila president to dig to tear to warn into office in 2016. there have been a lot of incidents like this one and a lot of countless basically protested, have been submitted to china by the philippine embassy by the philippine government, through the department before and affairs. but this particular incident is seen as an escal atoria attack described by defense analysts. that's because the see the actions of, of china was very much aggressive. it happened 2 days ago as the philippine millet
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. she 2 boats are actually on its way to a supply mission to the 2nd film, a soul. that's where grounded ship is actually in place. the b r b share a magic where they're actually philippine marines expecting for this supply. although no one is hurt basically from the attack of, of china. what basically the department of foreign affairs is telling them it's essentially back off. and that the philippines is free to do whatever it needs to do in the areas it controls in the south china sea. a state of emergency is an effect in the canadian province of british columbia. after heavy rainfall triggered flooding of mud slides, roads and bridges have been cut off. at least one person has died. jody vance reports from cooper. for almost a week, thousands of canadians have been stranded, forced to evacuate or left without a home to return to for steve booth. the record breaking rain in british columbia turned a typical weekend commute into what feels like an unending ordeal. we've got overnight
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in our car and monday night and we were able to find a friend of a friend of a friend who lived in help and was taking people in and we. ready yesterday morning we went there and can just get a car was what was hard. prime minister justin trudeau has promised support. including to playing the military. i spoke with the premier, i spoke with a number of mirrors last night to talk about how people are doing in this terrifically bad situation. we're also working with them on saving people on sending resources like the canadian, our forces to support people in the situation. but also will be there for the clean up and the rebuilding after the impacts of these extreme weather events. the british columbia premier then declared a provincial state of emergency already strain supply lines are at risk of greater disruption. therefore, as of noon today, the government a, b, c, is declaring
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a state of emergency. there's not a person that hasn't been affected or will not be affected by the events of this past weekend. these events are increasing and regularity because of the effects of human cause. climate change canadians on the west coast have become familiar with extreme weather events like the heat dome and the bomb psych loan. this one is being called an atmospheric river, which dumped a months worth of rain in 2 days. when i 1st started studying climate change 20 years ago, there was this idea that you had to go somewhere else. the canada was wealthy and would be fairly insulated from the effects of climate change. and i mean this summer has just taught us here in canada, but i think people around the world that you don't have to go anywhere. climate change is affecting everyone at home. it could end up being one of canada's most expensive disasters. mudslides have destroyed highways and bridges. cutting off access to the largest port in vancouver and flood waters are still rising in british columbia as agricultural center. historically is the washington state nook,
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sack river floods 1st, and then that triggers a chain of events leading in to canada. but this time, this extreme rainstorm soaked the fraser valley, even before the connected river systems could flood it. the u. s. flood has b. c, very much still on high alert and its entire area, racing for more. jody vance al jazeera vancouver. ah, it is good to be with us. hello, adrian, for the good to hear it though. how the headlines on how to 0. that been more confrontations between security forces and protests, as in sudan, at least 15 people were killed on witness day after police opened fire on demonstrators. there's anger over the minister's refusal to hand back power to civilians. al jazeera is russ who, solder has more from cartoon, new clashes erupted in wooded district and the people,
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the protest. there's ought of medicaid in the roars while the security forces are fighting the tears.


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