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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2021 5:00am-5:31am AST

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this is an enormous advantage from around the world. what's happening here is local farming communities using simple methods to solve a complex environmental problem. ah, hundreds of iraqis, i flown home from bella. ruth's giving up hope of starting a new life in europe. ah, hello, i'm down, jordan, this is al jazeera life and also coming up you as president joe biden, hosts his northern and southern neighbors at the white house. it's the 1st summit, but the north american leaders in years assessing the damage, severe flooding on land slides, lays waste to homes, roads, and bridges in western canada. and as another wave of corona virus infections sweeps,
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europe new restrictions are re imposed unvaccinated citizens to contain the spread . ah, but have been signs of an easing in the border crisis on the european union's eastern frontier with a plan from the nation accused of creating the problem. and the 1st large group of migrants returning home. the western borders of bella roost remained essentially sealed with a heavy security presence in latvia, lithuania, and poland. there at the key border crossing of cuz nits of thousands of people are still waiting in temperatures, which fall below freezing overnight. but around $400.00 iraqi migrants of abandon their attempt to enter the you heading instead for the beller, russian capital minsk. from there they boarded an evacuation flight organized by the rocky government. ultimately heading for the capital. baghdad. when it's 1st off was the northern iraq is city of at a bill. most of the passengers were iraqi kearns from the autonomous region near
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the border with turkey. many had been stranded at the poland, beller was buddha for more than a week before giving up on reaching the e u. r to zeros. emma can report from the airport in our bills as they arrive at you can see the exhaustion in their faces while some are glad to be home. others say they'll return, but i'm going back. i'm ready to try hunter thomas again next. so my, i intend to go the kurdish regional government of which our bill is the capital released a statement, blaming people smugglers for jupiter rockies into going to buy the roofs. the statement promised to crack down on them. in the last few days, they say they were arrested 10 members of a criminal smuggling gang. some of those returning thursday described a horrific experience. though had i been at mcgehee, the situation is so bad, the smugglers using people i've seen people dying before my own eyes. i will not try to travel again. i will not go with. a lot of these people have sold everything they own to get to europe. they are likely to come back to less than they had
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before. the future for them is blinking on the $341.00. people disembarked on this flight here in our bill. another 90 will disembark in baghdad. now there are more flights in the coming days. how many more is a negotiation between length and baghdad. but perhaps the real negotiation is exactly how many iraqis will want to get on those flights. among con, i'll deserve a real and effort bag has been monitoring the situation on the poland, beller, who's buddha, stranded cold, and living in miserable conditions. these people under beller russian side of the border with poland and now getting some help. but it's far from what they want and meet. but the roost has some in a makeshift shelter, a warehouse with beds, blankets, and food. but still they tried to cross. oh hi. this footage, released by polish authorities, shows people detained as they crossed the border
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o me on a dove in the green. suppose there were $501.00 attempts of the legal border crossings from belarus in the last 24 hours. this means the total number of such attempts in november exceeds 6000. c but the russian forces also released this footage. lithuanian border force dog bites into a man sleeping bag. lithuanian authority say they didn't know someone was inside. the e u wants to impose more sanctions and the g 7 has condemned by the roost. they say it's creek to the situation on his borders in what the you called a form of hybrid attack by the russian official say the president has offered german chancellor anglo merkel away forward president with this museum, the e will create a humanitarian corridor for 2000 refugees, her and the camp were taken obligation upon ourselves to assist the other 5000 as much as possible and in case they are willing to return home. something the e u has rejected out of hand,
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but tensions up by the roots is borders remain high. ukraine has deployed the national guards to its border with bella, ruth and lithuania, as also reinforced its border with the country. but the ruth says it won't force any migrant refugees to go back home. but with no solution insight, those who are trapped are likely to continue to be used as pawns in a much larger game as a big i'll just era. poland was an excellent ostriches be used, emergency response coordinator. he says, politics and blame aside. there are people suffering on the border who need help. the european union has been calling for the full access on both sides of the border between bellows and p and union. for a while now, there has been no excess since last week. on the bill of russian side, we are working with our humanitarian partner. in particular, the i f r c, u and high commissioner for refugees, the international organization for migration. in order to provide assistance to the
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people in it, however, this can only be an immediate relief. the solution should be found in billows. care is the responsibility for this solution. preferably the solution should be put creation of these people who have, who have been manipulated and looked into well, it was with the fault for its promises. but bella, ru sound, its ally, russia, and sister crisis was manufactured by the youth who didn't even get them. so when they stood on these was it one kind of help but see that western countries are using the migration crisis on the better origin, polish border as a new reason for tension in the region that is close to us and to pressure men's class. and at the same time, they forget their own obligations in the humanitarian sphere. the canadian military has joined the rescue efforts in the flood devastating province of british columbia . one person is confirmed dead and at least 3 a missing 800000 people have been forced to leave their homes and the country is western. most providence flooding, landslides of cut off. major roads making transportation of goods difficult just
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the worst flooding that i've are seeing. i come from an area to flood plains in the middle of it. but you know, this is, this is quite significant here affects a lot of people. and it's really disheartening to see it. well, many of the funded farm sit on canada is low lying su mass perry, that's a former leg was drained a century ago to make way for agriculture. gabriel alexander is in to my city just over the us border in washington state. they assume us so very area that you're referring to is the canadian side of the border, british columbia that has been absolutely decimated by this storm. there is a lot of worry because that's a very agriculture rich area of a south west canada and with potentially dozens of farms totally underwater officials. they're ours estimating that the total amount of money that could be needed to rebuild that area. not only the farms,
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but the homes and infrastructure that has been lost could be more than $1000000000.00. where i'm at now is that town of seumas on the west side of the border in the state of washington. this is in the northwest part of the united states. this is a small town of about $1600.00 residents only. and they are very much at the epicenter of this storm that passed through here a couple of days ago as well. and they're now very much in a clean up stage as the cold wet rain continues to fall here. let me step out of frame so you can get a sense of what this cleanup looks like here there. or as i mentioned, $1600.00 residents of this town, and it's estimated that about 80 percent of the homes had some sort of water damage or were totally destroyed. most of the residents have bleed, but the few that have stayed have ever are bringing all of their are now destroyed possessions that are inside their home. and bringing them here to be taken away.
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to be taken away to the dump. european governments are increasingly restricting the lives of unvaccinated people as cobra. 19 infections surge once again. but doctors are questioning if countries have relied to heavily on japs while neglecting other contain measures like mosques and social distancing. where we challenge reports. oh, balls a full along with he fronted many dual. this resort town on spain's east coast is popular with u. k. packaged tourists seeking an escape from the autumn weather back home. but a spike in local coated cases recently suggest they may have been bringing something with them that the show to fail if we didn't have proper data on the rise of the infections. but we did notice as soon as tourism came back to this area, the rise of infections came to this is unquestionable. so visitors being offered vaccinations, some haven't had one at home. and most of arrived on crowded plains from iraq to be
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a full yesterday. 5 flights all came in at the same time, and they was thousands of people from manchester, bristol, o q enough together. so that's not, that's not good if you're trying to keep covey down to a minimum. spain's infection rate is rising, but it's worth elsewhere in your german chancellor. anglo merkel says a 4th wave has hit her country with full force or infections, or worse, access to events. and restaurants will only be for those who've been vaccinated for who's recovered. munich has canceled it's christmas market infections in bavaria, a double the national race of 300 or so 100001 time and a monday was said that you were allowed to set up. some in the end result is that we have to dismantle now, and we have to bear all the costs. nobody pays the cost. increase,
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private doctors are being drafted into the public health care system for a month. hospitals and intensive care wards have been overwhelmed by rising infections. recently medic, protesting thing that overworked and underpaid many european countries, a course on the horns of a dilemma. significant part of the population don't want to get vaccinated, but nor do people want more restrictions on their day to day lives. well, those are on back and they did obviously are more susceptible to getting infected and, and having severe symptoms. so they're, they're driving the pandemic. the other issue is that europe and countries are being very reactive, rather than proactive. there's been largely a focus now on vaccination and less of a focus on other control measures like face math and interiors and the conversion which i think is incredibly important. the death tolls on what they were earlier in the ap rake, but people are still dying. and once again,
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europe is the center of the world's coven. 19 pandemic, re talons out to 0. so so, so to come here now does hear including another day with no verdict in the trial of us teenager car rittenhouse was accused of killing black lives matter protested. and it took more than 50 years, but 2 men convicted of killing malcolm x finally, had their names clear more or less davis ah ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello there, the weather, sloshy sat fair for china, for the korean peninsula. and for japan we got some sherry rain just getting out of the way for japan over the next day or so. but with high pressure in charge. china, at least for the time being, is largely settle. there will be a change as we make our way through friday, while the more showers just coming into that southwestern corner of the country.
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and they will become more, ex expansive, widespread as we go on through saturday. not particularly heavy, but they're nevertheless rather gray dull and dab day for good part of the country . north korea also sing, wanted to shout, but lassie, try south korea fine and dry with plenty of sunshine, as is the case by the state of prosecute part of japan. sunshiney showers. meanwhile, across south east asia, the live your show has just been southern parts of vietnam is seen flooding recently into we're thailand, more heavy showers coming through here than this usual splattering of showers across malaysia and indonesia. some of those in the south, very much on the heavy side, sandy seats are very heavy rain recently for southern parts of india. this developing system bring more heavy downpours into tumble now do into under per dash and it stays rather disturbed. they're up towards the northwest, more heavy showers all the way up to good to right. and even the northern plains. oh, the weather sponsored by casara, always
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a community decimated by cancer fights for the truth. who in this room has cancer, or knows that someone that lives here that have cancer phone lines exposes houston's cancer cluster. these are the 110 properties that have grown contamination underneath. they looked at a visible public community. it just say from do you feel that i'm bow so we were sitting in side full lines on al jazeera with ah, welcome back, i picked them out of our top stories here. this, our hundreds of iraqis who gave up trying to enter the european union, not
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a ride back home or repatriation flight 1st stopped him at a bill. the migrants and refugees had been strangled up the fellers potent border and cold and wet conditions. and they have also been the 1st signs of uneasy and the crisis with a plan from the nation to choose of crating the problem. been a rou, since it's moved hundreds of people to nearby warehouse many remain in limbo. and the canadian military has joined rescue efforts in the flood, devastated province of british columbia, one person's in some dead, and it is 3 a miss north american leaders of held a summit for the 1st time in 5 years years. president joe biden hosted mexico's and that has manya lopez, abra door, and canadian prime minister. just intruder at the white house, top of the agenda of a cobra. 19 pandemic, and the climate crisis. my kind of reports from washington dc. it was in 2016 when the leaders of us, mexico and canada last met in person. the previous trump administration,
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apparently disinterested, didn't holding face to face talks with its neighbors. the lead is now able to lay out their priorities. we have to end the pandemic and to take decisive actions to curb the climate crisis. our highest priority is, of course, end in coven, 19, and being focused on economic recovery, strengthen supply chain support as he owns. it's important to define things together to set aside myths and prejudices, for example, to stop excluding migrants when their manpower is in high demand in canada and in the united states. mister president, is the delight to have you here for you as president also held one on one meetings . central to discussions with his mexican counterpart was migration control and reform. an issue that a shopping impacted on the relationship between the 2 countries was great to welcome back to the from mr. earlier biden and canadian prime minister justin crudo
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talked about forging a climate change policy, particularly topical, given the flooding occurring in canada. ah, but one of the biggest developments had nothing to do with north american relations . answering a question the u. s. president confirmed, he's thinking about a diplomatic boycott of the winter olympics in china. something we're consider. still discussions focused heavily on trade between the 3 countries. and new agreement took effect last year, replacing the longstanding north american free trade pack nafta. canada is the largest trading partner of the united states. each day, some $2000000000.00 worth of goods crosses the world long. the national border and canada has been brought into the us mexico discussion concerning supply chain issues which has undermined the economies of all 3 countries. the many issues of
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contention were not given any public airing. the lead is preferring to project to show of unity and common purpose, reviving the 3 amigos label that was applied when the summits were far more frequent. my kind of just era washington. so let's bring bruce hayman. he's a former us ambassador to canada. he joins us now from chicago via skype, and bruce haman, great, happy with a look. this is the 1st time the 3 countries have met since 2016 because the former president trump put an end to the summit. how important is this meeting and how all the 3 need to do think trying to re frame the partnership? i think that's a great point. i was the u. s. and bastard in ottawa, at the last north american leader summit prior to today. and i'll tell you sitting in those meetings in the you can't underestimate the importance of being there in person communicating with each other about shared interest, shared goals,
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but also differences. and you have to lay those on the table, but it's so much better to do that in person. so from could no way have those meetings because of the way he treated our partners in our own region. and so now we've done this for the 1st time in 5 years, and today was a really important day, i think, resetting ourselves for these relationships that are so important. all right, so let's just talk about trade. i mean, you know, we know the u. s. is both canada and mexico was top trading partner, but they have been strains of a president biden's by american policy. this proposed electric vehicle tax. i mean, bruce, this is not the level playing field at both canada and mexico one there have always been some differences. when i was the sitting ambassador, there were always some individual unique things. we have such a large and complex trading relationship that there will be these issues that will come up. the president is trying to re format manufacturing in the united states on
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shore manufacturing, that we've lost over many decades. and he's trying to stimulate that with these various packages. i understand the canadian and mexican frustration that is focused on by america, but make no mistake about it. these 2 countries will continue to be amongst the top 3 trading partners that we have going forward. another big issue is immigration, president biden has been pressuring mexico over the record number of migrants. we've seen arriving at the u. s. southern border. could president manuel lopez upper door perhaps use the migration issue as leverage to gain some concessions from bio never say his energy policies? but it's all about tradeoffs, as you know in the diplomatic space. it's about sitting down and having various, you know, issues and opportunities that exist. the migrant issue is a significant one for us and puts
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a lot of stress on our border and their southern border. and i am confident that this was a very significant part of the conversation with the mexican presidents and in the north american 3 leader conversation. bruce, just a final point you. i mean, other important issues, of course a cove at 19 and the fight against climate change. we've seen all those dramatic flooding in canada. how do you see the leaders working together on those on what do you think is the future, the partnership? so the teacher, the partnership evolves on a number of levels you mentioned pandemic. we're going to have to, we're not out of this yet. as all of us know, all the work quite hopeful that this next year will bring a very different set of circumstances. it's not over yet, and we're going to have to work toward that. there are 2 borders, both north and south are very important to us. we move goods in people, but we need to do it legally. and that's an issue. it's about the economy and
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creating jobs and building infrastructure in north america going forward. it's about energy in the evolving energy because we have such fossil fuel relationships with both mexico and canada. and that will evolve to new types of energy going forward. and then we have our geo political rest all around the world. we have nato and, and, and the operations which candidate is a part of and then the other pressures that exist. so this coming together is a very important day for the united states and for canada and mexico. bruce, i'm and really good to get your insight. thank you very much and have a talk to sarah. it's pleasure. not one of the 3 men on trial for the shooting of an unarmed black man in the us state of georgia has told a court he saw him as a threat traverse, but michael is charged with a murder mad aubrey. he chase down and shot aubrey as he jumped through the neighborhood in february last year. but michael and sissy was acting in self defense. on the 3rd day of jury deliberations and the murder trial of ca,
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rittenhouse in the us is ended without a verdict. after 23 hours of deliberation, the jurors will return on friday to continue. 18 year old written house is charged with shooting protests, killing to, and injuring another during racial justice rallies in wisconsin. last year, he says, he added in self defense, his lawyers have asked for a miss trial of the evidence presented by the prosecution. john henry was outside the court in kenosha, where they've been can seems. there's an air of anticipation outside the connote county circuit court after 3 days of jury deliberations in the kind of written house case. each day more and more people gather on the steps of the court house and it's gotten more 10. they are going to few clashes between protesters encountered protesters. there has been some arrests and interestingly police began to turn away. protestors who come harmed as well because we're in front of a court house. but because wisconsin has a law that says you cannot carry a weapon within 300 meters of his school. and there is a school nearby inside that courthouse, col rittenhouse,
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and his lawyer show up every day anticipating his fate. he faces a range of charges from reckless endangerment all the way up to 1st degree homicide . that comes with a potential life sentence. the lowest charge has a maximum sentence of 12 and a half years. so it 18 if cal written house were to serve that entire sentence. when he got out of prison, he would be 30 years old. not to men, wrongly convicted of murdering the black civil rights activists. malcolm x more than 50 years ago, had their convictions quashed. investigators found that the f, b, i and police withheld crucial evidence at their trial, which could have seen him acquitted sullivan repulse. i read and it is taking half a century from a hammer disease to stand in a new york court room. and here a judge finally clear his name has been in plain sight,
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decades the now 83 year old was convicted of murdering malcolm x in 1966, a year after the civil rights leaders. assassination? oh, good for you. so i'm very blessed with my family, my friends threw up i think that we're. ready all visually the judge in new york, vacating his conviction on that of kelly islam, who was also jails for murder. but he wasn't in court. having died more than a decade ago. the fact that my father, my mother warrant here, i'm not here alive to see this and her experience the exoneration is painful because they suffered a lot and just then the gunfire went off. it is a case that has fascinated the u. s. for years campaigners office,
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documentary makers insisting tale innocent men were locked up dangerous question as he's in his lamb's trial was ripe with misconduct and misdirection the f. b i and wiping day with health crucial evidence and the men had no connection to image a heat. abdul helene, who confessed to the shooting still they would spend more than 40 years in prison between them. but them to have had their fingers on the trigger of where the shattered tail mount them. and they weren't in the room. simply, investigations took nearly 2 years and faced huge challenges. the witnesses and police officers involved are all dead and crucial evidence like the murder weapon. no longer acts simple and most of the men who murder could never picked up. and they likely never will. now, the question of he was truly behind malcolm axes killing may never be answered phil of el al jazeera washington columbia, as constitutional court will soon decide whether to fully decriminalize abortion.
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currently, it's only allowed if a mother's life is in danger fetal deformity, or if the pregnancy resulted from rape or incest. otherwise, abortion is a crime punishable by up to 4 years in prison. rival activists have gathered in bogota are ahead of the ruling out to 0 is, alessandra petty was there for me to go to court to decide whether to eliminate abortion as a crime in colombia, an issue that is deeply the vibe in this very catholic country. people in favor and against that possible decision i've been facing off in front of the court. abortion was part legal, i think columbia in a 2006 court ruling, which allows it only in case of rape. we filled the form at the end. if the health of the woman is at risk, but pro choice advocates say that even in those cases, terry is exceedingly hard to access, especially for rural and poor women. a correlation of pro choice to the last year.
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doing that, a crime that only criminalizes women is unconstitutional. it's unjust, indiscriminate tree, and it's making the most vulnerable women in the country the most criminalized for this offense. we cannot allowed colombians to continue dying in the womb. there won't be the most secret place is where we should all feel the most protected for our entire life. 90 percent of abortions in the country takes place full indefinitely and at least $400.00 women. many of them are under age, been convicted or sanctioned since 2006. now the court has until friday at to make that decision. and if they decide to do the criminal lives, colombia could be joining us of other pro choice. this isn't in the region that show that aptitude might be changing across much of latin america. rather groups of protest as of faced off in bolivia as capital a pass on the wednesday after the repeal of
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a controversial money laundering law. oh, supporters of president luis, i say class to have demonstrated to accuse him of trying to quash descent. the law gave authority as the power to investigate any citizens assets, even without a court order. the president, back down after a 9 day national strike. 35 members of janis don's woman's youth football team of arrived in the united kingdom after fling in the wake of the taliban take over a plane, carrying them and their families. 130 people in all landed at stance. their port flight was paid for by t v star kim kardashian in west members of the team had been staying in pakistan. women, i've not been able to take part in any sports. and the taliban seized power, more tennis players than the heads of some of the sports governing bodies are raising concerns about a star chinese player. pang sway has not been seen in public since she made sexual
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assault allegations against a top chinese government official. 2 weeks ago, the head of the women's tennis association received an e mail, purporting to be from peng, but he's now questioning it in it. she says she's resting at home and retracts the allegation. but steve simon says he's concerned about her safety. ah, type a quick chat of the top stories here on al jazeera, hundreds of iraqis who gave up trying to enter the european union have arrived back home repatriation flight 1st stopped an air bill. the migrants and refugees had been stranded at the bell roost. poland border in cold and wet conditions. the canadian military has joined rescue efforts in the flood devastated province of british columbia. one person is confirmed dead and at least 3 people.


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