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in the distance headquarters refilled the attempt to buck us for another go at the fires though many are now contained, others have stubbornly spread due to change ingredients aircraft. how played a white to roll in these oppressions because they can't cover long distances in a matter of minutes, especially in mountainous terrain. the long turkey sultan coast. ah . india's government backs down prime minister miramonte says he's withdrawing controversial farm laws of the year long protests. ah, ah, hello, i'm adrian again. this is l 0 alive from dough ha. also coming up migrant camp, cleared police in bella, rou, smooth 1000 was to
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a warehouse office. they failed to get into the e. u. we were trying to keep people safe. security forces in sudan defend the actions and protests that lead to the deaths of 15 people. plus i'm far if small at the sale international circuit, the venue that's about the house has our 1st ever formal one grandparent. ah. india's government has made a dramatic uta and announced that its withdrawing 3 controversial farm laws. the legislation had triggered nationwide protests that lasted more than a year. the government introduced the measures last here saying that paid molten i as the agriculture sector. but pharma said reforms hurt by livelihoods. now prime minister or andrew body is telling them to go home. i've met apo today. i have come to tell you and the entire nation that we have decided to
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repeal the 3 laws, how many you will complete the constitutional process of repealing the laws during the parliamentary session begin to the end of this month. today i'm asking all my former friends who have been protesting to return to your homes, your farmland, and your family have some stuff out here. as part of the natal is a process size in gas, poor and pradesh. as you can see behind me, you know, these are the arrangements that farmers had made a year ago because they were going to be camping out till the laws would be repealed. and the prime minister has said they are pulling back these laws. but these structures haven't been dismantle, and that's because even though in his speech the prime minister said, you know, go home and this will be done. they're not budging. this thing, that of the parliament passed the laws. and it is the parliament that will repeal the laws, and that is when we're going to pack up and go. in fact a while ago they were busting firecrackers. who they do welcome this move, but it's not a done deal as far as they're concerned. now the other thing to mention here is,
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and we've been talking to farmers and protesters here, they're actually pointing out a few things of that, the prime minister miss during his speech. for example, he did not acknowledge the fact that nearly $700.00 farmers have died during the course of the protest. the other issue that the farmers have been talking about is, you know, a minimum guaranteed price that they've been asking the government to put for them, especially in the states, off in the state of other traditional farmers have been facing the bronze of climate change. they've been a ra, increasing lawns on them. so this thing that we need more financial assistance from the government, something that the prime minister missed at the same time. you know, it's important to say that they are happy, but it's not of, as i said, a done deal for them. so they got to keep protesting till the parliament officially withdraws the 3 laws. here's a look at how all this unfolded. india's parliament passed the laws in september. the reforms angered farmers to march towards the capital. in december,
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the government met farmers unions, but the 2 rounds of talks ended in deadlock. protests intensified in january when thousands of farmers still utilized historic red force on republic day. and in september, thousands of farmers announced plan was to campaign against the governing b. j. p. party javert. and i'm sorry, as a political analyst and commentator, he explains why the movie government has reversed its decision. the significance is that they've done it because they fear that they could lose or to produce u. p. like your correspondent was telling us, holds the key to who's daily. there are 403 seats in the prevention. assembly one typed in line of them come from rest and you'll be read the farmers out in a majority. the farmers are, i said, are the largest sporting component of that popping off those $139.00 seats. the bgp had close to 90. if the bgp loses and that then it's gotten from there for them and
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you'll be and it will then raise you squish those question. huge question marks about who's delhi in the 2024 elections. so the dance therefore, the government has run, has read the writing on the wall and decided to back dick back them. but it won't be easy. and if it does, then just remember the all important. 2024 parliament, 3 elections are yet to be in. and then they will be a huge cost. because right now you've managed to, as you promised the farmers and sort of tried to limit the damage by retreating. if you go back on it the next time that option will not be dead and the put it can fall out of that would be huge. banner bruce has cleared a makeshift camp from migrants and refugees that it's porter with poland. border officials say that hundreds of moved voluntarily to a reception center. the western borders have been a bruce remain essentially sealed. thousands of migrants, including children, have been stuck in freezing conditions at the border for days. well,
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hundreds of those migrant saw iraqi kurds. some of them have abandoned their attempts to enter the e u and have returned home. i'll just see was him on con reports from a bill. as they arrive at you can see the exhaustion in their faces, while some are glad to be home. others say they'll return, but i'm going back, i'm ready to try 100 times again. next. so my, i intend to go. the kurdish regional government of which our bill is the capital released a statement blaming people smugglers were duping rockies into going to buy the roofs. the statement promised to crack down on them. in the last few days, they say they were arrested 10 members of a criminal smuggling gang. some of those returning thursday described a horrific experience. though had i been at mcgehee, the situation is so bad. the smugglers using people i've seen people dying before my own eyes. i will not try to travel again. i will not go with. a lot of these people have sold everything they own to get to europe. they are likely to come back
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to less than they had before. the future for them is blinking. only 341 people disembarked on this flight here in our bill. another 90 will disembark in baghdad. now there are more flights in the coming days. how many more is a negotiation between minsk and baghdad? but perhaps the real negotiation is exactly how many iraqis will want to get on those flights. among hon, i'll desert a real spain's coast guard has rescued a group of migrants near the canary islands. the boat was carrying 40 people to had died at sea. 2 others were taken to hospital in a critical condition. it's the 2nd time the coast guard has had to make a rescue in the area this week. sedans, police chief, has defended security forces, insisting that they used only legal means to control recent opposition. protests, doctors say that at least 15 demonstrators were killed by live fire on wednesday if it was the worst day of violence since the military took power last month. the head
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of the police is denying its involvement and the death saying that they'd use tear gas and rubber bullets of work. protecting civilians is a lot of money for the safety of citizens and to avoid disorder. police forces are usually keen during operations of protecting protests and marches. to keep weapons fit for use in context of civilians, mainly relying on t gas women of different types. canadian troops are on the ground helping with rescue assets in the flood. devastated province of british columbia roads bridges, and railways had been washed away, and several towns remained. cut off. officials say they expect this to be the costliest natural disaster in kansas history on his era shop returns. the reports now from abbotsford. the sumac prairie is british columbia's agricultural heart loans, but now it's submerged. in fact, sue must prairie had been su,
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must lake for millennia, before it was drained in the early 20th century for settlement. now it's a vast floodplain particularly vulnerable to more frequent weather extremes that scientists warn us to expect in the changing climate. over 2 days this week, a months worth of rain fell here. now thousands of displaced or cut off roadways, railways and bridges have been washed away. some of those rescue to staying in this shelter with no idea when they can reach on home, given the continued flooding and the uncertainty about the structural stability of transport routes that remain. i've heard 2 days to 10 days. no one knows. so i heard 2 days, 2 days ago, so i'm still here. farmers have desperately been trying to rescue their livestock some 20000 dairy cattle once grazed her many a fool to have perished in washington dc after the circle, the 3 amigos summit with his u. s. and mexican counterparts, the canadian prime minister pledged coordinated action. we will continue to work with indigenous communities to keep people safe. we'll work with the province with
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industry, all of the partners to on logistics on repairs and getting goods moving. judo did mention climate change in general terms, but didn't take the opportunity to link the catastrophic flooding in british columbia to greenhouse gas emissions. but climate scientists are being explicit. they say that is all set is part of a destructive cycle caused by human induced global warming. just a few months ago. a record heat wave caused by changing jet streams lead to forest fires, that stripped the landscape of trees and the stability of their roots. systems that was then followed by intense storms fueled by the warming ocean that washed away everything in their path. in the past, climate scientists are reluctant to say that one specific weather event was definitively connected to global warming. but now such as the strength of the science, that ambiguity is gone. they say this is what climate change looks like. she
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advertise see al jazeera abbotsford. ah, the stars for the one are about to compete in cut off for the 1st time, the gold pre could have a big se on who wins the world title max. the stipend has a narrow lead over louis hamilton. as the season enters its final stretch far ishmael reports from the new sale international circuit. ah, a year before kat to her house, the middle east, 1st football world cup formula, one is about make it said you appearance in the gulf state. katherine, seizing its opportunity after ra press, and 5 other countries were canceled due to coven 19000000000 sale. international circuit is an established venue on the modem, g p. calendar. but it's had just a few weeks to prepare for this race. and the changes requested by formula one were very, very small. um, the rest of the changes are related tools, you know,
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sponsors and you know, beautification, if you, if you will. so what will happen to the tires? what will happen to each corner? how teams will be ready and set up there, cause all these questions adds to the excitement. and i think a lot of friends are waiting to see how things will happen here. which is 3 races left the season. tat are kind of picked a better time to enter the sports. tens of thousands of fans will be here to witness the latest episode in one of f one's closest ever seasons. 7 time world champion, louis hamilton is locked in its huddled battle with red bulls max for stopping for stopping his amy to win his 1st ever world tidal. going into this race, he leads his mercedes rival by just 14 points and the driver stabbing most of the races. you're really pushing like the whole race flap out. and that is something
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which not, though it doesn't happen all the time in order. so of course time management start it now you are constantly like on the pressure or you are the one attacking right. and i think that's just great because it's nice to have at least now to teams like fighting for when was some weekends? it's some weekends. it's gets home weekend is not and i've not been here before. so like every one, not really knowing what to expect. just hopeful that the car feels like it did last week. i think we learned some things about where to put the car and i hope that applies here, but it might not this will be just the 1st chapter in categories formula. one story . the country has signed a decade long deal to host a race every year from 2023. far as smile al jazeera, doha still come on al jazeera president, joe biden, hosts his northern and southern neighbors at the white house. the 1st summit between north american leaders in years and calls for an investigation into the
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death of a palestinian prisma and his railey custody. ah look forward to brightest galleys the winter sponsored by cattle airways. hello, i'm pleased to say we've got some quiet weather now at long last in western and central parts of the mediterranean blue skies, one way of sunshine. still a few showers over towards ye could still see some foundry downpours into southern parts of grace and some where to weather and some when she weather a little further north around the baltic stage. to slide. for lithuania, latvia, belarus, easing over towards a russia. we have got big area of high pressure, so things choir therefore, ref, france missed and fog and frost said he still an issue here, but she better to good party. cheery with our hi here we're drawing in our weather around the top of the high, we will see some when she weather, also grassy, making his way to wor, scandinavia. so norway,
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seeing some significant snow sentences, central and northern parts of, nor as we go one through friday. and that really sets the same for the weekend. going in to saturday. more of that winter makes much cooler sick celsius there in our slow winter weather. also over to war to good parts over eastern europe and notice sciences, some colder air coming back in, across the u. k. by this stage, glasgow 11 celsius. this time, next week, we will struggle to get to around 6 or 7 degrees. meanwhile, across northern parts of africa, some very wet weather up to water northwest morocco could even see some snow over the high ground of the atlas mountains for the weather sponsored by cataract ways. oh, the land of the free. if you are black or a criminal, you are someone who is supposed to shadow except would of america gives you a new episode of democracy, maybe expose racial conflict,
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ethnic politics and inequality in the united states. they get upset if you say all like, because they want to focus on one. we had a dream on al jazeera. ah ah, hello again, this is al jazeera. let's remind you of the main stories. this of the indian government is announced that its withdrawing 3 controversial farm laws legislation had triggered nationwide protests that lasted more than a year. fellow roost has cleared a makeshift camp from migrants and refugees that it's full with poland. hundreds of those, assign him seekers, mostly rocky cuts of abandoned their attempts to enter the e u and have returned home. and students police chief has defended the action to
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control witness days protests against the military takeover. insisting that they used only legal means to say that at least 15 demonstrators were killed by a live 5 or more on that. let's go to light the car. 2 managers here as russell soda is sat there. what's the situation there? now given that it's friday, we're expecting friday prayers, of course, after the violence this week, while there are the expectations for their protest off their, their friday prayer, which is a usual practice here in sudan off there. the admitted to take over on october 25th. so i did today, the center of the process is expected to be al and saw mosque. and i remember their expectations are not for the big memo, the big scale demonstration. so on the other hand, across the capitol at the, in, at several most people are going to have the prior year. and i've since year for
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those who have been killed on wednesday during the widened confrontations between the a security forces and a protest there. so ever did the internet blackouts, you know, have been, are conducted on the, or in, in the country seized immediately takeover. and finally, the intern that shut down is partly lifted. people are receiving signals on their form. however, they still do not have access to the social media platforms and also the communication apps and their phone lines are completely back. they have been disrupted on wednesday. the as of today, we can see that the life to a certain extent is back to normal. that the bodies are reopened, the main roads are reopened and the battery kids that have been sad because of the brakes and rocks that have been sat by the protesters are removed. however, the situation is still delicate here and this coldness disputes are,
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could be interrupted by the demonstrations and interference of the security forces any time as the protesters and the civilian groups are calling for mass demonstrations in the coming days. and has there been any progress bristle between a, in the negotiations between the government and civilian groups? what for now, both sides, the army and civilians are they are quite ferns on their position. so the civilians particular the forces of freedom and change which as the main civilian coalition that had been a shade empowered with military since 2019 says that they will step up pressure on the army to force it to a power sharing agreement. and they are going to organize more and more mass protest as long as they see it until they see a civilian government in fully in char this, they have to the conditions. the 1st is a dead immediate restoration of
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a civilian government. that leaves off all political political prisoners, including the ausa prime minister, abdulla ham, look and for the army to commit to the constitutional declaration, it sign in 2019 with the civilians. so that on me says they are still committed to the road to their democracy. and they are not planning to hold on their, on their own, the power, they will appoint a government of tactical crust that will lead the country to the elections in 2023 . by so far, the formation of the government has been the main issue and they could not agree who is going to be in this government who is going to be their prime minister. as of now all the talks international force and also the, the did that the negotiations between army and c, v, as in the company could not produce any ass solution. and the concern is that if army and civilians, political actors here cannot find a way out of this baltic of that look,
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the company could face of the more violent confident patients. as more people are being killed, the anger is growing into concert. how serious russell said, or they're live in cartoon. many thanks and it north american leaders have held a summit for the 1st time in 5 years. you as president joe biden hosted mexico's under as manuel lopez open a door. and canada's prime minister just intruder at the white house, top of the agenda, with the cove at 19 pandemic, and the climate crisis out as here as my camera reports from washington. it was in 2016 when the leaders of us, mexico and canada last met in person. the previous trump administration apparently disinterested in holding face to face talks with its neighbors. the lead is now able to lay out their priorities. we have to end the pandemic and to take decisive actions to curb the climate crisis. our highest priority is, of course, end in coven, 19, and being focused on economic recovery,
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strengthen supply chain support. as he owns. it's important to define things together to set aside myths and prejudices, for example, to stop excluding migrants when their manpower is in high demand in canada and in the united states. mister president, is the delight to have you here for you as president also held one on one meetings . central to discussions with his mexican counterpart was migration control and reform. an issue that a shopping impacted on the relationship between the 2 countries was great to welcome back to the prime minister earlier biden and canadian prime minister justin trudeau talked about forging a climate change policy, particularly topical, given the flooding occurring in canada. ah, but one of the biggest developments had nothing to do with north american relations . answering a question the u. s. president confirmed, he's thinking about
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a diplomatic boycott of the winter olympics in china. something we're consider. still discussions focused heavily on trade between the 3 countries. and new agreement took effect last year, replacing the longstanding north american free trade pack nafta. canada is the largest trading partner of the united states. each day, some $2000000000.00 worth of goods crosses the world long. the national border and canada has been brought into the us mexico discussion concerning supply chain issues which has undermined the economies of all 3 countries. the many issues of contention were not given any public airing. the leaders preferring to project to show up unity and common purpose. reviving the 3 amigos label that was applied when b summits were far more frequent. mike hannah, archers,
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era washington columbia's constitutional court has put on hold a debate that could see abortion to criminalized proceedings of stopped because of a challenge calling to exclude one of the judges who spoke about abortion in the media. another judge will now make a decision on how to move forward. columbia only allows terminations for specific reasons. a palestinian white's organization has called for an impartial investigation after a prisoner died in hospital while an israeli custody. sorry, i'll a more had spent 13 years in prison. a palestinian sense of a human rights says that it's extremely concerned that he didn't receive adequate untimely medical care unit outside reports from casa pictures of sammy alarm lawyer hang at his home in garza. and at his funeral, they were supposed to welcome his return after he was released from an israeli prison, had been detained since 2008, and sentenced to 19 years and weapons smuggling charges. he died in hospital on
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thursday in israeli custody membership with stanley say they have been in shock since being told of his death. reco regularly hood. yeah, no. it's the occupation to blame the neglected him. they detained him and he was perfectly fine. he didn't suffer anything, one of the one i haven't seen him for long years because they always denied or visit. and the to be honest, i just want them to send his body back together. sure. yeah, we want to see him advice if it sammy suffered from congenital heart problems. his family and supporters say that was worse and by years of living in hard conditions in prison, they use israeli authorities of deliberately neglecting his health. nothing would be as a result of medical negligence, that the occupation authorities practiced on the prisoner where he was left for 14 hours the crossing while being transported from nap huh. present. rocca hospital
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shows the deliberate and intentional medical neglect by the israeli authorities. tommy's fiancee has waited for his release since 2008. she hoped they would marry soon after. we urge the united nations in the entire world to support the oppressed prisoners in their cases, they are dying and prisons and jails, and no one cares. sammy's family, say israeli authorities prevented most and his mother only so him in prison a few times over his 14 years in prison. in a statement to elgin euro, israel to prison authority, said all prisoners receive treatment according to their needs. set alarm worries, death will be code, looked into or checked almost 5000 policy. the prisoners are in is really present. the ministry of palestinian prisoners says more than 500 of these prisoners suffer medical conditions and some are cancer patients. while 227 of them had died,
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the news really presidents. since $967.00 sammy's relative say all the was now is to receive his body. but israeli officials have refused to release it until the end of the remaining 4 years of a sentence. in the c o z, iraq god's out in the u. s. jurors in the carl rittenhouse trial ended the 3rd day of deliberations without reaching a verdict. 18 year old rittenhouse is charged with shooting protesters, killing 2 people and injuring another during racial justice rallies in wisconsin. last year. he says he acted in self defense. his lawyers have asked for a mis trial, citing some evidence presented by the prosecution to mad normally convicted of murdering the civil rights leader. malcolm x. more than 50 years ago, had their convictions dismissed. investigators found that the f, b, i and police with held crucial evidence at the trial, al jazeera phil laval,
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reports from washington. joint motion with your high ranking address. it is taking half a century from a hammer disease to stand in a new york court room. and here a judge finally clear. his name is a decade. the now 83 year old was convicted of murdering malcolm x in 1966 a year after the civil rights leaders assassination. oh with. i'm very glad that my family, my friends. and with that, we have all the judge in new york, vacating his conviction on that of kelly islam who was also jailed for murder. but he wasn't in court having died more than a decade ago. the fact that my father,
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my mother warrant here, i'm not here alive to see this. and i experience the exoneration is painful because they suffered a lot. and just then the gunfire went off. it is a case that has fascinated the u. s. for years campaigners office, documentary makers insisting tale innocent men were locked up dangerous question as easily slams trial was right with misconduct and misdirection the f. b i and wiping day with held crucial evidence and the man had no connection to image or heat. abdul helene, who confessed to the shooting still they would spend more than 40 years in prison between them with them to have had their fingers on the trigger of where the shot at killed malcolm. and they went in the room. simply, investigations took nearly 2 years and faced huge challenges. the witnesses and police officers involved are all dead and crucial evidence like the murder weapon no longer accessible. this both of them in her
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class never faced up. and they likely never will. now, the question of who was truly behind malcolm x is killing, may never be answered. phil of al jazeera washington more tennis players and the heads of some of the sports governing bodies arisen concerns about a missing chinese star. thanks way has not been seen in public since she made sexual assault allegations against the top chinese government official. 2 weeks ago, the head of the women's tennis association received an email purporting to be from her, but he's now questioning it in it. she says she's resting at home and retracts the allegation. ah, it is going to be with a solo, adrian. so they get here in doha, the headlines and al jazeera india's government as says that it's that withdrawing 3 controversial farm laws. the legislation had triggered nationwide protests that
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lasted more than a year. the government introduced the measures last year saying that they modernized the agriculture sector, but farmers said the reforms.


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