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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, analogy 0 rate with no migrant camp, clear police and by the roost. move thousands to a warehouse self. they failed to get into the you ah, hello, i'm adrian again. this is al 0 alive from dough hall. so coming up india's
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farmers celebration of their protests forced the government to withdraw controversial farm laws. we were trying to keep people safe. security forces in sudan defend their actions and protests that lead to the deaths of 15 people. plus, i'm the investor avia in eastern depaul at the border within were a conflict is brewing over t ah bay louis has cleared a makeshift camp for migrants. refugees that it's border with poland. border officials say that hundreds have moved voluntarily to a reception center. the western borders of pe, the rooster made essentially sealed thousands of migrants, including children have been stuck in freezing conditions at the border. for days, let's go live now to hide nautica on the polish side of the border with beta roost
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out as soon as had beg is that for us? i said, what's happening there now? well, the values cleared out some of those cans along the board and put those people in the warehouse for the polish authorities. border guard have said that they're still attempt to cross the border, but in smaller numbers now they're, they're accused again by the russian authorities of helping people crossed that board to try to get into europe. and the, you know, what we're hearing here is that people are still managing to cross that border go through this ancient forest into poland at the hospital in high enough. go not far from here. now doctors, there have been speaking and they've said just in the last month and a half, they've treated a 180 people. now that's just the hospital here. they are more along this area along the border. now, europe of the french president emanuel mac, ron, has said that europe should keep on the pressure against bella, roost. and now we did hear from the bay russian president spokes woman yesterday. oh bella ruth had spoken to her anger, german chance, anger, merkel,
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and suggested or offered a humanitarian code of a 2000 refugees into germany. and then by the roost, would be responsible for sending back those who are willing to their own countries . they said around 5000 people, now europe and germany have rejected the offer that europe has said explicitly that they do not want to negotiate with the regime in minsk that meanwhile, lithuania has reinforced its border with bella ruse and ukraine has deployed national guards. let us quite significant, if you take into account the russian military build up along ukraine's other border . and ukraine sees it a significant enough to deploy troops here. but they've also said the interior ministers also said that they must build a fence, a barrier between beller roost and russia. and of course, europe believes that this is a form of hybrid attack they have said as such are and also the polish authorities here have said that they believed that this has all been masterminded in russia. so there's a much larger political game taking place. and many people just see that those
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vulnerable people at the border. i just pawns as part of this logic game out as here, as i said, beg, reporting, live there from the polish side of the border with boilers has had many thanks. did all hundreds of those migrants are iraqi kurds, some other band and their attempts to enter the e u. that has now returned home and to serious im, wrong can reports from a bill as they arrive at you can see the exhaustion in their faces while some are glad to be home. others say though, return, but i'm going back, i'm ready to try 100 times again. next summer i intend to go. the kurdish regional government of which our bill is the capital released a statement blaming people smugglers for duping rockies into going to buy the roofs . the statement promised to crack down on them. in the last few days, they say they were arrested 10 members of a criminal smuggling gang. some of those returning thursday described a horrific experience. though had i been at mcgehee,
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the situation is so bad. the smugglers easing people. i've seen people dying before my own eyes. i will not try to travel again. i will not go with. a lot of these people have sold everything they own to get to europe. they are likely to come back to less than they had before. the future for them is blink number 341. people disembarked on this flight here in our bill. another 90 will disembark in baghdad. now there are more flights in the coming days. how many more is a negotiation between minsk and baghdad, but perhaps the real negotiation is exactly how many rockies will want to get on those flights. among con out is there a real indian government has made a dramatic u turn, announced that it's withdrawing 3 controversial farm laws. the legislation have triggered nationwide protests that lasted more than a year. the government introduced the measures last here saying that they modernized the agriculture sector, but father said the reforms hurt their livelihoods. now prime minister or,
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and ramadi is telling them to go home. i'd may apo, today i have come to tell you and the entire nation that we have decided to repeal the 3 laws, how many we will complete the constitutional process of repealing the laws during the parliamentary session that begin to the end of this month. today i'm asking all my former friends who have been protesting to return to your homes, your farmland, and your family corner from out here as pumping a towel, who's at a protest site. when the ask us a few jelly at one of the trip sites where farmers have been protesting for nearly a year, what you see around me are temporary structures they set up last year when they decided to camp out until the government revoked the 3 agricultural laws that pharmacy, leave them warsaw and benefit big corporations. now earlier today, prime minister in the reins removed the, made a sudden announcement, doing what the formulas had been asking for nearly a year. but these formulas and to check to see if they are not willing to go back
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yet, it is a big tree. they have been congratulating each other and some of them have even been busting firecrackers. but they don't necessarily trust the government there waiting for the parliament to officially revoke these laws. they also point out that the prime minister in his announcement today missed a few critical points, for example, or nearly $700.00 farmers have died during the course of the protest. the other issue is the issue of guaranteeing farmers a minimum price for they produce it something farmers have been pushing for, but did not find mention in the prime minister's speech. the announcement comes at a critical political juncture to states that most of these farmers and protest has come from that is punjab and not their probation are headed for critical state elections. early next year to day is also interestingly, the birth anniversary of the founder of sic is a, it's a big festival for a community that again has been on the forefront of this protest for nearly a year. well, here's
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a look at how all this unfolded. indian parliament passed the laws in september. the reforms angered farmers shoe marched towards the capital. in december, the government met farmers unions, but the 2 rounds of talks ended in deadlock protest, intensified in january 1000 to form a storm utilized historic red fort on republic tape. and in september, thousands of farmers announced plans to campaign against the company b j. p. party fennel, charm up is the political editor of the hindustan times. he says that some farmers remain undeterred and will continue to protest until the laws voted out in parliament. ill have them withdrawn during the baldwin session, which comes up on the 29th of this month general. and the farmers in response have said that they will continue with the agitation dated though. laws are formerly repeated by parliament because these were the laws that were passed by parliament to unless the bomb and parliament takes them back. they said that they will
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continue to be per day with their protest. but once they are scrapped, they will dig it back. they have also said that their demand offload the minimum support bryce, and he giving it a statutory comma. i should be also met by the prime minister. so the initial responsible farmers has been a bit mixed up. they're happy, but not fully satisfied yet. this is something good since as dawn may be a little late about go 7 to 900 starboard or sound to farmers have lost their lives to suicide. to inclement weather. ah my do, ah, by accident to the course of this agitation, this was an unprecedented but best buy that's the longest one has seen austin dependence in this country and the farmers have shown their will power and the prime minister finally decided to stoop to conquer alexi or whether he con cars or
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not, but there is no harm stopping in front of public opinion in a democracy. sedans, police chief has defended security forces, insisting that they used only legal means to control recent opposition. protests, doctors so that at least 15 demonstrators were killed by live fire on wednesday. it was the worst day of violence since the military took power last month. that of police is denying its involvement in the deaths. so police use tear gas and rubber bullets at work. protecting civilians is a lot of money for the safety of citizens and to avoid disorder. police forces are usually keen during operations of protecting protests and marches. to keep weapons fit for use in context of civilians. mainly relying on t gas of different types worn out from our 0 resort solder, in cartoon, 30 expectations for their protests after the friday prayer, which is
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a usual practice here in, in, in, in sudan off there, the military takeover on october 25th. so at that today, the center of the process is expected to be al and saw malls. and i live in the expectations are not for the big a big scale demonstration. so on the other hand, across the capital did in at several, most people are going to have the prayer in absentia for those who have been killed on wednesday during the widened confrontations between d, a security forces and a protest there. so ab did the internet blackout, you know, have been, are conducted on the or in, in the country, sees the military takeover. and finally, the intern that shut down is partly lifted. people are receiving the signal on their phone. however, they still do not have access to the social media platforms and also the
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communication apps and their phone lines are completely back. they have been disrupted on wednesday. the did as of today, we can see that the life to a certain extent is back to normal dead that the bodies are reopened. the main roads already opened and the better kids that had been sad because of the brakes and broke that had been said by the put of testers aud removed. we'll get a weather update mixture on i'm 0. then severe flooding and landslides cool was extensive damage to homes, roots and bridges across western canada will tell the war cross i'm far it's mile, actually sail international circuit, the venue that's about to house tatters 1st. ever. 4 mill, wine graham perry with hello more heavy rain across sir thailand's southern parts of vietnam. southern
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areas of indo china. you see the pockets of sundry showers, rolling through her bouquet with 67 millimeters. the frame in the last 24 hours or so, more heavy showers coming in across a similar area. usual scattering of seasonal down polls there through a good part of malaysia and turning increasingly wet now into indonesia, we could see some localized flooding coming in here. as these showers really pair pop over the next couple of days, showers a longer spells of rain also popping up across southern parts of australia. we've seen some nasty weather gathering around w way easing across south australia. and as this system makes its way further east was, we could see some localized flooding that had some heavy rainfall, significant rainfall, round novel, 22 millimeters of frame. that's just down to the southwest of south australia, of course. and in fact, it is already the a wet in november in 130 years of records being taken $85.00 millimeters of rainfall so far. there's more where that came from that where to weather will
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continue to slide across south australia towards adelaide to stated celsius for adelaide and melbourne. them as we go on through saturday. tat warmer on sunday. returning increasingly wet from new south wales. ah. in the country with an abundance of results for the trade already won indonesia whose big concerns for me. we moved pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest,
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let be part when denise his growth and progress in indonesia now. ah ah. hello again. this is al jazeera. let's remind you of the main news. the south bay. the roof has cleared a makeshift camp for migrants of refugees that it's porter with poland. hundreds of those asylum seekers, mostly a rocky could of abandoned their attempt to enter the you and have returned home. india's government has says that it's withdrawing 3 controversial farm laws. the legislation of triggered facial white protests the boston more than a year. and 2 dogs, police chief, has defended his security forces, insisting they used only legal means to control recent opposition. protests, doctors say that at least 15 demonstrators were killed by my fire, wednesday canadian troops or on the ground helping with rescue efforts in the flood . devastated province of british columbia roads bridges,
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and railways had been washed away, and several towns remained. cut off. officials say that they expect this to be the costliest natural disaster. in canadian history, al jazeera shop returns, he reports from abbotsford. the sumac prairie is british columbia's agricultural half lounge, but now it's submerged. in fact, sue must prairie had been su, must lake for millennia, before it was drained in the early 20th century for settlement. now it's a vast flood plain particularly vulnerable to more frequent weather extremes. that scientists want us to expect in the changing climate over 2 days this week. a months worth of rain fell here. now thousands of displaced or cut off roadways, railways and bridges have been washed away. some of those rescue to staying in this shelter with no idea when they can return home, given the continued flooding and the uncertainty about the structural stability of transport routes that remain. i've heard 2 days to 10 days. no one knows. so
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i heard 2 days, 2 days ago, so i'm still here. farmers have desperately been trying to rescue their livestock some 20000 dairy cattle once grazed her many a thought to have perished in washington dc off to the so called a 3 amigos summit with his us mexican counter pulse. the canadian prime minister pledged coordinated action. we will continue to work with indigenous communities to keep people safe. we'll work with the province with industry and all of the partners on logistics, on repairs and getting goods moving true to did mention climate change in general terms, but didn't take the opportunity to link the catastrophic flooding in british columbia to greenhouse gas emissions. but climate scientists are being explicit, they say that is also is part of a destructive cycle caused by human induced global warming just a few months ago, a record heat wave caused by changing jet streams that the forest fires that
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stripped the landscape of trees and the stability of their root systems that was then followed by intense storms fueled by the warming ocean that washed away everything in the path. in the past, climate scientists are reluctant to say that one specific weather event was definitively connected to global warming. but now such as the strength of the signs that ambiguity is gone, they say this is what climate change looks like. she advertise the al jazeera abbotsford. the us secretary of state says the president joe biden will hold a summit on africa in order to boost cooperation with the us and to the blank and made the announcement in nigeria during the 2nd leg of his trip to africa. let's go live now to a bu jeff, i'll just is, i'm an address. is that for us? what else did the secretary of state have to say? it was basically it ran the secretary state is trying to lay the foundations. oh, the total on that summit here during
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a speech he's delivering right now at the course secretariat here in a butcher. and 1st of all, he's talking about improving democracy. economic cooperation as well as security, detail packed with african countries. now these, some of the key issues that he wants to promote, or he's been promoting during his visit so far to africa. now yesterday, present the u. s. secretary of state insisted that the united states, it's not in competition with any other country in terms of infrastructure development, or you can have corporation with african countries. in particular, he was saying that the united states is not trying to compete with just like china . in fact, the united states has its own policy regarding africa, but then if you look at the conditions or the way chinese making inroads into africa, it's amazing. and so dramatic, over the last decade, adrim, what we're seeing is that massive infrastructure, at least a 3rd of all infrastructure,
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is currently being financed in africa done by the chinese. and that the united secretary of state is wanting could lead many african friend congress to fall into a dec trump. he met mention of that during his meeting with the president yesterday . and he expected is expected to continue doing that. when he meets senegalese, the cynical expression and cynical, his counterpart, the foreign minister, after the trip. now this is coming at a time when africa leaders, i increasingly going to loans, loans, loans to finance development projects, instead of functioning out a pacific economic policies that could take them out of. but you can make methods currently in right now. second trip. billington will try to dissuade africa from taking those lowest, especially from china, and rely more on traditional power. paul houses like the united states, the european union and grow their lowest as well as i'd like to make cooperation with those countries, so as to develop the economies. however,
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for many african countries, they prefer to go to china. we which give them the rules without any preconditions and ran out to says i'm address reporting live from a boucher i with many thanks. indeed 2 front runners in chile as presidential election held final rallies ahead of sunday's vote. white wing candidates, jose antonio cast wants to bring down taxes and reduce the size of the government left. if gabriel burridge wants to do the exact opposite, it's neither of them gets 50 percent of the vote to member face off in another round. on december 19th and regional election campaigns have ended in venezuela, most opposition candidates are running as part of a coalition. it's the 1st election which the opposition has agreed to participate in. after 3 years of boycotts, columbia, as constitutional court, as put on hold a debate, the could see abortion to criminalized proceedings. it stopped because of a challenge calling to exclude one of the judges who spoke about abortion in the media. another judge will now make
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a decision on how to move forward columbia early allows terminations for specific reasons. in the you asked euros in the carl rittenhouse trial of ended that 3rd day of deliberations without reaching a verdict. 18 year old rittenhouse is charged with shooting, protested, killing 2 people and injuring another during racial justice rallies in wisconsin. last year. he says he acted in self defense. his lawyers have asked for a mis trial, citing some evidence presented by the prosecution. john handwritten was outside the court in closure weather been 10 scenes. there's an error of anticipation outside the gwinnett county circuit court after 3 days of jury deliberations in the kind of written house case each day. more and more people gather on the steps of the court house and it's gotten more tense. there have been a few clashes between protesters encounter protesters. there have been some arrests and interestingly police have begun to turn away protesters who come armed as not
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because we're in front of a court house. but because wisconsin has a law that says you cannot carry a weapon within 300 meters of his school and there is a school nearby inside that court house, coll rittenhouse and his lawyer show up every day anticipating his fate. he faces a range of charges from reckless endangerment all the way up to 1st degree homicide . that comes with a potential life sentence, the lowest charge as a maximum sentence of 12 and a half years. so it 18 if cow rittenhouse were to serve that entire sentence. when he got out of prison. he would be 30 years old. indian businesses are aggressively lobbying that government to impose tariffs and quality control checks on t imports. from the paul, they say the unregulated influx is hurting local brands. traders in the policy. the bad t is not only better, but fills a gap in the indian market. out as her st. basra, the reports now from elam in eastern the pole. no soldiers, no guns,
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but it in the paul's eastern border with india. tensions are simmering. an unlikely front line is where for years the 2 countries have been locked in quiet conflict. over one of the world's most precious and widely consumed commodities. for nepal t plantations. it's a fight for survival. he is the goose that lays the golden egg. there is local production happening. we have local companies here worldwide, people drink tea and it's also good for health. we drink it and we call alarm district. the place to mine for tea in alarms markets, himalayan t is liquid gold fuel for the country's economic engine. but growers from the neighboring indian state of west bengal or lobbying their government to impose terrorists and bureaucratic roadblocks to take their landlocked neighbors p off the
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table. where here it nepalese border with india now. and darjeeling is just 30 minutes down this road past that checkpoint. now the terrain, the soil, even the plants that the t comes from. it's all the same in this area. but indian grover say that there's is the original darjeeling brand, it only there t should be allowed to carry the name, the seeds of what some nepalese have taken to calling the kettle. wars were planted more than a century ago when the british still ruled. india smuggled out of china and planted in darjeeling in the 18. hundreds indian growers say their t is the genuine article and importing from the paul is destroying a legacy brand. but indian traders routinely mix nepalese t width and sell it as darjeeling to make up for supply shortfalls and meet massive market demands. in fact, india is nepalese, biggest customer, half of the team made here and almost all of the premium. great stuff. most similar
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to darjeeling is bought by india for nepalese owners, india, stirring up trouble is just about protecting market share. i pill that very engaged with big country, with the tenured. we have of small bird gonna me. and that we have a $1000000000.00 trip deficient with india 1000000000 and a 1000000000 and that we don't have anything to sell our product to india while it d is in the mit is small quantity that is not due to the indian economy, notting, but of the victim power of nipple brewing tensions steeped in history. at risk of boiling over or a storm in a teacup. indian concerns have merit. monopoly say t should move as freely between borders as their peopled. zane basra v l. g 0. alarm district. eastern nipple. 35 members of afghanistan's women's youth football
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team as arrived to have arrived in the u. k. after fleeing the taliban take over the plane, carrying them and their families, 130 people in all landed at stance to their port near london. a flight was paid for by t v star kim, cash in west members of the team had been staying in pakistan. more tennis players and the heads of some of the sports governing bodies raising concerns about a missing chinese stop. thanks way has not been seen in public since she made sexual assault allegations against the top chinese government official. 2 weeks ago, the head of the women's tennis association received an e mail, but porting to be from her, but he's now questioning it in it. she apparently says that she's resting at home and retracts her allegations. ah, the stars for me to wander about, to compete and cut off for the 1st time the gold pre could have a big se on who witnessed the world title max. the stoppin has of narrow lead of a lewis, hamilton as the season and as its final stretch for
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a smile. reports follows the lucille international circuit ah, a year before kat to her house, the middle east, 1st football world cup formula, wine is about to make it said you appearance in the gulf state. cat are seizing its opportunity after rob freeze and 5 other countries were cancelled due to coven 19000000000 sale. international circuit is an established venue on the modo, tp calendar, but its had just a few weeks to prepare for this race. the changes requested by formula one were very, very small. the rest of the changes are related to sponsors and you know, beautification, if you, if you will. so what will happen to the tires? what will happen to each corner? how teams will be ready and set up there, cause all these questions adds to the excitement. and i think
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a lot of friends are waiting to see how things will happen here. which is 3 races. laughter sees in qatar could've picked a better time to enter the sport. tens of thousands of fans will be here to witness the latest episode in one of the f one closest ever season. 7 time world champion, louis hamilton is locked in a title battle with red bulls. max per stop in for stop in is amy to win his 1st ever world title. going into this race. he leads his mercedes rival by just 14 points and the drivers standings, most of the race is really pushing like the whole race flat out. and there's something which not, it doesn't happen all the time. you know, there is sort of course time management and stuff, but now you're constantly like on the pressure or you are the one attacking right. and i think that's just great because it's nice to have leaves now to teams like fighting for when was the weekend. so we can just get home weekend is not and not been here before. so we like everyone,
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not really knowing what to expect just hopeful that the car feels like it did last week. i think we learn some things about where to put the car and i hope that applies here, but it might not this will be just the 1st chapter in catherine's formula. one story country assigned a decade long deal to host a race every year from 2023. far as small al jazeera, doha. take a look at this, that stock where you are, you can probably see it in the sky. we can't hear window because it's daylight, but the longest partial luna, in every 600 years, is underway right now. the best views are in north and south america, australia and northeastern asia. nasa says the partial eclipse goes on for more than 3 hours, 28 minutes. that makes it the longest partial eclipse. since the printing press was invented in $1440.00 a longer total lunar eclipse is expected on november 8th next year.
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ah, it's good to have you with us, adrian said again here in dough,


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