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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm AST

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asked to respond to the mounting questions. china's foreign ministry spokesman had this to say, we and 100 they do. i've not heard of the if he raised well, this is not a diplomatic question. the us is threatening a diplomatic boycott of the upcoming beijing olympics. citing china's human rights record, the head of the world tennis association has also said he's prepared to cut lucrative business ties with china. if tennis star pang, why remains missing a marriage? audrey out you 0. ah, i'm how am i? he's in with the headlines on al jazeera, poland, as accused bella roosts of continuing to help asylum seekers call since e. u territory. that's despite the bell russians clearing a makeshift camp on the polish border on thursday, belarus, official say hundreds of moved voluntarily to a reception center. thousands of migrants and refugees, including children,
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had been stuck in freesin conditions at the border for days. nato secretary general says the standoff is deeply concerning the situation after border or boris with poland, but also literary. now on the locker is deeply concerning. the lucretia closer she am you so vulnerable people as means to put pressure on other countries or is cynical aren't in her main made those stands in full sort of thing. with all affected alice, we remain vigilant and stand ready to further help our allies. austria has become the 1st country in western europe to re impose a full co with 19 locked and the you measure, starting on monday will last for a maximum of 20 days. austria is also making vaccination, compulsory from february in neighboring germany. all christmas markets in the state
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of the farrier have been cancels the rate of infections across the country is at an all time high. the health minister isn't willing outs and national lockdown. hungary has recorded its highest number of daily infections. there were more than 11000 you cases on friday. the government is introducing new restrictions. mosques must be born in most indoor places from saturday, protests or israel again on the straight. so, sedans capital aah! large crowds are rallying in the suburbs of on demand and car 2 north and colon for a return to civilian rule and condemning the killing of at least 15 people during protests on wednesday. and those are the headlines to stay with us. the stream is next. a war in afghanistan is now poles. will non taliban figures make up
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a part of with that american you can only port within the taliban and leave it there will be a powerful having to tell about the inside story podcast. a frank assessment of the days headlines subscribe now. however you listen to podcast. ah, i us, i me okay. you're watching the stream on today's episode. there are thousands of migrants on the board of belarus and poland. they're trying to get from belarus to the european union via poland, but the authorities in poland won't let them. here's what some migraines towed out to syria. earlier. hampton of here is one of couple, even if they give us money, we're not going to stay in poland. i just opened the fence and we will not stay.
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the situation is real bad. here we're cold. the fire is suffocating us and we can't breathe. no one has come to speak with us about our situation. whether or not that much of a de hunt. this is nancy toilet, was there using pepper spray and water and tear gas against the children? is this the human rights of europe? 10 days we've been here without water temperatures or minus 5. and what can we do? where are the human rights organizations? we were a good country, they invaded iraq in 2003. we've lost everything. we sold our cars and sold our houses. they've destroyed our country and now this is their human rights knowledge . vienna martin, the live glom on in nevada. we haven't slept since yesterday. our feet are freezing and the only word we can hear is attention attention. eagerly. we have kids. we have wives and you know, if they don't want to allow us through them, return us back to our country. we haven't eaten for 5 days. only little foods available for women and kids. we need a safe place. we need to safe country humanitarian crisis. just wait
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a while to happen. lydia lou cast franak on our panel today. thank you so much for joining us. lydia. please introduce yourself to the stream audience. tell them who you are and what day. hi there. my name is lydia mentally do. i'm a reporter based in greece. i cover migration and refugees here in this country, but also in europe or more broadly. anamosa fellow with the center for refugee studies at york university in toronto. you get to have you. hello to you, lucas. thanks for being on the screen. please tell everybody who you are. and she'll hear her walker sheesh. now i'm a spokesman of the polish far enough for minister former to listen to the story. and finally, franak. nice to have you on the stream, introduce yourself to our global audience. i am also a former journalist. now i worked with fidelity and oscar villers and exiled the leader shawanda elections and went at, went to but she was forced to leave her country. because lucas shanker, our dictator, brick those selections. all right,
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so good to have you. all of you guess i, i'm gonna open up the conversation to our audience here watching on youtube. the comment session is right here. you have comments or questions for story that were taken straight out of the headlines. please let us know what they are and i will put them to the guess. we're going to start on youtube. this is such a story, a big story that we've got questions already. all right, so why are the migrate so motivated to cross into the european union? lydia, can you give us a perspective? this is something that you've been reporting on for quite a long time. yeah, so i right now i, i am back in greece, but a spent about a week on the poland. well the reporter on the, on the polish side. and i think that i, you know, this, this question is key because despite all the difficulties, ah, that have been reported at widely, at this point, ah, for refugees to be able to actually cross into the you through beller ruse. you
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know, people were stuck for for weeks and some for for months, ah, in freezing temperatures with little food, with, with no water. ah, with that you know that without the basic get things that it, that you need to survive. essentially there have been several deaths reported i, i was just seeing a, a headline from the guardian right before coming on this panel about a one and a half year old or one year old from syria that is reported was reported dead. i was there with the baby, was there with their family and, and has just died. and so i, you know, despite all, all of, all of that, people are still choosing to make the journey to a, to the beller roost border to try to come into the you through men sc. and so i
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think, you know, i, i, i cannot lazy about, no hearing, i'm not hearing why, let me share this with because because putting has been quite firm on this matter. they do not want these micros coming into poland. why do you think they even trying to get into permanent because we are out of the country lying on the border of the and you know, with the dictator who is an am in bill, i mean that's polish, but there is a problem. firstly, i would like to come and one thing we hunt immigrants, but we want them if they would come to our country legally with a visa obtain, for example, in general for office in the bill. and they will fly to our airport in warsaw or someone else. we are open for the new growth, but they need to come so kind of legally and we cannot lead any while to aggressively cross and legally cross our border. that's. that's right. of every state. and also those poor people are victims of the person who's victims are
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people like that. and it was because scott, he, she'd them, he took their money, he organize transport for them to me. she told them lies that there will be a possibility of crossing the board. and also she used them as an instrument in his private water would be a union who told him year ago that he already go president of phillips. and that's the beginning of this problem. which makes this little different than other ways of the me grants because let's say this direction through bill at the poland was organized officially, it's not part of the me grounds which will assume to be honest as like years ago or a year ago through the military of c o 2 at site pick up because that's quite an accusation that bello is, is deliberately enticing migrants to the broader to push them into the
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european union. can you repeat? yeah, this is for franak. he's good, he's going to pick up, or he's going to pick up a new assessment of the situation that this is deliberately done by belo hispanic. sure, sure. i think the humanitarian crisis we are seeing right now near polish boyer can not be separated from political crisis. and belarus, which started in 2020 or even more in the 19th when president lucas younger came to power, he destroyed the parliament, destroyed democracy. he became there, or territorial pipe ruler without the parliament, without media. and for 27 years he was willing to con triple hated him. and in 2020, they a price against him. there were hundreds, thousands of people on the streets. he basically correct down on this protest who'd 35000 people in jails, including all presidential candidates, they were either jailed or pushed, forced to go in exile. and he started the terror in the country. poland and
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lithuania supported this movement, supported this democratic aspirations of the people and the right. now we are seeing the revenge and lucas champagne. taking the revenge against paula lithuania for their active brave position and to support bill. there was the mockery, the courses. and this is just the mean of blackmail of the recipient union to show them you see guys you dont like me, you don't recognize me and hear what they can do against. i mean just bringing into our conversation, the vice president of open dialogue foundation. he speaks directly to the point that you, you guess i'm making, which is my grants are being abused. let's take a look through limiting access to the press in civil society. the ruling party successfully spins and narrative for the situation being solely battle front with polish troops, guarding europe from a barbarian invasion. no one is doubting that location. co is using migrants to
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destabilize the bud some more of your skin coupling scheme or using them just us cynically for their own political interest. this crisis will continuum as long as the international community doesn't see through that. and instead of focusing just on the threat forces, poland, to respected the national law, and to help people instead of weapon ising them. just as the question is doing new cas, we have to comment. yeah, of course, that's very smart accusation, but mostly look very much connected with the truth. international low is based on the treaties and the treaties include borders. defense of both that's is very important, both of the international treaty and international relations. paul, out respect when someone attacks your boat, then no matter what he's, that's aggression, any right? which is in both important for a state to defend that book. that's 1st, 2nd,
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poland from the beginning at the end of august was open for any kind of humanitarian solution. almost every week our government was offering estimates. i didn't call it goes to the bill. every such gesture was refused by the russian state. also, when he said about us and i chose, he said the boat utilizing about killing people about the breaking up into the shallow. let's say that's a very political gesture, which is where it is, but a good one. but to this foundation didn't play a very good role in describing, for example, at the beginning of the crisis that we're trying to destroy fences and border instruments. it was done by the foundation, let's say they don't, they are not considered in poland as a, as a bundle for such discussion book. ok. the 3rd thing case or the problem use of
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course, to make a good mandatory of 8 in poland and it still got non government organizational cross reporting that her. but our border guard is not doing anything illegal or against international mr. mr. lucas, may i ask a question, please? i'm sorry. you're jump in a bad, you know, you, you, you described this at the beginning of our conversation. what is happening, or that the people who are ending up at the borders as victims of, of a, a, a campaign that some sort of campaign on the ball, the russian side. i, regardless of what information there, you know that they're receiving, based on my reporting information that they will be able to, to come in to the you, if they travel through, through men scanned. and while i was there, i heard numerous accounts of people who do end up at the bell, russian border, and who do,
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who did manage to either make it through. i'm sorry that if you who did make it to the belgian border and did manage to make it through into poland, being essentially pink pond between the 2 sides. some people became so frustrated they, they, you know, wanted to, there are people who, who, who wanted to leave, but they were not able to leave because they were essentially held back by bell russian, a border guards they were forced to, they were, you know, i'm sure you've seen the reports, they were given clippers and all sorts of things to come navy and says it's only is it what was your responsibility yet? but my question is, i mean in that get, given that reality what, what responsibility do you see as an e. u country, what kind of procedure have you offered to people i to be able to apply for asylum for people who are in, in this situation. people who describe being trapped essentially between these 2
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borders and, and do you see a pole and a as in your country, having a response there at least the same question is coming from new jersey as well to united way. asking alan, go ahead. lucas. really answer is lydia. thank you very much for this. what did you say? what you said, there's a very important 1st the they're not truck between 2 borders, but there is a lie and they are dropped, of the territory of balance. most bellows is responsible for that faith week and only offered to monitor him up. secondly, air person will cross illegally polish brother, cannot apply legally about any kind of us element, international or safety cheer, according to the polish international. but if someone is in poland, he could be coped and supported by the military needs, which he secured. but still let us remember board there as close that this isn't the bullish state. every kind of crossing got this barbaric is illegal. when people who, who are described as a trap are on the territory of the bellows,
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we can only offered them humanitarian 8 if alexander, gushing color. so look, has a think. do you mind if i, if a, if i may, i was watching on out is you are news children being blasted with water with pepper some kind of pebble irritant in it is, is that ok? because they didn't come to poland. i didn't try to come to poland legally. is that okay to do whatever you need to do in order to stop them? it's not as likely once is using children as their shields and is putting them 2 together with his parent, with their parents and with the settings. okay. to glass children no affect you. okay. and your you're comfortable with glancing children. no, we are uncomfortable with defending our part of their when someone attacks it, including children. this and then a jump. can i jump in here? i say that the her, that her whole answer is to, in what it can do,
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and what most of the states will do. they were, they were there so we can understand that, you know, let's not blame poland. let's blame those people who brought to these children this families. this migrants for this situation because this people can not get bags they brought to the forest. they were given grenades, spam grenades, they were given this special clippers. they were given storms especially toward target the border. the coastal gush anchor wanted to divide election could just want this discussions like we have here right now, or should we accept this migrants or not? do poland, respect, human rights are not this exactly what the plan? what was the plan of lucretia and to show like european union doesn't care about human rights. this is mike. he organized this hundreds of airplanes fired from middle east, bringing this people to the border and created this horrible images. this people are hostages, this people are victims of lucas shanker. definitely, i agree. but let's not blame paul. because basically, paula is also victim of lucas polls. so we should find the solution,
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how to unite international efforts and stop lucas shenker use in children. let me just bring a, let me, let me bring english and let jenko into this conversation. because on november 15th, he talked about the migrant situation in belarus, and this is what he sat move sure. dealing with the what's the with like if you so just thought else to put your life ship upon your referrals, not to unusual life and we got all were oh, pick it up which new deal. and it was a gesture from a looking from to see, to live you correctly so to abrupt the more, more at the newton us. cuz that's what you do for nation. we'll go it up next door was for the shuttle you court. if we're not unique with the was rushes when. if near them julia, i need when the most with them mitchum the couldn't ditty. oh boy,
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the war and you have to post up a face was the slow season. so they can try and get into the you, you, if they can, if they can't get in the you, you where put them on planes. some a rock is a, has been picked up and taken at home, a leash anchors as they, they don't have a good place to go back to up but front, using this is a, a problem that better is created itself. how do we get out of this? because they are dealing with a crazy man who is trying just to stay in power by all possible means in all that he calls myself. like, you know, like i ran away of the country by myself and the same way he's calling and blame in this migrates. you know, he, there are many of them sleeping and pants and men's downtown. and when few of them are trying to apply for asylum in means can billers, they were refused, then they went to one guy, was deported. this is the real attitude to this people. and i am really so sorry for them. and i am really sorry that human rights organization that supposed to
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help them were destroyed. 6 major human rights organizations where liquidated them in august. because before this organizations were helping refugees and the asylum seeker like this, this poor families. but right now we're, gosh, uncle doesn't want to help them. they doesn't lead them to stay here. they want to push them in the you, you doesn't let them go. and so there is, there is also the problem in all it, sir. it's a fail made somehow. this is why we ask international community. the tory act, to stop look or shank at least to stop bringing you people to stop cheapened them of fallen them. they must know that the way through beller. was it, sir? it's a heartless game where they risk their lives. i want to bring in another voice and cousin and put this to you because a lot of our audience now is saying, so what is the potential solution? how, how does permanent get out of this? how do the migrate gets away with it when they're safe and protected, et cetera. so let's start awfully danny's festival. he's a journalist and
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a data analyst talking about how did the crisis. and here it was should implement solutions against cushion, broad economic sanctions. and if necessary, broad economic solutions should be implemented against coaching as well. equally important each. so you may miss. is there a people who freeze in altera into eastern board of the european union and dos people should be allowed in immediately and unconditionally. we cannot call ourselves humans if we treat human beings as a means in the geopolitical game. the solution to this crisis is being taught with a perpetrators, but be in kind to the victims of this crisis. because i'm also saying on you shave a number of either a song, what can powell and do, what is palin going today?
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i think she has to do that. i think we want to do 1st. of course, most of them is of course, defend both close it to show to mr. cachemba that they cannot. and chris, you will be on your you can destroy our safety and cannot pull and use poor people as the instrument of revenge on the 2nd think is, of course to internationalize this coughing, and he's got full support of our partners and friends from the european union. among them, germany over in france, united kingdom and us in defending that border. and promotion goes aggression. of course, probably the subsidy and there is such a decision made for days ago in brussel, on the session of the council of the european foreign ministers about widening the sanctions against bella was probably those sanctions will blow flights. and oh, those business men will support this location procedure and,
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but we've got also people there in poland can offer them as a, as i said many times before hearing this message, can you do mandatory and aid please? because while i was on the ground there, this was one of the major issues that humanitarian groups were not able to access the restricted, the restricted zone. in addition to journalists, humanitarian groups were not able to get anywhere near the they restricted. so they were trying to dear friends, if they were allotted for my telescope, swear there, but we've got some legal problems. we've got marshall low on those on those on in this regions. and let's see, command on is look kenneth golden without the permission of the author, it is much over many of those groups didn't ask for that. but still you are focused on very small number of people who crossed in the board of the and are in the
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territory of poland. still forget about the majority of the people were suffering been thousands people caught on the territorial billups. attacking paula, we are forgetting about the real error people responsible for that situation. and poland can offer a humanitarian of 8 both to the people who are on the territory of finance. but mostly it is. yeah, be useful. but them shit. put people on lydia. i want to say i would ask my laptop because you sent us some pictures earlier and just talk us through what we're seeing here on my laptop. so with this picture, i am sorry, i can actually see what you're showing right now, but i a suspected some of the pictures of the kind of an underground efforts that were a station in looks like bags of clothes and nappies, et cetera. yes. yes. and this is my i was asking mr. lucas about the humanitarian aid. and i would love to hear about specific groups that were able to make it to
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the board to provide a should in our city center with the uniforms of the polish border guards here in the global better . so based on name based on my yeah, i mean, based on, based on my reporting, a lot of this humanitarian a did have to be a distributed through, you know, kind of underground a, a, you know, ad hoc networks. because there wasn't a system that allowed for that, and so locals would come together, gather donations, and then literally package them. leave them in the forest for people who managed to make it through. there was also a fire station leo, vote this a so a lucas and media you on, you're never going to agree. i feel like we've been, you're going to ask the same question over and over again in video. get the same answer and then you want to re asking, i'm going to leave and put
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a pause on that for now. i just want to move on with you front act. and this idea, this phrase of weapon ising liquids have been attached to the way that the chicago is dealing with this migrant crisis. just very briefly, do you see it that way too? and could, could the situation escalate into a conflict? i am really afraid and they every day think about this, how to do to not allow this tuition to escalate them to have a conflict because at some point so we so the one bedrooms since forces were ready to use arms when they gave this grenades too tall migrants to this man, blake throw a throw to the polish side who were really afraid. so this is why right now we know we have to make sure there is no escalation, but it will be possible 91 percent pays complaint. thank you so much. franak new cas lydia and your comments and questions about a story that is at the heart of the news right now? do you continue to formulate at al serra dot com and on out 0 english?
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thanks for watching. i see you next time. ah. a, a with a counseling the calls that big farmer
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refuses to pay the back still secret wells health organization has a south african lab. crack m on a close by the pandemic, the airline industry. so we're kinda counting the cost on our ah mother, nature's cultural landscapes. a strong infrastructure governance for rising, where investors are waiting to flourish, with even supplied by tradition where beautiful possibilities are offered. november march the 5th anniversary of the peace treaty between the columbian state and bark rebels. but the security situation and conflict region like hearing coca,
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it's far from resolved. can the government feel delivered on the prom with special coverage on august the euro? ah, ah, this is al jazeera ah, it's 1500 hours g m t here on al jazeera, hello on come all santa maria. welcome to the news, ella. bill bruce says it's moved hundreds of migrants and refugees to a reception center, but poland insist mince is still helping them cross.


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