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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2021 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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a north and south america, australia, and northeastern asia. nasa says the partial eclipse went on for more than 3 hours and 28 minutes the longest. going back to bell since the printing press was invented in $1440.00, there was a longer total lunar eclipse expected on november the 8th of next year. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories, joy biden's resumed his presidential powers after briefly handing them over to vice president campbell, harris biden was under a short sedation for a medical procedure. it was though, the 1st time a woman has held us presidential duties before that the u. s. the house of representatives approve president biden's spending bill. the $1.00 trillion dollar build back, better act, which now goes to the senate where the democrats hold a very slim majority. poland is accused bell roots of continuing to help asylum
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seekers cross into european union territory. that's despite the better russians clearing a makeshift camp on the polish border on thursday. the situation after border o belarus with polen, but also the trainer and the latter is deeply concerning. the lucretia uncle, sir, she m u, so vulnerable people as means to put pressure on other countries or is cynical, aren't in her main natal stance in full. so that at that with all affected alice, we remain vigilant and stand ready to further help our allies protest is, are out again in the streets of sudan lodge crowds gathered to in andermann and hunt him north, calling for a return to civilian rule. in condemning the killing of at least 15 people during the purchased on wet and se sedans, police chief says security forces weren't responsible for those debts. the indian
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government is announced, it's withdrawing 3 controversial farm laws. the legislation had triggered nationwide protests that lasted more than a year. the government introduced the measures last year saying that modernized the agriculture sector, but farmers said the reforms actually hurt their livelihoods. the u. k. government says it will designate all of hamas as a terrorist organization. supporters of the group could face up to 14 years in jail . british home secretary, pretty patella, not the move in washington on friday i tell was forced to resign his britons international development secretary back in 2017. after holding secret meetings with senior israeli officials, hamas has responded and says the decision is biased towards israel. and those are your headlines here are now to 0. we're back with the news are in about 25 minutes. right after inside story. ah.
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the continent must we fall? thus the message from america stopped diplomat to africa leaders. antonia lincoln has been visiting the region ahead of us summit in washington. what has the u. s. policy to was africa worked. this is inside story. ah hello. welcome to the program. i'm hashem, abala your secretary of state antony blanket has been visiting several african countries. it's part of a by then administration's bush to increase co operation and strengthen relations.
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blinkin has sought to assure leaders, unlike past us administrations, this one, we're treat africa as an equal partner, but it's not clear how much influence washington hopes to how they're american brush own sudan. and if you'll be, as leaders to and political turmoil and conflict has produced few results. and the u. s. has promised economic investment and help in the fight against coven 19 pandemic, and climate change. but can compete with china, which wells huge influence across africa. the united states wants to strengthen our partnerships across africa in ways that serve your interests, our interests, and the interests of people world wide whose lives and futures dependent part on what we can achieve together. united states knows that on most of the urgent challenges and opportunities we face,
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africa will make the difference. we can't achieve our goals around the world. whether that's ending the covered 19 pandemic. building a strong and inclusive global economy, combating the climate crisis, or revitalizing democracy, defending human rights without the leadership of african governments, institutions, and citizens. ah, let's bring in our gas in i roby mart sharia min. any, a research associate fellow of the whole international institute for strategic studies in washington d. c. william lawrence, professor at the school of international a service of the american university. in absentia ali mohammed ali and it ain, chief of nigeria is people's daily newspaper. welcome to the program. much area is that and is sense in africa either this you, i said ministration is determined. what at this genuine about the need to build
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bridges with the african continent was trying to work. it does not sound whether there are studios about dealing with way is just to be seen the products bring can one more time. yeah. going to love this trick was low, but you do level in which african issues place in washington go to the priority. so what did was good again, and there was an indication that i might be different, but it may be different from drop in reach. william is the wes this time wedding to reboot is africa policy?
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i wouldn't call it a reboot. i would call it a re calibration of a grand themes and grand lines of the obama and chug administration approach are continuing through the apparatus, for example, on trade and investment. more on old fashion aid and a number of other that's a reorganization to that party. but the main problem in the jump administration was that combination of contempt and indifference, not only in the rhetoric but in the number of the approaches. and so the, the reset had to be, i think, more in terms of rhetoric and tone. and there are increases going on, there's the new deal, nigeria, there's a lot of pandemic related things. and that's all in forward motion here. one of the themes of this trip, of course it's democracy which was not a team of the trump administration. so i created a number of ad on and then a number of adjustments to the existing policy. holly, there's the deal with my judy about the same time until i blink and spoke. and i
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boucher about the need for democratic reforms in the african continent. and that's particularly about the western part of the african continent where we have been having many, many issues. how was that been seen by the niger areas? what i do because you fund reaction, especially gum and governmental official, excited by the with it. but you've been wired and so now have the mccrass's foam, how they're going on the content. and my father generally is that this is can grow in isolation. i mean, it's got to be done. well, just take into consideration and what's the condition of most african nation states
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. it's not enough to me and the democratic phone ship can convert much was something in most of her condition. it is the i like, you know, we generally shall an economy conditional african nations and where huge launch is still more graphic that was in some was african safe. where because they were grassy, has failed to deliver the specter release. if you, i mean, did you do anticipated? didn't that is better them who is better been audited to shoot democracy, how we're really to leave what okay, don't go to you so yes. so is important. but beyond march, is there more gratitude forms? we're on margin, whole school room more is
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a country like america should actually be more involved in our charity than what general condition was or conditions of the machine? the idea of a or concrete involvement? michelle. yeah. is it fair to say of this particular states that it feel peer, which is in the midst of a civil war, thousands of people were killed. almost 1000000 people people on the verge of famine is likely to top. the agenda of the us administration in the upcoming months is already taken a large chunk, woocommerce intriguing. and i see until the resume bacon that kim was to discuss what's going on in the future, which is a big disappointment to her one of africa, regions, and to the african continent, a legacy to log books. i ms. fisher not started very room and beer
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bagley's shoes to the very will and i actually then turned out to be so disastrous present. and the issue is that this disaster could have been avoided. that's good. and i think in the u. s. government there is of that to anybody could have been avoided before, directly see what it is that can be done. the lesson be killed, the killing. the dimes under one of the suggestions that come to mind is the benefit of the big power pulling in inches. marie hill to bring all the parties together form a discussion about the future. federal is in the future because that is the bottom line. dish in a future is the future. should only zoom on the i think the mobile that we're on to the young. so if blakeman, i'm there,
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the bite in administration and him on vince and the various combatants they do leakage of this matter or it would be use budget issues rich and it has yet to be seen. oh, williams. yes. if feel peer is a case where many us say waiting to see whether the america would be able to leverage their political influence in the region and bring about a political solution to the crisis. and if you get that, that is not happening any time soon. do you think that the americans will have to bring the case of genocide declaration to pull more pressure all the parties, particularly the prime minister? i don't think necessarily, genocide, designations in themselves are, are good instruments. it usually raises more questions than, than answers a question. but it is the case that there are war crimes and human rights
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atrocities happening, which are very grave and need to be addressed. and one of the frustrations in the united states and going back to the linda thompson, refills comment, you and the united nation in july. and, you know, do african lives matter? when will the us take up the issues more seriously? the un, it's been on the ground on the humanitarian way, in terms of human rights recording, but there hasn't been enough concerted action action. now, if you look, for example, of the case of libya, the u. s. was very successful in 202221 to get to you in the past, the series of security council resolutions, resolutions that lead to the current piece making that's going on there in the upcoming election. and us can do more at the united nations, along with its african partners and others ad working to convince, often the russians and the chinese to join on to,
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to use the instrument to the us to, to, to make you spend ultimately, it's going to be terms of the u. s. involvement, the actions of the envoy feldman blinking treatment chip is to the 3 democracy is all about democracy and growth and the panoramic in climate change. but it will be feltman who's on the ground now we need to to help broker and deal as the us health broker, the deal with sudan and 2019 and needs to help broker and other deals too down as well. either one of the, one of the reasons why i'm terribly blink has spoke about democracy recession in parts of africa, particularly i think it was alluding to the western part of africa is that you have crews in places like child. molly, you again, a book in fossil at the moment when the international community was hoping that the west africa will build on and momentum thought it decades ago above the need to implement strong robot democratic institutions. could that work anytime in the near future? what like i mentioned earlier,
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to your boss who witness in west africa nation states is partly due to democratic rule to deliver the dividends of the best. and some of the thinking is that some of this new democratic mission with africa, i'm not told to do 3 of the, this is just for my colonial i'm because of also, if you look at, especially in french horn was africa. countries the solution where they see the us, why don't they call the not mandate and walk in june or to tore up or text. so we are also on the superintendent whether or not they will grab the
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shooting for the going to make it into some world constitutional amends also made by adult for me. oh, so i see that unless i frequently does democratically elected rosters, hostile shampoo visions, i see on waterloo, o y, and as the u. s. try to rebuild his global reputation, a faces fierce competition from the chinese. let's take a look at the chinese belt and road initiative, thus caused so much concern in washington for years. bay gene has brought a huge amount of money into development projects in developing nations throughout
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asia, africa, and latin america. a report by a data found in the 1st 17 years of this century. china committed more than $800000000000.00 to more than $13000.00 projects in a $165.00 countries. but the finance came with an average 4.2 percent interest weight far higher than other international options. in return, china gets access to war materials. it needs to fuel its growth. 42 nations now. oh china. more than a 10th of their annual art, but messiah some africans find if condescending, with america's talk about the need for democratic reforms. while at the same time, you have the chinese tapping in committing financial support. and, well, the perception among many africans is that the chinese, by their investments are creating jobs in the african continent is
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true due to lisa this matter, which they started the situation. and they want to reach and the families various countries wanted to that country needs. and once and what the chinese can provide. and guess on the other side you are the united states and the gray ended and the western powers days seemed to get things wrong. it is okay to come out and look rossi, but they're in sales. lotta deliveries, look like they merited, says rural province in canada, the new movie. will it books about the walkers and re lunar some officious leaders? i've made it very clear that for me to come out mentions the one particular individual. we want the practice of getting to so and people see this is it. what
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the chinese did was to get into understandings. i offer what appeared like favorable times when engagement. so you what i wrote and there was something you'd be cut a deal. they give you a broader given what we teach when their western powers get into discussions rebuffed conventions. they usually want to lever and what they promise is how they put in or over stringed conditions. but mixture of the room. and they're the, they're the usual, the price is usually more expensive that it should be, oh, and then what was that the case is. so there is an image problem about the western part. okay. well, you've heard, how can the was move forward when it comes to the african content when the general perception is of the americans? chocolate talk, but they never walk the walk. well, this is more of a perception than, than reality. just looking, for example, the vaccines,
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the u. s. is delivered, 50000000 doses and there's been assistance from the chinese, but not on that scale. and yet the chinese get the credit in terms of the, the economic development projects they and now a lot more than they do. and there's a lot of corruption associated with these. and in some cases, in maybe 7 african countries, very predatory loan. another economic disadvantage is, i agree with your panelists that you can't have democracy, human development, but i would also pause that you can't have human development without democracy in the democratization of the economy. so the point here is to get both right and what blinking said miss speeches was very clear. the u. s. isn't going to do anything with africa because china is doing anything with africa. it's going to do it because it wants partnerships with africa, who things in the right direction. and one of those things is empowering the people
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both politically answers to economically. and that's done by a more train and parents transactions more, a better governance. and, you know, i, i follow china africa quite closely and the amount of corruption and predatory loaning, it's quite astounding. so duncan said, let's give the africans choice, not just conditions, but choice ali, when it comes to providing support for the african continent. one of the issues is cove in 1900 pandemic, where the americans are now asked to provide more assistance with the w. o and to the co van to ensure that the vaccine is distributed and that africans get access to the vaccine. but again, here the chinese, the russians, and the india is widely seen in africa as more active than the americans. yeah. it's like american is what involved in africa, africa, economy. i'm the,
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what's the nature of the integration by america is lost in many quarters, especially in this part of wanting us enough. why? because what they said to give a fish, given what, why did what kitchen park teach? now, america, i did the west miss to have written wall by making african i mean open markets for example. second projects you get more to, you know, relax relation one sided especially in my local official america. we kind of so yes, i alone. good. yes, america,
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my house to bring in in 19 iraq wired for whitening boxing and saw what is not. and not especially given the men just america enjoys in america so way, but i have not completed too much material. ok. i like i said, yes, i see a point. michelle, one from this i see a policy is talking about the need for that potential to be translated into practical achievements on the ground by sally. when you have the trump administration issue, all those statements about the african continent, widely seen as abandoning the continent. now it takes a new admin session to say will about to reset everything. do you think that when he had those gaps, it would be easy for the us to bring about peace and stability to a place like the horn of africa, where you have sedan, ethiopia,
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and somalia on the verge of more and more a violent episode of events is true, it is good there by dinner, who is trisha is trying to reset it a positive way. but the 1st thing it has to do is do reduce credibility, which it lost her, but you are due to the trumpet and which she, gillian, group ability. people are members what it is that the united states has said, or dan, and sometimes we're very strange and not going to do some that just church dramatic . lieutenant this, it can be done there. sure little more special offers use is room to do. and then i knew that was done by dallas, spoken very much saying that you walking have restricted to were no mattress with
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watching the ground. so when them fish were round, ah, beauty ordered us to african countries, then the something goes wrong. because this is assumption, why should be a few of america sama, i'm going to fall or tell him you must do this. you must do that. when people say, well, you the thing to do, do you do yourself? so what this best and good ability to use, because i think that this explains why abides and in his 1st address of african universe, talking about diplomacy and dignity. william the u. s. has been fixated for decades on places like the middle isn't of canister. now there is a moment for the west to think about the african continent. so it's african is basically now working hard to try to contain the rise of arm groups. not only in
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the sub saharan africa or the south hell, the regional or that nisha basin. but in different parts of the african continent, could this become the new battle ground against radical groups? yes, it's not becoming the new battle ground against radical groups because the us wants it to be. so it, because they're doing so well, particularly in the how the horn of africa. so this is going to be a major priority of the us going forward. let me also say that even though the chinese are investing a lot, they're not involved geo. strategically in the african continent, and they're actually wanting us to play a greater role there because they faced the same problems with terrorism and insecurity in africa that the americans do. the chinese have also been reducing their imports in africa because of that and getting their hydrocarbon more from iran and simple asia than from africa because of those issues. china actually
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frustrated, but their program is g o economic not g o strategic. so the us not only should do a lot more as your other get economically, but they need to do a lot more in terms of cooperative partnerships with africa on the security side. and that includes an economic piece. i was one of the creators of the trends to help partnership, and we laid out a map that was very economic and very security oriented. and the security pieces were largely done in the economic pieces were not so a comprehensive strategy, a holistic strategy to deal with the economic groups conflict. another thing is the way to go about that and that type of comprehensive strategic mission that won't be coming from china. needs to come better from the african countries themselves. in partnership with united states, william laurence, much higher. i'm and then the i live modality. i really appreciate your insight and thank you to for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our
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a lifelong ambition. the studio chose was of my own village and it does permission going behind the lens as got him saying, brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent, my own private bollywood a guess with
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ah, al jazeera where ever you ah ah. ready this is al jazeera oh ah, it's 1800 hours g m t 9 p. m. here in doha. hello, i'm kim al santa maria. welcome to the news. our belarus has said it's moved to hundreds of refugees and migrants to shelter, but poland is insisting its neighbors. still encouraging people to cross the border . that bill, that better bill is past the centerpiece of president biden's. legislative agenda passes a divided house of representatives but now faces of.


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