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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2021 9:00pm-9:30pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah al jazeera where ever you ah, ah. ready this is al jazeera, ah, it's actually a 100 hours g, m t 9 pm here in tow. hello, i'm kim. i'll santa maria, welcome to the usa. villaru. sad said it's moved to hundreds of refugees and migrants to shelter, but poland is insisting its neighbors. still encouraging people to cross the border . that bill that better bill is past the centipedes. the president biden's legislative agenda passes a divided house of representatives,
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but now faces the big attest in the summits when the storm is celebrate. after the year long protests forced the government to withdraw its controversial farm laws. the u. k. government designates all of her masses, a terrorist organization, calling it a fundamentally and rapidly anti semitic for. and it's for voluntary boss us is gone quickest in 2nd practice out of the an old old castle room pre behind in little to choose between. well talk arrivals, max for stopping. and louis hamilton. ah, so we're beginning with the crisis on the poland. belarus border, poland is saying, hundreds of refugees and migrants have again tried to cross encouraged by its neighbour while bill roosts in a sign of de escalation. so that it's cleared the makeshift camp and move people to
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proper shelter from the voltage on a holiday report. after 5 days last in forest along the polish border, syrian, my school has done better than most things just made it to safety in a hospital inside the european union. and then sick, i came from a route to mince can we ended up at the border? the bell, a routine army took our food and water and pushed us away and told us not to return . we'd been here 5 days with no food and water. quite an n g o work takes down my swords, details a lawyer will help him sign a power of attorney, and he completes a note formerly requesting asylum. they were quickly on, it'll soon become why they go in the next door cubicle. in obvious distress, alarmed ahmed hama occurred from northern iraq. i am not an
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e mail word from a d, and in an i. c. u. bed and identified and unconscious, a 3rd man suffering the effects of prolonged exposure to cold weather. these men have been on a terrible journey drawn to bella roost by the promise of safe passage to the e. u unwitting victors. in a cynical standoff in which neither side much cares about their welfare, they may be signs of this crisis easing of conditions on the other side of the border improving of diplomacy working. but for the individuals in this hospital, on the polish side of the border, at least one of them lucky to be alive while they're stuck in a nightmare. and it's still unfolding. here's why the presence of human rights activists matters. polish border guards arrive to take the men away. danny, going to the okay,
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i play. okay. so just be nice to them. be nice. okay. okay, and don't, let's nervous poland is not a welcoming place for asylum seekers and there are frequent reports of refugees and migrants being pushed back across the border. that's much harder to do now that they have legal representation. we are following the start to make sure that there are people in the refugee crisis that the guards tab at their back see are going to be transported the guard station and not to be pushed into the forest . are you worried that they might be pushed back into battle route? we are always worried about that beauregard headquarters is the end of the line for the men, for now under international law,
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they should be looked after here. there's no guarantee they won't simply be sent back. jona hall al jazeera leo, the polish border. meanwhile, the rockies, who returned from bella rou, say, they not only faced horrific conditions at the border, but were also tricked by people smugglers who took advantage of their desperation. among con, has some of their stories from a bill. the mission garley used to live in displacement campaign to hook in the kurdish region of northern iraq. she'd gone there after a home in syndrome was destroyed in the fight against deisel. she paid a smuggling ring to get it to europe. she is now back in another displacement camp after leaving bella roost under rocky government repatriation flight on thursday. she shows us mobile video of her time. the mother was border with poland. she says the whole experience was horrific. this taken to instead cams company that cut and we moved to turkey state for a month and then we got the visa for bella ruse. so we went there. we stayed in the
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city for 4 days before setting off into the woods. we were supposed to meet up with a smuggler in his car, but he never showed up. we stayed there for 3 days without food or water. we stayed inside the bell roof borders for 13 days. the polish police would not allow us to cross the border and the bell roof. police would not allow us to go back to the city and we were trapped in the border. she is just one of hundreds of iraqis who paid smugglers out of desperation and were tricked by false promises. said wrong, hurley is an activist who works for those who have been deported or repatriated. he says the smugglers have a sophisticated network that allows them to advertise the services book audio. we can't afford to lose just a little below with the spread of internet and social media smugglers are widely using this networks to help facilitate the connection between smugglers and people . they convince them with low prices and safe product, but i have met with many who tell me that was a lie, that they were abandoned with no choice but to pay more smugglers when they arrived . they are charged with
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a $1000.00 in iraq and then anything up to $10000.00 in places like this. people sell homes and cars, those ida, or borrow money from the loan sharks to afford the the kurdish regional government says, cracking down on people struggling networks. and in particular targeting travel agents who offer roots to europe. still, there's plenty of smugglers in business. it's actually pretty easy to find people smugglers online. i've just joined a social media group called iraq migration into europe and head. there are lots of people offering their services. now the word smuggling is actually mentioned anywhere in the site. it's only when people pay that money that they realize what it is they've actually paid for. judging by the amount of people offering the service, the iraqis have a challenge on the hand to stamp it out completely. particularly as the smugglers are international networks across the middle east and europe. there's also hope that the scenes on the podium bell response will stop people going to smugglers.
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but people smugglers just one part of the issue. what still needs to be addressed is allegations of government corruption, mismanagement of resources, and nepotism and employment. the people say forced them to go to the smugglers in wrong con, out there, or be will move on to other news. and the u. s. house of representatives has approved president joe biden, social safety net and climate bill that the all of that better bill is past it. the $1.00 trillion dollar bill bank, better act was scaled back after weeks of debate. it now goes to the senate where the democrats holds a very slim majority. mean, well, joe biden, his resume presidential duties after briefly handing power over to vice president camera harris, but it was under a short sedation for a medical procedure. it marked the 1st time a woman has held us presidential duties. let's talk about both these. so she's with alan fisher, a correspondent in washington, d. c. let's talk about the the legislation. first of all,
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i mentioned that there is a slim democratic majority in the senate, but it's actually 2 democrats who could derail all thing. exactly. it's a big win for joe biden to get this through the house. have been talking about it for weeks, couple of democratic senate, a dub democratic representatives, wants to make sure that this was fully costed. it went to the congressional budget office. they came back and said it could add $367000000000.00 to the deficit over 10 years, but admitted they didn't know just how much the government would bring in in taxes . the white house department of treasury said, look, we're going to put this tax on the wealthiest americans and also the biggest corporations. this will be fully funded. we will cover it all. that view is also backed up by a number of prominent economists that was enough for those democrats to give it to support in the house at past 220 to 213. it now goes to the senate. as you say, there are 2 democratic senators have express concern about some of the things in
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the bill. so this bill, me change and head back to the house to be signed, but it is a big win for joe biden, who says he can't wait to sign the bill as for the house, they see if the senate can make this bill better. have at it, they will be delighted to take a look at it when it comes back to them. but the democrats are hoping to get this old done by december 25th, which of course is the christmas holiday here. joe biden thinks that would be a nice present on his desk. now he's had a bit of a day to day, hasn't a president joe biden off for his regular medical checkout, but it does involve a handover of power to his vice. we knew it was coming in from our lou this morning. we were told he was heading to walter reed, which is the hospital north of washington military hospital. there were presidents tend to go for these apologies. i'll have to interrupt you there alan. we are getting a verdict in the written house case in kenosha, wisconsin. as of listen, look, what's going on, please. yes,
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thank you. yes and still waiting to actually hear that it could begin at any moment obviously with everyone standing we know they will be a very tuned shortly. this is the motor trial of that young man. they are coll rittenhouse 18 year old, who is charged with shooting protesters, killing to injuring another. this goes back to the black lives matter rallies in wisconsin. i, in kenosha wisconsin last year at written how says that he was acting in self defense. and there has been, i think this is the 4th day of deliberation that we've actually had in kenosha. and now the jury reaching its verdict, ah, unfortunately,
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i think we are still waiting no way of actually checking if we've got. yeah, i think maybe let, let's just hold off on that for one second. allen fisher. you still there? still here? yeah. go. okay, ellen, what? oh gosh, i'm seeing the judge at the sitting dana, this is one of those moments where i can't decide whether to go back to okay. i think they just got to speak with elected a 4 person. would you give your journal? this is the point there before and it has the jury reached a verdict as to each count of the information and one vertical one variable. yes. would you and all the paperwork to the bail place? that's everything. okay, thanks may i see that to
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a business model for the venerable rise is based the jury who hearkened words, berdigs as a title, aged rittenhouse, not guilty. as to the 2nd count of the information, richard mcginnis. we the jury by the defendant, kyle h. rittenhouse not guilty. as to the 3rd kind of the information unknown male, we the jury find the defendant kyle
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h. rittenhouse not guilty. as to the foreign count of the information, anthony hubert: we the jury find the defendant kyle gate: written house not guilty. as to the account of the information gauge or as really a jury find the defendant, kyle, a written child age. right. health not guilty. members, the jury are these you are unanimous verdict. is there anyone who does not agree with the verdict says read or you wish the jury polled go. okay. okay folks, your job is done and we started extraordinary things from the courthouse and can archer, wisconsin. i thought i'd call written house collab. stayed on that verdict not guilty. oh count. unanimously. taking a sip of water now and i think it's fair to say that that is probably quite
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a very unexpected job of not guilty on all charges coll, rick, now it's the 18 year olds. ah, well then, 17 years, ah, when august 2020 in kenosha, wisconsin, during the black lives matter protests where he lived, i think without comment on your burden where he shot and killed his turn to individuals and injured another attentiveness. and now it's been found not guilty. let's just have a little listened to see what the judge is still saying, justifies the confidence that the founders of our country placed so i despise you at this time, you're never under any obligation to discuss any aspect of this case. with any one you're welcome to do so as little or as much as you want. the media have requested a number of media sources have requested the ability to talk to you and i will.
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they have been allowed and present presentations to you that you'll get in writing. and it's entirely up to you whether you want to contact and contact them. they are not to contact you. ah, if anyone does contact you and just tell them you're not interested in discussing it, if that's the case, ah. and if anyone persist in doing so, i report that to us and it will be addressed. i assure you, i had the beginning of the trial, there was some concern about information and don't in your safety. and i assure you that we will take every measure to ensure that that is raise your concerns are addressed and respected. and i'm, i'm going to talk to for just a minute, not about anything to do with the case, but just about that sole issue. and
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you as a judge, summing up in the courtroom in kenosha, wisconsin, his com rittenhouse has been found not guilty on all charges john hand or not correspondent, whose cover this is outside the way you put it to me. yesterday, john about 24 hours ago. you said there'll be a verdict in the court room and one outside. what's that like outside? well, inside the courtroom diverting has been clear. it is not guilty, but outside of the courtroom, we are still waiting for a response. there are angry members of the crowd behind us and people celebrating all at the same time. now, this trial began when protesters and counter protesters clashed on a hot august night in 2020. now on a cold day in november, the verdict is come down not guilty, and there is great concern about what might happen to this town. the national guard
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has been alerted. 500 members of the wisconsin national guard are prepared to stand by here in case something breaks out in the street. we have seen armed people come here to the court house, but interestingly, they have been turned away by police. not because we're at a court house, but because there's a school within about 300 meters of here. and there's a law against having weapons close to school. right now you're seeing the reaction as we are seeing the crowd behind be is responding to that unanimous not guilty verdict by all. 12 jurors, 7 women, 5 men, 11 of them, white like kyle written house, one of them hispanic. so we will have to see what happens when that ruling is spread throughout the town right now the people who heard it are those who watched it on tv and those who are here right behind us. so there are a lot of people we're going to find out about this later, but if it's anything like the other events that we have seen here, what tends to happen is that people tend to gather at the courthouse after rulings
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like this come down. so that's what we're waiting for. these are always such 10 times these extraordinary cases which involves shooting, i think, where the rest of the world kind of looks on and things will. how does this sort of thing keep happening? and then it goes through the process of the, of, of the courts. and again, i just go back to that idea of the public opinion on the street and what, and you know, what it can trigger again. well we have seen here in the streets after the death of george floyd and the, the shooting and paralyzing of jacob blake here in kenosha. what can happen in the streets? so obviously we're, we're likely to see a very strong law enforcement presence later today. whether we see a repeat of what happened in the summer of 2020, we do not know there haven't been huge crowds gathered at the courthouse steps. this is the largest one that we have seen right here. we do know the family of
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jacob blake is here. his brother justin blake, is here. he gave a little heads up that he had heard that there would be a verdict is likely that he's in touch with prosecutors. and that's how he got that information. but we saw a bustle inside the courtroom so far outside, of course things are peaceful, but this is really just happened. so there is, there's definitely a lot of concern among the people we've talked to here on both sides for what might happen out in the streets. and we'll just keep you apprised of that. it's early in the day. it's a cold day that might keep people at home. we just don't know what's going to happen next. okay. well talk to you again later in john, when there is more john hinder and reporting from. can i show wisconsin there? these are pictures just as the verdict was read out, watch the reaction from col. rittenhouse, we the jury find the defendant, kyle, kyle. each rate health not guilty. members,
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the jury are these your unanimous all 5 counts or anyone who does not. coll rittenhouse has been found not guilty on remember, killed 2 people injured another. he says he acted in self defense and it seems the jury agrees more on that later in the news, i will return to john henderson and the scenes outside the court house. as this unfolds, ah, what, let's get back to some the days of the news and the governments of some of the worlds biggest economy, say they're looking into releasing oil from their strategic reserves. that rare request to do so as come from the united states, which shops are coordinated moves will cool. rising oil prices. but washington's expressed frustration that opec and its allies, such as russia are resisting the push to speed up supplies. the u. e. energy minister. so hail al, missouri, as, sorry,
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defended opec's stance as the current production would only cause a surplus. early next year, we've got minutia talkin to talk about this international oil and energy consultant . he was a senior research officer with opec in vienna, on skype from london today. mr. tucking, thank you for your time in your independent opinion of what you see in front of you . is there an awful right now? is there not enough oil? is there just enough oil? obviously if i just, you know, avoid is always the market and the price isn't based on the supply demand at the time. it is on the anticipation what would happen in the monitor to embed that. his suspicion is difficult to be pointed accurate. busy as i hope you have said, they feel that even in december they might the service. whereas some other thing that they're the shortage which is now they could continue and the price would
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remain high. so that is always what is interesting or curious is that the united states president or administration on trying to use the strategic petroleum reserve as the term implies. this is a strategic reserves for special cases. it is for all the consuming countries about 30 or so who hold these things according to a regulations 90 days to try and consumption and so on. and the whole thing is organized and coordinated through the international energy agency that sort of seen as a last resort idea that to, to go to strategic reserves. it is, is sure is this changed that they are using it are saying that she put you in reserves are used for extra ordinary consider come sizes, natural calamities, wars, or cases of major accidents, hardy canes, that the stop the supply of oil, where the supply award is destructed unexpectedly and there is a shortage then there is
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a mechanism through i am headquartered in paris that they use their, their resources, their reserves in different countries, according to what it is under distributing their, distributing it. this is a normal operation that even this simulate once or twice a year. now what prison that here, the united states president is, is saying, or that ministration operated by them, is they want to get this extra or an out of decide digital reserves in order to enter the market. so using the strategic reserves or managing their market is, is a strange, hasn't been done before. and that is why i think some are at against it or criticize it that isn't interfering. and this is a short term i'm done with this. i think that there should not be exactly candy hunter that jerry pan sergeant started to those countries were who don't want to increase supply. i mean, there argument would be, well, there's still so much uncertainty. you know, yes, demand is increasing. now that the pandemic is what i was going to say to pandemic his past, it's worse,
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but maybe it's not. and that's what they're saying. you know that we, we can't see that there will be that much increase in demand because who knows what the next 6 months would bring. exactly. i was going to say that you very clearly mentioned their case and that is there. and so did you make his old was going on on both sides? the horse, the consumer is one, the price to be down and he's there, he's the risk and uncertainty to be on the downside. what are the producers don't know that which includes buy mexico and others as well as they open grew brochure others day one. there is to be on the upside. my, my feeling is that there is a sort of band and sort of shoulder yourself by what it will change. you say it all depends really on the psychology of the market and the interpretation. as you said, what would be the man? some people are saying that the man is picking up economy is picking up everybody in the world and therefore they will be a need for energy. because i guess there is
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a shortage of gas everywhere. because the reason i say that many companies industry is even power generation. they might come back to or, and use or other say no, it is not that bad and so on. so on the future there is always an hour go and my feeling is that it is tight, but can be it become ok in december and january, i can wait and see. and i don't think this use of strategic petroleum reserve advisable. manisha talking always a pleasure. talking to you, thank you for your time. a sudan. now a protest has been back out on the streets again. lodge crowds rallying in on bowlman and in hot tim north, calling for a return to civilian rule. i'm condemning the killing of at least 15 people during protests on wednesday, sedans, police chief, so security forces weren't responsible for the debts. i'm sure he'd mean then ben's on batman. how many martyrs have died since the qu,
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our children are dying. we are tired of this, we don't want to eat or drink, we want a democratic transition, then we'll be able to live and we also want to know where abdulla hm, doc is and why they don't want to let him go. i mean, i haven't had any kind of we came out of our houses to fight for our honor to protect our freedom. and for of the londo we, the queens of sudan are going to hold our ground. we're not going to do this for food or money. we're doing this for freedom and we will get our freedom or die. the military rule will end by our hands and will have our freedom and country back from this band of mercenary criminals, mo, from russell soda reporting from cutter. the had been her protest today in khartoum, a in m to remind region and also the battery districts. people are off there via the friday protest. they started to chant against him military again and also in several mosque in the,
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in the capital. we have seen there that the prayers in absentia for those who have been killed on wednesday. i will call it like a. it is, it seems like a national morning day the people are morning for their losses. they, they have lost their daughters, they songs, the husband, they wives, they have the neighbors, they are, they friends, and they are more than after the prayer. and with those protesters also a how wisdom the week them is families and they passed. 5 their condolences to that we can see that, that the grievance is, is, is growing in sudan and the anger is grove him, particularly the young people are very angry. they say they, they feel the future is, is stolen from them and was as so done was just opening off to the world. now the world will, is, is closing is door on it again. and they say this, this, this, they, they are expecting for even a darker future and that is not acceptable. so people lay, i've talked,
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they say they want an immediate solution, an agreement between army and civilians and also the, the army to hand over power to civilians. as soon as possible. now the u. k. government says it will designate all of hamas as a terrorist organization. u. k. home secretary, pretty patel announced that move in washington on friday. battelle herself was that she forced to resign as britons international development secretary back in 2017. after she held secret meetings with senior israeli officials amass says the decision is biased towards israel and he back asthma wellness. this is the clearest signal yet that the british government is unprepared to compromise with hamas and now wants to designate the entire organization all of its different facets of wings . as a single bond terrace organization, its military wing back in 2001 was designated as such. and now britain's home secretary, speaking of the united states,
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said that she was acting on new intelligence about her masses capabilities and out of a desire to protect jewish communities in britain and further afield. will in response to mass accused. the british government of being bias towards israel, i half lost here, was a, she is a minister in the british cabinet, or a minister and is i, he can, if she wants to get warm robbins or the philistines in an initial design, yet this is done by here, but as philistine hence we will continue defending are the portal and i think against the actual bish. there was also some concern about the possible impact on grass roots organizations in garza that have been over the years, dependent upon hamas for support. a mass as well as its military and political wing


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