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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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on line catch up here with me, sandra gartman on al jazeera award winning documentary from around the world. 120. a, a bill after surviving for days on the poem batteries border asylum seekers, mainly from iraq and syria plead not to be sent back on. ah, though i'm marianne noisy and london, you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. austria's autumn locked down a final taste of freedom before restrictions return and a nation is told they must get vaccinated. a jury finds
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a u. s. teenager not guilty of murdering to men in black lives. matter of protest that bill, that better bill is passed. the centerpiece of job white is legislative agenda, passes in the house of representatives, but the real test lies in the senate. ah. hello, welcome to the program. poland has accused banner roost of continuing to help asylum seekers cross into the european union. despite a battle russian authorities clearing a makeshift camp on the polish border on thursday. batteries, officials say hundreds of people have moved voluntarily to a reception center and what appears to be an attempt to calm the situation. thousands more people including women and children, have been stuck in freezing conditions for days now. but
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a rule has been accused of engineering the current crisis. all it's frontier with poland in response to west and sanctions against the government of president, alexander lucas shanker. out there is jonah hall reports now from near the border where 3 men have been treated in a polish hospital after emerging from the forest. after 5 days last in forest along the polish border, syrian must have done better than most. he's just made it to safety in a hospital inside the european union. and then sick i came from, they were to mince can we ended up with the border the bel arossi nomi took our food and water and pushed us away and told us not to return. we'd been here 5 days with no food and water, and n g o work had takes down my sewers, details a lawyer will help him sign a power of attorney and he completes a note formerly requesting asylum. they were quickly, it'll soon become why i was moved over and
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over in the next cubicle. in obvious distress, alarmed ahmed hama occurred from northern iraq. i am not an email word from a d. and in an i c. u. bed on identified and unconscious. a 3rd man suffering the effects of prolonged exposure to cold weather. these men had been on a terrible journey drawn to bela roost by the promise of safe passage to the e. u. unwitting victims in a cynical standoff in which neither side much cares about their welfare. they may be signs of this crisis easing of conditions on the other side of the border improving of diplomacy working. but for the individuals in this hospital on the pone side of the border, at least one of them lucky to be alive while they're stuck in a nightmare. and it's still unfolding like he is why the presence of human rights
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activists matters, polish border guards arrive to take the men away. danny, going to the okay. i say, okay. so just be nice to them. be nice. okay. okay, and don't, let's nervous poland is not a welcoming place for asylum seekers and there are frequent reports of refugees and migrants being pushed back across the border. that's much harder to do now that they have legal representation. we are following the 3rd will make sure that there are people in the refugee crisis that the guards tab at the back seat are going to be transporting the guard station and not to be pushed into the forest . are you worried that they might be pushed back into bellows? we are always worried about that. beauregard headquarters is the end of
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the line for the men, for now under international law, they should be looked after. here. there is no guarantee they won't simply be sent back. jonah haul al jazeera near the polish border. will nato secretary general. it says that a situation playing out on the border is deeply wiring. this iteration out the border or belarus with poland, but also the trainer and the latter is deeply concerning. the location closer shame use or vulnerable people as means to put pressure on other countries or is cynical . and in her main natal stands in full sort of that it it with all affected alice, we remain vigilant and stand ready to further help our allies. now a jerry has found us teenager,
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coll rittenhouse not guilty of murdering to man and wounding another. i find the dependent kyle: hey, kyle beach, read the house. not guilty. as a teenager opened a fire with a semi automatic rifle during black lives matter protests in kenosha wisconsin. last year he pleaded not guilty and says he acted in its self defense. just about 3 weeks. go straight to john henry, who live in connection with morner, a trial that has been highly contention that script at the united states. if not the world, tell us about this verdict. is it final and what about the possibility of that being an appeal? yes, in this case this verdict would be final. the prosecution is not allowed to appeal it. and because he was not guilty on all of those counts, there's no possibility of him being charged again on those same chargers that's
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double jeopardy. and that's not allowed here in the us, so cow rittenhouse, he's off scot free on these charges and has been convicted of nothing. and therefore it will serve no sentence. he's not on probation. he is simply a free man. and you could see the look on his face melted into tears of joy as he heard that verdict. and i think a lot of people were really expecting a conviction on some charge. and the reason for that is that the prosecution added lesser charges at the end. those are, are 2nd degree charges rather than the 1st degree homicide. first degree attempted homicide. first degree, reckless homicide. he was acquitted of all those. there were a number of people lawyers that i spoke to and speculated that the prosecution had a chance of getting a conviction by adding those lesser charges late in the game. but that was not the case. this is a jury that decided decisively. they have to do that unanimously. so the verdict in
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the court room was clear. you saw the reaction there. some people obviously very unhappy and some people very happy including the written as family. but the verdict out in the streets has not really yet happened. that takes hours to manifest itself . it takes a while for people to come to the court house to hear about what happened, not everybody was watching their tv at the time. but on the courthouse steps, what we did see was the family of jacob blake. it was of course, a protest over a police, a white police officer shooting a black man, jacob blake, where all of this happened that with confrontation between protesters encounter protesters with armed people on both sides. well, the brother of jacob blake justin blake stood on the court house steps. and he said that what this meant essentially was not was no justice for those who were shocked by written house. that was the response out here. but there were also a number of people who were celebrating that britain house got off. we've seen
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people on both sides all week. all right, thanks very much for now. john 100 reporting to us on the verdict from the root canals case there and commercial wisconsin. thanks, john. ah . rate his record breaking corona virus, overwhelms hospitals through parts of western europe. austria has become the 1st country in the region to reimpose, a full national lockdown for monday, non essential shops for close. and people will return to working from hon. the scale of the outbreak is clear in the numbers. at the start of july, austria was recording an average of 79 cases a day. and factions then started to rise slowly until exploding a little over a month ago, some more than 12 and a half 1000 daily average cases right now, officially say the unvaccinated apart. it's a blame for this and i'm making vaccinations compulsory from february onwards. this
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is the 1st country in europe to do this. i'll just over 65 percent of the population has received both doses. one of the lowest rates in western europe. the latest wave of current of ours infections is causing ripples across the continent. germany is declared an emergency and the netherlands has already imposed a partial lockdown. dominic cane reports now from berlin. since monday, only those who can prove they've been vaccinated or had the virus have been allowed out in austria. but from next monday, even this will not be enough because ministers say the infection rate is too high. and the vaccination rate to low. up more info from maxima, a nationwide lockdown will apply from monday for up to 20 days and will be evaluated after the 1st 10 days. it will automatically and on december 13th, at the latest than the lockdown for the vaccinated or recovered will end up alongside the lock down is another ruling from next february,
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every one in austria must be vaccinated. whether they like it or not, the 1st for any country in europe, across the border in germany, there are similar steeply rising trends of infection and death. newly agreed rules, restricting the movement of the unvaccinated are now in force. but nationwide hospitals are once again filling up with infected patience. to remove the it's that we need to change course. now there's really no time to lose. it's like a tanker heading towards a harbor wall. if we immediately counter steer the taker, it will keep moving for a while and maybe even hit the side of the harbor wall. hopefully, however, it will not crash into it had on. we must use all countermeasures. now, one of those counter measures is the vaccine. but like in austria, only 2 thirds of germans have had their shots so far. a total, the government says, is still too little to end. the pandemic. the right is a liner with infinite the true this will be able to bring the we've quick enough
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with just vaccinations and posters. we need measures to limit contacts. we're able to agree on the sets of rules on thursday, which will take effect on federal states when the incidence of hospitalizations reach a certain level. in the 1st casualty of the new measures, look to be some of germany's renowned christmas markets. already the bavarian prime minister has cancelled all of his states festive gatherings in berlin. the markets are being prepared for opening day late this months. but many worry whether any customers will use these stalls this year. in recent weeks, it seemed that were austria has led germany has followed not just in terms of near infection rates and deaths, but also in terms of new measures to combat cove is now that the government in vienna is imposing enough a lockdown on its people. the question many here in berlin are asking is, is another one here, just around the corner dominant came al jazeera in the german capital. he was
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president joe biden's, $1.00 trillion dollars spending bell has passed the house of representatives despite an attempt to stall the vote for hours by the chambers top republican, the bill aimed at improving education, lowering health care costs and tackling climate change passed at 220 votes to 213. it now had stood the senate before it can be signed into law. a publican house, minority leader, kevin mccarthy's boat for record. 8 and a half hours on thursday night cataloguing and list of republican grievances. let me be clear, never in american history has so much been spent at one time. at one time. never in american history will so many taxes be raised, and so much borrowing be need to be needed to pay for all this reckless spending. one on the development to bring you from washington, joe biden has resumed his presidential powers after briefly handing them over to
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vice president carmella. harris biden was under a short sedation for a period of time for a medical procedure to be carried out. but it was the 1st time a woman is held, u. s. presidential responsibilities in watching al jazeera ly from london still had for you on the program. we look at a race to reach more than 18000 people, cut off by floods and mud slides in canada. also i'm seen bas ravi an eastern to paul at the border with india were a conflict is brewing over t ah hello, we got some big changes on the way in the weather across europe over the next couple of days when he started the brightest guys. welcome sunshine retarded the central western parts of the mediterranean state. little unsettled, lay, which was at eastern side of the made my g,
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but some rather wet and windy. and at times when she, whether across those northern pastures pushing the way around this area of high pressure, we are going to see cloud and rain coming in to northern ireland, western part of islet pushing across scotland eventually sinking down across england as we go one through sash day, notice the wind direction pulling in a northerly wayne than that sets the scene for the week ahead is kind of tend significantly colder across northwest to just fix celsius glasgow on sunday. 8 celsius on lunch in london on sunday. and we are going to see those tab, which is struggling to get any higher than that as we go on through the next few days. so a rural cold spell coming through, we'll say, cold enough in scandinavia for celsius, we should see the snow eating off at least cool wet when the and wintry eye, which was about to stay spilling out of belarus into that to western side of russia . some disturb weather does return back into the western side of the mediterranean, some lively showers coming through here. cuz some of those shes affecting more than
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positive algeria and also a little wet from the meat it. ah, if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in as soon race is the story of america what's working? and what's not? a lot of people weren't really talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda. if america can handle multiple challenges on multiple frauds, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera, you want to help save the world. sneeze into your elbow to, oh, oh,
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well, come back, quick look at the main stories. now. poland is accused batteries of continued help asylum seekers cross into a new territory. this, despite the abortion authorities clearing some makeshift camps on the polish border on thursday to try and calm the situation. a jury has found us teenager, coll rittenhouse not guilty of murdering 2 men and wounding another. teenager opened fire with a semi automatic rifle drink black lives matter, protesting commercial wisconsin last year and also has become a fust country in western europe to re impose a 20 day curve at 19 locked down. the country is also making vaccinations compulsory now to india, where farmers are celebrating off to a prime minister and render mowdy announced his government is revoking 3 controversial laws. they've been protesting against the legislations for more than a year, saying they endanger the livelihoods of ne metal reports. the,
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her gender core is finally relieved. she's volunteering at the community kitchen in the outskirts of new delhi where she has been protesting with thousands of other families. she says it's been a difficulty for me. it was hard, but they turned off our water supply electricity, emeralds to come and go on. they did everything they could to make our life difficult, but we have finally one form of begun protesting. soon after india parliament, pastry agriculture laws, the si, fi will be corporations and lead them was off. while some rallies ended in violent confrontations with police 7 rounds of talks between farmers union and the government failed to end the standoff until this sudden announcement. but prime minister reigns remotely withdrawing the 3 controversial laws. is my unique anthem and in the parliament session starting later this month, we will complete the constitutional process to repeal these 3 agriculture laws.
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mother got a rating this victory, but see the announcement as the 1st step. so most of these temporary structures last year when they decided to camp out until the government roll back to 3 laws, they said they only pack up and go home once the parliament efficient revokes them . they also point to critical issue the prime minister failed to mention the $700.00 farmers who died during the protests and their demand to government guarantees them a minimum price for their crop. more these utah from the 7 states are heading into critical elections early next year. heated the writing on the wall he relies, unlike many of the people who are around him, that b j. b would not have a very easy passage in return to this, which is very crucial state and return of his party to power in 2024 depend largely on how they do in you'll be and he wanted to return, you'll be a total cost and best, and you'll be as important. so as one job for that matter,
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modi's announcement comes on the day of one of the biggest festivals for the sick community, which has been on the forefront of the farmer's protest. and while that made it more significant demonstrate as he, they will continue this, it did. they promised to hold pre planned rallies and will observe the 1st anniversary of their protest later this month. poverty metal al jazeera daily and emergency crews are trying to reach 18000 people. still stranded in the canadian province of british columbia. days after floods and mudslides destroyed roads, houses, and bridges. major highways and railroads remain closed with the canadian armed forces assisting regions, fun recovery. at least one person has died and official say more deaths could be confirmed in the coming days. gabriel alexander was live 1st in sumac. washington say, which is also been badly affected, but let me 1st ask you about canada. thousands of people a strand and what do we know about the conditions they are now living in and,
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and how they're managing to survive? well, the army is helping out the canadian army that is trying to reach people get assistance to people. and as of friday morning, the canadian army is actually building 82 kilometer long let be to help try to contain the water and contain the flood waters. the mayor there said that they simply have no other options than to try to build this levy as urgently as they can . i just want to walk around, give you a little bit of idea of where we're at. down over this way is the canadian border, and it would normally be very busy right now with the crust. calmer and cross border commerce going back and forth. but the border remains closed because of the flood water damage that we've been seeing here. that's made up huge impact on economic impact between both this region and the washington state. and canada as
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well. here in the town of su, mass where i'm at now. this is a town of only about 1500 people. they're dealing with other issues. you're primarily look at this, that is one of several train cars that has derailed here because the flood waters were so strong, it just what it out and washed away the train tracks and pushed all of the train cars off of the tracks as well. this is significant because here that is impacting the supply chain between canada and the united states. here in washington, it's a very important train line, but it also just gives you an idea of how strong these flood waters were. if you come back in this direction, you get an idea that if a city hall right here to my right, that was completely flooded as well. this is one of the biggest storms that if it
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hit this region in many, many years, this is an area that used to storms and floods. it's in a little bit of a flood plain. but everybody said this is the worst storm that they have ever seen . this is main street over here at 80 percent of all of the homes. and all of the businesses have been totally flooded. and as you can see, a little a chinese restaurant over there. sushi and terry ocoee asian cuisine, it says the owner there has just been taking out all of the furniture in the restaurant, but basically trying to dry out whatever they can. but this is certainly going to take many weeks months and some people say even years for their to be a full recovery. thank you very much. gabrielle is on joining us that from the washington state, which has also been effective by record levels of mindful now a u. k. government is saying that it will designate olive hamas
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a terrorist organization. anyone expressing support family could face jail and interactions with members could be in breach of the case. terrorism acts, a mass as the move is biased towards israel and bulk as more now from the british home office in london. this is the clearest signal yet that the british government is unprepared to compromise with hamas and now wants to designate the entire organization all of its different facets of wings. as a single bond terrace organization. it's military wing back in 2001 was designated as such. and now britain's home secretary, speaking of the united states so that she was acting on new intelligence about her masses capabilities and out of her desire to protect jewish communities in britain and further afield. her math is fundamentally rapidly anti semitic, and she semitism is an enduring evil which i will never tolerate. anyone who supports or invites support for prescribed organization is breaking the law. that
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now includes hamis in whatever form it takes, will in response to mass accuse the british government of being bias towards israel, half lost here with us. she is. i mean it's the british government or communist and is, i mean, she wants to get more problems or the sting allison. i mean it's just, this is don, bye here, but i still esteem. hence we will continue defending our people and fighting against that bishop. there is also some concern about the possible impact on grass roots, organizations in gaza that have been over the years, dependent upon hamas for support. a mass as well as its military and political wing that is governed garza since 2007 also has a social services wing that has provided a range of support to people in need there, including fresh water and housing even covering people's rent when the homes were
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destroyed by a israeli bombardments. there is some concern that the money needed by these groups may well be stifled as organisations and supporters around the world seek to distance themselves from hamas. nevertheless, pretty fertile is very eager to get this through parliament as early as next week, something that is very likely to happen. given the government significant majority, there is trouble bring between india and nepal. indian businesses demanding that government imposed terrace on t imports from nepal, saying they had local brands. but napoli is trying to say that he is better and fills a gap in the indian market. same restaurant, thee has moon out from ilan in east and the palm. no soldiers, no guns, but it in paul's eastern border with india. tensions are simmering. an unlikely front line is where for years the 2 countries have been locked in quiet conflict
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over one of the world's most precious and widely consumed commodities. for nepal. t plantations. it's a fight for survival. yeah. money. well yeah, he is the goose that lays the golden egg. there is local production happening. we have local companies here worldwide. people drink tea and it's also good for health . we drink it and we call alarm district. the place to mind for tea in alarms markets, himalayan t is liquid gold fuel for the country's economic engine. but growers from the neighboring indian state of west bengal, or lobbying their government to impose terrorists and bureaucratic roadblocks to take their landlocked neighbors. p off the table where here at nepalese border with india now and dar dealing is just 30 minutes down this road past that checkpoint. now the terrain, the soil,
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even the plants that the t comes from. it's all the same in this area, but indian grover say that there's is the original darjeeling brand, and only their t should be allowed to carry the name, the seeds of what some nepalese have taken to calling the kettle. wars were planted more than a century ago. when the british still ruled, india smuggled out of china and planted in darjeeling in the 18. hundreds indian growers say their t is the genuine article and importing from the paul is destroying a legacy brand. but indian traders routinely mixed naturally te width and sell it as darjeeling to make up for supply shortfalls and meet massive market demands. in fact, india is nepalese, biggest customer, half of the tea made here and almost all of the premium. great stuff. most similar to darjeeling is bought by india for nipple, ease owners, india stirring up trouble is just about protecting market share. i pill that very,
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very big country with the tiny yard. we have a small, you're going to me and we have a 1000000000 and a 1000000000 for the future with india 1000000000 and 1000000000. and that we don't have anything to sell our product to india when the t is in a very small quantity. that is not going to the end. any good. i mean nothing. but the big thing part of brewing tensions steeped in history at risk of boiling over or a storm in a teacup indian concerns have merit. but now police say t should move as freely between borders. as their people to zane basra, the old euro alarm district, eastern nepal. now the longest pasha lunar eclipse in nearly 600 years, which left the moon with a red haze as taken place. double the blood moon, the best views were in north and south america, australia and northeast and asia. lunar eclipse is occur when the earth shadow
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blocks the sun. there's partial eclipse went on for more than 3 hours and 28 minutes, making it the longest since the printing press was invented. in 1440, i was amazing images. yeah. ah. ah. what to remind you of the main story is noun. poland is accused batteries of continued to help asylum seekers cross into you territory. despite the bad russian authorities clearing a makeshift camp on the polish border on thursday, bellows officials say hundreds of moved voluntarily to reception center western border. the bellows remain essentially sailed off thousands of people including many children have been stuck in freezing conditions at the border for days.


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