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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2021 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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newheights join us in cut off from november, the 30th to december. the 18th booked your package now at qatar airways dot com. ah ah, hello i marianne demising, and then just a quick update on our headlines this, our poland is accused better. ruth, of continuing to help asylum seekers cross into you territory. despite the bell russian authorities clearing a makeshift camp on the polish border on thursday. batteries, officials say that hundreds of people have moved voluntarily to reception center, west and borders. the country were made essentially sealed off thousands of people, including women and children, have been stuck in freezing conditions at the border for days. dissertation out the border, or belarus with poland, but also the during your on the lot. john is deeply concerning. the discussion
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closer seem use or vulnerable people as a means to put pressure on all the countries or is cynical aren't in her main, made those stands in full sort of that it with all affected alice, we remain vigilant. i'm stand ready to further help our allies. a jerry is found us teenager kyle written house not guilty of murdering to men and wounding another. we the jury find the defendant, kylie written tiled. each red house not guilty. the teenager opened fire with a semi automatic rifle during black lives matter, protesting kenosha wisconsin. last year, he pleaded not guilty and says he acted in self defense. austria has become the 1st country in western europe to re impose a full coven 19 lockdown. new measures started on monday and the last from maximum of 20 days. austria is also making vaccinations,
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compulsory from february. many of the european countries are imposing restrictions as cases rise as well. the indian government is announced its withdrawing 3 controversial farm laws. the legislation of triggered nationwide protest that lasted for more than a year. government introduce the measures saying they'd modernize the agriculture industry. but farmers said that the reforms hurt their livelihoods. and you as president, jo biden's, $1.00 trillion dollar spending bill has passed the us house of representatives. despite an attempt to store the vote for hours by the chambers told republican the bill aimed at improving education, lowering health care costs and tackling climate change. pos, 220 votes to 213. now has to the senate before it can be signed into law. portal is the program coming up next? ah,
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ah. hi, i'm sandra gartman, welcome to a new series of portal. here's where we show you the world of al jazeera digital, and it's award winning online content. think of me as your guide to the best of what you don't usually see on tv. this week we're looking at latin america correspondent that isabel gives us a personal take on what it's like to report on one of the world's most dangerous routes for migrants. we've got an explainer on why life in cuba is tougher than ever and will take you to the front line of the battle between protesters and police in columbia. and i'm with the darian gap is an infamous stretch of jungle between columbia and panama. it's got mountains, rivers, and it's controlled by criminal gangs. crossing it is incredibly dangerous,
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but that's what thousands of migrants are doing anyway, hoping to eventually make it to the us out as they are correspondent that isabelle has been telling their stories. but in this episode of the series between us, she tells us her story of what it's been like on the ground. ah, dramatic situation is happening in latin america right now. we're thousands and thousands of people are trying to make it to the united states. people are extremely vulnerable, but they think they're ready to go. they trying to cross what is known as the darian gap is a jungle area that connects columbia with panama. they have migrants. we have spoken to. i have been rocked, many have been raped and the dangers they face are enormous. i'm babies have all my latin american correspondents for al jazeera and between story and like any other has made me feel completely powerless.
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so many of these people are originally there from haiti, cuba, venezuela. and there's also other countries, you know, we've seen people from bangladesh, people from ghana, they make it from ecuador, from chile, from brazil, totally small town of nick oakley in columbia. and from there they have to get on a fairy and cross what is known as the gulf of whatever there they make it to a small town of i can be and from there they go into the daren gap that take them all the way to panama, this is an area that says filled with rivers with mountains, with cliff. there is one mountain that is called the death mountain because it is so difficult to be able to cross it. they say that it takes them between $4.00 and $5.00 days, but then you have entire families. it takes them between $11.15 days to make the coffee. there are lots of women carrying very young children. this one, for example, is only a month and a half old. they're also facing the dangers of criminal organizations. they were
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telling them that they have to be between a $1200.00 each in order to be taken towards the jungle. and most of this money goes to criminal organizations. we met fatal javier in nickel glee. when he arrived to the other side, he started sending us messages, saying they lied to us. what happened is we were robbed, a girl in our team was raped. he said it was horrific situation for all of them. we took a flights of panama city and we went to the other side to talk to some of those manage to make the cross. and the stories we heard where terrible in just the period while we were there, the reports of abuse had gone from 70 women reporting having been raped for 120. they saw masked men come in to one of the taking separating the women. they kind of pick them, they choose who's attractive and who's not. i spoke to
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a venezuelan woman said as she was seeing how many of the women in her group had been taken away and being rave. she started to cover herself in mud. so they would look at her and see her dirty, and nobody will want to touch it was extremely traumatic for me. it was listening stories where, where you feel powerless, where you cannot help them. ah, let's have a question. we asked at the beginning of the journey, you know, what you're getting yourself into is it worth the risk? and they were like, we need to do this because i need to improve my life. i need to give an opportunity to my children. so all of it is worth it, but when you asked that same question to those people on the other side, many will say this was not worth florida. fia venezuelan woman that spoke to off a lot and i'm still in touch with. she was trying to climb aide was raining
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a lot and the mom was falling on top of her and she kept on trying and trying and trying and. and you could feel her suffering level because i know body. it's horrible because i felt i couldn't any more. my feet were injured and i was thinking of my children. i thought my baby was not going to make it. there's some corridors in the jungle where the rivers simply go up. one venezuelan migrants was telling me he saw forties and remains of people on top of the trees. apparently they were trying to save themselves from drowning. most of them lost their phones. so, you know, when did up sending messages to their parents or their relatives have brought, telling them that we saw them there. okay. that they're alive. i guess again, when i spoke to the mother of a venezuelan woman, the mother started crying on the phone and she is telling me, please tell me she's ok,
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please tell me. she's ok when you started looking at the messages that they sent to their relatives, and they do not want to warrant. they don't want to show what they went through a . i am one of those journalists that truly believes that we can make a difference, that shedding lights on stories such as this one is gonna force some type of change because what's happening right now, it's it. so it's devastating though, as that, as a mentioned, some of those migrants trying to cross the darian gap are from cuba and up next is a piece that helps explain what's driving cubans to leave their country. it's an episode of start here, the online, explain our series that i also host. now, after huge protests on the island, my team and i looked at how keep it works and what's going wrong. ah,
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let's talk about cuba and why it's not working. there's not enough food medicine, a fuel economy is broken even with a job. it's hard for most cubans to buy the basics and then throw in a pandemic people. they're tired when i want. and then i thought when bundled in, got up and now an unprecedented display of anger and frustration industry to you well me maybe pitiful about it's i don't put up a bit, but i'm glad you guys can pull up old bearing. most people sharing going on. we got this, this is rare for cuba, people daring to protest all the streets and online little one of them, we lead medicine, full bloom. so what's going wrong? why are things worse than ever? and where does the us fit in? oh,
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after 60 years of communism, it's hard to know just how many cubans still support the revolutionary ideals of fidel castro. there are no free elections are independent holes. the state controls the media and shuts down the internet when it wants. all we know is what we're seeing and hearing, and in july, when thousands of cubans march and protest, they were chatting, things like, oh, and also this ah, the john is from the song least a few months ago. a song that's become the soundtrack to people's frustrations, a spin on fidel castro's famous logan web that i want. the
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people are tired not only of the situation but old, so tired of listening to the same things all over again. the system right now isn't working for anyone. so let's get into some of the main reasons why. starting with the absolute essential, getting enough to eat. people have to undergo our long lines in order to get food, not even to get all the food they need. they don't grown up for themselves, they're in ireland but doesn't provide no fish 1st. so in most countries, food is supplied by a mix of public and private industries, but cubic communist system, centralizes and controls that whole process. farming is already tough enough. there are shortages of things like pesticides, fuel and equipment, stuff that has to be imported. and there's a drought the worst and a 100 years. how the government sets prices and production quotas for farmers. they collect their projects and controls distribution. but most economists agree that
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that kills any incentive for farmers to be more productive. and the whole system is bureaucratic and inefficient. it didn't work in the soviet union. it's not working in cuba. farmers are still dependent on the state of embed, have not purge that sector from drilling the leaves or whoever lives a human. what all this means is that cuba can't feed itself. the state has to import something like 70 percent of food, and that has got even more expensive. in the last year. global prices jumped 40 percent because of the pandemic now to buy food on the international market. human needs foreign currency, but it doesn't have much of that. and there's a whole bunch of reasons for it. mismanagement by the country's leaders for sure. but also us embargo which those same leaders have consistently blamed for the terrible state of the economy. long time ago, they won't come at all, she will be better. maybe one more good to know you isn't vargo. i think it has to
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affect one is the real effect on the other one is the way it are these. i saw some excuse to leave a the are all responsibility. a full train embargo was 1st imposed by president kennedy after fidel castro seized power in the cuban revolution. this was initiated in 1962 as part of a larger effort to overthrow the cuban government. that same embargo still exist today. it's basically a web of laws and regulations that ban u. s. companies from trading with anyone linked to the cuban state sanctions also make a complicated for international companies to do business with cuba, especially because so much global trade is done in us dollars. so it has to go through banks and the u. s. u, but still has trade worth hundreds of millions of dollars with other countries like dana, spain, and germany. but the u. s. embargo makes it all more time consuming and more expensive. what's clear is that cube is ability to provide for its people,
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which let's face it is supposed to be the cuban model. well that's being squeezed, like never before and gone. our cube was rich, france for decades, it could count on the soviet union when it collapsed than the 1990 s. so did q was economy that was cuba last big crisis in the 2000 cuba found a new friend in venezuela and benefited from dirt cheap venezuelan oil to use and re sell when oil shipments are way down. because of us sanctions and the collapse of venezuela economy and oil factor, and it's left cuba struggling to keep the lights on. no more power or live action. if the very of it you with that happen, because the economy has been so bad for years, many cubans have relied on remittances. money sent from their relatives abroad,
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especially those in the us. and that's an important source of dollars for the cuban economy to. but even that top isn't flowing like it used to under president trump, companies like western union were banned from sending cash because they work with a bank in cuba owned by the military. so that dried up a big source of cash and cubans can hardly rely on their own currency the best. so just can't buy them what they need. got even worse when the government, the valued the pesa back in january as part of a major currency reform would have created an enormous inflation. so the price of food, especially when way up, it's a huge mess. and then you add a pandemic which is cut off another economic lifeline for cuba tourist dollars and all those pressures. well, they seem to have pushed cubans to speak out against their government more and lee than ever before. more people in cuba, i've lost the fear of being depressed and that going on to streets. people is seen
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the generation after generation. the time goes by and they just keep waiting and the political speech doesn't change, the solution doesn't arrive. the question is, how much longer are cubans prepared to wait from cuba? let's look at columbia now, or a political crisis has spiraled into running battles between the police and protesters. in this episode of the documentary series fly on the wall, we meet the 1st liners, the people putting their lives on the line and their demand for change. the film was shot back in july when some of the biggest protests and worst violence happened with my mama. you get a look and i didn't want to have a wonderful company with giving you a lot better. and i would well say, look in the system with us in this month than,
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than that. but if it's not going to be no, is there by cynical deal with it also wasn't burning. ready christa gonzalez, if i like is, has a good model and it is, it gives you. kimberly west lee went long. they bill your this funny battle with
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but i, abby though not a bit because yeah and then you, i. ready this was a few some one doesn't necessarily have to see where there may be kind of thing on the to finance or not see that none the good according to those policy. and. ready stuff on there. oh, well, i didn't have to list it until we missed that jesus. yeah. i know why is that? well, so i'm gonna, i was in the valley enterprises most valuable than wonderful, because in, on a month and i was gonna see that don't be sierra, which will be less completely political on with because there's another class. so if i really love you lindsay, his little baton beside him. a part of the conference. have you, lindsay mm . canoe or josh until that the new policy k. sadly he's that are
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gonna be they'll see these cuz he'll get what got put out. what happened is he is home got office yet. he is because i'm not his, you would have made a lot of any of these to see at the end of it all. yeah. in order to this, i must a, a, a lot of it guessing if it generally wisdom mandates, you know, leave on mason. k? no, no. as me, how can i make bit of corporate all miss. you seem korean goose. dear me. there was a girl who sang me is how about how i may say a i can carry kasey meal as a sweet rope on it? or when, pardon me? i guess i won't get on me very quote me. it is
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a corner of his gun in me say in the saline, i see it making like also him what great in case of them, you know me hope. perfect. i mean sorry, no a spark data in us. but as we'll see, any more inevitably has done a lot better. and i've worked with zillow for a little bit about that. i've been working over over a little bit of liberal with, with our previous job, with a, with a taste test,
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fussy because he'd been the ones that are in company gabriel can do not go, but it's yolanda oliver wood, putty i school she in was without a couple of serious battle police out there, but if she'll go to unity handle with no place practices, i mean think killer. collab primarily niss. it same port income when latest armando dallas, a logic guy. and i know what you guys had a little has come in on days. he was got student there, somebody's pull those up and down. you look 40. see on the last guy you know when to the enemy. laugh what a couple of really got no way that he came this was she added that at least the glad or go here that was in was a child. so most going to be yeah. but
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and those are some of the most i look in us is associate this month and then for the see not get a list. my, this is lady of the initial so mean, so i like the, the ambient so it gets esl, coordinator, sierra son, co in nino getting back to them the year. so we live in throw their own in he. ready loves you, ended up putting madeline has put up ahead of the money for something a little, much less if you go to my lease that goes with those little bundles, unless korea said bye bye will. she will discipline both in the been in there. and
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then i will have been the hours for the last router course with transport support a school number for norris. i'm in the for a photo lab fees quote on for her, but as clear a little that he, i won't cherish give i know now which i've only thought hm. okay, call me or control it better thing. they said, oh, now we'll get that article nozik, keep it on nobody less will see that it's done because one it was i as, as a lucille kitty. and in the ticket like i've got a job with 00. she was a one is old, isn't it?
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all got those causes. let's go. there was a calculator wasn't, we've worked was been, it was going to have been with us on maybe a pleasure come into that. it was good on, you know, a, a most care. i'm at the battle. my good luck and i didn't. what have you seen him? medical for some exist all is a spade our 2nd again, because up are they going to come get us? hm. look, i can tell you special standards from louthan and was computers have been diagnosed with leopard made. aline bonus wrote that he put them together. and now in columbia, in i'm vivian's on globally, cough girls kids were pointing the less penalty stuff just case. i don't know what you are not police here, but it was kind of a legal proceeding matter be stolen, man, at least, but adequate to lunch with
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the sick a, a, a letter in here. it was me nice little last leah in canada. the boy to most up to be able to locate a new movie on ha, cn thought me it. i see on game. i am. was ponce e though a kid last year that sick bay. he's killed bulk on on. good. yeah, yeah, definitely. how them do. i, you know, they're low when i'm in a kid notice, but a burglary isn't, doesn't a political, a, a live with us. they don't process like that are the who think will move child. but
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even she'll indicate those kind of the, at the less than that deals oldest out. although seen, believe that i see knowledge here soon as part of know you can call them yes. hey, i would just love for montgomery that that would, that would become good if, if i use you guys, i'd love lazuli is a lot sold another, what does he and then that meant that the name was k. so in the heat, a kin bolling up when i add monday, those to buy see, i use the jamal and i didn't get us, you know, say that sally, that them, what could i think of it by them. poseida. manuela is pete. ideally it's bonnie gilly style, get up when you see a sunny into dies, but i put up the head of the service. you know, thank you done levied. i'm with photo senior. if i don't know about it and battle company or if they're biting to come. yeah,
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that's it from portal for now. i'll be back next week with more from the world of altos, air and digital. until then i'll feel online. ah . hello, the weather slipping rather cool and wet across south australia at the moment. some heavy rain making its way across the southern pass, spinning out sofa w way through south australia, down towards that southeast corner. little sporadic at times. but we have seen some notable rifle coming in for some notable st. 22 millimeters fry. that's just down towards that southwestern corner of adelaide. it's normally pretty try here. it's actually been, it's wet, his november seuss records began a 135 years ago. 85 millimeters, the frightful. so fathers,
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more weather came for me, got some showers long spells of bright, still sliding across south australia, pushing down towards the south east. victoria will see some wet weather and turning increasingly wacked into d. southwell sash. they going on into sunday, the y spread rightful to setting in here, and that is likely to cause some localized will flash flooding summer where to weather even creeping into southern parts of queensland over the next couple days. so again, watch out for some high river levels and flash lighting coming through here. monday . see, wet weather, making its way back into w way. should be dry down towards that southeast corner sunshine in showers. therefore, new zealand, a little bit, a shabby, i just making its way across japan, but for the most part is funded, try with counting, the cost is the follow refuses to says pay that back soon. secret. well, vocalization has a south african labs, m on a coast,
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contacted by the pandemic. the airline industry, once a root canal, madison counsel the cough on out there. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm marianne lizzie, welcome to the news our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. i'm a room over every bill. after surviving for days on the pole and batteries border asylum seekers mainly from iraq and syria plead not to be sent back home. austria is autumn locked down a final taste of freedom before restrictions.


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