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tv   [untitled]    November 20, 2021 1:00am-1:31am AST

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stadiums for 2022 blue keep you across the action as katzoff repairs for the regions biggest ever sporting events that be for our cup on al jazeera we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that mattel to years. ah, i am not. i mean, bill didn't. after surviving for days on the pole and belarus border asylum seekers mainly from iraq and syria plead not to be sent back home. ah, hello, i'm marianna massey and london. you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the
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program. austria's autumn locked down a final taste of freedom before restrictions. return that people are told they must get vaccinated. agirri finds the u. s. teenager not guilty of murdering to men in black lives. massa. protest and indian farm is full of political back down 12 months of protest lead to a prime ministerial you time. ah, welcome to the program, our top story. poland is accused, but a ruse of continuing to help asylum seekers cross into you territory. despite the bell, russian authorities clearing a makeshift camp on the polish border on thursday, bellow russian officials say hundreds of people have moved voluntarily to reception center and what appears to be an attempt to calm the situation. thousands more people, including women and children, have been stuck in freezing conditions for days that
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a roost has been accused of engineering the current crisis on its frontier with poland in response to west and sanctions against the government of president alexander lucas shanker. alger there is jona holl reports now from near the border where the 3 men have been treated in a polish hospital after emerging from the forest after 5 days last. in forrest, along the polish border, syrian master has done better than most. he's just made it to safety in a hospital inside the european union, and then sick. i came from bay route to men's. can we ended up at the border, the bell, a routine army took our food and water and pushed us away and told us not to return . we'd been here 5 days with no food and water. and n g o work takes down missouri details. a lawyer will help him sign a power of attorney, and he completes a note formerly requesting asylum. they were quickly, it'll soon become why i'd go
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over in the next door cubicle in obvious distress alarmed ahmed hummer occurred from northern iraq. i am not an email word from i believe, and in an i c. u. bed on identified and unconscious, a 3rd man suffering the effects of prolonged exposure to cold weather. these men had been on a terrible journey drawn to bella. ruth, by the promise of safe passage to the e. u. unwitting victims. in a cynical standoff in which neither side much cares about their welfare. they may be signs of this crisis easing of conditions on the other side of the border improving of diplomacy working. but for the individuals in this hospital, on the pony side of the border, at least one of them lucky to be alive while they're stuck in
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a nightmare. and it's still unfolding. he is why the presence of human rights activists matters, polish border guards arrive to take them in a way going so the okay i pray. ok. so just be nice to them. be nice. ok. okay, and don't just nervous poland is not a welcoming place for asylum seekers, and there are frequent reports of refugees and migrants being pushed back across the border. that's much harder to do now that they have legal representation. we are following the start to make sure that the people in the refugee claim that the guard at their feet are going to be transported to the guard station and not to be pushed into the forest. are you worried that they might be pushed back into better route?
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we are always worried about beauregard headquarters is the end of the line for the men, for now under international law, they should be looked after here. there's no guarantee they will simply be sent back. jonah, how al jazeera, near the polish border when they to sector general sizes situation is deeply worried. this is jason alford border o belarus with poland, but also the, during your on the locker is deeply concerning the lucretia ankle, sir. she am you so vulnerable people as means to put pressure on other countries or is cynical aren't in her main made. those stands in full. some about it that were the all affected us. we remain vigilant. i'm storm ready to further help our allies . ah,
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old is the latest record breaking current of ours, such overwhelms hospitals through parts of western europe. austria will become the 1st country in the region to re impose a full national locked down for monday, non essential shops will close and people will work from home. a scale of the outbreak is clear in the numbers at the start of july, austria was recording an average of 79 cases a day. infections then started to rise slowly until exploding little over a month ago to more than 12 and a half 1000 daily average case is right now. officials say the unvaccinated a party to blame for this, and they're making vaccinations, compulsory from february, the 1st country in europe to do this, just over 65 percent of the population is receive both doses. this is one of the lowest rates in western europe. and latest current of ours wave is causing ripples across the continent. was germany declaring an emergency and the netherlands
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already imposing upon locked down as well as there is dominant came reports now from the german capital berlin. since monday, only those who can prove they've been vaccinated or had the virus have been allowed out in austria. but from next monday, even this will not be enough because ministers say the infection rate is too high. and the vaccination rate to low up more info from maxima, a nation wide lot down will apply from monday for up to 20 days and will be evaluated after the 1st 10 days. it will automatically and on december 13th, at the latest than the lockdown for the vaccinated or recovered will end up alongside the lockdown is another ruling from next february, every one in austria must be vaccinated. whether they like it or not. the 1st for any country in europe, across the border in germany, there are similar steeply rising trends of infection and death. newly agreed rules, restricting the movement of the unvaccinated are now in force. but nationwide
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hospitals are once again filling up with infected patients, removed from the it's that we need to change course. now there's really no time to lose. it's like a tanker heading towards a harbor wall. if we immediately counter steer the tanker it will keep moving for a while and maybe even hit the side of the harbor wall. hopefully, however, it will not crash into it had on we must use all countermeasures. now, one of those counter measures is the vaccine. but like in austria, only 2 thirds of germans have had their shots so far. a total, the government says, is still too little to end. the pandemic, the right is a liner with infant. the truth is will be able to bring the we've quick enough with just vaccinations and posters will need measures to limit contexts. we're able to agree on the set of rules on thursday, which will take effect on federal states when the incidence of hospitalizations reach a certain level. the 1st casualty of the new measures look to be some of germany's renowned christmas markets. already the bavarian prime minister has cancelled all
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of his states festive gatherings in berlin. the markets are being prepared for opening day late to this months. but many worry whether any customers will use these stalls this year. in recent weeks, it seems that we're austria has led germany, his follow not just in terms of near infection rates and deaths, but also in terms of new measures to combat cove. it now that the government in vienna is imposing enough, a lockdown on its people. the question many here in berlin are asking is, is another one here, just around the corner, dominant cane al jazeera in the german capital. are now at least 2 people have been injured in the dutch city of ross, a dam. after please find warning shots and water cannon during a violent protest against corona virus restrictions. hundreds of people have been demonstrating against the latest measures imposed by the government. lease a protest is burned. carson threw rocks that police officer prompting them to
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declare an emergency and shut down public transport in evidence. reimpose them locked down measures last. we can to try and slow a rise in the infections. now jerry is found that you as teenager, collar to in house and not is not guilty of murdering to man and wounding another we the jury find the defendant kyle, he'd written kyle needs: read house. not guilty. as a teenager opened fire with a semi automatic rifle during black lives matter, protesting kenosha wisconsin. last year he pleaded not guilty and says he acted in self defense. john hendrick reports now from outside the court house in kenosha. i told you that was kyle written house, who collapsed in tears of joy as those 5 not guilty verdicts were read. and we've also had a verdict across the country. the president, united states has spoken and asked by reporters, did he understood that
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a lot of people would be disappointed and concerned himself included. but he said that he has spoken, and everyone has to acknowledge that there's always a verdict inside the courtroom and a reaction out in the streets to these politically and racially outside of the courthouse steps, we heard from justin blake, who called it injustice. he was, you may remember the brother of the man, the black man who was shot by a white police officer. and that is what set off the protests during which the kyle written house shootings occurred. and we heard a number of people expression that same sentiment that this was separate justice for black and white americans, cow rittenhouse, being white, having faced a jury of 11 white people in one hispanic. but we also heard from a number of other people's gun rights advocates who said they believe justice was done that cow rittenhouse was defending himself. we've had a pickup truck circling the court house block, playing the songs celebration with the windows all open. so we're getting
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a lot of different reaction, but what we're not seeing yet, it's very early in the day is the kinds of protest or clashes that happened in the summer of 2020. when this was all going on. well, in other stories of following you as president job, i'd as $1.00 trillion dollars spending bill has passed house of representatives, just an attempt to stole the vice hours by the chambers top republican, the bill and the improving education, lowering health care costs, and tackling climate change, pos 220 votes to 213. it now adds to the senate before it can be signed into law. republican house menard's, anita kevin mccarthy spoke for record 8 and a half hours on thursday night cataloguing the list of republican grievances. let me be clear, never in american history has so much been spent at one time. at one time, never in american history will so many taxes be raised,
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and so much borrowing be need to be needed to pay for all this reckless spending. meanwhile, joe biden has resumed his presidential powers after briefly hunting him over to vice president pamela harris iden was under a short sedation for a medical procedure. it was the 1st time a woman has held us presidential responsibilities. all now we go to india because farm is there are celebrating of the prime minister and to render mowdy announced his government is revoking 3 controversial laws. they have been protesting against the legislations for more than a year now saying they endanger their livelihoods. of any midtown reports or gender core is finally relieved. she's volunteering at a community kitchen in the outskirts of new delhi where she has been protesting with thousands of other formulas. she says it's been a difficulty for her. good me. it was hard, but they go, nope,
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i've auto supply electricity and old to come and go. they did everything they could to make our life difficult. but we have finally run almost began protesting soon after india, parliament passed 3 agriculture laws. they see a feeble, big corporations and leads them was all. while some rallies ended in violent confrontations with police 7 rounds of talk between farmers union and the government failed to end this tandal. until this sudden announcement, but prime minister marines remotely withdrawing the 3 controversial laws is my unique anthem in the parliament session starting later this month. we will complete the constitutional process to repeal these 3 agriculture laws on no problem with a credit rating this victory. but see the announcement as the 1st step. so most of these temporary structures last year when they decided to camp out until the government roll back to 3 laws, they said they only pack up and go home once the parliament officially revokes them
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. they also point a critical issue. the prime minister failed to mention the $700.00 farmers who died during the protests and their demand to government guarantees them a minimum price for their crop. more these utah from the 7 states are heading into critical elections early next, cheated. the writing on the wall he relies, unlike many of the people who are around him, that b j. b would not have a very easy passage in return to this, which is very crucial state and return of his party to power in 2024 depend largely on how they do in you'll be and he wanted to return, you'll be a total cost and best, and you'll be as important. so as one job for that matter, movies announcement comes on the day of one of the biggest festivals for the sick community, which has been on the forefront of the foremost filter. and while that made it most significant demonstrate as they will continue, that they did, they promise to hold pre planned rally and will observe the 1st anniversary of the pro just later this month. in the middle,
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i'll just leave you daddy. flag for you on the program. we'll look at the race to reach more than 18000 people that were cut off by floods and mud slides in canada. and then tiny protest into political action. young voters determined to dramatically change want to america's richest countries. ah . hello the weather slipping while the cool and wet across south australia at the moment some heavy rain making its way across the southern pass spinning out sofa w way through south australia down towards that southeast corner. little sporadic at times. but we have seen some notable rifle coming in for some noble st. 22 millimeters. if right, let's just down towards that southwest corner of adelaide. it's normally pretty try
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here. it's actually been, it's wet in november since reco began a 135 years ago. 85 millimeters, the frightful. so fathers, more weather came from. we got some showers, longest bells of bright, still sliding across south australia pushing down towards the south east. victoria will see some wet weather and turning increasingly wacked into new south wales sash . they going on into sunday, the y spread rightful to setting in hand, that is likely to cause some localized will flash flooding, summer wet to weather, even creeping into southern parts of queensland over the next couple of days. so again, watch out for some high river levels and flash flooding coming through here monday . say went to whether making his way back into what w way should be dry down towards that southeast corner, sunshine and showers. there for new zealand. a little bit of shabby. i just making its way across japan, but for the most part is funded try ah,
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i'm counting, the cost is based on the refuses to satisfy the vaccine secret. well, how can i say she has a south african labs back on a coast, contacted by the pandemic? the airline industry once a route to pneumatic council, the cough on our lou algebra with wow, ah welcome back. look at the main stories now. poland has accused batteries of continuing to help asylum seekers cross into each territory. this,
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despite the bad russians clearing a makeshift camp on the polish board on thursday, non attempt chime common situation. auster is become the 1st country in western europe to re impose a 20 day coven. 19 locked down for monday. country is also making vaccinations, compulsory from february onwards. and jerry is found us teenager kyle written house not guilty of murdering to men and wounding another. teenager opened fire with a semi automatic rifle during black lives matter, protesting kenosha wisconsin. last year. now emergency crews are trying to reach 18000 people, still stronger than the canadian province of british columbia. days off to floods and mudslides destroyed roads, houses, and bridges. major highways and railroads remain close with the canadian armed forces assisting the regions flood recovery. at least one person has died and official same war. death could be confirmed in the coming days. gabriel elizondo, his life was now and soon lost washington state,
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which will also been badly affected and actually gave if we can look at a, by the different aspect of this story which has been this supply chain crisis has been unfolding in the u. s. we sent a spike in demand for goods off to the pandemic and not enough supply. how could climate events like this one made that disruption was well at it's hard to supply chain issues are about people there about farmers, about business owners trying to get their product or products from point a to point b. nowhere is that more profound than right where i'm at, which is on the border between canada and the united states, right? where this massive storm hit, it is affecting supply change dramatically. it is never good for a freight train to d rail, but more now more so than ever. because there's already a strain on supply chains. and as you can see behind me,
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the storm that came through here a couple of days ago, completely washed out. many of the railroad tracks and pushed the trains right off of the tracks as you can see here behind me. and it was pretty bad as you can see. i'll stop right here and you can see how much the water came through here. it was a raging river of water, is it crested over the river's banks and came through here and pushed underneath and burrowed underneath the tracks. as you can see there, this is a massive project now for the workers here to try to fix this. they've been working on it now for over 24 hours. and to give you an idea of how bad this is, a touch is one or 2 cars derailed. it's an entire train, essentially. as you can see behind me, it goes back with 12345 different train cars that you see there. so the supply chain issues that are being felt really around the world. but also here in the
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united states and a neighboring canada are being exacerbated because of this weather event, weather events that many climate experts are saying is attributed to at least in parts to climate change. because this was the strongest most impactful storm to hit this area of north, the northwest of the u. s. south west of canada, and at least 30 years and terms of the amount of rain that fell in such a brief period of time. there are still, as you mentioned, some people that are stranded in british columbia and canada the canadian army is helping to try to get to those people get supplies to them. meanwhile, here in the town of su mass where i'm at only town, 1600 people. but they're in the middle of drying out and cleaning up as well. thank you from seen in washington state gabriel, others. in chile,
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there are elections taking place this weekend which could dramatically change the south american countries. political scene, new and young faces, a leading polls at the expense of the traditional parties, and that's energizing, childrens, who usually don't bother to vote. last america, the salisia, newman reports indistinct, 8, a working class area of santiago, young men and women carry their political weapons to my pu plaza to launch their latest campaign for sundays. general elections. these letters spell corrupt the word frequently used to describe all too many chilion politicians and public servants. oh, that's the message and says labor a 29 year old, independent congressional candidate rehab. i'm gonna be looking over my main sponsor to young people between 18 and 25. they gathered the $2700.00 signatures and maybe to run for congress as the only independent candidate in the metropolitan area. it was an uphill battle labels allocated time for free television
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election. publicity was literally undetectable. shorter than a blink of an i will show you again, but young people in chile, especially in working class areas, don't watch mainstream tv. if cassandra paloma by labor is young and uses social networks and a style, his generation understands me on the algorithm, hold on what a level of jumbo. leaping up at all my campaign, my me focus is on corruption politic laws. one have to use public funds make hives warriors experiencing phenomena. over the years disenchantment with chiles. political institutions has prompted millions of young people to stay home on election day. anger and frustration, especially among the poorest grew oh, this boy over into mass protest. 2 years ago, when demands for a more equal society were led by young people, months of demonstrations,
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recalibrated chilies, political landscape, putting social change on everyone's agenda, younger gay when i been increasingly more young, people are involved in politics. i believe they're the agent of change from one political, translating protests into political participation, especially in low income areas, is still difficult. deluxe impact availability because that's what we're trying to change in my neighborhood. we need them to see involvement as a representative resource for everyone. not just the privilege class, i believe in the yellow. earlier this year, an unprecedented number of young people were elected as mares, especially women. and in this sunday's election, one of the 2 leading candidates is only 35 years old that brianna bought each a former student leader. is the trends stands. people like these would be playing a decisive role to my siding, who governs chile for the next 4 years. to see
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a newman al jazeera cynthia, now protest as have been back on the streets of sudan just days after at least 15 people were killed in demonstrations against last month's military take up in the cities of em, derminger cartoon activists or demanding a return to civilian rule, the latest violence is received widespread international condemnation with many countries suspending economic assistance to sit down. the police chief, though denies that security forces were behind the deaths on wednesday, had been morgan has won his story. what assume north have the highest number of victims in the protests that have been ongoing since the military took over on october 25th, at least 10 people have lost their lives on the 7 piece alone in the north. so there was several procession that says gathering at the house of the victim, and then setting up barricades on main roads to prevent security forces from coming
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in and trying to disperse the process. now that did not go according to plan security for says why did the processes and try to pay way and open the main street where the barricades were set up with all the chase processes for people who were there. and i witnessed that the proof that were being changed by the police and being shot at using live ammunition and tear guys. that's the fight, the police denying that they using live amunition and processes. they say they've used the minimal amount of force to keep that from that damaging public property. as a police property, they said they only use here guys to prevent says, from congregating. now people say that that's not going to stop them despite at least $39.00 people being killed since a protest against the military soap over nearly a month ago. people say they will continue to boys their anger and frustration. so the momentum of the processes still keep going to say that they will mobilize for more mastery and becoming days. now the u. k. government is designate all of her
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mass, a terrorist organization, and you want expressing support from ass could face jail and interactions of members could be in breach of the case. terrorism act. a mass as the move is bias towards israel. the fog, as more from the british, i'm office and london. this is the clearest signal yet that the british government is unprepared to compromise with hamas. and now wants to designate the entire organization all of its different facets of wings. as a single bond tamera's organization. it's military wing back in 2001 was designated assumption. now, britain's home secretary, speaking of the united states, said that she was acting on new intelligence about her masses capabilities and out of a desire to protect jewish communities in britain and further afield. her math is fundamentally rapidly anti semitic. anti semitism is an enduring evil which i will never tolerate . anyone who supports or invites support for prescribed organization is breaking.
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the law that now includes hamis. in whatever form it takes will in response to mass accused, the british government of being bias towards israel half lost here with us. she is a minister in the british government or communist thought and is i it? she wants to get warm up and or the sting allison. i mean it is what i know. this is don, bye here, but as will esteem. hence, we will continue defending our people and i think against the actual bishop. there was also some concern about the possible impact on grass roots organizations in garza that have been over the years, dependent upon her mass for support her mass as well as its military and political wing that is governed garza since 2007 also has a social services wing that has provided a range of support to people in needs there, including fresh water and housing, even covering people's rent when their homes were destroyed. by israeli
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bombardments. there is some concern that the money needed by these groups may well be sti, folders, organizations and supporters around the world seek to distance themselves from hamas. nevertheless, pretty bottle is very eager to get this through parliament as early as next week. something that is very likely to happen, given the governments significant majority. there was mine. everything we're covering. i have al jazeera dot com ah, just a quick look at the main stories. now. poland has accused values of continued out the silent seekers cross into e territory. despite the banner russians clearing a makeshift camp on the polish border on thursday. police officials say hundreds of people have no voluntarily they claim to reception center
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a west and borders the country are main, essentially sealed off. thousands of people including women and children have been stuck in freezing conditions at the border for days.


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